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September 8, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina what you look at. You would think Timothy chapter 1 today were going to be dealing with verse eight and part of verse 12 which verse 12 is our key verse mockery through all of her sacred time today and would be brief when you get right to the point if I can ever say. Paul says to Timothy being not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God with verse 12 for the which cause another words beginning in verse six, all the way down to verse 11, Paul builds his case and in verse 12.

Listen for the which cause I also suffer these things. Nevertheless, all these things in verse six through 12. Literally, I am convinced nevertheless I am not ashamed, for I know whom I believe, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I've committed unto him against that day.

Verse six we talked about the fact that as you would reflect back we talked about the fact of when you are persuaded that God is able being persuaded that God is able first, it rekindles my fire in verse 60 sister up the gift in verse seven, it renews my mind.

We have not been given the spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind when I when I know them persuaded and convinced that God is able to change is my thinking gets rid of my fear of man circumstances and that all those things have not been given that kind of spirit have not been given the kind of spirit that walks around intimidated by everybody and everything. What I know what I believe I've been given the spirit of power and of love and a sound mind, not a wishy-washy mind, not a double minded mind, sound mind, now in verse eight we see that being persuaded that God is able.

It restores my boldness the rekindles my fire renews my mind and number three on the list restores my boldness.

Let's pray Lord I love you pray, you bless your word God. We had every person in this church. We need an old-fashioned dose of boldness and Lori walk around timid intimidated by the world by the culture by the people that sit across from us at a restaurant where intimidated by everything and everybody in God. I believe deep down when we are convinced that you're able, Lord, it will restore our boldness. Please help us in Jesus name we pray. Amen I do start really couple things in this verse, and I'll go through it quickly, but I want to make sure I make sense to you with verse eight.

If you would be not thou therefore ashamed that word ashamed Odyssey literally means to have shame for it literally is the word that we talked about literally in verse seven that is intimidation. It means I'm intimidated and now I'm kind of ashamed of something.

It is literally the fact that is not that I'm embarrassed by it.

It's the fact that I'm intimidated by other things more than I am controlled by my affection for something. Another words, this, that it doesn't mean I don't love something, it means that there are other things that intimidate me, but I don't show my love is like you go back to you know many of you that when you were just kids and maybe you started liking a girl or like in a guy at school or something.

And you gotta begin just got alike them a little bit, but you didn't want everybody to know it and you know how likely it was just you and them. It is kinda nice and let me you know can I get that for you.

Hey, let me carry that for you that all the guys show up like a girl jock does mean you didn't like or just means I'm I'm I'm intimidated by the ones that have showed up.

What that means. This just because sometimes you and I are so intimidated that we don't share the truth of God's word. It doesn't mean we don't love God's word. It just means were allowing outside influences to intimidate us in politics for this young man, Timothy, and he said Timothy listen to me to get this being not ashamed.

In verse eight of the testimony of our Lord. Notice that fourth word in this verse be not thou therefore ashamed when he, therefore, we will we've always there when you were, therefore, stop as he was, therefore, the ugly verse seven. Paul says this and you've not been given the spirit of fear of being intimidated God's given you the spirit of power, of love and a sound mind. Therefore, because of that you will not be able to do this in your own power, but because God has given you the spirit of love and power, and of a sound mind. Therefore, being not ashamed of the testimony of our Lord. Now what is this word testimony mean and as we begin our message. Literally this morning. This war testimony is the Greek word moratorium on like wow what is that mean it means literally something evidential evidence that is given. It literally means to be testified of to witness. Do you get the word moratorium on what word do we get from moratorium on Marder. This war testimony means a whole lot more than you think it does, being persuaded that he is able.

It restores my boldness number one for the message of God. He said, listen, listen, young Timothy. Be not ashamed of the testimony, the evidence given literally the testimony that has been written down God's word. He said Timothy is a young man you if you don't watch it your to be intimidated.

Have fear and I'm telling you because God is not giving you that God is giving you the power of love and in and of strength them literally of a sound mind.

He's given that to you because of hat. Do not be ashamed of the message of God's word.

You be bold with that when you give you a couple verses Psalm 119. Actually you don't mind, I don't have eternal lot what you look at this. You gotta see. I'll show you one more verse while you're there. Just hold your place, go to Psalm 119 real quickly.

