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Life Chooing Stories And Leadership into Discipling

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 26, 2020 3:29 pm

Life Chooing Stories And Leadership into Discipling

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 26, 2020 3:29 pm

Pregnancy Network's Mary Hollomon and Dr. Rickardo Bodden's Book Leadership In The Age of Narcissism...

Amazing Stories of Young Girls who chose life and how God did it - Plus some insights on Jesus view of Leader ship..

Bonus, Robby's Riddle - Hilarious

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The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare with the and out podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories will realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore.

I am just really looking forward to the show today we have on kingdom pursuits more poster children for out of God's kingdom is always amazing meet people that I get to see the work on doing these things are first off, we have Mary Holloman and she is the communications director at the pregnancy network and they got a virtual gala like banquet sort of thing going on right now it's can be going on through Friday the 30th which attempts be my birthday. That's how I know it's Friday but welcome Mary and the pregnancy network right you guys have been expanding and you got a lot going on. It's been there for eight years now and it's really exciting. We just closed on any property last night in downtown since Alan and were planning to open January 2021 new services to women and I can't think of a more appropriate time to get your message out. I ran the subjects on a lot of people's hearts right now and I think you hear some amazing beautiful stories today. That's what I love to hear of how God has worked through the pregnancy network when it when it comes to the lives that likely impacted for generations and generations and generations. When Matt requires leadership. So next updraft Dr. Ricardo Bodden and he has written a new book called leaders actually came out September leadership in the age of narcissism welcome Dr. Yuko very much Robbie and I want to meet title and I know a few narcissists and you know this is this is a topic is really been on my heart a lot recently and some very excited to get into, and I noticed in your book.

You know this whole concept of what Jesus taught on leadership that is just so critical, even in our homes right absolutely love the things I wanted to actually try to actually teach and educate people on leadership holistic to lie not just the job that will have to be in a job to be a leader.

Actually not true leadership is what you name the name of Christ that your Christian Jesus Christ below their scriptural basis. That is clear to the point that the but you are called to be a leader. So you haven't been this part of my show yet Dr. but you just have to house. How should I put it. You just have to trust drone and just be with you. Those who know me know I got have a little and I do and so that families of the lot color. You also understand a minute thinking of leadership. Why does Pres. Trump compare his leaders never actually he never compares leadership to Steve Jobs and I bet you never heard them do that. If you do not have, of course not, you know why because even Pres. Trump knows you never compare apples and oranges and so you are actually having a very excellent example of leadership that than actual story like love stories like what you hear from networking minutes so I'll never forget when I applied for my job. The Truth Network told the story before but Stu asked me.

He said Robbie can you give me an example of excellent leadership skills since two sure I'm hired right now you know at the end of that. I would actually have a riddle about a little and I got one that I really I just tickles me so and I got to do the calling little things answered this leader in the Bible simply could not follow the directions to keep off the grass, which later in the Bible is simply could not giving him it's actually which later in the Bible could follow the directions to keep off the grass. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and guess what we got near we got a copy of Dr. Ricardo Bodden leadership in the age of narcissism. God's blueprint Christian leaders so you Bible you know about this grass which really speaks to the whole topic right Dr. if you know who I'm talking about.

I may need to see did not even obviously not a copy of your book, because I'm pretty sure he was 866348788486634 truth so Mary was just jump in your store well background, I began the pregnancy network as a volunteer is doing things like being a receptionist and helping teaching Bible studies and around the clients eventually… And I applied and received a position at the client services Dir. and that means that I was able to work one-on-one with clients and volunteers easily and is difficult job I've ever had, but also Mr. Whiting and take a little bit of time off to have my children and then came back in a part-time capacity as instructor, which is where I am now back in Marin and I was able to meet a woman and her name is Janine and her stories. When my favorites and I felt really blessed to have been a part of that and I met with her when she first came to, and she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy. She is a Christian and I had just missed and poor choices and was very regretful at those decisions that when we met together. She was very adamant that she had no choice other than abortion and her reasons were very similar to a lot of what we hear from when she was a student trying to finish school and she was just like Marriott.

