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JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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June 13, 2024 9:14 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 13, 2024 9:14 pm

Celtics now one win away from an NBA championship l Calls on the NBA l Dan Hurley explains decision to stay at UConn

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Josh Graham

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They clean better and are five times stronger than Huggies natural care for easy cleanup without fear of tearing, no matter the mess. For trusted protection, trust Pampers, the number one pediatrician recommended by Carvana. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much for tuning into the show. It gets started every single weekday at 6pm Eastern, 3 Pacific. Thank you to our super producer and host Ryan Hickey. He's holding it down for us in New York City on the boards, but there is no show without you.

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Ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. We've had a busy show so far. It was about an hour ago that we learned that Trevor Lawrence got himself a contract extension. Crazy. $55 million per year. Trevor Lawrence is making the same amount of money as Joe Burrow. Trevor Lawrence is now also the highest paid quarterback in the game when it comes to an average annual basis. 5 years, 275 mil.

Damn. They're paying this man on potential. He has 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in the postseason.

Okay. Big deal at Clemson. Big deal in the draft. Drafted to a crap team.

We hope it works out. For Trevor Lawrence. Also, last night talked about the Celtics beating the Mavs. You know that series is over. NBA Finals over. Hey, thank you to Avery Johnson. Former San Antonio Spur. Former champion in the NBA. Former point guard.

The little general. Former coach. Avery Johnson came through.

Chatted it up with us about, well, the Lakers as well. The NBA championship. Luka Doncic.

Though Luka not to be a baby. We just talked about Tom Brady and these New England Patriots basically putting him into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Brady. He should be successful in the broadcast booth, right? That'll be the next time that we really hear from him. Hickey, he's going to be teamed up with Kevin Burkhart, right? That's right. And they made Olson just take a hike. How about that?

Damn. He just has to wait, I guess, for Tom Brady to get bored. And he'll take his job back. Anyway, Tom Brady going into the Patriots Hall of Fame. They're going to build this man a 12 foot statue. I don't know where they're going to put it. I'm sure they already have one in Robert Kraft's bedroom.

Just going to move it outside, I guess. And we got more to discuss as the show continues on. Okay. Dan Hurley spoke to the media today. At least he spoke to media down in Miami. Gave some thoughts as to why he decided not to go to the Los Angeles Lakers. JJ Redick looks like he's scheduled for a real interview this weekend with the Los Angeles Lakers. None of that speculation stuff. I assume that JJ Redick is also expecting the NBA Finals to end tomorrow, possibly. And then how about this? Earlier today we learned that the Atlanta Falcons have been punished for tampering.

In their pursuit of Kirk Cousins, it looks like they jumped the gun. And so we have so much to get into as we continue on with the show. Of course, later on, I'm going to talk about a few things that happened this day in sports history. It is June 13th. If you want to talk to me, it's real simple. The phone number is 855-212-4227.

It's 855-212-4227. You can also find me online. I'm everywhere.

I'm at JR Sport Brief. You know, we just talked about Tom Brady. Just heard from Bill Belichick, heard from Brady. He's like, yeah, yeah. In order for us to win, it was me and Belichick.

Rawr. Telling the truth. Can't have one without the other. No success without the other.

I don't think you just fill in XYZ. I don't think you could put Urban Meyer back there and have success. Let me just put it that way. Sorry, we were talking about the Jaguars and Urban Meyer came to mind. Now, despite that, for all the great years that Tom Brady gave to the Patriots, it looks like the Celtics are going to pick up another championship. Looks like the Celtics are going to end up with title number 18. And I guess there's just something about Boston.

There's just something about New England. Last night, the Celtics in Dallas knocking off the Mavs 106-99. Tatum had 31.

Brown had 30. Even with big runs at the end of the game, they were able to get stops and finish with big shots. The Celtics are one win away.

Tomorrow night, they could be champions. Jalen Brown said, our team, we different. Experience is the best teacher. All year long, we've been hearing about the Celtics of the past. You know, for the last six to eight months, that's all we've been hearing is like, we've, you know, all the different shortcomings we've had in the past. This is a new team.

