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August 5, 2022 4:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Exodus chapter 3. Lord willing to listen. Exchange.

We will be ending our series on what you need to know when God tells you to go this morning. Notice if you would. Verse 20 is will pickup today and then pray like verse 20 and I will stretch out my hand in his mighty Egypt notice this with all my wonders which I will do. God said, I will do wonders in the midst thereof, and after that he will let you go number for his power for you step out by faith.

You need to know some God is going to provide you something special. His power, let's pray Lord I love you Lord. I've seen you do many wonders in my life over my ears. Dear Lord is maybe unexperienced as I might be in some areas sure have seen you do the miraculous Lord I don't know what all you might be asking of each person here today. I just believe that you're asking something from each one of Lord you have not saved any of us to sit you've not saved any of us to stay exactly like we are.

You saved us to serve you and glorify you and represent you, and to do something for you, God, whatever you might be stirring in the hearts of those who are here this morning.

I pray that you would help me as I tried to show from your words and promises that you have given to those that are willing to step out and do what you've asked him to do.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen his power, God sent a listen only to protect John Dennis mighty Egypt and let me tell you how I'm going to do that.

I am going to display some wonders and God set out that's what I'm going to do in the midst thereof. Notice verse 20 he says the wonders that I will do in the midst thereof what what is it mean in the midst thereof. Where is he talking about.

He's talking about Egypt.

He said Moses this is what I'm asking you to do and this is what I want you to be willing to step out by faith to do and and under the protection that is mighty Egypt.

Let me tell you this to give you my power. I am going to do some wonders there that you have never seen his power.

Have you ever seen the power of God.

Have you ever felt or experienced poor Saul what the power of God did know what was God talking about here. Well, let me say this. First we have to understand what this word wonders means that we always just think well okay does something wonderful and God certainly doesn't let me give me this illustration or littler.

This definition sees me access to separate to distinguish something great, something difficult, something wonderful, something that's hidden something that's hard something that's too high to understand something that's marvelous something hidden, something that's too high to understand God said Moses if you if you will just step out and be faithful all day. Just do what I've asked you to do that I will do things that you've never seen.

I will do things that you can explain I will do things that you never noticed will do things that may describe if you do what I've asked you to do, then I'll make sure whatever needs to happen for you to do it all. I will do wonders well say will preacher what all was God referring to their own glad you asked. Little did Moses know as he stood there at the base of that mountain that as he would step out by faith. And he would eventually end up there in Egypt and he would literally tell the children of Israel. God has provided a promised land.

And God has asked us to step out and literally as Moses ended up in the presence of Pharaoh himself and Moses looked to Pharaoh and said that God has sent me to tell you to let God's people go to let us get out of this bondage out of the slavery. Little did Moses know what would take place. Now Pharaoh, the Bible said his heart was hardened and Pharaoh obviously said no I'll tell you why because he had thousands upon thousands of people that he was getting free labor out of they were in slavery. They were in bondage and they were doing all the work in and they were the one sweat and they were the ones making nothing if they were the ones barely getting along in Pharaoh enjoyed that a new joy that I get here Moses shows up. So here's what God did let me tell you a few of the wonders if you haven't studied this lately and I know you seen the movie as I bring up every week. God decided that if Pharaoh won't listen to me that I'm to do some wonders in the midst thereof is what he told Moses he said, and after that he will let you go so we decided to send some plagues. Now they had never seen any of these things, and by the way God is great at doing some things you've never seen so the first play, God decided since Pharaoh's heart was hardened, God sent the first plague which was turning the water of the Nile River to blood now just imagine out of the Nile River is where they got their food.

That's where all the fish were that they got out of the Nile River is where they bay out of the Nile River is where literally they got there drinking supply that's where they got their water and God said, through the hand of Moses to Pharaoh. You need to let my people go, and let them loose and Pharaoh said I would not. And God literally turned the entire the entire River to blood. Did you imagine as they got out and time to take a bath new time to get a drink, no food you can make a while.

No food but you try to make it very long with no water. God Vincent nobody ever seen.

