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May 16, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Isaiah chapter 49 like the subject today say and in grade saved and in great Isaiah is obviously a wonderful wonderful book. The first 39 chapters deal with basically the captivity of God's people and then chapter 40 and beyond deals with life beyond that captivity. These folks have been obviously through difficult time. They didn't handle everything. Well, and by the way, neither have you and I but I will say this, that when you and I go through difficulties, there is life beyond that and there is coming a day, hopefully here on earth that your trials and troubles and things you might be dealing with it, God will allow you to get victory over those things in life can go on but I have seen folks deal with certain things that never went away on earth, but I will tell you this. It's going to go away one day there is life beyond your problems folks in Isaiah chapter 49. It makes an interesting statement that God gives some promises to his people.

Although you been through some difficult things I want to remind you of a few things and I want you look at verse 12 and and a weird not to give the entire history for sake of time here today, but in verse 12. Listen to what God says behold these shall come from far and low these from the north and from the West Indies from the land of cinnamon.

Obviously, God's people been in captivity they been moved. Verse 13 saying oh heavens and be joyful all earth and break forth into singing O mountains for the Lord have comforted his people, by the way, we know that the Holy Spirit is the great comforter knob and see the Holy Spirit had a ministry all through the Old Testament but the Holy Spirit wasn't given in the hearts of believers until Jesus ascended back into heaven, and he said I will not leave you comfortless I'm going to give you the great comforter, the Holy Spirit, and now you and I when we put our faith and trust in Christ as that new birth that regeneration. What we call salvation. When that happens now the Holy Spirit indwell the believer you agree with that. Say amen. By the way, don't be scared about that you would be in trouble. Without it, were all thank you God for that.

But notice in verse 13 God here takes the role of comforting his people and will have mercy upon his afflicted. That's true and I'm here to tell you, God comforts you. God has mercy on us, we would have no hope.

Without God's mercy there all wonderful truths, but even in the midst of those truths. You and I know that we often get discouraged and even in the middle of knowing that that we often have difficulty and things come up and we can begin to think some things that we know are not biblical.

Look, if you would've verse 14 he says, but Zion said to Zion. This is obviously thought about Mount Zion literally in the center of Jerusalem.

And I'm he's talking about his people. Listen to this, but Zion said, the Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me and we have talked about this before we can all sometimes get to a point in our lives, we feel like we prayed and prayed and circumstances of common. We almost feel as if God, I know you exist and I know this is true, but this is what I'm feeling right now is that you can't forgotten me, overlooked me that you're kinda so busy helping everyone else that I just feel like maybe you haven't done for me what I was really hoping and praying for. We've all felt like that it at different times and I want you to notice a couple things here real quick notice in verse 14 he says my Lord Zion God's people felt that my Lord has forgotten me. Verse 15 God says, can a woman forget her sucking child that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb. Yeah, I can happen. Have y'all seen it happen. But if you would, at the end he says yay they may forget why because a woman is a human and a man is a human anybody in your life, your husband, your wife, your children, your grandparents, your extended family. They are literally capable were all capable of letting people down were all human. We have flaws and we have a sinful nature and in literally the best of our efforts. God says when it comes to the righteousness of God the best of our efforts literally looks like filthy rags compared to God's perfection and he says in verse 16. Behold, I have graven the upon the palms of my hands.

Remember what he said in verse 15 he said yeah they may forget, yet will I not forget the knee proves it and were given some insight here the word of God, something that we probably wouldn't have knowledge of other than this in verse 16 he says, behold, I have graven that is the word obviously for engraved really talk about this in amenities as I have in graven the upon the palms of my hand by walls for protection are continually before me different. You might have gone through some horrible things or going through some things in your mind and life right now that this might be there some things that your concern about questioning feel like maybe God has not done everything you would hope he would do we know he saw different. I want to remind you in the middle of captivity.

