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December 1, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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December 1, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, Blessed be God. Even the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforted us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounded by Christ and whether we be afflicted. It is for your consolation and salvation which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer or whether we be comforted. It is for your consolation and salvation and our hope of you is steadfast, knowing that as ye are partakers of the sufferings, so shall ye be also of the consolation.

Let's pray Lord will love you.

Thank you for all that you've done. And Lord, thank you for our people and thank you for their desire to be at your house. Lord we have folks watching online, Lord, I pray you bless them that you keep them in Lord them. Sometimes just through situations and circumstances. Being somewhat isolated from other believers many times for good reason. It Lord, I know it can become kind of a battlefield for the mind's eye. Bless our folks watching and listening those, some of which are dealing with health issues and things pretty helpful. Help them to know that their loved and Lord I pray that you bless your word as Lord I endeavor just got to sit share my heart with our people this morning in Jesus name we pray.

Amen we are today we want to talk about God's comfort a little bit in this little different because I'll be honest with you when you learn just kind of the process of preaching and even though I learned that in college, you grow up hearing preaching every night of your life in a sense that evangelism. There was just some things that I understood that in preaching. There is what we call a mission statement.

In other words, what were getting ready to share.

There is a purpose. There is something some kind of action that this will call you to some kind of purpose that this will lead you to a decision that will lead you to make, but I'll be honest with you I really don't know the mission statement of this this morning. I probably went back and forth for five times in the past two or three days of what God wanted me to share. Let me ask you this this passage that I just read a Blessed be God. Even the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of mercies, the God of all comfort, who comforted us in all our tribute and asked him how many of you have heard that read it a funeral you how many of you ever been to a funeral that I've done, you heard it okay this is wow is this something happened last week.

I don't know what was going on here that I wake you up. I'm sorry here.

You always hear this passage, read it, funerals, and to be honest with you.

That pretty much runs the gamut of when you're going to hear this, the God of all comfort's, who comforts us in all our tribulation and and all the things I've use this I used it last Sunday and for some reason God continue to lay this passage on my heart in a sense to show me that what Wade minute.

This is not just for funerals. This is not something just for that occasion. That is just one of many occasions that this passage fits into, and we need to look at this a little closer, so I want to look at this today, so we want to talk about God's comfort and you can understand why.

Hopefully by the time were done. Have you ever had a bad day speaking it's good to be here today. Have you ever had a bad day. I am Saul. This I thought this was interesting decisional new. It will be a bad day. You know you're having a bad day when and I thought this was kind of funny and says you know you're having a bad day when your wife says good morning Bill and your name is George you know that you're having a bad day when you call suicide prevention and they put you on hold.

You'll know you're having a bad day went on the news you find out your pacemakers being recalled by the manufacturer if it's not not funny and you are having a bad day when your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles you know you're having a bad day when you jump out of bed in the morning and miss the floor is a bad day. I don't know how that you are having a bad day when her twin sister forget your birthday. You know you're having a bad day when your boss tells you not to bother taking your coat off, you know you're having a bad day when the bird singing outside your window was a buzzard you are having a bad day when you call your answering service in the tell you it's not your about that was funny you you're having a bad day when your income tax check from the government bounces Lord I'm running a relapse of this where is it a waste of time. I thought this funny is that this doctor came to a patient that I got bad news and worse news and the patient says well let me have and the doctor said well the bad news is you will have 24 hours to live in the patient's that I can imagine anything worse than that, he said well forgot to tell you yesterday anyway.

Have you ever had a bad day. Bible says the God of all comfort. You know that gold is one of the most valuable materials on earth.

And it's been used obscene for centuries as money and and things decoration. We think of Solomon's Temple and one of the traits of gold that makes it so valuable use was the fact that it can be shaped so easily. You know you wouldn't have as many gold rings and things if if it wasn't so easy to form those rings and things. In fact, I did notice a single ounce of gold just 1 ounce of gold can be flattened to cover 400 ft.˛. Imagine that. Just 1 ounce but gold that is dug out of the ground, contains many other elements in it that are not valuable in those elements have to be removed in order for that gold to be moldable in valuable and useful in so it has to be heated in gold just begins to melt at 2000°F and you say will thanks for the science lesson here preacher.

