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September 3, 2021 6:00 am

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Kerwin Baptist
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Kerwin Baptist
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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, 15 were actually to be dealing with the last few verses of this chapter and this of course is the I guess the climax of our series God's lost and found God's lost and found today is going to be a little bit different and the reason being, this is the one parable and some people say that there's three parables in Luke 15 believers for obviously we talked about the lost sheep where 1/100 was missing and the shepherd went and found that one lost sheep. Then we talked about the lost silverware. There was 1/10 missing and that lost coin was found and we talked about that in there was rejoicing when the going was found there was rejoicing when the sheep was found and we talked last Sunday all day, morning and evening about the lost son and how he was one out of two that was lost, and when that lost son came home and the father was your United again. There was rejoicing in the house and then we have our but I believe the last parable obviously of this passage is the lost sibling and that this is kind of a movie terms what you would call a subplot. This is a story within a story and let me tell you something different about this particular passage from verse 25 to 32. I know most of you know absolutely what were dealing with.

And if your little bit lost her or obviously don't are for me with the story. This is obvious to beginning earlier in chapter 15 is the story of the lost son of the prodigal son and the son left home rebellious EE and his brother. The but the past is never mentioned anything about a mother and he decided he wanted the inheritance that was going to come to him and left home lived a riotous life in sin took him down to where he had absolutely nothing and he got his heart right and came back home and came back home to simply serve as a servant instead of sit as a son but when he came back.

The father obviously took him back in, loved him and welcomed him and it's a beautiful story. There's a lot to shout about with the lost sheep and there's a lot to shout about with the lost silver and there's a lot to rejoice about with the lost son. But what I'm dealing with this morning. There is no joy at the end of the story. In fact, the best way I can put it when I get done this morning we are going to see the one item that is still sitting in God's lost and found. Everything else was lost and was found but this is the only thing that still lost so is a little bit of a different message this morning is not a shouting time. There's really nothing to shout about is not a rejoicing time. There's really not a whole lot to rejoice about in this particular passage, so I guess you save a little bit more serious this morning, but I want to ask you to do me a favor on ask if you would as we look at this passage could you possibly could we possibly. I guess excuse me humble ourselves enough to think with what the preachers preaching today and out of this passage. Lord, could it possibly be that I need to learn something out of these verses could this possibly be for me what to look if you would.

Verse 25. After the son comes home and the dad rejoices and we went through every detail of that story last week that we could, but in verse 25 it says now his elder son was in the field and as he came and drew nigh to the house. He heard music and dancing, and he called one of the servants and asked what these things meant and he said to him by brother is come, and I father have killed the fatted calf, because he hath received him safe and sound. Verse 28 and he was angry and would not go in. Therefore came his father out and entreated him you pray for me this morning as we do with our last message in the series. Lord we love you Lord I pray that you would bless your word and Lord I think that this particular passage is really kind of hard on all of us. It really hits close to home so Lord I pray that you bless. In Jesus name, amen. We've obviously seen some wonderful things in Luke 15, by the way, if you're here this morning and you know that your saved you are lost and found, you were lost and are now found. But it could be there some obvious individuals are this morning that are still lost.

You might so I've been the church. My whole life. Rub in the church for going to church doesn't save you and being baptized doesn't save you and coming to an altar doesn't save you hope you know that there has to be a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and you know there's only one way to heaven is through Jesus. And there's only one way to Jesus and that's you repent of your sins and by faith, trust him. So the only way to Jesus is that way and he's the only way to God. And so that's what we have to believe in order to have salvation, but I think that often times when dealing with this particular passage that we rarely mention or deal specifically with the older son at end and there's a lot of reasons for that. It's a it's a wonderful story about the younger son that rebelled it did horrible things and came home and humbled himself and got right with the dad and the dad was so happy it and is just a beautiful picture of the love that the father had for this son and it is such a wonderful thing that by the time you build that dynamic. You hate to kinda let it down with this story but I believe the second reason a lot of times we don't deal with this particular part is because it just gets a little too close to home for all of us because it is talking about the sun that was at home already, and often times that would basically mean you and I that are in God's house already were not the ones that are out partying in at well hope or not were not the ones around doing all these things away from God.


Obviously if you're here this morning and you're in God's house. It would appear that you know what I want to be in God's house and I love the Lord and I want to be at church this morning and so this passage really deals with church people and it's a very difficult thing to hear. Verse 11 reminds us that this father had two sons, and that both were lost.