You know what I mean? We've learned from those experiences. And in these moments, you can see that, you know, we didn't run from it. We stepped up to the plate and we found a way to win.

Yeah, they're about to be champs. People have been crapping on Brown and Tatum for years. They're not going to work together. They can't work together.

Damn it. I felt that they couldn't work together. I felt that you got two dudes who are too similar. How are you going to use them on the same team to win the title?

You got to exchange them and get something for one of them. Try to diversify the roster. Well, congratulations, Brad Stevens. He was actually able to add to the roster. You bring in somebody like Drew Holliday. You bring in somebody like Derek White. You bring an Al Horford back into the fold. Damn it, they even brought in Kristaps Porzingis.

They're like, hey, if he can play basketball, great. If he doesn't, we don't need him. Last night, they did not need him.

Seven foot two man with the bad legs. This team is stacked and they've been able to grow, but they've been able to pick up pieces like why the hell is Drew Holliday on the squad playing defense all up in Kyrie Irving's grill at the end of the game? Nine points, five assists, four rebounds. He doesn't need to do anything.

He's just trying to win. Jason Tatum had positive words for him. You know, it definitely has been some growth, but I think this this team has trusted me, especially in this playoffs and those moments to just just be who I am. And I feel like I've been able to just deliver just by just being patient and being poised.

Those opportunities have presented themselves and I've been able to take advantage of them. But I give all my credit to my teammates for the trust they had in me to have the ball in my hands and to be able to make those plays. That was on NBA TV after the game. And it is becoming comical. It's becoming a joke.

It's hilarious right now. How Drew Holliday helped the Milwaukee Bucks win a championship. They they decided that they needed more offense. They bring in a Damian Lillard, who's a little bit older, little injury prone, and they're still trying to figure out how to play. And maybe it all works out next year.

I don't know. It's not like Brook Lopez is getting any younger either. It's just it's not looking good right now for Milwaukee. And meanwhile, the Celtics are just like, oh, we staring at a championship right now, today.

Pretty ironic. Ain't nobody in Milwaukee happy about this. And Drew Holliday's like, oh, I get to be a two time champ.

Sign me up. I love it. Jalen Brown, he continued the love fest for the Boston Celtics. One win, one game away, one victory away from a championship. He says that his teammates, everybody's belief in him, each other. Is why they were able to hold off Dallas last night and win the game.

Absolutely. I don't know how they let us get them, but I'm so happy that we got Drew on our team and we're just very fortunate. And he just he just makes winning plays.

He's obviously been here and won the championship. And more than anything, he raises everybody else's level on defense, right? On a team like we that we have. You don't want to be the weakest link on defense.

We all take pride in guarding our yard. And it starts with Drew Holliday and we all just trying to match his level. Hickey, this is this is one of those interesting moments in sports where everybody has to play it cool, right? We only got we got one more game and we didn't win anything.

And Kobe Bryant, the job's not done. But come on, everybody knows in the back of your head, everybody's saying to themselves. Then we're close, like we're close, like they go to sleep at night. They got to be confident that they're going to be champs.

It has to be a very cool feeling, right? Like you win that game and, you know, like it's over. And I think even Dallas, their body language kind of seeing Luca meltdown at the end, I think they kind of showed you as well. They know if they don't win game three, it's also over. Yeah, that's Friday.

Feels like a formality. Yeah, man, it doesn't matter when it happens. Don't matter if it happens on Monday. I think that'd be the next game. It's it's over in the famous words of Kenny the Jetsmith when Vince Carter dunked.

I think it was in Oakland. I think. It's over, ladies and gentlemen. It's over.

It's done. Dallas Mavericks are cooked. And a matter of fact, by the way, put Kristaps Porzingis on ice. Do we need to see Kristaps Porzingis again this season? The answer is no. Hell no.

I saw it run by on the screen. Kristaps Porzingis is questionable for Friday night's game. For what?