What is the whole point of this well you know it means this that when you are tried and tested as a Christian that's that's really a complement to you. It's good news because it means there's gold in there somewhere you have God never tested you and tried you. If, if that never happened and it might be a sign that there's really not a lot valuable they are bit when you're God's child. The Bible says that we shall come forth as gold. It it means that God has to sometimes put the heat on, put us through things in order for what is valuable on the inside that is mixed with all those valuable things are in valuable things that are in our life that prevents us from being useful. That has to be removed through a process of trials and testings in all these different things. It means that were valuable. I am what you notice in verse four.

Before I get started is going to give you some principles. Out of this passage.

What you notice in verse four that it gives us the statement that that the Lord comforts us in all our tribulation noticed a statement that we may be able that we may be able that no listener should put our thinking That Means One of the Main Purposes of the Entire Process of Trials and Comfort and Tribulation and Consolation. One of the Main Purposes of This Entire Process Is for God to Spiritually Insert into Our Lives, and Ability to Do Something That We Didn't Have before That Is Everybody with Me. Even at 905 on a Sunday Morning. So Part of the Process Is to Insert in Our Lives and Ability of Some Time That We Would Not Have If God Did Not Do so. He Says Here That We May Be Able so That's the Title What Were Talking about Today and I Think You and I out a Look at Our Trials and Tribulations Testings in All These Things Hopefully Little Different Today so We Got a Start from Scratch. Verse Three Is Want to Give You the These Introduction Statements, Is Really a Really Jesus Is Is Addressed Here.

Though the Lord Is Addressed in His Greatness, and so before We Even Get on to the Whole Trials and Consolation and Comfort in and in Trouble at All These Things There Some Principles We've Got to Establish a Look at Verse Three. Notice First. He Says This, This Is Paul, by the Way, He Says, Blessed Be God before We Go Any Further. Blessed Be God You See in Verse One into His This Book Is Introduced. Paul Is Given Some Introduction but after Paul Is Introduced Paul First off, Introduces Christ Introduces the Lord and He Said before I Even Get into the Purpose of What I'm Writing in. By the Way, Paul Wrote First Corinthians It in the in the Process of Telling Them He Was Coming to Minister in Corn, but Because of Things Unexpected Because of Trials He Didn't Make It yet, so We Had to Write Second Corinthians Here to This Church at Corinth and There Are Things That Always Come up in Our Life That Are Unexpected and Really in Verse Eight of This Passage Paul Explains Some of the Things That They Were Going through. But in Verse Three before We Go Any Further, He Says, Blessed Be God That Let Me Say Why This Is Important, It Is Important to Acknowledge Right from the Start That God Is to Be Blessed in Every Step of This Process, and God Is to Be Blessed in Any Process. Job Said, Though He Slay Me, yet Will I Trust in Him. Job Said, the Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord. That Means This No Matter the Outcome, No Matter the Experience. No Matter the Trial No Matter the Tribulation No Matter the Gain or No Matter the Loss God Should Be Blessed. Why, Because God Has Blessed You Wait a Minute If I Have Lost That He Didn't Know. That's the Whole Point. Whatever Happens Next Should Have No Bearing on the Fact That God Is Blessed by You. It's God I Bless Your Name. God I Bless You for Who You Are God You Are Who You Are, Not Because of What You Do for Me and Not Because of What Happens in the Next 24 or 48 Hours, or in the Next 40 Years, Your God, so I Bless Your Name. This Is a Tough Sell This Morning Little Bit. Blessed Be God May Ask You This, No Matter What's Going on in Your Life the past Few Months Have You Been Able to Bless the Lord, Can You Say Blessed Be God No Matter What Happens. So Paul Says before Even Talk about Trials on the Bless God's Name. Notice Secondly Says This Even the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed Be God. Even the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ Know If You're Just Reading You Might Just Rewrite over That Okay We Know Who That Is. We Know That That's a Description. Obviously, That God Is the Father of Jesus the Son and and but We Only Understand but but You Might Miss It. As I Have Many, Many Times You See in the Old Testament God Is Referred to Differently in the Old Testament, You'll Find Often That God Is Kind of Ascribed the God and the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, Did You Know What I'm Talking about All for the Old Testament God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You Will Read It over and over Again. Why Is That He Is Referred to That in the Old Testament Because of the Covenant That God Had Made with These Men and Their Physical Offspring. Everybody Got Me so Far.

