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House of Prayer – Alcoholic’s Home Inc.

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 18, 2024 1:00 pm

House of Prayer – Alcoholic’s Home Inc.

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 18, 2024 1:00 pm

Kingdom Pursuits
Robby Dilmore
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This is Darren Kuhn with the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we search the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and helps set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits.

Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. You know, one of my favorite verses in the Bible is the God of all comfort comforts us that we might comfort others with the comfort that he comforted us with. And so, you know, when you think about that, your story quite often becomes your passion, like how God came to your rescue, gives you the unique—my friend Bob Young from the Christian Car Guys show used to put it this way, he said, what I thought made me disqualified actually makes me uniquely qualified.

Same kind of thing. And so today we have the poster children of that. We got Tom Barron and we got Dustin Bird. When they are with the House of Prayer, which is Alcoholics Home Incorporated, it's in Jamestown, North Carolina.

They're thrift shops in Archdale. And actually I'm on the board with the House of Prayer. It's an honor, actually, as my friend Adam Draper and many know Adam from being on the show many times. And Tom's been with us a few times. And so welcome, Tom. It's good to have you here. Oh, thanks, Robbie. It's great to be here. And so can you kind of give him the elevator pitch on what the House of Prayer is?

Sure, sure. Yeah, the House of Prayer is a Christian rehab for men. We are a spiritual program, so our emphasis is on teaching. We're a six-month program, and we just get to see the Lord do some incredible work in the lives of the men. Yeah, and I would always say that wherever you live, if you live today in Dayton, Ohio, and I understand the show plays in a lot of places other than in the triangle part or triad part of North Carolina, visit your local—it could be a rescue mission, it could be a house of prayer, something like that, and then just go on a tour.

I would be shocked, I would be shocked if there aren't men working there that came through the program. And so we're so lucky today to have one of those with us. We have Dustin Byrd with us. And so, Dustin, you've been on staff now for a couple years at the House of Prayer, right? Yes, sir. It's been an honor to be able to serve the kingdom and do the Lord's work. And the House of Prayer, I'd love to see the Holy Spirit work there and see what the Holy Spirit does in these men's lives. Right, so you got a chance to see it in your own life. Yes, sir. I actually did a year in the program.

I overcame addiction, I battled addiction for many years, and I came to the House of Prayer to get clean and had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and it's transformed my life, and there's so many lives around me, too. And now he's gotten to see all of that, but those folks who listen to this show always were expecting me to do this, Dustin, so don't let it shock you. But I have this part, it's called Shenanigans, and so speaking of house, I have some house shenanigans.

Are you shocked? No. So, yeah, it is time to play Shenanigans, and we got some house questions for you, Nick, and we got Tom, and of course, Dustin, if you feel like you know the answer to one of these, just jump right in. It's a free for all, okay? Yes, sir.

And then we'll get to a question where somebody can call in and win at the end, right? So, what are you when someone breaks into your house and steals every light bulb? How would you describe yourself, Nick, if somebody broke into your house and stole every light bulb?

You got any idea, Dustin? Well, they're not bright. Correct. Oh, yeah?

They're not bright. Yeah, that's a correct answer, but it's not the answer we're looking for. You're delighted. That's what you are. Okay. Delighted.

Or delighted, depending on how you want to say that. All right. So, now that I've warmed you up a little bit, you can get this one. What's the cheapest part of the house? The cheapest part of the house. Cheapest part of the house. Think, think, think. Think punny thoughts, bad jokes, okay.

That would be the shingles, because they're on the house. And there's kind of a fun one for you, Nick. I was running down the street where the houses were numbered 64K, 128K, 256K, 512K, and one megabyte.

Where was I running? Out of data, out of space. That's close. You got it, Tom? This is a new generation one. I'm thinking that, Dustin, you might have it.

Nah, I'm puzzled. Memory lane. Memory lane. And this one's for all you seven-year-olds like me. What do you get when a giant steps on your house?

A call to the insurance company, I don't know. Mushrooms. Mushrooms. Oh my gosh. I know you like that. Don't you feel like you're seven when you hear that? It's pretty funny. So at the end of those shenanigans, you know I would have a riddle that you could call it and win today, and this one is actually, in my opinion, one of the funniest I've ever come up with. Okay.

But it's in my opinion, so it may not be funny to you. But anyway, if a wise man builds his house upon the rock, what are four Spaniards who build a house at 4-5 Beach Street? If a wise man builds his house on the rock, what are four Spaniards who build a house at 4-5 Beach Street? If you have the answer to that, Nick, call, tell them I want to win.

