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October 14, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout so that all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina five just the first two verses this morning, be therefore followers of God, as dear children, so are you with me so far this morning that we are to be followers of God, are you okay with agreeing to that. That's our calling in life is to be followers of God, as dear children, so it might my calling as I got to be a follower of God, but my my position is the fact that I'm a dear child of his verse two. And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and have given himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor was praying. Ask God to help us as we dig into. I think something that really change my life.

It's still changing. I'm not really been able to grasp all of it and them. But somehow when try to help you grasp it.

25 minutes all right (Lord, I love you.

I pray that you help me this morning. I believe and know that I'm doing your will and a known preaching your word. Lord, I would not want to ever wrongfully divided or explained. So, God help me this morning in Jesus name we pray.

Amen this passage just these first two verses now please just listen to me this morning. This passage gives us the model of biblically effective daily walk with Christ.

This is how it is supposed to happen and you've all met miserable Christians. If you've met miserable Christians say amen if at times you were the miserable Christian that somebody met say amen on be honest, this passage gives us that model now what you notice first.

Our priority our priority this verse as is Christ. As Christ hath loved us, it's because of what Christ has done all right.

That's the that we are were to be Christ centered, Christ to be the center of everything, because we wouldn't have anything without Christ. Everybody got that these are hope he's our salvation. He's RPCs our comfort. Is everything alright so our priority is Christ noticing this passage that our purpose is to be followers of God. That's how we summit down including many many things.

Our purpose is to be a follower of God. Notice, thirdly, our position as dear children, so we now have a position because of what Christ is done we are now part of the family of God. Notice, this passage does not say that were children. It says where dear children were loved were accepted by got that so that's my position and because of my position. My priority is Jesus Christ. And my purpose is to be followers of God now noticed.

Fourthly, here are passion when he passion preacher okay will this is what helps me to be a follower of God, this is my motivation because of my position because of my priority because of my purpose.

There has to be something to enable me to be faithful to keep going to be committed to Ridley. What is my purpose. There has to be something that keeps Christ the priority. There has to be something there to remind me that I'm a dear child of God. My father noticed.

Fourthly, our passion is to walk in love, as Christ hath loved us.

You see, the motivator is the fact that Christ loved me, so I now want to love him.

He doesn't say Walkin commitment. He didn't say Walkin sacrifice. He says walk in love, be followers of God, as dear children walk in love. So our daily wall. What we do for the Lord should be with love.

It ought to be out of the heart of love because that's what Christ did for me. Everything he did for me. He did it out of love. So everything I do for Christ needs to be out of your catching on.

No, listen to me so you have to determine today what is your motivation if I'm not ashamed of the gospel and the gospel is our theme this year. You and I need to understand that the motivation of our life should be the gospel. The gospel is the love that Christ has shown to us and that should motivate me that everything I do for the Lord should be out of love to him and all God's people said number one, so preacher what you say I am saying this that you're going to be motivated by something and today. This morning we give you the three ways you're motivated. The only three you have to determine this morning. What is it that's motivating you and we over the years and I don't mean just you know Baptist churches are independent Baptist churches or Southern Baptist churches. I mean just churches. I mean religion we have taught this wrong and I want you to get this this morning to see if you're not motivated by love.

You're motivated by one about the two things. Number one I want you to see this performance driven motive performance driven motive. This is performance earns favor and a lot of Christians think that their Christian life is them performing things doing things so that God will have more favor on their life. It literally means this I must perform so God will be happy with me and a lot of Christians were there now. It means this I'm going to perform so that I can get a reward or benefit from the performance.

Now our culture is laid out that way. This is how our world and culture works in it, has to it literally means is we prefer we perform to earn our place were performed to keep our place and we perform to get a better place.

That's the way work structure works. My right. Listen to me. We perform to gain approval or acceptance. We don't perform, we don't get that not grass you question this morning is salvation performance driven, did you perform anything to get salvation.

No, let me ask you this is God's love performance driven is is is his love greater when you perform greater and is his love less. When you perform.

Let's now, may I say this is morning Jesus already did the performing for us.

