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November 11, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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November 11, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why don't word of faith leaders give money away---2- A caller wanted to continue the discussion of word of faith.--3- Do you know if schools will accept the antibodies test instead of the vaccine---4- What happens to people who are Christians but are still struggling with sin when they die---5- Is drinking a sin---6- When will we be in the New Jerusalem---7- What does it mean to be in a house of prayer- How do I do that---8- Is the Lord's Prayer a safe prayer to pray---9- Who are the -both- in Ephesians 2-11---10- What does Ephesians 4-26-27 mean---11- Can loved ones who have died come back to earth or cross over-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive are the more you have questions about Bible doctrine why Rimes is called responding to your questions and look like if you wanted to be a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. Interesting. To remind you that we are moving everything over to Odyssey and if you want to watch the show participates Odyssey will be improved. Just go to Odyssey or and check it out. We have stuff there. You can check the channels that we have, for we have met slick with karma videos. It is red radio shows that some people are signing up for those you guys a heads up here the last few weeks about that jumpstarted in the Gulf of Mexico and out 00 do you why. You can also just go to the website CRM, RG, and on the homepage see the right-hand side. All you do is click on just met slick or Loch Ness. Look ready not a big deal sitting here but to create a free Odyssey account today and greeted the top of the page. When you click on that link and it goes right and there goes to karmic videos and have 87 anger right now. So what we have over thousand uploads to it. People just don't know.

We went on YouTube for years and basically were moving away from YouTube because of the leftist policies and this week for them to shut us down so there you go right so check that out all right when you call forth in lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Alberto from Georgia over walking on air, but will not look good evening swing what you know what I want to thank each of them or not one that will call me a ride. My private jet with me the minute we would around the world so validly into my lab and what if not then be a miracle miracle okay with what your question okay my question what birthday think back on them what that will do in their life because we've because they're in on them because they're making money that they can make money. Some seed money to your ministry or my ministry, for example, I could do that because it gives money away, they want to get money and so they're trying to get money that's with the name and claimant glad the gravid people are about. And a lot of them think that we are doing is actually right.

They think that they are teaching the truth and stuff that got always want to be healthy and wealthy and prosperous and all the cost and so you know it's not the truth, and a lot of people be deceived by a lot of people and so so you so seed faith money to you for this ministry. People should be objectively they should be supporting this ministry because we reach out with the truth of the gospel into all areas of life with orthodoxy and and truth that's worth supporting, but people don't want to really support as much that kind of thing because you don't get rewards for trip in heaven you'll get rewards here. They wanted they want money and wealth and health and prosperity now so with the faith teachers are doing is teaching narcissism teaching kindergarten theology. That's what time what Marco thought Rick work on the knowledge of your work on all three parent company won't let all people think it got me on a comment on my Mac and a couple of years.

I it's a fair question. Ask why is it that they you have multi millions dollars of this that I've heard them say some incredible things and you WERE dumped on the phone. Here, I'll start reading some of the stuff that they've said some of the heresies that these guys have sent like heresies from John and Lindsay Charles Capps Kenneth Copeland Paul Crouch Kenneth Hagan Benny Hinton W. Kenyon, Joyce Meyer, Fred Price. These are these are heretics or false teachers. Murdoch, who that is.

But there's a lot of them out there alone, grumpy one will hundred or so out there and I just can't keep up with everybody and do research. I have to stop everything I'm doing so to speak, and I just work on one thing and I write 567 articles on it are more and move onto the next thing. And there's always phone calls or emails. There's radio there's debates. There's hundreds of other things to do, so I can go as quickly as I'd like to find a staff that bring the great big staff. Yes, you know it's okay so this move forward so okay, but what we cannot get Mac on… Gunther are not doing their job.

We people with Google so that they wanted anything happen they get up. I thought by Victor who got the Cova job and go out and get my medical people largely here in America are not interested in evangelism and furthering the gospel mostly to Christians. I'm aware of my experience most congregation members are mainly interested in just providing for the family which is a good thing but not really supporting the idea of evangelism the defense of the faith and stuff are churches that do that there are people there but for the most part, the Christian churches in interested the most part the Christians are interested in and just becoming secure and that's it. And then they go to church on Sundays and then the unbelievers take over the world Think of the great work try but redneck unless Alberto from Georgia to I didn't call all you do is dial 877-207-2276.

