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Kingdom Pursuits - All Comes Down To LOVE

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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September 27, 2020 10:38 am

Kingdom Pursuits - All Comes Down To LOVE

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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September 27, 2020 10:38 am

Very special time with Author of the new book, The Assault On Our Nation, Alex McFarland and Diana Jewell from the Pregnancy Network.   Alex sums it all up in the words of Jesus Christ.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. I am really looking for today show.

We have some really tough, non-that really I never get a chance to just amazes me how God is doing all sorts of amazing things all over the place and I get to find out about them. And so one of the things that we could find out about today is the pregnancy network which is apparent that's been operating in Greensboro for years and years and years and years is just Robbie didn't have the know much about it as we have witnessed Deanna Jill, who is with the pregnancy network welcome Deanna, thanks for having me and so you're a senior director. That's right.

And so you can kinda tell us what you do there for the pregnancy network share sale. I'm a senior director of health and client services. If you think about a pregnancy care center. If you've ever heard of line you're probably thinking about pregnancy testing something along those lines sell and that's what I overseer those two departments that we have medical services. Other services are free pregnancy test limited heavy ultrasounds STD testing and treatment, and we also have classes and programs to have a pregnancy 101 class of parenting 101, and a mentorship program and we also have an abortion recovery program. So really overseeing all the staff and the volunteers that are in in those services doing that is performing and for the women that come to the pregnancy network day in and day out. That is awesome and you can tell from that like all good because you have stories down there where where the stories have more God's interacting with people and babies are being saved. So I'm really looking forward to some of the stories. Yeah, we also want to make you aware that they have a big gala.

It's a virtual virtual surround, find out all about that.

But next up we have Alex McFarlane, my old friend and author and broadcaster all sorts of evangelistic stuff that he does but Alex welcome back to the kingdom pursuits will thank you very much an honor to be on and you got a new book, the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late. Yeah yeah it's a book that we've really been praying about for couple of years and I would actually in a restaurant having lunch in Virginia and a publisher called it.

We want this book out before the election, but you gotta write it by August the by the evening of June, I was on my knees praying, writing and researching the book came out about a week ago and it's doing very very well and out we talk about the Christian history of the country. How we deviated from it and how we can find our way back and really we must really unprecedented times which can as you might guess, yeah, because it of the big gala for the pregnancy network. It's virtual right right and so it all the stuff that's going on right now is virtual right Alex, I mean some speaking of unison, they knew this was, so I really excited about this one. And you know and maybe the enemy knows what you call a virtual assistant that can't spell Oliver to tell Robbie you want about that as you lay awake at night thinking about that out here you go. She is called dyslexia like that. I have another friend that is all in the computers and stuff and he started crazy thing is a website offering for virtual girlfriend called eBay there's another problem.

There was there's all kinds of problems with the software for understand. Note what we heard was that they all they went ran somewhere ransoming it is it is girls. They ran somewhere. Okay, so Alex and I laughed a deep question and there is a deep question here is our virtual jobs really funny. I don't think so.

After all those little Littles that we actually have the big one coming so speaking of virtual which King you can call and when I telling us which King in the Old Testament was surrounded by the most virtual right so which King in the Old Testament was surrounded by the most virtual profits of the kingdom was clearly a nonprofit organization is, but there so you could call in the way in which King in the Old Testament was surrounded by the most virtual profits and that you have very last words were all right. You got a call in and tell us which old testament King was surrounded by the most virtual profits, 866348788486634 truth so getting back to you right so how did you know is one of the stories like how how did you get connected with the pregnancy network so I went and did my undergrad at many Bible Institute in Chicago Illinois and my meter there was Bible in ministry to women and to finish my degree. I needed to do an internship and kind. Long story short, led me to Greensboro North Carolina to at the time Greensboro pregnancy care center with since I renamed and rebranded this year on but wasn't sure what to expect. While it was gonna look like and I left.

I loved that I was able to be in a ran with a one man out a really tough time in her life and just love her and be there for her and listen to her and share truth with her and the love of Jesus with her on.

