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May 20, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today.

Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Psalm one is probably one of the easiest passages to outline there actually numerous knob got outlines sitting at home and files from Psalm one. When I first came back to Kerwin and I introduced you we had to work with the youth for a while when I first came back and I introduced our new youth program and I gave a whole system of our youth ministry that we wanted to use out of Psalm 11 through three I got so many of it while I was sitting there with my mom's outline that she had written down.

I so I'm just going to come up with just three or four quick one just to show you and I never, never use these never seen these were like verse one.

I see that God tells us to be careful where you stroll where you stand and where you sit you know you're not can end up sitting being close fellow shipping with individuals you shouldn't be close to. If you don't even go near him twice as be careful where you walk where you stand where you said where you stroll where you stand where you sit first one I see that Jesus deals with our direction. That walk of mom the counsel of the ungodly are distinction, nor stand up in the way of sinners are demeanor nor sit within the seat of the scornful verse two. He deals with our delight, but his delight is in the law of the Lord.

And then he deals with our dedication and in the law doth he meditate day and night verse three I see that the Lord deals with how your planted how your placed how you produce how you perform and how you prosper how your planted, he shall be like a tree trees are stable where your placed by the rivers of water, how you produce that bringing forth his fruit in his season, how you perform his leave shall not wither.

How you prosper whatsoever he do it shall prosper.

Verse one deals with the blessed man verse two deals with a better man. Verse three due to the bountiful man. Verse four deals with the bad man. Verse five deals with a bitter man in verse six deals with the battered man you could outline Psalm 1000 different ways, but this morning in verses one through three. I like to preach yet another outline that I found in my mom's Bible that is this a blessed man.

What does it take to be blessed and God gives some very clear instruction here. I guess that my age and that my children at their age, you begin to wonder what you're going to leave them not necessarily materially I hope that spiritually legacy memories. You know, I'm sure that maybe they'll have some really good memories.

Lord willing.

I'm sure they might have some that aren't so great. I don't know but I guess if I had one thing that man I would just love for my boys to have. And that's the blessing of God is really nothing else in life is worth having if you don't have God's blessing on what you're doing. Everything else is vain. Everything else is a waste of time. Everything else is frivolous. Everything else would simply be investing in what this world has to offer.

But what I would love to be able to see my three boys experience is the blessing of God. How about you that I begin to think well. One of the best ways for them to experience the blessing of God is to see the blessing of God and her mom and dad's life and mom and dad got to do some certain things to be blessed and you know what, it's the same things that you have to do them out if your preacher that matter. If your plumber that matter. If your electrician that matter. If you work the grocery store.

That matter if your waitress God requires the same things for you to be blessed so I like to ask you this morning, and especially now. I guess if I am not preaching this particular group at all, but I think I would especially be talking to men this morning because you know we feel responsibility for the family. Me ask you this. Do you want to be blessed. I mean do you really want God to bless your life if you do, God has made it very simple for us to understand what must be done.

Number one.

Once you notice in verse one says this blessed is the man blessed is the man or the individual that does the things I'm getting ready to say will be blessed, blessed is the man that walk is not in the counsel of the ungodly. My mom had written down here a simple outline and I'm gonna give it to you in its entirety right now that all deal specifically with each one will let you go this morning.

She wrote this a blessed man seeks the right advice seeks the right associations seeks the right attitude seeks the right affection seeks the right activity. So the first one seeks the right advice. Blessed is the man that walk is not in the counsel of the ungodly Ellis to Ms. morning there is plenty of bad advice.

Everywhere we turn you want to get a whole bunch of really good bad advice, just walk in turn TV on.

You want to get some really bad advice. Just scour the Internet, blogs you want to get some really bad advice. Many times just get on Facebook. Hey, I'm going to be some advice. I listen this is a freebie sunny like all Lord here we go we give you some free advice. Nothing on Facebook.