Who would've thought you want to think of the new maternal water to blood. The world was God doing God was doing what he does. He does wonders so Pharaoh what he say I got a let it go with. So then God took the plague away in the course. Pharaoh immediately changed his mind so God sent him to do another wondering what you do. We sent a plague of frogs from your like a frogs acute fully rely on God, which is true by the way.

The good thing this word to those type of wrongs. The Bible says that literally out of the Nile River God brought so many for all that you almost could not even see the ground anywhere you look for all were everywhere. The Bible says that the frogs came into their houses. The frogs came into their bedrooms. The Bible then says that the frogs came into their beds and course that's convenient or wise as what was I was a frog. What was that noise.

It was a frog. My uncle always said it anyway. Bible says that the frogs literally showed up in their ovens from showed up in their dishes from showed up in their bowls literally where they prepared the food. The Bible said everywhere. By the way, even God's people were affected by these plagues. Nile River is one that sourced everybody frogs ended up with everybody and what it Pharaoh do. I've never seen anything like this. How could God with the snap of the finger. How could anybody with a snap of a finger. All of a sudden frogs are everywhere. So Pharaoh said, I'll let them go and course God took away the plague and Pharaoh's heart changed again.

So third, God sent another plague likes yeah some of you had had not. Never had lice. Whatever you got a new plastic. I can't knock on wood floors would like a log of the heart bar thanks be to God, but some of you have had license to leave you a bad scrub your head. 20 and 30 or 40 times. Some of you have had your children that just had a case of license. Some of you got it, and some of you know exactly what it's like some of you know how miserable he can be in the Bible says that God sent wise that every person had lice lies every Every dog every cow every camel everybody that was a horrible situation. Bible says, all of a sudden Pharaoh just that I will let you will will let the people go. And God took away that plague and course he changed his mind again. You gotta give it to Pharaoh's pretty stop you know people can be stubborn, but God promised Moses that he would not only do wonders. But that after that he would let them go.

So God decided to send plague number four, but this time he decided he was going exclude the children of Israel just to get the message through to Pharaoh that now.

Whatever God was going to do was knock on effect the children of Israel anymore, so plague number four God sent flies. That's bad enough in the summer time at a park is an amazing that you know during the fall, the spring, the comfortable time of year.

We'll never have hope in a hotdog cookout and hamburger cookouts. We don't sit out the lawn and and you know decide to play corn old horseshoes at a decent weather and decent time of the year. What we do as as Americans we wait till it's 110 outside, and now were going to cook hotdogs Balrog to get together so we can also let each other dripping time to put the food out when it's hot and flies on it flies get on my nerves. My wife and I found this this thing. I don't know who told me about it, but you plug it in your house that some outlet plug-ins got the blue light on in the background. Plug-ins got to plug this would then block the whole plug and plug back in an acute flies at your house and it works you believe it today without somebody told us about brother Stephen Barber in our church so there's this thing. You plug in and it's called what is it worth my wife was a call sent crusher. I have three sons. You plug this in your lighter and it cancels all odor in the car. See what you bring that up. I just wanted to write this thing in our house and it keeps out the ice and were just talking if you listen God's in a plague were fly's everywhere what it Pharaoh do I gotta see what you can do it. I've seen your wonders and making go God took away the plague in Pharaoh's heart was changed again. You can give Pharaoh this he was a stubborn individual.

So God sent the next plague anybody know your history know the next was the plague of livestock you say what was this plague of livestock. While it was literally the fact that every bit of livestock became diseased and the Bible says that literally the cattle. The camels the horses the donkeys the oxen that she all became diseased. All except for the horses the camels the sheep the cows the livestock of the children of Israel very stayed fine and all of Pharaoh and the Egyptians livestock for diseased immediately. What happens when livestock gets diseased.

They what they die. And when thousands of livestock gets diseased and die.

