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July 9, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Second Corinthians chapter 8 we will head there again for this week and that the market share. By the way, I heard him over there you guys love it and as our theme for this year is beyond their power. Taking taken to me from second Corinthians chapter 8 as we have dealt the last couple of Sundays. We want to again continue in chapter 8 I like to do knowing that I was going to share. Obviously, the verses about abortion in different things this morning are prepared accordingly and I would like to got a just share some things briefly from my heart to you about how this chapter as it kinda comes to a close out what we want to talk about. We preached obviously the first message for Sunday of this year about beyond their power and how God can take you beyond your ability. God can do things in your life that you cannot do for yourself and you and I have got to realize that we cannot do this on our own. We don't have the ability we don't have the power we've got to rely on God.

He takes us beyond our ability and then we took course preached last Sunday about the subject of over the home.

How he says now therefore perform the doing of it. We saw the example, the Macedonia church in verses one through six of what the grace of God can do, how it took him beyond their giving and beyond their joy and all the things that it did and then we talked about the fact you did for them. Now it's time for us to do it and we have to perform the doing of it now is a preacher where's all this going. If you are interested in you really do say you know what I do want God to to do some things in my life this year beyond my power beyond my ability and I really want God to do it now this is what we want to deal with today. The subject is built for beyond. There are some things that have to be in your life for God, then to exercise his power and take you beyond your ability now to understand what I'm saying. God is not going to take you beyond your power. If you're not headed the right direction that makes sense. It would be like if I had a remote control car here, and I have the control, and I'm the one that that pushes the button forward.

And if I'm driving that remote control and I'm the one that controls how much power it has of its head right that wall on the stop.

I am not going to exercise my power to it and ram it into the wall to break it you got understand that there are some things that have to be a certain way in our lives. In other words, we have to make sure that there are certain things in line that we have some things correct that we have some things right so that God looks down and sees that they're living right there doing right there heading in the right direction. Now I'm gonna take them beyond their ability. And I'm going to do something great in their life. In the year of 2016 and in chapter 8. The end here. We are given some of these things and I want to share these with you because if you will just notice these are some things that God expects us to do that will enable him then to go beyond our power and what he wants to make of our lives now want you to notice if you look if you would a verse 12 for if their first be a willing mind. It is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not let me say this, and reiterated again, this is an introduction to what working to do with today. God is not interested at all in what you have that verses is accepted according to a man that a man hath not according to that he hath not. God is not as interested in what you have, as he is interested in what you are God in character got ability and talent. He gave it to eat.

He can take away what he wants to know is are you right on the inside.

Is there some things there that are lined up according to my word so that I then can exercise my power on your life and take you to where I want you to go you got understand God doesn't give us his power to go beyond ourselves for our wants and our desires.

God exercises his power on our life and enables us to go beyond where we can go according to his will, not out. You see, God doesn't just give us strength so that we can do what we want to do in life and take it beyond our ability. That's only if were heading God's direction, then God can take his way beyond where we could take ourselves not want you to notice in verse 13 for I mean, not that of the men B's and EB burden verse 14, but by any quality that now at this time. Your abundance may be a supply for their want and their abundance also may be a supply for your one that there may be notice that word again equality you've often heard in God's word that if the words used once it's important if it's used twice.

It's extremely important. God is making a point. Let's pray Lord we love you as we look at these verses briefly and we realize what it means to be built for beyond God. I pray that you would help our people to listen and apply this to our lives. May I as their pastor. Apply this to my life in Jesus name, amen, for God.

Listen, if you really want God to take you beyond your power. There are some things you must prepare first what you notice. Number one, there must be equality in verse 14 we just read it. He gives us the principle that I want you to treat each other equally. I do not want you to see one group of people that are more important than the other group of people. I don't want you to see that these people deserve my help and those people don't deserve my help. He says in verse 14, by any quality that your abundance may help them in their time of need and that their abundance may help you in your time of need. But the whole principal is that there may be equality dear friend I'm here to tell you if you want God to do something great in your life then you gotta realize that God is not a respecter of persons in we can't be utilize.

Some churches never go any further than they are because everybody has their own group and they think their groups more important and I don't notice this person in need, or that person need and they look down on others in and I see a difference in people of different God doesn't see it that way, you understand something you listen to what you get this now. Please. Verse 14 he says that their abundance may also be a supply for your want say what you talking about here. No notice first 15 as it is written, he that gathered much had nothing over and he that gather little had no lack that you got understand the context of the Scripture were not just saying hey, somebody has need.