That's why I felt God had called me to do personally and said no I left finish my degree and the job opened up a job to come down full-time and I applied job sale by God's grace had been down here working at the pregnancy network for just over four years and I love it. So while you went to Moody and I mentioned Alex, you know lots and lots and lots includes including Dr. Chapman went to Moody yeah and the church.

Your friend got manned ordination was a graduate of Moody. What a great here. Their wonderful, absolutely beautiful and and so we heard about how you got called to do the book from the print from the public publisher. Good word. I'm glad you can think faster than wasted all my mind and virtual joke, but how did God call you to write the book I mean I just you said you sense that a couple years ago what it what you feel like God was trying to get well you know what we talked about in this book America how to play.

We talk about something that probably a lot of people have not heard or maybe not ended the subject of natural law, no whenever we church talk about like abortion law marriage is between a man and woman. Many people on the left say well you're violating you.

You can't establish and what will the fact that our in our Bill of Rights with brain Alex is going to break we come back to hear more about how the Constitution is and a lot more about welcome back to hear how God thinks your passion is poster children for that today we have had a jewel pregnancy, network range for on their upcoming virtual gala. I'm told it's virtual gala was Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson from the New England Patriots. He was a tight in the car always passes is unbelievable stuff and you can that you can meet with them virtually arming this awesome account of this all set up and it's coming and you can find out more about that as well as Alex McFarlane's new book, the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late and there is a link there to Amazon order the book and then rated five stars right Alex and then tell everybody how much you enjoyed it and it's all there kingdom so very fun.

I have a red letter on the line and you know whenever you have regular suite we have to get Scott is in Winston-Salem. So stop your unthinkable so which King in the Old Testament was surrounded by most virtual profits in your opinion, Scott. I was thinking that too. Would you agree with that.

Alex was thinking it was a nonprofit organization for sure.

Is this absolutely wonderful Scott you're a winner and I'm so grateful and you know that's just a really curious story in so many different levels. You know and how you know the thing about that amazes me most about Ahab is how many times God gave him another chance showed them grace writers disguise complete shenanigans, but he sends in the Lodge and some really cool people will and so I guess there's hope for Robbie but I just got appreciate called in so thanks so when we left our hero Alex you you were right in the middle of the Constitution and the First Amendment. So we don't leave you there.

Alex left yeah but law, moral called evidence.

And frequently, but whenever we talk about abortion, marriage thing matter to a lot of evangelical Christian. Many on the left will say well if you if you defend life. Your establishing religion violating the fourth amendment and and in the book. I explained how to talk about that and no you're not look the First Amendment. This Congress will not establish religion doesn't mean the abolition of all morale and so I think one of the things we've got to do and how can I plot the pregnancy care center.

One issue that every voter, and certainly every Christian ought care about it be the egregious terrible unspeakable abortion that is drawing us farther and farther away from the blessing of paper God and more judgment of God. And so in my book I talked about how to effectively argue this point with with those on the last so that you can. We can begin to make headway when I've given the lecture around the nation that attorney and already Christian born-again lawyers would come up and say you know I'm so glad you talked about this because for a long time people in the legal profession that are believers that we have to teach about natural law in order to help people understand that our Constitution, Bill of Rights, declaration doesn't mean that we can just leave anyway when I lived there, here out there on the BP trail that she said today. We need more riots and more anarchy. Oh my goodness thing we need to go back to a foundation of morality, and in my book I talked about how we can do that so awesome Alex on an ice it's amazing the things that God does with your platform and were just always excited to partner with you and get my word out on that and again I was just really thrilled, really thrilled that God had you Moody. When such a unified education that was provided to you in whatever and then he was like okay now you got to get a zealous outward to use them so you you found yourself there in your internship. Was there a story where all the sudden you interacted with the client or something and you saw God show up and you said oh that's this is what you're calling me to yeah I think as believers, I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to dealing say the right things, especially when it comes to sharing the good news of the gospel with people on and that definitely was there is learning how to lead client appointments and interweave the truth of Jesus in his left brass in this appointments and so meeting as physical needs, what we talk about the care center with also meeting our spiritual need and so I've realized that we don't really need to put so much pressure on because all we have to do is just be obedient to what we know is true. So I had a woman during my internship and she had come over with her boyfriend from another country and on never finish their undergrad they're about to start their masters program planning on getting married on and found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy and just felt like it wasn't the right time and felt like they were capable of handling a baby at this point in their lives and I had to deal with.

