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Give Them Jesus

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 22, 2023 1:52 pm

Give Them Jesus

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 22, 2023 1:52 pm

Robby invites Dr. Carlson Mr. Fred Hedge and Dr Carlson's wonderful daughter Katie Carlson. You dont want to miss this.


This is Darren Kuhn with the Masculine Journey Podcast where we search the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and helps set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. There's a party going on right here today on Kingdom Pursuits.

I can tell you we are loaded for bear with just poster children for how does God take your passion and use it to build the Kingdom. And first up is an old, old friend, right, that I hadn't seen in years and years and years until I was at a revival with Mike Zwick back last summer. And you were there, Fred, and I was like, I know him. I know him. Where do I know him from? And you came up and you said hello, but did you know I didn't have a clue who you were? I did the first time. And my wife was like, what do you mean you don't, you know, she knows I can't remember anybody's name.

And I really can, but I remembered your name because all of a sudden it hit me. That's Fred Hagee. He owned University Jeep Eagle.

Well, the whole reason that Robbie came to Winston-Salem originally in 1993 was that I worked for the crown organization and David Neil bought University Jeep Eagle and Salem Chrysler Plymouth to start what became Bob Neil Chrysler Plymouth Jeep Eagle. And he had bought that from Fred Hagee. And that's where I met Fred, you know, back then. And obviously we had some relationship, but here I am at this revival and I knew you were a Christian back then, but I never had really followed. So about a week or so ago, a friend of mine gives me, or, you know, Dwayne who works for the station, gives me this book and said, Fred Hagee said to give you this. And it says, give him Jesus, the only soul winner's handbook you'll ever need. And so Fred, you wrote a book?

I did. And so it would appear that you're interested in giving them Jesus. Oh, absolutely.

Yeah. And so we're going to find out a lot about giving them Jesus today and how fun is that going to be? And reintroduce you to Fred Hagee, a wonderful friend actually for all these years. And we've run across each other a number of times, but my memory is just not as good as it once was.

And then how fun. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I'm told. And so we have Katie Carson, who is Dr. Carson's daughter, and she has just seen them. Like she has a ministry called Made in the Image.

Yes, sir, I do. And how cool is that? And so how did God put that on your heart, Katie? Since I was a kid, I've loved to craft. And about two, three years ago, I was working for, the school dad was working at as just extra hands.

Just someone, if your plate is full, I can take things on. But it left me, it was right after quarantine had ended and it left me sitting in places, just being a body in a room. So I was crocheting and making gifts for people and people were seeing what I was making and asking me about it. And so the business started with crocheting, making these stuffed animals, making these baby gifts, but it has since turned into making journals that there's other things that I've done along the way, but it started out as being able to look at a picture of an animal and recreate it with crocheting with yarn.

Right, because God created, I mean, in that heart that you have to create a book or to create a ministry or create, right, is his heart, right? And so how beautiful, and I've seen these journals, I'm like, oh my goodness. You know, journals are a critical part of our lives in the Christian, you know, what actually happened for me, Katie, is not long after I met Fred, we did really well at Bob Neal Chrysler, Pimp, Chief Eagle, and I won a trip to Russia, actually a cruise that started in Finland, went to Russia and then came back to Sweden. It was an amazing thing.

I won it through Chrysler. And as I'm on the plane, I'm praying, right? And I'm at 20,000 feet or whatever you are on a plane going to Russia, and God says to me clearly, I want you, Robbie, to write down all your experiences with me every day.

I want this to be, and he could not have been more clear, like here I am at 30,000 feet. And I still have the notes on the airplane stationary where he told me to do that. And little did I know that three years later, I would have the cancer and the Jeep experience and all the things that you've heard about so many times on the Christian Car Guys show, but I have all those completely documented because at the day that they happened, I wrote them down. And so when I think about the God hug that happened in 1996, I can go back there because of the journals.