You cannot perform to get saved and you cannot perform to stay say you cannot perform to get more of God's favor. Now the Bible does teach us a couple of things. The Bible teaches us things that we can do to honor the Lord and things we can do to live for the Lord. The Bible does give us those things in the Bible does give us instruction, but he tells us that the driver of that doing should be the fact that we love Jesus not because we feel like we must form to get the favor over the years I've heard many and I dare say sure that I have done the same thing at times of my life. I'm sure that we preach, as if in a way yielding people that they need to perform better and perform more to get God's reward in your life. The Bible does give some specific principles that if you do this is the if and then principle of share that in Sunday school the last few weeks. I'm sure that here many times and many times God's word got is if you do, such as such, then I do, such as that.

Those are just promises but those are are are are literally just bonding agreements that God has been. You have to understand that a lot of Christians think that God's not happy with me if I don't perform better now want to read you a verse it it it it it and why I read this verse, it means that this is the way that the model should look in your life, since Jesus loved me so much. How do I want to respond to that love heard a preacher submit this principle is I've been listening and I thought that's an interesting way to put into your life should be, because Jesus love me so much had all responded it doesn't mean that now I've got to do it means Howell now do I want to respond that when somebody shows love to you in your life you have a decision what you're going to do back you know some of you ladies in here maybe years ago when you were dating. All this is might had a young man showed some interest in you and and and he showed some love to you and you responded by know you're not the one that's how you chose to respond back in your present husband I think is glad about that, but somewhere along the line here came a young man that showed interest in you and you know what you responded to that love by yes I will marry all of us have to choose how we will respond when love is shown.

So our life should be, because Jesus love me so much how I want to respond when to give you verse first John 417 look this verse on the screen here it. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because as he is so are we in this world there is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear was in this because fear hath torment. He that fear that is not made perfect in love. We love him. Why, because he first loved so for me to walk in love. It means he first loved me, so I now want to respond by saying God I want to love you back that make sense. Listen listen to me this way. Do you know it is not easy to love people that do not love you. I'm not saying it's impossible, but is very difficult if someone cannot stand you.

It makes it hard for you to love that person. It just is.

If you're convinced listen to me that God does not love you, or even that God is not like you. I have a hard time loving him.

Did you know that. Are you following me this morning. Same in that means this. Nobody enjoys being around somebody that they are convinced doesn't even like them now. I not only love my boys I really like them. I like being around them but one of the ways that Satan often times attacks parental relationship to so convince the children that your parents don't like when a child thinks that moment my mom and dad again. I know they love me, but I don't think that they probably like me in the really don't want to have relationship with them, and sometimes it comes from Satan. Sometimes it comes from hate. We mess up as parents send the wrong message is trying to do right. Whatever the case might be good.

You understand the principle when you're convinced that somebody doesn't even like you that's gonna make it really hard for you to love them so that's what Satan does listen to me. If Satan can convince you that you are nothing but a disappointment to God. What has Satan effectively done. He has taken away your ability to serve God out of love. And if you believe that it is a performance-based system. You will not see God as a loving father and you will not see your self as Ephesians 51. In this verse is up again just in case you missed it as yourself as a dear child of God, because you're going to convince because I didn't perform enough and I haven't done enough and I'm not good enough that God doesn't see me as a dear child, that God is disappointed with me that God doesn't like me in a vital where this or if I don't do this. God doesn't like me as much and you begin to think that God doesn't like you, or that God doesn't love you even though you know that he does.

And Satan has done nothing but take away victory out of your Christian life because now you can't serve out of love because it's hard to love somebody you think is disappointed in you.

So what is happened for years preachers get up and let you know how much you're not doing for God.

We walk away thinking more God likes me less and less every Sunday. So now what I got a beer during the week is now an assistant. It's a requirement it's a performance and I'm doing because I think I have to, not because I want to nab the phrase I'm almost done with this will be the next blistering performance driven motivation, turns God into someone he isn't, and turns the Christian life into a behavior-based system that is always trying to earn God's favor and be worthy of God's rewards and blessings when God has already given that is a quote by Dr. Carrie Schmidt and leading in the gospel and I wrote it down.