To be a human victory cigar? Why would I need him out there? For what? Kristaps Porzingis playing in the series. And yes, he helped spark them in game one. And you could make an argument, if Kristaps Porzingis didn't do that, then maybe Dallas would win.

I don't I don't believe in that crap. Him playing in game four. Excuse me. It would be game four tomorrow. It's like a participation trophy.

Now, Hickey, Kristaps has to feel like crap, right? If they won the title, he's like, yeah, I played half the year. Didn't play at the end.

But yeah, I'm a champion. I think at that point you put the ring on. You drink the champagne and you don't complain. It stinks to not play. But from what he's you know, the losing he's gone through, I believe if I'm saying right, this is his first postseason. So first taste of it stinks. Maybe a little awkward of like, I don't know. Do you feel like he didn't really, you know, do anything to contribute?

Miss so much time. But either way, hey, that ring's going on that finger and you will be called NBA champion for the rest of time. He contributed. He did. He did throughout the season. You know, he played 57 games. Yeah, he was there, helped out in practice, had some tips, was in the rehab room. Yeah.

Champion. Like the guy on the bench. You know, he's there. He deserves a ring. You know, would have been weird, though. And I want to say thank God the Pistons beat him.

I don't need Gary Payton yelling at me. Could you imagine if Gary Payton and Carmelone won that championship with the Lakers? Could you imagine what that would look like? Man, that'd be weird.

Yeah, there there have been some Klingons right for some of these title teams. That is that is for sure. Yeah. You can't let up when you got somebody's neck.

You can't. And ironically, and we talk a lot about Joe Missoula and how he talks to the media and how he reacts to things. If you want to know more about Joe Missoula, I think we learned last night he's a big fan of MMA. Because his own star, one of them. Jason Tatum talked about how Joe Missoula has utilized UFC clips to motivate the Celtics to finish the job.

What is this, murder? You know, Joe does a great job of showing us clips and things from different sports. He's a big UFC fan and, you know, showing us fights of people that I'm not I don't know, like the terminology of UFC, but put them in a choke code. And like they're about to tap out and you just see the guy or the woman who's winning, relaxing because they feel like they're about to win. And then, you know, you give the other person life. Just trying to translate that to the game of basketball that, you know, the closer you are to winning, the closer that they are to surviving and basically just trying to remind us in the group that we still got a long way to go. We still have to play the right way. We still got a win that, you know, they're not going to quit.

We should expect the best from them from here on out. Damn. This, Hickey, that must be how Draymond looks at footage, right? Is this why he's choking Rudy Gobert and is stepping on? Oh, what's that guy?

So bonus is kid's chest. Like, is this what Draymond? Draymond's watching UFC clips? Let me tell you, if we thought Draymond was dangerous now, imagine if Missoula was his coach? Draymond, this is just a metaphor, OK?

Do not do this on a basketball court. Now, that dude is intense. He is showing his can you imagine this man is in a room with 20 people.

He's just like, listen, you see this guy right here? This guy's getting choked out. We can't physically go out there and choke the Mavericks, but you can certainly finish the job at the end of the game.

Metaphorically choke them out. Don't stop. Damn. Damn.

Damn. Joe Missoula is Hickey. I thought for a minute at the championship parade, he was going to have fun. That man is not going to have fun at the parade. He's not. That is going to be the shortest parade speech maybe in history from head coach.

I don't think he's going to replicate Michael Malone from last year. No, there's not going to be any cursing. There's not going to be any fun. There's not going to be any jokes. He's going to make one joke. It's going to be a very dry joke. And he's just going to be miserable. Miserable. He's 35 years old.

Hickey, tell a man to have some fun. Crazy, right? So young. He needs a he who needed a hug earlier. The Kyrie said Luca needed a hug, right? Yes.

Yeah. Joe Missoula needs a hug. You want to do I want to hug him?

No, not. He knows MMA. Put you in a choke hold real fast.

Brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA. I don't need no hug from Joe Missoula. He don't need no hug from me. There's a no hug zone. No, thank you.

