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December 2, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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December 2, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ.

Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, as it would.

Verse one.

I am the true vine, and my father is the husbandman.

Every branch in me that bears not fruit he taketh away, and every branch that bear the fruit he purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word which I've spoken unto you abide in me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine.

No more can ye, except ye abide in me.

I am the vine year the branches he that abide in me and I in him, the same bring forth much fruit, for without me ye can do nothing.

If a man abide not in me is cast forth as a branch and is withered and men gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned. If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, so shall ye be my disciple sliver 16 of this passage. If you would Jesus, as ye have not chosen me, but I've chosen you and ordained you, that ye should go forth that you should go and bring forth fruit that your fruit should remain that whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in my name he may give it you must pray Lord I love you. You are the vine we are the branches. And Lord, we absolutely have nothing in our nothing without you supper you bless our time today. As we look at this passage we floor. We don't want to entertain at I just really give up on that. Some years back.

Lord we want to educate. We want to edify. We want to encourage. We want to enlighten the minds of those who are here with your word and your word only. May none of Daniel Hodges philosophy seeped through just because I have the microphone. Lord I pray that your word your principles and the truth of it will be what people learn here and apply to their lives. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. All right, we read the passage. Let me go through and in is going to be a lot but I want you to see kind of all the different angles that are involved in this particular a statement that Jesus made when he said I am the vine. This is a little different because sometimes we have to kind of look through under the surface little bit say this what this is and this is what this is, but in this particular instance, he kinda gives it to us. He says these are what these things mean so what you notice. First, as we look at this passage and I want to introduce this gorilla talk about this the next few weeks. I want you to see the subjects of this passage and and these are the main ideas. These are the main things that he brings up first is the vine and the vine is Jesus. Just so you understand that he is the vine.

Now, in case you get confused, we can sometimes just through our minds what we think isn't necessarily what is true vine is not just a kind of a skinny thing that takes off, maybe in a vineyard, their growing grapes on a great plant different things in and out of that line that's coming up through here than there is little branches that come up the vine of of a great plant is literally almost like a stone. It's it's kind of being there at the bottom and everything that comes out of that are the branches. So we left understand that Jesus is literally the main source he is everything.

If anything comes out of this plant that has to come through Jesus.

Everybody understand that. All right, so he is the vine second is the husbandman.

That's a fancy word, the husbandman, but it is an accurate word and here in this passage were told that God the father is the husbandman. Now what is a husbandman will that's actually what were going to be talking about today and in in in this particular passage of the husbandman is the owner. He's the one that owns it is the one that owns the vineyard.

He's the one that controls the vineyard. He's the one that literally does the work to make sure that the vineyard produces what it is supposed to produce.

Sometimes the husbandman might be an individual or that maybe the owner would hire, but here in this story, the owner, God the father is the husbandman. It's what we would call a vine dresser.

He's the person that does the pruning in the purging and in all the work on literally beat the vineyard and and and he make sure that all the shrubs and thorns and weeds are taking care of and that all the divines are, you know where obviously that are in good condition and that all the branches that come out of the vine are are are are producing fruit like they're supposed to number three we have the branches and in this particular subject that he brings up. He says that the branches are you and me believers. Now a person who is not saved is not a branch in Jesus. If you're saved if you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The Bible puts it this way, you been grafted in to the family of God as as as as a as he grafted into a plant literally that now we are plugged into the vine.

Jesus is the vine and the branches are believers okay notice. Next we have the subject of the vineyard. The vineyard now let me just mention this where is a vineyard located now don't mean a geographical area, and I know your mind.

If you think vineyards you might think Italy you might think France you might think you know rep for Lexington when you see Childress vineyards or whatever the case might be, and I hope many of you are thinking of places that you don't buy many things from that's what I kinda hope you're thinking of anyway so were thinking of vineyards and all those things.

So what are we what we talking about here will. Where do vineyards where do they grow where weird weird. Where do we put those in the earth and the earth when Jesus said on the vine near the branches. He's talking about. Literally this is something that takes place on the earth talk about us.

Were not talking about heaven, yet were talking about earth. That's where vineyards are planted in you and I are a vineyard that is here to glorify God the father, who is the owner who is the husbandman in this all takes place on the earth are you with me so far notices next subject. And that's four of us am so glad the next subject is the fruit.

The fruit and what is literally illustrated here as the fruit it is literally the spiritual growth and reproduction of the branch. That's what this fruit is so that Jesus is the vine, you and I are the branches.

