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The Water Boy

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 2, 2021 10:28 am

The Water Boy

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 2, 2021 10:28 am

Jerry Mathias steps in for Robby.  Guests are Chris from the Global Water Center and Rick O'Neill another Christian radio guy.  The boys  share their faith through secular radio and The Global Water Center.

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network for partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible. $100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring.

This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Well guess what is not Robbie Gilmore. This can body shop guy.

I am said the Emperor Robbie. Robbie's own men's retreat this weekend with her having a blessed time and had part brings fishing camp in the reasonable Providence area this morning is kind of a lot of things going to come at you and step in a lot of areas.

That is really got got me interested one Chris with that that the global water management group is also going to be on the air in the talk little bit about their ministry and what they're doing in the world and Bowersox is on the call and let us know about some is going on with energized ministries coming up and also in the studio with me is TM Bowman and me sitting thanked him Bowman what was thank you. What connection is you listen radio and the Triad area very much. You probably remember, I've heard Rick O'Neill on the radio and he's with WTO be at the moment. The reason I got team in the studio is he's a son talk little bit about them, introduce himself, since he's here, but woman kind of drift back and forth that you know what that radio needs to be obviously my first choice is listen. It TRU Truth Network, but if you just won't hear some music and staff WTO please a great alternative and TM also brings his faith, and I know it's kind of difficult sometimes in public radio to do that but TM is able to show that through the air and step to minute as yourself was Tim Bowman again a lot of people know about Rick O'Neill. The radio got on WTO be, but against this is that the Truth Network you gonna tell the truth is right now to correct. So get that helmet is behind that human again.

Our cover Bowman Gray Stadium and went to settlement again Bowman was his first name and not a second Bowman Gray, but it's something that back when I was born. I have a connection with Winston-Salem again. I was born in the gray building at Everett Baptist Hospital so Bowman Gray and them I'm working on the grab and therefore this would be my 37th year and I enjoyed I enjoyed very much. And again thank you so much for look but me. Be on the program. This the first time I've been on the Truth Network and again this is just chemical. I know a friend of mine at work.

Dave Compton. We worked together at another company and radio it again. The again this is this is great this is really good. God nodded and I look forward to that fact to 10 be able share a little bit of how he's able to share his faith only air had and without doing it, whereas bills offensive to anybody but also on the line. We have five Chris with the global water center and they wanted interesting things and Krista go ahead and introduce yourself and then going to kind of hit on something that's going on and also what that ministries all about. Yeah, thank you Jerry. Great to be with you and your morning got crippled work here on the executive director of the global water center and really global water center and committed to eradicating water poverty around the world and jury. Most people don't realize in our country that over 30% of the world population is trapped in water poverty and not just an inconvenient really kills over 2000 people a day and and it's preventable, but Doug global water center is committed to bringing faith or organizations together around a common strategy and really mobilizing people for effectiveness and here's what we know.

I think you listen little appreciated. As you know, in Scripture you see Jesus command that compels us to reach out and touch people in their physical need, we see that even in John chapter 4, but in that passage. You also see that Jesus engages a woman around living water as well. And so the Goldwater Center is committed to reaching 2.2 billion people not alone, but through collaborating who don't have access to safe water and as we do that, we come to know that safe water opens the door for living water supported sharing more about that but also some exciting things are happening in Charlotte this weekend to our mobile discovery center which is just an expansive, interactive traveling exhibit that helps people to understand of the world of safe water science but also how they can be a part of reaching people around the world, yet is we going to dive into some of these the subjects on the home on this ministry. One thing it really and I don't know just sort of encouraged me when I sort of went back in and last night pulled up your website and I hope everybody gets opportunity going to list the website so we get more information on that. Sure you can go to global water global water and you can understand what the condition around the world is with water, but also how were bringing organizations together and specifically under the tab for discovery center. You can see this traveling exhibit that it will have a chance to talk about that will be in Charlotte this coming week yeah really excited about sharing that information. Also, when I was on there and I went to leadership and that's all your your bio and step enemies got a rich history and corporate involvement in leadership but also you know just encouraging to me to see you have a ministry background also yeah chapter out what I want to do in life but started my career as a CPA and doing international business in merger and acquisition work around the world.