I want to get right to just like you see when we have performance-based motivation on the to serve God because I need to perform for him to turn God into something that he never was the turn God into the person looking at you to see how well you do and how much you do and if you give more hours during the week that I might like you a little more next week know. Listen to me. What will this cause the listen don't lose it. What will this cost. Look at the screen one you will hit a wall of frustration you will hit a wall. Out of frustration ever tried to please somebody.

They can't be pleased you ever try to perform for somebody and is never enough you will hit a wall out of frustration. Second, you will see the Christian life as a requirement that cannot be obtained just can't perform that I will set up a system where we can highlight all the Christians at the church that are doing all these things and then we look at you like what you doing and now it becomes a requirement number three you will resent God you resent. Why is that you will resent God number four because God is required more from you then you're able to do. That's what you begin to feel that God put all these requirements on me and I'm trying to perform and I'm trying to do all this but I just can't do it. Five.

You will find no matter how much you perform. It will never be enough to get out of church then you quit reading the Bible good time to read the Bible, something else is both perform and you couldn't do it.

Last time that's what happens a lot of times over the years we've seen like our specially teenagers retake new conferences that make some fantastic decisions there. Testifying by the end of the week and they're all excited about serving God in three weeks later, they're not even a church why because they thought that for some reason I got to get home and I got a perform and I got to do everything that I said I was going to do women. God might not have asked you to do some of the things you said you were going to do that was emotion. Nothing wrong with emotion and God does want you to make those changes. But you don't come home because you have to perform. So they gotta be pleased. And if you don't keep all those performances that you promise now God is mad. That is nothing but Satan after good news for this morning, Jesus did all the performing necessary for you to be loved and accepted by God. There's no performance necessary is not afraid to go August you live. I want to women about but that but that's not showing love is it is like me sample I really love my wife I'll just go do whatever I want to do. I'll go dig around want to date. I'll go hang out with with other women. Whatever.

But I love my wife and because I feel because I love her and I know she loves me that I'm just free.

No that's not me showing her love Bible says that there are things that you can do in response to the love Jesus has shown in the Bible gives us things that you can do that will bring good outcomes in your life in response to the love that Jesus did and everything that God is asked of us in his word is only because he loves us because he knows if we do those things then we will get the outcomes that are best for our life.

There are not rules, their plans of love, you can begin to enjoy fellowship with him, you can begin to remove yourself from that fellowship by living in sin, but you should need to be free this morning that I don't have to perform anything to earn God's love. He loves me and accepts me the way I am because of Jesus Christ. So how do I want to respond to that love performance-based mode of second, there is obligation based motives. This is me I'm just letting you know that this obligation based motives were obligation driven motive, means this I owe God its debt driven.

I have a debt to pay and so I need to start paying on that debt, and this is where the majority of God's people are and the reason is is because it looks great and it sounds great and it feels really noble.

No one ask a question this morning. Do you owe God. You know what to say to the messiest you have a debt to God that you need to pay on when you got say, let me ask you this to God give you a payment book. You see, it starts correctly with this because of what Jesus is done and I have preached this.

I am my mind.

I have thought this and this is the line of thinking because of what Jesus has done for me. How could I not do more for him. I preached it.

I may look what Jesus has done for you and without saying you were saying this you will him for all that is done to the prom with his this is incorrect.

Biblical theology say what you mean preacher what it means that I have an infinite debt to God that I need to keep making payments on because of getting saved means. Now I owe God and I needed I need to live the rest of my life trying to pay back yet. You know this this debt that he's done for me in all these things done for me. I gotta pay him back.

That is incorrect Bible theology. It's as if there's a balance sheet that were given when we got saved and now are making payments to pay that down the God it would be like this, let me say at let's just say I was a very wealthy man.

I came to Scott Tucker and II thought Scott was many, but faithfully for years helping it manager a bus ministry and but you know in junior church and and and and vacation Bible schools and and on down the list and Scott want to be a blessing to you, so Scott and I get them in the car and I bring them over and I shown this huge house.