Let's get the Anthony from Des Moines I went to Anthony you're here brother Matt how are you I'm doing all right because grace is what he got. Well referring to your previous discussion with Alberto II had white Charles On TV and I Kenneth Cole and basically everybody that you had mentioned that I always had wondered, is there any scriptural evidence because these guys talk about what we have creative power in our work because then they talk about how God created every spoke everything into existence. The basically that that cannot strip a red flag for me because their stand that we have the same error that God has and I will God we we cannot serve God's power. EDA shares his power and his glory with nobody and between yes oh yes that's true, but what they can say is just as like the devil you said Charles, capturing that was you who you mentioned, I've I know it would actually he was one of the first books I read and then II watched a few episodes of him on TV and he's very persuasive, even what he says. Kinda makes sense, but in the back my mind, the Holy Spirit tell me there's something not quite right. You understand.

Yes, he has said.

For example, faith is a substance the raw material faith is the substance that God used. To create the universe and he transported that faith with his words.

Faith is the substance of things you can't see faith. Faith is a spiritual force. I also get Heath God framed the world with his words. You can't build without substance. He took words faith filled words were God subs were God substance is here essentially is what God did. God filled his words with faith. He used his words as containers to hold his faith and contain a spiritual force and transport it out there in the past, darkness bicyclic B like there's more heresy from from this false teacher. He said in this statement the covenant God is establishing legal entry into the earth. He is giving Abraham access to himself. This covenant God gave legal got this covenant, God gave legal entry into the earth to Adam's can be through Abraham until that time, God was to a certain extent still on the outside looking in. He needed a legal entry through man so that he could destroy the works of the devil to bitterly about this.

I love this is the best.

Let this guy check this and you love this.

This is from Charles's authority to three worlds 22 58259, emphasis in original quote. Notice that when Jesus said, I have finished the work John 17 four we know that he did not finish the work, that would quarterback out from lack of the devil is I can't fit on the radio that false teacher. You know when he gets reset it when God said when Jesus it is finished. It really wasn't finished. Who is this guy does speak well like this about Christ. That's blasphemy that is blasphemy one and I also my wife with the big fan of Coke Louise to watch him Eliza Harry look at it. Get a feel good math EGL in all its violent violent field video thought I got the CD throwing minutes it with something about the power in your words are you Catholic, there you all basically the same stuff when you listen to it make I mean because he's very persuasive salesman like to be a slick sales with what is not.

Matt slick one. What you said but when her some things on. I got it right here take this out the map. I just remind me of something one time I fire up but I gotta tell you this because I don't know if you heard this before but one time I was watching stuff on the Internet.

I can't think it was. But this guy was basically exposing basically don't like what you're doing and I don't know how I got to bed anyway. He got onto a thing or Gloria Copeland with Diane and this just made me laugh a lot. You think you know as a Christian you can control the weather and he still want guy man Kenneth were sent out by the lake in a tornado started coming down and can't fit in Jesus name yeah here. He said that things will open inherently away but then he said the only thing I like pizza but we will fly and storms and legs and the commentator said, look, you got the weather why would you clients.

The guys at satin areas. Their charlatans right charlatans so this is what kinescope and has said he says heaven has a north and south and east to the west. Consequently must be a planet that I have more money about high all right they thought they call all you do is dial 877-2072 redneck after Matt slick. Why call 77077 and 20 McCall line 677-207-2276 Robert go to Odyssey and sign up and support us, but a lot of videos aggressive new projects coming up. Check it out for moving from YouTube over to their really good call because U2 becomes more restrictive to conservatives go to a place where they won't do that next time Odyssey. So if you are interested in watching the show checking on the link of your dues go to the Carmel homepage CAR M.RG right hand side you will see the watch Catholic life then you click on that ticket pages has a ingrained center for noticing. All right, let's get to Sheila from California. She will welcome you on your that my grandkids will getting for outback diagnostic Center that you think I get a request from a doctor to get it or you can order it now one of the late Dr. there.

The area called the document that allowing a line for anyway. I can follow yourself right you will get it in for $69 you can get and not allow the area now $59 and for that date on you. Now you know a man and pushing I get cool out there again and how they would accept it all around and make out in certain areas with they say.

My mind is a common CAR and you go to/coded go there and you can see an example of an exemption letter and it's there and people continue no copy printed up but a lot able don't know that the vaccines were developed and tested using human fetal material human abortive cylinders write the documentation right there you can click on it. I'm looking at you right now it comes up to think work it's chart I found an exit so this another thing is to do that. I can understand with having our government and our society is as the movement toward Socialism. You have less and less freedom. So the more that the government gains control, the less freedom working to have more control they have, the more the going to assert that you have to comply with certain things.

