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Women Supporting Women

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July 11, 2020 3:00 pm

Women Supporting Women

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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July 11, 2020 3:00 pm

The Lantern Rescue team talks with Sabine of the Association Fanm Kore Fanm, an association of women supporting women. Sabine discusses the work the group does in Haiti and her time partnering with the Lantern Rescue team.

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This is Sam from Alaska journey podcast of our goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world you chosen Truth Network podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy it.

Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network welcome to lantern risk.

A ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest.

We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when the while we are lighting up the world recently here on lantern rescue and today were going and make a trip to the islands we could go to Haiti and have a very special guest for this transit beam and Sabine she is with a vocational school there in Haiti that helps with the people that are saved out of trafficking and in some of the ladies that have been enslaved and giving them a vocation.

So Sabine can you kinda give us idea of what these ladies are like when you first meet him in the late morning and tell you how we don't believe that a heartbreaking thing yesterday to the BN.

The code stipulation and trying to make the life been very but when Dan never easy patient.

He then make them understand they have to change stairway to the pain because like to thank you for calling the island in Haiti. The soul remove them from the street and to put them back in school. Not easy, but that you need to quote I looking like multiply thought we took a small group of 300 we end up having to take in Valley View. It's a being graduate knowing NCN culinary art, but to them from the state that the main thing to make them pay kind of program is Saturday thing that you have to be there.

You we we become positive. We need to get to marry and defeat put them back in the program all the time into being weak them really cool. I know that that day after day and finally they have to think. Though they can understand that, dependent pain in the goal.

That's why we call the program redemption, though it wasn't easy, but the hand was spectacular. Sabine are you doing it's really incredible and I think it's amazing that no matter how many times these girls try to turn away from the program and they they think that they have to go back to the streets not the only thing they know you never ever give up on these girls and isn't there a saying in Haiti about what a girl does when she sees you a you know and Haiti foreign company need to go to a shindig. Think about it about. I can update me. You know to go with you become my family, my mission since I was 14 years old. I know that my calling now in Haiti when you meet the girl in the division did that had been rapidly coming for you. That's right, your amazing you you really are. Your face and your voice for these these victims and you give them hope and and I think what gives him the most hope is that you never give up on him. You know that's that's that's really incredible what you do. So here I couldn't help but notice that as you mentioned since you were 14 years old so is there something in your own story that when you were 14 that led you to this occupation, you know, I worked on in the wealthy family think God in Haiti and the other side and I used to go through Bridget Catholic school and then I had another I can say it easy and Thailand get to keep up often and date them at your house then they are young, that in you and they have to do the mistake the house that we can call a modern slavery right all when I was 14 years old at my pre-that I want to villages school for them so they can have the first communion. It can no God. They can know Jesus though started and for three years in a row group of ghost girl all those woman young woman from them didn't know how to read had to do that and that's when started reading my mission. I was both. Both and I know that if nobody takes for them.

They are forthright anyway because the situation because what they been leaving in their army thought they needed a voice in the audit by where God put me in the Bible so I believe people like somebody really talk for them to make for them.

You know, and I was me until I went to university because of the that in Montréal, Esq. you will maybe find that document because I went with that in Montréal and a lot of friends that we don't. So how did you guys get connected with so we were with some amazing people in different countries and Sabine is by far one of the most amazing and serene. You know me that she uses has a heart for the victims and those who are afflicted in her country and has just devoted her life to in your hearing that mailing really the ministry in school she started for them, but these girls is just phenomenal what she's doing for them since none was given an education she trying to give them a an opportunity in the future to work and provide for their families and through all that we recently did a survey I love you sure more about we did and ran. You guys can talk about this, we did what we call that women's empowerment training. That's where we took no big burly guys like to see in Allen and went down there and said look really teach them some self defense. And yes, chat about that room yesterday and what what did you think about the empowerment training. What did that mean to the women in your schooling to the women of Haiti got grant you while you want, and Haiti because the name of the organ & Phaedo we need. That was the right moment the right time. There was so much going on… It was crazy the moment that plaintiff came for training so the lady how to defend them when they are in danger and they are working in danger every day, and those woman still even Annandale on the defense like him and Haiti because the MDM mentality, man, they did just the woman for no reason. Maybe show them that they are the stronger and that the use of long way to resolve problems with the woman in Haiti. So when Lenton came and we had the training day. We have when he thousand people wrote under cost 20,003 saying our eulogy.

Is anyone perfect. I think the peanut tank on behalf of the wreck of "from everywhere in the country. The application from course I cannot take you guys enough bran and Thailand and everybody was you really cannot thank you Lenton enough for that. And we pray that that we will come in the other the countryside waiting for because it is are you adjusting to have them guys I'm listening. I'm thinking I'm looking at the team I'm going know Alan Pierce's great big mountain of a man literally success what what what did you teach these ladies what we were looking at is Weasley could defend themselves as the weaker vessel so we utilized some techniques and tactics, we learned over years of training and activation stuff to facilitate a training environment and skills unique to those individuals. The women in particular so in severe what the women think about training. Now there they could take down Allen wetted what did they think that they remember to remember some of the women that were showing you their moves against Alan to remember that sitting, but they understood in you you you very interestingly code to teach them and they are very happy and are they afraid about Alan now being used doing them all. And what about the way, what about the what about the technique that you will relieved to remove yourself from danger.