There's no way I can finish school and pursue my career pursue my dreams and 80 father does not want to be involved. I would be a single mother can't and said no it we had time and say we sat together and talks about list. Hey, let's look at what your options really are helping make a fully informed decision and we talked about some of the different services we can offer her. We gave her a free ultrasound and talked about community resources in ways that we could help her and provide some of her physical practical needs and silent she saw the ultrasound and was able to see the heartbeat and which is always a game changer for Linnane on and it really shut her. I remember that very specifically but she said to me, and I could see the tension in her face. She was like yeah I know I shouldn't shouldn't choose an abortion that I just don't feel like there's a real option for me. Moving forward I don't think I can handle it and I think I can do it so we talked and prayed together and when she left. She had a picture of her ultrasound. She was smiling when she looked at it, but she was still on the fence and said usually ran a woman leaves. We try to keep in contact keep calling her texting her see she like to continue talking about her decision is eventually dead and over the course of the next few weeks we texted and stayed in contact and finally she texted me one day and she said Mary as much denial. I decided to carry in parents this baby is Alice. I was thrilled. Of course, and so we can work out some resources for her and waste help permitting for it, but what I didn't find out until later on. Much later, actually, was that in between the time she had her appointment with us in the time that she told me she made the decision she actually made an abortion appointment facility that musics a break yeah you find during that time and then were to hear from Dr. Broughton on the leadership that he saw witnessed in this example so I'm excited. Clearly not a narcissist so much more diverse, but somehow there's got to go, but this grass guy was still a welcome back God takes your passionate kingdom and were so excited to have with us today. Mary Holloman the communication director of the pregnancy network in their virtual gala is going on. Actually, as we speak. This can be going on through the 30th. There's a link there you go to Christian pregnancy network anyway and you can watch that gala to get an opportunity see some of the stories first Hammett will talk about so just a beautiful thing and we also have with us Dr. Ricardo Bodden and he wrote the book just out, which is also linked to Christian leadership in the age of narcissism. Now I am sitting here looking at my call screen and nobody is called in yet with this riddle, which we will repeat which leader in the Bible could not follow the directions to keep off the grass.

He was a leader and a narcissist on my dad and he just couldn't keep off the grass. 866-348-7884 by the way you get this book.

The wonderful book leadership. The major narcissism we got it we want to send you 866-348-7884 I know I did not stop the panel with this particular question, come on, so Mary, when we left her hero look at them when we left her hero, she was going to this appointment at the abortion clinic right yes you need an appointment got to the parking lot and get out of the car and she told me later that all she could think about was that heartbeat she had seen flipping on the screen that she left then crazily and actually ended up making five more abortion appointment she went back five more times because she was so torn and everything the time she sent the parking lot and she pulled away and took a six time. She said she sent the parking lot and nurse came out and waved at her and take money in thinking about that heartbeat. She kept thinking about how she thought you know what maybe actually do have another choice year because of her appointment at the pregnancy network.

When she got to hear about things like pregnancy classes and parenting classes and practical ways we can help her and says she has put the car in reverse and she laughed and she said that – as I could not and never coming back and that's when she called me and told me had decided to choose life and the really cool thing about it was after her son was born and I whenever to the house fixing dinner and she let me hold her sign and there's really nothing like you know holding that baby and looking at him and realizing he was on a supported six different times on six occasions and on your numbers all the time about how you 60 million people. Amber children have been aborted or more than 3000 women in the Triad in one year and is easy for the numbers to get lost when you look in the CFA seven of a child and realize that this is who are talking about.

That's when it becomes real and said Janine later texted me about a year later and she sent me a picture of herself in her cap and gown and she said I graduated with honors and I did exactly what you said that I could deal and that's really what it's all about. Yes, helping women see that they can do it.

What a beautiful story that the beautiful thing about that particular story is that she not only chose life, but she chose to parent the child. They know and as I think about that. There's just absolutely beautiful thing.

My my daughter was 17 and she is my granddaughter and her husband must travel very quickly thereafter. And so she raised her daughter after she dropped the high school and went back got a GED went to nursing school at Forsyth Tech, which because she was a single mom. She got all the stuff of which is a single mom you get stuff right and yeah and so she went all the way through nursing school at Forsyth Tech as a single mom that actually she and her grandma got my granddaughter to stay at our house.