Need to see this. The message of God. Psalm 119 largest chapter the Bible. Psalm 119. Please look at this verse to verse 24 thy testimonies are my delight thy testimonies.

Your word is not only my delight. In other words, is not even what I long for. I want to be in your word but notice this and my what counselor did you hear that this this hit me a week or two ago. I think it was last thing I think maybe was Jacob somebody was in this chapter right around it and I happen to see this verse is whenever somebody brings a person work on the look of the verses around it before get this got this.

Listen to this, your testimony, your word is not just my delight. It is my counselors Laurel.

That means every verse in God's word is that counselor to your life thereby was good talk everybody else. This is cool of counsel, learners. It means God's not just the counselor we Artie talked about that you remember our Sears before Christmas.

Not just that is either great counselor but listen to every member. God is his word. In the beginning was the word the word was with God the Word was God. That means God is not just the counselor everything he's written every verse. He's given their all counselors for you, said Timothy don't be ashamed of that you need God's word. How many times have you and I just in our life been in the situation God gives us a verse, it becomes our counselor but notice if you would. I love this. Look at verse 31. I have stuck unto thy testimonies did you hear that this is about him talking. Now they vernacular I have stuck like glue off stuck to your testimonies.

Notice with the verses they were 30 10 Lord put me not to what she what it Paul tells Timothy hey listen, you don't be ashamed of the testimonies of the Lord. It's God's word. Don't be intimidated. It sure counselor it out of your delight you want to be. Gotta learn from it. We have a problem when you have a struggle to find a verse but literally the fact that when I stick to God's word. I will not be saying the know a lot of people work on a ashamed bring up God's word. They don't know well enough. They're afraid that the gotta be asked something they don't know that's a lie of Satan. Don't be afraid of what you don't know can I tell you to be some this is Melissa stop the message for second and let me just share this if you don't know something your talk somebody work. I want to bring it up. I don't know a lot about. Cannot see what works. When ask you something on this question.

Gotta say, this you know I don't know that for sure, but I'm sure the Bible has the answer, let me talk my pastor let me dig a little bit I'll come back and answer them that on we do it every day with everything else, but only want to bring up the Bible because it might be something in it. I don't know how big the Bible is your brother Joe has been in God's word and there are still some things he doesn't know about, but I stuck to it and because I have.

I'm not ashamed. Don't be ashamed of the message you got look at this verse on the screen. John 331 please get this and I don't know if I have this on their he that cometh from above. Listen to me is above all, he that is of the earth is earthly, and speak about the earth, he that cometh from heaven is above all and what he has seen and heard that he testify talking of Jesus and no man receive his testimony.

He that receive of his testimony have sent to his seal that God is true. Now I know I've added it last night before. Get screen on what you see is you to write down John three through listen me it means this. If I receive the testimony that Jesus gave testimony. Paul said to Timothy was to be not ashamed of the testimony of the Lord Paul said don't be ashamed of. This is what John says he that receive at the testimony of God has the seal the promise that God is true is dimming when you and I when our boldness is restored.

It's restored with the message of God's word number two being persuaded that he is able restored my boldness, not just for the message of God's word but number two for the martyrs of God, not just the message of God. But the martyrs of God.

What is this for testimony mean here in verse eight I got told you it means the evidence given, it means the witness of it. This is what Paul is saying to Timothy, listen, don't you dare be ashamed of God's message and don't you dare be ashamed of God's men, the martyrs, those that have gone before you that have witnessed it.

Listen to me when you get this. Can you imagine in Bible days when you're saying hey I think I would become a preacher.

