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June 27, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today.

Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Chapter 7 and I am God use this passage to just help me.

A number of ways this week and you say what you are already going to preach on though I was already had some of the things from this passage, but even took more time. There's just too many things that I could even possibly try to bring up to you to cover all of this, but let's begin in verse 36 of chapter 7 and listens to just quick review so we can get on the same page as we do with those things that God has laid on our heart this morning.

Learning a lesson at lunch with the Lord. Look at verse 36 of Luke chapter 7 in one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him, and he went into the Pharisees house and sat down to me this is a Pharisee asking Jesus to come over the house to eat there can be other religious leaders there and the Bible says that Jesus came when he was asked. Let me mention this this morning.

This is a lesson to us to remember that Jesus always comes when he's invited MIB that in your life right now. You say we know what I just really haven't felt God do such. I have really felt his presence. I I just don't see how God really involved in such and such, it might be that you haven't invited because he always shows up when he's invited notice. If you would. Verse 37 and behold, a woman in the city which was a center and we talked last week because of these two phrases together and the Greek word used here that this lady was a harlot and the Bible says, which was a center when she knew that Jesus saddened meet in the Pharisees house brought an alabaster box of ointment and stood at his feet behind him weeping and began to wash his feet. With tears ended wipe them with the hairs of her head and kissed his feet and anointed them with the ointment now in the Pharisee which had bidden him, saw it, he spake within himself saying this man if he were a prophet would have known who and what manner of woman.

This is that touches him for she is a center and Jesus answering said unto him, Simon. I have somewhat the same entity any set master say on. There was a certain creditor, which had two debtors.

The one owed 500 pins in the other 50 and when they had nothing to pay the frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore which of them will love him most. Simon answered and said, I suppose that he to whom he forgave most any synonym, thou hast rightly judged and he turned to the woman in Senate assignment see us about this woman I entered into thine house. Thou gavest me no water for my feet, but she have wash my feet with tears and wipe them with the hairs of her head. Thou gavest me no kiss, but this woman since the time I came in have not ceased to kiss my feet my head with oil doubt it's not annoying but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment. Wherefore, I say into the her sins which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much but to whom little is forgiven. The same love with little and he said under her, thy sins are forgiven and they set it meet with him are they that set it meet with him skews me began to say within themselves.

Now if you'll notice that Simon the Pharisee earlier in the chip passage in the Bible never says he said anything out loud, but he said within himself that Jesus should know who this woman is and what kind of a woman she is and if he would know what kind of woman she is. Jesus would not let her go about doing all this and then we notice at the end of the other religious leaders that were there. They didn't have the guts to say anything out loud. They didn't have the bravery to take on Jesus, but they said this within themselves. Notice what they said who is this that forgiven sins also limited why they didn't say it out loud as if they had Jesus would've told verse 50 and he said to the woman by faith hath saved the notice he did not say the fact that you sacrificed for me.

The fact you kiss my feet. The fact that you you cry.

The fact that you were humble. The fact that you came in that you love me.

The fact that you've done all these acts of service, the fact that you anointed my head with oil.

The fact that you gave this precious ointment in the fact that you done all this. He didn't say that saved her. He said by faith hath saved. I want you to know it's not what we do and it's not our actions or our deeds or works that could ever save us. It's only faith in Jesus Christ that he says this go in peace. Let's pray Lord I love you.

Thanks for all that you've done in Jesus name we pray.

Amen we want to deal with these three characters.

The three main characters of the story. Very simply, the first one is the center. The second one is the self righteous and the third one is the Savior. Last week we dealt with the center and that was this woman, this woman that literally sold her body was what we would call a harlot she had literally been used and abused her entire life.

She had no permanent residence. She had no peace in her life. She had no self-worth really in her life. She was just an object used for another's pleasure the sinner I want you to notice a couple things if I could. We talked about. First, how she had been bought that was her life. She had sold herself. We notice secondly who she sought the Bible says she came there to see Jesus. In fact, when she showed up she went through a bunch of religious people to get to Jesus hello can I say something on why does it exist my cousin on but you didn't notice, either.

May I say that sometimes in your life to get to Jesus, you're gonna have to get past some religious people, religious people can keep people from Jesus to shame, but it happens all the time want you to notice. Not just how she had been brought who she sought, and may I say this thoroughly. What she brought and she brought brokenness she brought humility. We talk about how she brought gratitude she brought sacrificed. She brought love baby I say before we move on today with what were dealing with today in as we talk about the fact of this precious what they call box of ointment. This alabaster box of ointment. It was probably almost like a jar type of object that would hang from her neck. Something that she would keep on her at all times.

