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Being Called on a Mission

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 18, 2021 12:30 pm

Being Called on a Mission

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 18, 2021 12:30 pm

Robby sits down with a young missionary who will be heading off to the far east very soon. Plus, another installment of God in Hollywood.

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This is Sam from the mask and journey podcast of our goal with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world you chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Now I am really looking forward to today show.

I really focus with me and we got more God in Hollywood coming up at 1130 so stay with us.

We got so much the day.

So first off Dr. Mark Johnson Mark Dr. Johnson been with me a few times because he's written several books on covenant and so he's got a new book, the just released. Actually the new covenant, the heart of God's plan for your life and all of humanity.

So hey Mark, Dr. Mark Gaddafi back later. It is it is and so you gotta be excited about your new book and a culmination of several years of writing really more than that of 40 years walking with the Lord and in really learning how to grow spiritually, personally and also walking beside other people who want to learn, to grow spiritually and watching what does and doesn't work for the people and trying to capture every thing you have learned about how we grow and all of that really flows that of the context of what our relationship with God actually is.

At present that's really the key to understanding so many things that are spiritual like six to really exciting for me to finish this project and get this out there in front of people. I think it really can help all a lot of people as a car salesman for over 40 years. I've cut a few deals. My time so you may know that the word cut a deal comes from the word covenant so my buddy Dr. Johnson is going to fill you in on all that and more. Believe me to be so cool but also have with me Jay Wesley and his plan to make Disciples of Christ in Asia Pacific so J welcome to the kingdom pursuits and the how cool man to go like you're going into some tough territory absolutely. It's been a journey to be able to be on this the road on it's definitely been a lesson to me, just realizing how gracious God is been during this time in getting me overseas to Asia Pacific and I just getting to hopefully make Disciples of Christ over there and in Asia Pacific so we hear you have a situation from my point of view of somebody that like okay goddesses I feel this passion right to go to this part of the world.

I got a burden for these people that now you gotta meet the need rights a year in the racing support dealer that and right before the air you're sharing with me that you thought this might take two or three years God had other plans now because I mean you here always different stories of people who to be able to raise up even 75% of those born out of 100%. It took them three years or five. Some people take up to five years enzyme. I'm starting out this past February became a member of the mission that I'm with and I was thinking well I'm out. I'll do my best, but I in I was I wasn't expecting God to come through in the way that he did so this is this is been a huge lesson to me in the past you know what is it six months or so, just realizing that God is still the gracious God that I know them to be just clearly was forgetting that during these past couple months but it's been a huge lesson to meet his rise that God is still the same God that I knew him to be. And I remember that was richly how I was getting get out of being on the radio yet because either the sermon once is that if God calls you to do something. You know he's in the swing the door wide open authorities can give you the provision to do it right and so you know he called me to do the Christian carcass on the middle of the night was a car dealer at the time and I didn't like. I like my own voice. I certainly didn't think I was capable of doing a radio show and God said, I'm watching on the radio and talk about what breaks your heart every day and let God of you heard my voice you know I'm not.

I don't like doing commercials. I can't imagine doing a radio show and all these things, so I invited Stu Epperson to lunch with the idea of throwing this idea Adam and him saying no, and I would say oh well, my pastor is right.

If you don't have a call in on God doesn't provide and then you aren't really call and so I thought for sure that Stu said oh great idea on so you might know that my show always has these riddles is where you have to hear my jokes.

J. Whether you like it or not. So, speaking of plan are you ready for this Johnson I'm ready. So my plan for tomorrow is to get some new glasses. Prime and after that I guess I'll just see what happens.

So you may have wondered what the difference between Iron Man and alumina man well I am man to stop the bad guys you know alumina man does John know he foils their plan. I see you know the plans had to come in there somewhere for the whole so I had a plan. Like many people to go to college to study food science, specializing in carbonated beverages. See, my dad always wanted me to become a physicist like that when they come on Carmen you can smile I said oh you know at the end of those shenanigans, I would actually have a primal river which I have a Bible riddle and it is planned in the Bible got them all hung up plan in the Bible got them all hung up. If you know the answer that Chantel about the wind. I said whoever is able to win that will got a nice selection. Robbie, if I'm not mistaken of our normal prizes from the Christian car guy kingdom pursuits rise vaults a call in. Give us your answers and that will give you nice selection of prizes to pick from, how we do we have books we have T-shirts you have, whatever you may want. I gotta do is tell us his plan in the Bible got them all hung up.