We had a blast and then she went on after she got her nursing job at Baptist. They center back to school so she went to UNCG got her you know, actual nursing should build the term sheet should graduate to all sorts of degrees that then should have dropped out of high school and you women are strong, and you know the abortion industry wants to tell and he can't handle being a mom and doing everything else – is a lie. We believe women can be empowered to face her and my pregnancy, not just without fear but said to really thrive. So, as promised, Dr. tells about the leadership skills you see in this field all over what number will wonderful, wonderful, all people like you Mary step up and you will be helpful, but people can't speak well above the unborn people who are making the vision because of looking at the reality of what the gutters and conditions of the like are full of people who just corrected leadership of illness I think of your work on and I'm doing these things in order to promote life and give woman options Bible option life altering abortion. So were just doing our thing when you're realize that you are literally being there Christ you're in actually a champion of the vision. If you will, and the notion of life, other people, so that their leadership all over this example of Christ in your book since you got to write it.

How fun is that what's the chapter that you can just type hardly wait. Now I can hardly wait till people read this because when I discovered this when I was doing this research just to my mind. I was the first point.

The main point that probably interwoven brought our book would be would just be every Christian is called to be a leader. Every Christian is literally called to be a leader not know that fell interesting. Just to give a glancing common to talk about the whole also walk the whole grouping of the body of Christ, but really because there's scriptural references all alter the Bible got every Christian is called to be a leader and you basically the whole hallmark of the book 2020, which is pretty much the great commission, we all know that we all use that scripture by the commissioning of the church and you know were supposed to look, you don't make the cycles of all nations, baptizing the Holy Spirit, and teaching them, but when you actually change your perspective leadership in every Scripture go because you say, make the cycles of all nations that mentoring that's coaching living life with people when you think nation that actually means the individual.

All bleach will people of the Lord is saying that I am commissioning you my church, my people, my your deck to be examples of me examples of my word print out you live them before other people pretty much the number one point that people fight me on all not called you Pastor I'm not called me a bite of a corporation I'm not called to be a regional division chief and some organization I'm just a stay-at-home parent you're still called by God to touch somebody I'm kind of way by living biblical principles. First and foremost in them as you live it you XDR examples to other people. The great commission the great commission is not just about evangelism about living about teaching about mentoring about coaching is about guiding people and be in the in the earth. A lot of times we were not a lot of people try to creatures big people would be good graces of leadership and there are people who have big wonderful great huge swaths of people or organization, but that does not absolve you stay-at-home mom to stay at home dad Dale audiogram parent. The person works swapping out tires people start me that all the time will go because you're you're still charged with got a bill called you to be a leader.

It's actually big from my perspective.

Everybody is called to be a king or queen of rule you were given authority and if you look, you know, in the epistles of Paul is pretty clear like you have authority in the walk in that authority because there's all sorts of things that that that God's wanting you to fight for right all the time as I is I listen to Mary story. There was all sorts of battles that were going on and I love what she said they prayed and talk about you know something that you're calling on the leader of all leaders right like there's the guy that can actually carry the ball when I'm not there, and clearly he did as I listen to the story in the car for six times that you know I'm not wondering why she didn't go in there. There was the presence of God saying don't do this thing on better plan of the uses wonderful people like pregnancy network to get there now I have to tell you that there is not one, not two, not three but four people that argument drive for this book so that if called in Dr. Bott's appointment needs more books will will talk about the I don't want any of them to leave me with this.

I want everybody to get a chance. Of this, because I really love to hear the different answers so nobody even though somebody else uses the answer that you are no say don't hang up, please.

I want to talk to you got somebody that actually is from Alaska but happens to be in North Carolina.

Apparently that would be Lucy's tournament. But first caller was Asher in Franklin, North Carolina Asher, you're on the kingdom percentage good morning good morning sir Asher tell me about this grass character. He just couldn't keep off the grass and those long males. They've always grossed me out. You like to grab a just couldn't stay off the grass… That would be seeing your you definitely want this and he was a narcissist was not yet so I got Anna Lucy and Janice please know that we want to talk to you when we come back more from Dr. Bob and Mary with pregnancy network in their daily what you can go all the things welcome back to your save you know somebody as well as the gala or the book you know whatever you want to do, but I always love to hear some of the neatest gas are from listeners that suggested people that were really doing cool things that they see God doing that's what the shows formats.