What is interesting here as you look at the story that the younger son was lost in a far country, and the older son was lost in the father's house. The younger son lived perfect for pleasure and the older brother lived through. It seemed to maintain appearance. There are two ways that you can be lost here this morning and I want you to understand this very importantly this morning. One way to be lost is to break all the rules that you can and to live as you please. That is how the younger son was lost you. Another way that you can be lost here this morning is to keep all the rules and do what's right and you'd still be lost as a bridge when the world do you mean you see, we don't get this because we equate being good with being saved and dear friend. Being good does not make you say everybody agree with that this morning if you're only being good to earn the favor of God. And if you're only following the rules. So to say, illustration, why to try to get the blessings that God gives to those that are obedient, you have missed the entire point. The primary message of this story is to those who are lost in sin and need to be safe that you can come home to the father and the other message of this is for people that are already saved but you have a rotten attitude and a rotten spirit and you can literally be lost. Sitting in the father's house. This story speaks to people who are upset when God blesses someone else out really kind of individual that seems just get a little bit on what were the one used little bit better.

Resentful when somebody else gets a nicer car than you are.

We, the type of individual that seems to just we just we have a hard time is not were just mad were just kinda hurt when somebody gets a nicer house or a nicer thing or more things it and it just seems that God blesses someone else are we the kind of individual that doesn't like to see God blessing someone else. When we feel we hasn't blessed us in the same way this story speaks to those that don't like it when prodigal sons come home because we think they deserve judgment. This story speaks to those who refused to rejoice over what God is doing because it hasn't been done there way this story speaks to people who are literally like the older brother who were carnal and critical and had a wrong spirit. I don't know about you, this is not easy to preach and it is not easy to listen to. There is nothing good or easy about it, but you have to understand is as we dig into this very quickly this morning.

In verses one and two of this chapter, God is preaching to the Pharisees and scribes. They were mad because Jesus was eating with the publicans and sinners and he was spending time with the many love the many show compassion to them and they didn't like that and so as Jesus begins his message.

He talks about the lost sheep and the last silver, and the lost son and that dealt with all the lost people that he was eating with but as he ends his message. The final thought was specifically to the Pharisees and scribes. The religious hypocrites. As we look at this passage this morning. In verse 25 and if you're keeping track. These obviously these point to be on the screen. Number one this morning as we look at the lost sibling. I want you to see number one his respectability. The Bible says in verse 25.

Now his elder son was in the field and as he came in drew neither the house, he heard music and dancing first under this I want you to understand about his respectability number one. He was a leader. He was the elder brother.

He was the oldest he was a leader. Those of you that have siblings or on our sessions. A sibling will even those that have siblings, you know that sometimes the older one will almost take a leadership role and sometimes when you have children that the older one, and this is an automatic thing now as they get older. Sometimes it changes but I I didn't understand this dynamic. I'm an only child and I would read this passage about how the older son was bitter against the younger son and I with a widest understand anybody can be that way it have to be met in anything at home. Home is just wonderful. I mean I was an only child.

I got all the presents at Christmas. I got all the attention I had the best birthdays.

I mean, I had to share with absolutely nobody I had a wonderful life then I had three sons and at first I I grabbed we had the first one. Daniel, I understood that whole dynamic is an only child, I understood that all the stuff. Then we had Hudson and Hudson's wonderful young man at different things and then we would be riding in the car somewhere as he got older and I will look at you, why they are going. We will argue in the cars.

I never argued with anybody in the car. I was the only one in the car, I met with about three months were argued with a puppy and I was going on but anyway other than that all the sudden I began to realize that when you have more than one child and you have a brother and another brother younger brother. The older one younger brother gets on his nerves all the time. It and he has other things and everything. The older brother get the younger brother.

He wants that to because the older brother. He admires the older brother Goldberg is tired of it and before long you can go to Walmart without war why have a witness in the house used to be you know when you first get married or verse that one child was anyone neglecting sure people say what about you now. Absolutely not want to go home, sit with less close on and let the kids do their stuff. We went out the last night was last Saturdays letting our son start school Monday, working think that you know it. King-size pitch a fit he you know you got mad at some through his napkin down and sauce are all asked all that attitude and I went I went don't you do that, I mean he is literally screaming. If I would've punched him he would've cried as much. I just touch them. I mean, you have been knocked out. If I would've just I just testimonies pitch in a fit in here we are whole table and pick them up and I think the bathroom and every every adult looking at this kid going crazy to your older looking at me like you're abusing your child over there take some is suitable when you got a whole bunch of kids I love them I love them but going to do things is a different world nowadays. I understand now how one brother could resent the other brother I understand it he was a leader. He was the oldest and so he had always probably been the one that dad said you gotta set the example and you gotta do what's right in your little brother is watching you. And you gotta teach them how to do such a such and I can imagine there were times that dad put the boys out in the field and he looked at the older sons and a you take care of your brother. I could II can see this older brother just over the years. It seemed that probably the youngest and you sometimes are little bit more spoiled.