Enjoy your Facebook whatever the case might be if you got a friend on Facebook or anybody and they say one negative thing about their church in your church or any church you defriend them immediately. That is a person that is a bad influence on you. That's bad advice. There's plenty of bad advice. Everywhere you turn folks listen to me. We are wired you and I because we are flesh and our flesh is sinful.

We are wired to be more likely to listen to bad counsel were just wired that way. I mean folks can give us really good biblical counsel, but were to be wired to do something different totally different and because were just wired that way because that's what our flesh wants and God says that a blessed man walk is not in the counsel of the ungodly.

That means is you and I have to choose not walk around the wrong counsel we have to choose not to listen to the wrong advice because our flesh is naturally going to want to so we have to fight against it and make sure that we will listen to the wrong advice. August people said.

Proverbs 1215 the way of a fool is right in his own eyes but he that hearken with him to counsel is wise. Good advice has to be sought out, it has to be searched for good. Advisedly around everywhere.

Bad advice is when around everywhere. Bad advice is around every corner. You go to because we live in a sinful society we all agree with that. Probably America's greatest country that there is ever has been. I believe that, but we have made some choices in our country and believe it or not we were pretty sinful society and bad advice is everywhere you turn around. It takes discernment to know good advice and I'm saying if you want to be a blessed individual when you want God to bless your life then you have to make sure that you seek out search out good biblical sound advice. I think of the book of Job, Job went through unbelievable testing and his wife, I'm sure, maybe out of a heart of love. She gets a hard knock as far as I'm concerned. Imagine if you are woman you just lost every one of your children. Would you be the most spiritual person at that point if you lost your house, your goods every space a security you had you lost all 10 of your children and your husband lays in sickness. I will think you would've had the most spiritual attitude either but she looks and show probably because she's seeing him suffer thinking death would be better than what he's going through and she says just curse God and die.

Job's as you speak as one of the foolish women speak notice the wisdom of a husband and he didn't call her a fool are are we men do that one, yet it really call you that I just interacting like that right now I don't like this person appears vis-à-vis the keys. If you send it on their Job said you know what, that's bad advice. That's bad advice near friendless to me. The devil will make sure that you have plenty of people giving you bad advice at the worst possible time. When you are most vulnerable.

Satan will make sure bad advice find your ears but if you want to be blessed you say well or whatever the Joe also scans losses land lost everything he had yeah and a chapter 42. The Bible says God gave him twice of everything he had gave her mother children. You say you have a losses first children knowing and their inhabiting and losing. I was a blessed man Bible says the latter and the latter end of Job's life was better than the first.

You know why because Jehovah sought good advice. Stephen had three so-called Christian friends that came by and they did nothing but preach to torment me little and gave all their advice and all this or that and Joe didn't listen to him at all. You know why because Job knew what was good advice. It was bad advice and if you and I will just learn to know the difference and not listen to bad advice and not listen to what everybody is telling us to do but find good advice and follow it. God says blessed is the man that walk is not in the counsel of the ungodly people different. Be careful who you listen to are they godly people or not. Just because they go to church and sit in a pew doesn't mean there godly people here. Sometimes people you know not Messerli here but here churches you know so-and-so you know they'll really like the music and I think what you know, social, godly individuals I haven't seen so-and-so any visitation.

I haven't seen so-and-so bring anybody to church.

Haven't seen so-and-so when anybody the Lord recently.

Are you sure there godly or are they just in church. There's a difference in godly and non-godly influence driving. Amen. Right there, even on a Sunday morning.

I find it amazing stable urine is wearing out one point arch. I am unaware it out. I find it amazing how rarely people come and ask advice from their pastor know that's at the expense of saying hey you know what you think you arty think you're just Mr. no, not at all and probably I would push this more for the Joe were still the pastor, because I would tell you listen.

God's given you a good wise pastor go talk to him. Go ask his advice go. Whatever it amazes me how many things happen, and individuals.

