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Kingdom Pursuits - A Masculine Moment

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 8, 2020 1:38 pm

Kingdom Pursuits - A Masculine Moment

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 8, 2020 1:38 pm

Andy and Rodney from The Masculine Journey fill in for Robby.  They BRING it!  Heart, hope & their true love of God.  Plus a couple of their friends show up too.

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth.

Your host Robbie Gilmore Robbie, no it's not Robbie. My gosh were in trouble again. It is okay this is the billions here today. This is a mining venue, some quite with Robbie through the masculine journey radio show and and boot camps and we also have Ronnie flinch with this yet. Associate also from American journeys got a couple rookies there trying to fill in form doing the best we can. Folks, so just bear with us will get you through this altogether.

The I love to hear Robbie laugh trademark from him, but that what were going to be talking to you today is we, had a change in plans. We were have a couple different topics for you. One of the topics is when Robbie asked me to do sit in on this. I was like okay so I don't have necessarily kingdom pursued and I don't have a lot of contact with ministries like he does. But what I do have is recently me and a friend of mine and a friend of mine.

Several friends of mine and we decided to during this coded, we realize that we had become disconnected with our communities are church and stuff like that. We had connected. Over time, and I'll talk more about that later but we had, you know, we just didn't saw the need to really connect with one another. So we basically started not I will like to call a Bible study was a group of men that met to talk discuss men's issues and particularly what we ended up talk a lot about is what kind going on in the world today and in the need for men to be men and the whole masculine journey with dad and we we adopted a book and I'll talk about that a little bit later with Stuart Robert tees on with me where we go out talk a little bit more about our friendship later but he's on with this.

I hear he's in the studio with this what we were gonna have is running at a friend that's over with.

High Point jail ministry yet he's done several ministries in jail ministry is calling. So if we can still get a hold of him yet having trouble reaching himself. We get him on their bowl jump in some jail ministry discussion as well and what his passion is. So stay so you know you're carrying the show now for the rest of the time and left. But now we just went into this kind of set up what were doing because we feel like even though we did. This is an unofficial ministry or anything we want to kind inspire me and then her feel disconnected.

Now because of covert. Maybe. Maybe in their local church that they're not really having a time when they really come together and talk about men's issues in a close setting because a lot of times men struggle with sharing their heart be an open and transparent in a God call the student talks about. Confess your faults one to another, that you may be healed, but how you gonna do that unless you share your life with somebody else and that's what I've gotten from you know, the masculine journey team. You know we talk about the wild 14 the John elders is where we get a lot of this information but it's been so relevant to my life and I shared it with you.

My friends store me in one. But anyway, what we just kind of want to walk through that what is look like in our time during an covariate in the social unrest just how we've been able to share about different things so what should we do next is jump into hell is going on and because it was your talk in there and he just exactly that my story little bit is I've always went to church with since I was young I my mom was the one that was taking me to church. We always go I go there every Sunday and now only only one time when I was in the teenager that I had AL leave the putative throw up during church elders are so hung over Enoch kind of thing sizing out real big follower of Jesus. When I was young I was there but I was not there in spirit and then later finally when I was my life could change.

I lost my job and it got a new job down in Charlotte living Winston-Salem early in the morning traveling down to Charlotte. I hear on the same channel that I listen NASCAR to cassettes of a NASCAR fan amid living in NASCAR country right NASCAR channels and all in place site I left on that channel.

I get up at 5 AM the go, drive, and who comes on that Dr. J.

Vernon McGee and I'm just like, oh my gosh I lovely talking about here. This is great stuff for me.

You know you talk about the Bible. He just teaches easy discos, you know, chapter by chapter through the whole entire Bible. Switching from old and New Testament and he's talking about men and where men should be and what we have meant to be in God's eyes as leaders. And unlike just autonomy psycho Mike access the whole problem because I never even see the problems in the world.

When you like men are not leading in writing.

