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International Commission

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 6, 2022 2:42 pm

International Commission

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 6, 2022 2:42 pm

Today Robby sits down with Stephen Jumper, who is Area Coordinator Vice-President for North America International Commission. Listen as they discuss IC's plan to focus even more of their mission work right here in their back yard. Bringing even more souls to God's great work here in the states.

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At the risk fund euros on the hospital Vanguard services are provided by Vanguard advisors, Inc., registered investment, this is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore.

Oh, we are going on missions and that I just of that and I also love when my guesser in the studio and I love it when I got old friends, which I have all the above two days with Stephen jumper is now like VP of America international mission is to give me the right title. There, it's Robbie. Thank you so much for having me on the day. This is exciting. It's a Mary coordinator VP for North America for international commission international co-mission, and I love that word is it's like being a salesman you know we love a good commission that you have a good commission, and I know you do. And so, with that whole idea of international that diet name and organization right is international is international mission or international competition, international commission, just like the great commission and that's what it's all about about sharing the gospel throughout the world, but he picked up on the key point and that is for 50 years of our history. We have exclusively gone overseas and gone the internationally sharing the gospel around the world.

I see we caught RC for short has infrastructure throughout the world. Similar folks like myself and regional people and in all kind of friends and volunteers that help us put short-term mission projects together. But guess what, we made a strategic decision to go to North America. We need some we need some right commissioning here so not always tell people is the Christian car guy. Another thing that originally got me involved in and ideas of about the bottle was his idea of the great commission right and so you know that whole thing is great, but you would imagine is is is I got ready to talk today that might mention commission but I didn't. I went with international so speaking of international there comes a ready ready. She's trying to find it, but she's gonna find it here she goes and this is now on you know kingdom pursuits so here we go onward were struggling with the me there you guys feel better when I tell Vincent.

I can hear myself about my social better than that Stephen so the number one tip for international co-mission skydivers.

Are you aware of this note when that when they really have to go the remote places they skydive everything that, as I can picture that okay and so you know if your giving them tips Stephen what's the first tip you talk to any given night with you when you give into an international mission skydiver was the first to have a parachute shoot first ask questions later, now Christian that's funny were inspecting placidly smiles okay number two and this is actually North America. Where do you find the most snow in North America. Where do you find the most abilities in North America. Sure, not Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Now that's deftly not the right answer. I'll ask the local last of Alaska say that this right and I didn't Alaska, an old oak denied you brought that up around it because the were working for 2023 on projects in North America and Alaska is a potential location for us so that all sorts away. Alright, so you knew there was more. This did it so every team for every TV program in Geneva is about time. Did you know that.

Did you know that every TV program in Geneva is about time you know why no idea Stephen here like this Swiss watch United States exactly what the Swiss watch. That's good. I don't often get a regular who can actually rattle that he did that selector switch watch… With watch said he did since he's good to go.

These international ponds. Here we go. In the last one there. Woman decided to move to Nepal. Her husband did as well.

You know why now.

Woman decided to move to Nepal. Her husband did as well. You know why Stephen got me on that.

Robbie Kathmandu like that when it's what Kathmandu's so you near the end of those actual shenanigans, I would have a riddle that you could call in and win today and so here's your riddle pretty easy. In my opinion, this is how many Google how fast they can call in was the original international Commissioner that he wasn't free to roam the original international co-mission or that he wasn't free to roam 866-34-TRUTH 84's number: when don't answer that one. Stephen, I see you got it lined up in your mouth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can answer that.

Carmen, my wonderful ministry practice in the kingdom pursuits pads on some kind of email and let me know if all this is all sorts of 866-348-7884's to is a plunder item as you knew that if she knows to did you know that Stephen yes and so I see is giveaways every week and and so still has is an amazing ability. I think it's it comes with the Everson blood to learn how to plunder and so you know the end of every NRB when were leaving the egos. Robbie know what the word is plunder. You know that that that statement, the Pirates did and so you know you got all the bases. Anything you don't want to ship back or whatever. The next thing you know you got a kingdom pursuits prize. Well, that's just loaded for you to call in when 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so Stephen, when you originally got involved right this is that clear back in 2013 you were doing international stuff else about that.

Yes. So I met a gentleman by the name of Jeff Chet would who is an area coordinator for South East Asia for international commission and he invited me on a mission trip to the Philippines and it absolutely change my life. We were there.

