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Lantern Rescue - Labor Day

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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September 5, 2020 10:00 am

Lantern Rescue - Labor Day

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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September 5, 2020 10:00 am

We are reminded by the team on this Labor Day weekend how blessed the United States is to celebrate such a day. Labor slavery remains a reality for so many, and so we consider our responsibility as Christ followers to those who are oppressed - and we remember to celebrate Labor Day, but do so with hearts full of praise and thanksgiving.

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Lantern Rescue
Lantern Rescue

Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue the learned people hadn't been there technique and no help getting dark cloud in the plain language of the people in an environment like that.

Everything you know that the European major motor how it really interesting be able to operate in an old club and done then going crazy plate is not here with welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they need another exciting episode of lantern rescue today were going to write out out me know. Kind of the team's gonna take us out on a rescue how that worked for a number of folks and Mark want to cry your show is vital for our little band all through an operation in the area. Labor slavery really want about the problem of labor slavery in the world, mentioned in the bathroom talk about it, but they really will walk you through the entire operation of slavery. I think the legal matter think it's really important that we describe all the planning and preparation to get that point in that country at the chemical your way. Talk about the time leading up over all country dear retractor all use possible so that part of the work done. And there were trapped by your driver or place. Working around the country. Yeah, I was the least appetite. The band divided and actually descried beyond the rocket drive riverbed.

No side to drive in it for 12 hours a note about an hour down the kind of driver job. Part of what you want so that there actually let you come back. Minto return. Zachary there will probably not yet oddly deal with actually me know. With that, we had a great deal of intelligence part coming into the country when you exact location. Sometimes what you don't know all that.

And as we move forward actual rescue.

You have a number of packages you know their three girls and one.

One boy, you have a proclamation of their age. What we often there could actually be more because a lot of the children are named and they let about the Bible okay and that's why there way while being held labor slavery because there's no one who does care. There can know their well-being and we don't always know the number. No Becky right that the preparation of people are fully aware of not only are our personal, individual training in preparation the great deal of people including my grand you work out our billing that felt package for that information that we can look at it so that we can get in and get out. Not always.

Another not conflict. All but they are dangerous.

Because your entering into an area that control by the wealthiest man in the all those Brickyard and he had secured yet people with gun dealer.

No walking the borders and you can describe the people understand what that looked like like how big are those that we look at the taco map some weird word laying out entry and acted know how many acres that one you believe what probably really drunk for you all want our core belief of intelligence that we would normally have a black chart.

There is right you know that all areas, whether it's a club or bobble like that we can do a drive-by date or even right before the right operation weekend, but I like you doing the Brickyard a lot like that it did. We have one way in one way out and and they control that no and no bedroll. What vital to the degree that out in the observed without revealing who we are, our Savior, in a country or airport five American jobs please stand out local people and people who can call ahead and say something weird is American cure-all that would've gone out and gain information on where exactly Brickyard mansion at least 20 acres.

You got Walden structured interview, you honestly don't know. You don't a great deal of running around trying to locate though the drone played a vital role in that. So when you talk about actually practicing back in the states or for setting up when you said you brought the whole team."

Did you have people from that country as well. In this practice session or was that just your team was a particular word is actually on board with actually help facilitate mineral plans and things like that.

I was just excellent training so there were people there that that were really going to be in a part of the extraction when you got there right we had off of the team's operational team rescue team. We have our control center are people who have built intelligence package should be doing. Providing overwatch and then we XL that have role players, you know who are of set up and up in a manner that is similar to the intelligence package, sauce, saran you've got some statistics along these lines, that would be helpful for listeners labor trafficking.

When we talk about labor bonded people think that the classic slavery like United lending and type of work manual labor and getting either row or very very minimal pay and that out of the 40 million slaves there are in the world today, approximately 24 million of them are in some form of labor trafficking, labor, and a lot of times before labor. Labor also being used. In fact, trafficking, and that the lines are blurred quite often. A lot of commonality among the different types of labor slavery and not into their gonna work ridiculously long hours working 15 to 18 hours a day or more. Getting serenely minimal and there working in really other technicians I know we talked before on the podcast about new people to get her and there I eliminated there gotten rid of because there now a burden and a lot of these indicator of the bank.