866. Come on, you got a notice from enterprisewide 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and will get you fixed up there so getting back to my friend Jay I'm I'm curious how in the world did you get this I mean did you got shot for you in the middle of night and said hey Jay I'm thinking you need to just think Pacific so I have a very interesting stories. I grew up in a family that has no full-time ministry people and at all like I'm I will be the first time ministry person in my entire extended family anything like that. I did you like my my parents are Christian and things like that.

As I grew up in church environment, drug going to church but I was like your typical church.

I just went for a long and just went to the games. I didn't really care about allow the programs that I had planned, but basketball didn't it well of course had basketball as well and I was tall, Setauket. So that helped as well but I mean growing up, my dad worked for the railroad, you know, I was not thinking anything they all the Norfolk Southern a meeting at what I do everything but in and night to but yet so when I was making about getting getting into vocations and getting into my teens 1560 whatever I was thinking like okay well my networks of the railroad out Popeye works around or be a mechanic a lot about being a diesel mechanic thousand and eight I was looking at schools for that nose like many schools aren't superexpensive solid lap. I just have to do something a little different but basically my story is about how I realize that missionaries are just regular people.

I went out when I was going of the church people admissions will come through and they would give their their sermon or their message and I would think man is guys are just like, super pedestal out. I could never be one of these people there just super spiritual and I'm not, you know, I believe in God.

I don't really know and so it it was it was when a guy named Bill Fogg he came to speak at my home church, I spoke at a missions conference only spoke for probably like 25 minutes and I was it and just seeing his life and just realizing that you know this guy even put himself on anything.

He changed my whole mission manager said that I actually do. This is something that unachievable. You can just regular person can go overseas and abrasives stop right there will be right back.

We got all the lines are lit up for answer. I can hardly wait.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to pursuits where we not take your passion then uses it so blessed today to have with this mark, Dr. Mark Johnson with his new book series of three that is done on covenant, the new covenant, the heart of God's plan for your life and all humanity, as well as Jay Wesley with his plan to make disciples of Christ in Asia-Pacific, but right now we got all the red letters. I mean, how fun is that we have been called in the answer Bible riddle today and so starting off. We have Sharon is in Chesterfield, Virginia Sharon, you're on the kingdom pursuits good morning my I'm excited to hear your answer on the news plan in the Bible got them all hung up. He was one that was good.

He sure did in the book of Esther is absently outstanding.

So what you think about Haman, Sharon.the end of her rope and that's a tough thing for him.

Sharon, I appreciate you call it in the window that's just absolutely outstanding. I hope that other callers will not give up because there's other answers was on talk to you soon.

Stay tuned. Thank you so much for calling in today.

Sharon God bless you and thank you so we got Matthew is in Raleigh.

Matthew you're on kingdom pursuits good morning. So who were you thinking Matthew.yes, that wonderful locks of hair that he had got him now he to end up hung up any. So what are your thoughts about Absalom there. Matthew well you really, really, I would just finished reading that Daniel yet re-net media that you have a great answer and is tragic.

I can imagine what it would be like to have your own son do all that Absalom did and then get a report that he was dead.

And that's that's unbelievable. But anyway, thank you, Matthew God bless appreciate you calling a great answer by right so we got Diane is in Reidsville, Diane.

There was Diane.

She must have almost 2 and I got Matthews and apex. So we got Matthew and they must've been thinking either Absalom or no payment.

However, that went but getting back to my friend Mark and this whole idea of a plan for a life that got have to the covenant so share with this mark kind of why you're excited about somebody reading this book will one thing coming to Christ were told a lot of different things, but it is unclear really what it is worth doing in a weaker letter think that it's all of God in all great and we can easily get you pinioned it as a Christian all world all were obligated to do anyway just to show up in church for an hour or two week light attention and listen a little bit maybe do a little bit of what we hear. Maybe contribute a little bitter people nicer to people and then come back and do something next week.