Absolutely. If you're winning a prize from Arcana Pursuits Prize Vault, give us a call at 866-348-7884. That's 866-34-TRUE. There you go, 866-348-7884. Here's that question once again, if you can think about it. If a wise man builds his house on the rock, what are four Spaniards who build their house at 4-5 Beach Street?

Kind of on the sand, just saying. 866-348-7884. Now to get back to our hero, Dustin. And so, Dustin, I'm very curious in the time that you are now on staff, and what do you do there now? I'm actually the house manager. I pretty much make sure all the guys, I help them get checked into the program if they graduate. I help them when it comes time to exit in the program. I help coordinate all the classes that we do. We do three classes a day, after each meal we get a spiritual meal. So then we work around the community and do pickups for the thrift, and I coordinate where the gentlemen go, which ones go out, and I spend time with scripture. The guys come up there and they spend time.

We do a structure program, so stuff that Tom got lined up there, we rekind of taking packets and we watch sermons, and we got little things that we do on the side with Derek Prince videos and stuff, and I line up. Yeah, you're a busy man, I see that. I see that you got a lot going on, but here's the question I want to ask underneath that. So here come these guys, you're checking them in, and you're getting a chance to know them a little bit, you know. And has there ever been a guy where you're like, oh man, this one, there ain't no way.

No, sir. I mean, well, let me put it to you another way, rather than, it's like, wow, did you see what God did with that guy, like, you know, where God just wowed you because you did not see that one coming. No, I've seen some of them, and I was kind of questioning if they were really ready for the program and they were being sincere about the turnaround on life, and they come in and I suppose it's different. So the guys that come there, they come from different backgrounds. Some of them come from corrections, some of them come from off streets, some battle addiction there. So them guys, when they come there, they settled in within a week, like a couple of days, when they come in, everybody's open their arms. And the way that they walk into the office, by the end of the day, they don't get comfortable in the program, like, they don't take no time to get welcome in there, because when you pull up on the property, you feel the presence of Father God there. And every guy there, like, when we come in, it's like a bunch of kids with a grown man because they get so thrilled to see another gentleman come in with a desire to turn their life around. Really?

And so some of the guys, you know, it's harder cases, depending on the age and the battles that they've been through in life. Oh, we gotta go to a break. I'm sorry to cut in there on you, Justin. But again, you can call in and win at 866-34-TRUTH if you know about the Spaniards at at 45 Beach Street. And we're gonna hear a lot more about the House of Prayer. For more information, you go to, look at the post House of Prayer, find out all about it. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom.

So much fun today. We have Tom Barron and Dustin Bird with us from the House of Prayer, Alcoholics Home Incorporated. They are located in Jamestown, North Carolina, close to High Point. And of course, they have a thrift stop, which is a thrift store, which we want to make you aware of. So if you've got stuff to donate or you want to buy some really cool stuff, by the way, I was in there just last Wednesday, I guess it was. Was that it? Tuesday.

Tuesday was the board meeting. And when I was in there, I was shocked. I don't know if it's still there, but they actually had an antique spinning wheel. It was a real live spinning wheel.

And I was like, man, if I didn't already have so much stuff like that, I'd have to buy that thing because I would just love to have, I'd like to try to spin something on a spinning wheel. But they have all sorts of neat stuff. It's the Hop Shop. That's in Archdale, if you happen to be in that area. It's a really, really cool thrift store, very nicely done, very tastefully done, very upscale. And it's in the shopping center there in Archdale. What is it, with Lowe's?

With Lowe's, yes. Foods. Really, really nice place and really, really cool stuff. Again, the House of Prayer, you know, Tom, I'll never forget as long as I ever live, I'm sure, that one of the issues is that guys relapse, right? They come out of the program and then you're just talking about it on the break. The enemy comes, he gets in their head, look, you're not an addict anymore.

You've been recovering. You can do it one more time or whatever. And that can be the last time they ever do it, like in the case of Bob Young, my friend.

But sometimes they have a chance to come back in the program. Yes, absolutely. We just believe that Jesus healed the blind man. He prayed for him twice. The blind man wasn't healed the very first time. And that happens.

