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JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR
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June 14, 2024 7:27 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 14, 2024 7:27 pm

JR says he's ready to see the Celtics close out NBA Finals l JR discusses Jalen Brunson's defense of Luka and Sauce Gardner's defense of Aaron Rodgers 

JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended brand. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love and many thanks to people tuned in and locked in all over North America. People on the East Coast, the West Coast, down South, Midwest, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska.

Yeah, it's part of America, but you're a little further out. My people in Europe, somebody listening in an airplane, somebody in a submarine, somebody doing something they got no business doing on a Friday. I am here. This show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. You can always listen on the free Odyssey app. You can always listen on your local Infinity Sports Network affiliate. You can listen on Sirius XM Channel 158. And if you got a smart speaker, all you have to do is ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. Thank you to Nico Starlotto's for joining us here, holding it down on the boards in New York City.

And thank you to you for listening, because without you there, there is no show. We got a lot to get into. Hopefully the Boston Celtics get the Dallas Mavericks the hell up on out of here. I hope we're going to talk about these ridiculous quarterback salaries in the world. We saw Trevor Lawrence get himself a fifty five million dollar a year contract as a quarterback.

Gary Smits is going to join us from the Florida Times Union. That'll be fun to talk about. We got a new show on Netflix.

Can't wait to watch it. Speaking of people that get paid a lot of money, it's called Receiver. What do you think it's about? Kickers? No, it's about receivers. We'll talk about that later on in the show. Adam Silver putting in his two cents about Kaitlyn Clark not making the Olympic team. Sauce Gardner is defending Aaron Rodgers.

Jalen Brunson, former teammate of Luka Doncic, is defending Luka Doncic. It's a wild world. It really is.

Happy Friday to you. If you want to participate in the show, it's real simple. We got a phone number. It works. We have paid our bills. It's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. You can also get a hold of me. I'm on the Internet. I exist.

People love to throw insults at each other and just anonymous people yelling for notes for no reason whatsoever. I'm at J.R. Sportbrief on X and Twitter, whatever the hell you want to call it. And it's good to be here before I do anything else. Nico, how are you, man? You you good? I'm good.

It's a it's a Friday, so it can't be in a bad mood too much. That's a good thing. That's a good thing. Well, it's a pleasure. This is our first time working together, right? It is. Yes, indeed. I'm going to let you know right out of the gate. I'm going to drop four letter words about every segment, OK? OK. All right. So you don't worry about it. I get in trouble.

Not you. Let you know out the gate. Good deal. No problem.

No problem. Speaking of trouble. We know that the Dallas Mavericks in trouble. We can't get to this.

Well, let's let me put it this way. We can't get to the end of the NBA finals quick enough. I'm done.

I'm finished. Like I'm I'd be lying to you if I said I had any more interest in the NBA finals. I'd be lying to you if I said I had any interest in the Stanley Cup finals, because the reality is both series are done. I mean, the Panthers are just dropping four goals every game. Dallas Mavericks can't get a win to save their live.

You got Luka Doncic crying like a baby and apologizing the next day. Like this is this is like torture at this point. Like, let's just stop the bleeding and call it a day.

All right. There's there's no resuscitation in the proverbial body bag of sports. Zip it up for the Oilers and go ahead and zip it up for the Dallas Mavericks. If I'm a Boston Celtics fan, I'm thinking about what day I need to take off next week to go ahead and have have a parade. The Celtics got this and the Mavs are pretty much cooked.

But they're supposed to still have hope, right? The athletes, their competitors, they're going to fight. For the end, hopefully not to the death, like Kristaps Porzingis said, I have a theory on Kristaps I'll share with you momentarily. What else are the Mavericks supposed to say?

What else are the Mavericks supposed to do? And Nico, are you interested? You still interested? You finish with this? Yeah, it seems like it's pretty much over. So, I mean, I'll have it on in the background here tonight, but I'm not going to be paying attention too closely.

Yeah, well, I'll have it on here. And then after that, when I leave here, I'll watch. But I'm hoping the Celtics finish. I just wanted a good series. I thought the Celtics would win this series, maybe a four to two. If we got lucky, it'd be seven. But I'm like, hey, they got to win at least two games, right?

They may struggle to win one. So I want you to hear from the Dallas Mavericks. You know what? Let's hear from the crybaby first, because Luka Doncic, he made it very clear in speaking to the media. He's been through some tough times before.

