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September 1, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, Chapter 15, if you will, and were going to begin reading verse 11. This is obviously the longest of the parables and I'm not going to be reading the entire parable first and then going back will will cover it.

As we go along.

Notice verse 11 and he said, a certain man had two sons and the younger of them said to his father. Father give me the portion of goods that fall with me and he divided unto them his living. The lost son. Let's pray Lord we love you. This morning I ask you to bless your word you have promised that it never returns void Lord at this point in our lives and in our society and this culture and the stage that we are in in history we just don't have time for things that are void. Lord we need something real and substantial.

So I ask you Lord to do that work in hearts this morning in Jesus name amen we find here the introduction to the lost son or the parable of what we would call the loss on the rebellious son the wayward son.

The prodigal son is been called quite a bit.

Let me just give you if I can a little bit of of things that I found interesting, as were covering all of these stories together and there's a reason why wanted to cover the entire chapter of Luke chapter 15 and segmented Sunday mornings you've got to understand the entire chapter to understand any particular part of the chapter and it's amazing. As Jesus moves through these stories.

Remember, as he opens he is preaching to the Pharisees and the scribes who criticized him for eating and fellow shipping with the publicans or those that were down and out those that didn't look the best, or smell the best. Whatever the case might be in so he was basically preaching the sermon in these three stories the lost sheep, the lost silver in the lost son.

He's preaching this story to the religious hypocrites and is interesting as you notice this in the in the parable of the lost sheep. There was one sheep out of 100 missing that is 1% in the illustration of the lost silver. The Bible says that there was one coin out of 10 missing notice the progression in the first story there is 1/100 missing in the shepherd one after that lot sheep, then in the second story there is 1/10 missing and that one was important, but in the story of the lost son. There is one out of two missing. Now we've gone from 1% to 10% to 50% and next Sunday as we talk about the lost sibling will find that it is 1/100% what is God doing here and and and and why is this different well the illustration is we find that in the first two stories. The objects were animal and material. It was a sheet and then a coin, but in this parable it's a human being. What is God trying to say he is progressing more and more as he preaches this sermon to let us know that every soul is precious to God. What out of 100, 1/10, one out of two. Every individual is important what you notice number one this morning we find in the story, not listen.

You have heard this passage a thousand times. By the tendency is gonna turn off a preacher well you deal with this passage I have preached on this passage I think four times since I've been here Kerwin in just almost just 2 1/2 years, but you gotta listen all right. God has a different way of doing things. Every time there some things that I had say number one I want you to see a harsh request in verse 11 and 12. This young man comes to his dad member. He was one of two sons and he came to his dad and he said dad give me the portion of all your goods that fall look to me. We know from Deuteronomy chapter 21 in particular verse 17 that this young man was entitled to one third of his father's estate one third now is not half but it's 1/3, according to law, with the progression of when he was born into the family.

The oldest obviously got a portion beyond the youngest of the second and it went on down and bidding on how many children you have met him.

Obviously, being the younger son he was entitled to one third of his father's estate and I don't know about you, I find first under this and if you're keeping notes, we see that it was a shocking request. Now why was this a shocking request will because he's asking for something that he wasn't supposed to get till his dad was dead. So what this young man was actually saying is this dad I'm so tired of you and home and the rules that I basically wish you were dead, would you just give me what you owe me and I'll be on my way south, shocking doesn't it. I've literally heard. I've had teenagers in my office in years past, and even operates numerous youth camps every summer when I was in evangelism and have have kids talk to me and I've literally heard numerous of them say I wish my dad or I wish my mom were dead.


Request what you notice. Secondly, it was a selfish request.

Notice what he said father give me me me me give me.

He obviously wasn't thinking about anybody else but himself. But listen to me. Not only was he only thinking about himself, but he was thinking nothing of the father. It was amazing.

When you and I become selfish. Not only do we really not think of other individuals at all world were so focused on ourselves but oftentimes we don't even focus on the ones that are closest to us that we are hurting, you find a rebellious young man, rebellious young women are poor. Oftentimes, even if you know a little bit older or younger age individual that is rebelled and it finds that as you sit you talk to them and you watch how they have hurt their wives and hurt their husbands and hurt their children and hurt their parents and hurt their family you sent in office and all they talk about is what everybody done of him allocating me my needs and feeding this and even that it made in this. I don't even see how they have the ones that are closest think about so selfish, so self oriented that that's all they see selfish request. Give me. What's interesting later on in the story as he gets right with God. He goes from saying give me to his father to make me as one of thy hired servants find interesting here that the younger son listen to me. He wanted what his father could give him but he didn't want the father.

