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February 17, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina Jeremiah chapter 33 and a look at verse one. If you will. Moreover the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah. The second time while he was yet shut up in the court of the prison saying, thus saith the Lord, the maker thereof.

The Lord that formed it to establish it. The Lord is his name calling to me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things, which thou knowest not say that verse with me and read with me if you will call unto me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things, which thou knowest not want you to quote our verse with me again this morning and he said unto me, my grace is sufficient good video little more time and he said to me, my grace is a vision for the more my dream is made perfect like bridge on the subject this morning entitled call me call me. My second son, Hudson was named his two namesake was first was Dr. Jack Hudson from Charlotte, North Carolina, Northside Baptist Church. That's where he got his first name Hudson and then his second name. His middle name was from Dr. Lee Robberson and Hudson Lee.

His last name came for me it did originate with me but it came for me and so Hudson Lee Autry. I spent a couple of years, working out of Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte North Carolina. Dr. Hudson was one of my earliest heroes preacher Joe Miss Dorcas got us a picture and Hudson's birthday and it's a picture that has a picture Lee Robberson, Jack Hudson and me holding Hudson as a baby and they gave us that picture about that because of his namesake. It's precious to us will always cherish that and Dr. Hudson there at the great facilities that the Lord gave them in Charlotte. The course, build a church so big you had to move and if you've ever been toward Charlotte on Interstate 85 you'll see as you go into Charlotte you'll see a big domed church and is a big dome that was Northside Baptist Church, where Dr. Hudson was the pastor and have a road there is you come in often exit many exit off that row. They have a road coming in and it's entitled Jeremiah 33 three Boulevard that was his verse call unto me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things, thou knowest not want you to look at a couple things in this passage this morning as we deal with the subject of calling, call me.

That's what God asked us to do. Just call me notice if you will. First, our responsibility in verse three call unto me, that is our responsibility laminated right there that's what we're supposed to do.

We're supposed to call him. I noticed that when you have a hard time he's talking about here. An individual that is in prison. Jeremiah is in prison and in verse three he says call unto me, he didn't say fix it yourself and he didn't say rely on your education. In this task he didn't say asked others. He didn't say go and do more good works didn't say figure it out in say look it up in a book somewhere. He didn't even say perform some spiritual ritual. Is that what you have to do in times like this is call to me will have a name in wow is God's people would do if we would just call on him more we do everything else but call him. We talked everybody else but him. We try everything else but try again.

And if we would just call him and see him that were call means a couple of things and I found this interesting.

That first that were call means that there is a distance you wouldn't have to call him if there was a distance there my dads often use this illustration. The years you if I brought brother Joe Inman stood brother Joe right here and I was standing right here if I needed to say something.

The brother Joe. I wouldn't say I don't have to call me Frank Dare you know I'm close to him. But oftentimes you and I we we backslide we get away from God and we get discouraged and we get defeated and then that were call me that there might be a distance. Second, it means there's a desire you and call somebody if you didn't desire to reach them. Don't know about you, but oftentimes we don't call God because were not desiring him we got so much going on in this life, and so many things going on that we got time to do that and we got time to do this and we can't wait to do such and such, but we don't have time or desire to call on God. They give nowadays is different.

Years ago when I was a teenager. You had to get a phone if you wanted to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend men nowadays. They got computers and they got cell phones in their texting and twittering and everything else. And Lord knows my Deborah Lynn never let me twitter girlfriend that just sounds bad. I feel sorry for teenagers now tell their grandparents outputted my girlfriend I will know they're talking about. Nowadays they call you know what that means.

That means they have a desire to talk I mean kids were younger and younger younger get cell phones now. Now babies come in the nursery on the cell phone is ridiculous stuck in the diaper with her daughters about where they keep it real, or that were call me. That means there's a desire just like a teenager desires to talk to their friends and they desire to call them let me there's a desire that were call means that you desire to reach 1/3 thing I noticed that were call means. It means there's desperation means I'm in trouble.

I need help and I got a call on somebody.

How does the fourth thing you gives us direction. He said call unto me the directions were to call me reminds me Romans 1013 when you're desperate when you realize I'm a guilty distance away from God.