They come and say well also wanting you come. Well, we didn't want a body that wanted to wait a minute I don't understand that it's it's amazing how rare people come and ask the godly influence that God is put in their life as a pastor to lead that flock. That's his job and it's it's amazing how rarely they even ask his advice, and second, it's amazing how rarely when they ask if they follow it. Proverbs 2219 says that thy trust may be in the Lord. I have made known unto thee this day, even to the have not I written to the excellent things in counsels and knowledge, God says have not I written to the excellent things in counsels and knowledge, a blessed man seeks the right advice. Second blessed man seeks the right associations. This is a big one. You know that you and I don't accidentally surround ourselves with good influences, with the right kind of people that doesn't just naturally happen you have to work at that our flesh automatically gravitates to negative influence by the way negativity is contagious.

We all know that you had to be careful you're around because sometimes there are certain individuals. I must say they're just rotten people understand. Sometimes they're not the best people for you to be around over me to be around because when you are.

You end up acting like them. I don't care what they've done.

I don't care how good they been to you. Whatever the case might be, but if you find yourself becoming a negative, critical, sarcastic person about everything and everybody always complain and let me taste on the you have become around the wrong influences and you better get away from them.

Blessed individual seeks the right associations. Why would God say that will stand up in the way of sinners. Why would God say that that word stand means that I was walking amongst the wrong kind of people and I latched onto someone now I'm standing there's closer fellowship.

It went from walking with to standing with and it finally ends up to sitting with.

That's why the Bible puts it this way, there is the casual.

Then there's the more personal then there's the closeness and you won't ever become close to the wrong individual.

If you don't even hang around him that make sense member not talk about it when I talk about winning friends and influence people here were not talk about politically correct to talk about being a blessed individual from God, do you determine what you want to be seeks the right Association. You and I have to choose who were going to stand with we have to choose who we are going to let influence our life, we have to choose who we're going to associate with good influences are godly influences, good influences are honest with you. Good influences pray for you. Good influences don't gossip and tear down others to you. That's not a good influence because when they talk to someone else they can do the same thing to you. Good influences motivate you to be more faithful to God's word in God's house, not less. Good influences, uplift and encourage good influences don't tear down your friend, you and I it's it and I know we we we think this is a data point as we different you have no idea how important it is the people you're around the associations have no idea how important it is and if you want to be a blessed individual. God says stay away from that. Third, I find that a blessed man seeks the right attitude noticed this, nor sits in the seat of the scornful words, scornful means to mock, to scoff to make malls against what I find interesting about this particular definition is that it doesn't just say to make mouth against which would just be you. It's to make malls against when you are sitting in the seat of the scornful. Or when you are a scornful person.

Not only are you unfair and unkind to an individual, but you cause others to feel the same way about that individual and God says don't you dare sit in that seat to become a scornful person you need to have the right attitude in life, not a negative one. There's enough people with bad attitudes. Everywhere you go you and I ought to have the right attitude not only about individuals, but will not have the right attitude about life will agree with that. We need to get off this thing.

Well I just everybody just seems it's always always get the rolling to the deal and everybody's always been unfair to me and never seem to get my break and I've never been able listen to your friend that's a wrong attitude to have that scornful you are scorning you what you call your luck in your scorning your life in your scorning the blessings God's given a different attitude would be in order to be added to this.

Hey Lord, everything I have. I don't deserve anyway.

I'm thankful for you been good to me is why say this when you sit in the seat of the scornful. Rarely do you ever get up whenever you wind up in the seat you normally stay. It just becomes habit in your life to be that kind of person God says I can't bless. Individuals that don't have the right attitude. I can't. I can't bless.

Individuals that aren't content and appreciative and grateful blessed man seeks the right attitude. I want you to notice forcefully blessed man seeks the right affection. Notice what he says bless them in the walk is not in the accounts of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful. But his delight, or affection. What he desires. His delight is in the law of the Lord blessed man has the right affection what you mean preacher, a blessed man has an affection I desire for the word of God. So I don't have to know you don't but a blessed man has to a man doesn't but a blessed man does were talk about here if you want to be a blessed individual. I'm not even talk about what the world turns as blessed.