Just tell her hey this is what I see in you. I see that you came over here and I was really scary by yourself without your family came over here you have a good head on your shoulders. You're smart, you you finish school. You're about to start your masters program you have an awesome support system of even just your boyfriend someone that you're planning on getting married to a lot of women don't even have that so far and that here's what I'm seeing you and I know that you can do this in an even just telling her hey sister that she had four babies was not paying on having anymore I found out she's how you fit baby was overwhelming and she has support an awesome husband you know if she can do it.

You can even simple things like that that a lot of times these women don't have someone just speaking the truth are simple things that hey, this is what I see in your life and sometimes as a stranger. I think that can be even more powerful then maybe if a family member or friend where it's likely obligated to tell me that you know I can bet you see these things in me, whereas a stranger bow. You've only known me for 20 minutes in your your complementing means and telling me that I can do this now knocking your landing doing now is something that that I just thought was really neat. And so did she keep the she did.

They did they did choose life that you actually get to see the comments back up and that just you know you do not like God I got to partner with you to save a life. And I got to partner with you because you know those parents are just rejoicing, rejoicing in the fact that they did not make another decision like wow wow wow wow wow yeah I mean just beyond cool how God takes unplanned pregnancies.

You know, and turns them into just huge gigantic phenomenal blessings in our lives. And then what a neat role that you get to play Alex what what you think will I think the wonderful miniature you know 58 hour labor in the Lord is not in and in the blessing you are goodness gracious, even just hearing your voice I can do your smile, and I know I'm speaking for tens of thousands of lives right now you you let the body of Christ.

Here in the mid-Atlantic region and you know, to every every body whether you just give a gospel booklet to somebody out in the course of your day, or you smile and invite that neighbor to come to church your praying for somebody interceding you know our labor in the Lord is not in vain. 58 Keep shining the light in the support virtual gala for the pregnancy care center. My good yeah couple think I got it last one will there be a great revival in America, I meant thing that have to happen for God will bless one.

We need unity in the body of Christ. John 1721. We need unity, so any any friend of Jesus is a friend of mine that that should be our mind that the other thing and we will and our nation will never have a favorite God will this happen we got to stop killing baby and and for that reason, I absolutely applaud the work of this in all the pregnant.

And thank you for that script so that it's really really encouraging because it doesn't. And of course you know there's so many opportunities that God has given you Alex and and what you're doing. That clearly is not returning void is imagine some of the young people that you meant it meant toward many years ago are now you know a place where they can begin to sway the essentially the culture it's got to be a beautiful thing to look at and because right you you started this many, many, many years ago. Well, you know, God is good. There's sure when I was young, and 20 years ago and I withdraw her and I want there is a similar number and leave our hero. Then again just combats the church and here's the music so you want to go to Walmart here without malice so much more. Getting the receipts coming up. Welcome back to the kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and they were so blessed to have with us good friend Alex McFarlane with his new book, the assault on America and how to defend our nation before it's too late, as well as Deanna Jewell, who is with the pregnancy network in Greensboro with their upcoming virtual gala Super Bowl champion Benjamin Watson but more importantly they're going to have testimonies like we heard from Deanna of of of life that is been saved in your chance to see what God is doing in Greensboro and take part in that it's all there kingdom and find out about that but also today at 1 o'clock Amy, when the cure is coming on. Got Amy here Amy welcome.

I am so excited about. Yes, it is you got a great show on tap at 1 o'clock Eastern. You guys have faith and science, and you got a movie producer on when you write what I think there a challenging like that guy got it back at what I got. It will explain behind many nation are you some Alex, are you familiar with that sound.

