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August 2, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Exodus chapter 3 know before God can tell you what you need to know God has to get our attention focused yes to get our attitude fixed NES to get us to the point where our abilities are forgotten has to be all about him.

What a process of coming to a man of 80 years of age, getting ready to ask him to do what would appear to be an impossible task. You would think it would be impossible for man four years old to do something like this.

Here's a man that as Canavan the backend that he thought of his life he was tending his father-in-law's sheep. He was a man that had murdered an individual in Egypt. 40 years before that in now. He was just kinda live in the calm life a slow life.

The relaxed life and was leading the sheep that were owned by his father-in-law, all in, went from what you would almost call Princeton could have been there in Egypt to now. He was basically a hired sheepherder, a shepherd. Little did he know what God was getting ready and who God was getting ready to ask him shepherd.

This whole calling process is quite interesting and not to rehash everything that we've gone through. But I will tell you this that there are some things that you and I need to know when God tells us to go.

You say are we getting to those things yet almost almost next Sunday work on a really good to get down to the nitty-gritty as you would say, but today we've got something else that God had to make sure that Moses had straight before he could tell them the specific things that Moses needed to know want you to look if you would need God's word. Exodus chapter 3 and as we look at it today I want to encourage you to ask God.

God, what is it out of this that you want to share in my heart today and what is it that you're trying to tell me notice in Deuteronomy chapter June the Exodus chapter 3 I'm getting all confused and the Clint tear I had a my notes that I wanted to encourage you to be here tonight were going to continue in our fixer-upper series ever to be dealing with Deuteronomy chapter 6 you want to do any pre-reading sure you love to do that on a Sunday afternoon as you're laying there in your recliner watching football. What you really feel like doing is to pre-read for the sermon that night. All right, Exodus chapter 3. Look at verse seven and the Lord said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people, which are in Egypt and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows.

Let's pray Lord I love you pray you help us today. We always need you please dear Lord, in Jesus name we pray.

Amen. God had just spoken to Moses out of the burning bush. Any said Moses. Moses. Moses stopped in was amazed and turned around to hear what God himself had to say. As we began last week, just the first couple we said first if you notice in verse seven that God said, I have seen and what did he particular say he had seen he had seen the affliction of my people God sees it. All he sees you he knows exactly what you're going through notice. Secondly, verse seven God says, I have heard specifically set I've heard there cry and God can hear yours to what you notice. The third thing I see in chapter 3 and verse seven. If you notice this, as Moses finally turns around, God has gotten his attention focused.

He's got his attitude fixed now he is going to the process of letting Moses see his abilities and his own earthly abilities as forgotten you and I will never do what God has called us to do in our own energy and in our own ability.

We're going to need God to do it. Notice what he says it in verse three he said I've seen. I've heard and notice the universe. Three. I know what did God tell Moses that he knew. He says I know there sorrows. Remember now for 400 years, the children of Israel been crying out to God, living in slavery and bondage in Egypt and they felt that God had not heard them and that God had forgotten them, and that God didn't know they were going through.

And maybe God had just left is maybe God is never going to come back and help us. And as God calls the Moses out of that burning bush.

As he was getting ready to as Moses to lead the children of Israel out of bondage. He said there some things that you got to know first.

His that I have seen their affliction. I've heard their cry, but even more importantly, I know there's God knows yours. By the way you listen to me when you get this when God set I've seen their affliction.

He means that's what comes from the outside.

When God set I've heard their cry means that's what they have said on the outside but when God said, I know there sorrows God is saying I know how they feel on the inside see is one thing to see what individuals going through, but it's another thing to know how they feel.

You see as a pastor I see some the things that you go through and some of you with your friends at church and people in family you see what they go through but let's be honest oftentimes we really don't know the sorrow that they feel that went down to Florida this week and am plan was to bring my dad back and you see dad's not here, and I had it I left I just couldn't take it anymore and droppable somewhere in Georgia.

