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Butch Vernon and Andrea Miller

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 28, 2021 12:32 pm

Butch Vernon and Andrea Miller

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 28, 2021 12:32 pm

Robby is joined by Butch Vernon and Andrea Miller from Simply the Story to discuss "snake bites" in our lives.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursue here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary fashion. Together, we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore Alfonzo day we get to try to do a continuation of the Christian show in the complete story are considering doing a radio show.

Along these lines of sharing Bible stories and then getting the listeners that you've been so gracious to call in during the Christian progression. We hope you will continue to do that during kingdom pursuits or discontinuing on what we are doing a Christian car guy if you didn't hear that I'm sad but it's okay were to pick up the story to where those you just tuning in for the first time, get used to the story and then the idea obviously or maybe not.

Obviously, the idea is for us to engage in a conversation things that come to your mind. Maybe a question.

You are always you want to ask Sunday school because he didn't want to look foolish. I'm great at looking foolish just if you listen last show every name that came up. I have wrong so I handle all the foolishness, for it you call us at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so let's take it from here.

All right Robbie thank you very much working I cannot pick up where we where we left off and I know some of you are just now tuning in and so working to go ahead and go through the story again because got important.

You know the story little bit to be able to talk about it and asked some questions so the children of Israel been wandering in the desert for about 39 years as a result of them refusing to go into the promised land when they had the opportunity and and and God rather than killing everybody said let you live out your natural life.

But all those 20 years and and younger are the only ones really go into the promised land. So for about 39 years they've been wandering God provided man. He's provided water's presence is there with them every day. Pillar of fire and cloud the whole deal and and so that kinda leads us to our story from God's word so the children of Israel traveled from Mount Laura and they went by the way of the Red Sea, so that they go around the land of Edom and all the way the soul of the people became very discouraged and they complained against God and against Moses, and they sent why did you bring us up out of Egypt to die. There's there's no food there's no water. And we hate this worthless bread. So the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people and they bit the people and many of the children of Israel died.

The children of Israel came to Moses and they said we have sinned against God and against use of pray to God that he would take away the serpents and so Moses prayed and God told him to make a serpent and put it on a pole and it would be that when it was lifted up. If anyone had been bitten if he looked at it. He would live and that's what Moses did. He made a bronze serpent and put it on a pole and if anyone who had been bitten, looked at the serpent when it was lifted up, he would live, and so this is that this is an amazing story from God's word. I would get you guys to get you guys can help me walk through this again alright so the children of Israel traveled from Mount or by the way, the Red Sea, to go around Edom and you remember what happened to their to their souls. On the way and they become discouraged. They didn't wear out from that understand different that the souls of the people became very discouraged and who wasn't a complaint against God and Moses yeah God and Moses and ask a question you report that was question was did you bring us down. I mean out of Egypt, to kill us in the desert and you know all by the way, this food will old and there's no food there's no water. And we hate the food I love that is one of my favorite think that all the Bible and the and so the Lord said, I am so sorry to comfort you will. I feel really badly that I have not done things the way you want that will happen pretty much. I don't know. I think he sent some poisonous snakes of the Lord sent poisonous snakes among the people and they bit the people in many of the children of Israel died in your report that the children of Israel's response was. They said they sinned against the Lord didn't get a Moses said we sinned against the Lord and against you prayed that God would take the snakes pray to God he take the snakes way so Moses prayed and you what God told make serpent or bouncer pen or something in make a servant put it on a pole lifted up by look at it been bit will now they live in. So that's what Moses did on serpent on a pole lifted up anybody bitten looked lived.

So what is, stop right there. Yeah, we got Monica is in Scottsdale, Arizona Monica. We hung up on you once, but were so glad for your persistence that you called back to Shaker your insights. You might've been a little snake. Monica help Jeremiah 29 my favorite earlier buying hope. Here I think if I were in a gang now that French landlocked and got hurt. That would work will hope black that I love the Lord and my is in Scottsdale in the desert. Matt yet does the cactuses while I mean is I mean those are some if you've ever been to Scottsdale Arizona.

I think Scottsdale Arizona. You guys have the prettiest cactuses in the world. And when those things bloom.

It's it's one of the spectacular things I've ever seen anywhere in the world really and and so you know there probably were some cool things you know when they were walking around out there with her.

She's not wearing out so difficult and monitored. We really really appreciate hearing from Scottsdale. Thanks all right. She had courage to call. Now you call 866348788486634 truth for the digitally gifted beginning find out simply the story of Eric Christian but we know guys. I'm curious so this the children of Israel, the Lord sent the serpents right and an end.