I got a call him. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be say calling is our responsibility. I noticed second this morning not only our responsibility but second, his response, he said this call unto me and I will answer the his response. First thing I notice is this first see the promise he said I will answer. Aren't you thankful that we have a God that has promised when we call he will answer be say, but he might not do what I want him to do the might say no, he might say yes he might say. Maybe he might say way, but he always gives an answer, and I'm thankful that when I called him and say Lord I'm a sinner and I need you and I need you to commend my heart and saying me. Forgive me of my says thank God we have a God that answers us when we call UC calling is our job answering is his job and he always does his job. The promise I will answer. Can you imagine how unbelievable it is to our minds to think that a Savior could answer me. At the same time he can answer all of you and we're just a little speck compared to this world and any individual at any time that calls him, he will answer it blows our mind.

There's no way that we can understand that God is everywhere at all times when he's with us. We can talk to you when he talks to me to get talk to 500 of you when he talks to me by that you pray in EMI can pray to him everybody in this world you prayed in a one time it wouldn't be too much for him to handle. He says, is if you call I will answer. It's never busy is never out. He's never doing something in the middle of the night when these say I can call mom and I can call dad and I can call friends and I can call Pastor and I just don't have anybody to talk to you when you call because he's never too busy doing something he's always waiting to talk.

I noticed not only that it's a promise, but second it's personal. They said I will answer the bill answer you. You say nobody really understands the problems I'm going through preacher. Oh yeah, there is one that does the Lord understands. He said I couldn't even describe New Britain preacher what I'm going through. I can't describe you my feelings. I can't even explain to my wife. I can't even explain to my husband how my heart is feeling hot. I try to sit down with the counselor, or with this person. I just can't seem to get out what I'm trying to say that I can even put words to how I'm feeling and edit many of you felt that way and I felt that way. That is much as I would want somebody to be able to understand what I'm feeling or what I'm going through. I just can't seem to describe it. I don't have the words to say it but I'm here to tell you that Jesus says if you'll tell him that if you'll call him annually or burns on him, he will answer. I'm here to tell you today dear friend you got somebody at your disposal that will listen everything you had to say and when he was and still understand you don't know exactly what you're going through and he will you through the promise, but it's personal billing through the high notice. Third, his resources are responsibility. His response and in his response. Thirdly, he unleashes his resource oligomers three call unto me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things there some things about this that I want us to notice this morning. First about his resources. I see this they are displayed. He said call unto me and I will answer the and what show you cannot tell you this God who loves to show you what he can do and I can say this to an end, not in any way trying to be worldly with God or put him on man's terms because say this. Nobody can show off like God. Nobody has the resources that God does and God can't wait to show you what he can do. He loves to show individuals. He loves to show us he loves to show the church he can do. God loves to do that. By the way, when you are driving you look at the mountain that is showing what God can do a priest out of California went to Yosemite national Park. If you've never been to Yosemite national Park is one place you want to go to before you die and you hike up to the top you might go and die there. Yosemite national Park is unbelievable. You all through and people. It is able. I can't believe that mountain and that one man El Capitan and it's a it's a sheer us inside of a rocket is over 2 miles high and you look up there with binoculars at me literally and in the elevation just barely that. And you see these little dots up there and you get your binoculars in its climbers that sometimes take two days to get up and they put spikes in that side of that mountain and a hang of cuckoo sleeping bag and they given that sleeping bag suspended about a mile and 1/2 in the air and sleep there at night you kid me as fat as I am like say I know it better be reinforced with him go to sleep in it, you look at Benny and Annie hiked up the falls and lower file falls and bridal veil Falls at five. Hike a lot of those things and you will and people say what waterfall what amount can I come to that place not say what a God. God can't wait to show you what you can do when you see a bird flying or hear birds singing. That's showing you what God can do when you get trees and you look at mountains and you look at water flowing down and you look at the ocean in the power of the ocean.

If you look at discomfort with lightening crashing and tornadoes coming that this line of what God can do. He said you call me I'll answer you and I will show you great and mighty things he loves to show you what he can do.

I been the chimney rock him to be up in the chimney rock unit atop a chimney rock and I took my wife there. We were dating had to find somewhere that occur when people weren't the one to shake your hand. You know, and I'm picking we got atop a chimney rock and you walk out of that little piece that comes out of your sender looking overly galore in the fall time. The leaves are beautiful when you look at that lake is beautiful when you're up up in the air and you just think what a God listen to me dear friend of God can make mountains and God can hang the earth and space and keep it and rotated in suspended and God can put the sun at the exact distance away a little bit further. We freeze a little bit closer would burn. But God put the sun exactly where it has to be, if God can do that, don't you think he can meet your need be said. Just call me and I'll show you what I can do. I noticed not only is it displayed. But second, I noticed the dimensions he says let me let me if I can put a little bit of a leader around what I can do. He says I will show you great and mighty things that were great means this it means exceeding it means hi it means more.

