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June 28, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. The subject today is this sitting with God or serving for God sitting with God versus serving for God. I want you to notice a very familiar passage to you, and I preached on it a couple times in Luke chapter 10 Wesley verse 38 and read a few verses here and ask God to help us as he helped us in the first hour.

This is something that we need and that will help us if will if open our hearts. Look at verse 38 of Luke chapter 10 sitting with God versus serving for God not came to pass, as they went, that he entered he mean Jesus entered into a certain village and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. She had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus feet, and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone, bid her therefore that she help me Jesus answered and said under her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things. One thing is needful and Mary have chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. Let's pray Lord I love you and we often go to this story to learn in Lord, I believe there's some new things for us to learn some different perspectives today Lord for a church that is busy and and has a lot going on. Lord I pray that you would you would help us and them. Lord, we certainly want to do right and be right as we do right and I pray that you did help our people.

Thank you, formerly with greatest people in the world. Lord, I pray you help me today and Lord to keep my emotions in check. It's just emotional to meeting both of this passage and the work you've done in my heart just in the past 24 hours ready to help in Jesus name we pray.

Amen. Sitting with God or serving for God. I'm not going to reiterate the story we just read it but just in case it maybe you don't understand everything going on here.

Let me explain it briefly are basically three characters in the story you have Jesus and Jesus of the trio. Just saying. Oh what a change in my life.

When Jesus passed by Jesus had been passing by.

He been ministering the been helping people and he enters here and he enters into a house as he kinda comes into this little village of Martha invites Jesus to her house.

Now there weren't hotel expresses in and you know Hampton Inn Zen holiday ends and different things. In these days and so what a person invited you into their home. They basically took responsibility to take care of you to feed you to give you what you needed and so she received a Jesus into her house so we have Jesus as he is been ministering and he's tired and he's hungry and is traveling and he is invited into their home and he comes into Martha's home and then also we have Martha and Martha. Obviously, as the Bible says the one that received him, she's the one that invited him and so Martha was preparing everything she was trying to fix the food she was, you know, trying to make sure that she had a nice china out. It had a tablecloth on the table and that things were cleaned up and that we had two or three choices for desserts and make sure we have something to drink that he'll like and have a couple choices of meats and I she just wanted to do the best that she could and there's nothing wrong with serving and there's nothing wrong with wanting to give God the best that you then of course we have Mary Bible says that Jesus literally the moment he walked in that house.

Mary sat at his feet and listened to him talk and listen to the words that he said now we have Ghana formed an opinion over years in ministry and things and sometimes we do this in church that Ridley there are those who sit and then there are those who serve, and it seems you know that we either your server or you're a sitter and the servers are often the ones can't involve her thing doing a lot of things, always busy, always there and and and kinda serving it often times the servers can begin the think will you know with those other people that don't ever help or just sitters in but but were servers and oftentimes you got a look in the store and you think or even some have alluded to the fact that either you're going to be a sitter or you're going to be a server and may I say this morning my point to you is this that you do not have to be one or the other. God wants us to be both. It is not enough just to sit at Jesus feet and it is not enough just to serve for God. We need to be sitting at his feet and we need to be serving him with our life.

We need to be doing both sue a preacher. I don't know fully understand is only make some statement so that we can cut a more understand what were talking about here.

Martha comes to Jesus and she says that we would you tell my sister to help me I'm doing all this by myself and you know she's just in there and you know why did she come to Jesus semi-Jesus had just come to the house. He just sat down. I mean, why was she kind of frustrated with him. Well, probably because Mary was sitting at his feet. She probably thought you Jesus should tell her hey I appreciate you being your listening but wanting to get up and help your sister and so Martha frustrated comes to Jesus and Jesus says this he said Mary the listen you your troubled and in your burden about a lot of things but Mary has done the thing that is needful. She's chosen that and Mary has chosen something that can never be taken away from her to look at me today as much of a meal as Martha could've put there on the table. She could have three meets five veggies, bread, muffins, cornbread, Hush Puppies, whatever. None of y'all get hungry arch. She could had some choices of desserts, maybe even one sugar-free, one in there somewhere, something like that little low-carb selection a little.