I'm talking about what God terms as blessed, blessed individual seeks the right affection toward the light means pleasure.

What matters, what is important to you and dear friend.

You and I to be blessed of God that God's word has to be first and foremost in our life has to be the most important thing is a bridge what what is that mean that means this not only should we be reading it and applying ourselves to it and meditating it, but it means that God's word should be guiding our life rim of the Bible says that word is a lamp in the my feet in the light in my path. That means this is my decision and the things I want.

If I find a principal in God's word against it, but I don't know it because God's word is first and foremost, I would ask you later on in life. Would you be would you like to have it said you laying in the casket. This man had a lot of things this man made a lot of money or would you rather have a said this man was blessed of God. I find last in these verses. It says that a blessed man seeks the right activity. Notice what it says and in his law doth he meditate day and night. Now let's think about this, but are thinking What Is a Mean That They Mean Preacher. I've Got to Take This Bible and I Literally Have To Read It All Day and All Night Away When I Sleep When What I Eat Folks.

We Have Some Common Sense Here. What Is He Saying When You Meditate Therein Day and Night. The Right Activity Means This If I Have God's Word in My Heart and Mind All Day.

I'm Not Going to End up Doing Things That Would Go against God's Word. The Understand. So If I Am Seeking to Please God and Obey His Word. Odds Are That's Going to Limit A Few Activities That I Used To Do That Make Sense. Everybody Here Means This, That If I Do It in His Law Doth I Meditate Day and Night.

That Means This of God's Words Constantly, At Least on My Mind and Is Guiding the My Day and When I Have a Decision to Make. Do I Go Here Well with That with That Go against God's Work. Hey Do I Do This Do I Participate in This. Will You Know What That Would Hurt God and That's against What God Says I Should Do.

Should I Should I Listen to This That I Should I Do This Dear Friend Listen to Me, the More God's Word Gets in You Than the More Decision-Making Progress You Have, the More That You Listen to God's Word, Letting Hide Your Life, Then the Better Decisions Were Going to Make Me Know If I Can Get Everything out That I Want to Say Limit Is Put This Way You Get in the Word and the Word Will Get in You Today.

What I Would Love As a Pastor This Church. I Would Love to See God Bless You, but It My Desire for You to Be Blessed Doesn't Make You Blessed the Way You Live the Way I Live Determines God's Blessing on Our Life. Some He Was a Preacher.

I Feel like I've Tried to Do A Lot Of These Things and I Don't Feel Really Blessed with Different I Guess Maybe Sometimes You and I Need to Look at Ourselves and Maybe We Got the Wrong Definition of Blessing, or It Might Be That We Need to Take a Closer Look and Make Sure That We Really Are Following Guidelines God's Given 20 Verse Three This Blessed Man. If You Do These Things.

This Is the Way It Describes Him Right.

If You Do Those Things If You Seek It. If You Seek the Right Advise the Right Association the Right Attitude Right Affection. The Right Activity. If You Do That This Is What the Bible How It Describes Universe. Three and He Shall He Do the Individual That Abides by Verse One into the Blessed Man the Blessed Man That While Not in the Counsel of the Ungodly, the Blessed Man That Didn't Stand in the Way of Sinners, the Blessed Man That Didn't Sit in the Seat of the Scornful. The Blessed Man That Didn't Delight in the Lord and the Blessed Man That Didn't Delight in His Law Day and Night, That Is a Blessed Man and He Shall Notice This Be like a Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water That Bringing Forth His Fruit in His Season Is Leaf Also Shall Not Wither. And Whatsoever He Do It Shall Prosper for Things I Notice One.

The Bible Says to Be Solid and He Shall Be like a Tree Planted by the Rivers of Water, Dear Friend, Look at Me in a in a Society Right Now That Is Changing Constantly for the Worse. Bible Says a Blessed Man Is a Solid Man, Solid Individual a Tree That Is Planted by the Rivers of Water Means There's Plenty of Nutrients Getting to Those Roots and Those Roots Are Growing Deeper and Deeper and Deeper and You Know What the First Windstorm That Comes by Deadlock over a Solid Tree in the First Temptation That Comes Your Way Doesn't Knock over a Solid Christian.

