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Robby on Holiday

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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January 15, 2022 12:28 pm

Robby on Holiday

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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January 15, 2022 12:28 pm

Robby is joined by author Reginald Holiday as they discuss his new book entitled #LeadWell.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We are all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth.

Podcast network. This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore this is gonna be a blast. I missed this type. My goodness, what we have today on kingdom pursuits. I was talking to you not like the luckiest man alive since we all these people with these phenomenal passions and this is the passion I shared with him for many years. Actually, this is Reggie holiday and he is the author of the book hashtag lead well, so you could just say lead well but the hashtags in there so it tells about the hashtag. We put the hashtag and I went around a little bit with my editor on his desk at eight unusual for book but we wanted to try to build you know more of a movement.

We didn't want the book to symbolize just a moment wanted to be a movement of encouraging those who have the responsibility to lead delete whale and so we particularly want to invest in young people, and got to see that next generation of leaders exhaled those that came before the and man what fruit God has given Reggie when you arrive, just I'm Just Terribly Excited about All That God Has Given Him to Be Involved in and and so He Is on the Membership Team When the Pastors at Bethany Fellowship Church in Greensboro but Is Also a Founding Member of Numa Ministries and Their Planning Churches in Africa like All over Africa Right Right Will Primarily in East Africa Right Now in Tanzania, Uganda and in Kenya and That with Training and Raising up Leaders. We Planted 29 Churches by God's Grace in Tanzania Will Working with over 200 Churches in Uganda Soon to Launch Leadership Institute's Day and This Is Ultimately a Covert Geyser Manager Started This like Three Years Right Years Ago at Your Graduation Was Delayed Initially Because of Coving the Onset of Covert, but We Were Able to Get in There in October and Graduate Nearly 90 Students That Were in the Leadership Institute in Nairobi Kenya and into Leafy so As You Might Imagine, Carmen. Speaking of Leadership or Leading Well, As the Case May Be, or Speaking of Hashtag Lead Well Enough so Were Were White Men That I Can Get My Music. Otherwise, I Can't Tell Must Touch A Lot Better When It's so I Don't Know If You Heard This When the Carmen I Think You like It so the Pirate Leader and a Serious Matter Is Reggie the Pirate Leader Said Is Actually a I Think He Said Can Someone Tell Me How to Spell or Write the Number Two and Know the Person I I Capt. I You Get It Z See My Comment Got a Picture It in Your Mouth.

So What Is It Called When the Leader of the Soviet Russian Graduates High School. What Is It Called When the Leader of the Soviet Leader in Russia. Graduates from High School. You Carmen.

Now I'm Not Checking Reggie Anything New since You All about Graduating yet Another Is Called the Stalingrad This Another What Leadership Questionnaire How to High Ranking Army Officers Answer the Phone. This Is Really Good… About This A Lot and Makes Me Laugh. They Answer the Phone. Generally Speaking, Generally, so You Know at the End of All Those Shenanigans, I Actually Would Have a Bible to Call in Winter Day in Arlington When You Win Hashtag Lead Well and We Got Lots of Them. So We Want You to Call Us to Matter What You Hear Is Carson Answer You May Have a Better Answer for You Because 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Tell Us Who Led Leadership Who Led Shadrach Me Shack and Abednego so They Would Not Be Well Done See Is That Lead and Well All This so Led Shadrach Me Shack and Abednego so They Were Not Well Done. If You Know the Answer That You Because 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Carmen Tom with the Wind. Amazing.

Copy Hashtag Lead Well and I Will Book It Is in All You Do Is Tell Us Lead Their Leaders Who Was Their Leader, Shadrach Me Shack and Abednego so They Would Not Be Well Done. Shocked of the Front Lines Are Not Lit up. But You Know I'm Curious. It's Always Seems to Me That That That That Folks Are Given Gifts to and and Obviously God before You Could Teach Leading Well You Must, If He Must've Worked on Your Heart like How Did How Did You Sense That He Was Working from a Leadership Standpoint with You Long before the Book. If You Can Take Us Back to Where That Gifting You Realize What You're Working with, and What He Did Absolutely, It Goes Back to My Childhood Days.

