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January 5, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, and therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted that he may have mercy upon you for the Lord is a God of judgment.

Blessed are all they that wait for him for the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem, thou shalt weep no more.

He will be very gracious unto the at the voice of thy cry when he shall hear it.

He will answer the and though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet shall not by teachers be removed into a corner anymore, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers and thine ears shall hear a word behind the saying this is the way while key in it, when ye turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left. It was often the fault of the Jews that when they were attacked by may be an individual or group of people. Obviously on one side of them. Course being Jerusalem being Judah that oftentimes the Jews would do something very wrong. They would end up trying to create alliance with the person on the other side to try to get help, and often times when the Jews did that, they ended up making alliance with people that they had no business making alliance with they had no business being connected with what should have happened was that any time that the Jews were attacked from one country or one particular group of people or whoever it might be what should've happened is that they would've immediately looked to God in heaven for help, but what they often did was he began to look for somebody near them or somebody in us, in a city or country next to them in and try to make alliance to get help. It just kinda made them feel better and cussing is a lot of times you and I do the same thing. What when difficulty comes in when problems come in our life. We often get connected to things or individual that we should have never gotten connected to. We end up relying on things and turning to things for comfort and help that really we should have never returned to her tried our comfort should've come from God. So that's what's happening in Isaiah chapter 30 the Jews were being attacked in the best way I can put it they were making alliance and against. Oftentimes the Israelites when they attacked the Jews.

They sought to go in and connect with the Syrians win and we find that obscene second Chronicles against the Syrians.

Then they sought to hook up with the Assyrians that's in second Kings against the Assyrians, they began to try to hook up with the Egyptians we find in second Kings. Also, so that's what I always did in and here God is correcting them in Isaiah chapter 30 and. And if I can just give you the quick history of this chapter and I'm gotta to do this to share with you what I'm going to share in common. I guess connect this chapter in three different ways. First, it is a reproof to those who when trouble came tried to connect with the Egyptians and God had said not to second it's it's a threatening. It's a threat against those who did not listen to the prophets of God, when they began to speak. Here's what happened when the Jews would begin to be attacked prophets and the men that God had sent to speak to them and to share his word with him those profits would speak and talk and they wouldn't listen. They would go make alliance with these other countries and although the man of God was saying God says don't do this. God says rely upon him. God says trust him they wouldn't listen to.

So in this chapter, God is is is saying visits a reproof that you connected with those you should've connected with its also a reproof that hey, you have not listen to the man of God in your life.

The third thing was this it was a gracious promise to those who trust in God that he would reward them. Now maybe you can understand and I want to share with you beginning in verse 18. I preached on this verse.

A couple of guess it was probably last year at some point just on verse 18, and I find it interesting. Here God gives four reasons why he waits and you remember this message. Let me just review with this. First, it says in verse 18. If you'll notice, this is is therefore the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you therefore will he be exalted. So why Does God Way, #1 so that he can be gracious sometimes in your life why does God wait so that he can be exalted third in your life why does God wait, look, this verse that he may have mercy upon you and forth. Why does God wait for the Lord is a God of judgment. Blessed all they that wait for him. So God gives us four reasons why he waits so that he can be gracious that he will be exalted that he may have mercy, and that he may bless now that means this that God automatically has given for promises to these people.

That's this number one he's promised that he will be gracious. Number two. He has promised that he will exalt himself. Number three. He has promised that he will have mercy. Number four. He is promised that he will bless now amazingly in verse 19 he gives four more promises.

They gotta follow this okay verse 19 for the God for the people shall dwell in Zion and Jerusalem, thou shalt weep no more. He will be very gracious unto thee in the voice of thy cry when he shall hear it. He will answer the four promises. Number one he says no more weeping number two.

He says that he will be very gracious. Number three. He says that he will hear number four. He promises that he will answer now you say why is all this important look at verse 20. And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction no limit God just promised he was going to be gracious that he was God have mercy that he was going to be exalted that he was going to bless. He also promised that there would be no more weeping now wait a minute, God makes these promises and then he says he's going to give us adversity and affliction that does seem to make sense. In verse 19 he says that he will be very gracious. Then in verse 20 he says is going to be adversity. Verse 19 he says he will hear and he will answer, but then in verse 20 verse 20 he says that you have the water of affliction not look at this passage.

Many a time, and I say Lord is connect explain this to me and I will be honest with you for this past year there's been times that say Lord you just going to have to explain this to me by the way God does not owe us an explanation for anything in your life.

