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A Favor For A Much Loved Friend

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 21, 2021 9:43 am

A Favor For A Much Loved Friend

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 21, 2021 9:43 am

With a positive COVID test for Robby and his wife, the Dilmore family is in a temporary quarantine.  But, like George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life", Robby's friends step in.

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian cargo. I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that will. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursue where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Guess what, I'm not Robbie Gilmore Mathis right body shop and wrecker service Christian body shop that is in body yeah guy you had never heard that wow yet, like shirts, it is that nameplate down at Ray's body shop now when I go down there for your desk Christian body shot a map to get that. It went from the Christian junkyard junkyard. We we all had names are Lyons in the Christian car guy world that is fine but this morning as I mentioned, Robbie is not with us and as I mentioned last hour. I just asked everybody lift them up in prayer as he is recovering from the coronavirus him and his wife Tammy get a chance today when your personal prayer time just say a prayer form that got a bit hedge of protection around them and then and bless him with a quick recovery without too many complications are our rough days. I know a lot of people are dealing with that and that the world we live in today, but this morning I'm excited about this show have been in the studio Bob Young with great to be here Jake and also Mark Garreau who, when you had. I said it before, whenever marks around usually walks off and I guess a boy sure sounds familiar, who have heard that voice somewhere before and you have to also remember what goes with that voice. A face for radio. If you listen to that Christian car guy radio show just moments ago we had a caller who said that was a lovely man sitting over here and I look back just to make sure somebody had snuck in on what just Bob just as we backed the truck over a couple of times he doesn't have to do it right over the top me right there with this this morning on kingdom.

Since this is a call-in show also if you have a call and they will talk about is just how God uses us in the platforms we have been talking a bit about racing because of the men in front of me have got ties into racing but also just how God got got to use whatever we are and then as we've said in the past as you follow everybody's list and is experienced. We live in an world that is changed drastically in the last year and is been a lot of ups and downs in and deep valleys and then God calls us to come out of that ineffable going to do it again. We share our stories how God is given as a platform I love to hear some of your stories how God is using the call-in number is 866-348-7884 I Think somebody calls in Forfar for our first caller I will find something an autographed hat or something. I got in my little, I got little man cave.

This got all kinds a little weird things and some sheet-metal and different things like that. So that'll be a bustling center don't have to answer a riddle, knows no one else that there's nothing wrong with that and I or should we say that since Bob is so famous for his commercial that they have to give that phone number nobody around not know that phone number.

I was thinking maybe there'd be a chance that before the programs over Bob would sing the phone number for cell hello I can sing that phone number anytime but when I try to put a different phone number to music is really challenging but the 109 you put numbers and it was what made our business.

I mean honestly there's you and I grew up had a guy you know because if you live in New England you get either Boston or New York TV stations right that local ones were basically and so W PTZ would you like a big station New York and they had these commercially got them crazy Eddie any and electronic store. My prices are so was my pleasure solo right you just a local guy in blue that companies business like sky high doing these local as a local commercial and the same thing. I mean there's nobody in or around the Triad area they wouldn't know that commercial and would know that company when it was a gift from God. We wind on the commercial one time and I just said the phone number and but the whole thing came down to the family life Center church they got to talking about building a family life Center.

It was something my wife and I need that we absolutely had to get behind and so we increased our giving in two weeks after increased our giving a guy from the TV station show Hey Bob, you need a commercial on TV and I laughed at him. I thought that was the funniest thing a junkyard on TV mastermind and explain how we can get started in everything and we say will will give it a try. It's not too bad.

Will will give it a shot and we did and two months after we went on TV for every dollar we will make and before the commercial. Two months later will make in a dollar and 1/2 and that it was just the instant blessing from God and and I saw it as a sign that he approved of the game that you can't out give God Dragon. I mean, no matter hey made that it terribly just really really really crystal-clear to me that the you know I did what he told me today that he did what he said he would do and it was just amazing. It was susceptible to blessing for business and when and when did the idea sing in the stock was that something is Bob was Roxanne everybody knows that when we went done it one time and I just said it down.