God Made a Covenant with Them and Their Future Seed, so He Is Referred to by That Covenant Is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But in the New Testament. He Is Referred to As the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Why, Because in the New Testament.

He Is Made a Covenant Not with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for Their Physical Seed.

He Has Made a Covenant with Jesus for His Spiritual See He Is the Father of Listen Our Lord Jesus Asked See This Jesus Christ Is Our Lord and He's the Father, but He Got That so Policy and A Lot Less before We Begin to What's Going to Go on. We Got Establish Who He Is.

First, We Bless His Name No Matter What. Second, We Got Understand That He Made a Covenant with Jesus and Jesus Is Our Lord. And so We Are Indebted to God and God Doesn't Hold a Debt against the Stone. Understand That You and I Would Have No Hope It Wasn't for God and the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Notice He Says This, the Father of Mercies, the Father of Mercies, Now That There's No Mistakes. The Father of Mercy so As to What Are We Saying Here in This. Interesting That This Phrase Means That There Is a Multitude of Tender Mercies in God. It's Part of the of Who He Is, Essentially, It's in His Nature, and Not Just That It Means Is That Mercy Is Literally the Offspring of God, God Gave Birth to Mercy Mercy Didn't Even Exist until God Birthday. Can You Imagine a World without Mercy. Can You Imagine There Would Be No Salvation without Mercy There Would Be No Relationship with Anyone without Mercy, Because at Some Point Someone Is Good at the Show Mercy in a Relationship or to Continue Right There Would Be No Marriages Still Left There Barely Are, but There Will Be No Marriages Left about One for Mercy and Mercy Is Literally the Offspring, the Child of God Millicent, Here's an Interesting Verse Writing down for Your Study.

Later on Micah Chapter 7 Verse 18 Says That God Delighted in Mercy, We Mean Hate You Know What You Know Something That I Delight and I Delight in My Voice. I Love Watching My Voice. I Love Having My Boys. I Love Doing Things with My Sons. They Play Sports or Play. I Love to Go Watch Them. I Delight in Them. Why Because There My Child You Know Why God Delights in Mercy Because Mercies Is Child Is the Father of Mercy so before before You and I Get Caught up in Verses Four through Eight, and Begin to Think That Maybe God Is Not Merciful Because of the Trials We Face, We Must Remember Mercy.

Didn't Even Exist until God Birthed It. He Is Mercy.

Notice What He Says. Last Is the God of All, Just so You Know before We Talk about Trials Is the God of All Comfort.

What Is That Mean It Means from God Proceeded Comfort.

John 1526 Says This but When the Comforter Is Come, Whom I Will Send unto You from the Father, Even the Spirit of Truth Which Preceded from the Father. That Means Is That Literally the God of All Comfort, Comfort the Holy Spirit, the Comforter in Our Life Came to Us from God the Father. So We Owe Him a Great Amount of Gratitude, Don't We.

So before We Even Start Complaining about What's Going on.

Let's Remember That Any Comfort We Have in Our Life. We Only Have Because God Gave Us the Holy Spirit Generously. In Fact, Verse 22 of This Chapter It Says That Literally We Were Given the Holy Spirit As Ernest. We Were Sealed with. He Is the God of All Comfort, All of Our Comforts Come from God CRI Preacher. So Far Nothing Earth Shattering Sega Verse Four Coup We Talk about Here Who Verse Three Blessed Be God Obviously Busy All the Things We Talked about This Is God. This Is Who He Is. He Is Literally He's the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ Is the Father of Mercies and God of All Comfort, Who Noticed Comfort of Us in All Our Tribulation, That We May Be Able to Comfort Them Which Are in Any Trouble, by the Comfort Wherewith We Ourselves Are Comforted of God. That's a Long Sentence and It's a Mouthful.