Yet if the Christian culture has a way of doing things and people just tinker fall into line with when you look back it is to work nature of a covenant relationship.

First, people always little trouble understanding it really is Jesus of that marriage. 2000 years get and the question was that the imperative of the horsemen marriage such that it exit or strike Jesus and Jesus look this is making 19 look at the questioner and then sitting out in the beginning. Inception of the relationship and he talked about the one flesh nature of the covenant and what he was really saying was that you understand what this relationship is you understand what it's for. You understand how to build this relationship and you googled it. According to the plan building the relationship got worse the last thing we have, because you love being married and with within a covenant relationship is a plan when you look at marriage or you look at our relationship with God look down the list.

Thank God just to the first there were Christian or 50 years in which some of that stuff we don't want to do some of that stuff we can't do some of that we have no idea why in the world we would even think of doing God's ways are not what we tend to if we react negatively to what God says we tend to go with our own reaction not to think that this will incur if you look at obedience.

Just as a list checklist of things were supposed to do and not just because God says so it looks one way to feels one way, frankly, people really struggle with obeying in that context really should because that's not the plan covenant is about creating in you being sent just a list of things worse. Normally following God is not just following a list okay we become a new creature wiener covenant relationship who we are literally changes and we doing the booking told a lot of what the changes are.

The bottom line is also our life now becomes conjoint. We actually exchange it didn't ease with another being in this case, God the Holy Spirit comes to live within us. We come to be in Christ. Now, instead of having my life to go live actually have in our life is a conjoint life with God. I'm literally weak in him and he is with in their work. No more mine and yours is just hours so I'm just curious to see an expert on the subject and I got this question so clearly is pretty obvious in the old covenant where the cut came in. Yeah right labor and right right right where where to get an outlet validity. So where did the cut come in in the new covenant will the images for you every every being had to pass through the covenant side of the man's semen at the pass-through that covenant ring in order to make the next generation is a lot of beautiful imagery all the to everybody was within that covenant in this situation in historically people have believed that with in your blood is your life when Jesus was on the cross and he was bleeding and in the dying. The teaching currently for the most part is it that was just a sacrificial act great first but is another dimension to that that is so crucial to understand Jesus is also pouring out his life toward sin unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood. You have no part of the sick list you normally close it out we receive it into ourselves and Jesus died physically on a Roman cross 2000 years ago said but he also is timeless is everywhere say the mechanics of how this happens or will be on a great but is he offers that 2000 years ago and we believe in him to the point of giving him our whole life with nothing held back is like two people to marriage altered giving her last each other in a we don't just pray a prayer and accept an offer in kind of choose to walk. We got were literally giving him our life. The first thing you didn't.

Does this put us to death. The old person dies in a mute being raised up at work. Literally a new creature in the creation of a new identity. I am actually telling Stan out of the side of Christ.

I hate that. Wow. I mean you can tell this because the absolutely fantastic but just based on our time restraints I gotta move over to to Jay for minute and pick us up at the story so you met this this wonderful and he was a regular guy right and so how did that lead to your call.

Yeah so like I was saying I was on a totally different path. Not at all.

Moving towards ministry definite full-time ministry and just after he was just like at the way he presented himself. Not a lot of missionaries when they present themselves and this is what I've tried to emulate the same thing that he does because what he would present himself was just like I'm just a regular guy is nothing is nothing special about me. There's nothing that there's there's nothing about overseas missions that you can't do and that's that's the biggest thing I got out and I was 16 years old super impressionable right and so after sitting there in that and that's not the Sunday school room I was like well maybe I could go overseas and do missions and from that point, I was like the catalyst that was the initial spark that started me on that journey at least thinking about and then I went to Jamaica on several different missions trips and I went to Uganda and I went to several other missions trips.

After that as well and then it was a slight.