This is why a lot of people don't want to go with vaccine because in resisting this movement of control. There's no reason for children to get vaccinated is not there, not just of other things. Sure, okay, but not this because that the studies show that the children just just rich ridiculous. They don't get it. Hardly ever thing you for the end information and can go on here other collar. Thank you. You will laugh thinking that hopefully the working on different school districts that will say yes, and some say no. Some whatever it on to see what happens okay that right will think you will. God bless our all right folks will fertilize what you give me a call 772072276 is good to be left from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Welcome here because I felt my Mind what are what I will write an Michael that we all but people that they have date I like my thinking by their not think that what happened when they die. That process yet. Last evening about having you talk to Roman Catholic theology and its falls with Catholic churches to try now this is not true.

So Christians don't have sent and in one since they do one since I don't see Jesus canceled the certificate of debt.

The sin that at the cross. Colossians 214 and so there's a sense in which Christians don't have sin is another sense in which they do mean of course we walk around we make mistakes we sin we do things from the eternal perspective crisis canceled or send Colossians 214. So in that sense we don't have another sense we do is called in theology.

The now and the not yet okay so what I'm not saying it's okay to send the not saying it's okay to just got do everything bad you don't repent and it's it's okay to go to heaven, saying that we understand that our confession of sins is not what saves us his faith in Christ that saves us not an active confession.

If someone were to sin and is unaware of that sin and then dies without confessing that sin. The go to the person is Christian goes to heaven even though sin has been confessed. What if a person commits a sin and forgets to repent of it because we do think we forget you done it in the Naprosyn ties to go to heaven. Of course it does with a person of another person does something on purpose and just in rebellion whatever stupid do something sinful and is angry and and doesn't repent for a few hours a day or two and is going to probably end up, but before that chance you guys to go to heaven.

Of course it does art position in heaven is not dependent upon our confession of repentance. Though some cults and Catholicism and other groups.

I guess it is you have to build a confess in order to go to heaven, will that means then that you have to say words yet to do certain things, and that's what enables you to go to heaven. And that's not the case, we confess our sins because were regenerate were saved. We confess and repent of them, because were regenerate because were saved. So in one sense, no Christian dies with the sin, because in that eternal sense crisis pay for all of them in the sin that's canceled. First, Colossians 214 and another sense that we still send her the day we still make mistakes we still do think that her fault but all this is been paid for.

And so they're taken care of there. The dependence of whether or not there forgiven is not on our action, but on try section and a lot of people don't get that it is a Colossians 214, it says Jesus canceled out the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross. The certificate of debt is a sin that he canceled.

If the cross is not canceled when you believe it's not kettle to get baptized is not canceled when you repent you are justified. When you believe justification is different than that canceled one of the bread so this is a theological issue delay several things that make sense to hold on right back after these messages, please why call 770772 show my wrist over sure that will no doubt there will no that drinking is not a sin.

Sin okay so don't know that Jesus first miracles making wine and John to Proverbs 31 six this is good strong drink to the man whose dying and wine to the one is a distress so drinking is not a sin and getting angry is not a sin but you can do these things in a sinful way to God. Even gets angry and Jesus drank wine so it's not a sin automatically. People aren't familiar with this but nevertheless getting drunk and being addicted to that sinful the practice of these things because what it says here we are quoting is prescription 69 it says it is, or do you not know that the unrighteousness not believers. The unrighteous will okay will nodded, yet they will not hear the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate homosexuals. These covetous drunkards provider swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. She that's not Christians. I sure know what okay guy I know I'm correctly when we die we had five ring. It looks like with the Lord because the critiques find it says to be absent for the body is to be home with the Lord. And so it will be time to go to be with him the new Jerusalem is something that is future and you know it was like 4000 mile cube. I don't believe that it's a literal new Jerusalem like the head of that size it's it's been something else and cite the mathematics behind it is is for numeric value and examination but that's future. Still, whatever that's going to be okay all will be with the Lord. The Lord is in heaven for Jesus is to gaps of the body is to be with the Lord. So it's working now grab all the heart, wrapped her at and we would not wrap the will of those words have died already. The first ones were resurrected were the ones who died in crisis is prescription so 1535 to 45 talks about that and also first Thessalonians 416 project fibers to talks about these things so the dead in Christ will rise first and then we who are alive are major because of the GoToMeeting veneer nets for scripting's or first fist this point for 16th and 17th so that's what that is. Whenever the rapture occurs, the dead in Christ rise from the notably rapture what that would die been captured, they don't get rapture that those who are dead in Christ who had died are with the Lord they will receive the resurrected bodies before the rapture occurs and then we who are alive and remain shall data together. All will one night write. It's right in Christ will rise first.