And so we, you know, at what point does the Lord ever run out of grace? And so for one person to come in and need to come back, we're actually all for it, that their pride didn't keep them from coming back and it didn't turn out to be a tragedy for them. Yeah. At my first board meeting, I've never forgot, and I will never forgive this, was there was a man that had an obituary, right? And he was listing it, several people that had come through the program in the House of Prayer. Of course, what we're going to talk about is lots of success stories. But obviously, you know, Satan's good at what he does.

But then what he said was, would you rather have these guys here, meaning in the obituary, or would you rather have him back through the program? And then time and time again, the guy's second time, even third time, is when God, you know, gets it done. Yes, absolutely. And we've seen it a lot, the second time especially. And it's really an incredible thing because whatever it takes is one of the answers we look for when we ask, when we interview a person to come into the program. And when they say whatever it takes, and whatever it takes might mean, are you willing to come back again if things don't turn out right?

And I'm actually, you know, I'm really thrilled actually when somebody calls and says, I need to come back, because it means one, they're still alive, and two, they're still interested in receiving more of what the Lord has for them in their life. And the amount of experience you have there is incredible, because you've been doing this for how long? Almost 17 years. Yeah. And so you can imagine, and you got what 22 guys through the program every six months. You know, that's over 17 years, a whole lot of guys.

And of course, Dustin, you're one of those guys. So what did you make it your first time through? Or was it your second? Or?

Yes, sir. Oh, I made it my first time. I didn't grow up in church.

I never read the Bible. And I never heard about Holy Spirit before I came to the house of prayer. And I had came back in December 2020. And I came to the house of prayer to get clean.

That's about my goal. I was what did get clean mean to you? I actually had me kind of had a OD from fentanyl before I came to the house of prayer. And it caught me in having a stroke and all.

Are you saying fentanyl, fentanyl? And um, well, I had reached out somebody that knew about Tom Baron, and I came to the house of prayer. And I was actually a little nervous because it was a whole different lifestyle for me. Well, I came to the house of prayer to get clean. But after being about a month, I had an encounter with Holy Spirit.

We do praise and worship there. And I was over there one night just praising the Father and praying and Holy Spirit fell upon me and it took my desire. The cravings I had was gone. I woke up.

I felt new, like things looked at stuff different, everything brighter. And all I've been there. I came to the program. I was there due to six months and all the enemy had been manipulating me and all my head came up little ways how come manipulate people when I left the program.

And I was going to try to use here and there. So I came up to Tom one day and all the hurt is one of the hardest decisions I made there. I came up there and I told Tom, I said, I feel like the Lord wants me to stay.

I said that I'm not ready to go out there yet. So Tom said stay because they're guys that we're a six month program, but we got guys that might stay a year or two. And so I ended up staying for a whole year. And then needless to say, the Lord had a purpose for my life and had a calling on my life.

And I ended up staying and being obedient to the Father. You know, I end up Tom, the Holy Spirit put on Tom's heart for me to work for the ministry. But I see some guys that come in there months, they battle months, try to go get off withdrawals. And then I see guys that come in, they get it and they do six months and I hear a lot of success stories and you got guys that come in there that can do six months and be successful in the program. Like, they call Tom back six months to a year later and tell Tom, say, I fell short. And Tom's like, how quick can you get back? And they come and Tom, if need be, he go out of his way to help the guys get to the program. And like my story, like I get a lot of guys, well, not less program, they try to ask me for advice on what to expect when they walk out on doors and it's kind of hard for me to relate to that because I'm not walked out to the world. I get the opportunity to transition because I'm actually local to the House of Prayer.

It was a lot harder because we get a lot of guys from the coast and from Asheville area and Henderson area. And I'm actually 15 minutes away from the House of Prayer. And so my community, they got to see what Christ did in my life and all of common addiction. Now I've actually heard about three people that end up going to recovery because they've heard my testimony and they've been clean from addiction. They overcame addiction to hearing my testimony. Yeah, because isn't fentanyl a particularly difficult one to get clean from?

Yes, sir. It's very dangerous. It's impacted so many lives and so many families. You know, it's called alcoholics home used to be alcohol and marijuana was the addiction. And now with the methamphetamines and the fentanyl and the stuff that they got out here on the streets, it's like it used to be like I think it was a 90 day program.

It takes three, four months for somebody to be able to function right after living years on drug addiction with fentanyl and the methamphetamines that mess up. It does something. It damages the brain.

It's very dangerous and the side effects of it. And you know, so it's a and they're like, we come with a desire to turn around. You don't have a desire to give it up. And the only way I did it, I've never been to a rehab or any type of recovery or anything today in my life.