So the people came to say we have sinned against God and against you. So pray got the takes away the serpents, do you all see them being repentant as we would understand repentance here and what what is your what is your take on the takes and I was I thinking that I wish you would call with the how you dug into it, but it's interesting now pray themselves right. They are owed to the guy that been grumbling. If that's a certain amount of repentance right there. I if I didn't have faith in this guy.

I sure when the term so to some extent you know that it shows and and again can imagine actually knowing Moses.

I mean, you know, these people had a real gift.

There yeah it in knowing Moses himself and that and that had to be something because you know they size 5 face lit up and all but but although there's issues involved all over the place.

I gotta give them credit for going to somebody that they feel like has an end point is show your thoughts what you think they were doing when they went in to talk to Moses you know you think something so greatest colonists were enjoying the discussion so much. We'd enjoy it more with your call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and so much fun today with the story and we share the story of snake bit in the desert with the Israelites. Your insights which are absolutely wonderful into you know some of thoughts.

What the Bible would bring in from my standpoint, is discipleship like great questions make for great disciples like what did he mean why do you think this happened and begin the process that you have those questions, you can begin to ask the Holy Spirit to help you out by answering them, and so to pick up first start here a winner he left off for not butch whose last name is I like to hear like to hear what Dan might have knowledge we have. Dan is in Grand Rapids Michigan up there with our daily bread.

People and all sorts. We have the wisdom of the wooded ministries out of out of that area of Michigan.

So thank you for calling the day Dan how are you doing well so share your insights, forming question about what about the Israelites at that time they they say you know we stand against you against God. Pray that God will take away, like the kid stand no. I took that cookie don't don't don't don't yell at me.

I got trouble don't don't know yet what I did was I would at what I do I get the wrong thing, but don't grommet. I think repentance is like acknowledging our sin, acknowledging that we are all but then turning around and think help me not to do that anymore. Turning away from her and when I'm hearing the Israelites.

They turn away from the punishment.what Dan I'm curious because not only do they just say turn away from the punishment but then do they ask Moses what should we do or is there some way we should respond or they tell him what it is he is supposed to do on their behalf. What might that tell us about the children of Israel had you and and here are a list of things for you to do when you're right, it kinda showed a lack of understanding of who God is and really the depth of what their spent did you bring us into the desert for us to die here. It it you know and then you give a little like they don't they don't get good observation at is wonderful thank you to appreciate. That's a pitiful insight. The Michiganders me and think they know stuff like that Michigander is that's what Michigan really was a gander know that is different than a Californian work why I see we have another caller we have Linda is also back with us from Hemet, California. I understand Linda here on King of the suit. So you have another inside for when I agree with Barry more scared and repentant, and so I think God looks on high until I could about how to deal with and so he could've taken you later. I maybe if they had been truly repentant.

Maybe that would have been practiced in the wrong by heightening out like that God may be takes a different direction and Lisa snake stamp that provides a way to live. Israelites are still dying if they don't believe that they look at it daily. Get well and so I if they have to live with the snakes until they get to the comic plan. It would be a reminder to them that they need to walk carefully with the light. I know I think that consecrated discussion and say inside side of the just seemed they were more concerned with consequences then in then really repenting for incitement. Thank you, that's absolutely gorgeous.

So you've heard these courageous calls and now it's your turn.

866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH supports what you know. I wonder what this might teach us about God that he sent the serpents and then when Moses approaches him with okay Lord what what should we do and any comes up with this plan of putting us up a play snake on the state which is if you examine that on the face right. This is like excuse, but you know it was something Linda said in in her response that that this was going to keep them whether the serpents were there for the rest of their journey are not were not told, but they were there, at least for part of the journey. So the solution that God had for the children of Israel what was required in God's solution from the people I write it's it's in our 90 not necessary. Skip ahead, but I was to me, skipper, is that it got didn't save Shadrach me shack and Abednego from the fire. He saved them out of the fire and he didn't save Daniel from the lion's den. He saved them the lines.

Dan, I and many many many times in my own life. He pulled my rear end out of the fire.

I'm just saying in that I could see its face my fears. To some extent right right that I could see that even if the worst possible thing that could happen, happen, which it reminds me of iced me terribly afraid of the dark.

I'm 6 foot five, 240 pounds and if I heard a noise in the house. I'm calling Tammy like 5 feet tall enough and I like to get deal without noise).

I'm scared and so I heard that you could get this kind of stuff to God and so I said one night in prayer. It was creepy night. The lightning thunder all the stuff I'm in the house for myself, my wife was visiting some people like God. I don't know how you're supposed to take the stuff away for me but you says just give it to you so I want to give it to me and God says okay Robbie what's the worst thing that can happen in a Mike. Have you seen Mike picked a lady in the shower with a knife like I'm really knife I'm thinking gone, you know. And God says to me really seriously says what would be so bad about that and all of a sudden I went threatening me with Jesus like the worst thing that could possibly happen isn't all that bad is it. And so here they're afraid of the snakes right there afraid to get in snake bit. Yeah but what's the worst thing that can happen.