I Was Just a Kid That Was Able to Get the Key Is to Gather Together to Pursue Something You Know Where to Do Something I Just Had That Ability. I Had No Idea You Called That Leadership until Later Own and Do and Definitely Did Not Know That There Was Such a Thing As a Leadership Gift until I Was Born Again You Never Received Jesus Christ Start Studying Spiritual Gifts and Realize That You Know Paul Talks about in Romans Chapter 12 Verse Eight. The Sink Allows That Those Who Have This Grace Gift If You Will. You Are to Lead Diligently and Do and so It Was from That Framework. I Realize That You Know the Lord Didn't Just Wake up One Day and Decide He Wanted Me to Be a Leader That This Was Something That Was Foundational. This Was before the Foundation of the World That I Was Supposed to Lead in Whatever Capacity so As Best Delete.

You Know in Student Government Has Blessed Delete in the Marketplace and and Now by His Grace. I'm Blessed, Lead, and in the Church and I Understand That You Know Is Not Defined in the Book That Leadership Is Influence through Example and so the Character of of a Leader Is Most Important in Terms of That Leader's Effectiveness and Then at the End of the Day. We Understand That Leaders Are Called to Equipped to Encourage the Also Called to Execute Because People Want to See Things Done in the Purpose of Vision.

It in Stu Epperson and I Had a Conversation about This EP Was Fascinated by the Statement I Made concerning Vision Is That Vision without Execution Is Exercise in Futility. So When God Gives Us a Visit.

He Expects Something to Get Done and He Normally Raises up a Leader so You Can Go out a Way Back to Abraham Amo's Isn't Come to the Bible and Paul Even Talks about How He Was Not Disobedient to Its to the Heavenly Vision. It Was Because He Was Called to Lead of People into a Preferred Future That the Loan It on an International Ecology Say That in on the Car Business the Way We Put, It Was Presentation without Demonstration Is Mere Conversation I like Is Really the Idea Being Is You Tell Somebody All Day Long What It's like Right Ride out around in a Wrangler Convertible. But If You Actually Take the Top off and Have Them Write around Exactly Then All Of A Sudden It's a Whole New World and and Even If You Can Lay the Windshield down If You Can Take the Doors off at Me and Then You Really Get a Feel That You Can Get on Any Other Vehicle That's Right so the Idea and Then Interestingly It in the A Lot Of the Hundred 19 Psalm from My Perspective Is Based on This Idea of Wisdom and Understanding, Which Is What You Just Because It Says It's Your Wisdom to Keep This to See This Button. It's Your Understanding to Do It Exactly That's True That's True, and MS Really Key for Leaders of Me. Just This Week We're in the Midst of the 31 Day Leadership Challenge of Their People in Various Places around the Country Who Have Committed the First 31 Days in January to Learning about Learning about Understanding Becoming a Better Leader and Highwaymen Loaded for Apparently Got All Sorts of 31 Chapters Writing You Is Somewhere and I Got the Lines of Light, Not for People That Know about Shadrach Me Shack and I'm Excited about That. So by All Means All of You Stay on a Minute. Everybody Wants It Today Call at 860 and Were on Holiday & Reggie Holiday Today.

Let Us He Is the Author of the Book Hashtag Lead Well and If You Want to Find out More about That Book. More about Reggie. If You Go to Kanga You Can Order Right Straight from That Website or You Can Just Go to. Obviously Reggie's Church Which Again Is Glitzy, You Can Go to Own Target Equipping Okay Yeah Yeah.09 on Target Yesterday Easy to Remember. So We Got This. These People Are Riddling Lettuce and so I First Got Daniel Is in Richmond, Virginia, Said Daniel You're on Kanga Pursuits Good Morning Good Morning Our Having a Blackberry Is so Who Led Shadrach Me Shack and Abednego, so They Weren't Well Done. That's the Set Is Going a Thousand.

They Saw This Man amongst the Flames Right and and so Even Though They Were Well Done. They Just Weren't Well Done and I'm Saying Yeah Yeah Yeah Appearance like a Friend of the Ground, but It Was Decent of God Is with Her Mom Protectable and That's Some Serious Leadership.