I will give a flip selection. You know, kind of thing. As we liken the nicest mill she could've put their guess what eventually that meal would be gone. That meal would've been eaten. That meal would've been digested that meal would've been discarded. The tables would've been wiped and cleaned in the room would've been swept, and before long the meals over and I'm sure that there would be an appreciative and I'm sure they would remember the fact that she fed them, but it would eventually be gone but you know what Jesus said that what Mary was doing sitting at his feet was something that nobody could ever take away from solar mix of statements he number one statement is this sitting with God and serving for God are both sitting with God and serving for God are both necessary, listen to me you do not have to just be one or the other.

God wants us to be both. Now listen to me if Mary had not been sitting at Jesus feet. There been nobody to listen to on their would've been nobody paying attention to anything Jesus had to say. But if Martha had not been serving if she had not been cooking if she had not been preparing been there would've been nothing for anybody. Both were needful statement number two if you only sit, you can become pharisaical if all you do is sit at the feet of Jesus, you can turn into a Pharisee and as a whole Lotta Christians just like this if your life never involves serving but it's always sitting at the feet of Jesus in us inches it was wrong with that whole is to be different. Nothing wrong with sitting at the feet of Jesus, but if all you ever do is sit there and we don't ever take what God gives us.

We were sitting at his feet and go and serve him with it working to become pharisaical working to become hypocritical working to become the people to China sit there and analyze and scrutinize everyone else working to be the one sit there as I well think of her better songs and that was less than you got up your thing well preacher did okay today what is best. A really was the last time you got up and preached well the trio you know they did all right today but you know there was one that didn't viscerally blend real good luck to say who that was. But I will say it condos like Dixon, a kind of a thing that maybe didn't bloom very well first crowd got a little better than the second ground is pig Latin for Nick. By the way, I just pick on the see what all we do is sit and take in.

We can become a Pharisee. Point number three when all you do is serve you can become frustrated if you see it far off if all we do is sit at the feet of Jesus and all we do is sit in church and receive the word in all we do is listen to the radio and all we do is listen to this and listen to that but we never serve working to turn into a bunch of Pharisee where to turn to people that are so puffed up.

The Bible says with knowledge that we don't have any wisdom but if all you do is serve and there's never a sitting at Jesus feet and all you're doing is serving in doing and doing and doing. Guess what, that is a sure recipe for frustrated for longer than be frustrated every body everything before long you even get frustrated with God. You get frustrated with church you get frustrated with people, and of all we do is sit to turn in the Pharisees and of all we do is serve working to be nothing but frustrated. Point number four is this correctly sitting with God should always create a desire to serve, for God. Listen to me.

If all you do is serve in your never sitting at Jesus feet your knocking Alaska law, you get better and resent people not Alaska law. If all you ever do is sit it the feet of Jesus taking in and you never take it out and use it in serve you just can become judgmental and here's the thing. Listen to me you say will purchase a dangerous thing to preach because your passion the church were trying to grow were trying to do more things you present like this unit is done everybody.

Hey, maybe it's time maybe you need to just sit a little bit. You may be diligent, maybe they'll just thought maybe you'll lose workers and all that. Listen to me dear friend that's always a fear, but I'd rather preach God's word.

Let God take care that because I know this if you're listening everything I'm saying correctly sitting at Jesus feet always creates a desire to serve you see I'm not saying you need to sit. I'm saying that maybe we need to sit at Jesus feet a little more always creates a desire was to me want to get this sitting with Jesus does not give you desire to be lazy sitting at Jesus feet does not make you want to quit serving. There's a lot of people that want to sit but there's not many people that want to sit at Jesus feet and there's a big difference in the two Sonos you question today is IRA preacher what your point. My point is this. You don't have to be one of the other. God wants us to be both God wants us to sit at his feet and God wants us to serve him. But if you only knew one of the other to be missing something. And so my question is this this morning. I will then how do you know when you need to set how do you know when it's time for you to spend a little more time at the feet of Jesus. How do you know when you've gotten to the Martha point. How do you know when you've gotten so busy serving that you're cumbered and you and your always worn out and you're becoming resentful or becoming frustrated and all these things.

How is it that we know when we need to sit more in Jesus. How do you know that someone look at this passage give you couple things I'll let you go to number one. What you get. This is to be on the screen. If you need me. I say this in humility, God's had to work on me this week. First statement is this. You know you need to sit when you don't have time for the Lord, you know you need to sit at Jesus feet when you don't have time for the Lord. What's interesting if you'll notice here.