Elsewhere Sabine that's why you got 20,000 is right but you said look at Alan right you know where they went. They felt ran love very very very happy that I think that confident they can do so because you know Randy very tiny and beautiful lately how she looks without the defendant hooked up again is valid.

There's a critical spiritual application. There is what I like to close these women are not just average when these are actually victims of the emplacements program so with the goal was was to give them some life skills and skill sets to keep them from being victimized in the future so that's what the whole training was about to give them the confidence maturity to keep themselves from being put in those positions again and how work that was pretty unique. I am not your average guy, but I took to the scariest. I personally would encounter which would be me potentially utilized.

One of the smallest, which was run shoes, a practice dummy but gave them the ability to see the weaker individuals that they can relate to lesbian them and she was able to send me off or be able to get away from me and then from there we are able to think teach them the skills that they used on me and I was little sore afterwards but they were able to use those things. We showed them in her simple solution is not real hard to retain about you can see the confidence building up in the girls in the ladies throughout the whole training program so was unique and L wasn't his mailing to see that some really good stuff in there with the strikes and he's kind of the martial arts ninja dude. But he helped along those areas so the spiritual application is ability to see it talk to little bit before, but the light of that hope will once think so all that and they were able to foster the in themselves during the training.

You can see that like road and it was no longer the new candleholder of a bushel basket was actually starting to Brightman is contagious so that was a good thing is really cool is not unpleasant to be a part that you not only have the defense but you guys have to salon that they provided the school as well and we got so many more things to talk about in the islands when we come back to stating we have so much more around the world and risk faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law-enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic procedures are gearing up for operations right now lantern see how you can support the welcome back to lantern rescue we've been traveling around the world like today. We are in Haiti has and she is with the Association on core which is you know well this is the website I'll expect you guys talk about that and that it'll be a mature motel you reach out and touched her.

So another way that the clearly Sabine you help these ladies is actually giving them their own business in the home sort of an entrepreneurial kit. Can you take us through that a bit.

You know will write them a ticket to a better life. You know, because girls don't forget the traffic can deal with child labor.

You know that giving them a small business, you know that really didn't make a big impact and they stay away from danger, because they all realize that Jean building no you know I'll explain something of small loan that all they need all the time.

You know and also what is actually licked what is it what's in the kit small can't father go the one that you know Mickey injected the dressmaker eat a matching activity like throwing machine and you know something that they can validate the findings and go right now they are making all if you go on comical if I'm unfaithful on Instagram or on twitter you will be mad of thumb, I found that those girls are right now any day at the 23 American dollars format based telling them in the making that anything like that, though, because the time of Christ is right now but way quite back to me so anyway, but for now, by the doing and what we provide them in what we would like to provide to them. We each of them can have on the rowing machine to continue the journey. I imagine Sabine real quick that a lot of listeners that may want to go get that installer helps tell this because you know I don't know how fond corresponding on this automatically, but when it's spelled if you got a pen's FAM M that's the farm and then KORE and then FAM M so you put FAM M KO Re: FAM M and Barrett Facebook.

I'm sure there's not a lot of those cellular phone that on Instagram in front of on Facebook and what that means is actually women supporting women at which a huge correct woman, but woman like why when we found out inefficient and understand exactly what we perfectly think the better because we have vision you equipping KO so use cannot you say something that's that's all right because leaving it outside marriage. I just want to say going to bring out this fact you and renter like twin flames. You know that the two of you when you first met it was it was really awesome to see because she is passionate here in the states about the same things your passion about in in Haiti and in bringing you two together and then really it was that meeting that made this empowerment training happen is with this agreement and read both met and embraced in their kindred spirits you know and the site women supporting women arming nurses. This is something happening internationally and I hope our listeners can even jump into get behind Sabine and the work that she's doing you know and understand quick that we are with the woman with share of heart we mean the gym in Haiti.

We need to support the left understand that my dream really became tool because we passion, we need to support the alternate women in this country needed to understand that given that ran in her cool spring that just went exactly where the most needed.

Yeah, yeah, that's amazing. I think I had an RR meeting was destined to be so that we can we can help each other out and really get this moving and help the women of Haiti and I just appreciate your heart so much for this and I really just can thank you enough for opening your doors to us and being able to do this event with you. It's been one of most filling things in my life and I think that I think the rest my team agree with that absolutely so Alan can you take us into to know how I'm trying to picture this my own much last Sabine for the time being able to get her back, but can you try to take us into this.