When You Think about It Because It's One Thing to Lead Them through the Fire, but the Part That Kinda Freaks Me out about the Story on Daniel As He Led Me into the Fire. I Mean, They Said Right, They They Said God May Not Save Us. But Neither Way, Where We Ain't We Worship and I Mean That's That's That's in Faith, and That Some Courage Is Just beyond Belief and Yeah Yeah Really Is No While I Was on Hold. I Looked at It in the Close All Their Clothes Were Targeted Helpful Fire Starters Here and Will Freak out. Allow Is Hopefully Then Put in a Charcoal Starter on Anything and I Was Just like Man but That You Write the Close Would've Been. It Would've Been Horrible, Just Unbelievable As It Was for the People through Mendicants Went Back to Campus. Thank You Daniel.

I'm so Grateful and We Will Get That Book out to Him and Put Back on Hold so Should Get Traverse Okay Thank You so Much. Got You and Thank You You Listen on W.

Taliesin, Richmond Yeah How Wonderful Your S All Right Sweep Got Scott Is in Winston-Salem. Scott Still with His Good Morning, and so I'm Curious Because We Greeted You Know Who Do You Think It Was Well Daniel Got the Book of Daniel. It Is in the Book of Daniel, You're Absolutely Correct on That Site and so Scott, What Steps out and You on That Passage for You Buddy Will and A Lot Of Winter and Will under the Week Eight Not the Week, but That He and They Were Thankful and That the That's Really What Conduct Me and Really Any Other Thing That Is You Know There's A Lot Of Stories in the Bible about One Guy Doing Some but Here We Have 33.8 and and so You Know That There's Leadership Involved in That Right Reggie. Absolutely Daniel, I Mean You Know from the Beginning. These Three Young Mean Were Set Apart As Leaders. They Were in a Different Place Different You Know Surroundings. Yet God Appointed Him to Lead You Note for His Benefit for the Purposes That the Lord Had Established in Daniel Establishes Himself As a Person Who the Scripture Says That the Spirit of Excellence Was the Answer He Outshone All the Others and Ended up Being Placed in a Prominent Position of Leadership in a Because He Exemplified These Characters That Will Guide Giving Characteristics Rather Than God-Given. So It Isn't Enough Anything about It.

Why Didn't Just Happen like Oh Well, Here They Came Out Of. And All Of A Sudden They Were Faced with This Challenge in a Day and Been Brought up in the Whole Vegetable Program and I'm Sorry That Attempted to Commit Myself. It Is People Say Rob You Crack Yourself up, I Do. Anyway, They Were Brought up.

You Know in in All the Structures That That We See That Daniel You Know You Know His Regular Regiment of Praying Towards You Know Jerusalem and All These Things That He Did Daily Led to That Because the You Know We All We Don't Know When Our Time May Be Straight out That What We Might Be Given That Opportunity, Whatever It May Be Said to Worship the Idle, Whatever That Might Be an and When You Really Think about It. Any Time We Turn to Anything Other Than God to Keep Our Selves from Being Well Done That's I Don't Worship Right Absolutely so Wow Thank You Scott Your Winter When You Get Your Book Hashtag Leadership No Regularly Narrative Parallel It Is. It Is Really Is Got Scott so I'm Really Curious. When You Read When You Wrote the First Month I Called You Right This Platonic Absolute and and and All the Sudden He Felt This on Your Spirit and You Get to Go on This Adventure Right to See You Were Writing It with Him in That Process Right and so What Did He Show You While You Are Writing This Book. Another Here Learning Is the Process of Writing in This Beautiful Thing. For Those of You out There Called Write a Book Right Right. It Right.

This Is Because You Can Go on That Eventually God Is Can a Teacher Stuff That Just Blows Your Mind Because You Always Give You Something That to Write about That Is Already Your Passion Absolute and so He Said He's He's Been Waiting on You to Come.

Let's Go on This Adventure. What Did He Teach You That Just like 000 Man I Did and I've Never Seen That before. Right Right Well What I Will Say This Initially, It Was Not Something That I Had Seen before. It Was More Than Say It Was More That You Will Not Do This without Me and I Think That's Important for Us Who Lead You Know Because We Are Seen As the Point Person You Know It in Great a Part of the Definition of Leadership Is the Person Is out Front and so It's Really One of Those Days That You Can Get Caught up in Believing That You Can Get This, Whatever It Is Done without the Lord and so He Had to Help Me See That. But I Think That That That the Other Thing That Was like Really Really Encouraging and Refreshing Is the Feedback I Was Getting from Other Leaders about How They Needed Some Type of Resource That Actually Speaks to the Character. The Essential Qualities for Leading Whale That That Was Really Really Encouraging When You Could Hear from Leaders All over the Nation Saying You Know We Are Praying for You Reporting for You to Write This Book Because Not Only Do We Need It. We Believe in Leaders Coming after Us.