Look closely. Verse 40 the Bible says this, but Martha was cumbered about much serving, and look what the Bible says and came to him, did you get that Jesus, the very son of God, look at me walk through her front door and was in her house. What a privilege. Can you imagine having the creator of the universe. The very son of God in your house yet. From the moment he came into her house. She didn't have time for. She had too much to do. She never came to Jesus until she got frustrated serving but got soon as Jesus walked in that house. Mary was at his feet know when you know you need to sit at Jesus feet for a while when you don't have time for the Lord to listen to me. We all struggle with this, but if your service for God has created a problem in your walk with God than changes need to be made. Changes need to be made. You know when you need to sit when you haven't had time to spend with the Lord not know what there be some say they might get 30 minutes a week in service but that's what they're going to take away yeah is write a really I been so busy I'm in a time have devotions.

I guess I'm just gonna stop doing all the things I do a church.

All maybe it's not the church, things that need to be eliminated maybe were having store struggling having time with the Lord because of some other everybody's always anxious to quit the church thing when they're out of time statement of her to listen to this. You know you need to sit when you are doing more than the Lord has asked you to do now, don't get nervous.

I know you think that's thunder, that's our new air conditioning.

Yeah, I know used to it.

We kind of eliminated the hamster running that cage therein, or other air conditioning you know that took a while to crank up and it was very slow. This one just comes at you. At least we hope that's the air conditioning or work and have an invitation real soon were baptizing today and I was up there between Sunday school church we have this eye closed so we have were baptizing sweet but everybody up here on this side and I was up there. Get some stuff ready. Nothing came on the cow I asked God to forgive me for everything. I mean I was I was getting right with God up there in the baptistery on to say that you would verse 40 the Bible says that Martha was cumbered this word means over burdened the last time I checked, the Bible says that God never puts on us more than we could bear notice. If you would. Verse 41 Jesus talks to Martha and he says this, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things that you look at me all these things that Martha was cumbered and troubled about looking to get this Jesus never asked her to do. Now you look at me and I know my Savior from his word and I would tell you if he came in our house and and Martha just gave him a piece of bread and some water. Jesus would've been thankful for that. Whatever she had in the cupboards.

Whatever was already prepared whatever was available. The fact that she invited them in. It didn't have to be a 10 course meal. It didn't have to be fancy. It didn't have to be perfect. Jesus didn't ask her to do all that she took that upon herself because she wanted it to be perfect as a preacher. What is wrong with wanting to give your best to the Lord. Absolutely nothing, but there are sometimes maybe it would be better to serve, maybe not as fancy a meal but spend a little more time with the Lord. We all by what I'm selling today are not really of them still to keep selling it, but you might be in your life. On the day this hello people, but people can ask you to do a lot of things but did the Lord tell you to do it if you and I are not careful, ready to get to the point that were gonna quit doing what God asked us to do because were so burdened with things that he never asked us to do with a son is a pastor's heart is. People have expectations on now. The pastor can't really have expectations on people but they all have expectations of what they think pastor should do the odd visit. It is very out of the hearing to be there.

Whatever the case of the and there's no way you could possibly please everybody's expectation that I happen to pastor wonderful church. The people were great to me. Here they they don't they understand my family obligations we understand. My family has a special needs inside that they've been great advise the wonderful I'm not saying that there aren't some of those things but you know what the church is been great so don't get me wrong, but I'm telling you. Sometimes if you're not careful I can be so burdened by the fact that I disappointed this person and that person. I didn't do what they thought I should do and I didn't do this and I didn't do that and everybody for some reason has their opinion of what they think the pastor should do that before long. If I'm not careful.

I'm to get so discouraged pastoring because of all the pressure that I've allowed people or circumstances for my own expectations to put on me that I get burned out, stressed out, and I'm going to quit doing what God asked me to do because of all the things I'm doing that. He didn't listen through with all the things you can do in your life for your kids and all that. But if God didn't ask you to do it. Don't let that get in the way of what he did ask you know what Jesus would've been pleased with Martha had a little bit of food in the cover that is been fine, but just come in here and sit and spend some time with me right it might not be as nice a meal. But that meal is going to leave quickly. Anyway, but this nobody can ever take away from you know you need to sit when you're doing more than the Lord has asked you to do statement number three you know you need to sit when you're serving has made you resent others it's time for you to spend a little more time at the feet of Jesus. When you have gotten to the point that you have begun to resent others in your serving as a preacher what he mean by that. Listen, I want you look look look if you would.