Do you know that we owe him. He doesn't owe us anything. But let's look and see what he means. Here in verse 20 the bread of adversity in the water of affliction have three points that I want to share with you this morning about the subject of promises in our problems. When you face difficulty when you face things in your life. There are some promises that God has given number one, there is the promise of adversity is a preacher that is not a very good promise. What is he mean bread of adversity and water of affliction. Well, let me say this. If you have time to just one verse but you gotta see this what you look at first Kings chapter 22 I heard people talk about this bread of affliction and an eight-year bread of adversity and water of affliction and offer different people say what it means. Look at first Kings chapter 22 I know this is probably a little bit more turning and study that I normally do on a Sunday morning, but I want you to see this first Kings 22 verse 27 and say, thus saith the king put this fellow in the prison and feed him with what bread of affliction and with water of affliction until I come in peace. So that means this in Isaiah chapter 30 what God said here is coming is nothing but a common prison food is a preacher that doesn't seem to be that comforting me. I say this, that a famine of bread a famine of all you have is bread and water. Look at look at me is better any day than a famine of God's word when God said there would be no more weeping in Isaiah chapter 30 look at me folks he was saying this, there would be no more weeping for the same reason he was getting ready to make a promise ring to share that in just a minute.

That means this you know the word adversity means here in this Hebrew word. This word adversity means narrow confined in a straight place. Does that sound like prison narrow confined ever been in your life when you're in a situation and there's just absolutely nowhere you can go nothing you can turn to know way how you have gotta be there. You got no choice. God said there's going to come times in your life where you are going to be in a situation that you can't get out of that.

You can't make it leave that you can't turn here and go here and make it stop immediately. There's going to be times in your life when you're confined you're in a situation that's where you have to be. You know, the Hebrew word for affliction when he says water of affliction.

It means this distress or oppression. So God says is that you're going to have you have confinement in your life.

Have restriction in your life. And then you're going to have distress and have oppression, there's gonna be things fighting you things that put you in a stressful situation there's going to be adversity. Have you had adversity this year. I know some of you that have lost loved ones. I know some of you that are lost your job.

I know some of you that have had things happen in your family with your children or grandchildren or even with your parents that has been tragic this year. Have you had adversity. Often times when we do we say, hey, I saved in and I believe in that I believe in the Lord and up but my faith and trust in him. Why do I have this kind of adversity, folks. It that it's coming.

They wouldn't be alive without adversity because God has said this hey I will be gracious, I will be exalted.

I will have mercy. I will bless you, there will be no more weeping I will be very gracious, but there is adversity coming in your life want you to notice the second promisee makes in verse 20.

Look, if you would. This second part of verse 20 know the Lord give you the bread of adversity in the lot of affliction, yet shall not by teachers be removed into a corner anymore, but thine eyes shall see. I teachers what is he saying here. Let me tell you what happened in the earlier part of the chapter and in the two chapters before during this adversity that had come on the children of God. The Jewish people during this adversity, you know what happened. The men of God that God had put there they had moved them aside. They had literally they had to go into hiding because they wouldn't listen to the man of God, because the man of God was giving correction that would not have them do what they were doing and they didn't want to hear it.

They didn't pay attention. They didn't want now that this adversity had come from the Assyrians.

Look at me now God said, hey this adversity is coming and let me tell you. Secondly there is the promise of adversity. Second, there is the promise of advisors. He said I'm going to have teachers there for you and you will see them.

They will not be put in the corner anymore. You know what I found in my life that adversity brings adversity causes us to listen where we didn't listen before you adversity often does to folks when they really go through hard times, look at me and they haven't been in church you know what adversity does oftentimes brings him back to church and often times when that adversity is finally done what is it where they go after that they leave adversity. He says this is you're going to this adversity while you're going through this. I will provide you with advice with advisors with teachers that will show you the way to go. Now I have something very important about this and what you hear.

He says this time you will see them.

Although you didn't see them before.

He said this time you will listen to them.

Although you didn't listen to them before. Here's what's interesting. This is great.

Look at me since this day in Isaiah chapter 30 God has kept his promise. Do you know that God always has and always will have a witness representing him. He said you put them in the corner before you shun them before. He said let me say something I promise you that you will see your teachers from now on. They will be there.

Look at me. Teens have tried to kill Christians and God never left without a witness, there's always been somebody there to get up and proclaim, thus saith the Lord, if I can only put it this way you here at Kirwan. You are a people that God has been gracious to you are a people that God has exalted himself to you are a people that God has shown mercy to you are a people that God has blessed and like it or lump it. Whether I expected it. God has called me to represent him here God has for 50 years given you that representative and think God is.