I don't know where it was the cars back but he's not noticed you kind of unexpected dad got an opportunity asked to preach in Live Oak, Florida today and a pastor was on vacation and so dad stayed to do that and I don't know exactly when you'll come back, but I spent the week I didn't handicap access. They are set up in his Allison and different things that she's going to stay there. Any time is there.

That way has these things in place in some things that needed done. You know you have the week with the menu talk about things in, let me say this, you know, when my mom passed away. I miss her I miss her every day I have my own sorrow connected to that, but I don't know how my dad feels about not have watched them go through it and I can imagine how bad it is. But when you sit and talk to an individual ever but once all you get pieces to a puzzle that let you know you really have no clue what they're going to God looks at Moses, unless you can I get this when I send you on this task, Moses would never finish this task. If he didn't know from the start that God knows how he felt these people will never follow me, Moses, unless they understand that I'm not just seeing what they've gone through and I'm not just heard what they said but I know how they feel. The Bible says that Jesus would be a man of sorrow's we have a high priest. The Bible says that is touched with the feelings of our infirmities.

You're going to have a long life. If you're looking for somebody to know how you feel people are good and know how you feel what God does.

God says Moses I know there sorrows notice. The next thing in verse eight as he continues her divorce. He says this I am come to set I've seen I've heard. I know and guess what I dear friend I'm here to tell you that sometimes you might wonder what's going on why God had done what you think got you doing and you might feel like there seasons that God's not here mean is not answering my prayer and all the stuff but you listen you need to calm down. Need to know something before God can use you greatly before God can can call you to do great things in your life you have to know that God does see that God does hear that he does know and he will show that I am come notice the first thing he says I want you to see the direction he said I'm come down I'm come down when you and I could not come to where he was. He came to me.

Aren't you glad that he doesn't demand that we come up to him. Aren't you glad that he came down to us is that I am come down like the song my mom and I used to sing down from his glory. He's above us. He's over us, but he came down to us amazing that a high and holy God would come down to sinful man is a different united understanding time, God comes to us and comes to help us and is there for us. It's always the fact that he came down notice this, not just the direction but no to. Second, the deliverance, he said, let me tell you why I'm come down. He said I am calm down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptian I am calm first the direction I'm come down. Second is the deliverance I'm come down to deliver.

This wasn't going to work every Moses thought that he had to deliver. This wasn't going to work at Moses thought that because of his ability or somehow he had to be good enough or he had to be great enough to bring those people out of bondage to do the work. God needed to know Moses I'm come the one that's going to deliver different you and I don't do it.

God doesn't expect us to do it.

God comes down and he's the one that does the work somewhere along the way of you and I begin to think that we're the ones having deliver your working in the ministry here and you think you're the one that has to build a bus route you got wrong. You think you're the one has to build a science of life you got wrong to say this brother is our first day financial classes and there's always a nightmare. When you add anything new to a Baptist Church years ago when I first got here, we started change in auditorium, some you would recognize if you saw only first came the fall old wood paneling up here in all the different things in these windows.

We framed all these windows out with that white molding you see on these windows and we have people that had been the church. 30 years that would just argue with you that that's always been there. I know we just added that know it's always been that way know it hasn't. We just I just spent three weeks to go. They've always been there, always been like that everyday so that if you think it's your job to convince people you're wrong because the one that's come down God's the one that shown up God's the one that's here God's the one that delivers Moses needed to know that before we go any further Moses. I don't need your ability. I don't need your talent. I don't need what you can do. I need you to let me do what I do and just let me do it through you. Anybody getting convicted yet this morning.

Anybody want to say you know what printer I need that today I need that today which I sent you can't build that family you can't change those children. God's going to have to do it is that I'm come first, the direction of come down. Second, the deliverance notice. Third, the dwelling is that I am come down and why did he come down notice. Notice the three things he says first and all of this look at this verse to bring them up out first thing God says listen, I'm coming, I'm living, deliver, and when I deliver first thing I'm doing.