Did you hear me he wanted what his father could give him but he didn't want the father you sit with us just absolutely ridiculous. Oldest to be different. You and I are the same way we say you know God I got. I want the things that you can give me. I want your air and got out what your food. I want your water know what your time and I want your world and I want your resources and I want your miracles and I want your healing and I want you to meet my needs. And Lord, I want you to show up when I need you, but I don't want you to be involved in my life, do we not do that folks us and if you don't want to admit it all omitted gladly.

I do that what you notice.

Second, only a harsh request but second in the story we see the hard reality he got what he wanted and folks often do notice you in verse 13 and not many days after the younger son gathered all together by the wailing to say this is interesting on the talk about this. Probably next Sunday even more in depth, but you'll notice we don't ever hear this talk about. But in verse 12. The father says that the younger son said it would you divide it to me the portion that followed to me notice what he says the father divided unto them his living. That means he not only gave the portion to his younger son, but he went ahead and gave everything that was owed to the older son to literally cost. Look at me.

It cost the father everything you know that literally, as I was reading assignments I never even thought about this. Look at me for him to divided like the younger son because of that younger son sin. It literally costed at everything he had.

He had to go ahead and divide all of his money. All of his land all of his property between the two sons cost them everything that he possibly had every human I'd ever be redeemed because the son of God. Everything our sin caused him everything. Verse 13 says not many days. In other words, it didn't take long. The younger son gathered all together and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous hard reality. First, under this a want you to see the reality of sin's pleasures.

The Bible says that he took his father's money and his grace and his mercy and everything that the father had done and given to that young man and he squandered it, living a wicked self-indulgent life that word riotous living literally means a life given over to wickedness, he just did everything he could possibly do.everything he could possibly by and he literally turned his entire life over to wickedness Bible says when this.

In other words, when this boy left home.

He also left behind all of homes moral principles.

It literally means this when he left the father. He left everything the father had taught him how many times have we seen individuals that they used to serve God and sees when they go into sin they go away into sin because they're rebelling and is not just their leaving home. They can't stand home and they're not just leaving church and they're not just leaving the things of God.

There's a hatred and a bitterness towards it and they want to get as far away from it as they can.

But, dear friend. You are wrong at the right your mad at the wrong thing. The father had not done anything but be good to him. He was really mad at himself and he didn't realize it.

He really hated his own self. I want you to find under this that since pleasures and I gotta be honest or this morning you would say this to the young man have fun, yet he did. The Bible says that he took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance on riotous living.

Did he have a good time Oya I would be obviously dishonest with you if I said that that young man probably did not have a really good time for a very short period of time.

He probably tried everything there was to try did everything there was to do anything.

By the way, even in his society like it is our society. Money can get you just about anything.

That's why money is such a God in this world, but the Bible itself makes this statement for us in Hebrews chapter 11 that you can enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season and usually that season does not last long. That's why it's called a season.

I would call sin like spring in North Carolina. We go from winter and we have spring for about a week and 1/2 and then we have summer this year.

We had summer and it is hard for like spring in the middle of the summer.

We all know at the big cold every morning to pick the kids to school, you turn on the Eden and you just hear your cold. It gets so dark so early and I see that you finally get worse as a first day of spring is here and you're still freezing have the death then all of a sudden you get one week in the 70s. You like man this weather is great returns in the 98 was called a season because the company goals and dear friend. Sin does bring pleasure but for a very short period of time.

What you do notice not only the reality of sin's pleasures, but second want you to see the reality of sin's price. Verse 14, the Bible says and when he had spent all, but what sin does. By the way, it cost everything takes everything from you, there arose a mighty famine in that land, and he began to be and want no everybody look at her at me. I'm so thrilled.

It sounds like you know I am so glad you're here crowded house for Sunday morning. That's rainy and yet it sounds like a preaching hard look at me dear friend very rarely would you turn on a TV program anywhere in here preacher preach about sin and I'm just saying in this day and time. You still need somebody get up in the pulpit and talk about sin. Just because I'm not busy because I'm talk about sin doesn't mean that I don't sin it doesn't mean that I'm above you, and I've got this thing figured out. I sin every day and I'm mad at myself for it and I'm trying hard every day and I'm asking God to forgive me and get in God's word and trying. But, dear friend, I find sin, you find sin all God's children fight sin and it still needs preached on what you notice this, the reality of sin's price number one. Sin brings separation. Bible says he spent all, there arose a mighty famine in the land and he began to be in one.