Which is the most popular person at the backyard barbecue but that was very interesting work. Interesting at a relatively young age 37 years old church was in the Atlanta area was launching a brand-new campus, a brand-new church and invited me to be a part of that and I really felt God moving left the corporate world when into the church world later became ordained minister. We launch the church in the North Atlantic area. They got blessed and I think was is continuing to be a blessing to people from that experience pastor at another church in central Georgia which led me ultimately to becoming the CEO of the National Christian foundation largest Christian foundation of the world. In fact, NGF has a really good presence in the Carolinas helping people to really be good stewards over what God's given them and helping develop a giving strategy. How can they honor God with what God's given them so CEO of NTF and that brought me into contact with the folks that are ready to launch the global water center so the last year and 1/2 of been executive director of the global water center and really brings that corporate experience that I've had along with the ministry experience together to create this movement of we help millions of people that will really come to understand what is happening around the world and be involved in yet we don't think in this country, you know, we can in a way we always nave Ted to that crisis for water and and and when I was reading some of the background stuff and it was just so interested in me from going on mission trips is that you know I see it is such a know not to that to the extent in some areas that it is that that I've read about we start about 2.2 billion people, 30%, the world not have access to water as I know, going to Jamaican staff and you know that that's the barely industrialized you know most segments of that that country but yet water is a major issue sent into Mexico and in Haiti in and you go and you just see that and I know with that Zimbabwe, with that much of Monday bond in the village in Zimbabwe where drill in Wales and just get that water you know, it's just that just is just that huge ministry to be able to bring the bringing water to people bringing Christ to them through that in. I'm just really I'm just really interested in, and I'm sure all the listeners are of just how this all works and just, you know, we come back from the break and stuff along just sort of dive into some of the what tells us more about the center tell us more about the crisis that is in the world and also be able to touch base about that. The mobile discovery unit step. The Symbian Charlotte lot of information will become a night you great morning light half team in the studio Chris and then I think after the break will be have an annual B: endless know what's going on within her jazz ministries you're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to kingdom pursuits and in the city with Bowman TOB radio also on the phone with the global water center of learned a lot more about that: in got any Bowersox within her jazz ministries and I'm getting to just kind of give me a quick note overview above what in her jazz ministries is and also there's an event coming up May 17, and how people can get involved in that, either as sponsor and are playing and Andy how you doing this morning. Good morning Gary doing great out there. Hey it is fantastic sunshine in the window.

Great morning while I'm on my way back today but I got it.

Robin didn't know that you that you checked it yesterday and you don't even know about you are you are on my list.

I had every intention of coming by to you about it at double days going when I got your back up of the work and I cannot tell you why I can't think of a better way to make on their day. But you asked for a quick overview for anybody list is not the goiter with I am the director of our guys ministries or ministry is about urging pastors and their families providing you know encouraging activities, encouraging friendship we call it confidential care and prayer support. In a lot of cases but but then we also work through Christian radio through programs like this any others around to help but gauge it out. The church at large. The body of bright pouring back into it reinvesting in the lives of their leadership and so that leads me to my big thank you for you I had I had an email command can document our general mailbox just a couple days ago and I was from a local classroom with fellow and Edith want to get together have our and slow as I was sure whether my last authority but regularly like that urge you, we have one guy in our church and his name is Jerry Matt and anyway he went on to tell me how much you appreciate our ministry that reaches people like you, but specifically dairy that you are one of the guys character that the pastor leadership know they can count on the just have their back and so I ate that the whole circle like you know the Lord works in the curious way right at this the whole circle. It was a reminder to me that people do pay attention to our message that they that they finally are starting to get it know what or faith of our past, but were aware of. And anyway, and he brought you out by name was just grateful for and I had absolutely everything don't like. I was I was smiling from ear to ear when I heard what I is amazing how God can work things you know when you are probably thinking when nobody minute I thought I would just like literally I call and back like full circle. It also. Anyway yeah all all I'm always glad to talk you about, but I got absolutely perfect and I appreciate your butterball. I know that's really the real reason you called me at yeah base debit the our headquarters is in went well and you guys know that May 17 is our annual golf tournament and what we did not get to do it last year there were hoping the student for bigger and better to try make up a little bit that we lost last year but yet we still have openings pertaining to it was always big sponsorship thoughtlessly that Bartlett or Brett but do about that.