And so journals are like I have a shelf where they all are, and my kids all know that those are the ends. Because otherwise we forget. So the whole idea of remember, as we were talking about, right, Katie, is to write it down before somebody steals it, right, Dr. Carson? Because the longer we live, unfortunately, we don't remember like we should. And when you've taken time to write down the memories and how God worked at this crucial moment in your life, and then you can look back, stones of remembrance when now they're journals of remembrance.

And it's one of the great spiritual disciplines you need to have in your life, writing down how God is where even when it seems like, well, it feels like the day God did not work. So how do people get their hands on these journals, Katie? I now have a website. It is

I did not want to put all the dashes in there, but unfortunately, sometimes..., how easy is that? So wow. And these are absolutely beautiful. But also, as you might imagine, I have Dr. Carson, because we want to talk more about this opportunity that we think God has given us to go together to Israel and his ministry, of course, to date the Word. So how fun, Dr. Carson. So I know you're wondering, do I have time for this? Yes, I do, I think. No, I don't. They don't want me to shenanigans just yet.

So we're gonna wait till the second. I have got some stuff. Let me tell you. Oh, I bet you do.

We've got to hear the riddle. So yes, at Kingdom Pursuits, as well as Christian Car Guy, but if you go to Kingdom Pursuits, you're gonna see it says Holy Land Tour. And there, if you click on that, you're gonna see all the details, including my phone number, if you have any questions. Again, the price on this is phenomenal. Really, most trips to Israel right around $5,000, but this one is per person... $4,000. $4,000. And then a few extra costs. Most people, I find they can't get to Israel without spending $6,000, $7,000.

We can do this for about $5,000 total. Depends on how much you're gonna spend on souvenirs. And you do want to buy some souvenirs there. But you're gonna be able to go with Robbie and his wife, Cam and my wife, Donita. So it's Date the Word and the Christian Car Guy going to Israel January the 15th, 2024, through January the 24th. And if you want to go with us later, also, we're going to Egypt right afterwards. So that's all on Robbie's website. And you get to see the places you've read about in your Bible, and it comes to life for you.

We will help make it come to life for you. Hey, Ann, I love the story, I think it was you, that was telling me about the road coming up from Jericho. Yes. The Bible talks about how Jesus went up. So you're going up because you're going into the mountains. And Jerusalem is surrounded by mountains. And in Psalms 125, you find that the Lord surrounds us like the mountains surround Jerusalem. So all of a sudden, their spiritual principles start coming into place, just by looking and seeing those places. Right.

Because the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on the earth, and that's over by where Jericho is. Yep. Right. And so you got a long road up.

A long road up. From Jericho. That's actually where the Good Samaritan.

Yes, we go by that. We also, at Jericho, that's where Jesus had a little man named Zacchaeus. I want to see him. And Jesus made one of the greatest— Are there any sycamore trees there? Yes. And we'll see the sycamore tree.

We do. And this is where Jesus made one of the greatest statements of all time about who he is. He says, For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which is lost. And this is why it's going to be awesome to go to Israel with Robbie and myself, because we're going to just bring your Bible to life. So I hope you'll take a look at the website and start praying about going with us, 2024, to the Holy Land.

If you can't hear it, his passion, among many of Dr. Carson's passions, is obviously Israel. And I've gone to dinner with him a few times, and he talked it out. It was like, OK, you know, where do we sign? What are we going to do here? So I hope you'll join us. It's going to be so much fun.

Both his wife Tanita and my wife Tammy will be there, and it's all there at And again, you don't want to remember made dash in the image. How does that go again? Well, we'll give it to you when we come back. Stay tuned. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And as we're talking about, we've got a party going on in here today because of all the passion that is involved. We have my good friend Fred Heggy, who wrote the book, Give Him Jesus, right? The only soul winner's handbook you'll ever need.

And what a nice little book it is, really handy for those of us who have been sent. Oh, that's all of us. That's all of us.

And then we have Katie Carson with her amazing ministry, Made in the Image. Am I saying it right? Correct. Okay. And so you got to give that website one more time.