No, no hugs. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. It's crazy. Boston is about to win another championship. Like people always talk about Title Town USA and this and that. Like Boston been on a roll for like the past 20 years.

Like give it a break already. I know the Celtics have waited a long time at this point. I guess 2008 is a long enough time. We've got a team like the New York Knicks. They've been waiting since 1973. It's hard enough to win and just Boston just keeps on doing it.

It's tough. It's the J.R. sport. We show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. The phone number is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

Phone lines open. We come back on the other side. Speaking of winning. Dan Hurley talked about why he decided to stay in Connecticut. Why did this man say no to the Lakers? Why is he staying in stores?

We'll hear what he had to say on the other side of the break. The J.R. sport we show the Infinity Sports Network. OK. Quick math. The less your business spends on operations, on multiple systems, on delivering your product or service, the more margin you have and the more money you keep.

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It's the J.R. sport show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Oh yes. Celtics are trying to win a championship. The Panthers are too. Panthers been beaten up on the Oilers. They're trying to go up three against three oh against them tonight.

We'll keep you up to date as the game continues on. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven right before we went to break. We talked about Boston getting ready to win another championship.

And if you want to know. You want to think about the city that has like the most championships. The most titles. Boston is number two. New York has the most all time. New York is above everybody. New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Detroit, Philly, Pittsburgh, Toronto, St. Louis and Green Bay. Most championships. All time.

And when it comes to New York, they can thank the New York Yankees and their twenty seven world championships. Congratulations. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. We got Todd calling from Maryland. You're on the JR Sport Show. What's up, Todd? What's up, my brother? You off the hook, JR?

You are. I like it. I like it, buddy.

I like you too. Hey, JR. Yeah. Yeah, buddy. We want to talk three peaks, right? Kansas City potential three peak, correct? Yeah. Yes. Boston potential three peak, right?

Boston three peak. They got to win this one first. I didn't win last year. No, no, no, no.

The Denver Nuggets won the championship last year against the Heat. Oh, you're right. You're right. You got me, bro.

You got me real real quick now. Three peaks. New York Yankees and Montreal Canadians in the 90s. Right.

And that was that was the late 80s and the Yankees had the end of the 90s. Yes. OK. All right.

Ten four. You got me, man. I was thinking Boston had three in a row, but no. You're right. Everybody and everybody in Denver would take issue with what you just said, Todd. Yeah, you're right. All right. All right, brother. Y'all take care. You too, Todd.

Thank you for calling from Maryland. I could ask him about a. A wizard's three, Pete, but no, I could ask him about an Orioles three, Pete. No, not yet. Nationals. No, not yet. Ravens. No, not yet. Commanders. No, not at all. Sorry, capitals.

No, sorry. I don't know what it is with D.C. What's going on out there? What's going on in D.C., man? I don't even know what the football team is doing. Let's see how good I am at MLS.

The MLS team that represents Washington, D.C. Oh, my God. Let's see. I know it. The revolution. No, that's that's that's Massachusetts. That's Boston rather picky. Help me out. Do you know the MLS team in D.C.?

I'm looking it up right now. Revolution. Right.

Am I wrong? No, I think you were right with it being New England. OK, wait. Give me a clue. Give me a hint. Come on. I'm pretty sure the name that one of one of the names for the commanders they wanted to use was taken from the MLS.

Oh, man. The D.C. And I know where they play. I know where they want to move them. You got the team name in front of you.

I do, actually. Here's a hint for you. Yeah, give me a hint. It is the same name as a team that plays in your city. D.C. United. Bang bang.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, we have D.C. United and Atlanta United. That we do.

We have Charlotte FC and Toronto FC, too. Yeah, football club. So traditional.

OK, we're getting carried away here with this, you know, or just not creative. I understand you do football club. It's historic in Europe. And, you know, the clubs are teams and they have the basketball team and soccer team. And these are real clubs. Like these are not clubs. These are teams. Give them a name. This is almost like what we talked about earlier in the show about how Utah, the former Phoenix Coyotes. What are they calling them? The Utah Hockey Club for one year until they give them a real name. They do better. Come on. D.C. United. Thank you for him.