Do but yeah by all means that the body that we only great prize in the great bear dropped local restaurant down there and it's just that it always a fabulous never come to your personal invitation for me. Come on out. You can find up and if you just want to help, supported by all means reach out to you know you can reach me or or general mailbox info. Either is a good answer for anything that you want to find out about us early to get Bob or but what about the golf tournament.

Don't that you cover the loss in the short amount of time and again Andy was the location and that it is May 17 at people to be a Meadowlands golf course right and Wahlberg were at the heart of the Triad brought going all the above, and that we would actually love Patty but you do have to register early and let us know your, and make the baby. Urge you to be a good people, we, we will look you up. Either way is opportunities. Also for corporate sponsorship or small business to get plugged in that as a matter fact you not just encourage about to go to the website. See how you can help and then because really honest truth is sometimes we think are pastors and ministers art are bulletproof and there there walking in the vacuum which is not necessarily the case in step and it just is a great opportunity to minister them what you're doing is and is also Mandy yeah well I might call them I will call might be like Gary Everett Everett bad area of their life there article and thank you again for all you do. I love the little reminder good to know what allow it to and hope but encouraged you. Because variability and live your outback exhibit absolute matter appreciated more than you know. Thank you so much like everyone else, then get them all right in the end.

Again, give them a call give good on the website you signed up great opportunity to have a great Monday on the golf course for great benefit.

Andy have a blessed one to Chris again so you if I sit there and then my question would be, you know what is just how big is that the water crisis globally in the world to me because that's what puts it all in perspective of what you're doing and why you're doing it, Chris. Are you still there got cut off their bronchi will look back now that I am that you have a question, I'm just the question I just asked to start is to get the ball rolling.

As far as what this ministries all about is you kind of understanding what the crisis is because as I said, we live in a culture that really we don't think of a water crisis is the way the world sees it in so many different ways and get you just can't give a snapshot of what the world global crisis is as far as water is concerned. Yeah that's right you mentioned some of your travel through here and in our country where black frankly everything we've done today and everything we do every part of our lives involve state water or health. The choices we make. Even the even this work on that we have Dave involve state water in the manufacturing process.

Everything about our lives involve state water. We know actually water is like an here we are blessed to have. We just go to the tap, we have it tested is treated it's vaporous to use. We don't think about it really. But around the world. That's not the case. And as we mentioned over 30% of the world population does not have access to that same blessing. It is not always that there is a scarcity of water. In fact, often times there is access to water, but it contaminated it contaminated naturally or is contaminated by just human and animal intervention.

If you travel around the world.

You mentioned Haiti. If you travel to India to travel to many parts in Africa even in Central America, South America, people simply don't have access to that water and it it's not an inconvenience.

It actually kills people. Here's the statistic that I think the listeners will be shocked at and that is over 400 million school days a year are missed by children because of the lack of asked to stay for because they're sick.

Their schools can't open and so forth and so this is the reality. No sound like a lot of bad news. But here's the good we can do something about it.

It's not like cancer. Where were searching for the solution we actually know how to eradicate wheat. The water crisis. We've done it in this country redundant numbers of country and so the challenge is not that we have to discover a new way not always easy, but the engineering technology and even how to involve community so that solutions are sustainable. We know how to do that the global water center is bringing organizations and people together to take what we know how to do and start to scale it because actually were going in the wrong direction over just several years ago. The statistic was 2.1 billion people lack access a part what even in light of a lot of good work that's happening where were going in the wrong direction now is 2.2 billion people, one of things that people see in the mobile discovery center if they have a chance to visit when were in Charlotte is that here in this country we have access to that article. Jerry is never to make us feel guilty about that. That is a blessing, but rather it is to say everybody in this world has value and if we have the ability to take safe water into their communities and you can be a part of that. Let's do that because that's safe water not only gives them a transformed life in this physical world.