What we would like to highlight so don't hesitate to go to kingdom email me I would love to hear from you no matter what. Meanwhile I have my good friend Amy Carbo is on the line in them will get to these many rivers here in just a minute, but first off, you have Amy. She is the host of the cure and her shows, 1 o'clock on the Truth Network and today Amy, you have a Muslim who turned Christian is now working with Iranians right now so I persecuted people in the world. Late in 19 main thing the crime anyone gained a doctor who then become martyrs movement going – living in Iran, believe it or not thank Dr. Sherry found out by around 900 hundred out and Iran. The biggest church that my funds are responding to the got all night crying history and I was unaware that essentially wonderful great show. You got lined up at sonnet 1 o'clock. It's lives in calling that show as well say number 866-348-7884. Thank you Amy. Have a great show… By all right well Lucy is Alaska/North Carolina so I got here about this Lucy, are you still with me. So Lucy, are you Alaska Ganey and how do you say that all your old house on wow. I've always wanted to go someday. I need to visit so there's not a lot of grass up there I guess. But there is probably in the summer. Maybe we are right now there is no up there so which King which which leader in the Bible did you think that that was couldn't stay off the grass deftly did and then he got narcissistic. Thomas is very interesting. I love the fact that he wrote Nebuchadnezzar himself wrote the passage after the grass incident where it gives us insight that really is is pretty unique from the time.

Of you know somebody that actually was, not a Jew but it you know. I guess what you want to call a Gentile and and and got to see what God could do. You know, there just an amazing story, not Lucy. Have you ever had a grass eating experience that I only broken when the Lord called me and had been serving the Lord about 44 years now. You know me to. I think we all had that so we can really relate it relate even though we can't spell his name but it slipped up let's call it today. So next up we got Anna's enrichment, Virginia hello I am robbing are you doing I am excited to talk to Richmond this morning to listen on W LES up there.

We are so grateful for you, listening, and so who are you thinking might be this grass leader Nebuchadnezzar. Now that was aggressive very very funny friends, and every time we say will what are you having for dinner and we say you're having salad you're being Nebuchadnezzar, while the one thing I'm convinced personally that people that eat asparagus. This is horrible and you have a grass eating experience I would say I do I know all of us have to come to the universe will or we can rely on the board and truly being on him. Indwelling on and and so yeah they definitely have been to the bottom and any legally delete backup every day we get down there quite often in the Valley humiliation, no doubt, but I love. I forget where I heard the sermon years ago about Jesus broke the bread actually blasted and then he could use it, you know. And so that's kinda how that works but and thank you for calling in for listing to Richmond we so appreciated by welcome thank you to God blessed so next we got Janice is in Charlotte so I got quite a here today. Janice welcome your kingdom percentage good morning and I can tell, in order to have grass. We got have sunshine and live there you go there you go.

So I'm guessing well you could tell me who your guess was, but worse. Well thanking you all well. I'm sure he likes that is okay with so I bet you if you had a grass theater experience.

I'm probably you know yet morning mom, Gail, that's very true.

And you know John Bunyan said a very wonderful thing. I think Dr. Bob will love this that the grass is much greener in the Valley of humiliation since the soil is much richer for us to bigger roots because you know once we've been humbled. Like in this case, Nebuchadnezzar was, you know there's a lot more that we can learn once we empty out the vessel you know them same late will you. You two are a winner. Janice, thank you for calling and I so appreciate it. And for you. Listen on WC are you in Charlotte so thanks bye-bye so if you got another story forced Mary okay for yes just a little context dependent network. We offer three levels of service say that the first thing that we do for London he's facing unplanned pregnancies. We offer free medical services. Any pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds or STD testing and treatment. Next level we offer is education status, parenting classes, pregnancy classes, community referrals, things of that nature. Third level as mentor ship so we had an entire program called connect and what we do is we can ask a woman who is interested when a woman in a local church and the goal is to help and help her enter into a lifelong long-term help is yeah and say we really believe if a woman progresses through all three of those levels shall be empowered to move forward with her life and say hey we had a woman comes US and she was pregnant and very in shadow issues and I did a father did not want to be involved and she receives at pregnancy test ultrasound and went to my classes as she is progressing through three levels of service and she chose life on which we are very right about she signed up for an internship program and on what happened after that was a really cool thing and then and there that we find it once more. Don't go to Kmart and Walmart. We got the rest of the story was we got Dr. formation of the leadership involved. Not to mention his take on Nebuchadnezzar for King David, welcome back to where we have with this Mary Holloman with the pregnancy network. They are branching out all of the try and their virtual Gail is going on now through Friday the 30th. You can go to their website search to get it. Dr. Ricardo's book.