It means to make large God says this, let me tell you the dimensions of what I can do I can do more than you think I can go beyond what's in your mind I can do things you never thought I can change people's hearts. I can fix a marriage.

I can put things back together. I can mend the relationship I can save a lot. So if you'll just call me just come to me and you'll just trust me you just give everything you have to me, I'll show you great thing when he says mighty I see not only you the dimensions but I see the dynamic fees that I will show you great and mighty things, listen to me that were great is putting a span around it.

It's measuring it. The word mighty is measuring the power not the size God says this I can do some some big things some large things for your life. But not only that I can do some powerful things in your life. I can do some mighty things in your life. He's a pre-drive.need to know how God's good to me. It always endemic God can do some mighty things in your life if you will just follow just get on the phone you just wake up in the morning and say God I need you I can't, my marriage, I can't fix my child.

I can't seem to make things work like I can find a job I can do all this Why do it if you'll just call up these I'll do mighty things, you can't look at this facility. Here, oh, I know there's bigger churches in the world and there's a whole bunch of smaller churches.

You cannot drive in this parking lot and see the parking lot and educational building this auditorium and the church office. Look at all the property you can't look at Mills Hall, a bus garage. The buses sitting out. You cannot look at this and not see that God can do great and mighty things, more than you ever thought possible, because it used to be just a little tiny building, sitting back here with about 30 people, and the average person that would come in and try to imagine this. We just can't imagine we just can't go that far were limited by that.

But God says if you'll call me if I promise you I will answer you, and not only will I answer you, but I'll show you some things that are great. Some things that are mighty some things beyond what you could even think I not only see his resources, but fourthly I see our restrictions, our restrictions.

He says this you call me I'll answer the I'll show you great and mighty things, notice what he says which thou knowest not. You see, folks only understand you and I have restrictions because were human and were flesh and we have only the capability to look at things through human eyes. We have only the capability to see things in a common sense manner with our fleshly education and the way our minds work.

The Bible says God is not limited by us. He doesn't answer to restrictions that we answer to, but you and I are restricted and this is what God says God says you call me I'll answer you and I'll do some great and mighty things. In fact, they are going to be things that you don't even have the ability to imagine. You can't even imagine what I'll do for you if you'll call me as a preacher, that all sounds well and good, but you don't know my situation you don't know my restriction you don't know how I just there's just no way for this to work out. There's no way for this to happen, there's no way for God to do such a such listen to me dear friend I want you to see that God says I'll do things that you don't know that you know you know that were no knowest not know that word no means it means to be able to recognize to be aware of that means this you know God's doing things in your life. You don't even see God is accomplishing things you have no idea he's even doing while you're praying your say God I need help. Oftentimes God is already begun work. He's already started fixing it. He's already put a plan in place and you because were human and flaccid. We can think is high is God and we can think as well as God. We have no idea what he's doing and the whole time we never even sought but he was already starting to fix our restrictions when he did two things this morning and I'll be done. Jeremiah 33 three calling to me. I will answer the and show the great and mighty things, which thou knowest not, you would say this will preacher, that's a pretty steep statement, even from God.

How do you know that he can do it well is taught many times here God always when he makes a statement. Oftentimes the Lord God. He always gives the credentials before he gives the command porch oligomers to thus saith the Lord, the maker thereof.

The Lord that formed it to establish it.

The Lord is his name in case you're getting ready to doubt what he's getting ready to say he gives you his credentials and I find here.

First, in verse two that he proves his authority. He proves his authority. Notice this, he says, thus saith the Lord, the maker thereof. The letter that formed it to establish and that means this is the number one I made it say what you name it. He made it number two.

He molded it. He said I formed it then eases not only did God create but he changed it and he molded it and he made it what he wanted and I'm here to say in your life.

Whatever you're going through. It doesn't surprise God. God created he made everything and he molded everything you notice this is says to establish it in verse two.

Know that means he multiplied. Listen to me. What is it mean to establish means to further a means to make concrete ground to establish God says I made it on molded and I multiplied can I say this anything you have in your life that's established is because God chose to bless you and multiply you in your life everything you have is from him any of you that have a house and we taste that that's because God multiplied you. You got a car to drive here because God multiplied you anything you've done anything you accomplished is because not only did God create you.

Not only did he make you not only did he mold you and they made you and what he wants you to be, but certainly multiplies you all your blessings have to come from you your very happy controls, and is a but the best part about this is in verse one. Not only does he prove his authority but I find second that he provides anticipation verse one. If you would closely. Moreover the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah.