788-9122 will come get that car for you and will get ready to change it up a little bit going to film it again, and the people came in with him day and said it like it did before right before they threw the camera back in the in the van, I said let me try some really quick and I've been right and ran them a check sent if it was a song with that phone number it stick people whole lot better. So I was thinking song in the phone #and phone 86753097889122 will come get that car for you and they feel that one time through the Cameron they came back the next weeks as we put the commercial together. I did almost forgotten that saying it for him and they said we put the song at the now. You can't do that. I was just given around and it turned out to be an awesome blessing for business and it was like Velcro whether you want to or not.

If you lived in this area. Most folks need that phone number and if they couldn't quite remember. We've had people call in the afternoon and say hey it's time to get that number right all day, but when the kids got off the bus they were singing it out for generations that ran on his history.

Yes they got back to the commercial on TV you forget what financial company. Were they sing it. So then they had a contest for people to sing it so that's the last thing you people would've done that they would've well you did me that we did that I didn't like Elvis, a few times a copperhead Road version.

I did so many you know those souvenir you need 912-2010. We look and give dad call for you that so much fun with 30 or so much fun did a Jackson Jackson five version 1 Townhall no way it was just a lot of fun we had with it and my son love then in the commercials we had them as picking up cars sometimes and then he tied me out and put me in the car one time with this. Had a great run with the commercials and and a lot of fun.

A lot of great memories there absolutely and I'm about ready going to break the just little bit of a preview we come back from break would have Scott's and be on the line with the season, gives a preview of what's going on with Jesus labor of love and stuff is a mention Scott Barton is one of the ones that is the contact that he does a lot of leg work for Jesus labor of love and God use them in a pretty powerful way. I tell you Scott was also an answer prayer for Robbie on his dedication to the ministry again kingdom pursues me back with you in a moment you're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to kingdom pursues of Jerry Mathis bodyshop rec service with Bob Young and Mark hero and on the line I got snapshot of what's going on was going on. The ministry of Jesus labor of love in this last hour we heard a pretty story sunshine and Mark coming together with that vehicle being gifted through Jesus labor of love and a big part of that was Scott putting together Scott how you doing this morning I'm doing great, great morning. It's been a blessing to gather all the guy all you did know that you know we had realized the boy sure what wrong but I just want to thank you guys so much in the community. Jerry and Karen opened the lady to come later, Mark.

So much for helping sunshine. What a testimony. What a testimony that was also and I'm just humble to be a part of this ministry and I'm nothing more that I can do it conduit vessel so I'm just a small part and I'm just humble to be a part of it. One my favorite scriptures is the Galatians 6 to carry each other's burdens.

In this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

And I just try to keep that in mind, because we all do have the Valley and I just want to thank you guys for your show today on harder to be a part of this ministry.

I just thank you, because I can't tell you and I'm sure you you know this God brought you into this ministry because Rob even been praying for that that that helping hand in form for the last few years and they called me and told me about your involvement in what you are wanting to just dive in and and and help in any way.

I was just just so grateful and little bit will quickly go if they are what meet was there never really heard the story on your end.

What drew you to the ministry of Jesus labor of love. I just happened one morning.

One Saturday morning I was ready going to the auto parts overnight on the radio and said that he was praying for her helper and somebody knew had patients and gratitude in compassion and empathy for people not to stop. What an opportunity and I prayed real quick and I called and I got that band and that will be on hold. We prayed about it and he asked me to come in and we talked to I just felt like got me there just been a total blessing and I look forward to: people praying with them and you're right we get people.

We had some from California and I know how did you hear about and they listen to it on their podcasts further computer so we start exposures been unbelievable. God is certainly using that ministry and then then growing it in and meeting needs that have no so many times you know God just said here.

Sometimes I just get Sheila just how God places, people and stuff. Even from the part of when you just start talking about your progression. As far as getting father Mr. talking to Bethann and stuff is looking a Bethann used to work here.