It also opens the door for a transformed life through the living water that we know comes yeah sort of how we use our tools be to minister the people so that does back to you know, as you mentioned, it's what we have.

We shouldn't feel like it's that were privileged are are are as a courtesy notice what we have is what we should hope that other people can have access to. Also, the same thing with the gospel. As you know, what we have Christ to live with what we should strive for that other people have that and is there is no as we move into the next segment that I want talk a little bit really talk about the discovery center and the Charlotte showing in coming up pretty quickly and information on that also want talk to the TM little bit about how he's able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ by just maybe just a couple words on the air that's have to be came by with a hammer of gravity and be back in just a moment You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to key differences Jerry Mathis sitting in Robbie Gilmore this line live in Miami who is the host of the cure, which is on the Truth Network at 1 PM and Amy hope you have a great morning and, give us a snapshot of what you show is going to be about this morning or afternoon while I got or bought all hire Army in Raymore was awarded the bronze Star medal at the end of the lightning and she believed that a cultural decline, and he contended back and get indoctrination public school declined, Janet Merrick, like it had catcalling and metal shares and down he felt really down escaping the common core that might think out. It can be quite thing they are dealing with any much that the bank gives landline if people have restorative culture and get going. Know absolutely that this certainly is the target on the crisis where he and his followers that this culture. You know will begin away from what was school and is torn into. I encourage you this morning. Stay on their listening to us at 11 PM with the cure with Amy and give him a call when the be another great show. Amy, thank you for calling me and I look forward to the show at this you will TM in the radio business, especially doing public radio and then then secular radio, as sometimes it can be hard to understand how dad to share your faith because your listeners come from all kind of backgrounds but I think it's know as we mentioned just just through water or what ever like Andy Bowersox with no God gives a solid platform is how do we use it. One thing about it is when I'm only here, I could pick my own songs and I pick a song like turn turn turn by the birds back in 1965 and you could actually find that in the Bible at Ecclesiastes in the book.

So again it talks about turning your life around, basically. But again you have to read Ecclesiastes listen to the song turn turn turn and then I might play a Pat Boone song Pat Boone had one number one song that he did this so you wonderful time up there back in 1958 I play that and I've had listeners actually say while I heard a song a long time, Pat Boone and again I can play things like that but always in my mother show with God bless you and keep the faith. I've been I've been doing that lately because again a lot of people you know I played I could pick mom songs a lot of songs as all the air now that I don't like. I meant as a Christian and again is hard to be a Christian. He states and then you know that this will harden again. You got that were not perfect. God is the only perfect person perfect being.

There is a God, and God knows Jesus to again again that's only part perfect person and we strive to be perfect, but again, this will harder so again I pop songs that are pleasing to me. I like it all play and there's lot of people to call in SL here of a particular song and I'll scroll down if I have it all played but is one thing about it is I do things. Would you wind around here and you call then you want a song on center. Looking at the computer and by the time to get off on a plate so you have the weight again. I want to do it again.

SS one thing about it it's it's been like, say, being a Christian and an doing the right thing enough.

I think I just try to be. It's the best person I can.

I'm nobody's perfect. But again been on here and I've had a lot of people say without when were out in different areas we do car shows and things like a lot of people come up and say you know I like it when you injure show accomplish commonly one of this at that.

That speaks volumes and stuff like city. We just got a use audience that God puts in front of us sometimes as a talked about radio and staff at one thing, there's so much stuff out there that's that's just junk my opinion and and and some of the language issues that I know in my daughter. When Tyler got her license. One of the rules arming the hell how to take care the vehicle and how to drive it about another role was.