Most preachers and these days were being executed, owned, persecuted, and then sound like you know a job, insurance and benefits. It wasn't as easy being a minister of God back in and Paul looks to Timothy and he says let me tell you something, don't you be intimidated. You love God for second lesson don't be intimidated by the things that have happened to the martyrs. Let me tell you something. What happened to them is a life well lived. May I say this you so how does that apply to us today. Preacher we put it this way, you and I need to not overlook and forget those that have gone before us policy the Timothy don't you forget God's word and don't you forget the men that gave their lives for it. The witnesses of it now know about you, I am very proud of the fact that obviously is anything out always wish we could do more and all those things but I'm very proud of the fact that our church respects and loves and has not forgotten Joe and Dorcas Myers and I'm very proud of the fact that our church has a respect and appreciation for men of God that come through here. I'm very proud that our church gets to experience and just be around Ray and Sheila Davis. I mean, at this stage in life heading out missions trips in Africa handing out Bibles staying in God knows what could you imagine hey listen, this shouldn't just be something that shows up why it's good to see him. We go on the lunch this to be something we appreciate that we realize God is real. God is powerful. God is loving. Oh dear friend it to restore a boldness when we report when we are persuaded that God is able. Why would be we listen. Why would be we be intimidated by anybody what they have to say or what they have to think if I'm persuaded God is able to give me boldness number three Paul says a this to restore your boldness with the message of God.

The martyrs of God.

Notice this. Thirdly, the mentors of God. We verse eight. If you would. Paul says hey don't be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner, a promise to Paul to Timothy says this Timothy don't you ever be ashamed or intimidated of the word of God. Don't you ever be ashamed of those that have given their life for the word of God.

Don't you be ashamed of the testimony of God's word or the testimonies of those that have followed God's word, the witnesses, don't you be ashamed that Paul writes this young man and he says also. Timothy don't be ashamed of me and he says this word notice. If you would, in verse eight I love it, nor of me his preacher to say that nor me his prisoner Paul.

Don't let this get to you that okay here's a guy mentoring me, here's the guy that really has lived his life and not this is who I want to be like you. Let me tell you where it ends up taking you right in the middle of a jail I made a young man might be a bit tempted to say I don't know about this. I mean, you're the one I will get up to your the one I want to emulate here the one that's earned God and you talked about how wonderful he is and your writing this from a jail cell pulse Adobe ashamed of that was to be want to get this is morning.

This word prisoner means this me off it means bound or a captive, listen to me what you get this. Paul was more free being bound in jail with Christ.

Then he would've been out of jail without him to get me. I'm going somewhere with this. You gotta read through the lines to understand what Paul is telling this young man were almost done this to me. Paul was bound physically, but he was free spiritually. Paul said, you do not need to fear the chains of suffering, but you should fear the chains of sin. Hey, there's a lot of people walk around the so-called free better bound in chains of sin. Paul said I got a better sin) jail cell and I can go anywhere but I know where I'm going everybody else to walk out go wherever they want, and I know where there had listen to me. Maybe you're here today. Maybe you're chasing facing skews me some chains of affliction. Maybe you're dealing with some things in your life now that this literally feels like it. As you bound, Paul says that this young man don't you let your self be bound by these things were going to get this. Although Paul was sitting in jail he never felt imprisoned. There was that because he was exactly were God wanted him to be.

He looks at him and he says hey don't you be ashamed of me his prisoner WBA. Don't be scared of that. Don't be ashamed of that because I'm fine sitting right here in this jail cell and you know what, dear friend of your saved by the grace of God, your fine sitting here charge and your finally back at the hospital wherever you're at your fine don't you let yourself be bound by the disease before bound by an addiction or bound by things and say, well, my life is over. I just can't control the circumstances like you don't have to be bound by those thing you are free and cry both the Timothy it might look like will.

Here's this guy over here in jail. Listen to me.

Don't be full by that Timothy but this verse John 836 if the son therefore shall make you free, ye are free indeed different. If you're here today and you been made free by the blood of Christ. There is nothing that is imprisoning you here on earth, pulse and there is a jail cell.

Listen look at me feeling freer than the person that put a minute Paulson the one side of the jail cell. Here's probably a prison guard sit on the other side of the jail cell, and while Paul look like the one that was in jail.

He wasn't. Paul was freer than the man on the other side of the bars different. I want to say something when you are convinced that God is able.

As Paul was, and as Paul said in verse 12 when you're convinced that God is able. I'm not going to be intimidated by all the bad things that happen, and I'm not good to be bound by all the things I cannot control. I have boldness that God is able matter found in jail if I'm in the hospital for that matter what's going on in my life. I know God is able to give you back your boldness. You and I walk around like sheepish little Christians. Oh well, such as such, happen. I guess my life is over. Dear friend when you're convinced and persuaded that God's able to bring boldness in your life.