I would have never thought about that. D.C. United. They're getting ready to play over by the Navy yards.

I hope they don't move now. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Frederick is calling from North Carolina. You're on the JR Sportbreeze show. What's up, Frederick? Hello there. Well, that's good to talk to you again.

I try the radio station change, but I've got back on it now where I could get it down a little Washington. But anyway, I was just letting you know every time I hear all these people talking, but they never get down to what the problem really is. Dallas does not have a chance against Boston. Well, they're out. Well, you know, Boston's got more speed and quickness and all that and all that crap.

But here's the deal. They're not playing the right way. They have no chance to beat Boston the way they're playing. They're playing the same way against Boston that they play the other team.

You don't play Boston that way. You have to play motion offense. You have to move around. You have to screen. You have to get the angles right.

You have to play a chisel game. The only advantage they might have is they're more physical if they can slow the tempo and get them to play their way. You've got to take the defensive rebounds that Boston get and the outlet passes. You've got to figure out where they're coming out with them.

Cut those off. You have to slow Boston down. These people are idiots that run basketball now. They know nothing. Absolutely nothing.

They make no adjustments. It's a joke. Understand a joke. And that's what Jason Jason Kidd. It's a damn joke, man. Well, I mean, OK, OK, wait.

Now, I'm just I'm just saying I didn't know you would sex winters. I just Jason Kidd is one of the most genius basketball players I've ever seen in my life. You calling Jason Kidd stupid?

No, I'm not. I think Jason Kidd does know basketball. But the point is, you can't get you got to get guys to play the way they need to play, just because they like to play the way they played.

It worked against some teams. Don Sica, whatever. Kyrie Urban is a is a short guy. OK, the guys in the garden here are taller, a lot taller, and they're just as quick and fast.

Don Sica, you know, he does good with that style. He plays the ball and holds the ball forever. But it's not. Hold on. Hold on a second. Hold on. Hold on a second. Hold on. Hickey, can can we record this and send it to Jason Kidd as like a basketball almanac? It is being recorded as we speak. I think we should have some adjustments for game four.

I think we can rewrite the game of basketball. Hold on. Hey, Frederick, keep going. Keep going.

Keep going. Well, hell yeah, they need to adjust, you know, but I mean, a real allback knows that in his grave. They'll be walking.

People adjust someone walking. People figure out how to compete. You know, Bill Belichick's going to the game will teach them some strategy, teach them how to compete. The bottom line is, can you compete in this game if you lose and you go out and you have a game plan? It makes sense. Fine. They don't have game plans now.

They make no adjustments. OK, Frederick, OK, you tell them to call me. OK, no, we don't we don't need to tell them to call you. We're just going to record this and we're going to we're going to package it up for the Mavs PR department to make sure that it ends up in the hands of Jason Kidd.

And we'll see what the Dallas Mavericks do tomorrow. OK, Frederick. That's right. And look, I really like the cool guy. But listen, I really hope that happens.

But the bottom line is people don't need to throw in the towel. Yeah. It's Frederick. Thank you. OK, we can. It's dead.

They can call me next week when when the Celtics, you know, are swept for nothing. OK, it might be if they don't change. All right. I got to. OK, Frederick, thank you.

I got to leave. OK. Thank you, Frederick. OK. Well, I didn't know Frederick knows more about coaching basketball than Jason Kidd. I had no idea.

I just thought it was because the Dallas Mavericks don't have as good a players as the Celtics. I thought it was really that simple. I didn't know it was that complicated. Frederick is a modern day Dr. James Naismith. Maybe Frederick can reinvent the game of basketball and write the rules. Frederick knows it all.

That was intense. Damn. Maybe Frederick should go coach Yukon.

Maybe Frederick should go coach the Lakers. I don't know. Wow. Rich Ackerman. Whoa, whoa. That was a lot, right?

Did you learn something about basketball from Frederick? I'm still waiting, actually. Sorry about that. Oh, yeah.