I think it mistake that we see, we have Keith from High Point chief is also off and I'd love to hear what he's got to share with us to your sick you hear me I heard that. I'll try to keep so great to hear from you buddy, how are you like good morning good morning what you got for us will all know about you night by bond snake on spire and put you in the medical now you everything there is a snake on that that came from Bob and I think he did a bit too cold called. There was such a large group of people snakes delay will people have amnesia and don't remember what they had, like when Peter will let you walk on water you all about the garlic and it all began, think, and not for United. We know that the immortal Bob that he began began to stay focused on the Lord you walk on the water and by medical staff people had to stay focused on God, that's mopping a lot but have admittedly began to think about my life and all it refocuses me anyway. Mopping so awesome Keith. I am heard from you in a while so good to hear your voice man will thank you so much yellow last Saturday. Almost every really enjoyed his knowledge is uplifting and you're not learning. Thank you, my friend has always got bless you all have a blessed day you to survey Kiki. By all right but you got hit us with another hard when I can see like man I'm ready for the next question let you know does it does it seem like God is putting them in a situation where faith is why so what do we learn about God and his desire for his faith difficult.

I have this fascinating fascinating thing in here. The Hebrew might actually come in handy for you to waive that word come back have offered snake stories, but we don't have you 866-34-TRUTH seven you're listening to the Truth Network and today have with the desert all the way from Christian car guy in way. All we have saved some of the goodies, and in the segments were so glad that you have stayed with us. We got Amy, though she's got a very exciting show coming up today at 1 o'clock the cure.

You can call and live in man. Maybe you guys are loaded for bear today.

I got a nonprofit private direct that I like my next back pain: Rick, I see outback cut Kate how 19 selected lot asking against crime children and crime shall select metal partner), how awesome is that in the best part is you can say her name better than anybody I've ever heard in my life say that again for me what Katarina you say that like man.

There's nothing to say that my gaming that this is wonderful so you know, if you don't listen at 1 o'clock. You can miss out.

Amy and Boris is Boris. It is their right and it's going to be awesome.

And what a great show. I'm so grateful to God is give me six awesome just and what a time it's a live says you can call in and join Amy on the cure. 1 o'clock thank Amy and say hello to my friend Boris. Please write it's okay we have Diane is in Daytona Beach and we hung up under one so she too is being very patient with us so grateful Diane you hung on and share your insights on their snaky situation here while you like that there take over that counter will get bigger make their outlook and your great hacking looking at is not your part help you get God in their snake. There were you something is still a lot of Lake killed an animal and that that's that's a beautiful Diane that that wow I'm I think that Tylenol weekend is just absolutely awesome.

I appreciate you calling and so much I hope you have a great day down there Daytona Beach. I guess somebody has to be down this why not wear. I understand your day down there. God bless appreciate you calling so much.

Thanks Dave, thanks all right we have Vivian is in New York City.

So Vivian, you are on kingdom pursuits good morning morning. I think that Paul we don't know how many people look at the clouds look at all and on the way to look at the cold and how you afraid of lightning at the end of but never went away. Probably what we deal with only thing that I how we can come now is really really cool. Vivian, you bring up the point about the pole and I have this love of Hebrew and so I studied that this morning and that pole that was translated in English as pole is actually better be translated perhaps and incense our flag and the. The idea of it. Actually when you look at the letters inside of the word starts with the letter none which generally means faith and then it letter talk, which generally means support or excuse me sonic what I say targets and sonic so it's a it's a nun in a sonic which would mean faith support and when you think about a flag is it's a face like it's it's a something that we rally around the American flag. We rally around and then send or even in the song of Solomon, one of my favorite books. By the way, where it says you know my your banner over me is love right and so here he's telling Moses make a banner right and it's it's a phenomenal thing that that Jesus quotes this passage. Later on, but thank you for calling for in this awesome city.

Are you are you and the stay clean us a man like we got Daytona Beach and Queens in two different calls.

How exciting is a beautiful better to be there in February. Believe me, thank you so much Vivian got thank you. You know it's interesting that that trust. If the Israelites aren't able to trust that what God says is true.

Just by looking up at the snake and surviving and how are they going to trust God to take over this promised land. As Diane said with so many people groups are six or seven people groups think that a just God to take over the land that God's given them is beautiful inside absolutely yeah that that there's a whole lot coming their way and they got some growing to do as you say you got them so they their faith journey is, is not over yet.