I'll labor out that the children are the best for the labor trafficking. Also, adults are men and women. A lot of times, entire families can get caught into a gang and a pen generation dock on the Brickyard or enter an industry and a lot of that industry that are using labor trafficking are indicated extremely cheap goods from from foreign countries that even if he labor and a lot of dependencies but just name a couple that I'm taking in the three chocolate coffee. It worked like you and hung made like that trial of the biggest offenders and watering out at 10:30-world that we live, and I wanted to get the offender labor trafficking and just general farming like, and and maybe heard about the Brickyard and stuff like that that amount of labor trafficking over the well, so what you guys talked about when you find somebody that's labor trafficking are often in sex trafficking as well. Doubly guilty.

Comment on that. Every single victim that I've ever personally love of rescue from labor trafficking was clearly also being drafted sexually and so you imagine a child who is, you know, a nine-year-old girl little girl who is working all day long 12 hours a day, sometimes much longer in a very extreme harsh environment, hot, very high temperature environment.

Very dirty environment there no hungry. Most likely, most the day and then just to come to the end of the day to be hosed. All toenails painted.

Whatever the culture finds attractive with a nose ring for ear piercing things like that. This placed on the girl and then she's moved off at their nearest cities moved over to the street corner to be sold or she is available to be picked up there and then a detailed economic situation in the country. Depending on what she's being sold for very little to be a little bit more and then only to endure that I be brought back to this case to be back to the yard to go back to work and to do that again horrible when we come back with that take you further into the story where we actually get on the ground of the extraction and some spiritual applications that come from Alan so we got home much more common for the lantern rest lantern rest. He was a faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates with train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic gearing up for operations right now lantern see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue where today's episode we are right in the middle of actually afraid, labor brick camp people in slavery and then you chose this is sort of a connection to Labor Day.

Since this is the week Labor Day and everyone remember on Monday a moment and think about people and other parts of the world that you don't forget that Labor Day celebrate our time at the country celebrate them logically that eight hour workday, 40 hour workweek in anything beyond that, over time, preventing child labor, again, I think we actually have a lot to minimum wage. We have 18. If any of those things are violated right in an American you can enter employer violated a lot of granite and British in America and where and a lot of other country even get a thick prick packing for their safety, prevent children from getting Godů I just want to remind everyone how black we are and never forget.

Just as they were necessarily slaves are still a 10-year-old kid working on the Brickyard. You know, in some cases it's it's really unthinkable, but you know the whole thing is is you know God is in there rescuing people in so many different ways in and to get to that rescue TC take us back to the art I want to say something in my mind what Roman work just reference and what each of the laws because are people kicking you can imagine being in a situation where times are five or six you're going to be working. Maybe 16 to 20 hours a day with no hope of rescue, you don't know that anybody cares about you and so when you're hopeless, like anybody's hopeless your heart and soul is not in reference so because of that the only way to motivate these kids is to be beaten by their captors by their tormentors.

So as I mentioned earlier, one important jobs is medic which Mark was also on this mission.

As I recall some conclusion sometimes but because were talking these rescues might well in this particular case it didn't go well team. Once we have the drone up and we're able to get the lay of the arts and speak. We moved in a formation that we believe afforded us the most mobility and practical safety is removed.

We room to go right basically to the backside of the yard. As we got around the corner we saw like a tractor and trailer trailer parked up against a big stack of bricks around the front of that thing there were Mark my talk, I think there were approximately nine little ones there say nobody was over 14 years old and there were loading bricks from the yard under this truck: I do because it was unusual to recall we were expecting four packages we got nine packages. It was also unusual. The condition they were. They were fairly unclothed to remember me. They had close they had such a state that they were ripped and falling off, or the clothes.