It's up to me. I'm supposed to give my money that I worked hard and saved and I'm trying to plan for my future. So God says you gotta go take that money you gotta give them nobody has anything left over will. That would go totally against what the Bible says in Psalms and in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and other places about money and about how to go to the ant now sluggard how you're supposed to say you're supposed to be wise. That would totally disagree with. I say preach what you say they're talking about people that grew crops that grew food that had different things anything as of a person has need you to make sure they get fed. Don't think I'm sitting here telling you, you gotta work hard for your money and if so, what has me that it you know guys like you just gotta go. Don't lose the money on it best not what I'm saying I'm saying is that you and I need to make sure that a person's basic needs are met there in our church.

Their brothers and sisters in Christ, and we know they have need, and we have the opportunity to help now notices also principles I want to make this very clear.

Verse 14 it says that your abundance may be a supply to them in their time of want and that their abundance may be a supply to you in your time of one that insinuates that they are working hard but that their crops didn't come in and they don't have food and of your crops came in and they had food. You need to help them out. It doesn't mean that I'm supposed to get my money in my Buddha somebody that's lazy. I will work, I just saved half of you there tonight.

Nervous or say preach that also split somebody won't work there trying to live off the government. Everybody else and trying to get everything free and they show up at church. They want help uncle to give them money. Listen me dear friend Goss is you don't work you don't eat.

But if a person is working and trying hard and they have time of need. We ought to help their items to the principle what I am trying to make the point of this God uses it twice, that there should be any quality. We should never view ourselves as more important than anybody else. If you do, is your limited what God can do in your life.

But the moment you realize that is not about me is not about others about Christ, and were all equal in his eyes when you learn a valuable principal life notice number two that there must be enthusiasm for God to take you beyond your power notice. If you would. Verse 17 for indeed he accepted the exhortation talking about Titus, but being more forward of his own accord. He went on to use a preacher what the world happily verse 16 it says, thanks be to God. We were 16, which put the same earnest care into the heart of Titus for you so here's Titus he shows up and he gets a call from God and not only that, he decides I'm just going to eat it. I heard what God said and I heard that there is a need in the Bible says that of his own accord.

Titus DDE just jumped out when didn't went the extra mile. Not only did he answer the call, but he went beyond the call ended. Maurice, a preacher, what you trying to say we were 70 notice really close.

For indeed he accepted the expectation but being more forward that word forward means diligent but being more forward of his own accord.

He went on to you as a preacher what you mean enthusiasm I mean this that you know what, if you're gonna do some for God and God's can exercise his power in your life and take beyond their some things that God expects of us. Number one, we see here that Titus. He accepted the challenge that means is that you know if you're going to do some for God.

You gotta accept the challenge, you gotta heed the call. God has needs and God placed things on your heart and God preacher heart about things that you can't sit back and do nothing but expect God to do great things in your life you got to accept the challenge. Like Titus, he accepted the exhortation notice. Secondly, he not only was accepting of the challenge, but it means going above and beyond. Notice this, he accepted the exhortation, but being more diligent. That means this I know there's a need and I'm not just gonna you know slowly make my way to fix that need ongoing jump and do have to keep asking the knocking at the bank I just got a job you imagine I would church would operate if everybody did that. Could you imagine I would church so you know what the brisket was conical was kinda dirty this morning is that of everybody. So will the Russians during analytically real quick to pick the stuff about the floors that are going to complaints by their stuff on the floor nobody's done that. I'm just give you hypothetical all right if you did that. I don't know about it. So don't think I'm free to get you. I've learned over the years, you would not believe you'll say things have no clue and it happens just hit right on the dot. That's the Holy Spirit of God and then will get mad. The Holy Spirit, the amount of the preacher.

All right is accepting the challenge there's going above and beyond but notice their leaders being self-motivated. Notice in verse 17 he accepted the exhortation, but being more forward or more diligent of his own accord. He went on to you. I mean he just say you didn't have to wait and he just was self-motivated. You know what God is going to do great things in your life if you just listen to what God tells you to do. You just decide on the go above and beyond whatever God gives me to do is cleaning the toilet is teaching a Sunday school class singing in a choir being an usher. God give me the call on that except that I'm going to go above and beyond and bless God not only that I know what is good have to motivate me. Then I got the call me and begged me to show up that something be there, self-motivated goddesses, there must be quality. There must be enthusiasm 30 said there must be exultation notice. If you would. Verse 19, and not that only but who was also chosen of the churches to travel with us with this grace. Notice this, which is administered by us to the glory of the same Lord and declaration of your ready mind.

Here he saying that Titus obvious he had others that traveled with them and they had others of their getting ready to travel with and I was to Paul saying here you say you know that that they been chosen by the churches and were all working together. Notice this. I love this, to the glory of the same Lord dear friends, I want to know something God will only go beyond your power, if he knows you will give him the glory it is to the glory of God, dear friend everything to be about the glory of God. God should get the glory and nobody else. When somebody sings when somebody preaches somebody plays an instrument. Whatever activity we have whatever we do.