Listen to this. I think we lost 5-6 in a row. And then from there, we just went up. I think we won 17-2 to get in the playoffs.

I know that's the regular season, but it was the kind of point we all came together and the chemistry from there went to the top. And we're just going to believe. We're just going to believe. This ain't the New York Mets, man. This is not the 69 Mets.

There is no believing. These Dallas Mavericks are finished. And Luka Doncic, he's sitting up there talking to the media, telling everybody, hey, by the way. We've been through some tough times, by the way, we've been through a losing streak. Hey, Luka, by the way, the team that you're facing, they haven't lost a road game in the playoffs yet. OK, that team that you're facing, the Boston Celtics, they haven't lost four games in a row in, I don't know, a couple of seasons. Like, Luka, this isn't this isn't the Brooklyn Nets that you're facing, OK? This is not the trying to think of a team that sucks. This isn't the Pistons.

These are the Boston Celtics, man. Y'all got to finish games. Y'all have been close.

I'm sorry. You and Kyrie don't have more help. And tonight, things might be finished. And when Jason Kidd spoke to the media, Jason Kidd said, yeah, we play good. But then we fall apart at the end of the game, at the end of quarters. Listen to a genius basketball player and Jason Kidd. Talk about playing game four.

That's it. You know, I thought yesterday we got off to a really good start. And hopefully we can do that again tomorrow.

It's you look at the end of quarters, the end of the first game, too. And also here in game three, we have to be better. Jason Kidd is going to have to hop out of a time machine. With, I don't know, Dr. J. Trying to think of other great Nets.

I don't know, Michael Cage. Vince Carter, I guess that's what he's going to have to do, and Vince Carter was on the map. So maybe Vince Carter can show up and help.

They're done. Kyrie Irving, if you ask me, he sounded defeated. Kyrie Irving pretty much was just like, hey, guys, this entire experience. Well, just listen to what Kyrie had to say as a competitor, as a Hooper.

To be experiencing at this level is an incredible teacher for me. I use it as a moment to learn how hard it is to win. What?

Oh, well, you should know that because you won. And if this helps you for next season, I guess. We had Avery Johnson on the show last night. Avery Johnson won a championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 1999.

Avery Johnson. He was a coach in the NBA. At one point, he coached these Dallas Mavericks. He coached the Nets. He coached at Alabama, a college basketball. Avery Johnson knows a lot. If you want to teach in a moment, call him up.

What else is there for you to learn? What I've learned and I've known is the Dallas Mavericks don't have enough scoring past them two. And Tim Hardaway Jr. doesn't even sniff the court. And when he does, he's like, blank, blank, blank, blank, brick, brick, brick. A good basketball noise would be swoosh. Tim Hardaway Jr. doesn't know what that sounds like.

The theme is Cook, folks. Jason Kidd isn't coming out of a time machine. Kyrie Irving might as well be ready for summer. Luca Doncic is looking for pacifiers, get himself some pacifiers for next season. And throughout all of this, Luca Doncic has pretty much also said, I still want to win, like, real, real, real, real, real, real bad.

Maybe that's why he's crying. Listen to him. At some point, yeah. The other day, I just really want to win. You know, sometimes I'll show you the right way. But at the end of the day, I really want to win.

So I got to do a better job, you know, showing a different way. Don't we all. Nico, you ever heard anybody wake up and say that they want to lose? Uh, camera call? No.

Yeah, neither have I. We know the Dallas Mavericks want to win. We know Luca Doncic wants to win. We could tell, by the way, he's always whining and crying, banging on the court, yelling at referees, yelling at his own teammates, yelling at coaches.

This man will yell at anybody who listens. I need Dirk Novitski. I need him to yell at Dirk and I need Dirk to punch him in the face.

Theoretically, I'm a nonviolent individual, but this is what Luca Doncic needs. Like Kyrie Irving needs to learn him something, learn Luca something. Teach him something.

Tell this man that you got to get it together. Apparently, Luca Doncic doesn't want to listen to anybody. I don't think Kyrie needs to learn squat. Kyrie Irving has learned a whole lot over the past several seasons. Kyrie Irving learned that, man, your career, it can disappear real fast if you don't relax. Luca Doncic needs to learn.