Me and you both. Damn. I need a drink. He had a lot on his mind, though. I think he's still you think he's still talking? Only Hickey would know. No, no, he's he's not here. We don't know.

Hickey. He gone. Right. He go. He gone. But he's probably still talking. He's still talking to me or somebody else.

To no one. Maybe just the window. It's himself. Yeah. His dog. I bet he got a dog named Rex talking to that. That dog is just like a dog rolled his eyes and put his head down. Here goes Frederick again. Just playing dead. A dog's playing dead.

Yeah, it might be. Here come Frederick and teach me about basketball. Dog is like, leave me alone. It's the J.R. Sportbreeze show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We'll take a break when we come back. We're going to hear from someone who knows about basketball.

And he actually is going for three feet. Dan Hurley is staying at Yukon. And today he spoke about why.

We'll hear his reasons. It's the J.R. Sportbreeze show. The Infinity Sports Network.

You're listening to the J.R. Sportbreeze. Oh, there's a winner. Richard Sherman. And shout out to Richard. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Yeah, we've been talking about winners. Boston Celtics about to be winners. Panthers trying to be winners. Hey, Dan Hurley's trying to be a winner, too.

That's why he said no to the Los Angeles Lakers. He said, I ain't going out there. I don't need their drama.

I don't need their nonsense. I'm just going to stay in Connecticut and try to three peat. Trying to go back to back to back. And today, Dan Hurley, no, there was no. Fantabulous announcement surrounding his latest contract with the Huskies. But Dan Hurley did say no to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Six years, 70 million dollars, they offered him. He said, no. He said, I'm going to stay in Connecticut. And so today he spoke to Dan Lebatard.

And one thing he wanted to clear up, he says, I just went back to back. I didn't need to use the Los Angeles Lakers to get a better contract from UConn. Listen to this. One of the worst takes I've heard is like this was a leverage play by me to improve my situation at UConn. Like, I don't need leverage here.

We've won back to back national championships at this place. And like I've I'm not this was never a leverage situation for me. I've had a contract in place here, you know, for for a couple of weeks. But the sense or the idea that this was some conspiracy to get me a sweeter deal at UConn is just it's lazy. No, it's not.

Come on. No, it's not. It's legitimate. That's what most people do. Why wouldn't you? Why the hell were you out there?

OK, you wanted to see what the hell it was. It didn't have to be a concocted scheme or use them, but it's legitimate because that's what people in business do. They create leverage to make the most advantageous situation for themselves. Stop it. It's not lazy. I don't know.

Maybe you've just been coaching basketball for so long you don't understand leverage. But it's quite reasonable that somebody would do so. I mean, but if you are so loyal that you wouldn't, that's great. But it's not out of the ordinary. Dan Hurley continued on.

And this is interesting, right? He said no to the Los Angeles Lakers. Six years, 70 million dollars. He talked about how comfortable he was in Connecticut, how comfortable his family was in Connecticut. Ultimately, he said that, yeah, there might have been a number that I would have left for to leave. There probably is, you know, to leave a place at any moment in your life. I think that to say that that it's not a motivating factor. The finances to leave a place is definitely a thing to stay at a place. I don't think it's ever going to be a thing like to stay somewhere like Yukon. If there wasn't, it would never have been, I think, a financial thing.

Like, again, this wasn't like some like pressure tactic to make me the highest paid college coach like that. That was already done. But to leave a place. I mean, yeah. You know, to leave all that behind. There probably is a number.

I don't know what that is. Oh, come on. They would have said he is 100 million dollars. He would have left.

He would have left. He told his wife, get in my car. Not my car. Get in the car or get in our car.

Hickey, there's there's no right way to say that. Right. Get in our car. At this point, probably get in the plane. Get in the plane. Yeah.

The Lakers private plane. Yeah. Who's driving? Well, you got to get in the car to go to the plane. True.

Yeah, you're right. You know, the drivers here, right? You're probably Uber driving to the airport with your own car, then leaving it there.

No, you're not. The drivers here. The drivers here.