There is a God that loves us and in the middle of difficult times. There is a God who has not forgotten you, and because he knew the frailty of our flesh. He makes a statement. He says let me tell you how I am assuring you that I'll never forget you and I'll never overlook you. I have literally engraved. I have graven you upon the palms of my hand.

Wow, what is that mean let's pray Lord we love you. We thank you for all that you've done.

Lord I pray that you would help today to comforts us as sinful people that sometimes need reminded and we need assured and Lord. After all you've done for us already. We we shouldn't need any further proof, but just the way we are sometimes pray that you help your word to minister to believers today. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. What I like to do is I want to look at this particular phrase, word by word so we understand what it all means that the first word I want you to see in these what this things will be on the screen if you will, are person likes take notes like I am number one I want us to look at the very first word of this verse 16. The very first word of this phrase literally that he gives us and I want us to understand what is really going on here.

He uses the word in verse 16. Behold now, what's interesting is when God uses the word behold, it often indicates that something special is getting ready to follow. Another words, this isn't listen, this is it. Hey, this is it skews me this is it. I have a minute God says be all now why is that special to us today. I want you to understand this word behold doesn't just mean to listen and it doesn't just mean to stop now get this this morning. This word behold means to stop to listen to see to take it all in and to hold onto it forever.

That's a good word. God does not say in stop. I have some to say he's not just saying listen to what I have to say he's not even stopping and saying I got something to show you. He uses a word that says listen I want you to stop. I want you to put everything else down.

I want you to get all those thoughts out of your mind.

I want you to listen to what I have to say I want you to see my heart in this matter and I want you to hold onto this not just today, not just tomorrow but for the rest. David Barnett now know about you, that sets it up pretty good. Let me prove my point. How God always uses that word will hold to give some wonderful truth in Genesis chapter 28 just to get you question is versus are to be up very quickly on the screen but in Genesis 2815 he got Sizzler this behold I am with the stop listen, take this with you forever. I am with E and will keep thee in all the places where thou goest and will bring the again wow was that last phrase for I will not leave the he said that whole thing up with behold what about this in Exodus 16 for then said the Lord of the Moses, behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you. By the way, you know, that still happens every day of your life. God brings bread from heaven to you. It's what we call our daily what about Psalm 46 verse eight, behold the works of the Lord, you just stop and even try to describe what God has done for you. What about this in Psalm 5454 verse four behold, God is mine helper, I will think you guys get too excited about God's word today. God just said, hey, stop everything, drop everything, listen to this. Don't ever forget it. Hold onto it be cold, hold onto this for the rest of your life. I am your helper now. I believe that that means I'll never be alone, but I John chapter 1 verse 29. Bible says the next day John saw Jesus coming John looks at him and he said Olga the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of you go second Corinthians chapter 6 verse two behold, now is the day of salvation. You better stop you better drop everything you have.

You better get everything else out of your mind today if you're here and you do not know for sure that you're on your way to heaven. You do not know for sure that that that our wonderful Shepherd is your shepherd if you do not know for sure that you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. If you do not know for sure that you have a personal relationship with him. Don't do anything else. Don't go anywhere else. Don't think about anything else. Listen see now the day of salvation. Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 says behold I stand at the door and knock.

If any man any man doesn't matter what color doesn't matter what stage of life phase of life that matter, what we have in the bank or don't have in the bank matter where we were born, where we come from not being followed you to stop in here this Bailey man well open the door, and Revelation. June 22 verse seven God gives us this wonderful Nuggets. Behold, I come quickly. Jesus is coming again folks is not a wonderful word behold, and he gives us one right in the middle of the book of Isaiah.

Behold, I have grave and you upon the palms of my hands. Why is that so special. We got a look at the next couple words. He says behold, I have is a will that's great preacher appreciate those two earthshaking words. I have what is going on here God stops us gets our attention once to answer the question of hurting people that are confused, that had literally just accused him of forgetting them and he says no you just stop for a second and only make a phrase to you that you better hold on to the rest of your life. I have that means God takes personal responsibility for the following statement it means, in case there's any questions I am the one that did this. This was my decision. God says this is my right.