He needs to learn how to compose himself. He ain't no baby. He acts like one. He's 25 years old. This man has been a champion in Europe as a baby. He's been an MVP in Europe as a baby. I think one day in the NBA, he'll win an MVP. He'll be a man. I think one day he'll win a championship. He'll be a man.

But on his way there. Luca's just going to have to learn what a lot of us got to learn in life. Shut up. There's a time where you just got to be quiet.

Sometimes you got to shut up. And listen. Actually, let a few things permeate into your skull. Let it go in through your ears and let it soak up.

That's where he's at in his career. And for my sake. Well, I got no skin in the game. I'm gambled.

I have no money down. I'm just a fan and a guy who talks about sports. That's just what I do. I don't need to see any more of this. You know, I've been rooting for just close games and exciting ones.

At this point, I want the Celtics to finish it. Put the horse down. Send it to the glue factory. Sorry, Peter. Close the book.

Put the credits up at the end of the movie. Let Luca play for Slovenia in the Olympics if he's healthy enough to. Let's just have the Celtics parade.

It should be easy and as simple as that. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We're just getting started. We are just getting warmed up. We come back from break.

How about this? We'll hear from some of the Celtics, the team that I hope wins tonight and gets it over with. We'll hear from who defended Luca Doncic.

I'm going to tell you on the other side of the break. Speaking of defending people, Sauce Gardner of the New York Jets has decided to defend Aaron Rodgers for what? Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to practice with the team and Sauce wants to defend him.

We'll get into that. I'm going to try to defend the crazy salaries that we have in the NFL today. Gary Smits is going to join us next hour from the Florida Times Union. He knows everything about the Jacksonville Jaguars. Maybe he can ask Trevor Lawrence for a loan on my behalf. We got a college football player who just got a two million dollar NIL deal. Adam Silver. He would have loved to see Kaitlyn Clark in the Olympics.

He still might. Maybe there's so much for us to get into. If you want to participate in the show, it's simple. Happy Friday. It's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. We're going to hear what Jalen Brunson had to say about Luca.

We'll also hear from some of the Celtics. I'll say it again, because three times is a charm. Happy Friday. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Start your summer road trip at Midas and get up to thirty dollars off your next repair service. Plus, get a free closer look vehicle check to make sure your road trip ready. So if you need a break service and alignment check or tune up, hit up Midas for up to thirty dollars off.

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The step back three. Music. And even podcasts. Whatever you love, hear it right here on Tune in.

Go to Tune in dot com or download the Tune in app to start listening. It's the J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. I told you I'm ready for the NBA finals to be done. I'm ready for the Stanley Cup finals to be done.

No need to delay the inevitable. I know in the NBA, it's one fifty six and oh. When it comes to a team being ahead, three oh in any series. Yep. Three oh, you win. It's over. It's done. You finish.

No need to waste time here. And as I guess we all wait. Damn, it's two hours. We got to wait two hours and 15 minutes. But game for the NBA finals and they got they got Paul George up there. He's back. Paul George is sitting there with Kendrick Perkins.

Stephen A. Smith and Malika Andrews and Michael Wilbon. What? And I get it. Paul George is sitting around today and he has a podcast, a good one podcast. I've never listened to an entire episode.

Sorry. I've heard some clips. We've heard some clips here on the show. But what's what's the point for what I get it. Congratulations to him. He can get into a full media career. But it's like, why do I want to hear Paul George?

Tell me about the NBA finals. What is there to say? Nico, you have any thoughts? What possibly could he contribute? The only thing maybe is he's someone that played against both teams this year.

So he can give a little insight on like, you know, things that someone like Stephen A. Smith wouldn't be able to tell you because he's not out there on the floor playing against the Mavericks or the Celtics. The series is over. Yeah, I mean, it's over. It is.

I mean, technically it's not. So if you're ESPN, obviously you're still going to want to get people to watch. So they got to create content somehow before this game. Otherwise, nobody will watch.

You're right. Content that already nobody watches. This NBA on TNT or nothing. I haven't heard you ever heard of anybody saying they can't wait to watch the ESPN NBA pregame show.

No, not really. Yeah, I think you know what? Maybe I was going to say most basketball fans probably have no idea who's on the show. I don't. I know Stephen A. Smith is going to be there after that. I have no idea. You could have told me that Jalen Rose is there.