You have to step up and first make yourself into the man you're not, so that you can lead when your time is called and just this fits in right here not use kind of reminded me of all that when I kind of actually been really gave my life to Christ, absolutely in Raleigh amusement blessing being in the masculine journey with him and I think it what year to that you've been part of the team and he just came as a as a visitor. The boot camp and we've adopted him right into the ministry and he's he's great to hear his story. His heart, and that's the thing is, there should be nothing that gets in the way of a reaching out doing this and what's been given as a main whatever whatever we've received is something we should be given back and that's what I mean. I felt like I was, given that to stored in an another guy will talk about as we did the ministry, but they had already been doing some of the stuff when what we really need to do is is just continue on in that way because it is the times get short. I think as we experience some of the staff that the the perilous times we live and work in a need to have manhood with all hearts just a little bit about started I we were best friends in high school. At least I considered him the best family healed and I and I write the status of the human anatomy open open a can of worms exactly we connected about you 2000 somewhere. I forgot how we did. We, lost contact. About 2012 13 somewhere around there. I'd been separated and was looking for some fellowship and info in friendship and still are not connected just our lives in the last really connect that close. But as we went deeper as we stayed in contact with each other. He invited me in a fantasy football league. Well, you know, that's that there is when you get community right competing competing in fantasy football and then we got into the Panthers and we went to the some of the playoff games together and then I got a job as an cybersecurity traveling quite a bit up in the mid Atlantic and while I did, I headed and a dog that I love dearly, but I didn't want to go put her in it and I kill all the time in a leaden one really cost-effective but more importantly I wanted her to be able to interact with people or whatever in and Stuart and his wife Keisha did a great job of just DNA adopted parents while I was gone and is a lot of editing. I miss Lucy.

She has passed on, but they got disconnected because in a way to stay connected through that and then recently we had a friend of ours Springs Stuart Michael Euless. We connected through the whole fantasy football thing in.

I wanted to fast-forward this real quick. We we had stayed somewhat connected but we really reconnected one week we share text and stuff like that we had been connected when covert hit we realize we needed something we started talking about how we could come together and be together as a team not a team but as a group and to offer support to one another so motherhood yet brother had exactly like you know we first started talking about quote a Bible study and and you know we we study the Bible talk about Scripture, but we we use the book part of a warrior.

It's very close related to wild heart.

The guy that wrote it actually got some of his ideas but he has a different perspective. And that's the book we use is our foundation. What will talk a little bit about more, no more back to ready to go to break store, but I want you to what talk about it, I will finally let you have in my becoming cartographic away from us. I really love this. My once again, like the Energizer, so here we are and talk about what took Stuart and Andy Sartain turned it into a passion of learning and brotherhood back or live or on kingdom pursuits. God takes your passion, and turns it into the kingdom pursuits of Lord I tell you I just love being here today. Thank you for having Robbie give me in any out of our comfort zone and your today. We love being on and by the way, speaking of being on Rick are you there and sure glad to have you. Rick's passion is jail ministry will get into that just a little bit so just say hello to our list of real quick, Rick and I were doing well. Glad you are to so one of the things we want to make sure we get to because Robbie always has his riddles write Robbie's rental so I am not can have Robbie's laugh.

It had a back panel help us out there that so were talking about foolhardiness and speaking of the heart. Do you know what part of the United States produces the largest number of cardiologist Andy is the heartland area and you know who really puts their heart into their cause. That would be organ donors and put their heart into so, did you know that the lady that stole the policeman's heart. He made a cardiac arrest and, that the man is the man was wheeled into the operating room. But then he had a change of heart. Yeah okay okay okay so little Dragon if they if they were, it would be in trouble. So what kind of conversations do cardiologist like to have heart to heart and not so when you're discussing alone with a banker. That's alone ALONE when you're alone with the banker. I want to really be careful. You know why Rick you know why this well is because the banker just might have their own interest at heart. Okay, but I have good to go and no one here speaking of really really know and this is going out to Harold, our wonderful wise old friend and say Gerald because you know they say about old man right what I say about the old man these long in the truth and where we are in the Truth Network long truth, not that well I got the last Bible riddles, so people can call in and Beth and tell him what the way that they call in for this wonderful riddle that I have formed greatly and I recommend because I've actually called in before NASA I love it because I hate I have called in and and once on the south midnight so when it comes to wholehearted this speaking of foolhardiness in the Bible which book is going to depend on which version you look at because the different translations have little different wording, but which one of those books in the Bible speaks the most about using the whole heart again which book of the Bible speaks the most about using the whole heart to call in when some from the prize vault and join us here kingdom pursuits. Okay, I try to do my best. Robbie was here flexible. His laugh is the main thing I instantly run my mouth, will throw it over to mom my friends do not want to give in this to Roberts, not Stu Epperson, but is more formal nine Stuart Mehta thrown over to him and just get his perspective, kind of on our relationship how we can reconnected with God. I mean, Stuart, and I didn't always wheat we had some a God encounters over together but we probably spent more of our time not in that vein.