Let us keep him here for a lot longer to I am here to tell you this.

You want to be thankful as a church, not thankful for maybe the individual but you are to be thankful for the fact that God always provides a witness. He always provides a teacher. He always provides somebody to give advice to get in God's word to find what God has to say to his people and he saying that when you go into the man of God.

Don't get away from church. When times get church when times get don't start turning to some other source. During adversity times of God and adversity. Aren't you glad God's always given a witness.

Aren't you glad God's always given a man of God. Somewhere, sometime, I don't care where you are, what you're going through. There will be somebody to teach God's word because God's knocking to leave himself without a witness and he has Promise to this very day, and he always will be said this. Hey you're knocking to put them in the corner anymore. Hey, do you know whether has been preachers that have been jailed for preaching God's word and every time one goes in jail is going to be for more God's gonna grow and use in their place. I'm here to tell you folks listen, you cannot kill God's word and you can try your best in the Old Testament you can Stoneham in the Old Testament you can crucify him upside down in the Old Testament, you could kill him, beat him lashing whatever you want to do, but God will always provide a witness for his word. That is a promise. You have no matter what adversity may come, there will be somebody there to teach and advise what God has to say and I'm here to say maybe that consequently here head of God's put you here the lessons of the man of God at the least, be open-minded, at least hear what God has to say. I want you to notice. Thirdly, this is the best part of the whole thing. God is not only promised adversity. He's not only promised advisors, but he has promised an advocate. This is a beautiful picture look if you would've verse 21, and thine ears shall hear a word behind the saying this is the way wall key in it when he turned to the right hand and when ye turn to the left. Now let me start right here with this.

He says thine ears shall hear our word behind the element say a couple things of what that means and we got approval. He's talking about here. He just got done talking about teachers and some people say will that's the voice that you're getting here behind you. That's not what I that's not the way it is. Notice he says thine ears shall hear word behind the behind the means. This is a person, you cannot see but that person sees you. So when you hear this word behind you. God says I promise you this.

This is going to be there for you when you hear this word come behind you. It means there's nobody that you can see, but that person can see you superrich what this is the holy spirit in the Holy Spirit, the Sammy manifests itself in your conscious now let me put it this way, you gotta get is what you think The Advisors Is the Public Ministry, the Advocate We Been Given the Holy Spirit Is the Private Ministry so Advisors Are the Public Ministry Advocate Is the Pvt. Ministry Adversity Creates the Desperation so That Will Lessen Nice a Preacher Okay I Don't Know If I Agree with That. Let Me Give You Some Verse Numbers Can Read These to You but I Want You to Hear Me out Why This Is A Lot Of Teacher for Sunday Morning. But This Will Gosselin Amar Listen to Me First John Chapter 2 Verse One Says Is My Little Children, These Things Write I unto You, That Ye Sin Not.

And If Any Man Sin, We Have in Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Now Limited without Word Advocate in the Greek Means in First John Chapter 2 Is the Word Paraclete Sauce Which Means This Comforter Intercessor Consoler Does Not Ring a Bell Comforter by Linda Regis Tomorrow in John Chapter 14. This Is What Jesus Said and I Will Pray the Father and He Shall Give You Another Comforter, That He May Abide with You Forever.

No Imminent Jesus Died Purchased Our Redemption. He Did Not Remain with Us Forever.

He Went to Heaven.

But When He Went to Heaven He Says I Pray the Father That He's Going to Send Another of the Comforter like It Is and He Will Remain with You Ever. Now Let Me Let Me Keep Reading These Things, so I Spoken unto You, Being yet Present with You. Jesus Said, I'm Still with You. He Said, but the Comforter, Which the Holy Ghost, Whom the Father Will Send in My Name, He Shall Teach You All Things, and Bring All Things to Your Remembrance, Whatsoever I Have Said unto You Is This, Start a Ring a Bell with Isaiah Chapter 30 He'll Bring Things to Your Remembrance, He Will Teach You Things down Marriage Another Verse. Peace I Leave with You, Jesus Said My Peace I Give unto You Know What's He Talking about Their the Holy Spirit. My Peace That Only Comes through Jesus.