The minutes of this lasted for let you go. Paul says the Timothy listen, being persuaded that God's able. It restores your boldness and the message of God. The martyrs of God. The men of God or the mentors of God number four it restores your boldness with the message of God. The mission of God. What's the mission preacher. The mission is to get the message out. Look what Paul says in verse eight I love this dog be ashamed of God's word other men who have given their lives for God's word, don't you be ashamed is absent here in jail.

Don't be ashamed of that but be partaker towards a look at it like out what that of my life. Look at it as if I can't wait to get in. I can't wait to get in jail for God. What he said be partaker of the affliction of the gospel according to the power of God.

Listen to me when you're proved when you're persuaded that God's able to give you a whole new boldness for your mission in life and the mission is what notice number one it's always around promoting the gospel number one. Your mission, your you're committed to that pulse is a be a partaker get involved. Don't be scared and intimidated every time you turn around, be a partaker of it. The affliction and disarming one.

It always demands promoting the gospel.

That's always the boy looked at me dear friend when you and I are convinced that God is able self who leaves it's not about what I want my desire my will is about the gospel depends upon that wisdom is not an easy life promoting the gospel. It is consistently placing the gospel as a priority and putting your discomfort in the background.

Paul says, Timothy, when you're convinced that God's able you need to be a partaker, you jump into this thing you can't wait, whatever God wants. Whatever God demands. It's all about promoting the gospel.

I'm gonna jump into this thing and that gives you boldness. Why is it that we see people come across the state missionaries that we've had over and over they end up in Africa as brother Raymond Sheila and we have different people brother but I think brother Burton over there New Guinea and we can go on and on and on.

Folks we've taken on for support in Japan and and all these different things. Why, because literally they cannot wait to be partakers of the affliction of the gospel because it's all about the gospel number two. The demands promoting the gospel number three. It depends on the power of God. What it pulsated Timothy. He said, but be thou a partaker of the affliction of the gospel. Notice what he says. According to the power of God's will only ever going to do it. Timothy that's why you gotta be convinced persuaded that God is able. Because if you try to do it on your own is going to stop it out of cell but you can be a partaker according to the power of God. He's able you're not what you look at this verse. Hebrews 55 verse five universe number six. We do this if you would, for he have said I will never leave the nor forsake the so that we may boldly say the Lord is my helper, depending on the power of God, the Lord is my helper and I will not fear what flesh can do it to me. Paul said a Timothy don't be intimidated just because look at me folks just because men killed those martyrs just because men put me in jail you be a partaker of the affliction. According to the power of God while what a John say because I believe that God is my helper, I will not fear what flesh can do nothing to fear what people can do when I get my boldness back. Look at me, give me 45 seconds here. Some of used to pass out tracks and you don't anymore from right about that same in used to hand them out used to leave them is to carry with you. I am guilty at times. Half the time is not. I don't want to Africa. I left them at home, let them hear left them there in a life not a priority.

There was a day were we prayed at our table now were afraid of offending somebody, so we kind the unknown right there is a day we took people out of visitation that a good number showed up and I will say this here this church every time we have. It's a good number.

I commend you for. But why is it that when it comes to actually physically doing what we say we believe very few ever do it because were intimidated Paul to Timothy since I will be intimate about the stuff you've not been given that spirit that's from Satan.

God's given you a spirit of power and of love and a sound mind you be a partaker get in there, get involved and the only way you can do it is according to the power of God, and I want to challenge you today.

I'm not had a lot of time to try to develop it had Lisa stuff out. We look at the point is this, every one of us have to admit when we have got to the point that we are not doing what we used to do and I challenge you in 2018 year we can get people come up here and give you all these wonderful stories and even brother Ray and their testimony of how God save them in all these things are coming that will not change your emotion and tried to delve into your heart and told all these sad to know what I want. Listen either. The fact is we admit were not doing what we used to or not doing what we should.

We are in. It might be today we get done, you grab some tracks out of that rack. Gotta go and speak to the person we been looking at for the last eight months know what, let's just say you know what, I'm not able I don't know what to say. I can't answer all the questions but I'm persuaded 2018 God's able, let's get an old-fashioned dose of boldness back.

Lord knows everybody and Internet bold.

Everybody on CNN's bold bout time, God's people are no I were not were not persuaded.

Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church.

Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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