God the father is the husbandman and we at we understand all that the vineyard is on the earth, and the fruit that we are to produce is literally spiritual growth and reproduction out of the branches which are so if I can put it this way is the way this is all supposed to go that you and I is the branches are supposed to be producing spiritual fruit and only way we produce that spiritual fruit is. If we are connected to the vine and growing through the vine and God the father as the husbandman is responsible to do whatever it takes in our life for us to get what we need from the vine to produce fruit. Are we all been to the house and reviewed all here everybody understand well together on the sofa now want you to notice the purposes we've seen the subjects so what are the purposes of each of the subjects we have to understand is you never can understand the story first is the vine, the vine's purpose.

What is the purpose of the vine. Jesus, the vine's purpose here is to feed the branch what it needs to bear fruit really complicated. What is the purpose of the husbandman would like us ever talk about here in just a minute.

Well, the husbandman's purpose is to do what is required in the vineyard to produce the most fruit. The husbandman's job is to do whatever it takes in the vineyard to make as much fruit to come out and to be born as possible.

What is a husbandman's purpose it's fruit becoming the guy who owns it. The guy who runs it, he's not really doesn't really care if you drive by our and are really impressed by the vineyard. What a beautiful vineyard. What he really cares about is is this beautiful vineyard is a producing fruit. Okay. Third is the branch what is the branches purpose only. If you notice a trend going on here. What is the branches purpose of my choking, my Tiger, I'm sorry the branches purpose is to get this to bear fruit. So the vine's job is to make sure the branches bear fruit. The husband job is to make sure he does what it takes in the branches to make sure they bear fruit. What is the branches purpose to bear fruit, you notice a trend going here. Everything in a vineyard is about what fruit it's not about the branch is all about the fruit notice purpose number four here is literally the fruit's purpose. What is the purpose of this fruit to put in a bowl to look at on the table to sit there for a sitting. While it is painted on some portrait for you to look at in a museum and be not impressed at all. What is the purpose of the fruit hero.

The purpose of the fruit. The fridge purpose is to glorify the husbandman see the whole purpose of fruit coming out is to please the owner because without that fruit bowl vineyard would be useless. Muzzle just plant grass to get Lee's play baseball on it or something. The only purpose of a vineyard is to produce fruit. So really the only purpose of fruit is to glorify the owner to make him happy.

Next is the purpose of the vineyard. I mean the whole thing.

What is the whole purpose of the vineyard get this is gonna be a shocker to grow fruit for purpose is to produce fruit. Millicent here this is going somewhere limitation. What is our purpose. You and me. Our purpose is to glorify the father. The Bible says that by the way our purpose is to glorify the father by bearing fruit. That's our purpose that so the main purpose of the vineyard is fruit all about the fruit. So what is our purpose statement if we could take all of us here and we got all way down to verse 16 labor 16. Once again, as I produce all this so you know were all going says God in this Jesus as you have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain that whatsoever he shall ask of the father mining that your fruit shall read mainly divorce herein is my Father glorified that he bear much fruit. So what is our purpose statement. We glorify the father by bearing much fruit that remain. That's how you and I glorify God. Listen part of glorifying God might be to write a little blog to show up at church to sing in a group to be faithful to give an offering you and I got understand those are just little pieces of the vineyard.

You and I need to know that our purpose, the only way we really glorify the father is to bear much fruit, and for that fruit to remain already we have fun yet this morning are so let me give you five steps that this passage gives us of fruit production by the branch. You see, as this passage goes along. I don't know if you notice this, but I want you to see it. In fact, Bruce Wilkinson, who wrote a book many of you read years ago a smaller book called the prayer of Jabez. He was in the first person to preach on the prayer of Jabez by the way, but he sure made a lot of money doing it, that's for sure. And good for him, but that the prayer Jabez.

He wrote a book that he followed up a book called secrets of the vine and in that book he shares these things, but these things have been around for years and in all these things so as not naturally come from him. It's just in the passage you you know nobody can make that up.

It's just there so what are the five stages of production fruit production for the branches that are in Christ and who are the branches. It's the believers okay so notice in this passage number one there are branches that bear no fruit ceiling. If you would at verse two, he says every branch in me that bear not fruit so first there is the scenario of a Christian that bears no fruit notice.

Secondly, there are a Chris there is a Christian that bears some fruit.

We verse two he says every branch in me that bear not fruit and every branch that bear the fruit so there's a difference right there. Here's a branch that bears no fruit. Here's a branch that bears some fruit, notice a little bit later on in the passage we find our next stage, and there are branches that bear or fruit more fruit and you say no well where is that link if you would add verse and where where is okay verse two at the end he says every branch that bear the fruit he purchased it, that it may bring forth. Now more fruit. So here's the branch that bears no fruit. Here's a branch that bears some fruit. Here's a branch that bears more fruit then you notice all the way down. If you go through when we get to verse five he says on the vine near the branches. He that abide with me and I in him, the same bring 1/4.