It went from well maybe I could do it like you think I could do this to. There's nothing else I could see myself doing with my life and so just like this natural progression after but what was that initial hurdle of realizing that this isn't just like super spiritual people that go out and do overseas missions like this is your people that are regulars like me I'm distant. So I have actually been to this part of the world where you're talking not going in in the Pacific. So I was seeing Asia-Pacific Soucy were thankful to be able to go to Hong Kong 2017, 28 teams I got to teach a little kindergarten kids about this size. I hear like a couple feet tall and they they would just send it through, over and over and over again I would just to some very basic English but yet they were they would love it because they actually don't want you to be able to speak Cantonese with a what that's what the language they speak in Hong Kong is always great for me because I don't speak Cantonese. I spoke English is what they wanted. So I was super thankful to be able to see that side of the world because Hong Kong on if you know but it's a bit it's a very it's a perfect blend of like Western and Eastern so I have been very Eastern but super think of the time I do this you can tell there's a whole lot here with JM.

There's a lot more with Dr. Johnson's book. You can find that it came the pursuits of the new covenant, the heart of God's plan for your life and all of humanity and of course Jay is out there making disciples and we can be praying for him and God will finish up his 40s at 80% and almost finished podcast may become another trip you're listening to the Truth Network and 11 back to versus where we hear how God thinks your passion and uses it to build. Once again this week for featuring in the Hollywood is that with Paul Long and Brad Silverman with The studios and the Christian film finishing fund and for those of you chosen fans out there like me like how fun if you watch the end of the chosen. The next time watch the end of the big there gotta be. Instead, I mean Studios is up there. I guys were in there baby it's beautiful absolutely wonderful stuff. So Brad got forces week variety. The bigger and I have Oregon bank greatly know that Batman come back right yoga later like what what card become right Oregon on Oregon story Galt got a call even start part of the Guyana line with Paul here is my dear. Here at Breton on the planet of brother that I never had and that it did bring a little bit on primate of all you we work together now.

Yard and Rodney] called urine beautiful Downtown Burning Out Burbank Way, Burbank as ugly illegality while you pretty much the center of the entertainment and meet everybody here Hollywood used to be that in its physical location, but this is still really Hollywood and all the Lord Hollywood become full of fun, pretty dangerous situation and almost a cabin that had just gotten pretty bad down there. I think people pretty much migrated over to Burbank and out all the major figures are here as well. Got where you are.

You got the box worldwide. Headquartered in Rob noted, but the worldwide headquartered kidney Universal Studios and Warner Bros. are all within like minute radio where you are. Paul yeah that all the delete began the NDP all the worldwide. Headquartered really what Howard inquired worldwide, is aware And went when you open You like over 25 years ago were you you we honor God. When you open No yeah I don't know the way I came up I came up in an entertainment family by Dell Dir.

We we love and he just goes fantastic. So we were taught work hard. The be people of accomplishment and because he was like a felon that had to and I when I got in my my goal, my, my approach would make money to do things that I wanted to do and the I was living for myself… In any way shape or form in the yacht date date. What more wouldn't make that happen. Five years ago in the belief that you thousand you and now you are at the center of the worldwide mentality and you say we are all the way in Magnolia you know within eyesight of the Warner Bros. power and they will need to glorify God is kind of crazy thing to think about. You look at the claimant but the Lord that he provoked me in that regard, and he gave me just just don't eat. I wasn't able to continue walking path and what God really showed me that I needed to do something different. We need to do for the company and I was thought I was making the payroll. I thought I was offering everything really what I've come to the we never did anything God did everything my worsted was gracious and you know when you just don't like to bring the company like we did it. I called like jumping off the roof when you jump off the roof. Don't take it back and so we did and get on it but it was very satisfying because the Lord totally started. Just give me peace. And if you know what I'm talking not even the audio.

If you have walked three things you know and the Lord only can give you that when you speak him and you will be also revealed what it is we should be doing start to show you and start bring people. I often even to this day at the people who were the people that you want us to work for with the people should talk to me and and he does not disappoint you.

Bring them less bright and better every week. There are people coming here, many of which we've never met before, many of which have been referred by other he called us to call out the next thing you know were going so they can family film close business and production business have been built and I'll just say one last thing about the basically what we did. We started over start over and you rile Robbie story and the powerful one and he started over to but he started with forgot and that's what I would've gotten… Wait when you need now that though starting over like you actually people are stuck. You are billion Burbank mortgage note built that they enable burning down work early or five years ago yeah I had gotten but I just was convicted about the stuff in my head.

I just couldn't do it anymore and when you look at the chronology I pulled back the other day Brad and I were talking I can sum it up in three things.