This is my call. This didn't come from anybody. This came from me I have now. I don't know if you like the verses on behold but I have found that God make some wonderful statements in God's word when he says I have you mind if I show you a couple course you don't mind what choice do you have right Haggai, chapter 2, verse 23 God says this I have chosen the saith the Lord of host. Nobody else chose you and everybody else might not choose you, but I have Isaiah 43 verse one but now the saith the Lord that created the I have read deemed to be.

I have called me by thy name thou art mine. He did it.

Ezekiel chapter 3 verse eight he says behold, here we go again. I have made thy face strong to bridge what is that mean that means God says I'm the one that gives you strength. You can try everything else you want to take all the vitamins you want to do by the way, but you can see how it's helped write Genesis chapter 1 verse 29.

Look at this coming we go right back to the very first of the word of God. Behold God said, behold, I have given your thought about that for his thoughts as I've given me ask you what if you given God, he gave everything I've given is a 4810 behold, he says, I have refined the I'm not just gonna leave you alone. I know you'll enjoy this process and I know it hurts sometimes. But I'm not just get a discard you and I'm not just getting keep letting you go down the wrong road.

I am going to try you is gold. I'm to purify you time to make you into the image of my dear son, I refined you. Ezekiel 16 verse 27 behold therefore, I have stretched out my over you. Why does he say I have listened want you to understand sometimes in order to understand what he did say we have to understand what he did not say he didn't say I may graven you upon my palms. He didn't say I might even say I must. He didn't even say I will he gives us a past tense word. I have already been done.

Please acquire to be excited about this. It's already done. I know you think I forgot you, but I engraved you on the palm of my hand before you everything onto this trial before you were ever born before you ever showed up.

How could I forget you right there it's already been done. I didn't wake you needed proof and say will it be just to prove it to you. Let me engrave this on the palm of no behold, I have listen to this next word. I have graven now.

It's interesting here is what is being said. Why is this so special to us. Whatever else may happen to other engravings on wood or stone or metal. In this case, it doesn't apply what God has engraved listen to me know. You gotta get this what God has engraved cannot be erased, because he is a mortal. He would have to die for it to be erased. It cannot be replaced because he's unchangeable, so it can't be a race because he's immortal, it can't be erased because he's unchangeable. There can be no error in it because he's immutable, which means he never makes a mistake.

I will think you get it yet. I have graven I have engraved no man can remove it by the way, about where the only thing that could remove it or that would remove it is man and man cannot let me tell you exactly why, if for no other reason to system you want to get this for any man to be able to remove it. He would have to get close enough to God to remove it. The problem is nobody can get that close to God because God's light is too bright. His glory is too powerful and his holiness is to convicting is out now than ever that we talk to Moses about that Bible says Moses never even saw the actual glory of God. He just kind of saw the aftereffects of it and his face shone bright from then on.

Literally people fall for it was so powerful. You asked Moses how about powerful God's glory. And you asked Moses how bright is lighted about Paul or Saul piece all just a little bit of God's light on the road to Damascus. How did that turn out different. He has engraved us on the palm of his hands listen to me you get this.

That means before the earth was created before the first star was ever placed into space before the first cloud ever appeared, or the first sunset ever faded away.

God had engraved our name on the palms of his hand. That means the eternal God, somehow, for some reason focus his heart's love on us. That means the righteous one has shown mercy and grace to his redeemed there. I say it ransomed. He has chosen to remember us so immediate chosen. Remember, so can I say something. God's word says that God has chosen to forget our sin Bible says our sin is as far as the east is from the west towards the north is from the south because God chose to forget that. So God can choose to forget something he can choose to remember that you say okay I can't get it a little bit delicious.