It's made dash in dash the dash image dot com. There you go. And then of course, Dr. Carson, who is with me going to Israel.

So you might have guessed that speaking of Israel. Alrighty. I know we've been waiting for this, haven't you, Greg? You've been waiting, you've been waiting, waiting, waiting, and I appreciate you waiting. I've been patient.

Now you have. So anybody's feel free to answer this if you know it. What is the best way to defend yourself while in Israel?

The best way to defend yourself while in Israel. They're puzzling. They're puzzling. They're puzzling. Katie, you got to know this, right?

No, she doesn't know. It's jujitsu. Oh, yes. Just saying.

If it weren't for bad taste, I wouldn't have any. Okay. So if you like that one, you might just like this one. You might, Richard, you might.

It could happen. So how do you know when an orange, you know, the orange is a lot of fruit over there. Yeah, Israel.

Yes. Grapes, you know, they're orange. Oh, all the whole enchilada, so to speak. But anyway, how do you know when an orange comes from Israel? How do you know if first of all, tell you it is tangy?

Oh, my gosh, I don't even know. Yeah, anybody got any ideas on an Israeli orange? No, because it's tangy and Hasidic. Oh, Hasidic. Hasidic. Yes. Oh, I love these.

I knew you would. How about this one? My friend thought Jerusalem was just imaginary, you know, but I told him Israel. Israel. I got Richard shaking his head on that one. All right. Here's this. You're going to love this one, Fred. What's Israel's number one internet search provider?

Anybody idea? You've been over there a lot, Dr. Carson. You might have seen this. Yes.

It's Netin Yahoo. Oh, no, I can't wait to see him. Are you taking some of those over to Israel? Oh, yeah. And of course, how did the Israeli camel hide itself? I know you were talking about me riding a camel here a minute ago. How did the Israeli camel hide itself, Dr. Carson?

I give up. Camouflage. Really helps you get over the hump. You know what I'm saying?

Camouflage. Yes. And I have this little story for you that I came across, which I think you're just going to have to use your imagination to replace other words that you might want to use for donkeys to really get the full humor behind it. It's called shovels, donkeys, and camels.

Over 5,000 years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, pick up your shovels, sit on your donkeys and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land. All right? You get it?

All right. But nearly 75 years ago, when President Roosevelt invented welfare, he said, lay down your shovels, sit on your donkeys, and light up a camel. Light up a camel.

Oh, and there's more, right? So today, Congress has stolen your shovel, taxed your donkey, and raised the price of camels and mortgaged the promised land. Just saying. I was so depressed about this thought. And I was thinking about health care plans, et cetera, et cetera, and the lost jobs, and oh my gosh, the prices of things. And I got suicidal. So I called the suicidal hotline. It said, press one for English. I'm like, what? And I was connected to the center, which happens to be in Pakistan, obviously.

And so when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck. It'll come to you in a minute. It'll come to you in a minute. Oh, wow. Yes. Quite a story, right? Only on kingdom pursuits.

Yes. So the end of all those shenanigans, you knew, didn't you, that I would have a riddle for you today. And today's riddle, that we actually want to give you either your choice of give them Jesus, or maybe even if you have a great answer to my riddle, you might get one of Katie's journals to go along with it, but you can take your pick of either one. All you have to do is call us at 866-348-7884 and tell us, how did Pharaoh propose to kill the firstborn?

How did Pharaoh propose to kill the firstborn? And if they can answer that, Greg, tell them what they'll win. No, we already told them what they'll win.

Just tell them what they mean to do. All you have to do is just give us a call and you'll win one of those fabulous prizes that Robbie just announced. I stole his thunder. You stole my thunder. I did.

We don't normally, we normally have the prize vault, you know, and we still have stuff there if you want, but I think you'd be much better off with this book by Fred or one of these journals. 866-348-7884. And tell us, how did Pharaoh, which this is actually significant on all sorts of levels, how did Pharaoh propose to kill the firstborn? 866-348. I've got Dr. Carson puzzling over here. 866, and that's scary. 866-348. It's not hard, okay? I don't think I'm eligible to give the answer today.