I want to con if I can explain briefly just the importance of that and let me make sure we fully develop this before we move on the fact that she took that alabaster box and sacrifice that to Jesus. She did not do that to clean his feet. The Bible said her tears hit his feet and his feet which would've been dusty as those tears hit his feet. It would make his feet, muddy because the tears would mix with the dirt to the Bible, so she took her hair and clean his feet.

So what was the significance of pouring this ointment on the feet of Jesus.

While this was precious.

It was expensive so she was sacrificing to Jesus, but I also want you to notice that this ointment was something she used in her occupation. She would literally put this ointment on to be desirous of others that it would cause them to literally pay attention they would smell this perfume, and it would make them desire her. It was part of what she did as she literally took this ointment and poured it out on Jesus feet. It was a sign that she would never again return to that lifestyle. She would not need that anymore. And that's a wonderful precious thing and you know what you and I we get saved we believe that lifestyle behind but may I mention today and I didn't have time last week, but may I mention today just the third thing that I think is very very important. As she poured this ointment on the feet of Jesus that ointment she had always used for what purpose to attract others to her, but the fact that she poured this ointment on the feet of Jesus. They didn't need clean.

She'd already cleaned them with her hair.

She poured that ointment on Jesus because now she wanted others to be attracted to him. All of you and I could get over ourselves and get people to Jesus but I want us to notice today. The self-righteous we dealt last week with the center and that's what all of us are by the way, but unfortunately as we look to the sinner in the Bible we see who we are. But as we look to the self-righteous and the story we see who we don't want to be, but I think you were all honest, the self-righteous individualists, something that a lot of us become even though we don't want to want you to notice if you don't mind as you look in our chat and our passage. Look at verse 39 if you would Bible says that as Jesus came in this house.

This woman came in and obviously didn't care who thought what or who looked at her. She went right to the feet of Jesus and began doing all these things in verse 39 the Bible says no when the Pharisee which had bidden him, Saul.

He spake within himself, saying listen this man if he were a prophet would have known who and what man or woman. This is the touch of him, for she is a center guy ask you something.

What is it mean to be self righteous.

You say right up looking at the sinner preacher reminds us of who we are and looking at the self-righteous individual reminders of what were not supposed to be. What is it mean to be self-righteous. What does that really mean well I want to do without today and I know this is very convicting but let me explain just from the passages of Scripture how the things we can learn number one I want you to see this. What is it mean to be the self-righteous number one I want you to notice this, he saw her sin and overlooked his own, he saw her sin but overlooked his own Lotta people do that but we can sit in church and we can see somebody else's sin and see what we see in their lives, they'll actually all they should do all I can't believe that dear friend. Often you and I are very good at noticing everyone else's sin, but we overlook our own fishing. He says if Jesus were prophet he would have known this woman what she was and what kind of woman who she is because she is a center look at me so he but he never saw he saw her sin and overlooked his own number two want to see this. He saw himself as better than the center. He saw himself as better off of this passage, you see the way he is talking in the words that he uses in the things he was thinking in his mind that he considered himself up. Love this woman. Why because it is mind. He probably thought I have not done those things and this was a man who was religious. This was a man who followed the so-called righteous law. This is a man who had disappointing character and moral supposedly and yet he saw himself as above or better than this woman. I have done a lot of thinking over the years, especially since a better pastor sometimes thinking of how we gone wrong as church people over the years as a whole lot of people that are not in church as a whole lot of people have no use for church a lot of people that maybe at one time were in church and they wouldn't go near a church now and we can come up with a lot of reasons why and I believe on the bills that I take the blood. I personally, I think we as Christians need to take the blame. We caused a lot of cannot tell you one thing I think out of all the things we could list here today in analyze and say you know we we messed up because we distantly that I think one of the biggest reasons there so many people that don't like church art in church is because of this one reason for some reason. Over the years.

Church people have acted like they are better than the world, dear friend. We are not were no different.

For some reason church people sometimes think because we don't do such and such because were not involved in such and such.