The second time while he was yet shut up in the court of the prison must think about this this wonderful statement that God is getting ready to make. I made everything I formed it I established it on the maker of it all is his name calling to me and I will answer the and show the great and mighty things out it was not. He's saying that to an individual that ending in a prison and has been sitting there for a long time. Thanks for the encouragement. God is what I love to have a set of a declaration about a key to the cell that would be us would wet all sounds great. God, I'm still stuck here prison.

Let me tell you two things that gave Jeremiah anticipation. First, I noticed this look if you would've verse one very important.

Moreover, the Lord Lord came unto Jeremiah. The second time, let me tell you the first thing that encourage Jeremiah 1st was this, he returned he came back he was still sitting in jail he still rotten probably maestro I need his feet eating slop for dinner if he got anything at all. Probably a dingy dungeon majority had to use the bathroom probably in his own cell Eddie sitting there in prison. Discouraged, defeated. All of a sudden, here comes God again the second time when he tell you what encourage Jeremiah is that he return. Let me tell you what I do encourage you here this Jesus always comes back. He promised to leave us nor forsake us always comes back to encourage he always comes back to fix the problem or leisure run in a jail. He never leaves you without without a friend without a Savior always comes back.

He retired Bible says that Jesus remembers our state. The Bible says that David said I can go anywhere and hide from God is everywhere. For became a second time.

Thank God he didn't leave, never got back. He came back again today.

The second thing that encourage Jeremiah here. Not only did he return, but second he remembered.

Say what you mean preacher or the fact that Jesus came back the second time means this he never forgot where Jeremiah was. He knew where he was the entire time. Listen to me dear friend was encouraging the Jeremiah is not only did the Lord come back and speak to but that meant that the Lord did not forget him and he did not forget where he was. This was just all part of God's plan.

This is all part of God reaching Jerusalem. This was all part of God, trying to trying to reach these people trying to talk some sense into the bucket. I say this that when he came back to Jeremiah. Not only did he return, but he remembered exactly where he was and he came bearing good news. He said Jeremiah let me tell you something I am the Lord on the maker of it. I created this prison I formed. I multiplied it I own everything is nothing that's not mine and Jeremiah want to know something you calling to me. I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things that you can't even imagine right now yeah you might be sending this jail you might be in prison but I want to tell you something. I came back I forgotten who you are not forgotten where you are here to help because I will always come back different. I don't care what you're going through. I want you to know something.

God knew exactly where you were that night. Your heart was broken here late in your bed crying. Somebody forsook you. Somebody stabbed you in the back. God knew exactly where you were. He was watching you the entire time and he came in the still moments of that night and encouraged your heart you say preacher you don't know what I'm going to listen to God knows exactly where you are in your marriage. God knows exactly what's going on in that house.

God knows exactly where you are obtain those bills. God knows exactly where your finances are listen to me. He knows where you are. He's watching everything he's never forgot he's never left hip he's never forsaken you. He knows exactly where you are here to say our job is to do just call him and after that is his job is that I'll answer all show you great and mighty things you can't even imagine. We have to do is call say preacher. I just have nothing left to do, know the Lord still need a call me say I have problems in our family and they go deeper than you could possibly imagine. God says call me richer. I've got bills that are piling up, got no job I got know your God says call me preacher you just have no idea what I'm going through. You have no idea what would it have an preacher, my wife, my husband, my own family doesn't even know preacher think I'm going crazy in my head. You don't understand the emotions that I feel and the pressures that I feel and the depression and the discouragement is, in my life. This to me different depression is real. Discouragement is real and it's affecting God's people.

Right now I'm here to tell you when you're there and he's out for just don't understand what I'm going through. Let me tell you what God says call Sir I'll show you, and mighty things you can't even imagine right now if you'll just call me father.

We have a bunch of people in this room. Lord, Lord, we try so many things if we would just call you try everything else try to fix it ourselves. We rely on our friends in our education and reading the book God if we would just call you. We would just put everything else down everything else aside. Turn the TV off, turn the radio out, put the book down and call you, Lord, I can imagine with your infinite wisdom and knowledge, knowing the future but Lord you just can't wait for some of us to see what you would do but we just won't call you. We just won't let you Lord you know what would be coming in. You know the answer that you could give and I know it's exciting for you. Just as the what you're going to do in our lives but we just won't let you just won't call you came to an individual that it been faithful to you but found himself in jail in your sweetness. You came and said call me Jeremiah colony. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church.

Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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