The youngest one is and you know they get away little bit more and the oldest one there.

Just more pressure and more expected all these things I could just watch him as you growing up as a young man. It wasn't that he maybe just hated his dad. It might have been at a time, but he didn't really hate his brother but it just kept getting worse and worse and worse and worse and resentment would build and build and build and this young man.

Obviously, the younger son was rebellious and left toe, so he might've been a rebellious young man for a long time and here's the older son that always had to do things right and is watching his rebellious brother that gets everything to it.

It just absolutely drove him crazy. He was a leader number two.

What you see this, he was a laborer. What is interesting in this story that is opposite of all the other stories when they open the stories the sheep was lost already. The silver was lost.

The older son left home, but this is the first story that we see that the object of the story was already home. Notice what it says it says we find him first in the fields.

This older brother was in the fields. Working, he was busy doing the father's business while the younger son was out in a far country living it up this older brother was where he was supposed to be.

He was working in the field he was working hard. He was doing what dad had already always done.

He was doing exactly as you would look and appear the right thing. See the elder brother.

Here is a picture of what we would call the religious elite, especially in the Old Testament, they kinda had a place of privilege. They follow the law as it appeared in they look outwardly godly to everyone else. Remember how we been dealing in the book of Ephesians that one of the biggest principles was Paul was preaching that you know what you can't follow the law for salvation. It's faith in Jesus Christ that earn salvation. You and I can't do something to earn our way to heaven. We can't follow everything of the law and we can't follow every 10 commandment that the error of the 10 Commandments and think that's going to get us to heaven. You just can't do that but God was talking here Jesus to the Pharisees and the scribes, and they follow the law and that's why they did like a meeting with the publicans and sinners because they didn't follow every area of the law.

This older brother have followed all the rules.

He looked like he was doing right. But his heart was rotten inside. He was in a far country. Look at me, but he was as lost in the father's house as his younger brother was in the far country. In fact I think he was almost lost a little bit worse because when you're lost in the father's house. You have a pride about you that nothing is wrong. We see his respect. Ability what you know to secondly I want you to see his resentment. Beginning in verse 25 we find that as the younger son came home this older brother was out working in the fields now. You gotta think about this picture with me this morning while the younger son came home and the father was just making all over and give them a hug and a kiss and all this was going on. It is put on the robe in the reading and went to go kill the fatted calf. The older brother wasn't there. You know why he was working as he comes in from a hard day at work. He hears music he hears dancing. He hears jubilation he hears joy because a servant, he said circular because what what's going on. Why is all this noise while this dinner what's going on in the service as well. You're right your your brother has come home and the master is rejoicing and he killed the fatted calf and Buddy the Bible says what's interesting here.

I love this.

If you look at verse 25. The Bible says as he drew not of the house and he heard music and dancing. Look, if you would. Verse 26 he called one of the service asked him was going over 27 and he said I brother is come, he safe and sound like a verse 28 and he was angry. This word angry literally in the Greek here means read faced he was going berserk. The anger was literally rising from inside. All the resentment all the dislike all the hatred all the bitterness that he thought he would never have to deal with again because the younger son who didn't deserve it anyway. He laughed and it all began to come back into his life. That's the way it is. By the way folks on the Mica stand this long when you're bitter or resentful and individual if you don't deal with it.

It will always come back up what you notice a couple things as we look at obviously verse 25 to 30 and let me go ahead and read it for the sake of time. Look at verse 28. He was angry he would not go in. Therefore, he came his father out and entreated him.

Verse 29 and he answering said, was father lo these many years do I serve the notice.

He said he neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment.

And yet thou notice now never gavest me a kid that I make, make merry with my friends.

But as soon as this thy son was come, which hath devoured thy living with harlots, thou hast killed for him the fatted calf what you notice on the one I find this he did not love his younger brother know the Bible says you and I are supposed to love our brothers and sisters in Christ can have any men right there. What is obvious in the stories he did love his brother. How pitiful to be in the same family to literally be blood. He did love his brother. You and I that are saved.

We are part of the family of Christ how horrible it is when we don't love our brothers or sisters in Christ.