Here's a different one. Much fruit, so here's a branch that has no fruit branch has some fruit branch that has more fruit. Also, here's a branch that has much fruit. But notice last stages in verse 16 and it is the branch that bears fruit that remains fruit that remains.

So what is God's purpose for our life's ultimate purposes for its to bear much fruit that remains now. He was a Christian. Sitting there, there should be something inside of you that we didn't eat breakfast. Maybe there's something else inside of you.

That's troubling you, but as a Christian art, we should look at this passage and we should immediately begin to think you know what I want to be the kind branch that brings forth much fruit that and I want that fruit to remain. I want to be temporary for one to bring forth much fruit.

But let's be honest, the average Christian if we sit here we read this passage so far.

These are the stages that Jesus himself gives where do you think you would fit in this scenario. Are you a branch.

This is not may look at me is not made to make you feel guilty.

That's not my job. You don't answer to me.

I'm on your side. I love you. Not only do I feel like I need to be bearing much fruit, but I want you to experience the joy of bearing much fruit. I don't preach these things so that you felt like oh I hate going to church at all. It was made to feel like you don't do enough of you ownerless, and that's not my job that's not over here to do when the truth hurts. It's still the truth.

And what should happen is not getting mad at the preachers bringing this up not getting mad at Jesus thinking is expecting too much because mass say this.

According to this passage. Even the branch that bears no fruit. It's still a branch and you're still in Jesus Christ still saying. But what Jesus wants for your life is something that you can only experience. And I can only experience when we begin to bring forth at least some fruit and then we grow to where were bringing forth more fruit and then we mature to where were bringing forth much fruit and then we get to the point that that fruit that were bringing forth his eternal fruit. I want that, don't you about else. At least I'm not asking if you're there. I'm saying how many of you as a preacher yes according this passage that's were I would like to be. That is my best scenario. Can you say amen this morning you know wanting is half the battle.

Realizing where we are is a big portion of it and wanting to be where were not is a great step in the process now and give you. Lastly, these two types of branches out of these two types of branches. There are different things and I just want to show this to you real quick if I can link these two types of branches. I found this somewhat interesting. To be honest with you because this is very misunderstood by people's all morning.

I want to give it to you the way I believe that the Bible makes it clear notice number, the branch the first branch is the branch that is abiding in Christ, he that abide in me. Every branch he says that abide in me, so there is the branches that abide in the vine out of that. There are four categories of that. So if I can. Let me give those to you. First topic branches a branch that abides in Christ, and that is first, there are branches that bear no fruit branches that bear fruit branches that bear more fruit and branches that bear much fruit, but all of those are a branch that is in the vine, abiding in the vine. Everybody would be so far statement and the only other type of branch is branches that abide not in the vine and he speaks about that in this passage, he says every branch that is not in me is cast forth, it withers as a branch in its burned so there are two types of branches there are either branches that are in Christ are branches that are not in Christ we make that clear. There are people that are saved and people that are unsafe everybody would be so far statement enough of the overview like wow this going to take not want to promise so this morning just for the time you have remaining want to talk about the husband. The husband levers one. Jesus is on the true vine, and my father is the husbandman. So what does the husbandman do levers two and three. Every branch in me that bear is not fruit he taketh away.

So is talking about the husbandman.

Every branch in me that bears not fruit he taketh away, and every branch that bears fruit.

He purchased it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now he are clean through the word which I have spoken on to you. Let me say a couple things we dig into it real quickly and hopefully that you are, you learn more of God's word today. First thing is this, you know you and I would have no vine to be grafted into if God had not loved us enough to give us his only begotten son so the husbandman here were getting rated talk about what he does in our life.

Let's be reminded that we wouldn't even be part of the vineyard of God the father has given us his only begotten son, we wouldn't have a vine we wouldn't be in the vineyard.

We would have no it wasn't for God.

Mably reminded you that you and I would have no hope of it wasn't for the fact that Jesus, the vine loved us enough to come and and I shed his blood for our sins, may I say this that Jesus left heaven and became a man, so that this vineyard could be planted on earth if he had never come.

You and I would never be in the vine and we of all men. The Bible says would be most miserable. Jesus says here, by the way, let me just this is a side note, Jesus says he's the true vine that means that there are false vines. Are y'all with me this morning. There are false vines that means there are other vines that grow their own kind of branches and produce their own kind of fruit is a bridge what you talking about, look at me get this just because you're producing fruit in your life does not mean that you are connected to the right vine.