Lead and I Mean the Fact of the Matter Is, What Is a Single Mom. Weather Is a Dad and You Know the Nuclear Family Where There Is a Guy Running a Business That Is a Football Coach Will Leading All the Time. We Are Influencing People All the Time.

But Where Have You Sat and Learned and Been Developed As of the End so That That's the Thing That Excites Me the Potential of This Resource As Not Only to Encourage Leaders That Have Been Added for Some Time, but to Ignite. If You Will, Leadership Function and Capacity As I Talk about in the Book in a Whole New Crop of Leaders. You Remind Me of a Dear Friend of Mine Actually Darren Current on My Intelligence Name and He Got a Vision from God. He Was up Actually in Colorado at the Retreating Wild at Heart and Had an Opportunity to Meet with God and He Felt like God Was Coming down on Them about How He Had a Tendency to Run out Ahead of God and and and He Had Them up in the Mountain He Seen This Vision and and Every Time He Would Start to Run God without Running in This Vision. Okay Let His Light Darren You Cannot Run Me Yeah and That Idea Write 119 Psalms Is That the End of the Doubt Section Is You Will Run in the Path of My Commandments, and When I Went to Alan March Marcus My Heart Negligent God Enlarge Your Heart and and and It's in His Area. You Cannot Run Them.

You Cannot Run You Cannot Run It and so It Goes Back to You Know This Is Conseil for This Principled and I Live by That God Will Do No More or No Less Than What We Are Now in a Partnering with You and He Is the God That Will Can and Will Do Exceeding Abundantly above All That We Can Think or Imagine He's Looking for People to Cooperate with Him. He Never Needs Our Permission. Only Our Cooperation and What a Cool Thing in This Book from My Perspective Is Preferred. Leaders like Your Tongue That Needed Resources. It's a 31 Day Devotional Right Exact Answer on the Bed That A Lot Of These Leaders Know A Lot Of What's in These Chapters.

However, If We Forget We Leak We Need to Be Reminded. We Need Fresh Reminders of Things That You Know We May Have Learned That We May Have Practice and You Know Life Happens, Things Are Coming and You Get More Focused in Certain Areas, and so It Is an Encouragement for Those Kinds of Leaders You Know Those That Have Done It. I Have a Mentor. He Will Turn 95 This Year and He Said That He Wish He Would Have Had This Book 50 Years Ago Because There Are Some Days He Didn't Learn about Leadership, Even from His Mentors and He Made a Quite A Few Mistakes but He Said It Would It Would Help Him and so We Have a Program Called Equip 1000 and We Want to Put This Book in the Hands of 1000 Young People between the Ages of 12 and 25 to Help Me out. Circumvent That Leadership. What Help Them Grow and Develop. Wow We Got A Lot More Coming up with Reggie. Of Course, If You're Looking at This Book Hashtag Leave Well It's Their Kingdom or on Target yet. So How You Want to Get Their Money Come Back and Find out Some of the Secrets That He Hasn't for You Right Back to How God Takes Your Passion Is Run Holiday Today and We Got Reggie Holliday He Is the Author Every Day Is a Holiday. There Was It Is I'm Trying to Think of a Movie Every Day Is a Holiday Was My Mary Poppins with Hubert in a Hashtag Leave Well so That You Know There Was This Book I Read Years Ago by Napoleon Hill and It Was Think and Grow Rich an Insider That Took in That's in the inside of the Forward to That Book He Wrote inside This Book Is the Secret to Andrew Carnegie's Millions and Lots in Every Chapter, but I'm Not Can Tell You What the Secret Is yet You'll Find It When Your Mind Is Ready for It. You Will Receive It. But She Don't Know What It Is and That Little Literary Griddle. There Was Enough to Drive Robbie Delmore Crazy so I Read That Book Probably 25 Time Determinant That I Would Find out What the Secret Was to Andrew Carnegie's Millions. And If You Read the Book. By the Way, It's a Spiritual Secret. It's Not That It's Not Millions from a Standpoint It's It's It's You Receive Millions of How You Want to Put It to Switches from a Standpoint of When You Understand the Secret That He's Describing so It Just so Happens at a Quick Glance at Your Book. I Found the Same Secret Is in Your Book. I Know You're Shocked, As I Know You Got Everybody Wondering Rises You. The Police Did What Was Mistaken and They Don't Want to Read It over and over. Here It Is on Page 101 of Hashtag Leave Well. Scripture Reveals a Team Mentality to Sits As One Can Change the Thousand, but to Can Chase 10,000 Threefold Cord Is Not Easily Broken. If Two of You Agree. If Any Two of You Agree with Her to Her You Are Gathered Together in the Same Name and When They Are of One Accord, Which Would That's a Great Carp Reference, Friend.