Of course, leadership in the age of narcissism that we help sell five topics left our hero Mary.

In this case, this other lady who was joined and I love the community because right if you put people as part of that discipleship is what Dr. Bob was talking about his you know you surround people with community and and they have no support system yet exactly what we don't want a sustainable and then choose life, how to get how delightful you never what we want to do is give her that community and that she can walk through life with vacant get-togethers that the cool thing about this woman was that I was actually my church. On one Sunday I was with my Sunday to work in the children's ministry sounds in class rain and this woman comes around she's talking out sunlight flyers for each class and I realize she was another volunteer and we exchange some words and spoke in a shoebox of Alex and her nose like totally one. Then he went to pregnancy network and the cool thing was her mentor that she had been paired with went to my church and that mentor had a baby shower for her and invited her into her home and gotten her involved as a volunteer in the children's ministry at our church and she had previously not been connected to a church that it was just really need to see the how that ended how we were able to meet her. She chose life and she was connected read a lifelong friend and the community at the local body of Christ. Absolutely beautiful and Dr. Baden we see second Corinthians chapter 1, all the time like the comfort that she was comfortable with. Now she can disciple others right that's that's the beauty of what you're teaching her story is great shows you how much further can you go online backup support community. I mean, just think about a cop going into a building and dangerous situation. I was better prepared. Could you be looking pregnancy when it comes to things such as you know, lookover timeframe, with all the things that people are going to die for your trouble the moment, how much further could you be if you had a great organization or great pool of friends who can give you some backup so cheat sheet but almost directly in blown away by everything that you're saying there while serving people with your servant leadership all throughout the Bible we also talked about mentorship and mentorship is an aspect many people don't know this is an aspect of leadership like coaching, mentoring, walk along like you said Robbie about Bible ship walking through life with somebody in people's lives are literally being changed by just you walking with Dan hey, you are not alone not going to do this all by yourself you're going to support you and pray for you and offer you free services on top of that to make your little bit lighter, wonderful, wonderful, and Dr. I know we don't have much time left. I want to give you a minute to share some on your heart. You want to get shared today and I don't want not give me an opportunity to do that so much about a happy pre-birthday want to get better before I forget. One of the many things I want talk about that self leadership is the basis for all leadership this point. Also, interval the book party was written to develop the generation of biblically-based Christian leaders not just leaders who don't learn secular leadership in corporate America and try to use it in the church or you try to use the Christian life. But leadership.

Leadership is the basis for all leadership flagellants people that I mentoring her coaching before you try to tell everybody what to do about you follow your instructions about how about all your old when you try to lead your team will you try to lead organization use like son" which you have your clothes on the practical stuff done to my wife. You have inside information here. Dr. call leadership that is lacking.

People want to put the leadership somebody else but I try to challenge people to allow God. No joke yet. He said this to me. I was laughing all the Bible like you never pay the build will be praying and I never do it. Do okay so when you start paying your bill when you start doing what you said you're going to do coming.

Okay I could to make this practical.

At the end of today you will text me when you have paid the bill that you said you have the money and when you will do some of the things that you said you said you're going to do because of course you can trust you because you're not following through on the principle of self leadership is the basis for yourself.

Now Mary might absolutely like to have both Dr. Baden with me today as I mentioned, to get his find out about the gala or how you may want to connect with the pregnancy network know the volunteering leads to great leaders so leadership right now and lead you to stay tuned. Truth Network is not encouraging. Prayer followed by turning the cholos daughter

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