So Let Some Break It down. I Will Need to Sound like an 80s Rap Song.

But Let's Break It down Okay. Principle Number One As We Dig into Now. Verses Four through Eight and a Go Very Quickly Prints Whenever One Is This Writing down Number One, There Will Be Tribulation First Thing You Should See There Will Be Tribulation, but Remember, Blessed Be His Name, Remember He's the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Remember, He's the Father Mercy. Remember, He's the God of All Comfort, but There Will It Limit He Did.

He Doesn't Say Who Comforted Us in Case We Face Tribulation. He Said Who Comforted Us in All Our Tribulation.

Notice That All Our Tribulation. There Will Beach This War Tribulation Is the Greek Word… It Means Pressure. It Means Afflicted. It Means Anguish. It Means Burden That Means Persecuted It. It Literally Means Trouble.

That Means This This Verse Is Not Just for Funerals. Yes We Do Need the God of All Comfort When We're Looking at a Casket That Holds the Earthly Temple of a Person That We Loved and Cherished and Its Hard and We Feel That Loss but May I Say Something. We Need the God of All Comfort.

When Daily Burdens Bear upon. We Need the Father of Mercies, When We Have Blown It, and When We Have Gone Astray. And We Must Stop. That's Part of Life to Any of You Messed up Lately Is Not about You. We Need the Relief of God's Compassion. When the Pressure of Life and the Demands of Life Way upon Us. I Need the God of All Comfort. When One of My Children Is Gone Astray Because There Will Be Bad Reports at the Doctor's Office and There Will Be a Heartbreaking Phone Call at Some Point in Your Life. There Will Be Dreams That Are – on Some Occasion, There Will Be Trust in a Person That Was Close to You That Will Be Broken Because of What They've Done. Yes, There Will Be Tribulation Notice Number Two, Number One, There Will Be Tribulation Notice Number Two.

There Are Some Things That Can Only Be Learned through Trials. What You Know That There Are Some Things That Will Only Be Learned through Trials See the Point of Tribulation Might Not Be Just to Be Mean to You.

The Pointer Tribulation Is Probably for Us to Learn Something.

Oswald Chambers, Who Wrote Lotta Good Books. He Had a Statement Here and I Wrote This down. No One Wanted to Reduce Deal That Is Really Good. Listen Real Close. He Said Faith for My Deliverance Is Not Faith in God. In Other Words, If Faith Means That I Just Will Have Faith If I'm Delivered.

He Said That's Not Faith in God Faith Just for My Deliverance Is Not Faith in God. Faith Means Whether I Am Visibly Delivered or Not, I Will Stick to My Belief That God Loves Me. There Are Some Things Only Learned Enough Fiery Psalm 119 Says It This Way Is Good That I've Been Afflicted, Then, Have I Learned by Statutes. There Will Be Tribulation Number Two.

There Are Some Things I Can Only Be Learned through Trials Number Three Writer down There Will Be Comfort Available. Verse Four Who Comforted Us in All Our Tribulation Is Not Just the Fact That I Have All Our Tribulation, the Principle of This Verse Is the Fact That He Will Comfort Us. There Is Comfort Available and I Want You to Know That Whatever You Might Be Going through in Your Life Right Now. A Funeral or a Thousand Other Things. It's Not Just Funeral God Will Comfort There Will Be Testing There Will Be Tribulation. There Will Be Trials There Will Be Storms There Will Be Bad Days, but There Also Will Be Comfort Available.

Notice What Paul Is Saying Here Is That Paul Himself and His Companions Had Received from God Comfort When They Needed Bible Says in Verse Four That God Had Comforted Them in All Their Tribulation. By the Way, Do You Understand Verse Three in Verse Four.

Look at It the God of All Comfort. In Verse Four, Who Comfort Us in All Our Tribulation. Are You Looking at Me.

The Only Way Possible for God to Be Able to Comfort All of Our Tribulation Is for Him to Be the God of All Comfort, All Kinds of Tribulations Needs All Kinds of Comfort and of Working to Face All Tribulation and He's Going to Comfort Us in All Tribulation. Thank God He Is the God of All Comfort. Whatever Is Needed. He's Got Notice This Please Get This in the World. Paul Had Found Trouble, but in Christ, He Had Found Peace and Trials.