If you know what I mean and just his perspective on account of our friendship and how we've been able to be kind of like a David and Jonathan we feel like together in the end this kind of how the you know this unit.

This man's grid kind of took off a man Andy Rodney. Thank you guys for inviting me here today kingdom pursuits and look forward to sharing some of the were some of the testimonies of what God is doing and what God has done in this excited to be here and be a part of the spine ministry in the masculine journey that you guys are on, say we get money Stuart Roberts. I have a beautiful bubbly wife teacher and unbelievable great awesome son, 23-year-old son Mitchell and I am a certified arborist and co-owner in a great company. Freddie tree care so we do a will. We do tons of tree work from Charlotte's ear to the triad and actually my business partner and we we would get it ministry involved in that that business as well so were excited about what we're doing on a day-to-day basis and in God's world.

God's kingdom.

But as Andy said you know and enact reconnected all limited way way back. Andy and I met when we were back in the fifth grade and I came from Missouri and came to the little town of King North Carolina and athletic, that has that was again exactly but we week. We immediately connected both sports minded driven guys and just started our journey together. Way back in the day, playing sports and being competitors and so you know, as we grew up again. We grew up. Best friends played sports together are went on camping trips and just, you know what boys do fish and hunting. We waited so you know as as we grew up in the unit we graduate high school when when our permits are separate ways in the have families. We were just lost contact there for a while and then as Andy said about 2012 this is Mrs. Dag again. I love how God shows off like Utah, humanity and the EDD does some miraculous things again this about that time I was like you know the same thing Andy was telling telling me about you and I miss I miss the friendship of of my friends back in the day and one day as I was over in Greensboro looking at a job are going to meet with the client and the funny thing is I'm hardly ever over in Greensboro, area is usually Charlotte to appear toward Lexington are unit installed.,

Ms. partner, Kelly handles the Greensboro Winston-Salem area. So anyway, for whatever reason I was ever in Greensboro that day to stop by a Panera bread and ate lunch and then I had already ordered my food in the house was his pain at the counter and looked over to my right, someone, demand that it looks like 80 and I said the it is united. So when up and we started talking and ate lunch together and then it's just been a friendship everything I reconnected every I don't know how you hey you knew who I was because I just got my first head shave because I was losing my hair so badly got Jim and I said that he was a God moment, and ever since then we have stayed connected. I mean, day in day out. We encourage one another, we have unit well again like he said we got into some fancy football games. We have a minute godly that we had Michael Regulus or other friend started and so we just been you know sharing the word together and you and Sharon are here in our family time together hanging with Lucian that Liz can think say but yeah Sandy was sand. Also we started this, but with COBIT we know we we wanted to continue our our Bible studies and as we said okay we greeted the zoo meetings every Saturday morning 730 we we get up and we talk about the the heart of a warrior mycotoxins book at that weird going through right now and so were were excited to be you know Sharon masculine journey in this pursuit united we we have been through while the heart before John and Lockhart and I think Michael and I shared some of that testimony later that we gone through some of that lot.

Heart and and say the unit with this masculine journey that Andy had an he and invited me to the book Masculine journey which will get into a little bit later as well and he just kept pursuing pay pursuing me on on that nest of great testimony.

I can't wait.