We look down on those that they cannot work. I remind you we are all sinners that have been saved by the grace of God number three. What is the self-righteous, what is that mean it means number three. He had a miraculous opportunity to minister to the Savior of the world, but he wasted. If you notice in verse 44, 45, 46, as Jesus is gotta giving his point to this man Simon who had only thought these things in his mind. Yet Jesus knew the thought and intent of the heart his word says. The Bible says as he was teaching in this lesson that Jesus turns and he looked at this woman who had lived such a horrible life, such such an abused and use life eat the Jesus looks at this woman and he says can I ask you something Simon and he said say on any said when I came in the house you gave me no water to wash my feet and yet this woman has washed my feet with her very tears when I walked in the house. You didn't clean my feet and and you didn't anoint my head, but this woman hasn't Jesus begins to list these things in another word Simon you you had me here in your presence.

You had every chance to do these things for me but you didn't. The religious leaders didn't but a common harlot is the one that did Simon had a miraculous opportunity to literally minister to the very Savior of the world face to face in person, but he didn't do one thing Ellen explain this in Bible days. It was common practice not get this just common practice of hospitality when a person would come to your house first, you would give them water to wash their feet with because everybody travel like that in those days they wore sandals or barefoot their feet would be dirty. So when you would bring them into your house you would offer them water to wash their feet.

Secondly, almost everywhere that you would go as hospitality, they would greet you with a kiss third out of hospitality just normal hospitality they would bring some kind of an oil that you could anoint with a will call anoint on the head. It would be like what you and I would call freshening up something that would take the smell of the day off so that you can sit and enjoy a meal.

Listen to me and Jesus is saying to Simon. Not only have you not done what this woman has done. You didn't even treat me with normal every day. Low hospitality you to give me water to wash my feet. You didn't literally greet me with a kiss.

You didn't anoint my head with oil, you didn't even make any kind of effort look at it. Want to get this Jesus is saying this, you couldn't have done less than you did. And yet, here is the self-righteous individual Academy in the very presence of Jesus, and he didn't even treat him as good as he would've a common visit and we all stand here or sit here today and we think what, that's just absolutely despicable. Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Is that not us. Are we not in his presence today. How dare we come into his house and make no effort whatsoever to me were in agreement with the kids were not watching his feet went really get to the point were looking at the watch site was the guy gotta get done preaching so I can go to lunch, self-righteous. How many times you and I totally waste opportunities we have to do something for RC but were too busy with our walls and our liens and our standards in our convictions and were too busy with what were doing. Instead of loving him for who he is, may I say this fourthly is iconic close lease. This part of it.

I don't have time for the rest when she notices he did not comprehend the forgiveness that he needed. He never understood how badly he needed the forgiveness of God. He saw her sin, but he never saw his he never comprehended how filthy and wrong. He really well as it is part head in his flesh, and how badly and desperately needed the forgiveness of God. He never never understood why because he was too self righteous how many church people never fully yet, the forgiveness that they need.

How many church people never fully understand the forgiveness that God's already give us.

We don't appreciate it like we should. I find it interesting here that out of all that room there was a whole bunch of religious people and yet only one person showed love to Jesus and that was the center about you. I'm ready to move on to the Savior's out all right for you.

Convicted enough.

If you're not convicted that you give my be a self-righteous you got that number in the minute he got that number three, the Savior, now Jesus is woven all through the story and by the way, you will know in your life. There always be three people you run across sinners, self-righteous in the Savior.

Jesus will always be there with her always be somebody that thinks they're better than there always be somebody that looks down on others.

You and I need to make sure we don't become that peak person. So what we learn from Jesus through the story we learn a whole lot of lessons that we gave you last week from the center. We been told some things from the self-righteous. So what is it we learn from the Savior in this lunch we have with the Lord. I want you to notice number one and I think we gonna start here because it didn't get much any better than this is number one. You and I need understand from this passage that there is no person that Jesus does not love. There is no person that Jesus does not love you say preacher you don't know what I've done. Oh, he knew he knew what she did. There's no person, he didn't love this morning. I want you to know you might've had some people in your life that didn't love you or said they did didn't. I promise you one thing Jesus loves you.

I don't care what you've done who you are, where you've been.

There is no person that he doesn't love number two we find from this passage that there is no center that Jesus will not forgive. There is no center that Jesus will not forgive. Look at me if Simon the Pharisee had asked Jesus to forgive him that day. Jesus would forgive Simon needed, but Simon didn't think he did but the worst what we were call center there in the room.

Jesus forgave dear friend, I want to know. There is no center that Jesus will not forgive, if you ask what you to know that number three I want you to see this that Jesus sees us all equally Jesus sees us all equally was interesting, if you'll find that Simon calls this woman on a number of occasions the center.