Then we who live in me will be caught up together with them in the clouds for hostilities for the next 2 to 17 okay okay not a another Stasi is okay. See you all right okay let's get to see Dylan from Toledo Ohio I dilute the look of your hello I will say I believe in prayer and I believe the Scripture that I'm gonna ask you about is written in red so to you have made it a den of thieves.

A house of prayer. So how do I do my best to dwell in the house of prayer will he's talking in the context of the Pharisees who were changing that the temple work in all that synagogue work all that stuff that was all combined into legalism and self-righteousness for money for gaming for power twice as that you made it a Roberts 10 so that's what they did. He's clearing up the temple right in the context Jesus entered the temple and drove out these those were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doses of Jesus. He was getting violent, violent, not the sense he striking people in the face but it says he drove them out. We know from under Scripture, that he made a cord of rope and he swung it and he drove them out of their and a lot people don't. She just wanted like occasions duty wouldn't do that.

He did, but nevertheless he overturned the tables the moneychangers and he drove them out and then that's when in that context that you're making it a house of of the of Robert is not you youth the worry about that you're not sitting there trying to sell that the gospel and sell to make make money and and put people under bondage is only positive confession people are doing usually pray just pray just trust God to seek his face just pray to be fine, but now is the Lord's prayer of faith, prayer, prayer, well I would say that the Lord's prayer. Give coming from Jesus. I would be pretty safe prayer now. Unfortunately a lot of people use it just as something to repeat my sin don't repeat it. But be careful not to get into this idea of simple repetition as though that prayer is going to somehow be helpful and I do not think don't do it either is the attitude like in Catholicism. They just repeat it. They just say it the say the our father than they repeatedly do it with their lives thousand times while the idea of prayer is not just simply repetition but a heartfelt connection effect that actually speaks to me when I say this because lately I've realized some of the prayers. Like I say to my Lord repetitions, as I pray this in of my children every night. My wife every night, love doing it for years. I find some time to just repeating that and I'm nebulous with him and I can focus in it and be in that prayer and soaking up to the little something and so that's what I'm doing sick okay I just think it's the same again. I'm sick because true I need to say it need be in that prayer to my Lord and so this is the idea of see our father in heaven how would be the name you say it if you want to, that's fine. Just say with meaning and truth, not just recite the words, if that makes sense you still wanted time to make the 10 connection must fit in with God to appreciate in the question I got blessed, all right, let's get to the top of the morning. I which I welcome you on the air and I got to going back through that chapter 211 through 14. He's talking about the ones becoming are the two becoming one right. Therefore, remember that you want uncircumcised by what is called the circumcision made by the flash by and that at the time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, that without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off of them brought nearby the blood of Christ, for he himself is our peace, who has made both one who is them all Gentiles and Jews. Okay verse 11.

Therefore, remember that family you the Gentiles in the face in the flesh, who recalled uncircumcised by the circumcision… Uncircumcised Gentiles. Often, sometimes referred to as dogs in it in a pejorative sense. So in Christ because he fulfilled the covenant requirements. He died on the cross and were justified by faith he brought both groups into one. Just like I think, behold, I will pay folks call 8772072276577077 back to Tom from Des Moines. I told her yeah yes you could out there for the break but did that help yeah I think what Donnie would having abolished. That is the law of commandments contained an ordinance that you create in himself one new man from the two. I think he did Jews and the Gentiles were in a sense at odds with each other because the Jews had the right of circumcision might have the oracles of God and the Jew jutted actually. The Gentiles did not have it out so because of this there was the severity and hatred between them because Gentiles as you relax and Jews look down on the Gentiles down so the enmities remove the hatred is removing by the blood of Christ tonight by faith okay thank you I like got blessed by a fox foe will bluster the skin. That's the forks about folks for open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the Sophia from Hideaway Sophie welcome Ronnie ask you where you where are you in Idaho just before you get a look at what your problem very firm were in Idaho with home to YOU for diamond Area okay yes or no sweat. Okay. All right. Okay. So when you got 2025 and upon your wrath.

My.being angry that I angry is a tough one.

This is often using marriage counseling and the first half of the verse hearing on the angry do not sense of God gets angry but he doesn't soon anger is not automatically sinful. We can get angry but were not to sin in the process of being angry and so what can we be angry about. To be angry about unrighteousness and sin and rebellion and things like that but do that without sinful judgment upon people and do not let the sun go down your anger. Don't let sin have a place in your heart if you're angry then take care of it. If you don't like I'm angry. Our government for your opening the borders and letting sponge the thousands commit and then paying them and flying them into other cities in the middle night that bothers me, makes me angry. Now that it persists every single day because I don't like what the Biden break a branded administration is doing.