These late laser letter are they throwing you how exactly a rebate sending you off. There's a some really weight manipulation tactics that we utilized some really about strength. It's about know the technique itself and being able to break grips break holds whether the chokehold from the father from the back wheel wrist holds most of the things it's it's not really strength as much is utilizing the tactic to the weakest point of the body so it's very simple. That's what week It that way. It's not something you have to practice every day. But it's good to learn and have in your toolbox as we call in sick because as I can imagine from a spiritual warfare standpoint what you guys in a relatively small team taking on you know, obviously one of the most powerful demons and Satan's arsenal right right well and so like wow you know I leverage becomes a gigantic thing right there. It doesn't mean the point. I guess to it is giving the women are the participants of the skiers the knowledge and understanding that they don't have to be afraid if they rely on their knowledge and skill sets and abilities. He has since the big thing that keeps people from acting on his fear and the human responses are no you please deflate her fight in the more often than not, the women don't know the conflict. So once you show them that they can do that but builds the confidence and it makes a fearful iso I, like We Have Jesus Exactly That Leverage. If You Want to Flip You Know I Gave Another and Say You Have All the Leverage Be but You Know Clearly Loves Everything about Sabine We Got You Back.

You Use the Word Light like Four or Five Times in the Conversation and and When You Bring the Light You Bring in the Leverage Archer Sabine a Witness yet. So Tell Me That You Made Reference to the Light Several Times What It What Is That Mean in Your Own Life from a Standpoint How Could We Pray for You. How Can We Get Some Leverage for You for a Listers to Engage to Help You Know the Law, but Doing Relay Because A Lot Of Good Thing Happened on the People That We Helping – Tommy and When I Receive from the Angel.' I Think They Can Change That and Call Them Enjoy the Light Lantern, Though, Really, You Know, Good Things Happen. Like I Said When You Use Your Voice When You Use Your Power Tool. Transform My Life I Don't I Don't Even Find It Was for That Beautiful Thing That I One More Time Then Can You Share with Us What Those Ladies Say When They See Her Coming. Oh You Know If Someone Is Is Living in That Life in Haiti and There in the Streets and There's a Saying in Haiti That Sabine Martelli Better Not See Ourselves to Take You, and Shall so Make Sure You Have a Better Life. So It's Known It's Known in Haiti That Sabine Is This Powerful, Beautiful Forest That Is out There to Help Women and in so Many People Want to Get into Her School and Be Able to Get This Training into Change Their Life and in the Beautiful Thing Is Just Give up. You Know Someone Comes and and Maybe They They Have an Issue and They They Try to Leave They Get Nervous They Don't Know Any Other Life in the Streets and and She Has Never Gives up on Them and It's It It's a Really Beautiful Thing and and We We Hope That That's Able to Continue and Really Change the Lives of More People in Haiti As It Already Has. With so Many Women Don't Think You Ran Your Father Your Word. You Know When Wendy You You You Don't Know Better Now That's What I Need for Change Life to Make People Understand That.I for and That's Why in Some Beautiful. I Can Pay Weekly Came up so Well.

We Have a Beautiful Relationship.

Brandon and I Know Her on My Life Because We Share the Same Train That I Cannot. And What We Do Will Matter Really Cool to Those People's Life. They Don't They Day They Know That Concrete, Then Turn We Bring Hope. Sabine Commissioner Here a Little Sabine about Just the Numbers That You Wish We Could Reach You Know We Did It in.

Think Originally Said Hail Is to Empower Training for 30 Girls in It Went to 70 and That That Was Just the Maxilla.

The Facility Could Handle Us to Remember That Day I Me There. There Are Girls That Have Been through Your School, and Other Girls Who Need It Desperately. Who Were Just on a Waiting List outside.

I Really Want You Know for Us in America for Us to Get This Type of Training for Our Children Is Just a Matter of Picking up a Phone Are There so Many Places This Is Offered Resin Haiti. This Is Such a Special Thing That You Your Providing That These Girls Never Have a Chance to Get or Receiving. We Take It for Granted Here in the States and I Really Want Are the People Who Hear This Showed Understand One How Special It Is and into Just How How Many Girls Are Still Needing This Type of Training and and Would Use It on a Monthly Basis. I Mean the Girls in America. Maybe One Time They Have To Defend Themselves.

In Haiti There Girls That Constantly Have To Defend or Protect Themselves, but Another 70 That Day You Had A Lot on the Waiting List.

Can You Just Call Me Again How Many Girls Really Want to Participate in This Type of Program in Haiti. Don't Freak out Number 8.3 Right Right Now People 30,000 about the Small Credit Training You in Your Network and You Get Expansive Network across Your Country Heard about That 30,000 People. Robbie Heard of Girls Who Need Type of Ability to Defend Themselves. Sounds like They Know How to Pray That We Directly Another Harvest Sounds for the Workers Is Four of Us so We Know How to Pray Again for Sabine Now Her Ministry Is Once Again from Torres Alonso FA NM AR with Me When This Is the Truth Network

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