You know, in this story we've been looking here in this last little section God's putting them in a situation where faith is required under some risk involved. All right, some there's some some bad stuff happening today. Levers still placed where some faith is required.

Unite in and I realize there are times that God might not necessarily be the one who is doing that right so we don't want to give the blanket every time something bad happens is God putting us right.

I think it's a great time to make a point that you guys made so well okay because we've we've been together now since Chris Kiker started him and we spent nearly 2 hours on six first five verses and had some unbelievable insights from all sorts of listeners and so would you guys say is treasure the journey like just don't rush to the end of the story to find the good stuff right is to spend some time wallowing around in there with the snake pit together. But how do you guys were that you you have any word for that, that you treasure the well. We love it because when we spend time in God's word were actually beginning to put God's word into our heart, pocket, and that's where it needs to be a time when we think about it talk about it. Meditate on it in so many different ways right there at our disposal and the idea is that we would all think about the stories throughout the day today and talk about them with our children. One more segment, and it's time for you to call okay. You had all this time LOL here's a number you're listening to the truth and kingdom. Today we are with. More importantly, you all you guys make the show and so I need one last segment shorts he got a call quick 8663 my daughter my granddaughter told me. I say this too fast, 866-348-7884. So there you go, and there's no excuse. You do you call you share here we go we have to please those granddaughter the extensive support stuff right there.

We know that we were talking a little bit about the fact that no God put them in this faith situation some faith required to put preparing for it for later on. And we asked the question just before the break.

This is God still allow us to be in situations that require faith. Someone what was some kind of situations you guys can think of is here in the states we were not put in that you know were not put in that box quite as much as some other places that we have been as far as large amounts of faith required, but just in everyday life. What are some what are some areas you guys can think of that you need some faith said he recently might've heard a story I went to Atlanta well what you didn't hear is that I got to Birmingham with my daughter. I was can set up her bed right because we brought this with U-Haul rest. The snake bit stories. My daughter who is going to show me how to make the build this bed which I put together how many beds and I knew that the polls had to go through the rods now. I've been through a long day holiday right and all of a sudden I was snake bit like crazy and I literally screamed at her like you and I can tell me how to put out bed together. After all this and put the bed together to see my daughter again for months because Alan tried and so I'm snake bit as I can be right.

I am in.

I'm asking God to forgive me and hope that I haven't hurt the relationship with my daughter lengthy like if you've ever felt the wrath of Robbie. It's like it's not at and so you know, there I am in. Oh my goodness like how do we roll away this reproach. How do we do that and like King David ran out. God help me out here so it does it. It requires that faith but fortunately the Son of Man was raised up like that form the Pope and he was my sin and and actually he was me screaming up there on that pole and and there's the snake that bit you. So we got Paul is in Greensboro. I'm so grateful for you. Call Paul got for us. Number 21 John chapter 3 yes, you are exactly right. Yeah, too great, I just wanted to share what a beautiful picture of the gospel that is where Courtney Nicodemus came to Jesus wanting to know how he could become God's kingdom sleep each day. Jesus takes Nicodemus back to the history of his people numbers chapter 21. The whole point of numbers 21 at the foreshadowing of the crawl. The sacrificial atoning death of Jesus and Jesus and that one-on-one conversation with Nicodemus taking back the numbers 21. It does basically, even as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. If you look to the standard all with the snake on it so the Son of Man must be lit and Jesus was basically telling his fellow Jesus was telling Nicodemus eventually your legalistic religion doesn't save you. You look to me for salvation and you look to me and my On the call and what a beautiful foreshadowing of the cross of Christ.

So when I heard your your show this morning talking about the wonderful passages I just wanted to share the I believe that exactly what those passages are talking about God's provision for the Israelites that they looked at the hole with the serpent. It was foreshadowed.

It was the gospel he was preaching the gospel. Yeah, thanks. Now you you took us right where I wanted right right where I wanted to go to close this story out because you know in the in because Jesus does use the numbers 21 stories in illustration and just think I will leave you with this thought what was required for those that looked up for salvation. They just had their faith in God's promise was the same thing happened with Jesus. Anyone who looks at me and believes will live so simple and yet such a step of faith is required.

Thank you guys so much for allowing us the privilege of coming into your homes and your cars today.

It's been a thrill hearing your feedback on the story.

Thank you Paul appreciate you all very much putting God bless thanks for listening. Andrea has been fun and enjoy the wonderful story weaving well is time if we choose to say the last thing bless you think differently and enjoy that you enjoyed your call so ever so grateful for you so much, purging prayer, followed by the law. One might so much. This is the Truth Network

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