The shirt just been removed and no good that we were able to get to them that will quickly be called one of the things that we do on the Intel thought or that we know by looking at the keel in certain things in that facility. If there running and operating that held that the owners most likely there that there are other security people there so we had a situation where everybody was present that day in the bill to go in and extract the children quickly was a blessing and I remember it became around that 18 wheeler and located the children sometimes are at that does no. One or two of the children look this is what's gonna happen and what is the yes that is somebody's extent that area who can wander in and out through those yards you will send a secret private message those kids. They do not be alarmed when this occurs, some people coming to help you. He doesn't think anything it out of the boat basin something the face of a child who clearly knew her, and I was excited that moment 212 are looking at us in shock as well. I remember you and I were clearly work together they become. I got up on the back of that trailer did you up on the back of the trailer to you and I were the two keeping the perpetrator. The adult guard and moving the kids. The other team help me that day the children were all back to the trailer right and we played all Brett is our other cat to the threat were moving quickly the past because along all remember the first two children grab probably weighed 30 failed their lightweight and I turned and the third one and let her grab out and looked but it was actually a boy. It was probably about 12 and picking him up was 100 pounds and an old injury and elf of ruptured disc that I have kicked in right at that moment. You remember that you remember. You literally group and up like Reagan do and what we were doing was weird and the kids probably down off of the 64 them so to get them down. Continue to get moving. We have no idea what's coming. What's around the corner again. As Marcus said one very happy to see us or not know they're going in their lives that haven't have a lot of choices on this particular case really without any problems.

We were able to get them back to program and to get on the road to get the monitor.

Once Rhonda van this case, Mark was still American just to go over some of the most obvious things, bumps, abrasions or any breaks for the kids on this 100 team members was able to work interpreter talk to them. Work with them, hold them mature clothes all sorts of initial creature comforts are vital to quite frequently grand back somebody's listening to the story. The thing which is kind of is the question in my mind is if they have guards and they have guns. I mean, are they not shooting no recruiters in this particular country wouldn't worry quite as much about the possible little less like a good mood.

We were there. There were no armed guards you're going, any kind of petition like that so you know again what were you anticipating if the tried to confront you not agree? We have as much as we can legally turn the country on this in mind. Do the math on that as many things we can do. I suppose being shot that would change things dramatically as to how far the mission carried on. Once the kids are in handout that that rescue is going to continue as plans is no sense in turning the back.

We would have to leave no the best way we can work faced with on-site cancer what what happens once the rescued and were were down the road and were looking to make sure not doing all sorts of security measures racially limited able to get some food and some water, some initial comforts to go to their safe house and it gets more communication is added to them and eventually supported to the point where they can actually go to school so that you can in your mind see them as hopeless uncared for.

But Mark said 3 pounds to reprint maybe a couple weeks there.

Fred, with a host family a safe place going to school. It's just an unbelievable transformation to pretty excited to host cell and you communicating with these kids to give us a sense of what they actually said that we really make a move onto the sort of spiritual aspect of this Alan can you do know is is being part of this. Can you kind of put this in perspective of from your standpoint on the spiritual sense sure your point. Most of the Christians claim comfort and security in the Lord seller storm comes to mind is children later cancer the with such slavery and other very soon.

Recall the dues that know what person is not the bill this case.

These children are encased by these gates. If we deceive herself in the storm.

Don't regroup in those case children will never know the freedom that they can have that as Christians as operators on these leads, conventions can always be comfortable in the war by the action against the opponent, like to make Webster application is motivated by the spirit to crashes gates of hell.

Those individuals letters from your problems may be we don't take action that is something that I want to please the Lord in heaven and explain why is spiritual side of an assignment process that we can literally we were given the authority to speak the kingdom into situations in our listeners right now you know that here in a couple weeks actually teams gonna be back out again and we can be praying the kingdom. Again, the kind of safety. The favor that they had in this mission that we talked about today where you know they didn't have a confrontation that wasn't anyone face the loss of life, but yet, but there were people set free and and and put in the place to understand that you know the goodness of God and and and and and have a chance a relationship. So again, the team TC Alan ran and Mark there going to be out there any chance we all have to partner with them in prayer as they had off. I said, coming very shortly on another mission. Mark if you got a final word for listeners of word. Thank you for inviting our listeners into a least a glimpse of our training our preparation. The actual operation and in those difficult labor slavery issue, call it training pace, all in volume and that the child is rescued and they are there for. Like Allen, think themselves, tell Dave about my chains are gone a bit for free. I can hear the phone like that does not think event thank you Alan, thank you TC will be looking forward to next week.

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