Verse 40 the Bible says that Martha finally went to Jesus and when she came to Jesus, look what she said. She came to him and said, Lord, just thou not care that my sister hath left me look at that notice she had begun to resent her own sister to see what all you're doing is serving, but you're never sitting at Jesus feet. Begin to resent people that aren't serving as much as you think you are now.

She was resenting her sister. She's left me she's not helping me and dear friend I'm here to tell you it's time to spend a little more time at the feet of Jesus.

When your service has got to the point that you're analyzing and criticizing it upset it everybody that's not serving like can I go one further notice, the passage she not only had begun to resent her sister. Guess who else she had begun to resent Jesus. What is she saying this phrase, Lord just thou not care. I miss you got the point that she says Jesus why don't you care that she's not helping me. Now she's resenting her sister and now it's gone the way she resents the Lord, will I watch media Christians that all they do a service or service are observed. They've never sit at the feet of Jesus I watch so many of them reason people get mad at people there always the victim, it's always what nobody is ever here to help me clean up all always the one here doing it. I'm always the one showing up, always the one here the activity. I'm always the one cooking the most food, always the one helping so-and-so do this and do that. They don't ever show up and help me and I have a name in this morning and the second server. You're right, it right about this is what happens before long we begin to resent people within the next step is. We resent God. All I did was serve him at that church. Nobody ever appreciated me.

All I did is this and know God never brought anybody by that even appreciated me or thanked me and then we can't get mad at God, and it's all because were serving, but we haven't spent any time sitting at the feet of Jesus. Oftentimes you get the point is not fair.

I'm no one here again I'm doing all the work. Again, listen to me. It is time for you to sit when you think Jesus should make other people act like you what it Martha say hey Jesus, don't. Would you tell her to come help me. What is she saying Jesus you tell her to come start doing what I'm doing because I'm church people can get this way they can look around. Think you know it. Everybody out of work at this church like I do. If everybody did as much as I did around here what we we we would be packed out of the Guild know we would we would have a church we have a bunch of judgmental Pharisees is what we have.

If everybody just listen to me. That's when you know that you been so busy serving you not taken time to sit at the feet of Jesus. When you begin to feel that you're the example when you begin to feel that your performance is the guideline it's time for you to sit at the feet of Jesus happens to us to begin to think so good of ourselves and our motives are good and we have been serving and we have been working but when we serve so much that now are analyzing and looking at everyone else and and and thinking of what they're not doing then we've made it about us better get off this one next statement is this just have to more there long but I only have two more you know you need to sit when you have started feeling sorry for yourself.

You know you need to sit when you started feeling sorry for yourself and your serving the Lord. When you begin to feel sorry for yourself.

That's a sure sign you need to stop and you need to get a room and you need to get down at the feet of Jesus and you need to spend some time with look if you would. Verse 40.

This is what Martha said. She came to Jesus and she said hey would you would you tell my sister and this is what she said about her that her sister, she said she hath left me to serve alone. Did you hear that Martha felt like she was the only one working notice what she says next bid her therefore that she help me. Martha was more concerned about what she was doing then what Jesus was doing the best we get mad is like you know what I have a plan of I have an order of service why we live why we change in this area and while most of the preachers and they all wanted to do a different song now want us to do whatever I have this all down. The order of service, we have a way we do things around here know we go we want to do things around here what God wants things to done. Again, please get this is time to sit at the feet of Jesus when you're feeling sorry Martha began to feel like she was all alone. She was the victim.

Nobody was helping her. She was on this island called service and it was only her in a volleyball name Wilson. She didn't think anybody noticed how hard she was working. She didn't think anybody even saw how difficult it was to do what she was doing she felt like no one was appreciating her work. No one was helping her. No one was thanking her. No one was praising her and the whole Lotta church people can get like that sometimes and I'm telling you when you get to that point. That's a sign from God, please put it in his word for us to know it's time for me to stop. It's time for me to get off myself to get out of my flash and get into a room and spend some time at the feet of the debt mean it's time to quit serving means it's time to spend some more time at the feet of Jesus with get our attitude in our spirit right what you notices last statement you know you need to sit when you're losing sight of what is most important time to spend a little more time at the feet of Jesus. When you cannot any longer. Tell what is most, thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast.

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