It is broadcasting and and left. And now she's back and I just think you know God is so many things and sort orchestrates our lives in ways we don't understand it in my connection with Mark my connection with Bob and you know look how God's hand was in dad and stuff and then and you know what he likes to connect the dots.

Yeah that's that's one thing that's interesting about what you see. Because there are a lot of times and I was just talk about our mutual friend Tim And we always are laughing. We don't really know how we became such good friends.

You know it just that it's God connecting dots you absolutely, and Scott. I can't tell you how grateful I am.

And I know that I God use you and I had a mighty way and and you know love times you the big things are when we hear about a car being given somebody you know what.

Probably some of the most important things is some by taking time and praying with somebody and let them know that somebody really cares form on this side of heaven, but more importantly somebody bigger than all of us, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior cares form Scott, I'd like to ask you one question we saw with sunshine somebody who was just so grateful. I mean, from the moment you know I pulled up, she came straight chasing after the car she knew more about the car. I mean, she'd run the Vin number and all got up and thought it was good to be pink and I think that's why your hesitation baby to take the cars to do well. I guess God wants me to have a pink car. I don't know where that came from but said she got that off the Vin, but what are most do most people have this reaction to what whatever it is, whether it's you get you had somebody work done or you had mechanical work done or you were able to find them a car yesterday that they're not able to articulate it and such a manner as sunshine truly made and I could almost hear the pulpit one day all day.

Gratitude another way and some you hear from and some you don't, but they're all very thankful. Just everybody expresses it in different ways, so it was a joy to listen to her this morning and I'm sure a lot of people heard it really moved by her testimony. She's a real inspiration to so many.

But yes they are but they just express it differently.

People may not be able to articulate their thoughts so eloquently, like like sunshine. Although she was so thankful to you Mark, thank you so much and I'm just truly humble to be a part put it all together and I'm just one little piece of these pieces together makes the perfect puzzle and NASA was no longer proposal was sent this just a beautiful picture is what God does in our lives in so many ways and Scott you are a big part of that and and and I know that this morning as I hasn't let you get off the off the line and stuff. I just thank you for what you do and I just thank you for the lives that you going to be touched to the ministry and you play your part of that in as you are vital piece of the puzzle man just thank you, thank you so much for all that all of you guys do show today I thank you for calling him great and you know and one thing I want to touch on an as is Scott goes away.

I'm sure you will be able hear this on the radio is the fact that not tell people all the time.

If you give an engineer a problem in enough money and enough time. They'll solve it right say satellites. For instance, right okay I want to be maligned up to a mirror. 26,000 miles above the earth. And I want that to come back at a certain angle and it'll sound better than meeting you talking right here in the room together in an engineer worked it out, the real brilliance the real brilliance was who thought of that. Okay I think I can send a beam up there and this is what I was, so the big picture right.

That's where the brilliance comes from and that's where I give Robbie this meant massive credit the God you know sort of whispered in his ear. This is something that's needed.

But then the book the brilliance comes to think that because you said Bob when he first approached you guys like you know you're going like wow this is a big no big thing to bite off but what you really think man's lost his mind seriously. Me, that's part of the thing. I think a mouse because like okay this is I get it. It's a good thing. Big Pete. But yet you got behalf out of your mind to think this is going to you be able tackle this and so again that's where the brilliance comes from right.

The brilliance is the big idea and eventually you can you bring upon people like Scott and the other people of come into they become the arms and the legs and the tentacles go out there and and make a lot of the stuff happening and work side-by-side with Robbie, but the brilliance of it is is to have God speak to you and then you use that that to come up with something as big as this labor law that I think for me, and I think I'm part of the speak for Bob also. There's no brilliance involved in it is just being humble enough to say okay God, you're in control when where you going to take us in this ministry and you know what I I know that is upset near when Robbie first introduced it and stuff.

I'm one thing I knew, I saw his compact his passion for it, and his compassion for those that that needed that ministry and I knew you been praying about it when he said God pointed me and told me this is something I need to be involved in on you 100% and I bet you know God appointed other people towards that and they thought it's too big. I'm not capable just didn't believe it, didn't believe in the awesomeness of God. The bigness of God and God and Robbie did the CI I, thought Robbie was crazy when he approached me about joining the team and and being a part of its net. He just want you to sing the commercial fact that what he when he approached the house on our Christian junkyard guy are you sure about this.