It was a are short-term projects overseas typically run about two weeks, you're actually on the ground evangelizing and presenting the gospel sharing the gospel with individuals and families.

How does that work for you in the Philippines versus a highly populated area or way out in the woods somewhere. Yes, it's a combination of both Iloilo Philippines is a small town and then the population around it is very rural you walk in the tanning hey guys, I mean how does that work happen yet so we partner with local churches on that particular project that was a pretty big project we had.

I think 12 to 15 churches all working together along with 30 volunteers from the US who flew in and then no repair those volunteers up with the individual churches two or three volunteers per church.

The pastor congregation members will take amount in their community. It's nice to have preset appointments, if you will, because we do what's called operation. Andrew, which is an old Billy Graham methodology where 6 to 9 months before the project actually takes place. The church members are identifying nonbelievers in their community. Writing their names down praying for him powwow and I know you're excited to hear the rest of this story, so you go to break down and I'm shot I'm shocked that no one is called in with what I thought was possibly the easiest kingdom pursuits quiz I've ever done 866-34-TRUTH I got to do is tell us which was the first original co-missionary who was freedom and you're listening to the Truth Network and national co-mission area representative for North America. How cool is that Emily left her hero, Stevie was in the Philippines and the little bitty town with all these different volunteers coming in to this little town.

And so to take us taken from their sure so again I was saying that the other might be 234 volunteers paired up with the with the local church and during the week. The pastor and congregation members are taken about into their neighborhood in that neighborhood is typically a jungle very rural like you've already indicated Robbie and it's amazing. It's absolutely amazing to see you or your one of these people that went and anything I love is that obviously these people's neighbor that was just down the jungle from admin praying form from Mann. There was their name and you and you knew a little bit about what was going on in my imagine you had a translator and so you need describe the hut or whatever it was that you went that your first when you went in to say I bet you are nervous is Yep Yep actually the first encounter I had was with a family on the side of the road selling fruits and vegetables erratically or an actual street in the road but time after time after time. It was a hut with a dirt floor in a hammock is all they had, or a box, wooden box on stilts that she had to climb up into no furniture, just the wood floor and he would sit on the wood floor make a gospel presentation. Actually Robbie incredibly intimate for someone to invite you into their home. No matter what their home looks like and give you the time to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's an incredible incredible experience and for them it's an incredible experience and somebody would come all this way that they would care no that they would care enough about me to come all this way to see me. I mean, I'm just a little person a hut arm on the side of the road. I think it's it makes a huge impact that those people and for coming all this way right yeah it really does and in the Holy Spirit is at work the whole time. The 6 to 9 months before the project prayer. The operation and your process is so important. As you know, prayer is so vital in any ministry and then you realize that the Holy Spirit has brought you there, across the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you participate in God's kingdom work like that.

It is an amazing thing to see people's lives could change you, literally, when they when they accept Christ right there. They've never heard of Jesus before they receive Christ. They want the forgiveness of sins, and this their whole complexion changes. Robbie just comes off of them. You can just absolutely see it now. We people Asking us for years. What are you going to the Philippines. What are you going to Africa. We need the gospel here in the United States, and so guess what, that's what were doing now in North America. So take us into one of those huts, the ones that the one that that you remember like I cannot believe God that you gave me the honor of being a person to deliver that message can you describe the family to us that the day that it that that happened. Sure there was one particular instance where I was with a family of that the the dad was out in the field working was the middle part of the day and the mom was there and maybe her sister would were visiting, but there was about a five or six kids, three of which were grown children, three of which were smaller teenagers and we sat there and in the translator translated. I made my whole presentation and they all receive Christ.

It was it was an incredible thing, but then I hear this motorcycle coming up and oh my gosh, dad's coming home.

What's he going to fit. I think I was the only man in the room and what's he going to think you know the woman had already indicated to us that she was having issues in her marriage through the translator. There was some abuse going on with her physically and then some alcohol abuse going on with him so I just I was actually got to the point where my good encounter of Amanda's to see another God's house and and he has a machete and he has a machete exactly what, but it was an amazing thing to watch. He came in he was very humble and he let me present the gospel to him and talk about the forgiveness of sins and a new life in Christ and he he received all that and it was just an incredible experience.

A lot of tears were shed on that that floor that day. Wow, now you have to you had to say.

Oh God, thank I mean you went from that place is like this might not.