But the Idea Actually Where I Where I Saw It Was in Babylon Right Because God Said A Few People Get Together, You Can Do Anything so You Can Choose the Language in Order to Stop the Power of Unity and and the Way He Described Napoleon Hill. This Is Where I Got It Finally Has Studied This until Saw, and He Said That That Charles Schwab Was Going from Steel Mill the Steel Mill and There Was a Steel Mill That Was Doing Horrible and He Said That When He Went in Right at the Changing of the Shift like It.

Eight in the Morning Whatever Time of Their Shifting from the Midnight Shift Morning Shift and He Asked the Shift Coming off a Guess How Many Pairings of Steel Did You Guys Do Last Night and He Said Seven and so He Took a Piece of Chalk and He Wrote a Big Number Seven on the Floor of the Steel and so Obviously When the Next Shift Comes in and What's the Big Seven in the Middle of the Floor and They're like Oh Man, the Big Bosses in Error Charles Schwab Note and He Wrote That Some Reporters We Had. So What What Happened the Next Shift Right That Had to Be Eight in the Next Shift Had to Be Nine and They Say That within Three Weeks.

It Was the Number One Producing Steel Mill in Carnegie's All Volley Stillness and Test Because Why Because They All Got on the Same Page and the Power of Unity Is like like Oh My Goodness Yeah Absolutely I Meet Someone 33 Speaks to It. I Mean, the Lord Commands a Blessing Where He Finds Brethren Born of the Same Spirit Dwelling Together in Unity and so It Is You Know It's about Coming Together and It's about Staying Together You Know and Then It's about Succeeding Together and You and Us Having That Type of Mentality. I Mean There's Is like You Said, You Know, Using Genesis 11 Unit on the down and He Said Man These Guys Are so Together. There Is Nothing That They Can Do It out and As Boneheaded As the Motivation Was off but Man They They Found the Power of Agreement and Leaders You Have, to Cultivate That Entity. You Know Sometimes When You When You Watch Sports. It May Not Be the Most Gifted Team That Wins the Game. But Is the Team Where the Coach Has Been Able to Mail Those Different Personalities and Abilities into Light One Mighty Force, and Then They Just Override This Team of Seemingly Stars. What Happened Is the Power of Agreement and It's It's That's Absolutely Beautiful and the Other Leadership Quality.

I You Can't Help but See an Important It's Really Changed from When I Became a Christian When I Was in the Car Business.

One of Things I Saw Immediately Was That While the Greatest among You Will Be a Servant of All. Like Women. I'm Not Supposed to Be Bosnia's People around As Was to Be Figure out How I Can Help Him to Get What They You Know to to Be More Productive in Their Area, Whatever That May Be, and I Actually Have Gotta Serve Them in Order to End and Jesus Gave Us That Leadership Principle Is Just Absolutely One of the Biggest E Doesn't Mean That That's an Kingdom Principle That the Greatest among Us Would Be the Chief Servants That We Give Our Sales and Service in so You Know Where the World May Get Approved Push This Hierarchical View Where the Leader Is at the Top of a Number of People Say Is Lonely at the Top so You Need to Know Why There Should Be Lonely at the Top We Need to Invert That That Pyramid If You Will, and Placed the Leaders on the Bottom and That the Leaders Have That Kindhearted Mentality Where Wig Giving Ourselves a Way.