You feel superstrong that that's got a wonder that you mention satellite and it just brought it to my mind last week were in Daytona and at 1059.

They had a satellite launch is being cloudy day and I will probably be up to see my Betty stepped out on the back Canadian. Next thing you know there's the huge red glow to the south and in the it seemed like it came straight toward us and then turned and went you know it's probably just angle and everything is alignment with same lunches down there before and that that was the best one we'd seen in and when you say it out of the way this thing launched in just reminded me that satellite and Robbie just got it started and it took took off and it's done amazing things God. God is good and and part of what I want is rep of the show we come back from our break is kind of talk about. I'm is a set of I want to get into the race in part because God is everywhere and sometimes we don't realize on the home grave and Bob was very involved at Bowman Gray and is always been involved in moment brilliance that God is working there. God is working in the NASCAR the big tracks in the small tracks and in those days also help limit about the stories you go to break love for you: give us a call on what you think God is use you and how he has at 866348784 you're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kenya pursuits they want. What a great show this morning. Just being able to have it with me Bob Young and hero and Scotty called in early to talk about Jesus labor of love, but right now we have a call in live Florida sunny Florida.

I'm sure we don't have much sense but we do have sunshine little cold up here but we have Amy call about on the line not to harm below, get this, how about like Cabo San Lucas Remy give us a give us a little bit of hand of what kind of great show. You can have on with the cure comes on at 1 o'clock Eastern time on the Truth Network and I'm sure that you've got a blessing coming our way. While one record act lovingly, Sherry wanted a talented guy mind over matter and fell nightstick Pete.

I am very excited. Wow so you know, as I have you on the line one thing, when banks and some of the podcasts and call different parts of it.

It is the how you know to look back at some your history and step new as it talked about here so many times how God uses us and uses our circumstances to bless others and bring encouragement. Others in this picture shows all about what client absolutely will actually Tony and how 1 o'clock Eastern time and hear the cure had Amy I know to be a great show. We look forward to hearing it. God bless you, thank you. Also on the line we have Sarah from the coast of North Carolina and Sarah how you doing this morning doing great night audit night. It got well I'm glad you did. You get some sleep right be working right now you Larry Dan and Butner 13 years and in 2025.

Not that poor daughter. Well, you know when they can. When their winter there with my dad there the Lord and Butner inmate, but their walk by about my dad right now that anyhow I had thought people and would not make me God had everything and that there are Any of I thought my dad out that a barrel card Help Help me out Financial help and my mom and not there you come up often 49 later got a call back.I know got done welding down the car out there while really willing to do it now not part done or on the part welding and I help you out paid for our model I was that Now our water went out now all I Our happy lot Here will not know on parking lot and parquet people that got that part now that are that work doing the work well. What if Connie felt now that I was on the bar never had the letter not not not part Well, not work done out there. I'm doing Are going now stop on part Now not working out right now. No not at part never going out one time. Well, remain archived by our car part.all on a big car that not every all brand-new part that I and I did not now know what about right now doing a good day. My daughter and mom that everything happened.

I bombed my daughter is so wonderful and that highlight our time all I got.Where there are car and start working on.

I'm Now I'm doing it going to be part now part By my dad called not happy that you are helping me my life, my feet all die sharing the story and I know that you're going to write what just keep praying and then God will think God is bless you well may not understand it right now and you may not gotta get you through this is with the right placement price. Look for help in getting through it.

You're listening to the truth and Welcome back to Kenya pursuits and mentioned that one of my truck is also part of kingdom pursuits is pick up passion growing the kingdom. With that, and I think Bob and Mark do have a platform in different areas and as I mentioned a few moments ago. Bob is really involved in this is two guys that really love racing there in front of me and at Bowman Gray the local track here in which a sort of one of the roots of NASCAR goes back all those years and stuff. Bob is always been involved there. We thank you know so many times Jesus it at the racetrack and ice always love whenever the last few years, Morgan Shepherd running with that Jesus saves real energies racing for Jesus. That's what it was. I mean, you know, the NASCAR Vincent Steffy was, you know, manage the file were all evil. By the way, the didn't like that I promise you will. The winner of the Daytona 500 this year. Michael McNally is a very strong and that's the real deal.

