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February 10, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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February 10, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. First Timothy chapter 4 verse 12 let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers, in word and conversation. As we dealt with the last two Sundays in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity today were to be dealing with the subject of charity, but in so doing, were going to kinda finish this verse after charity. He says, in spirit, in faith and impurity.

Now I literally could spend a Sunday on each of those but it is so important to what I'm sharing today that I I feel that these other ones need to all be in the light of what I'm sharing today charity is what makes the difference in all of these things now. I spent time on word and on conversation. What you say how we live. Those are very important things. But I want you to notice in verse 12, the first three things word conversation charity. Those are three things that show up on the outside.

If you'll notice these last three things. These are things that show up on the in side, our spirit, which is our attitude in faith, which is our assurance or what we believe and then in purity which is our action.

Those are things that inside control and dictate what shows up on the outside. When we are to be an example in spirit or in attitude and in literally are our attitude and our spirit about things and not get this. My words are not going to be right and my actions are not going to be right if my spirit is right.

You understand that. So these three things and and and and and by the way everything in verses one down to verse 11. If my faith isn't right if what I believe isn't right that none of those things can be right, but these are things have to be settled on the inside. My faith is not what I just tell people I believe my faith is what I live. So it's all it's on the inside and it comes out on the outside but I want you to notice in verse 12 he says that we are to be the example in word and conversation hand in charity and you can understand what I'm saying about this in just a minute. Let's pray let's dig in on our times little short today. I would be mindful of that but we do want to give God's word its rightful place and I'll seem to be very respectful that Lord I love you.

You bless our thanks so much for the music. The song, what a wonderful encouragement.

I just remember you're coming back and a Lord you've not left us alone you given us the Holy Spirit, the comforter, but Lord, we are excited to see you, Lord.

I just pray that you bless us as we strive to be faithful to you come back. Lord we love you, bless me today. I believe that your word is important and every passage, every word, every jot every two, and I believe this to be very important for our church so I pray that you help me in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Now the word love in the Bible.

This word obviously used in this in this passage is the word charity. This is the word agape. Now if I can just for Israel reference. Let me give you the four words used for love when you see the word lover charity in the Bible. It's gonna be one of these four words, and I want to know the different meeting so you know the different loves that the Bible speaks up many of you familiar with the some of you might not.

The first Greek word used for love is the word Eros. It's where we get our word. Erotic it is a sensual love. It is basically a physical desired type of love and that is one uses the second uses his work store hay or store gay as they would say it literally means family love.

It means literally the love that you have with kinfolk is what it says it means that were family and so that there is a love that you naturally have we all know with family.

It's a love-hate relationship, but deep down you know when you take your two children that are arguing and and you make him sit there and put them all in one T-shirt and cover over them so they're stuck with each other like that and you say sit there for an hour. They learn to get along. You know why deep down there is a love know, sometimes it's really deep down but there is a lot, but it's this kind of love that kind of family members have with each other and that's that were the third word is the word for O and obviously the city Philadelphia is where gets it through the city of brotherly love.

Filippo means natural love. It means that it's a love that you just naturally feel for certain people. There are certain people that you're going to be around and they're just easy for you to love. There's just certain things that you just connect to it just comes naturally. They're easy to love you just enjoy them is not something you had to learn to do more work to do. It's just natural.

You'll meet people like that in life. It's just there some people you get along with better than others and by the way, when we are to love each other.

You say will preacher. I don't I don't feel love listen. The Bible doesn't say that we always have to feel love for others. Sometimes it's it's it's hard to but we need to show love to others.

It's that decision you understand now the last word is this word in verse 12 is the word agape in your familiar with that this word agape is a godly love.

So Eros is a sensual love story a is a family love. Filippo is a natural love and agape is a godly love you so what makes this difference.

Agape love is literally something that only God can give. It is making the choice to love even when it is not easy. If this word means to love even when it's not return it means to love, even though it may not be deserved and this is the hardest type of love to show it means that literally there is a decision inside that although I don't naturally love this person.

I am going to love them, because God commanded me to. There is that decision that, although there doing things right now that I don't love I'm going to love them, everybody understand were on the same page. That's what this word we are to be the example in agape love. So were going to do that.

We've got to hear is Paul writing first Timothy, so we've got to go where Paul really defines what charity is to go very quickly, but I want you to now turn to obviously getting by tomorrow going first Corinthians 13 is arguing on the street want to make sure there was Artie on their you would know this, let's turn to first review chapter 13 and this is all part. Just make sure you understand and we were sharing with our Kirwan connections class this morning. Our Sunday school class or church history. How thankful we are and you know because our church has history. I told him things are different here and there different here because we have had a church for you know since the early 1940s, and that means over the years our church has seen some things that work some things that don't work.

Some things that look good right now but they we've been around longer to see, where those things lead to so because we have a history were not as the new startup church tried a bunch of new things. We have a history and so that means that were not this early one tended to just got to go grab things because they look good, doesn't mean we think of things wrong, it just means that we've seen a lot over the years and we respect our churches history and a lot of what God has taught us to do here and to adhere to hear is is an example. It means that we gotta create a level that people trust and the infinite stable. It doesn't mean there but has to agree with it. It just means that there's not just were not have these things and places to be mean. It means that we are to be the example we are. If any church should be the example Kirwan Baptist Church is been here since 1941.

We should be an example your everybody understand that it doesn't mean that where is anybody that does think the Russ is wrong. Absolutely not. Are you kidding, but we have been around for a while and so we want to make sure that people understand and in its stable herein and and we want to have if we don't have a standard and we have no standard so were just this is the level God brought us were just trying our best to honor him so got to be the example, but here's where a church is been around for a long time like ours. This is where a church like that may struggle a bit and that is to be the example in charity. A lot of times the church been around for a long time. We we not be example word we will preacher we know.

Example about, you know, our actions and how we live. The problem is we have sometimes not been necessarily the example in charity.

Now get ready to show you why that changes everything. Not notice if you would, and instead of reading the passage. The going back to save time. I want you to notice the first thing this passage teaches about your number one charity validates our word verse one. Please, please, please, please, though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Did you hear that even though I speak the words and even though I would say the right words and not only that, he said, even of my words were literally from the tongue of men and of angels, but if I don't have charity, then all my words are worthless that we were just that Ms. Parvin scope which go with the more staff guys and and a Dr. David Gibbs was speaking and he we brought up this particular verse they talk about the fact that you not become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And he gave an explanation that only God is with you. I had not heard that. I thought you think, to point convert everything so you might've heard it just somehow coming down through the filters I never heard this heard a lot of explanations, but literally in Middle Eastern countries and some of you have been there. You'll know when you go to the grand markets. There were everybody has tent set up and they're all selling goods. They've got to get your attention because there's a lot of things. So a lot of them will play noise, no-hit symbols and if you can just imagine yourself maybe watching an old movie and somehow in the old movie. There's is in the scene there in the middle of a market in in Egypt or India or some like that and you hear those noises that the symbols banging in the little metal kind of flugelhorn's playing and they do that it doesn't make sense and it's not good music. It's just making noise so that it gets your attention, and he said that the right words without love literally is something that just get your attention, but it's not good it's just always, we have a generation of people that in our churches have only heard noise that said we were saying the right words. We were the example and what to say but we weren't. The example in love, charity validates my words notice. Secondly, charity validates my knowledge sometimes do they want to know a lot of my educate a lot that look if you would it verse two and though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand notice that all mysteries and all knowledge. Wow. Notice what he says here, though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I'm nothing.

He said if I can prophesy understand ministries and have all knowledge, but I don't have charity, then that knowledge doesn't mean a thing

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