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August 1, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Exodus chapter 3 Exodus chapter 3 will continue in our series this morning. What you need to know when God tells you to go is a preacher we finally got to get to the part that God tells us exactly what we need to know after he is told us to go no dislike as I know of a more time in that phrase so much has gone on in the life of Moses before God ever could get to the point to finally tell him this is what I want you to do and this is what I want you to remember as you continue to do what I've called you to do you know God doesn't tell us the things we need to know any just ask us to go and we just proceed and we don't know some of his promises were to get into situations in our life.

Working with a when I don't know really got God really called me to do this in all those things well know from doing right. Seems like a lot of things are going wrong. Seems like there's a lot of roadblocks maybe. Maybe I just don't need to do this God has to do a great work in our heart before were ready to step out by faith and do what God has called us to do.

I am you know when you first get an offer and when I say an offer, the deacons of this church and brother Joe had spent a lot of time in prayer, had spent months in prayer about the future of this church and the future of really direction and knew the pastor would be in all those things. Who God wanted and I it's not a naturally assisted everybody uses is just a system that God has laid on their heart and when brother Joe approached me and Mitch and said you know we feel strongly prayed and prayed and prayed.

Discussed other things other people.

All that but lords really just made it clear in our hearts that you are to be the next pastor Kerwin Baptist Church, would you consider coming and you know we get an offer like that a church like this and and you you know maybe the temptation would be will sure you know, why would I not but I didn't have that feeling. At first, in a sense. II knew the task I thought I knew the task that I've always said for years.

I feel sorry for anybody who ever is going to follow Joe Myers at Kerwin Baptist Church and now that I know I feel really sorry for myself. I feel so bad for myself to speak is the greatest church the world the pastor is the greatest people but that's a lot of pressure because you don't want to let this kind of people down and you know God gave me some promises in that month, month and 1/2 that I prayed my wife and I prayed about it. Remember going up to him. My mom and dad's apartment there. Kernersville course mom with the so full of cancer even at that point and sit down in the living room.

Just me and the two of them, just us and you know this is what's transpired and this is what the door God has opened and I've got a pray in figure out if this is what God wants and you know always hold close and dear that our Darren have time edge. Realizing this, the direction of my the rest of my future. This is going to directly impact everything in my life and I don't want to make a wrong decision.

What's funny is I sat there and my mom feeling so sick never brought up why this would be good for me or opportunities it would open up, she reached over on the nightstand and got a Bible very very weak. Just begin to reverse honorably during that period of time.

God gave me peace through his word what God wanted me to do and if you don't have it settled in God's word and you don't have God's promises that you are 100% leaning on. There's enough things are going to happen in your life that you're going to doubt God, you're going to doubt direction. You know what, there's a bunch of men that took a job, or took up church because of a paycheck because of 401(k) because a church is famous because church is well known because they think whatever Mike Tyson when the bad times, you get out of it. You don't last long unless you got some promises and God has asked you to go and you have some promises and you stand firm and then when the storms come and the winds come in everything else that happens in a desert like Moses you've always got those promises to look back on because God told me what I needed to know before you ever asked me to go so were getting their it would be a kind of almost mean of me to just go and give you the promises of God that God gave Moses before he branched out 80 years of age.

This great task of leading God's people out of bondage. This is been a time of darkness and these people have been slaves in Egypt. They had cried.

They had prayed and God had seemingly had done nothing at this point here's Moses who had been in a place of leadership that was now tending the sheep of his father-in-law at a desert place. Approaching the base of a mountain and he turns around and sees this small dried out Bush on fire as we talked about last week. Let's pick it up if we could Exodus chapter 3 today are subject is holy ground holy ground. I know my time is very limited.

This morning, and I'm good. Make it exactly clear what we need to do.

I'm well aware of that. But let me remind you this is the most important thing that's gone on this morning so far that I know you know I'm always conscious of time notice. If you would verse two of Exodus chapter 3 ninja Lord appeared in him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire. The bush was not consumed and Moses said, I will now turn aside, see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see God called him to him out of the midst of the bush and said Moses, Moses, and he said here in my we covered all the way up to this point. Today I want us to look at verse five in verse six and he said what did God say as he hollered out Moses. Moses and Moses stopped and turned to hear what God had to say verse five and he said drawl not nigh hither, the words don't come too close.