Yeah I am telling you right now when it comes to Michael McDowell. I couldn't of been happier now. I don't root for or against anybody, but I have to admit getting down towards the end of the race and go on like man this be pretty cool. You know if Michael could pull this thing off because out okay. What kind of people. Michael is number one. He's very well-liked inside the garage right number two. Most people don't know he and his wife. You know, I think it was a baby from Russia. They adopted a baby or maybe was trying. I'm sorry that had some some physical issues and the course over in those countries. They look at those kids and they go like from way and they went got one and adopted and brought them in and matter fact Michael told me one time how he was kind over here and his wife went over there and she ended up there for real weeks trying to get this process done. He said so again there the whole family and is the real deal. So sometimes these athletes stand up and I want to thank God and whatever and I'm not saying they don't mean it right. I'm not saying they don't, but there's some people to stand up and do it in.

You know they live it, and Michael McDowell is one of those guys being genuine and people can see that and I think back, Michael and now he was owned and on the thieves in on the show Christian car guy when you've been on there. I know you have been on the show with him of done interviews with them early on in his NASCAR racing career. He was involved in a couple ministries at the racetrack and stuff and yeah you could just hear it in his voice wasn't just saying the words he was live in the words and minimum it was coming from his heart and in again just to show you again how people feel about this guy course with Corona. His wife and kids were allowed to be at the racetrack. Most times when a big race like that you you know I mean this is one, 358 starts 14 years and grinding away. This man would've loved to have his family there.

Even his car owner wasn't there yet because again you're allowed only so many people you know and their relatively small team front row motorsports but was what was really neat was to get these pictures on Twitter. He landed in Concorde.

The next morning course NASCAR put them on their jet Harley Gerald trophy and all that you can get some privileges even when the Daytona 500.

Write your own little private jet ride home, and all that kind of stuff when he landed. Not only were his wife and kids. There, but all these other drivers, their families, friends, and whatever and he had like pepper out at the Concorde airport near Charlotte motor Speedway. That's what people think Mike McDowell and I go in the go back to what I was literally about Bobbitt local track at Bowman Gray. I mean I think everybody walks the pay czar doesn't pay to walk in that stadium new Bob Young knows Bob Young. I mean, he's one of those recognizable faces and singing the telephone number voices but also a lot of people at the racetrack known Bob Youngs's story just like my story. All of our stories. They see the difference.

Jesus Christ is made in his life and that's intriguing to people. I mean sometimes it works sometimes we don't to spread the gospel. We don't say a word about the gospel or just give your testimony ride bye-bye. You struggle so that what what what I say to somebody that said this before Stu Epperson right of truth radio. I really just don't know what to say. Tell them your story well tell him it's there's nobody there to let you hit him in the head with the Bible but about twice, and there will walk away, but to listen to the mistakes you made in your life and the way God took those mistakes and turn them in the positive things and in a I faced adversity for years and years and still do every day but God's always give me away. He's show me the way and and we've always come out ahead of the game and its because of the help I got from him yeah and this is of similar market. Just, you know how many times people don't realize that Jesus is alive and well in NASCAR and in the pits and stuff for me.

There's there's a Bible studies are going. I will obviously probably not now but in the past and will look for the first people to testify.

Dave Smith and David Smithies, who passed away from cancer work at RCR Lake never forget. First, you are walking the garage as of 20 some-year-old kid and immediately wanted testify about Jesus and was great. Bob Jerry think of him again like you listen with us this morning, came to pursuits and tomorrow go to church somewhere go on my list Jesus Christ for you and also talk world be the life. This is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values.

Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned.

The talked about the horrors of abortion.

Yes, it's Mike Lindell.

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