The goal should always be that God gets the glory. And we are all human and understand but it shouldn't even matter to any of us if we as individuals ever get the glory or the praise or the thanks for anything. Exultation number four more. I would say to that, but our times gone today.

Number four.

He said there must be ethics ethics but over 20 avoiding this, that no man should blame us in this abundance, which is administered by us providing for honest things, not only in the side of the Lord but also in the side of men. Notice three things I see in these two verses number one. He said you must be beyond in character. If you want God to take you beyond your power, then you must be beyond in your character.

Notice this, that no man should blame us in this abundance, which is administered by us how we are handling this abundance power handling the things and handing out the food and handing out the money in dealing with the money and all these things and whatever you deal with.

He said you gotta make it where nobody ever has blame against dear friend I'm to tell you, God can have a hard time using you.

If you lose your testimony with everybody because of your ethics.

He said that there must be the time where you're beyond in character notice. Secondly, you have to be beyond and honesty over 21 providing for honest things, dear friend. May you and I never do anything below board, but always aboveboard yet understand these are things that sometimes people don't see on the outside but God says if you want me to take you beyond your power you have to make sure things are right on the inside and you have to make sure that you handle things right when nobody's looking, which brings us to point number three.

Notice here, there must be accountability or you must be accountable to God and men. Notice verse 21, not only in the side of the Lord but also in the sight of men affects God bless his character. Number five. He said there must be endurance. Verse 22 and we have sent with them our brother whom we have oftentimes proved diligent in many things. Notice this, but now much more diligent upon the great confidence which I have in you notice this endurance, he has proved diligent before and there's a lot of work to do but notice is the middle of verse but now much more diligent endurance. God says he do if I found it take you beyond your power, then there has to be something inside of you that just determines right now there's gonna be time for him to get tired is good because I don't feel like coming to church and of you because I don't feel like doing sunset and I will feel like reading my Bible and I don't feel like I owe my devotions and I don't feel like doing right and I don't feel like putting God first.

But if you been diligent before great. But now it's time to be much more diligent now it's time to say if I want God to do more for me it's time for me to do more for now anybody get what I'm saying same in the sometimes churches are full of people that they been doing such and such for years with great God can reward you for that. Were worried about the next six months were worried about what are we gonna do for God. You know I've worked hard for what a wonderful thing for it but we had now have to be much more diligent because the world's getting worse and worse and people are going to hell. There must be endurance.

Last there must be evidence. Look at verse 24 wherefore show ye to them and before the churches.

The proof of your love and of our boasting on your behalf. Notice two things he says you have to do here when it comes to love. Number one, you have to portray love.

He said show to them.

Number two, you have to prove it you get it. He said you need to show love to people but if you're in a tell them you love them and you're going to show that love to them, look at me. It's got to be real and authentic. You got to prove it. You can't say well you know what I need to show love to these people and I don't really feel like it so I'm gonna say all the nice things and just make them feel whatever were all good at that and that everything I need to do just to give that illusion.

But he says here if you're gonna show it. You gotta prove it and I think it's time for us sometimes to just can't get over the façade that we all put across. Sometimes it's time to start proving what we've been saying all along, have we not been saying that Kerwin Baptist Church. We love this community will there's there's five of us. Thank you were really gonna make it in early to make a dent in Kernersville fall five of us. We love this community, then it's time for us to prove what got me the love you show will mean nothing if it's not proven. So how do I prove it.

Listen if you if it's real. You don't have to if you have to figure out how to prove it. We got a problem. But if we really love others. It'll prove itself.

God said these things have gotta be this way and I can go beyond your power, but I'm not going to do that if you don't have these things in your life. You and I have to be built for beyond Lord. We love you this morning and thank you for the time. Thank you for the patience of our people and thank you for their faithfulness in the midst of the weather and God. I pray that you would help us this morning. And Lord, I pray that our people would determine this morning to incorporate some of these things into their lives.

Or maybe there would be some that would come and say God keep me write ethically in my life. I want you to bless me keep my ethics right or there might be some that would come and say Lord I been kinda tired and I just been kinda defeated in, but Lord, I want you to do something great in 2016 and got on a more enthusiasm and God. I know what I admitted this morning I'm coming to say God I want to do more and I want to I want to be more diligent about this.

I don't know what was said or what what first popped out at you, that might've pricked something in your heart, but different.

Would you be obedient as this first month of the year which it find a place of the altar make this decision before God, humble ourselves and say God I saw this this is what you showed me and this is what I need to do and got I need your help to do it got.

I do want you to take me and my family this year beyond our power got.

I need your help. We've got to get some things fixed in our family. Gotta get some things fixed in our home. Got I got a get something fixed at my job. Lord, I've got to get some things fixed in my relationship with you

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