I'd be like, OK, yeah, I got no idea. Congratulations to Paul George, though. He's got a job. He's not used to playing basketball at this time of year.

So at least he found something to do. Anyway, the Boston Celtics, they're the team that I hope wipes out the Dallas Mavericks tonight. I need them to go out there and get the job done. Stop the bleeding. Get it over with.

Put a stake in them, a fork in them, whatever the hell you want to call it. Jason Tatum, though, he has to go out there and play. And Jason Tatum, he told the media, he said, listen, folks, it's not done yet, as Nico just said. And we got more work to do. Listen to this. We're not satisfied that even even now up 3-0.

Nobody is celebrating or anything. We still feel like it's a lot more that we can do. It's a lot more that we want to do. Yeah, good for him. I just I'm happy for him. I'd like to see him raise the Larry O'Brien tonight.

That'd be cool. Stand right there next to Brown. Tatum and Brown are never going to win.

Tatum and Brown are never going to win. Well. It's either going to come tonight or come Monday.

That's something else that. Makes me hope that this series just gets the hell over with. The NBA didn't want to put a basketball game on Father's Day.

They didn't want to put it on at night. Can place the game at 8 p.m. We got to wait until Monday. For all of that, just still get it over with. Joe Missoula, I don't know what he wants. Of course, he wants to win the basketball game. I know that Joe Missoula has also been thrilled with his team's performance. He says we are here because we believe in each other.

Listen to what Joe Missoula said. The thing you just can't take for granted in the game today is a coach's greatest gift is a group of guys that want to be coached, want to be led that also empower themselves. And so I think at the end of the day, I just appreciate the fact that we have an environment where learning and coaching is important and getting better and developing is important.

Well, that's nice. I guess that's he gives everybody a hug when he's not showing them MMA videos of people getting choked out. Letting his own team know that, hey, when you're choking somebody out, you got to, you know, sink in. You can't get get lax.

They may get out of the choke. That's that's Joe Missoula in a nutshell. That dude is a very intense individual. Maybe what maybe Kyrie would thrive there because he wants to learn so bad. Apparently, Kyrie needs to learn it like a chokehold. Joe Missoula is saying how the everybody's bought into the learning process and that's what apparently Kyrie wanted.

So I guess he's on the wrong team. Well, I mean, you got to give the Mavs credit. I guess Kyrie has learned a lot. Luca has learned a lot. They actually play well off each other.

I didn't think this was going to work. Last year, Kyrie Irving gets traded to the Dallas Mavericks. The Dallas Mavericks are in playoff contention. Kyrie Irving is now there. They fall out of playoff contention. And the very next year they're in the finals.

I got to give them I got to give them some credit. And Kyrie, I mean, I don't know what the hell he's learning now. He has certainly learned a whole lot just over the past couple of years with the Brooklyn Nets and the trade and some of his distractions.

And I guess being you've got to be about 32 years old right now. You learn a little bit more. Good on Kyrie Irving. He's he's full of learning. Now he just needs to go ahead and help out Luca. And Luca has been beat up over the past couple of days because of his behavior.

And with good reason, because we've we've seen and heard already he's been a crybaby. I was surprised Jalen Brunson was chatting it up with Bleacher Report yesterday. And he was asked by Taylor Rooks about his former teammate, Luca Dodges. The guy that the Dallas Mavericks decided that they didn't want to pay. And the Mavericks paid him. And Jalen Brunson is almost a legend in New York right now, beloved. And Luca Dodges is being kicked around. Well, when Jalen Brunson was in Dallas, he had to pick up the slack when Luca got hurt.

He knows the man. And so Jalen was asked about him whining and crying. Is it fair? Is it not fair? And Jalen Brunson came to his defense.

Listen to this. Do you think that that criticism is unfair? Yes, I think it's unfair.

I don't want to use an injury for him, but he's banged up. There are certain times where calls are made in the same situations that calls are not made. Fouls can be subjective. It's a tough situation to be in. It's emotional. It's an emotional game. Everyone's expecting, hey, you're a grown man. You need to act like one. This is an emotional thing. This is what everyone in this league has worked for, an opportunity like that. And sometimes emotions get the best of you.

Yeah, it's called the mistake. So what are you defending him for? There aren't a lot of people who act like him. Jalen Brunson is everybody's an individual.