I battled addiction for 14 years and I came to the House of Prayer and it was with the account of the Holy Spirit that took every desire, any craving, anything I had, thoughts of drugs, took it right away from me. And Tom, it's interesting to me, just like God didn't, I mean, Jesus didn't seem to heal anybody the same way. I'm sure you see that same thing that it's different almost with everybody.

Absolutely. You know, for the thousands of guys, over a thousand men that I've seen come to the program, it's been a thousand different ways. You know, God is really creative and he can heal any way he wants to heal.

And for some it's easy, it's quick, for some it's not so quick. But either way it doesn't matter because he's done his work, the Lord has done his work. And to me, you know, it's interesting that the Jews teach, and I love this, that the reason why God gave Aaron the Aaronic blessing was that in order to give a blessing, you gotta have a vessel to put it in. And Aaron was known as a great lover of people.

In fact, you know, when Aaron died, they actually mourned, if you look carefully in the scriptures, they mourned more for Aaron than they did for Moses. And so, you know, when you come to the house of prayer, you guys have that vessel of love in order to pour out that blessing. In other words, the vessels there, you can tell, I'm sure you can testify to that, right, Dustin, that these guys love you and they love you well.

Oh, yes sir. And we love them back. We show the love of Christ in everything that we do. And it's so amazing to just be able to see the guys after being there for a couple months, they tell each other they love each other. They've never been shown love, really expressed love, because men in particular, they bury pillows deep down inside, and then when they have an encounter with Father God and they see the love of Christ, and so they can show the love of Christ and unity at the house of prayer and the love that the guys and the support that they have for each other. It's amazing. It's hard to express how strong the fellowship is there through the love of Christ and the love that they have for each other. And it's amazing to be able to sit back and just see Holy Spirit work in a man's life and soften the heart where they've been hard-hearted to the world, you know, been beat up. And then the Lord will make you humble and soften your heart.

And it's just amazing. Darrell Bock And so what you're saying, if I'm following you, and I had never even thought about this, but, well, we'll get to what I was thinking when we come back. We had to go to a break.

In the meantime, I am shocked that you have not gotten this answer. I want you to think Spanish for me, okay? Spanish is a different language. You may not know it, but I bet most of you can count in Spanish, okay? I know just a few, not to 20 or anything, just to five, and you'll get this one. If a wise man built his house on the rock, four Spaniards who built it, four, five.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Darrell Bock Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. Of course, I'm a little discouraged that nobody's called in with my answer at 866-348-7884. Think with me. I bet you can count in Spanish. Let me try this one more time, okay? You don't even have to count past five, and I'll bet you can get this, okay? And I would love for you to call us and win. If a man builds his house on the rock, what are four Spaniards who have a house at four, five Beach Street? Think about what sand does when you build your house on it, and you might get that. I hope you do.

If you do, you can call us at 866-348-7884. What I was thinking as we were going to the break, as I was listening to Dustin share how quickly these men will tell each other that they love each other. Now these are men, right? And many of these men, statistically, would be fatherless men, right? So the chances are, even if they aren't fatherless, the chance of their father ever telling them that they loved them is not good.

I wish it wasn't that way, but it probably, in most cases, was not. So here, they come and they find themselves in an environment where men are telling them and hugging them. They're telling them that they love them, and then they're hugging them. And this is a regular practice, and they, within days, see that this is a common practice, like these people are all hugging each other and all telling each other they love them.

And guess what? Nobody judges anybody as a result of that. It's okay. And so within days, right, or within hours, I guess, sometimes, Tom, tell me your experience for that. Yeah, absolutely.

Sometimes it is within hours. Sometimes the guys come in and they're pretty sick. They're not feeling good. Physically, they're just, they're done. And that's one of the reasons we went to a six-month, being a six-month program. The effects of some of these drugs that they're using now versus what they were using when they first came on board, they're just incredibly much, much, much, just exponentially worse, especially physically, to the body and to the brain. Methamphetamines and fentanyl just do a, not a, just really tear things up bad. So it takes them a while to get back on their feet.

So a couple days, two, three, four days of rest and just sort of taking it easy. Then they realize, then when they do come around, they realize that there's a real peace that resides over the house of prayer. And they're running and the struggle is over. And they can finally just put their guards down and they can just relax and then receive.