And to all the sudden God the Holy Spirit just came in and just like man and so obviously your heart was captured absent man and you thought well you know that the what what a neat thing.

So when was the idea burst to take this to North America. Well as you know, back in February March 2020. There was a little thing called coded yeah I remember. And so that our leadership team got the look and it a new strategy looking toward North America. As you can imagine all our international flights got shut down the project got delayed and for purity time, we were not able to go overseas and do these projects and typically were doing probably north of 2025 projects a year throughout the world and so the decision was made less less work on this in North America and we we have had a couple projects already last year in the end of United States so wow I amazing and my daughter actually went to Stanford University to be a missionary and that was her original hope.

But every single mission trip every year got canceled due to culvert so and interestingly she ends up in the inner-city schools of Birmingham, being a missionary there in Christian school. She graduated this year and covered changed the course of her life was that look like she was going to be in a missionary to Africa but ends up kinda being a missionary right here in mom and Birmingham, Alabama. As a result of you know what God's doing through this kind of thing so were you on that original American what can you tell us what's the difference when you go – is treated right at what is that like yes so we had two small projects to begin with wanted Destin Florida and one in Jarreau Idaho that were very small but really say what interesting. I mean, I do not take those to that's really cool, Destin, Florida, which is pretty much a metropolis for my perspective.

I mean, especially compared what's the name of Juniper Idaho Jerome Jerome, Idaho. I leave you may not know this save Stephen but I am from Idaho. I was born in Pocatello right that's I can assure you that there is Destin wherever Idaho is like these are two different worlds and two different cultures of gigantic proportion. So were you on both those I was none of both those what I was gonna tell you about was the project that was, we we met in the middle. We met in the middle in Butler, Missouri Ellen Arp are project that we consider a model project going forward for upcoming projects in Farmington, New Mexico and Norman Oklahoma next month.

All really are going to Farmington yet so NCR also lived in New Mexico for number years after I graduated from high school some very familiar Farmington clear on the eastern side almost in Amarillo, Texas right and and it's a small community and that will be an interesting you might find it on my floor. There two. By the way, right. So in real quickly in Butler, Missouri.

There was about six or seven churches that participated. We had about 15 volunteers maybe 20 volunteers. There and in four days of ministry, we made 950 gospel presentations to people in 110 people made first-time professions to receive Christ so we said wow this could work in the US and we are excited to go to New Mexico were actually going to be on Navajo Indian reservation anywhere there will be my fourth yes as I live in adobe houses. I got been there right now what Colson you go to church there and Farmington were church right we have we have three churches participating in Farmington and eight churches participating in Norman, Oklahoma, and so those churches have got have been on this project for six months, or for some period of time. So our initial presentation was made back in April and they started praying further church members and church family. And then there local community and trying to identify nonbelievers that they wanted to, focusing on prayer and focus in on the project when we get there.

It's really a powerful thing. Robbie, when someone comes from the outside and works with the local person in your area that energy and synergy together really something going on there with the Holy Spirit because you're able to say just like you identified in the Philippines, a no. Stephen came all the way from the United States to the Philippines. The present Jesus, but it's just as powerful to say. Stephen came from North Carolina to Butler, Missouri. The tell you about Jesus Christ exactly exactly and and but to me the thing I love about operation. Andrew is is that the prayer happens before is just like the guy in a motorcycle. I can assure you, so maybe working on his heart. You know for months in a before that person says the first word in all his things and got and I'll tell you that you know what a cool thing because Navajo people are quite different and they don't necessarily speak English and you don't find just a lot of Navajo translators just telling you have to let it with absolute zero. I'm really interested to hear what happens about that but meanwhile all my goodness. Are you shocked I'm shocked who was the original international missionary but he wasn't free to roam. You know that 866-348-7884, maybe have a question for Steve Stephen 866-34-TRUTH estimate for kingdom receipts to your listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to where we hear how God takes passion build the kingdom and so amazing today are good friends even jumper Stephen eyes still and you go way way back to interesting yet Robbie probably 15 years now. You guys are good friends and and also those of you familiar with anti-Bowersox is energized ministry and Stephen you you volunteered on a lot of his projects and now your wife is it weird is talking about is over, the pastors wives division of energized ministry somehow funds that yet. That's great. Last year 80 and went to Western Kentucky for the tornado relief and right now and he is up in Eastern Kentucky, scouting out potential. When I got there but yeah my wife was interested in women's ministries and approached Andy with the idea of what you doing for pastors wives and he was. Not really focusing on that, and so she hear now the director. Yes, she's in charge. So, how exciting. I have Marilyn in Virginia who's calling in on my Ritalin and symbiosis colony and so don't let them go as well. Talk to them to do so.