Moses put off thy shoes from off thy feet for the place where in the else dentist is holy ground.

Let's pray Lord I love you for you help me as we try to rightfully divide your word in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Just two main points this morning. Number one is the subject of holy ground holy ground. It seems a bit odd to me that God gets Moses attention so that he'll turn around and noticed some of the mimosa starts Cummings is welcome to go. Then it seem a bit like God get your attention in a way to take a mere ability turns around he approaches God is. I cannot talk to close one of the world will Dino often times in our life. God has to work hard to get our attention. But God still has some lessons for us to learn and as Moses turns around and approaches literally God himself who had manifested himself in this bush or shrub that was on fire. God tells him drawl not nigh hither. What does this mean by the way, this is the first time as I told you in God's word that the word holy is used in reference to God. He said this is holy ground. What made it holy ground. The fact that God was there. That's what makes it holy ground. You and I are not holy. By the way, but through the blood of Jesus Christ. We are because we have God the presence of God is what makes it holy notices first phrase he uses. He says drawl not nigh why did God do this. What was the whole point he was trying to make to Moses want you to for I want you to first see this is a reference to God's holiness, God's holiness as Moses turns around any any here's God speaking. And when he turns around approach God says drawl not nigh God's holiness to listen want to get this God was emphasizing to Moses.

The gap between the divine and the human. Do you know there's a difference between God and you. The Bible said that it is literally a great golf that has been fixed. That is how far away God is from what we are what God is and what we are, could not be more different.

Everybody understand that you listen to me. God is holy, so Moses was not allowed to come close to him why because holiness involves separation. Holy need to be set apart something's not holy up. It's just like everything else. Don't get nervous. I know the Sunday morning listen to me.

God's holiness means that he is set apart from everything that he is made, he's the creator where the creation so we are not God. We are not equal with God and thank you all way back to the first sin that's exactly what Satan tried to use would be what you needed that tree because he knows what you do, you're going to be equal with God, you and I can't be these creator where creation, God was letting Moses know right off the bat above you.

Moses. Moses was knocking to get very far in life or in service. If we don't realize that God is above the hold on don't get discouraged by that holiness is not simply God's divinity. It's God's distinctness.

He's different from us. He knows more than we do. He is sure we are simple peas clean were dirty.

Anybody have a problem admitting that this morning. Listen to me. It is the distinction between the creator and the creation there is a distance because of God's holiness and our depravity. God says in Hosea chapter 11. I am not man. I am the holy one among you first Daniel chapter 2 teaches us that God says there is holy, like unto the Lord. What you look at this verse in Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse two.

Maybe it's all start coming to picture what was God doing the Moses. Why would God call Moses and then tell Moses not to come to close look at revisions five Ecclesiastes to be fibers to be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God for God is in heaven. And thou upon the earth. Therefore, let thy words be few. God's holiness. The different what you get this if you and I do not grab a hold of the fact that the God we serve is bigger than us that we are going to be discouraged.

Down the road. God was letting Moses know right from the start before I even ask you to do something I want you to know I'm God and you're not. Secondly, this drawl not drawl, not nigh at speaks of God's holiness, but second speaks of man's sin. Why did God say this, why does he say don't come near me. Don't get too close because the end and by the way, there are biblically what we call dispensations on not getting get into all that you and I are and what dispensation of grace right now and we should be very thankful that we are at this time they were in the dispensation of what we would call darkness means that they were the people of God but they were not hearing from God. They were they newly existed and they know he was alive but they were not hearing from God.

Man was not allowed to approach the holiness of God. Man's sin separated him from God. The Bible says I don't want you to understand some today your sin and my sin separates us from God. God can't be around the dirt and filth of sin if he's holy. He cannot coexist with that the holiness of God cannot coexist with the sinfulness of man.