I'm bringing you out. What happens when you and I get say we are brought out of the bondage of sin were taken out one family and were put into a new family were taken out of the Argentina men were putting heavenly kingdom were taken out of the darkness and put into the line. Do I need to know God's at first, and bring them out, and that's what he's done for you if you've been saying different here this morning you not save no one let you know. So God what to bring you out of that mess doesn't mean they're not difficult to get Meiners to lock in a facings in your life but God showed up to deliver you, Jesus came and died and rose again to deliver you to bring you that bondage of sin is on the bring you out means this. I have a better place for them. I'm I can let him stay were thereat. I got something better now. Not trying to be mean and unkind. Please don't think I'm jumping on this horse.

Like a lot of preachers do, but once all go by somewhere. They'll be assigned in order church whatever come as you are. Listen you want to come as you are here at this church to but I don't think it's right believes you were paying listen a church to be the place where you come as you are virtually different because Jesus not because the pastor not because the music paid music's diamond is nowadays a preacher should get on the Internet was anybody want to preach if you want to, but of God brought to the surface and got it ready to churches you to come as you are leaders you were eating brought to a church that you could come and he could bring you out God as I got better for you about a better place, got a better life.

How got all got better dreams up how got better things about how got a better future for you and why would we be content to God wants to bring us out notice. Secondly, God says I want to bring you up to get excited about this. Who does leave me alone right no rain on my parade. This verse, to bring them up out of the land to bring them up out of the land cost is under bring you out but I'm to bring you up. God always takes you to a Higher Pl., God thing. Moses I know those people right now are at a low place in their life they been serving under bondage in Egypt for all these hundreds of years. I know that a low place. But I'm not just gonna bring them out on the bring about not just gonna bring them out of that bondage, I've got something higher and better to bring them up notice. Thirdly, he said unto notice verse two bring them up out of the land to land a large land flowing with milk and nothing to do here that God says I will bring you out to bring you out but I got somewhere. I'm taking you to plan God always takes is not just a fireplace but to a better place as the bars landed take you to large land to take you to the land right now.

That's flowing with milk and honey. My blessing is there.

My provision is there will differently taste it before you can do what God called you to do. You and I got understand as he do with people. The only reason we can do anything is because God has brought us out. He's brought us up and he's taken us to a new place a better place of better land. All adjacent my nose a lot of fun things to do in the world not listen. There's a lot of things to entertain you and the world is a lot of things entertain you in church. Look at what you get this. There's no land better. There's nothing better than the blessings of God. There's nothing better than those things which come from all mighty God. Notice what God says next and all of this, verse 10, and I know you know I love it member what God said to Moses, I've heard I've seen. I know I am come notice verse 10. Come now therefore, and I will what sin I've heard I've seen. I know I'm come now I'm going to send in that a loving God know what I've done all this for you. So this is what I want I want you to do this for me. I didn't do all this for you just to sit and enjoy all these things I did this so that you will now serve me. I'm to send you but I told you all these things because I want you to know as I send you that I'm the one that's going to do it. On the one is going to deliver them. On the one that can bring them out and in. I'm the one that's going to do it so I am going to send in. Who does he say is going to send the I will send the mall the whole thing just changed.

I mean, so far so good.

God says hey I've seen everything you've been through. Amen. Hey, I've heard your crime. Thank God for that. I know your sorrows. All that means a lot to me Lord I'm come on come down I'm come to the U0 thank you Lord now going to send you what you will both back that sermon up let's cut it off right about one part what you can send you you are excited about all the things I was doing. You believe in all these other things right. Yes, you believe I'm able, right yes only to send you what, no I got.