Jesus Said That the Son Of Man Did Come to Be Served but to Serve Menus Achieve 70 Demonstrated in John 13 Emmy Is on His Way Out Of the It Always Headed to the Cross and yet He Chooses to Lay His Garments Aside, Get a Basin of Water and Engage in the Work of a Servant Seeking to Instill in Those That Will Follow after Him by Their Example.

He Said You Go and Do Likewise. And Here We Are No Whenever 2100 Years Later Still with That Engraved and What a Difference It Made for How I Felt As a Late You Know It Is One Thing to See the Effectiveness of Your Leadership so That When You're a Leader Who's Bossing People around You Feel Pretty Bad about Yourself Easily yet yet Broken Broken People Have No Problem with That Bossing People around Because Somehow They They Gained Their Identity through What They Do. One of Things I Point out in the Book Is Leadership Is What We Do Is Not Who We Are Who We Are in the Truest Sense. It Will Born Again Our Children to the King the Most High God.

You Can't Get Any Better Than That Thing Better Than That.

And so That's out Truest Identity. Now We Been Graced with This, You Know, Functioning Capacity for Leadership and We Want to Do It Whale but It Was Going to Do It Where We Gotta Do It like Jesus and Jesus Did It by Serving by Laying down His Life As a Ransom for Many, and in the Idea of No One Was Left behind. No One Was yet about It, but I Mean When You Think about It.

He He Washed the Feet of Dad Gum Judas Has It Right There the Night before.

You Know the 90 Was Was Actually Betraying Him and Me and Me and and so When You Get the Idea of No One Left behind Me, and Leave the Cleavages behind It Is Left Himself but Italy behind Is Made. He Demonstrated the Things That He Taught You Know He Steep Told You to Pray for Those That Persecute You, That You Despitefully Use Everything He Said He Lived It out and so He Had to Watch Judas's Feet Right to Be Consistent and Leaders.

Leaders Must Demonstrate Consistency Is One Thing for Us to Say It.

I Mean the Quote You Gave A Few Moments Ago You Know about the Conversation and Demonstrated I'm Not Giving It Verbatim but He Had to Ultimately Walk Is Talk Presentation without Demonstration Is Mere Conversation. Yes, I Highlight That Case, I'd like That. And so You Know How Cool Is It That That That That like If You If If You're in a Position like He Talked about with Your Mother or Artist or Teacher or Anything like That Here You Got of Devotional You Know How Cool Is It before You Go to Bed at Night When You Wake in the Morning He Read That Day and and Away You Go. I Recently of Dear Friend of Mine Actually Change Banks, It Is Encouraging Prayer Sent Me the Charles Spurgeon Morning and Evening, and I Can't Tell You How Many Times like What Spurgeon Says Right before Put My Head on the Pillow As I Read That I Do Because Means Perching. He's Got Some Stuff so You Know, for Those of Us Are Working in Leadership What Opportunity with This Devotional Again.

It's a King of on Target Will Be Right Back with Another Segment on Holiday around a Holiday Today with Reggie Holiday Hashtag Lead Well and I Love That Excellence in the Idea of Will and How Good You Feel You Know When You When You Know You're Leaving Well and Begins to Losing Your Different Days of the Devotional like How Wonderful We Know so Many of These Things, but I like This Leading Knowing That God Is Your Father Yesterday 27 and Any Idea Coming in for the Nearly and at How Critical Is That This and I Think This Is Quite Possibly One of the Most Critical Sections in the Book It It Settles for Us. The Issue of Identity.

Most People No Matter Their Age Are Still Trying to Answer That Question, Who Am I I Who Am and That for Us. Realizing That God Is Our Father. That Makes As His Sons and the and Daughters but It Also Does Something Else. It Means That If We Have the Same Father Then Will Brothers and Sisters with One Another, Were All in the Same Family. We All within in the in the Same Household and with Him Being Our Father We Get Our Identity from Here and Then We Also Get Our Purpose from Him. Jesus, You Can See This in Jesus. Jesus Knew That His Ultimate Purpose Was to Do the Will of the Father. He Delighted to Do the Father's Will and and so While He Was Is You Know Today and His Purpose in the Destiny Is Answered When God Is Our Father Because We Know Where We're Going.