What God listens against the tide know that when I'm glad to hear about it sounds like it must have to do with the oceans. I'm guessing you see a baby every seen the movie I document a lot that's beautiful and so it's a live show that Amy does and so you can call in going beyond at 1 o'clock Eastern and just you know how cool because this is one of those really fundamental issues right Alex that with that bit.

We all face when it comes to the First Amendment's ability to say hey you know God was there in creation right sure. Absolutely. And you know we got to Christian. One thing on everybody. I hope in the name of the Lord, that you are registered to vote and I hope that you are going to make the effort because look directly at your secular note that we know what I don't like the idea of God. I don't want to hear about morality think that what we need to have the courage to say that a militant secular. If you want to be a Christian.

That's fine and nobody can make you be a Christian but we cannot live out the secular dismantle the foundation that gave us a free state prosperous America for 242 years and what gave the this nation the greatest nation. I think second only to Israel under King Solomon. America has been the greatest nation and world is straight Judeo-Christian moral foundation. Speaking of a even Christopher Hitchens, the late Christopher Hitchens, whom I debated, I interviewed even kitchen recognized that America was built on a Judeo-Christian moral scriptural foundation that he wasn't a believer, but he recognized that we were based on if we don't fight for those in prayer at the ballot box as an influencer is the voice were working to further defendant anarchy and so I'm happy in Jesus, and I know God is in control. Right now our nation hangs in the balance and those that love the Lord and love true have got to have the courage and the initiative to stand up and speak up or were going to further lose our nation centrally. Maybe you have Alex and Felix go right and so you know, again, the show was the keywords coming on at 1 o'clock. And so, how cool. One of the cures.

Apparently, Satan sign so we got coming up.

Thanks Amy for calling and documents you think should great show you guys.

1 o'clock today and of course forgot Deanna with and I asked her you know that that's the first story wowed me so much. I was asking her she could give me more because you know that's one of the neatest things that that that it like I get to work. The Truth Network I get to see God do stuff like how how did that happen like this or stuff like that but it does come to mind that you could share what it was now one of my favorite stories is Alice Jimmy life outside of work and going to a meeting.

On a Tuesday evening and were sitting around in a circle is any group that has starting to be a part of Anna's telling them about our walk for life that year for the pregnancy network and hangers, hiking, and father. Let me know if not more information and a woman sitting across me in the circle has pregnant belly and she does well. I went there and that's why I chose life and I just automatically I'm like trying to hold back tears back in just amazed and wowed and got to know her more not to throw baby shower for her as a part of that community. And we did a story on on her car, it's on our YouTube channel and website and that basically she is a hairstylist and she found out she's pregnant stepfather to be involved to be a single mother and Artie had a daughter was just felt so overwhelmed and afraid of what you felt like abortion was her only option.

It's very common for a lot of women and the woman in her chair said you need to call this place and I'll go with you so she called us.

The line came with her and she chose life she knew after that ultrasound after speaking with one of our peer advocates. She knew that she couldn't do it so the girl that she was she was come the ladies hair and the lady said you need to go to Salem Salem excuse me I need to go to pregnancy network yeah and she carried her there. Selling MMS that awesome. We make it complicated a lot of time but I think it's just little moments of obedience and you saying like an empty nest and what what a change that I can make in someone's life and now getting to see her sign case and I still get it to her hair salon and he is therefore is all now the cutest thing life of the party so that is one of my favorite stories.

I would imagine she celebrates her son and it's a beautiful thing like while God shows up in. This is why it is so critical. Alex that we really you know see for such a time as this, because each of those votes, especially with what's going on the Supreme Court. You know could make a difference for I don't know how many moms that would not make this choice if it was illegal. You will let me make an observation. Clearly you know God loves all people Bible Christ is all come to the knowledge of truth and salvation what I'm about budget thing. Clearly, the Lord loves everybody and whosoever will make calm was clear that if we go to the wind.

We will reap a whirlwind. And when we have stand there are consequently think about it. People talk about the problem. Illegal in the country. There are so many people that come in over the last few know 25, 30 years illegally.