He had no body.

Sin brings separation all by the way, there was a whole bunch of friends in the verse before riotous living God faceup. It's kinda hard to have a riot on your own unless your schizophrenic much on criticizing biter owner who is ripped on the sand. Then you can have a there's some I think are but I don't know you have a big party or since Fred Blanco about if you're by yourself is not hard to have a riot. I mean you can get the party streamers you get the party had said you can go buy yourself a big old cake to consider a this heart have a ride on your own so they show me is how Mariah guess what, he had a whole bunch of people around him. But when the money ran out. Nobody was there is an amazing sin brings separation. What you know to secondly sin brings sorrow.

The Bible says he began to be in want. Literally life had turned upside down from this boy. Look at me. He went from the security and comforts of home in a good home in a well-maintained home, he went from that to a whole bunch of money living a high lifestyle, riotous, trying everything there was all of a sudden in this type of a finger.

He had nobody, and he had nothing in it was the first time in his life he had ever been there and it was all cost because his dad was too strict on us. What a hero that wasn't what caused his sin because you can blame mom, dad, preacher, church Christian school. You can blame everybody want to blame limits. A.

What brings the problems in your life and it sin. Sin.

Sin brings sorrow. Not only do we see the reality of sin's pleasures in the reality of sin's price. Number three I want you to see the reality of sin's pain. Notice first. 15 if you would any went and joined himself to a citizen of that country.

We don't know what that means. This young man could went got married this young man could went just butted up with a friend. We don't know what this phrase means. Apparently, God didn't think it to be that important to really explain it, but the Bible says he went in and joined himself up with a citizen of a different country limited what I often see when people in their life do wrong and they sin and they and they reap the rewards of that sin.

Oftentimes they try to find companionship somewhere and it's usually in a different country.

I don't mean from America.

I mean from church and want anything to do with that notice. If you would hear the Bible says he sent him into the fields to feed swine. While we believe and I believe is that joining himself to a citizen of that country means that he went and found an employer vessel. I believe from this verse that employer sent him out to feed swine and when what is horrible about this and you'll notice number one under the reality of sin's pain is this number one. Sin brings shame. This Jewish young man who is not supposed to have anything to do with pork.

Thank God for grace is that of the law. Amen baking good worktop good some human actors model that when I do appreciate that this young man listened not to eat pork. What was that unclean animal to the Jewish young men now listen to me now he is slopping the hogs. Now he is in the junk. It is as low as this Jewish young man could possibly get. Sin brings shame. Number two. Sin brings suffering Bible says in verse 16 he would have fain filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat. He was hungry he was.*He was lonely he was forsaken he was heartbroken. He was guilty. He was all these things now he is so shameful doing what he thought he would never ever do. And now is so hungry that he even thought about eating the slop that he was speaking to those filthy animal went to November 3. Sin brings sadness. The Bible says and no man gave unto him while he was handing it out. There were people everywhere but when he needed it.

Nobody was to be found and then he started to think all these people that I always thought were friends these past few weeks, however long. His season lasted.

He started thinking I gave to all them I gave to them. They're not here who is the one person in my life that I've never given to but they gave to me. It was his father different. If you stop and think about it. Oftentimes, you now have a tendency get mad at God and blame God is always God's fault for things, but if you stop and think about it.

There is not one person in your life that has never ever taken anything from you but only given to you except Jesus Christ himself. Godzilla one is ever done that sin brings shame. Sin brings suffering. Sin brings sadness.

You know why this young man was so sad because he knew what he had at home and he had left onto notice number three the humble return. Verse 17 the Bible says and when he came to himself and that basically means this that this boy's entire time in this far country had been a time of insanity.

He had gone crazy. He was making the dumbest decisions on money to get started on that. Are you like me when we get away from God, do we not make the dumbest decisions when he came to himself, he said, how many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger humble return.