You're not eligible, but don't overthink this. 866-348-7884, 866-344, truth, because we want to give this stuff away. So please, call in and share that. And so, Fred, you've got to tell us, how do we give them Jesus? Get prepared. Buy your book is what you're going to say.

Go to the website. Get prepared. And so, I'm very curious, like, I'm guessing behind every book there's a personal story, like, were you put in that position where you needed to give them Jesus and God gave you some stuff? Robbie, I was in church every Sunday of my life. My dad didn't know it was optional to attend church. We were always there, no matter what. But after 48 years, I had never led one person to Christ, not one. 95% of born-again evangelicals have never led one person to Jesus. And God had put people in my path for that express purpose for years and years.

And I always used excuse, I'll get ready in the future. Somebody can do it better than I can. Pastor can do it.

After all, he gets paid, all that kind of stuff. And I bought into that. But in September of 2022, I could not stand that guilt one more day. And I cut my light off, I got my car, and I went to Piedmont Baptist College there and enrolled in personal witnessing and evangelism.

And so, can you tell us the story of the person that after 48 years you attempted or whatever happened? Well, in some of the jobs and training there in the class, we had to go down to 28th and Cleveland, down in that section down there in Share Our Faith. 28th and Cleveland, for those people that are in Dayton, Ohio and whatever, we better tell them. That's the hood. That's the hood. In Winston-Salem. Right.

This is a rough area. And as soon as I got out of the car, David Tinsley, who was a young missionary from New York City, taught that portion of the class. He is sponsored today by some of our local Baptist churches down on the south side of town. And when I got out, I saw him engage a young lady with acute sickle cell disease. And I kind of hid— That wasn't cute. It was acute. Correct. Okay.

Correct. And I kind of hid in the proverbial bushes, if you know what I'm saying, and watched him lead that lady to Christ. And that day changed my life, brother. And so tell us, what did you see? Well, I saw the Spirit of God fall on her, and I saw her tears puddle on that asphalt parking lot. And it just changed my life, brother. That's something I had to see again. So interestingly, what he described was, God did it.

Right. And I imagine there was some prayer involved before you guys even went out. When we got in the van, we were all praying.

And I had no idea—none of us had any idea where we were going. We just knew what we had to do when we got there. We were prepared. First Peter 3.15 says, But in your heart sanctify the Lord Jesus and be ready always to give an account to every man who ask a reason of the hope that abides in you.

Just do it with gentleness and meekness. And from that point on, I was ready. It was on like Donkey Kong. You can hear, he's ready. I can tell you. Can you tell he's ready, Dr. Carson? Oh, I can tell he's ready. He's ready. He's ready. And so, yeah, we're going to get more to you in a minute, but I got to move over to Katie, because that was really good.

I mean, I'm beyond thrilled. I'm not thrilled with the fact that I have not received any calls yet about, now, how did Moses—I mean, not Moses—how did Pharaoh propose to kill the firstborn? This isn't hard.

It's in Exodus 1. Okay. But I want to give this stuff away. So 866-348-7884. And speaking of giving stuff away, like, these covers on these journals are like to die for.

I mean, which is clearly, you know, what you were creating when you did this. So, like, we're going to get to the stories behind that, as well as Dr. Carson's ministry and all these different things he does with Date the Word, of course, our trips to Israel. All this stuff is coming up on Kingdom Pursuits, but it won't be the same if you don't call 866-348-7884 and tell us. Think about the mighty midwives. Yes, the mighty midwives.

866-348-7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and Darrell Bock Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom. And so fun to have all my guests in the studio when I can get that. And I got it today, my friend Fred Hagee, who wrote the book Give Him Jesus. And, oh, what—you know, the thing that we talked about during the break, which I think is just spectacular when you hear Fred's story, and he tells you that he was, you know, afraid. Like, a lot of us are afraid to go do stuff. The man's been a car salesman for 40 some-odd years.