She had a list of stations that us that if I ever get in there and your car you will see these radio stations. I'm taking your car. I mean it was and I have to come a lot of grief from other kids because of that, but I just feel like you know what we sit there and is it you think that is you know not really that matter what you listen to begin what you put your your brain is not not not always good stuff to.

So the more wholesome it is. Think the better result of it is and Tim, I do appreciate when you where you and your show and also what you screened that the records are going to play in step a minute. A lot of things you won't play in. I'm grateful for that. It not matter that of you because sometimes it's hard to make those decisions.

That's that's true, they they gave me a lot of grief and that worked about it but again you know I'm behind the mic and I am in the control room and I control what goes on so you give me the control I want to do was what's right and this is where my show and again that a lot of people say you not like listener showed in anything, I will used to build daytime and then they switch me tonight, but again that that was through some of best circumstances, but again I don't mind working an item this is a I loved loved combo people could actually call and talk to the gimlet when they got talk to multiyear and again I will put nobody on the Americas. We can't at the moment but again not taught the people in and upon a lot of about them as I found out a lot about me you and when they know what what my faith is admit that we start talk that's where I witnessed people and estimate without him because again, but I was on a gospel station I could do that I could witness if I wanted to I could talk about one but now since I won't buy play rock 'n' roll 5067 is limited 80s rock 'n' roll again.

I have to wait until after out all fear her on the phone call that I could talk and there's a lot of people that do and a lot of people know what's going out with with me in my life and I lugged I shared my testimony and if this chemical and again it's it's not just not all the time. But, again, is just that little what you say just like say the mustard seed that you plan as something about it and it didn't take much solace in the mustard seed.

That's what it says in the Bible about letting us eat and again you want to know more today. Call me hand at night and they want to know more about one thing about it is I tell him about Palmdale of it due it out to go to Palmdale's off and on since about 1978 amended and again that I tried Ghostbusters that can with all this pandemic going on is, hard to get back into it, but I want to get back and once everything is lifted.

Yes, I will be back in the building itself was again Palmdale is been a lot to me.

I grew up in a Pentecostal home in a Christian home again what the first sale.

If you if you knowingly went for same here in Weston.

I grew up there and but again I with the Palmdale starting want to Palmdale because what I did was I was a teenager and what idea, but I without that any church I was going to just see what was out there and there's all kind of denominations and Islam ago on state what this is what this is an and finally a family church home. And again, it was planned and obliging their aqueous before we go to the next break and then we come back the break. I want to really get dive into the discovery centered that y'all were putting on if you can quickly give us contact what what that website is again and also to talk specifically about the vent coming to Charlotte but also think these events are throughout the whole country. Different is a moving event right now so global water and people can go to the discovery center tab and see about this incredible interactive traveling exhibit and I when we come back I'll give you a lot more detail. It pretty and fun for the family and told all right deftly looking for dad to hear the details of that be back in a moment with kingdom pursuits and I just hope it might be and blessed, but this one is much as I am.

Okay, man, this is your time. You can choose this, you're here now to go out there and be an All-Star caregiver clean, either emotionally and physically to dig physical therapy, doctors appointments, because that's what caregivers do show the world tougher than caregiving is tougher than tough on the tour guides you need and a/counsel. This is a love language minute Dr. Gary Chapman listener right. I tell my husband that I feel sad for attention where emotional need for love is not met. We do feel say they mostly we feel empty and sometimes it's difficult to share the because you don't know how they respond, but I would say begin with this.

I don't know how you're feeling about our relationship.

I really would like to be a better life to you and if you have an idea of something I could do or stop doing that would make life better for you, but really be open to see when you open yourself to do things differently toward him. It stimulates within him by phone.

Maybe I should ask her the same question.

Now you say you have his attention, and it didn't come across as condemning came across as a desire to be a better one. Dr. Gary Chapman is beyond the random five love languages for more answers visit start marriage next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony Evans explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory. He shares about maintaining oneness importance of having a servants heart and how do we build a marriage relationship that's been fractured God's wisdom for your marriage. On the next Focus on the Family the matching differences on Jerry Matheson on the line is this with global water center and just about the went out when into the break opportunity to come and visit one of the discovery centers and think is coming up in Charlotte.