First, we see the sun's realization when he came to him self. All of a sudden this young man begins to realize how good it had been for him at home and how his his perception of home was a little bit cloudy. All of a sudden he realizes how good. Dad had been and how good dad's house was and how good dad's rules were now and he began to realize how great that property wasn't how he wanted to see that front gate again how one to see that the front door again and how he wanted to eat it. Dad's table again and how you want to get in the dance fridge again, how we want to be aware. Dad close again at all honey begin to think I left all that for this. How do I say this as in the story. The first step in getting out of sin is to realize you are in sin in the first place.

He never came to himself until he realized where he was. She a lot of people don't think they need help and that's why they don't get help. You gotta get to the point that you know and see exactly where you are. You gotta get to the point. The realize I'm in sin I'm away from the father's house got problems. I got things I didn't even realize it but realizing is the first app know the devil doesn't come to you and say now listen, you're gonna like this sin for a while and I'm to make you feel really good for a short period of time, but eventually you're going to die.

And when you do your gonna burn in hell forever. Satan doesn't say that one why he would lose a lot of customers like that Whitney you do this for a while you to say no to God, burned alive in hell forever, but you have a real good time for a few years why nobody take that Satan lies to us and he always has.

I want you to notice not only we see the sun's realization when number two want you to see the sun's resolve. As we sang this morning I am is like verse 18. He said this, I will arise. He didn't say you know I think I'm going to try you know to get some things in order. First, preacher, and then all get back in church. He said I will arise which means right now I will arise and go to my father and I will say a damn father, I have sinned against heaven and before the end of no more worthy to be called by son make me as one of thy hired servants. He makes up his mind right there that I am going home.

I am not going to spend another see second in this far-off wilderness of a country when I have a whole like that to go to and if dad won't let me be a son. I will at least be a servant.

That's humility want to see the sun's resolve second want you to see the son's return like verse 20 and he arose and came to his father but when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him had compassion ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. Do you know that the forgiveness that Jesus offers is so glorious. It is pictured in the story and listen. Here's the picture home had begun to look so good to that young man that there wasn't one thing he wouldn't do one sin he wouldn't stop doing one job he wouldn't be willing to do on that farm or that ranch limitation of the now boy what a comet of dad would've led him to clean toilets he would've scrubbed the tile floor with the brush he would've done any little menial job. It took just to be on the property with his father because he realize all this time father had been so good and I've been so bad that I am willing to do anything to get back home and when you have an attitude like that you are on your way back home.

You show up at church. I want to do this and I think I ought to do this and I think that your long way from home. You can be right there on the ranch long way away this sunset. Hey, how can anything just to get back on the property. I'll do anything just to get back around my father want you to notice number one.

I believe under this son's return receipt you number four we see a happy reunion, not just a humble return but a happy reunion went to the verse 20 Bible says heroes came to his father but when he was a great way off, as we read in minute I had never seen the story like I see it now. When Jennifer 21 and the son said unto him, father, I have sinned against heaven and in thy sight him no more worthy to be called thy son. What you noticed first in this happy reunion. The sun found reception he found reception as he headed home. He didn't know what that was going to do.

He did know how the was gonna react. The dad could've very easily. Not even allowed them on the property.

The dad could've said no you dumb what you've done to hurt me. I've done everything I can do for you.

I've already given you your inheritance. You go on with your life.

The dad would've been well within his rights to do that and this young man really had no idea what was going to go on but we find that when he went back home before he ever even got to the property he found reception is a how do you know will number one, we see that the dad ran he ran notice when he was a great way off, his father saw him, had compassion, and ran what is that mean why did the father run to the sun. The listen we got just a couple more minutes, but you gotta listen to this before we go on godlessness.

Why did the dad run and I've always preach and I believe is the case.

He loved the sun so much that he just couldn't wait to get too many ran and met him halfway, and I believe that is absolutely true. But let's think about this for a second. The sun was already coming back home. Dad could've stayed right there. He could went to the gate. He would've been just as happy and just as excited but I didn't realize this thought begin to dig into it that in those days, when a young man did wrong and when a young man had hurt his family and shamed his family that literally neighbors could throw stones at that young man wanted the dad run out to meet him really got me folks just in case one of those neighbors known how bad that young man had been knowing how much that young man had hurt his dad knowing how that young man had shamed the family look at me for could've been that as a young man got closer the property there could've been some neighbors that had all the right in the world.

They could've gotten out and cast stones at that young man, but the dad ran to him so that they wouldn't throw the stones because they might get the dad if they did tell you something, never our job. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast.

The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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