Marilyn you're on kingdom pursuits good morning good morning are you listen on W LES out of Richmond wonderfully okay, so what part of Virginia do you live Lynchburg all cool. We actually we now have a station Lynchburg and I wish I had the call letters in front is probably going to be raised, wringing his hands right now Robbie you don't know. Maybe I'll get that will have to figure out a way to get that to you when we send you your prize which assured you are going to win because I met Beth you know which missionary right was the original international missionary and he wasn't free to roam Mark. Mark oh, you're exactly right. He certainly wasn't free to roam, especially after all got on and and so that is so cool I love Mark and what an interesting story admitted that conflict, but they worked it out and Barnabas to hold the whole shenanigan so thank you for listening and for calling in today and again working to give when we send you the prize package, and can you give her the new call letters in the in the frequency for the station Lynchburg wonderful. Thank you so much Marilyn God bless you to provide some we also have witness Miss and the alts famous rock star of the early 1960s as an accomplished actress extraordinaire, and so many different adventures in Odyssey play and of course Christian card I theater, I would say I didn't mention that that all the amazing roles.

We've had a chance to play together in a relay so you have an answer other than my hall. He wasn't our alley. He would be again you could go was all his letter names of changed call you all are winners. Other winners how are you doing did you ever get a better week.

Oh yeah they got that idea. I like that okay wonderful show boy Richard Richard between guided and he's doing it no telling you about. I think my book for the descendent. Yeah, we could we could do that. You know those of us we need to be praying for Anne's movie. It's called the heart of hearts desire and has had this heart's desire to make this movie for a number years and it's in Hollywood. Right now they're strongly considering it, and those people that we often had with the God in Hollywood ways to do that segment here, there, there, considering it In studios, along with some other folks so how coy we made progress this week and a little bad and the legality learning is always complex felt that with all the prayers and also what you now that I got I got it well able daily reading level. He asked that Lori and I know I know that as you beat that 21 years I love that is so close to sleep right so much.

Thank you for calling in and firing you always laugh and all that that God bless you that I see you.

Okay. We talked about on Farmington, New Mexico.

That's exciting as it can be.

It's my plan wasn't the light. If you want to know if you got to do need to cool off in Farmington this time year in the same elephant Butte Lake is right around the corner nice but anyway the second place you're going to is Norman, Oklahoma.

Another hot one right in Norman, Oklahoma is a little bit more populated in yet. So, a suburb of Oklahoma City and so that'll be really interesting to different contrast, really, because Farmington will be rule and like you said, almost like going abroad with the Native Americans, but the really looking for that.

There's a lot of study this going into it are teams doing a lot of studying about Native Americans and the history and we sure love on them and course share Jesus with them and here's the cool thing about what he's talking about.

If you I'm hoping you're picking up on this. Stephen is not a full-time missionary okay. He's in the financial guide.

I am in no and wonderful friend. But you know the first one he went on heat you know he does went to a Jeff Kentwood meeting in May they sign you up and so your you're looking for volunteers right this very minute right to go on such these kind of trips and well you could be blessed on your socks if you feel this tug on your shirt right now from God saying you know you could do that. You can especially somewhere in America absolutely and and how fun is is to get signed up what they need to do well are all our projects are listed on our website international all one word and you can go and see all of our projects. Both the North America projects and international projects and it has in the apply button and you just click upon the vital information in the project coordinator will be in contact with you on several of the things to do, but yeah we are ministry partners support us in a number of different ways and volunteering going on trips is a great way to get exposure to our organization. You really learn about what we do. By participating, and you, I promise you'll come away incredibly changed it. It'll be an amazing experience and your comfort. Some make it stretch, but that could be what God has in mind, but also you need ministry partners right that's another big thing that that of ways that other people that you know that they can be that and do that is Upset on your right. Sure we we first asked for prayer and I'm definitely want to ask your listeners to pray for us. Pray for international commission or organization as a whole and then pray for this new part of North America. This is a startup organization for us and there's a lot of what to do. There's a lot of planning taken place already for 2023 approaching the United States is gonna be a little bit different. As you know, where culture is today and so we asked for prayer. We also asked for ministry partners that'll financially support us because we all do raise our own's financial support and you can do that through the website also in several different ways that others give page and then again like you mentioned going project with us know how funds get one more segment of kingdom versus a state witness. We got really is amazing amazing amazing what God does just ordinary folks right that's that's the one she really really seems to bless will be right back your listening to the Truth Network and