Now I finally showed me what it looks like I had to turn back to God – the story of What happened there. Then we started the needful things that the FF game and telling others about God that distributions will talk about that more later, but resort really happened in the first was the idea to turn back to God and start serving him instead of myself. Yeah, by the client. The client years as a filmmaker I work in your you postproduction Editing down design, color grading visual that from all the needed thing in the eye with a client of yours for many years. During the years that the client and you and I would pray to get an five years ago I come on board and I'll never forget all when I came aboard you. You started something that day we filled it with you every day we start every day playing together and going to the work) those out there.

Paul and I we don't have any formal know that we we really together in your office we gone through verse by verse. The entire book of running and got the book of John we got to the entire book of first Peter like it verse by verse.

Every gay guy get a lot right and you know how to get valuable work time Monday through Friday to give their spending time in the word and praying together every single day of my question a statement in question, he said to me early on that Brad. If you don't get right. Nothing else mattered, why would you owner of the company.

IVP will be productive lives everyday word are I will look forward to that will be right back with more kingdom pursuit states you are listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to kingdom pursuit/got a name answer when we left our hero Paul Bradley. Oh well, it's big over there yet. I like yet not be Robbie yet yet though Paul, where were we got going on.

Why on earth would you carve out a half-hour now will get minute right with the big general never. You've never been on spending time you and I in the work together in prayer together. Why would that always expect important thing the card so much time you everything you bring it up because really we we don't do that. That is true but here is work that is by going to another planet week we left the business as usual world we just did and only good that I recognize that we needed to humble ourselves that I needed to seek the Lord more not let. And as I've been spending time at home reading and study at home and that we come together and talk about what were learning as well.

So there those days that are always The headline of the we realize we just can't do this but I got I had turned to God instead of myself.

I spent all my time thinking I could do it and I and I am by the way I was doing it, wait, but the cost was just too high and it's not sustainable jointscalable joy… So entering the company over and give it back to when I'm on the way to work in the Lord to give me the business back that sometimes by dinnertime. I get pretty tight black. We get up and we we got out and it will give you the business. Everything were doing back and it is the joy and just I just really our got and that's when the beautiful part of what trouble comes in a manner surely sparks fly upward.

That's just words that, however, God gives you everything you need to walk that path.

Each day it you putting first batch I do it I wanted and thing in here we are in the alleyway and United work were in everyday were praying together in the word together and we can probably look on your facility in Burbank and like like wow great Hollywood praying together every day that I go back and I like everything good.

Give me a pray together all the time you thought you are. I never thought it you and I'll let you we were get going. We need to be faithful to krait and the work you let and had a number only good one guy said what Is like in a way a Christian filmmaker and like another guy that I never forget that you I love I love working bringing Mike Capa and Emily, will you tell what would you like anything. I love that I think you like Christ honoring show with the door open all well and I yeah and DeBakey went with other honors right it may be politically conservative in Hollywood right and he was always having to look over someone was always trying to get Nick. They always try to undermine what you doing that you feel like were on site and we were on right side bent on the content creator and maker to want to honor Christ as well. My question probably you want to be needed for a link that bit beautiful billion Burbank, did you ever being this destination spot filmmaker with a place where their skills are uplifted not under yeah, we know. I don't think we ever thought anything like that week we let you. I certainly never thought that way all all all that was really about earned a God start serving, then one of the needful thing. What are the things we could and should be doing and and we just started to meet those needs until we get an end and that I recognize that God would have to bring the people because in our industry. A lot of people that were given me a lot of business over the years they left then call if they think they left. They voted with their feet. Yeah so that that was the crux of the yes and now I just really, you know, and I have a Bible study… Like the fellows because sometimes all you got left as God. That's when you figure out that's all you ever needed any and no, I think that you gotta come to that place by the some people have to ball a mile to get there. Others not to fall off the curb and they got.

I need you so I don't know everyone's different, but yet we we just started going that direction in the Lord is gracious with you.

Unfortunately wow, time flies again in the chosen, but next week we can have me back with God in Hollywood with Brad, Paul, and let me say that man these guys love the word with this really help us all see how much we need Jesus. And in doing that we need word so we look forward to having you guys back next week. Right now I got encouraging prayer followed by the this is the Truth Network

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