Jesus Kept Talking about I'm Going Back to the Father and so Knowing God Is Our Father. It Helps Us to Know Our Identity, Which Is Who We Are.

Our Purpose, Which Is Why We Are in Our Destiny, Which Is Where We Going and Those Are Three Major Questions That Everybody Had Which, Interestingly, You Could Make a Case for Jesus Had That Question Himself Because for Whatever Reason We See It Twice in the Scriptures. The Only Time That We Think God Kinda Pulls Back the Screen and Says Oh Camera Say Something Everybody Here, and Here's What His Father Say This Is My Beloved Son. He Desert His Baptism and He Does It Again Right at the at the and When He Revealed Themselves in a Ventilator in the Transfiguration at Two Times and and and Both Times He Says What This Is My Beloved Son, and so If If If the Father Felt like Jesus Needed to Hear That, How Much More We Need to Hear It so Powerfully Important and Primarily Them. If You Think about It the First Time He Says It Did. Jesus Jesus As Not Doing Anything Right Worthy of Commendation Right and so Jesus Never Has This Orphan Mentality. He Never Is Performance Driven. You Know Your People That They Feel like They've Got a Perform to Matter to Their Their Work Value and Significance Is Found in Their Performance. But Jesus Got It Says That Jesus You Are My Beloved Son in Whom I Am Well Pleased.

You Have Done a Thing. So Your Work Value and Significance Is Not Found in Your Performance, nor Do You Have To Go out and Provide for Yourself in the Sense and Often Thanks. Nor Do You Have To Protect Yourself Because I'm Your Father. I'm Going to Protect You. I'm Going to Provide for You and You and so He Sends a Message for the Rest of Us and Me. The Penultimate Reason for Jesus Coming Was to Reveal the Father to Me, Adam.

Often This but God Read Reached Reestablishes That Father-Son Rewrite Is What Jesus Said I Am the Way the Truth and Life Love the Quote That Is the Way to What to the Father and No One Comes to the Father except through Me. Well, the Idea Is Man We Need.

We Need All Three Week with You Know the Neat Thing about That Unity As We Get to Be Part of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Which Is Another Section in Your Book, like Being Led by the Spirit. I How Cool Is It That We Actually Have a Fire at Night in a Pillar Smoke Binding That Is Way Cool. We Needed Every We Need Him to Guide His Teachers. We Need to Bring This All You Know I Think the Most Difficult Thing for Us Is Learning. Learning to Yield to Him. So Romans 814 Says That As Many As Are Led by the Spirit.

These Are the Sons That in the Picture. There You Know Is Is to Stop Wrestling Just Give You No Submit Surrender and That Let Input to the Submission Hold You out If You and and and and Then He Can Lead.

I Tell You That You Know It's Interesting, I Am about This Your for Whatever Reason, Can't Put on My Heart to Memorize Hundred 19 Psalm on the North, since July Maze and and and What's Happened Is I Found out That In Spite Of the Have My Age. The Holy Spirit Will Tell You the If You Listen I'm and and and so It's Teaching Me That Part of What I Didn't Expect to Learn from This Process Was Enlisting the Holy Spirit like You Never Have Because If I Just Listen.

He Give. It's like the Ultimate Cheat Sheet Is Going to Tell You and and It Gives You This Idea of like Let's Not Quenched. Let's Just Not Jump Ahead.

Let's Let's Hear What the Holy Spirit Has To Say about the Specs for L1 and and and It Is It Is If If If Fights Blast Man Yeah and I Love That That That As You Come into the Landing in Your Devotional That That Here's the Being Led by the Spirit You Realizing God Is Your Father and Identity of Man God Has You in This Place Is a Leader He Has. It's a Wonder One of the Things about Sex and Closes out with Questions Application for so Is Not Just about Getting Not about Putting Pride and Letting Him Lean out Beautiful Him. The Book Is Hashtag Leave Well It's on Target There. You Probably Get a Target Thank You My Friend, Reggie Holliday, How Wonderful to Have You Here and Question Purging Prayer with James Banks Is Coming Right up.

Followed by the Masculine Turn Indicator, Often Time to Man up at 1230 so Much Truth in Action on the Treatment.

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