Second thing I want you to find hears anything. He did not love the father you say will I'm sure he did dollars and he was disrespectful to the father. Let me take some that I found very interesting that he never here calls his father.

Father, he says the thou now the father came out and called him son, but in these days. It was disrespectful to not call your father father that's why the younger son when he came home practicing his speech.

He said I will say to my father. Father, I have sinned against me in this, you got understand he was showing disrespect by not calling him father and he was showing public disrespect by arguing with his father when his father came out with this.

He showed as much shame and reproach on his family.

By doing this to the father in public as his younger son did by what he did in private. He disrespected the father and the family as much as the younger son that ran off and lived to ride his life and I'm here to tell you consent in charge and do all the things and follow all the rules. But when your heart's not right and you don't love your brothers and sisters in Christ, and we don't love them, you don't love the father either on the tell you that, and before long you bring as much reproach on the name of Christ as those that are outside doing wrong you get now why this is such a hard message to preach and to hear he was disrespectful to father, he was resentful of his father's love for his younger brother. He was self-serving hateful.

He was condescending when she would go to verse 29 want you to see first to the resentment that were talking about. He had resentment in his motives. He said low these many years do I serve the neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment when his dad has a celebration. He refuses to go in. What is interesting here is he says in verse 29 to the father many years do I serve the that word serve in the Greek is like a sleigh and he saying this all this time that I've been working here at home. I did it because I feel like it's up just much of slavery.

Another words I never did this work because I love you dad. I did this work because I had to is an interesting some people look at church the exact same way they look at the things they do for God is something that they have to do they do it out of duty instead of doing it out of love. He had resentment in his motives. What is interesting. He did not care that his brother had come home and he did not care about that which pleased his father. What is interesting here is that sometimes in a church, God's will can be done and God can do certain things with people and there will be individuals that resent it. And yet it was part of the father's plan see you and I sometimes we just don't like what goes on whether it's God's will or not. It's not what we wanted was not what we liked. He saw the service to his father's slavery and asks up this morning you serve here you seeing choir play instruments.

Ushers teach a Sunday school class bus ministry want us upwards.

All the things that we have do you do it out of love to God, or do you do it because you just feel like you have to do something because before long the truth will come out dear friend.

We need to serve God because we love him. He had resentment in his motives number two you notice in verse 30 he had resentment in his mentality, he says, but as soon as this thy son was come, which hath devoured thy living with harlots, thou hast killed for him the fatted calf, let me ask you something funny various thing here that phrase he says that that his brother, he says he's devoured thy living with harlots, how would you know at this point in the story he had not yet seen his younger brother.

He had not talked to him and he had not talked to his father yet because he didn't even know why that the party was going on inside the house and the Bible says that this younger brother was in a far country. They didn't have cell phones and Twitter and email at all these things. How do you know brother. How do you know what he's done.

The simple truth is this young man might not have ever been with harlots any minute now we don't know, but the back was this older brother assumed and was judge mental ball for the first time I've ever going and talking to his brother. How dare us judge anybody that we've never even gone to his resentment was seen in his mentality that what was wrong with the Pharisees, they kept the letter of the law outwardly, but in their hearts listen to me, they lusted for the very sin that they did not commit. Now hold on your get ready to learn something that really got me you know why this older brother was so mad at the younger brother because that younger brother left home and did everything that that older brother always wanted to do in his heart he always wanted to go and do those things, but he was going to be entitled to two thirds of the inheritance, and he was the older brother. He's gonna get the business and you know what he was just looking at a slavery servant that I went to hang out. Do this till dad finally dies and I'll get all my things that all of a sudden the younger brother gets to go do everything that the older brother always wanted to do and then he comes back home get frightened, get back in with the family and it absolutely drove him crazy. You I've seen people that lived in church, state and church did right in church and folks, that's good to do, but in their heart. They always desire to do other things.

What you notice thoroughly that we see his resentment in his methods, he did not read his father. His father, he publicly argued with his father. He did not go and show kindness or welcome to his brother, he in public, disputed and argued with the boss.

His dad, the man that was in authority. He literally refused listen to me. He refused to go to the biggest feast. His father had ever made you see why like I may want to get this this older brother realized that this was probably the happiest day of his dad's life and he was jealous. I've been in the field all along.

You never had a party you're not thankful that I'm in the field and my brother goes and does all this and now you have your biggest party ever is the best day of your life. What about me and you know what, there is a little bit of each of you and me that think you got a good point, be honest in their every one of us in here think this kid got a point that proves that we see things the way we see them, and God sees things the way he sees because God always looks first at the thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast.

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