Sure. Jalen Brunson, he I think he carries himself as one of the best in the NBA. He's not out there trash talking. His demeanor is all business. He gets the business.

He handles it and he goes about his day. If you want to talk about some of the biggest crybabies in the NBA right now, you think about some of the stars, the superstars. Luca Doncic is at the top of the list. Doesn't shut up. Draymond Green is not a superstar.

He's a four time champ. He doesn't shut up. Chris Paul is closer to the end than he is to the beginning. Chris Paul doesn't shut up. There's only a handful, maybe two handfuls of NBA players who just don't know when to quit.

And Luca Doncic is at the top of the list. So I get it. You want to defend your former teammate. And you want to say that, oh, well, everybody goes through this and everybody wants to compete.

Yeah, that's that's fine. Jalen. Why don't you act like that? And out of the four hundred four hundred and fifty players that are in the NBA.

Why is he acting like that? I mean, damn it. We saw LeBron James. He was mad at the end of a game. LeBron James on his hands and knees. He was banging on the court. You're going to defend that. Couldn't see Michael Jordan banging on the court at the end of a game.

Just sad, crying, jumping up and down like a toddler. Come on. Emotions get the best of everybody. But that doesn't mean that what Luca did was OK.

It's not. I think there's a reason why he apologized and not to the general public. There's a reason that Luca Doncic decided to apologize to his teammates and basically said.

My bad. Maybe they'll get him some better teammates for next year. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network, eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. What a what a busy few days it's been in Boston. You know, last night told you about all of the wild things that have been going on and the championships that the city of Boston has won. Got Tom Brady's jersey retirement the other day, retiring his number, going into the Hall of Fame. The Red Sox and the Yankees are playing tonight. They moved the Red Sox game up just to accommodate the fans so they could maybe get home and watch it. Boston is winning and doing it big.

Congratulations. Let's see if they finish it tonight. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Jalen Brunson. He took some time to defend Luca Doncic. We come back on the other side of the break.

We're going to take some time and look at the New York Jets. Because Aaron Rodgers has been in the news for not being at work and one of Aaron Rodgers teammates decided to stick up for this guy. I guess they're all not sick of him yet.

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Future you will thank you. In the last break, we heard from Jalen Brunson of the New York Knicks, unfortunately eliminated. That man had no help. He was defending his former teammate Luka Doncic because of some of his his antics, some of his complaining, his whining, being a crybaby. It's like, oh, everybody's passionate.

This is what we all want. And every now and then it's like, OK, yeah, sure. You don't have to defend him for it. You act like a baby, act like a baby.

As he still wants a Christmas present from Luka Doncic. Anyway, I guess there's something in the water in New York or New Jersey. I know the water is something definitely in the water in New Jersey. Nico, you ever drink any of that water in New Jersey? I mean, I probably have at some point, but I don't really remember off the top of my head. You've driven down the turnpike, right?

Yes, sir. I was actually just in Atlantic City a couple of weeks ago. So I was there recently.

So I guess, yeah, by that logic, I have had the water. Does it still stink on the turnpike? Smells terrible, right?

When you get when you're driving north. Yeah, I couldn't open the windows. Wow. Yeah. That's New Jersey for you.

Congratulations. Anyway, there's something in the water definitely in New Jersey and definitely in New York because Jalen Brunson, he's defending his old teammate. And what a shock it with this one. Thoss Gardner, one of the best defensive backs, cornerbacks in the NFL actually took time to go on social media and defend Aaron Rodgers. And I'm saying to myself, does he also want like a Christmas gift from from Aaron Rodgers? We you might recall Aaron Rodgers was not at work this week.

The New York Jets had mandatory minicant mandatory means you need to show up, otherwise you get fine. And Aaron Rodgers wasn't there. And head coach of the New York Jets, Rob Salah, who needs to kiss Aaron Rodgers behind every day to try to keep him happy. He pretty much said that he told us way in advance that he was going to be unavailable this week. OK. And of course, everybody made a big to do about it because it's Aaron Rodgers. Rob Salah basically said it's not necessarily a big deal. I'd love to have him here, but we've discussed this. He said this is a personal matter. Very important to him. And, you know, it's it's still not excused.

I don't know if they're still finding him or not. I assume maybe not because it's Aaron Rodgers. But just listen to what Rob Salah had to say earlier this week. Talk about it yesterday. But Aaron and Aaron and I are on the exact same page. There's no issue between Aaron or his teammates, for that matter. So, like I said, we addressed it yesterday.

