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Kingdom Pursuits Jokes From Last Saturday - Feeling Funnies

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 22, 2022 4:52 pm

Kingdom Pursuits Jokes From Last Saturday - Feeling Funnies

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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Now with extremely limited availability, contact your local retailer for inventory information. I have to do my shenanigans. So speaking of feel, right?

So Gwendolyn, you know, as we start these, it's just, you know, part of what we do in the show every week is we try to have a little bit of fun to lighten things up with before we get real heavy duty, which obviously we're going to get there. But to begin with, since this has to do with feelings, right? So speaking of feel, you know, for those who don't know, my wife's name is Tammy. So I feel like Tammy and I don't speak the same language sometimes.

I say long distance relationships. And, you know, she says, I have a restraining order. That's not the right language, right? And remember, said the boss, there is no up. That's a different joke. That was last week's joke. I've never recycled a joke in the middle of my jokes.

But anyway, there you go. But anyway, speaking of feel, a fly feels a bug on its back. You've been wondering about this, haven't you? And the bug says, hey, fly on my back. Are you a mite? And he said, I might be, giggles the mite. That's the worst pun I ever heard, groans the fly. What do you expect, says the mite. Are you ready for this?

Yes, let us know. All right. I came up with that on the fly. So yeah, there you go.

And are you sweating whilst putting fuel in your car these days, feeling sick when paying? Well, you know what you might have. Are you ready for this one? Yes, we're ready.

Are you ready, Tony? You know what you may have? It's the car owner virus.

The car owner virus, okay. And I don't know if you've heard about it, but I told the guy who gave up on Superman comics, right? I am told.

I said that wrong. So I got to get my jokes right here, Tony. I am told the guy who gave up on Superman comics, you know what I was told about him?

No, what were you told? He feels marvelous. Must have been his kryptonite.

He feels marvelous. You liked that, didn't you, Gwendolyn? Yeah. You thought, well, okay. You knew that Marvel made all the comics. Okay. So here's the actual riddle that you knew was coming on today's Kingdom Pursuit. So, and I do like this one. Whose faith, whose faith made Jesus marvel? So speaking of marvel, as we just did, who in the Bible did Jesus marvel at their faith?
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