It's a million-dollar house and as a Scott. I want to give this to you and just it. I want to thank you for all that you've done.

I want to give you this gift of this beautiful home and Scott will look at that, he would say wow brother. Thank you is about time somebody noticed what I do around this ministry would say that and I think were Emma Varley, Scott here. Here's the payment book not put hundred thousand down on, which is very generous. But here's the payment but God bless you know that I helped Scott at all like him hundred thousand yen. I gave $13,000 a month payments and there's no way for him to keep up with those payments. So I did help Scott all that I so we turn salvation is fact that God's given you $1 million and you need, you will bless God you better get one of these ministries and you better start servant because you owe God know about you but that's wrong why it's a dead-end street now. Much of this to be good this morning when we turn salvation into a debt driven system number one it turn salvation into the day that God gave me a payment book to pay back the debt instead of the day that God set me free number two returns the Bible into the payment book instructions to let us know what and how much we need to pay back or you're really going to enjoy reading that you look at it like this, so you're gonna love get in the Bible does every time you get the Bible are to be reminded of all not doing to pay him back.

Number three.

It turns church into the debt collection center as well. A lot of people hate church and they don't desire to be a church because of the coming church that is reminded of how much they haven't paid this past week or this past month, or by now there so far behind on payments. Where could I even start. So why even come and be reminded number four turns the pastor into the debt collector.

We fed into it.

Have we we preachers get up, but he will guilt you and will buy will bless God follow God's done. How could you dare not do this and how could you dare whatever and and and now all of a sudden salvation is a payment plan and now I gotta come to the collection center on Sundays and I gotta start paying back God's done and and and and the debt collector up there. The preachers tell me all that I haven't done that. I still will. Number five, it becomes a hostage situation. How can I get out of this burden.

Number six all the say people come to church to pay their debts to Jesus is what church becomes number seven. Over time the benefit of the blessing is gradually outweighed by the burden of the payment hear about a new car. When I first mother to the payments are okay Arctic, but after three years and the kids up, you can the car 10 times and your wife scratch up the fender and now you see all these other new cars driving around more people looking happy in their you got that minivan that looked so practical you got these payment hear this guy going by the convertible but you still have that $450 a month payment and all of a sudden now that that blessing doesn't seem to be as great, and the burden becomes bigger and bigger every month and now you think. Why am I still paying this for that number eight. Now you resent having to make payments now.

Everything I do for God.

I owe them I can't repay enough back in this.

Just getting tired and I don't even know her. Really enjoy church anymore. Only nova really enjoyed being in ministry anymore and I don't really enjoy this and I don't really enjoy that and now you decide what am I making payments on number nine. We love salvation, but the payment plan takes over last apologizes every Sunday. The pastor tells you how you're not making your payments, how far your behind and what happens when debt collector start calling you if you've ever been there. You just quit answering the phone and the preacher comes up a cleansing in church for a while. Hope you come back. Why got all this debt that I owe. I'm so far behind on now and then when they show back up at church.

One of the wonderful loving church members come symptoms as well are careless give you a visitor car seeing you here forever.

My glasses were all why would they want to come back to every Sunday just the debt collector calling you because you owe God. Pretty soon you don't enjoy church you don't want to come. Salvation becomes a prison would begin to think I can I get out of this burden. I think I'll just get out see theologically, you do not have a debt that you owe to God.

Now listen to me this morning. Salvation made you debt free. Jesus paid your crimes. Jesus set you free now. Like Paul said in Romans one riff about the night Paul said I'm a debtor to the Greeks and the barbarians. Paul said, I do have a debt to pay to my fellow brother that that don't know Christ and they don't know the truth. I have been debt to them, but Paul never said he had a debt to Jesus because you and I when we are say became debt free and you need to say amen to that, Baptist Church listen to me or to get this salvation is not a debt that we have to pay back.

We could never pay that back performance driven will burden you debt driven will break you. The only thing left is love driven motive serving out of love. This says whatever I do for the Lord. I do out of love. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone in 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all Armenian on her website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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