They don't have to go searching for the next fix. Because love is an amazing healer just in and of itself. Really if your father, if we do a thing at Man Camp I love, we give a father's blessing. And men can come up to us on staff and ask for a father's blessing and hear from their dad that he's proud of him and pray over him and do those kind of things. Again, to be able to receive love is an unbelievably healing property.

Of course, for me, being Robbie, I love to receive and give laughter. And so we have Ada, who's in Statesville, Ada. You're on Kingdom Pursuits. You have an answer to my question. If a man built his house on the rock, what four Spaniards who build a house at 4-5 Beach Street might be experiencing? Quadro Cinco. Yeah, they're quadro cinco, yes. You are exactly right.

That's sinking on the sand. I am so grateful for you calling in because I just think that's hilarious myself. But I'm so glad you got it. Pardon me? It sounds like you have young ones right there with you.

Yes. I have lots of siblings. Oh, lots of siblings. You're a young one yourself. So how old are you, Ada?

I am nine years old. Well, congratulations. You're a winner today and we're going to get the Truth Prize Vault opened up for a special nine-year-old gift.

I have lots of them. And so I'll make sure, Nick, to get her something special. Thank you for calling in, Ada. God bless you. Thank you. Bye-bye. How wonderful is that? Just lovely.

I think that's the youngest person I can ever remember winning on Kingdom Pursuits. That's pretty cool. So you, when you came, you experienced that. And can you take us back to, like, what are these people doing, hugging each other? I can remember going to a boot camp.

What is this about? When I first arrived at the program, Ada came in and they was doing a quarantine there. I wanted to try to get back in the car probably about 10 times, I decided I was going to leave. Then I wanted to stay.

And the old house manager, his name was Brian Kinsley. This man, he sat there, he was trying to comfort me, but he told me he loved me. And I didn't know what to think about that. And he told me that I had this and that he believed in me and that for me to give the Lord an opportunity to work in my life. And I've never had, like, a stranger come, my father, he's been incarcerated all my life just about the majority of my life. And so this complete stranger telling me that he loved me and that I was in a safe place and for me to let the Lord work in my life and give it, just give it an opportunity. And when I doubted myself, he believed in me and it was really encouraging. And then I had the opportunity to meet Tom and he gave me a lot of encouraging words. And then the guys there, like, when I pulled up, I was going through the quarantine and I was there in the cupboard.

And so I was back there going through my withdrawals and I was outside crying and looking at pictures of my kids and I wanted to leave. And all the guys, there was probably about 20 in the house then, and they had came out of class out of what we call chapel. And they all came up to me and asked me if they could pray for me. And they all lay hands on me and started praying for the Lord to move them out.

These are the other guys in the program. This complete stranger told me that after that, they had the class, instead of going to their rooms or anything, they all came corporate together to walk out there and lay hands on me and pray with me. And I've never experienced nothing like that in my life. You know, it's different for me from the lifestyle that I was living. It touched me in a tremendous way. Then I realized why they were like that, because once you experience the Father's love, it's no turning back. You just want to express love to everybody, the love of Christ. For them guys to come out there, all of them 20-some guys, just sat there around me and prayed over me, it was a big impact for me, and it made me secure. I just knew right then I was where the Lord wanted me, and it was a big impact there.

It's still like that. The guys that come in and guys that try to leave, the enemy tries to sneak in and manipulate and try to get the guys to leave, and they can just stand up and they can say, can everybody pray for me? And whatever we might be doing, it don't matter what it is, we'll stop and pray for each other, and it's really effective for guys praying for each other, showing the love of Christ. Yeah, again, if you're wondering, it's the House of Prayer, it's Alcoholics Home Incorporated. It's located in Jamestown, which is right next to High Point, and not right outside of Archdale, all that's in that area. And their thrift shop, which again is part of the way that they support the program, is there in Archdale, and it's called Hop Shop, I love that. It's for House of Prayer. And so be involved with that.

You can of course just go to, click on that link, and find out more about it. And I'm sure, if you're listening like I am, you're just going, we can really do this stuff every day, everywhere that we are, right? We can love on other people, you know, you see somebody hurting and crying, you know, guess what?

You can go lay hands on them all by yourself, there's nobody else but the 20 guys, you know, those are things that we all could do a whole lot more of every day. But again, there's a lot of people praying for you guys. And I know that, like you say, when you go on the grounds, you sense God's there.