Now I know this seems a bit DG this morning, but it's not. This is Dr. need understand that I get me listen when Jesus came in the New Testament. All this time later when Jesus came and died and rose again. The Bible says that the veil of that Old Testament temple was rent into means. Now, although man could not approach a holy God. Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins had his blood is covered are sin, you and I right now right in this building right in this moment can go directly to the throne of God. Why because man's sin can approach God, but now when we approach God he doesn't see her sin. He sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Moses couldn't approach God. You know why because Jesus hadn't come yet. I was only on no one excited about this is morning get to the point pretrip means we can come now boldly to the throne of God. We can have intimate fellowship with God himself because of Jesus Christ drawl not nigh Moses he can get too close to me it down the road my sons going to die so that you and I am 92,000 and was a 19 something like 2018 to 19 minimum is that any wrong here so that today you and I right in your seat can say God I need help from you today God needs. I need some from your word, you can go directly to the throne of God where Moses couldn't even approach a burning bush and it's all because of Jesus.

Notice what he says next. He says drawl, not nine then he says this put off thy shoes.

This is holy ground. Don't come to close and put off your shoes say why is that you know all through the Bible.

Fire is used as a picture of the purifying and refining quality of God's holiness and this is evidence because God looks at Moses and he says where you are standing is holy ground. Take off your shoes.

Why did God tell them to do that.

Notice first. God was telling him that he must express his reverence.

Do you know in Bible days putting off your shoe was like taking all your hat now.

They were at a restaurant. We pray what it would take or how you know there was a generation before us.

Assuming you more mature individuals would understand.

When you enter the building you took your hat, it's a sign of reverence.

It's a sign of respect you aware we were sitting in a ballgame with a hat on and they say were gonna play our national anthem and you stand up what you do, you take out all the sign of reverence God says a Moses what you take your shoes off. This was a sign of reverence. Shoes would have been soiled shoes would be dirty shoes would have dirt and sand and mud on them.

This is holy ground. You don't approach God with your dart. Everybody wants to make fun because they know where an old fuddy-duddy, church, and I know where an old-fashioned church and all those things that I think were pretty balanced church myself, I really do what I understand gets what God still holy God. We don't just get we don't just approach it with our dirt we reverence God is a holy just God and our musician reverence him large RRR behavior should reverence him. Everything about our service should reverence him when I do want to be our best and when our best to look our best to do our best not because were pressing anybody else but because were coming to a holy God causes a tickle shoes off dirt. They all this dirt, you been tracking up around here, do a holy ground. Now you take that junk all was in you and I come to God's house wow to be wanted to say God I got got to get the sin off me.I'm sorry I've sinned up done wrong and got a want to get my heart right I want to worship you today. Look at me different. We can't worship God right. We got dirt everywhere you would not know what he should take this madness is for all of us. Guess what I should come up with a whole bunch of dirt in my life because this is a holy place. He's a holy God. They must express his reverence. Listen to me.

God deserves more than our dirt now God will take our dirt new cleanups and no matter what we've done, how bad we've done for that matter what depth we gone. God loves us. He will save us. But God loves us enough to change us notice.

Secondly, he must express his readiness know in Bible days when you are servant and you are working for master in Bible days when they would have tent dwellings in an either other clay type building dwellings that a servant would approach the main house, a servant would always take their shoes off and then stepped inside the house and why was he going in the house to get his orders to get his instructions servant would take his shoes off and approach the master so that he would say, what is it that I need to do.

What are my tasks for the day and the master would tell me we go back out put a shoes on and go to work you know why God said Moses take off your shoes because I'm getting ready to give you instruction number two. Holy God, numbered means you may holy ground number two. Holy God, where these verses teaching notice for six.

He says they don't come too close.

Take off your shoes and this is why look at verse six. Moreover, he said I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob and Moses hid his face, for he was afraid to look upon God. Now just a side note real quick.

Almost by me very respectful to look for six is that I am a God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, but notice the first phrase he says on the God of thy father, who was Moses father.