The First Person That Comes by with Negative Influence Doesn't Influence a Solid Christian to Be Solid Second Will Be a Soul Winner That Bringing Forth His Fruit in His Season Is a Preacher. Why Is At Least Me Dear Friends, One of the Biggest Tools You Have of Reaching Others Is Your Testimony Now There Are Some People to Say Hey You to See the Live Right in Front of People and and Then There Are Some People to Say Hey You Know You Need to Just Obviously Talk to Them, Confront Them with the Gospel. I Think Both Are True. If You Confront Them with the Gospel. You Got a Rotten Testimony Than I Can List the One Thing You Have To Say.

But If You Live Right in Front of Them and They're Never Confronted with the Gospel. Many Times Folks Never Make a Decision, but Different. I'm Here to Tell You One of the Best Ways for You to Start Bearing Fruit. As a Christian Is for You to Start Following Verses One into When You Have the Right Advice and the Right Associations and and You Begin to Start Having You Know the Right Affections in the Right Activities All Of A Sudden People Begin to See There's a Difference. They See Something Different and You Know What He Doesn't Do All the Things That Everybody Else in the World Says Is Fun and yet He Still Seems to Be Able to Have Fun. Those Were Not Trying to Criticize Here but You Don't Have To Have Anything This World Has To Offer for You to Have Fun. The Best Fund Is When You Don't Feel Guilty about One Bit. The Best Fun Is Were You Not to Be Afraid of Who Might See It, You Can Just Have Fun Not Feel Bad.

He Solid.

He's a Soul Winner. Notice Is He Steadfast in Verse Three Is Leaf Also Shall Not Wither. What Is That Me As Eyes like This Tree All Of A Sudden Get Screen Has Fruit and Then Dies. No Wink Wink When You're a Blessed Individual When You Taken the Steps in Verse One into Not Only Are You Solid Planted by the Rivers of Water. Not Only Are You a Sailor Bringing Forth Fruit in His Season, but Your Steadfast His Lease Shall Not, Whether It Continues and Grows It and Continues to Do Well. It's Not like Him Alive for A While and I Die SLI Came Out Of My Leaving My Leaves Are Green, and Other Withering Lotta Christians Are like That Nugget in for A While Get out for Well in for While out for A While Missing a Blessed Man Is Strong, Stable, Solid Soul Winner Steadfast Belief Shall Not Wither. By the Way Really a Whole Sermon Ought to Be on That Phrase Is Leaf Shall Not Wither. I Would Have To Ask You This Question Has Your Leaf Withered Lately.

Where Are You in Your Relationship with the Lord and Your Relationship with Serving Him That Was There a Time Even Recently Where You Are Concussed More Excited Than Somebody Said This My That You Know to Some Got Critical This Critical. This Did like This Didn't like That and Now You Find Yourself in a Situation Where You're Not near As Close to God As You Work What That Is Is That Phrase That Leaf Is Withering Because You Should've Been Getting so Many Nutrients from God's Work.

If You Cut off This Nutrients Your Leaf or Whether Lastly Successful. If You Would Verse Three and Whatsoever He Do with Shall Prosper Your Mind Thinks about Mom I Think about Joseph Who Went through so Much Trial and Difficulty and yet Everywhere Joseph Went He Was Given More Responsibility and More Responsibility and More Responsibility Because Those over Him Saw There Was a Quality in Him. He Was Honest, Upright, Steadfast Everything the Bible Says That Joseph Did God Caused Him to Prosper. Thank You for Listening to Me Whom You Received a Blessing from Our Broadcast. The Current Baptist Church Is Located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone and 336-993-5119 or her when Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian on her website and church. Thank you for listening to Karen broadcast God bless you

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