Cheryl Matt but just excited about what God is doing right now. Jan and Michael join in the weakest kind of felt like we that we needed to have something right here but for COBIT because we were disconnected from our churches and stuff like I say, so we got to talk a lot we can do and we were. I was like there was some other books that can come from my the Wilde Art team once considering Michael's like well I know this guy Michael Thompson wrote this book that something similar to the heart of a warrior might want to read that and it was just kind of a God thing had all orchestrated and it's a very similar message but it's it's a different vein, Michael Thompson has a ministry in the tri-Triangle area and you know we might. Michael Euless knows him and talk to him. Hey, what should we do about the packages is booked and it's been great to go through a get a different perspective because we do each one of us have felt like it's so important to really connect level and to have that right. Welcome back to kingdom pursuits and Orlando was on the phone because I hear he thinks he knows the answer the riddle today so let me reiterate our riddle. Speaking of foolhardiness in the Bible which book probably based on translation speaks the most about using the whole heart Orlando area on their rights are will let booking to your mind when you talked about foolhardiness. I am I will be a lot of because I like one of my little will you get the book on be good even got old David Aminah art on another product, but all over the place. They are hassles things and that's why we sit and talk about how hardiness we do so many different things within the different ministries that were just talking about the role involved in the we wanted to bring out today but you're absolutely right.

The Psalms is littered with mention of how hardiness okay congrats thank you, thank you so much Orlando for being on today. Now were going to Amy a yes rookies here, so bear with us. So on on the line we have Amy Cabo. She is another Truth Network post see a whole host to curate 1 PM Eastern and Amy what's going be on the show today right at the gate can't find importantly out like to have some peace of mind. I know about you but I sure like that, Amy. We are so looking forward to your Saturday and again, everyone out there in listener land. This is a another call-in show, so call in and help support Amy and have a conversation with her this afternoon at 1 PM Eastern.

Thank you Amy very much thinking alright so now were going to move on over to Rick would like to get into little bit of the jail ministry discussion and I'd like to scan to start by you sharing with us what can I get you started. What was your passion. What drew you into jail ministry. What Rick I got started in your ministry about a Calvary Baptist church here in Weston.

And watch that simple. Student income never really thought about not one up there with them and started getting involved in almost every one might wake up there Bible study for about 10 years. Our course was a dear friend of Mellon evidence about abrupt life change going back to seminary and the pastor while before benefiting jail ministry disliking ministry. Most everything you do is count when you hear a sermon alone. Sunday morning Pastor lot counseling you were stunned to evaluate what's going on God's words will change yes sir and we saw that in jail ministry over the years have been up a full-time chaplain in the jail to watch God. Unbelievable things the lives of people are desperate and willing to listen. That's that's what's so neat about jail ministry is the most part abridged in the answer can divide answer when that that's very true and they they can slay all untrue because like likely so if you're not sold out about what you're trying to tell me they know what was coming to me as were preparing for this wreck and this can went to my mind as I thought more and more about jail ministry is that that has to be one of the things that people in the jail can smell a rat, a mile away.

You know, and if you're not coming with the truth in love. There they can spot a phony in a heartbeat.

You would work with addictive behavior will go get it balanced literal years and years and years and what what we find is that the scriptural truth of the fact that the truth will set you free is my day because the word of God, the truth about their set free from the bondage of sin and men wishing people that literally incarcerated their teenage years seen them in their 60s come to know God's and watch God the miracle that has to be very rewarding yet mean listen, I've never done any ministry and locks I have pastored up in modern bank. I have never been involved in a ministry that was more awe-inspiring and more on than watching God work in jail wonderful and looking to pick up on that. Just a little bit some more and will get jump back into Andy and Steve great great word Ray, I agree there's there's scriptural precedent for being faithful to go in and visit and then the prisoners or from the windows in the prisoners, you know, just because night.

Sometimes they are forgotten and God does amazing things.

Joseph, one of my favorite characters in the Bible is a prisoner so I think if I were bit stable. I just cannot throw it over to you. You you know we we talk a lot here about masculine during that, where Rodney and I come from.

From that influence you had some exposure to the masculine journey team in an insurer little bit about that, absolutely, and Rick. I enjoyed listen to your your your ministry and testimony there and this thing is encourage the heart again. The guy and he had been involved with masculine journey for all for a while and I think it all. He Plant the seed and you know what you come out to one of these blue cancel these boot camps and I think they have two-year April and November.

Is that correct about you and several ago but haven't yet exactly what I missed one.

I think I missed another one opportunity and I think the the third of the fourth time to think he had he had.