Paul Had Found Confusion, but in Trust He Found Confident Melissa Matthew Henry Said This and Want to Get This You and I Are Qualified to Receive the Comfort of God's Mercies. When We Decide to Give Him the Glory for the Soon As You and I Decide Were to Give God the Glory for This We Got Isn't That Wonderful by the Way, Let Me Say This.

As Paul Says Hey Look, He Looks to This Church at Corinth and He's Writing to the Many Says Hey God Comforted Us in All of Our Tribulation. Do You Know That We Speak. Best of God and His Goodness. When We Speak from Our Own Experience. You Know If Little Bit Different When Somebody's Been through It. Paul Is Not Saying Hey Listen.

I've Not Been through Trials and I'll Not Been through Tribulation, but from What I Understand, God Will Comfort You through All That Paul Is Speaking from Experience These As a Limitation of the God Comforted Us in All of Our Tribulation, and All of Our Trials so That's My Experience. Paul Says Notice This, He Is Jehovah He Is.

He Was and He Always Will Be. You and I Need to Understand Something. Notice the Verse Who Comfort Said past, Who Comforts Present Who Will Comfort Future, to Show You a Verse Here at the End. In Verse Eight, Nine, That Just Absolutely Fantastic. The Lessons That Paul Is Learned There Will Be Comfort Available and I Want You to Know That Today There Will Become. I Don't Know How, Where, How God's Going to Do It but It's Going to Be Available. Principle Number Four, There Will Always Be Others That Need Comfort Ceiling Verse for the Whole Purpose of This I Know You Might Not Be Interested in This, but This Is What God Laid on My Heart so Hey We Need This for Some Reason Verse Four Who Comforted Us in All Our Tribulation, That We May Be Able to Comfort Them.

Notice Which Are in Any Trouble. There Will Always Be Others That Need Comfort. There Will Always Be Them Which Are in Any Trouble Now Are Starting Understand Something, You See God Comforting Us in Our Trials Is Not All about Part of God Comforting Us in Our Trials Is for the Benefit of Others. There Always Be Other People Who Have Need.

There Always Be Others That Need Comfort. Besides, You, George Truitt Was a Pastor Many of You Have Heard His Name. He Wrote Books, Well Known George Truitt Know If You've Heard of Him but I Did Know This about His Life Is Read Recently Just Little Bit about Great Men of God. George Truitt Pastored in Texas and He Was a Wonderful Pastor Pastored a Large Church Had a Daily Radio Broadcast That Ended up Kinda Going All over the World, but There Was a Bad Day in George Truitt's Life. He Decided He Loved to Go Hunting and Fishing in the Took His Best Friend Hunting with Him One Day in Something Happened. It Was an Accident but George Truitt Accidentally Killed His Best Friend Hunting Accident.

George Truitt's Daughter Said That She Never Heard Him Laugh Again after That Day, but He Had to Keep Going. He Had to Keep Pastoring. He Had to Keep Living. From That Day Forward When George Truitt Came Back on the Radio.

He Would Always Close His Radio Broadcast with This Phrase Be Good to Everybody Today Because Everybody Is Having a Tough Time. He Knew What It Was to Have a Tough Time Every Day See You and I Sometimes We Don't Understand We Are so Consumed with Our Tribulation Are Trouble. Our Trial That We Don't Even See Right Next Us Are People That Need Comfort to the Worst Somatic God, Wondering Why This Is Happened God. You Owe Me Comfort That We Overlook Those All around Us Every Day That Need the Same That We Are Comforted with There Will Always Be Others That Need Comfort. Principle Number Five the Givers for We Are Comforted by God.

So We Can Comfort Others, but Verse Four Who Comforted Us in All Our Tribulation. Here's Our Phrase That We May Be Able to Comfort Them Which Are in Any Trouble, by the Comfort Wherewith We Ourselves Are Comforted of God. We Are Comforted by God. Listen, so That We Can Comfort Others through Thank You for Listening to You Received a Blessing from Our Broadcast. The Current Baptist Church Is Located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone in 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening to Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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