Go on to the next little part, he said, behold, I have graven the upon the palms of my hands. Why does that mean anything to you and I will listen to what you get this. It has not been written because that could possibly be erased.

So it was engraved. It has not been stamped because that could possibly fade away. It has not been printed as that might be covered up but it has been in grade it means it has been permanently attached in the palms of God's hands now.

Why did he do it in the palm of his hands because if he would've done it. Upon wood that could possibly rot away if it had been engraved on paper that paper could be torn in pieces. If it had been engraved on metal that could possibly be heated and melted. It was not chiseled in stone because that stone could possibly be crushed and crumbled, dear friend. It was engraved on the palms of God's hand because nothing can touch that it was engraved in the palms of the very hands of God's or preacher. What is this mean to me before we go eat some lunch. I'm so glad you asked. I would hate to let you out this early number one.

What is this mean to me it means that I have an identity not gotta keep Bridget all the stock cry about that. It means I'm somebody it means God sees me as special, even if nobody else does means it doesn't matter who overlooks me or who might overlook you. God never has.

It means it doesn't matter who thinks I'm a failure.

God doesn't enemies it doesn't matter who thinks I'm unimportant. God sees me as important for doesn't matter of my names ever been written in a newspaper published in a book, or even showed up on TV. As long as it's in the palm of his hand. I'm okay means whether you like me or not is not where my identity comes from means whether people appreciate you or applaud you are not here on the palms of God's hands. That's where your identity lies. That means even if family has failed you or forsaken you. You have a father that never will. I have been engraved on the very hands of the Creator of the universe. That means I have an identity.

You and I need to quit getting our identity from what people say or think about us, you and I need to start getting our identity from where we stand in the hands of God our father number two.

It means not only that I have an identity, but number two. It means that I have immortality. It means I will never die, it means I'm alive as long as God is. I will exist as long as God does, it's an everlasting God, making an everlasting gesture for an everlasting soul that will forever and ever lasting be redeemed.

It means that Obama on his palms. That means I can dialyze Sita means I'm a mortal, different people can't. If you're saved and you put your faith and trust in Christ nobody can kill you. Did you know that no disease can take your life you will live forever number three. It means that God will never forget me not to God ever would only tell you something Scott a hard forget something that's right there on your hand. They all know I like you know what I like to play golf and watch golf. You know, you know, not all time. But I enjoy it when I can and I was watching one day there shown some golfer that was doing well he was doing horrible and his psychiatrist told him to stick a.somehow it's made. This thing is to get on his hand and before every shot golf what had news when he just mind would go and he just couldn't people look down and see that.and that.we would just focus on that.he would get up and hit his golf shot hit it changes overall career, thoughtful goodness gracious on the start but dots on my hands and my feet and would have got to my cheeks in my ears. Whatever else might work.

Why is that because it was there and every time he looked he remembered different. I don't care where you are what you think's going on. This is proof that God can never forget you because you are written on his hands. Number four means this that God will love me for an eternity. Why would God do such a thing if he didn't mean it. Why would God bar. His very hands. If he wasn't going to love me forever. God wouldn't do such a thing P1 played games with that P1 make promises he wouldn't keep this is serious to him. He literally dragged it on his married man means he will love me forever.

I found an offer that I thought was really good talking about this wanted to read you. This quote no human can merit or can induce Christ to engrave a name and no human monarch could insist on it being done, philanthropist, potentates, principalities and pull-ups or philosophers give me have no influence over God and like I said a dinosaur dinner. Don't even think about that. They have no influence over God, not even enough to have one single name inscribed in such a place as his hand the sole prerogative is according to the riches of his grace and according to the good pleasure of his will and me that the only thing that could've made that happen. The endorsement of his everlasting love is the only recommendation needed the endearment of his affectionate bar of infinite mercy is the sole commendation to assure the grading of the name on the palms of his hands.

In other words, this nobody could have made that happen God just didn't think you were listening to you receive a blessing from our broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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