What May 5 through the ninth and chrism that you give us all the information in a little bit about what it's all about and what somebody who comes in visits and what they could expect to see in and learn.

Yeah, sure. Thank you. By the way. Thanks for having me this is been a great show to listen in on the card I and the music.

I can't think of the global water traveling mobile discovery center for your for your listeners that the best way I can explain it is it is like a traveling Smithsonian Institute traveling exhibit a highly interactive and it anchored by three semi trailer that you can your listeners will be familiar with. Just imagine that NASCAR trailer is big long 53 foot trailers.

These expand out like an RV would do and inside of each one of those three exhibit we've outfitted with just highly interactive educational inspirational experience.

When I think it's been really enjoyable. We really borrowed from a lot of what was done at the Museum of the Bible at your listeners are familiar. One of our team members is the former CEO Museum of the Bible. Summers really helped us to connect with the faint designers that have put together such an incredible experience there in Washington DC.

We took those same people and we created this traveling museum traveling experience around the wonders of our world. The science of earth and the science of water and people come away in the first exhibit the first trailer which is this powerful hands-on experience just the beauty of our creation, but also the reality that water is like no get a view from that from all aspects but as a move into the second exhibit. Bill also come face-to-face with the reality that as we already talked about part of the world. 30% of the world does not have active and by the time to go to the third exhibit very hands-on.

The find out that we can do something about. We can actually thought this problem. Jerry, one of the most interesting things I think people are seniors were using some technology that may be new to most people and a lot of younger people are really experiencing one of those is called augmented reality in your listeners make their own. What augmented reality what you can imagine having a physical device.

We have were showing people constantly are showing people how you filter water but then we also have these tablets, much like an iPad tablet that the visitor can hold up and point out an actual physical object like a pump or a filter and that tablet the animation of it. Take them inside the device inside the pump and shows him how it's working inside the filtration system and shows them how to these things work. And so, which is quite fascinating to be those types of exhibit Jerry there also going to come face-to-face with real people and so through this exhibit, they have the ability through the technology to actually interact with the exhibit and to interact with real people around the world that have gone from water poverty to well-being and well-being. I mean well-being physically, economically, emotionally, spiritually, and they have the visitor that would be visiting this exhibit are mobile discovery center would interact with those people. This technology being Charlotte to be at the premium outlet which is on new fashion way there in Charlotte to be there from this Wednesday through Sunday will be opening every day at Cannon closing seven or will stay open. If people are there. One of things that just know is this court wrote this book. It is for teenagers. We had so many teenagers just being inspired to do something positive in this world part of your conversation over the last hour, people really find purpose in their life and break out of this culture that is negative oftentimes but it's also for adults and weaving fatcats and scientists coming to look at it, understand and use it to help share what's going on around the it's completely free.

Done some really interesting things to make it COBIT. They course distance thing and so forth.

But using UV lighting in the HVAC were using hospital standard filters redesign the way the airflows and so it's completely safe for people and Jerry, I don't know about you but I think people are ready to get out of the house and do something that family friendly and stay and and they can learn something and say hey you know what, there's a cause in this world that I could be a part of it consistent with my faith than it really advances people's well-being spiritually and physically as well. So again, they can see the or will be there at the Charlotte premium outlet yet don't miss that opportunity to go out in the end, this is all, the whole thing was new to me to read about it now, so I'm looking for the one after this weekend or next weekend to be able to visit as the close of Chris, thank you so much and end in the global water crisis them and it is this real and this is a great opportunity for plug-in even though Nader I just just just learn how you can help the world come healthier stay alive and moan about Jesus Christ. Kim, thank you for sharing your faith on the radio. WTO be in the evenings. What is seven till 7 to 10 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and also give you plenty of stuff to do. Also, the 17th. This is the Truth Network

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