She got grandkids's school watching the 5 o'clock know I got a busy guy. Wait a minute. You know, CNH has a special Wednesday when I get a barrier. I just did Nora get the senior discount what what what you owe no, I'm to send you what I found about good Christian Bible believing people we love to hear everything that God is going to do has done and can do but what we don't like to hear is when he asked us to do is a little different than so Moses automatically has some questions and I'm sure the you would and I would also Moses takes all this in coming. He still this is a bush on fire. God speaking out of the midst of it. This is all on God gives all these proclamations and I mean this is amazing. And then now God says okay I'm I'm gonna send you notice first in let's finish the question come now therefore I will send the gun to Pharaoh. Where was he wanted for murder. Lord is a little incident if I can explain he was going 15 and 45.

I didn't know what else to do. So I killed a little lower.

There's a little little problem got the know. I'm sending you your sending me I'm going to send you to Pharaoh verse 10 that thou may us bring forth my people, the children of Israel out of Egypt not love this whole plan. You have before God, but now you want me involved in it and now you want me to kinda headed up going back to the place that's not good memories not good vibes. Not good. Anything at my age at my stage of life. Why are you asking me so he asked the questions notice in verse 11 Moses said unto God, whom I anybody else here ever felt about like that. When God asked you to do some told you first.

Youth activity ever market with that whole story again first came to Kerwin mean green is green could be how, whatever that means. Kermit the frog or something. It's not easy being green purée for my first youth activity on the take something.

There was just every part of being audited. Who in the world of my I can't do this. This is way too much then you finally get settled for like God using you here they got to say want to go full-time evangelism.

I don't have any meetings to be an evangelist you have to have meetings. If you're an evangelist doesn't have meetings or not evangelist your guy without a job, whom I Daniel my will for you to go pastor Kerwin Baptist Church who, what was Moses saying here when he said whom I am well you saying why me he was saying.

Isn't there someone else. He was saying how my supposed to to this.

How can I make this happen.

God is this not maybe a little too much for me to handle verse 11. Who am I that I should go on to Pharaoh and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt I notice this next question. Verse 13 and Moses said to God, behold, when I come under the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, the God of your fathers have sent meaty unto you, and they shall say to me what is his name what shall I say under them.

Moses says what will your sending me who am I going to Pharaoh. I don't have any authority there. I don't have any ability therein and you know why why why me why I want my supposed to do that and not only that when I go back to the children of Israel using you want me to bring them out of Egypt.

When I go to them and I say the reason I'm here is because God told me to go bring you out of Egypt.

I don't have any authority. I don't have ability my head. I don't have authority. What should I say we were 12 and he said certainly I will be with the real talk about this next week, but as we close this morning I give me just a couple interesting things. I feel like I'm probably not have to just rush a tad through but I want to go ahead and do this this morning. As Moses says sorry God what is it I'm supposed to say verse 14 God said to Moses, I am that I am and he said, thus shalt thou say under the children of is another words, God lets Moses know first two years and then after that, he says now this is what you tell you're not going to tell them something if you're not convinced. If you don't believe that they're knocking to believe Moses headache you know that if you asked me to go do this and then I asked her okay will lose one. Attached you and who's giving you this authority Moses that God will do what is it I'm supposed to say and you say what you mean because Moses literally did not know his name he just believed in God, but he didn't know if there was a name and you got understand in this day and time they had God for everything. The Hebrew children even had other gods. The Egyptians had many gods, Moses says God when I go to these people and they asked me who has since you and why should we follow you and why should we do Moses what you're telling us to do and there. Trust me there would be some people that were still there that knew the past that Moses had wait a minute you did wrong and took off. We're the ones that have been in slavery while you're out there tending sheep Moses had all these things in his head and he said God what you don't know why this got that I'll be with you. 12 1212 and hear what I gotta say, and when I ask who is telling Ms. and who's giving us command that I tell them that they gave the command and he said I am that I that's an odd answer. What is the shalt thou say to the children of Israel. I am has sent me unto you, thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenia on our website and church.

Thank you for listening to Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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