I think about all the millions of American building because they were aborted and and people worry about how much is been paid into social security and what about you know, tax revenue and all that well here's the thing. I mean since 1973 at least 55 60 million natural born American born didn't get an education, are not part of the workforce and I think that the number of illegals of the last 3540 43 years are 47 years. Rather, has been roughly equal to the number of American we aborted and got all the consequences were spent and what paying for our I think that's another segment, Alex and the pregnancy network announces new assault on America all their kingdom pursuits. Welcome back to where we hear how God thinks your use is not always God is doing all over the place, they we have salad Alex McFarlane his wonderful new book, the assault on America how to defend our nation before it's too late in the jewel with the pregnancy network there in Greensboro that have an upcoming virtual gala and will find out more about that but Deanna did you guys have a really cool mission statement. I think your listeners would be glad to hear our mission is that we empower women to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear and something that I do want to say is that we know that in the try to Lancet Winston-Salem High Point Greensboro area over 3400 women last year, chose abortion. We know that to be true. That fear is crippling and said that Lee sent to the choice of abortion and we want everyone to know any listener that has had an abortion that you are not beyond help and hope and we want to give that to you and we do have an abortion recovery program and we we know Jesus that can give you that healing that you are looking for so many women on my left with pain-and-suffering after the choice of abortion and man on and so we want you to know that we exist for you as well set something.

I just want to make sure clear and we are hoping we just signed a lease are not a lease we closed on an office in Winston-Salem so we are on expanding and opening another center because of that number because 3400 women felt like abortion was their only option in felt like that was the hope that they were looking for the help and I know that that's not true. And so that's why we are expanding our services so that more women now that abortion is not the answer and that we can help them all the more reason you need to check out this virtual gala yet get to see stories that are good to see this guy who was obviously impacted by this very thing, but he was a Super Bowl champ yes so by opening your home, you can change your city right you get to put on the parties yourself.

So it is really cool. Find out about it. It kingdom and Alex, of course, want to give you the last word a couple minutes on more on your book well will. What an honor to be on both of you and hate that website where people can learn more about the gala secure exciting bits kingdom just know our website grant great will only encourage people doing the interview I met at church were watching a live stream of the return out of Washington.

The Jonathan Kohn prayer gathering some up-and-coming pork and beer nanogram lot. Franklin Graham is going to come on Dr. Dobson and I'll be on James Dobson radio show in late October family, but I encourage all your listeners. Robbie pray for this country great. Pray for the confirmation of the present Supreme Court nominee that will hear about before 5 o'clock today and then of course pray for the election and especially pray that God would overrule any attempts at voter fraud because what hangs in the balance to me and my goodness John MacArthur is being threatened with jail time for preaching the gospel really the DNA of our country hangs in the balance of pray influence others vote in its bill Robert Godley that's absolutely because such a time as this.

You know we live in really different times in God. Sin is only honored us with this opportunity to step in this culture at this time and just love on people you know I love what you guys do when it's really simple. You just find somebody and engage them in an and this is what I see a new this is the simple things Jesus gave us his love one another and even if they differ with you radically in their views actually what Alex was speaking to somebody yesterday was tell me how much present from Clyde and I couldn't vote for that man and millionaires. My civil do you really think I just looked at us to do you really think that your candidates there that your talk about over would do anything to stop the writing.

Do you really feel like that that's the answer to the violence that's going on and I go all. I hadn't thought about that night I said even worse. If this know if Pres. Biden want to make it in the presidency and now you have is VP picked you think she'll stop the riots what you think we can have more knowledge does personal talk uses.

I hadn't thought about that and I really I didn't know that I was engaging somebody change the road but apparently I did because my letter is like all I can't vote for that and I was like well these are the things that the debtor really were facing and and here we go.

This is really such a time as this running would not be not your heart at all but any time humans are involved, it only served to people because we we humans are all finite and limited and so really, I applaud you Robbie for helping people and we all have the opportunity every day as we just meet great people and talk to this loving one another's is obviously an opportunity because defend our nation before it's too late or something so that I have so much fun with my friends list, a podcast later but I want to tell you prayers, change price and really love that followed by the mask when journey starts here now 12 o'clock and then we curate one where he heard about all one 3001 Alina is always this is the Truth Network

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