He said I hate you get this. This is a special and I and Anna and I could feel his heart. His passion in this ministry and I really wanted to be there but just caps and share with this after the break, but he just he just really pursued me and he said it was one November 1 and he said that I am going to you clear your calendar. Whatever you know you been busy busy busy.

But you need to clear your calendar. I've Artie signed you up. It's about faith you're coming and that that's pretty much what got me there and it it it was it is life-changing. Yeah, I mean we, there are times when guys don't know what they don't know and they don't always know you know what the experience will be like, or whatever, and I was going that way. I didn't know the first few times when I first heard about it and Darren was one of the ones reached out to me when I first connected with the ministry and encourage me to comment times people don't want to come to these we can find themselves in this kind of still had me but you know I just let him come and receive and he'll tell you little bit about that, but it was like it didn't really affect them. He was there by himself pursuing God and God mending their wheelchair on the other side a little bit more about his story that just having fun talking fellowship around me for five still you were talking a little bit about just your first experience with masculine journey yeah yeah one experience that I had went once I got out there and Andy says you're coming you're coming your common and I came in it again.

It was just unbelievable that the set up the the whole year guy had had some experience and some foundation with the wild at heart, but one of the sessions that we had there. Specifically, was you know how I forget who it was that Sharon can renew it was Brian he was using me.

Oh, I'm sorry is my first talk first talk auntie Stella's talk was about who who who am I is what what God what does God call me what my favorite songs from casting crowns. Who am I is about going into this this segment and listen to my best friend speak on his first session there and teaching. Who am I who does God say I am in so I really at one of the driven from our driving forces was after you listen to the presentation you were to go out and get alone with God and God you asked that question God, who do you say I am and I remember going out into the woods there and it was just it was so beautiful and peaceful and I was alone with God, and I was just praying and just praising him and just just right there. Just close the way I encounter with God, and I remember the word counselor coming from almost audible into my spirit and I got so excited. I went back told Andy told line that that the masculine journey guys and they set managers when unbelievable testimony and so did I. From that point on you and I like even Rick was talking about United counseling day in day out. I'm not a psychiatrist I'm not a life coach but counseling the word of God in men's hearts is just a burning passion inside of me know what one of the things that might my father-in-law all right a book called life experiences and he's got since it's a great stories in this in this book, but one thing that he mentioned to me like and what about this counseling was one time he used an analogy needs talking about when you're threading a nut on a boat. He says you know you don't go and just put the nut on the boat and forward the rotation of the nut. He says that the thing that gets into that group is when you twist it backwards I have to turn it gets in that groove and then you can spin it on to that the threats there is a life lesson for for me at Ms. like you know and I went backwards in time.

Yeah and some but that counseling session. It just got me into that groove and it's just been life-changing or sensitive masculine journey is okay Rick, but one of you talks already sent to set yourself up. It is so good at this already manages set yourself up for probe on the go was the stories that you could tell monitor they can be endless. But I know you're there to go bless others talk about how this has blessed you because we know through ministry that often you going to bless the males near the one receives the gift so kind if you kinda share some of that would love that.

Right will watching God work is the most unbelievable blessing ever come into my while I may know that what watching the things that he's promised to do for faithful to do the things that is commanded at least commanded us to take his current like this on a man like so an example in the in a significant jail.

There I was responsible my mandate was hate Christ to every melting is Amanda. I so I had to administer to every different. I took every person of faith about regardless of what I made it available to have to take.

I took the book that they called their holy book) you working in this situation like that you have to be clear about where I have seen people take the book of faith that they claim to, and push it back across the table and say after reading what you gave me and telling me what you told me about this man Jesus. I don't need to sing maze when Jesus can do in heart. Yes, and that those are the things of course, that puts you. That puts a target on DS because the one you when you master the trade. You can rest assured that the powers come against that it yes they will let you know what works for them. And boy, Rick and Charlie Nadler out one well most of their problems with affect work for you when you get back on track and start honoring the one plate generally promised to take care of it may not look like we want to, but rest assured, he never fight thank you so much for sharing that was so unbelievable, Stuart. Thanks for Vivian on today. Again this is kingdom pursuits.

Andy and Rodney filling in for Robbie. Robbie would love to have you back Bethann we love you guys are awesome for you guys coming back next week with full song at full strength

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