Like, it's not like he doesn't meet and greet the public, you know. It's just fascinating to me. But I understand. It was only I could understand, because I, too, was a car salesman forever.

And I never stepped foot on the lot. And, oh, by the way, I never got behind the mic without feeling totally exposed. Right? And so if you stand out there and you're gonna give them Jesus, the thing that has your attention is you're standing there naked. Right? I mean, if you're gonna do it really, you gotta be real, and that requires His blood to cover you, not your fig leaf. Okay?

Just saying. Meanwhile, we also have with us Katie, who has this made-in-the-image, unbelievable journals that we're gonna get to in a second, and Dr. Carson, who has date the Word. What a fascinating ministry. And I wanna talk about one of the things he does are these Bible verses plaques.

I have one in my office. If you were to see it, this is like, oh my goodness. And he told me my Bible verse, Mark 10-30, like, if you didn't know my birthday, in case you wanna send me a card, it's October 30th. But he gave me this Bible verse. It was like, oh, that's already my favorite verse. So, Katie, getting back to your covers, like, wow, God gives you these pictures.

How do you sort it out? But it's the way you worship, right? Katie Grant So all 10, or, excuse me, all seven of these covers came from a friend of mine last year left for Honduras. She's a missionary there. And her love language is encouragement. And her sister wanted to have, collect cards for her to open one a week every week she's there for two years. So I created these 10 cards to encourage her while she's there, while she's ministering.

And like the week after she left, I finished up the journal I was working through and went kind of looking for my next journal and was, man, I want this card that I made for her. It's called Broken Joinery. It's based on Japanese pottery. When it's broken, they use gold to put it back together and it makes it stronger. It makes it more resilient and it makes it more worthy or has a story to tell.

It makes it more valuable. And so I went trying to find where can I get this journal made for me, but I had also done the pages. It looks like it's shattered, shatter marks throughout the inside of the book, not just the cover. In most places, they just let you put the cover on. So it was, well, I guess I'm going to do these.

And since I did one, I went ahead and used all seven of the covers and all of them are designed inside to reflect the cover on the outside. So some have Bible verses. The Light of the World has John 1 4 and 5 in it.

Some have songs. I have a pottery one that has Mold Me, Make Me. I've thought about that for years. In fact, I've done whole talks on it at boot camp and the idea of his light shines through our cracks, right? And at the point of where I'm weak, he's strong, right? And if I'm not transparent on the air or when I'm sharing Christ with somebody, his real strength comes through my weakness.

If I'm trying to be the shiner, then it doesn't work so good, right? But when you actually share those sorts... So what a beautiful thing God has given you. And again, that website, say it one more time. How wonderful. And so like getting back to my good friend, we were talking about Bible verses. Whoa, I have Teresa. She knows the riddle.

We better go to that. Like, oh my goodness, Teresa, you're on Kingdom Pursuits. Teresa, how did Pharaoh propose to kill the first born? Do you know? He did what? How did the Pharaoh in Egypt propose to kill the first born of the Israelites? He had all the Hebrew males drowned in the Nile River.

Yeah, man. He told them, throw them. If a Hebrew male is born, you're supposed to throw them in the river. If that was before the...

He tried it with the midwives first, but then you're right. You're exactly right. But I don't know if you've ever thought about this. I was thinking about it this morning. And so we're gonna send you... You got it right. So you're gonna get either the journal or the book. We might just send you both because you're so wonderful.

We appreciate you calling. So I don't know if you've ever given any thought to the word Pharaoh in Hebrew is very much connected to your neck. And the idea of that, actually from the Hebrew culture to some extent, is that the ideas and thoughts of your heart try to get through to your head, but what stops them is your neck. You have a stiff neck.