Jesus always calls her. The woman Jesus always treated her with respect to see when Jesus walked into the room even see a bunch of religious people and he saw a sinner are you looking at me when he walked into the room. They are all sinners will all have failed and fallen short of the glory of God. But he loves us all, forgive us all if we ask. He sees us all as people that is died for. He didn't see differences in color. He didn't see differences in jobs and he doesn't see differences and accomplishments. He sees this as people that he loves. That is, died for want you to notice number four get this that Jesus discerned the morals of the center but he also discerned the mind of the self-righteous see when Jesus walked in. He knew exactly the kind of morals that lady had had he knew exactly what she had done, but he didn't just know her morals.

The Bible says he knew Simon's mind and you and I think that because we haven't done this something that where okay dear friend listen to me as a man think within his heart. The Bible says so is he that these religious leaders might not have done some of the things this woman had done but I guarantee they thought because were a bunch of sinners and our flesh is that way can have any men right there. What got me Jesus can read the morals of the center but he can also read the mind of a self-righteous person and he sees both as wrong.

How many times have we sat here and had judgmental thoughts of someone else. What someone does what someone says thinking what I would've done it that way. Jesus knows that he knows what you think. He didn't just see what you do. He knows what you think may I mention this. Simon saw center. But Jesus also Simon saw center.

But Jesus also what he knew to this woman after he's explained to Simon all that she had done for Jesus. He said, thy sins are forgiven only of soul needs forgiven. Jesus didn't see her as some despicable woman he saw her so different he seizures today to let me give you this last if I can this morning. Please get peace is something that only Jesus can give peace is something that only Jesus can give now Jesus looks at Simon and he says this all right she's done this and you never did this and she did this, and you've never done this for me.

She did this, and you've never done this for me Jesus goes through all the list and then he looked to the wall and a set by faith that may behold thy sins are forgiven. The but then he gives this little statement at the very end. Go in peace.

Now let me illustrate it if I can this morning to your briefly, I got two waters appear for service water second service water see if the first service water will help the second service when illustrated. If I can this morning many of you here. I don't know some of the struggles you're going through some of the things in your life. I do know some of some of the struggles some of your going and I know some of you heard this morning pretty bad now is much as I love you and is much as I would do anything the world for you.

I could listen I want to get this. I could stand up here and whoever you may be asked to listen. I'm praying for you and I'm praying for you and this is what I could say I see. Listen, I want the best you only be praying for you go in leave this building go in peace. I just have peace in your life. You know what you walk out of that building is like you like you came in all that I can say about only go in peace, only give you peace. I can't give you peace. I can say until I'm blue in the face but that's not gonna change one thing in your life. I want you to have peace.

I pray that you will have peace but I can't give it to you Nago many times person having a serious surgery whatever and I'll sit down with them and maybe read some verses were going to praying God to give you the peace that passes understanding. Listen, I am praying that God will give it to you and I'm praying that you will have it going through something like this but I cannot. As Daniel Autry or even as your pastor, I can't sit down and say all right. I know you're going to our time, let me give you some peace right there some peace right there you go. Going peace. I got nothing. I can't give you look at me because I don't own peace I didn't create peace so I can't give it if I owned it or I had control of it. I can give it to you but I don't. Here's what's wonderful when Jesus looked at that woman, he said go in peace.

He had the right to do that because he is peace. He owns it he created, look at me, you cannot get peace anywhere else except Jesus. You can't get peace by taking a vacation, don't we all know that you can't get peace by reading a book you can feel better about something, but that book can't give you peace. You can't get peace by buying things you can get peace by trying things you can't get peace by literally gathering things and collecting things and doing things and going places and all those things he give you some happiness and all those things get help at all those things and give you little bit arrest but it can't give you peace that only comes from Jesus look at me here.

Simon, a good man follow the law. There's a whole bunch religious guys sit around the table. Probably good men character morals. Whatever the case might be in only one person left that house that day with peace and it was that woman, now I've had people ask, I had an even ask you last week.

Is this the same Simon in that we find else in the Bible and there it is another woman to have this alabaster ointment and different things in Simon in the book of Matthew was a leper. Now this Simon.

We don't know anything more about this particular Simon and that Simon in the book of Matthew. We don't think that they're related it's different time date and all that stuff.

We don't know.

But can I sell you something. There's a whole lot of things that God didn't give us in his word, he gave us enough to keep us busy the rest of our lives, but there's a whole Lotta little tidbits of things if he wanted us to know he would've given it to us and we don't know. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast.

The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on our website and church.

Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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