And if he's doing it, you know, just stand back and watch. So we got one more segment coming. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom, and as we talked about, we got poster children of that from the House of Prayer today. Both Tom Barron and Dustin Bird, and again, the House of Prayer is located in the High Point area, it's in Jamestown itself, and their hop shop is in Archdale. But as I talked about at the beginning of the show, and if you've been listening to this, I hope you have, that you can tell there's something special going on here. And whether you're, like I said, in Ohio today, or you're in Richmond, Virginia, you've got something like that going on special around you too, because God has got people everywhere. And so to go take a tour, like I can imagine, I'll never forget the first time I went to the House of Prayer, I'll never forget the first time I went to the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission or the Durham Rescue Mission, and I've been to the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

If you go to any of them and just ask a few of the guys, you'll find out that some of the people working there have been through the program, and you will hear story after story after story, but you know the thing that always abases me, and it's the same wherever any of them that you attend, actually when you meet people like this anywhere, they can't believe, why would you care anything about me? Am I right? Yeah, absolutely. We get that a lot at the House of Prayer. Why do you do this? Why do you do this? Well, we're called to love, right?

And I don't care who it is. When the Lord calls you to do something, it's really stupid to argue. Just do it. Just do whatever he's calling you to do. And that was the call that he put on my heart a long time ago, and you just do it.

You love the Lord and love people. And somebody, again, taking the tour, taking your kids, right? You think, well, I'm not gonna go down there with my, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, let me tell you that you're gonna get to see, as my friend Corn puts it, real life, okay? Real life, people loving each other well because we're all broken, sinful people.

You know, I love the fact that I need to be reminded of that constantly. We're all, especially you, Robbie, broken, sinful people. And so it's a wonderful opportunity to see how to love broken, sinful people that at least are honest about the fact that they're broken, sinful, because they found themselves in that place. But we all are.

And it's a scary thing to me that when you look down at High Point, here are these big, beautiful structures where they're making furniture and all that stuff. But actually, a lot of those guys over there are a lot sicker than the guys down at the House of Prayer, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. They have no idea what they don't have. Right. Yeah.

The House of Prayer, you know, you would think that people would want to say, well, isn't that great? You know, at first, addictions are really looked at. Someone's a weak person. Someone is, you know, they're a bad person.

They're a criminal or whatever. Let's not forget that the enemy does not discriminate. He doesn't care who you are.

He's going to try to take you down. So we may not be the country club rehab, but the guys that come through that program are not any different than any of the other ones. And some of the people that come in, or some of the people that aren't able to come in think they've got life, that everything is going good. But until they realize what life with the Lord is like, they're just empty. Empty souls. You can see it when you go, like you were talking, you can just go anywhere. Go to the mall, go to the store, and just take a look at some people, and they're just empty. And the House of Prayer, I mean, you come in there, and these guys are on fire.

Yeah, and I even experienced that when I went to the hop shop, which is their thrift store, which is, you know, there in Archdale. I walked in there, and the peace that was in there, and the friendliness of the staff and whatever, it's just obvious that you don't expect to find that in that kind of environment necessarily. But there it is, and clearly a lot of it is, you've got a whole lot of people praying for you.

Absolutely. There's a lot of people that pray for us, and the guys I reminded that too, we remind them often that there's a lot of people that you don't know that are helping to support us financially, but even more importantly through prayer. We won't get to meet them until we're in heaven, but we've got an incredible group. The House of Prayer was really, you know, it was founded in 1958, so we're going on 66 years this year, and it was really founded by a bunch of spiritual generals from this area, and they really laid a foundation that I'm so grateful for because it really makes it easy. So if somebody wanted to get connected to your prayer team or that kind of thing, is there a way that they can do that? Yes, absolutely. Go to our website. Send us a message, and we'll put them on our email list for current prayer requests, things that we either need or just overall prayer. We just constantly need that. Okay.

So easy enough. Go to Their website, the link is right there, and you can go, you know, again, contact them through email. You can get on their list, and as they say, they've got new people coming in. You're going to find out who you can pray for and all that kind of stuff. What a fun thing, and then you can go visit the people you've prayed for.

How fun. So thank you all for listening so much today. Thank you, Tom. Thank you, Dustin. It's awesome what God's doing, and, you know, again, you listeners are the ones that make it. We appreciate you. You've got Encouraging Prayer coming up, followed by The Masculine Journey starts here now, then Nikita Koloff. It's time to man up. Stay tuned. We've got so much truth coming at you.
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