Right? And so your first thought that you ever thought, I'm just guessing, was that you loved God. I do. And forevermore, Pharaoh, your neck, has been trying to kill the first born. Yes, he has. Isn't that amazing? Yes. Something... Yeah, he's just trying to live holy like you.

And that's kind of hard sometimes. Well, thank you, Teresa. God bless. I appreciate you calling in today. Thank you. You too. You have a lovely day. You too. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. All right.

I put her on hold so you can get her information if you didn't get it. So I don't know. I was just thinking about that this morning. I don't know if you ever thought about your first born thought. But anyway, of your heart.

Of the heart. You know, it had to be that, man, God. And of course, Pharaoh wants that gone, man. We don't want any part of that.

Do we have a flexible neck or do we have a stiff neck? There you go. You can't follow Jesus with a stiff neck.

That's true. You can't be one of his horses. So, Dr. Carson, your ministry, again, is so like those of you who listen to the Truth Network know that every single day he's going to give you a verse. And can you imagine the joy and the delight of Dr. Carson sitting here just yesterday, we were doing all of May. And as we go through these 31 verses, like, oh, oh, oh, did you know? And like, man, and like, oh, and oh, it's when people love the Word of God, right? It joins us together, right?

Yeah, joins us. It brings great joy. When I hear your Word, I eat your Word, it is the joy to my life. And today is 4-22, so you got to check out Matthew 4-22, where the disciples, John and James, they left their father and their business to follow Jesus.

You got to let go to go. And I always loved Zebedee. Zebedee, this great father, has his sons in business with him, and yet Jesus comes along and says, guys, follow me. And Zebedee let go.

And sometimes as parents it's tough to let go of our children, to let go of our dreams for them, to follow God's dream for them. And so that all comes today from Matthew 4-22 on Date the Word. And you can go to my website,, and you can see this. And if you got a birthday, you want to know what your birthday verse is, give us a call. Robbie will give you the number to call in. I'll give you your birthday verse. But you can go to the website now anytime you want to, click on the calendar and see your birthday verse, or for someone else you want to give it to. You can click on it, and you'll see three or four verses, pick the one you want. Robbie picked his verse by looking at the different verses that we have for 1030. So yeah, 866-348-884, 866-34-TRUTH if you're digitally gifted.

I'm not, I can't do that. But 866-348-7884, and the man is like a machine. I mean, you tell him your birthday and he will come with a verse like, what? And because he's eaten a lot of God's Word, and it's in his heart, and what an amazing thing to be able to share. You know, why were you born on that day?

Maybe it has something to do with something God was trying to tell you. I'm just saying. 866-348-7884, you still got plenty of time to call in and get Dr. Carson's answer. And of course, we want to remind you that Trip to Israel is coming up in January, and there's an early bird special, so you can take advantage of that.

You just go to, and there you'll see all that information. We'll be right back. You're listening to the Truth Network and Darrell Bock Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And wow, how fun is this? To have friends in here with me, we have Dr. Duane Carson with Date the Word.

Of course, we're talking about our trip to Israel coming up in January. It's all there at, as well as his daughter Katie and her made in the image, like beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, like in so many different ways. You can tell the craft that went into this and the heartfelt worship of these journals, which, you know, journals themselves are so dear to us and something that, you know, clearly, you know, those memories, you don't know when you start writing a journal, let me just say, from lots of experience.

Like you open up that journal, you don't know what's coming that year, right? And boy, what a precious, precious thing it is to have that. And it'd be cool if you had all seven of these bad boys, you know, you could tell by, oh, that was when I was in the pottery journal or that was when I was in the, what's the pink one? The pink one's cool. Katie Grant Broken joinery, it's the potter. Darrell Bock Oh, it is the broken joinery. Katie Grant Well, there's two pottery ones. There's one, we are the clay that he is, there's hands on clay, making it, molding it.