It's not it's it's more of an issue for for everyone outside the building than it is inside. And that's about it. OK. All right. That's that's what he said earlier this week. And of course, a big deal was made out of it.

There were some people who took the approach like Liget Doosable. We had him here on the show earlier this week. He said not a big deal because Aaron Rodgers has been around all offseason long.

OK. You have people who say, oh, this is not a big deal because it's it's June. Who cares? Like Aaron Rodgers has been around. He'll be back in the summer. It's Aaron Rodgers. Everything he does that is not in a straight line and just done in the most succinct, compact, without question, without reason way.

Is is going to be dissected. And it's his fault. Like, what are we saying? It's Aaron Rodgers fault that he's criticized the way he is. This is the guy who's just randomly talked about vaccines.

I thought we were done with that. Aaron Rodgers is the man who just wakes up and goes into wilderness retreats. Aaron Rodgers is the guy who, you know, has seemed threatened and upset by the Green Bay Packers drafting his future replacement, knowing that he's old. He's always saying wild and funky things. He was talking about a vice presidential candidacy like this is this is what he does. And so how anybody can come to his defense when he's the one who starts a lot of the drama is beyond me. And so Sauce Gardner went on social media. Went on X and he said this, and I'm going to try to read it because let's just say some of the punctuation isn't the best. Are you really making a big deal? Because a 15 plus year Hall of Famer quarterback, Hall of Fame quarterback missed two days of practice after being with the team all throughout phase one, two and three of OTAs.

Geez. Now, I know Sauce Gardner. Is still relatively new to the NFL. I know Sauce Gardner is relatively new to the New York Jets.

I'm sure he's learned a lot of their history. Sauce Gardner, man, you ain't you ain't been in New York long enough. You haven't been in New Jersey long enough. You haven't been a jet long enough to talk about people making a big deal of anything. The New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers is just a case of of misery loves company. I mean, only the New York Jets could bring in, yes, a 15 plus year Hall of Fame QB who automatically joins the team. You can't play four plays for them without going down an injury. That's that's the New York Jets. It's a franchise and an organization marred in nonsense. I don't want to go down the list about the the foot stuff and the hot dogs and the pantyhose like that's these all things associated with the Jets. I didn't even mention Brett Farr.

We did this the other day. I don't need to describe all of them. When you've been following the New York Jets, if you unfortunately are a fan of the New York Jets, every little thing you have a reason to nitpick about. So I got to just tell Sauce Gardner, yeah, congratulations for sticking up for your teammate. You're actually bringing more attention to it by trying to defend Aaron Rodgers. I think if there's one guy who doesn't need help defending himself.

I think it would be Aaron Rodgers, because for some reason he needs to respond and answer to everything that people say about him. He can't help himself. And so I don't know if Aaron Rodgers took a trip to the moon. I don't know if he's in Portland. I don't know if he's on a beach, if he's in Europe, if he's at a wedding.

I'm sure TMZ will find him sooner than later. Leave him be. Like I don't I don't care that he's not with the Jets. I just find it comical, as always, that the guy who said that the Jets don't need distractions by being away created a distraction. And he's the boss of the New York Jets, so I guess we can all just, well, they all just kiss his ass.

Simple as that. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. Nico, you're not a Jets fan. You like the Giants, right?

Yes, sir. How do you feel when you look at the Jets as the Giants aren't necessarily in a better space? When you think about the Jets, what comes to mind?

What if you were? How would you describe the Jets? So I'm a I'm a Giants fan, but I'm also a Mets fan. And they have a lot of similarities to the Jets in terms of even off the field stuff like the Mets just continue to embarrass themselves. I mean, even a couple of weeks ago, the Jorge Lopez thing tossing his glove up into the crowd and and saying whatever he said in the postgame and getting DFA'd. It's like it's like they're cursed.

I don't understand. I feel the same way about the Jets, even from someone who's not a Jets fan on the outside looking in. It just it's crazy. So do the New York Jets need to add grimace to the offensive line, right? Is that what they need to do? Grimace can protect Aaron Rodgers?

Exactly. I mean, it's working for the Mets. They're 2-1-0 since he threw out the first pitch, so why not? Does grimace, do they need to put a statue of grimace out in center field? Like, is that next? I think put it put it right next to the Tom Seaver statue.