I don't think it's good and I think it's unconstitutional, etc. now that doesn't mean though that I I hate them. It does mean that I pray for them. I pray for them in two ways. One, and in imprecatory Psalm God. If not, your elected entered Discipline together is save and so I can still be angry about what you're doing in their sinfulness and rebellion against God. But I'm doing it without being angry and so to want to talk about this with marriage couples counseling.

If the couple is angry at each other depends there.

Sometimes when you just have to let things sit for 24 hours do you go to work on and that's that you listen to your anger. I get that the principal is not we want to make sure that we have things settled before go to bed before we retire for the evening. We don't want to disturb your sleep. We don't want to become part of our psyche and we don't want it to rule over us. This is the idea is been talk okay what talking about a lot talking about.angry hundred people of multiple fight what you believe talking. I think it says when the sun goes down, trying to be angry anymore.

Sun was down listen to down your anger that's just that's it. Let it happen just about well since an extra angry at people who sin. Sin is you don't let someone lies. Are you angry at that lie no. You can be angry at the lie so so just be angry at sin you not we can be dissatisfied with sinful behavior, but his behavior people and so we need to pray for them. So the idea here is we don't want to let anger rule in us. We don't want that at all. There's a reason for it. It says in Ephesians 431, which is just a few verses later.

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ is forgiven you do marriage counseling. We talk about these verses. It is important because bitterness is something that occurs to people when they been wrong. So what are you believe it's wrong. Are you it really was wrong either way someone believes he's wrong or she is wrong, they hold onto that offense from somebody else and it makes you bitter about that person. Bitterness leads to wrath and anger and judgment, and hatred and so this is why pulsing don't let these things it be in you put them away. Learn to be forgiving because Christ is forgiven you in our anger we want to make sure that our anger is not against someone who has run out offended us, but we want to make sure that we are forgiving them. The best we can as much as we can because of Christ and his work in us. That's what it's talking about their hello I okay hope that helps. Right. Well, you what I thought so. 4383.

I think 2027. Narrow the referring not compromising you murder didn't say that. That's it for me to be careful with because what is talking about is put on the new self verse 24 the likeness of God to be created in righteousness and holiness of the truth. Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth, each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another being angry, do not send the son on your anger. Another context is about people around you and with you and do not give the devil an opportunity who he who steals the steel no longer is talking to people in your community and your in your area right there.

We have reason to be angry with people we need to let it go and we need to do that we need to go to the Cross and St. Laurent have been wrong and I need to forgive that person teach me how the sun go down. I think okay there you okay sure you're the problem you're welcome Arent will God bless. Okay I will see you all right, let's get to Marie from Richmond, Virginia Marie, welcome here. I guess I can I okay good will ruefully die for a while for your four years ago my mom passed away in November and two months later in January. Will you had a heart transplant. All I talk about so many black before I even got there about that on what happened and I have been living together since you and nine Matthew gave her cute little stuffed cherry unit with the standards and everything and hanging in the kitchen and the other day I was working on something for dinner and I kid you not. All the best Jerry slid across the room and hit me and my friend about it were not allowed to communicate with the other side and my son said mom I think that the demon my response was get away from the name because I didn't really know if that can be from or I would not think it was from your mom okay the Bible says that they can't cross over from Paradise to Hades that's in and look 60 9231 now to be absent. The bodies become the Lord and was among the Christian okay with the amount concerning just one she wasn't going to church.

She will know what you would. Well let joy to possibility. Caesar was or she wasn't she's with the Lord or she is not and just don't know.

But I would not say that that event is from God. I would not say that okay and I have no doubt what you think of those things can happen and I know certain instances and stuff in storage that if you myself. But I have to ask you questions now will have a couple minutes you are going to church right okay are you married your husband okay and so you go to church and and I would do if I were used to call the elders of the church, hopefully to good church and you have the elders called your house and pray to the house I need to pray for the house because if some like that is happening.

It reminds me of the issue of an occult door that's been opened and that no so you would slip if that don't worry. Don't be afraid right but idea is to pray to the house to yourself. This is really good. When the elders and I minute and a few homes and I just take oil in this touch sketch very lightly. Just touch the walls and the doors just pray out loud and talk to my Lord is not like some magical thing to do.

This is can work is just it's consecration of your home to the Lord. Need to look for any doors that are open spiritual doors like northerly are called your house like Ouija boards and stuff. Krishna was at a time here call back tomorrow to talk with some more if these things moved across the room and a door has been opened of some sort. Somewhere we could talk tomorrow. One of you tomorrow and by his bracelet back on the air vent and I other program powered by the Truth Network

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