And then there's one that once it's actually made, it's broken. Darrell Bock It's that Japanese word that I had no idea what it was. Katie Grant Kintsugi. Darrell Bock Ah, there you go.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Katie Grant It is a fun word to say. Darrell Bock Kintsugi, that is. And of course, my friend Fred Hagee who wrote this book, give him Jesus. And so I'm curious now, you've witnessed this man share with this lady, what a story of her tears on the pavement. And now it's your turn, Fred. Fred Hagee Well, I started sharing my faith, okay, because I saw what happened. I saw how easy that was. More importantly, I saw how powerful that was.

And I wanted to see that one more time. And all of a sudden, as I got to sharing my faith, I started seeing the same results that I saw there. And then it became so apparent to me how hungry and how desperate that lost and dying world was looking for my message that I had, that I had never conceived was true. I thought they were prejudiced against me. They're not. They're looking for that same hope and peace and joy and comfort that we as God's people experience.

Darrell Bock Right, right. Not unlike the person that walks into the car salesman. You think that they think you're a crook just because they, you know, but a lot of them were just looking for somebody to help them find a car.

It's not all that hard. But, and it's similar. I'm curious. Every once while God will give me a message, you know, He comes after us with stuff. And I'll have somebody say, you know, I met so-and-so like Fred Hagee, Tony Reems today. And he wanted you to know that he came to Christ. So sometimes you share Jesus with people and then God, you know, you're not there when the fruit comes in, when the harvest comes down, whatever that may look like. But they haven't forgotten your message and the seeds that you planted because some sow and God waters and, you know, God knows palm waters. So somebody makes it grow.

I think it's God. Yeah, but you can quote that whole verse, but we got to sow the seed. And that's what Trent's helping you with, but give them Jesus. That book will help you get a passion and the preparation, which is just crucial because the fear comes out when we're not prepared. But when you are prepared, like being ready to take an exam, you know, you know the answer, you're ready to go.

And so this book will help people to be able to be prepared to give the reason, the reason for what they believe. And you never know when that opportunity comes up. You may run out of gas like I did one night. Next thing I know, I have a man to witness to. And I'm like, okay, I ran out of gas, stupidity, but an opportunity to be a soul winner. So here's my question. You know, you can prepare, prepare, like I literally quote the 119th Psalm on my way to work most mornings.

Okay. But then I'll come into work and Dr. Carson will say, Psalm 119 verse 36, what is it? Well, I didn't memorize them by the number.

And so I have no clue what Psalm 119, 36. So right that minute, my mind goes to my mush. And then he'll say, oh, it's the dollar section trying to get me to, you know, but when you put me on the spot, I don't know nothing. Right. So what's, what's your go-to based on all of your preparation, like when all, when, when you go to a witness and now your mind goes blank, like what was I, you know, what happened? What's the go-to okay. For me, my mind thinks systematic. Okay.

And for me, you're a better man than me. That's how I think. Okay. I'm kind of programmed step one, two, three, and four. So the first thing that I had to do for myself was divide that process down step by step. And that's what I did. And that's what I've done in the book. And, and in the book, I lay that out carefully, illustrations, scripts, explanations, that type thing. So it's like the road to the sail. Yes. And in appendix one in the back gives you the flexibility to adapt that skill set to fit your personality type.

It's kind of like drag and drop and nurture that to fit your personality type. Oh my goodness. Because you gotta be real when you witness. We're out of time. I can't believe we're out of time. So you're going to have to go to Kingdom Pursuits to find out more about Date the Word. Again, don't forget may-in-the-image, all that, dot com to get those journals. And of course, Fred's book, Give Him Jesus.

Is it at Amazon, Fred? Will be on Monday. And we'll be on Monday. So just wait till Monday.

Give Him Jesus on Monday. And check out the website about Israel. That's right.

Go to All about that. But right now, we're just so glad you're listening. So glad you joined us today. You got so much truth coming at you. Encouraging prayer, followed by the masculine journey in Winston-Salem. It starts here now at 12 o'clock. And then it's time to man up with Nikita. You don't want to miss it. This is the Truth Network.
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