It'll look great. Oh, wow. And what didn't they screw something up on the Seaver statue? They had like the one of the letters on the font was wrong or something like that, right? Yeah. So the four is actually like I forget exactly where, but part of the four is the wrong font.

I think it's like angled the wrong way. It's a very New York Mets thing to do. Oh, absolutely.

Right on right on point. Yeah. Well, good luck. At least you got the Giants. Yeah.

Yeah. Well, as a Giants fan, what do you hope for? You hope for Daniel?

You see, I know I said I hope the NBA Finals ends tonight. I do with the New York Giants. I feel like it's inevitable that they they got a dump Daniel Jones. So is that do you care? Do you believe in Daniel Jones? You got to cut them?

What do you think? So I am actually one of the very few it seems like Daniel Jones supporters. Oh, my God. I think the team around the quarterback, unless you have someone like Patrick Mahomes, the team around the quarterback is just as important. And the Giants have given Daniel Jones absolutely nothing to work with in his first five years.

Oh, man. Yes. Saquon Barkley. They went to the playoffs and the offensive line in three out of the five years have been bottom three in the league. So if Daniel Jones had help, he would be what a top 10 quarterback, top 15, I would say. I don't know. I don't know about 10.

Yeah. Average. But it's already it's better than you think he's top 15 now. No, he's an average QB, just flattened period. I don't think he's one of the worst. They just average. Put him in 15 to 20 any given Sunday. He's average. Yeah, but we've never seen him with someone like Malik neighbors because Odell Beckham Jr. got traded the year before they drafted Jones.

And who has been his biggest target over the last five years? Darius Slayton. Yeah. Right. Like that.

That's not it. But he'll get he'll get hurt. He'll get hurt. So that'll be one regardless of what the offensive line looks like. He'll be hurt. He ain't he ain't some guy who stands around and throws the ball.

And I don't think it's because a lack of weapons. I think he wants to move around. So I'm I'm on the opposite side. I look at Daniel Jones and I say, look, OK, fine. The experiment's over like they failed. And so, you know, they ball and Shane did not add him or bring him in. They inherited him.

And I think the time is up. They had to give him basically a contract. And I don't want to say out of desperation, but Daniel Jones, he hit it rich at the right time. And they had no choice but to go ahead and extend him. And I think after this season, they're probably going to have to hit the ripcord unless. There's a better quarterback option available.

Also, unless the New York Giants think and they can get a quarterback in the draft, which I think is likely to happen because. They suck. They suck. How many victories would you peg the Giants for this year?

No more than what I predict them to go nine and eight, nine and eight. Oh, my God. I do. Yeah.

Wow. That'd be one hell of a bounce back. If they do that, I give them all the credit in the world. The defense would have to hold it down for them and the offense would have to actually operate at that at a base level.

Something that they haven't been able to do in years. Daniel Jones, this is also a make or break for him. If he doesn't make it, they're going to break their foot in his you know what and tell him, take a hike.

We don't need you. The hard knock life for the quarterbacks in New York. Daniel Jones. Nobody knows what he sounds like. Aaron Rodgers. Nobody knows where he is.

And I don't know, maybe a sauce. Gartner can defend. Daniel Jones. Nobody stands up for that guy.

Nobody. What a sad world. Is there anything happy in New York? All the Yankees are good.

Yeah. Yankees are good right now. Thank God for the Yankees, I guess. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Aaron Rodgers. Who knows what he's going to do this upcoming season? Who knows where he is? Daniel Jones for the New York Giants. Nobody knows if he's going to be healthy enough this year. When is he ever healthy?

We don't know. And we've got a bunch of other quarterbacks making ridiculous amounts of money. Fifty five million dollars per year. The NFL has a quarterback right now.

Who hasn't been to a Super Bowl? This man is the highest paid QB in the game. The game has changed for QBs.

You thought Daniel Jones making 40 million dollars was a robbery? Some of these quarterback contracts have just gotten out of control. The J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We want to take a look at some of these these contracts because quarterbacks have taken things to another level. Also, in about 30 minutes from now, we're going to have a conversation with Gary Smits from the Florida Time Union.

To talk about Trevor Lawrence and a new deal that he got. So don't move. Don't go anywhere.

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