None of you thought about this this morning.

Religion can produce some good fruit and produce a bad but just religion can produce some good fruit, but it can't produce salvation is a lot people as there are good people. All we hear a lot of you but they're such good people will that's great.

But that doesn't mean that they are in Christ. There are false vines, otherwise he would not to say that he's the true vine if there were no other vines. He would just say on the vine, which he says later, but he makes it clear Harry's is on the true vine. In fact, do you know this Islam can produce some good fruit in your life that can produce a really bad fruit in your line but were just talking about good works.

I mean Islam could produce, if you follow that maybe some things that would appear to be good from the outside, but that doesn't mean it's good fruit. It doesn't mean it's the kind of fruit that comes from the vine of Jesus Christ. Just because there's fruit doesn't mean you're in the right vine and fat mass say this even without religion. Do you know that you, your self can produce some good fruit in your own life you know that you can just let you know what, only to be a good person and I'm in a help that a elderly lady walked across the street and on to carry her grocery back for her are those good works. Yes. Is that good fruit. Yes. Does that mean you're in Christ. No is to crack my you crack me up when I was a kid, my uncle Leon and that he might be in heaven looking down. Sorry Leon, but usually we watch TV.

There'd be some Hollywood stars on whatever and and they would just want to thank God for whatever policy their Christian see their Christian here. They see that another nurse saved individual is because you think God is mean you're saying just because there is some fruit doesn't mean you're in the right vine Jesus is on the true vine. So the only way you know if you're in the true vine as if you produce biblical fruit that remains by the understand the difference.

He says that now you are my disciples, if you produce fruit that remains. So what you really know is that interesting. So who is the husbandman.

What does he do notice number one. The husbandman number one want you to see his work of positioning his work of positioning know this is a very one of the most misunderstood phrases in the Bible. He says I'm the true vine. My father is the husband look at verse two every branch in me that bear not fruit he taketh away.

Now here's my issue. There are many many religions that will teach you that that verse is showing that you can lose your salvation all herein Christ. But if you don't produce fruit he takes you away and dear friend. That is not all, of this verse is teaching but I want to make sure that you understand it. He says every branch in me that bears not fruit he taketh away.

So first, let's understand that this branch according to this passage is in the vine.

Do we have an agreement on that is the passes not teach that it's in the vine. Every branch in me that they are not fruit. Second, let's understand that this branch represents a Christian that is not bearing fruit. Are you with me so far.

So if that branch is in Christ as a Christian, but he is bearing no fruit fire let's understand this phrase, he taketh away.

This is this this this, he taketh away, that taketh away is one Greek word, it is the Greek word hero AI Aro. It's where in fact we get the term Aeronautics. It's where if you've ever many of you have the privileges of goal purchasing a Ford Aerostar.

Did he need you here have a Ford Aerostar in the body must admit it. You notice that nobody like you have your dad have a port yet. My dad got me.

My wife and I started talking about this last week on the Arata for approval. A couple of you. They were hot back then were thing and they just like their design. They went to rebuild them. What is the word hero mean look at me it means to lift up so you look at this verse and and you can misunderstand it and listen to me. I believe it is translated the exact right way. But if you if you don't know your Bible, you can misunderstand this every branch in me that there is not fruit he taketh away.

So preacher what is that me know it. It literally means to lift up this is more narrow.

Say what you mean will is this thing of positioning PC to take away does it mean to take it out of the vine it means to take away from the position that it is in.

Here's what happens in vineyards and I did know you got a study now is that oftentimes in a vineyard as you have many times have wires that stretch and that and that that the vine will begin to grow on these.

My branches will flow over this. Some people use trellises in smaller ones and all those different things that literally sometimes vines can begin to grow very, very low and there's a problem with that. When a vine gets very low it can begin to grow in the dirt and you get any dirt on any part of a great plan. They cannot group rates they can't produce fruit. Not only that, if he gets low that thorns and briars and things can come up and it can hinder that growth.

They can keep it from producing not only that, as it begins to grow low. It means that it can't get the sunlight that that great plan need so desperately to produce a what husbandman will do a vine dresser.

He will reach down and he will reposition them vine. He will take it away from the bottom and he will put it in the trellis differently get on the outside unit higher so we can get the nutrients that it said preacher what you saying. Well, this is what we call in the Bible, chastisement you see his work of positioning number one it's a problem of dirt doesn't mean you're not say, but it means that sin that dirt in your life can show your fruit bearing ability for you can't grow fruit. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church.

Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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