How do things smell and because there diseased. You can't eat them. God sent this plague, God's taken away their water. Now God's in the plague that took away every bit of their food, Pharaoh's, it will let him go. God said, okay, took away the plague and we know what happened. Pharaoh changed his mind so God got a little more personal. It is kind of been things outside of the body. So God sent in plague number six the plague of boils, the Bible says that God created it dust that literally began to hit Egypt and inflicted every man and every beast. Any beast that had survived the disease. Now became covered with boils now. Bad enough we have lights everywhere and frogs everywhere and in all these things and let you analyze all this stuff if this wasn't bad enough, now God is getting where it's painful, but I was on everybody. All except the children of Israel talk about amazing you talk about how could Pharaoh at this point even think I'm going to continue to take God on but you know what I know a lot of people that still try to take God on the other people that normally try to take God on it's the people sitting in church. Most people out outside a church at least have enough common sense not to take God on they at least know to admit I'm wrong and I'm sinful, but it's sometimes church people through their pride through our arrogance. We can get to the point that we think that we can do what we want to do and God still has to bless you and I really think we can take on God, God is all powerful God said, I will do wonders. So Pharaoh comes and says listen I let him go where we know what happened. So plague number seven God decides to send another wonder he sends literally hail and fire and all the sudden, literally a storm came up across all of Egypt, that hail began to fall at an alarming rate. Not only that, not only was held falling, but literally hell was falling, he sent fire now. Can I ask you something. What is hail and what is fire how can something that needs to be frozen come out of the same place as fire, I mean literally anything they haven't learned anything from the same heaven being upon their bodies.

Fire is coming down, consuming them while so Pharaoh said hey okay Moses I'll let them go.

God stops the plague. Sure enough, so God since plague number eight which is Lucas.

Lucas are grasshoppers in the Bible says that literally there like grasshoppers in the since the Bible says literally that the locus that God sent. They literally covered the face of the earth. Now this time. The Bible says you could not see one and shove the earth. That means literally is like God carpeted the entire country with locus locus came in they may listen you say what it locus to what they consume. Things only take with locus ate any livestock any animal that it survived the disease and had survived the boils the locus.

The Bible says came and ate anything that was left. Now God had literally taken every thing there was talk about a wonder Pharaoh says all intercourse he change his mind.

So then God decided all right. Let me show you another wonder I can do any sent the plague of darkness for three days.

The Bible says is listen to me. Not only was there complete darkness, but the Bible says that they could literally feel the darkness that is dark you've ever been. The darkness was so dark that they could. Moses. What about you can do anything dark Moses that all right. I'll let them go and of course he change his mind. So God decided to bring one last plague got set all right. I've been patient giving a chance after chance after chance.

So now God says I'm gonna send my spirit and the firstborn of every house will be killed.

Now comes in the story is Moses being who the children of Israel comes to them. This is the Passover story. They took the blood of that land in the instructed everyone of the children of Israel say put that lamb on the doorpost when they put that blood of that lamb and the and you think of the doorpost of the side to side, the top of the shape of a cross you put that on the house. The Bible says when I come through there.

If I see that blood I will pass over you. This is what else the Bible says that God said there will be a weeping and wailing like you've never heard. Sure enough, Pharaoh would let them go.

Moses got everyone ready God gave some other instructions that I won't go through all the different things.

Sure enough, as the sun began to rise, there was a weeping and wailing like they had never heard Bible says that Pharaoh called for Moses and Pharaoh looked at Moses and he didn't say I will let you go. He said to leave. Why did what why did Pharaoh Dukas Pharaoh new. Next, got to kill me. God said Moses I'm asking you to step out and do something by faith, and I know you don't stand and I know you think you get there right now. I member as we talked last week, God told him Moses on Pharaoh's heart is going to be too hard, is not to let you go. I'm telling you right now but I do nurse to tell you when you step out by faith and do something I God asked you to do is going to be some things are going to come against you call please that will arise. But God has promised his power and he will do wonders in your mind wanders a bit. People that kinda loosely without saying it would say this. Why haven't seen any wonders in my life. You haven't stepped out by faith. The wonders are associated with obedience. You want to see God do something great for you then you step out by faith and do something great for God. I will do wonders. Number five, God promised them something here very uniquely to verse 21 and I will give this people, God's people favor in the sight of the Egyptian and I will give this people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. What got me this is all away were all the way back. Now the base of this mountain is that Bush that's on fire not being consumed, and God himself begins to speak to Moses. This is what God told Moses limitations Moses want you just about this what I want you to do. I'll do wonders. And after I do wonders. He will let you go. Then God says a cemetery without someone doing when to give my people, who you're going to go and lead him to give them favor in the sight of the Egyptians now want you to hold your place. Let me go and give you the beginning and the end of this let me give you point will go on to something else. But hold your place if you're willing to turn this morning. I want to look at Exodus chapter 11 just a couple chapters away.