His name was Amram. Not a lot of people name their kids. Amram is rebut your name Amram. I'm really sorry if I would just go by RAM or something like that, you know, it was Amram well Jacob had a son named Levi and Jacob have this son with Leah. You remember the whole story of Leah and Rachel all that will Jacob had a son with Leah named Levi and then Levi had a son named co-half and co-have had a son named Amram and Amram had a son name Amram day why this is interesting. Amram spent 137 years as a slave in Egypt so and Moses leading sheep. When he comes to the desert and God wants talk about the God of Jacob and Isaac and Abraham on the God I the one that does all this and Moses human mind. He would say well if you're such a God, why is my dad. Why is he spent hundred and 37 years in slavery and crying and praying and I haven't heard anything from you. So God covers that real quick.

He sat on the God of your father. That means is on God when you have the success and the blessing of Abraham, but I'm also God when you're under the slavery like your father means this on God when things are good on God when things are bad.

He's God. He is a holy God and notice I love this look what he says in verse seven as we come to close and the Lord said, he establishes to Moses on immediately. Make sure it's clear who he is.

Notice what he says. First he says I have seen I have seen what you mean.

It means this.

I've seen the verse says the affliction of my people, that means this God is looking at Moses is saying I see it all and I see you PCs your struggles PCs.

Your heart aches. He sees your circumstances.

He sees your affliction.

Moses had begun to think that God wasn't watching them.

Moses had started to think why are we going for all this.

Why have we been slaves. So long as God has overlooked us. God clears it up right there. He says on God. I have seen the affliction of my people is letting Moses know you might think that I haven't been watching, but I have. You might think there's some things that I haven't seen but I have seen it all.

Are you ready maybe you think today God has failed to see what you're going. Maybe today you've been through some things in you deep down you think and you know me, know God even paying attention.

I know people sure are paying attention may be God's overlooked me to for God ever asked Moses to do anything he had to make sure Moses knew that God sees everything different. I'm here to tell you whatever you been through whatever you're going through whoever's disappointed you. Whatever is broken, you down emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically, whatever God sees here on holy ground today and he's a holy God and he has seen the secondly he says I have heard, what did he hear look at verse there cry God says I've seen what they're going through five seen there affliction. I have seen the difficult times. I've been watching this entire time there was a second of any day that I wasn't watching and noticing everything they were going through now God was watching, but he was God says secondly you know what that whole time they were crying out to me. I heard different look at me just because God didn't show up instantly doesn't mean he didn't hear, just because God had fixed your problem. It doesn't mean he's not listening. God said, I have heard their cry.

They felt that their prayers were going unanswered. They felt that they were crying, but they felt there was no answer. They were slaves they were being treated badly. The Bible even literally says that they were under taskmasters in this work. Have you ever been treated badly by somebody and you went to God for God to take care of it and you felt like God didn't hear about somebody dear wrong I got. I don't know how you can continue to let them do some like that made it so unfair and it is so wrong in God.

I am trying to do what's right, God, this penny begin to think we know what may be God just didn't hear when it maybe just doesn't hear me baby. God is not listening to my cry dear friend, God made it known to Moses listen they had been in slavery for hundreds of years, but he let Moses know I have heard every cry cry.

I've heard it all here to tell you today, something you need to know before God tells you to go. He sees you and here's I got more this verse I'll discover it next week. Our time is gone.

Look at me dear friend, you and I need to remember were on holy ground. When you remember God's holy were sinners.

We don't deserve to approach a holy God.

But through Jesus Christ we have access dear friend here this morning and you do not know the Lord as your personal savior Jesus has made a way for you to approach a holy God. Not only is there holy ground. But he's a holy God.

He sees you he hears you might be thinking you don't know, I've been going through some a long time preacher. I just don't know why God hasn't fixed this will try being a slave day after day for 100 years in the 200 years in the 300 years and God hasn't done anything about you. You and I have become very impatient people, dear friend I'm here to remind you this morning before before God even ask you to go.

You and I need to understand he sees. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast.

The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 336-993-5119 or occur when Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian honor website and church. Thank you for listening occur when broadcast. God bless you

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