Welcome back to kingdom versus when we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and Steve Stephen jumper with international coal missions and what were talking about so many cool things but Stephen during the break, you share the verse with me in any feel free to get your phone back in and loaded up here because this verse just says volumes about what he and I both of experience in semi-different ways but go ahead and and pull that up and then share with our listeners shirts John 14 verse 12. Very truly I tell you whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing and they will do even greater things than these, because I'm going to the father right and so as and Stephen was tell me about that egg. He said I tell you about a story where I play. I planted a church right and I will God plan.

I know God planted the church but you got to be part of planning a church in the Philippines tells the story. Yes, so there was a just so happens that one of my partners lived in Missouri and was Filipino, and she had a friend that lived in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that heard we were going to the Philippines. She said you've got to go minister to my family. So we got special permission one day to go off the main project and the lady in Philadelphia paid for transportation pay for food and we drove two hours up the coast in the jeepney truck which is a very uncomfortable ride vehicle to be transported in order Rocky dirt road, but we went up there and witnessed to about 5060 family members and then another 25+ neighbors came out of the jungle and 75 to 90 people received Christ that day and after we left the pastor followed up and they decide to start a church and they started a church with a remote pastor but today they have their own pastor in their own church and when I say they start a church you know you might think of church building. Well were talking about my grass walls and a tin roof or is the people that are the church. That's right. And if they cannot hundred and 10 120 people.

Believe me, there's a few churches that been to recently write the building but you know it. So if you know what a spectacular thing so you you were saying you didn't understand what that verse actually met and again we don't do those things. We just see what he does right and away you go. And I love what your friend told you wow Steve that they gave you hold to the director of the North American continent got a hold cognitive got a hold only seven of those and I was still Robbie earlier in the show that the 10 or 15 years ago I started praying the prayer of Jabez that God would expand my territory and then I go around the world sharing the gospel and now that I commented on the North America. While I allow so again give out those those resources for people that want to find out more like it.

They they want to hook up with you know about going on on these trips be wanting a prayer warriors order where they need to go so you can go to international our website. There, or you can email me at Stephen.jumper@IC – and we can somehow get you that little bit plainer about it the way it is. If you go to kingdom pursuits that that link is there actually to his LinkedIn page, and wonderful video all sorts of stuff that goes to the international commission website. There's all there kingdom as well. Pretty easy to get to get hooked up and believe me when I tell you that the you know sure feel that tugging God saying hey hey because you know you what would you ever dreamed.

From 2013 that this is where you would be today would never, never drink the Robin plays.

It's an amazing journey and and and when you think of like all these people in the Philippines right that they have gone on to write, make more disciples and more disciples and more disciples that the light that shining and what you think or just chat would write because we both know Jeff he was member Calvary when you know years ago was doing. I and all the people in Southeast Asia. Vacancy has. He is only half a continent that Southeast Asia Davis. I guess there is an art these days ago I that's beyond cool yeah and it's a Robbie.

The neat thing about focusing on North America is impacting the culture in the United States with the current state of things. Think about if we did more of this more of our churches went out and did more evangelism presented the gospel of Jesus Christ. There such a misunderstanding about the Bible. There's Jesus is one of the most misunderstood men and God in all of history course got an enemy that this must exist now so it is a blessing to be able to focus on the United States and working to find unique, exciting new ways to present the gospel to people that haven't heard the gospel or they think they know the God in Canada to try and and you know it's amazing some of the neat ministries that I that I'm income connected with in Canada but oh, there's big holes like you know if you think got missions in Alaska blaming there's all sorts of places in Canada that's beyond cool again to kingdom it's international: mission and how cool is that Stephen, thank you for being with a sound like you very much man appreciate and now allowing to treat you have coming at you because this is Truth Network I'm Terry right now. Masculine journey starts here now at 1230. But where right now start encouraging prayer pastor James has an amazing story about his dishwasher that you get here and then it's time to man up with the cuticle off the Russian nightmares… You have so much truth, that's it on the truth.

Thanks for listing all I appreciate this is the Truth Network

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