Let me show you what God meant by this because this is important because if you step out by faith and do something for God.

You need to know this. Exodus chapter 11 like a verse one just covers on reading. And the Lord said to Moses, now this is all away.

Now Moses has gone and obeyed. And now here he is in Egypt and now the placer beginning all this W verse one and the Lord said to Moses, yet I will bring one playing more upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt. Afterwards he will let you go hand is exactly what God said way back in chapter 3, when he shall let you go. He shall surely thrust you out hands altogether.

In other words, he's not just let you go. He's going to make no notice of yours to speak.

Now, in the years of the people let every man borrow of his neighbor. That word borrows an interesting word. It means take, let every man borrow of his neighbor and every woman of her neighbor jewels of silver and jewels of gold and the Lord gave the people favor in the side of the Egyptians. Moreover, the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt and the sight of Pharaoh's servants and in the sight of the people. Moses came down against Pharaoh and against Egypt. And guess what, in the middle of all that happened. God not only didn't wonders he change the hearts of Pharaoh's own servants and of the people there in Egypt get this. They change their tune and started having respect for Moses get this. This is the whole picture God saying Moses when he tells you to get out, you're going to have to get out quick and you're not can I have a whole lot of stuff. How could they have anything they been in bondage for 400 years their slaves. They didn't have money they didn't have silver.

They didn't have jewels. They didn't have anything to take what were they when they do leave and how are they going to survive when they do believe in God says listen you tell him that I am literally going to get those people favor in the side of the Egyptians meant that literally they went to their neighbors.

The Egyptians began giving them thing began giving them their jewels and silver in their gold's with you.

You need this. You deserve this junior know again want to get some most of the time in my life when I'm dealing with what God's trying to do God has to change me, but on some occasions when it is needed.

God can change those around Dotson, Moses, let me say how in control this. I am you just obey me when it comes down to it, I'm gonna turn the hearts of those people in your favor on the take people to hate each were you were wanted for murder in their gonna love you and respect you. In fact, so much that there can start giving you things and everything that you think you need for this journey only use them to give it to me as God brought things from the least possible that you could ever expect God brings things from the most unlikely places and people.

Why, because God can change their heart and mind if I give you about just 80 seconds. A personal testimony.

When I first came here as pastor.

Lord, six, seven years ago now. Some like that or suffers came in to two years asked for the Joe to stay longer than he originally intended. I wanted you know management here want him to make it to 50 years in and I don't you know had no desire to push anything out of him I wanted him here. I still want him here. I hate because the health issues that they can't be here more than they are.

He's my friend. He's my closer. He's my mentor. You know where the Joe is my pastor so I understand that when I first came here as pastor who knows how that's going to go and I know that over time sometimes the people don't know you and I joke a lot and and say things a lot kind of thing whatever and I'm picking and all that stuff. But you know what sometimes I know things. Whatever. And you know what, I had a passion for and one time, give me some advice and I started taking it that time I first came here I know some you sit here didn't like me. I know some you sit here much still not like me. I'm just glad you're still here, but I know and I knew I could see, and probably on something like it, so maybe see I don't know.

But as I begin to pray God I don't deserve to be here and neither do they. This is your house. None of us are deserving of this honor.

But as I got up this is where you want me this is what you want me to do.

God please would you turn the hearts of those who don't like me and at least turn their hearts with a word, at least let me be the knowledge is all you do is be yourself there sometimes as people are just like a like you care what you do, but I have watched the power of God turn hearts.

Now is not been locked as a church is been wonderful, but I got wouldn't embarrass individuals here in this room by giving you the illustrations of things that I mean I'm telling me to the point it like anything. Whatever the case might be in overtime. God has just turned them into the point that they see me as their pastor and they love me and they follow me and and all those things you know why because God is bigger than you and he's bigger than me. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone in 336-993-5119 or occur when Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian on her website and church. Thank you for listening or would broadcast God bless you

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