He Says I Leave with You and the Person of the Holy Spirit. My Goal Is Getting Excited about This Member City and When You Go through Adversity. Look at Me. I Have Teachers and Preachers That Are Going Advise You Don't Put Them in the Corner Anymore. Don't Avoid Them Anymore. Don't Show Them Anymore, Listen to What They Have To Say When the Preacher or Teacher Isn't with You. You Will Hear a Word behind You Saying This Is the Way Wall Key and That Word Is Coming from the Holy Spirit That He Has Promised Will Never Leave You, Even City Marriages More Verses but When the Comforter Is Come, Whom I Will Send You from the Father, Even the Spirit of Truth Which Proceeded from the Father, He Shall Testify of Me. The Preacher What Is Mean Augusta More Verse Was in This John Chapter 16.

Nevertheless I Tell You the Truth Is What Jesus Is Saying It Is Expedient for You That I Go Away. Jesus Said, for If I Go Not Away, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit Will Not Come unto You, but If I Depart, I Will Send Him unto You Know, Listen, and When He Is Come, He Will Reprove the World of Sin and of Righteousness and of Judgment of Sin, Because They Believe Not on Me of Righteousness, Because I Go to My Father, and Ye See Me No More of Judgment Because the Prince of This World Is Judged. I Have yet Many Things to Say unto You, but You Cannot Bear Them Now. Howbeit When He, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit Is, Listen, This He Will Guide You into All Truth for He Shall Not Speak of Himself, but Whatsoever He Shall Hear, That Shall He Speak, and He Will Show You Things to Come.

Now Let's Let's Plug All This in Together.

I Isaiah Chapter 30 Tells Us This God Will Hear Member Verse 18 Unbelievers 19 God Will Hear and He Will Answer You Remember That Ligature Passage Is a Chapter 30 Where We Were Bible Says He Will Hear and He Will Answer Now. Why Is That Important.

John 1613 Tells Us That the Holy Spirit Hears What God Tells Him in John 1613. Listen Let Let Me Read It, Howbeit When He, the Spirit of Truth Is, He Will Guide You into All Truth for He Shall Not Speak of Himself, but Whatsoever He Shall Hear, That Shall He Speak, He Shall Hear from You from God Imitate Why This Is All-Important.

God Hears Us. The Holy Spirit Hears God We Hear the Holy Spirit to Me That My Essay I'm Desperate I'll Know What to Do. I Need Your Help.

God Hears That Where God Immediately Turned to the Holy Spirit and He Ministers to Him, Tells Him What to Tell Us That While We Are Trying out the Holy Spirit What He's Heard from God Tells Us in Our Mind Works. That's How You and I Face Adversity. We Cry out to God.

God Cries out to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit Tells Us What God Just Told Him to Tell Us.

That's Why We Are Not Less Because We Always Have the Word of God with Us No Matter What Because of the Holy Spirit. That's Why the Bible Says That God Uses a Still Small Voice Is What Uses Folks Not Know the List to Me Once You Get This in That First Look at Very Closely. If You Would. Verse 21, and Thine Ears Shall Hear a Word behind the Say What You Notice Those Two Words. Thine Ears, He Tells Us This As You Go through Adversity. There Always Be a Witness, a Man of God That Is Proclaiming Truth from My Word. And He Said When That Man of God Is Not in Your Presence. Then the Holy Spirit Will Guide You and He Says This Thine Ears Will Hear This Now.

Why Is Those Two Words, Thine Ears Important. Listen to Me.

No One Else Will Hear This but You You Cannot Expect Everyone Else to Hear What the Holy Spirit Tells You to Do. That's Why There Comes Things in Your Life. You Know the Holy Spirit Wants You to Do and Even Your Life Even Your Family Even Your Relatives and Even Other Church Members Would Say I Don't Understand That and I Don't Know Why You Think You Gotta Do That and I Don't Necessarily Agree with That and That Might Not Be What's Financially Best or That Might Not Be What I Think Is Best. But When the Holy Spirit Ministers to You. He Is Going to Minister to Ears Limited Why This Is Still so Very, Very Important. You and I Will Give Account for Our Ears.

That Means That We You and I'll Responsible for What Our Ears Listen to Daniel. Audrey Is Responsible for What My Ears Listen to. You Are Responsible to What You Are Ears Listen to and If You and I Are Listening to the Wrong People the Wrong Things We Will Not Hear the Holy Tell Us What to Do. Why Did God Say He Was Mad. They Kept Connecting with the Egyptians and the Assyrians in This and That You Know Why Because They Were Connecting to Them When They Should Have Been Connecting to These like Me to Tell You What to Do They Need to Advise You. I Will Thank You for Listening to You Received a Blessing from Our Broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church Is Located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all our media honor website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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