Get in the car. Yeah, that's how you say it. Correct. Danny Hurley, aggressive man, ready to win a third championship for UConn. Well, I know who he won't be communicating with. LeBron James. Right. Did he even meet LeBron?

The answer is no. Did you talk to LeBron? Well, via the herd, he's like, we were texting. We had some text messages and incredible message from him over the course of the weekend. Just, you know, talking about talking about basketball and some different things.

And let me know, you know, that, you know, that that if he was there in L.A., that I'd have his support. And just like think about that, man, like that, that blew my mind. And and then we got into a text exchange and then the exchange even even went through to win when I chose to go in another direction. So it blew my mind when I when you get a text message from LeBron James. Like, hey, this is LeBron.

Hickey, what does he say? Does he say LeBron or does he say King? It's King James. I was going to say he probably says maybe Bron. Yo, it's Bron.

It's Bron. Right. He's not that much of a jerk. Sign King James.

Right. At the end of the text message, sign King James. I hope he doesn't have a text message signature. It's like, hey, hey, coach. Hey, Coach Hurley. This is this is LeBron. Congratulations. Welcome to Los Angeles. I hope you have a good chat with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Good luck. Maybe we meet down the line. Son King James. I see him ending that text with like a king crown emoji. Yeah, he likes the emojis. Yeah, I could definitely see that for sure. Like the hourglass emoji that he used to signify that somebody's getting fired.

You know what? There's not an emoji. I don't know if this is coming in an iOS update. There's no there's no throat slash emoji. Right.

That doesn't exist. They've worked to remove the gun from the emojis. I don't think they're going to institute a throat slash. They got the water gun. Yeah, they got the water gun emoji. Yeah, we can't we can't have the gun.

Can't be silver or black because the real guns are dangerous. But there is that there's one similar to a throat slash. I got to find it. Anyway. What? What?

What emojis do you have? I feel like there's one that's kind of like, yo, cut it out. Right. No, I know. Like someone's with like some intense eyes, maybe for like a look.

I don't know. I like there's one like a guy or emojis looking at his throat and slitting it. Keep it up.

Nah, man. When we get to break, I'm going to find this throat slash emoji. I'm going to send it to you. I can't wait. I have to start using it now. Yeah.

Copy and paste. That's why I exist. It's probably an emoji that Dan Hurley sent back to LeBron when he rejected the job. Anyway, Dan Hurley said, well, I guess he didn't send him a throat slash. Hey, good luck in Los Angeles.

I'm standing in Connecticut. Dan Hurley, don't listen to me. Dan Hurley said the idea of coaching LeBron was exciting. The thought of coaching LeBron James is incredibly exciting. You know, one of the positives about the Lakers was the chance to coach LeBron James.

So the chance LeBron made an incredible coach, LeBron made an incredibly appealing meet with LeBron out there. I did not. I did not. We had some communication over the weekend. It was it was awesome to see that from him to hear that from him.

It was amazing. Was he doing standing in the woods? Is he captive?

He decided to stay in Yukon. That's all I heard was was cicadas and and crickets in the back. Did you hear that?

I did. Well, I'm not going to complain is because he was actually in a gym. And it's maybe the only time I've heard a press conference in a gym and no balls bouncing.

Wow. What is the gym? Was he standing next to the door of a gym? Probably background noise. Yeah, it was some loud ass bugs.

It's cicada season, right? Some say, man, you wake them bugs will wake you up at five in the morning. What?

Shut up. What are they doing? Do you know what they're doing when they do that? Are they mating? Like what are they doing? Are they hot?

I don't know. And they have such a short lifespan. And maybe they're all right. Yeah, I think they like they wake up right.

If it was a 12 years or 13 years, then they're awake for like two weeks. Did you know I was on I was in a building and like the 18th floor here in Atlanta and there was a grasshopper on the window? What?

Did you know a grasshopper? And I think now maybe doing too much. Now we're going to have callers. Then the guy called last week and try to educate us on humans and Neanderthals. Yes. Yeah.

The sapiens. Yes. Yes. We're going to have somebody calling to tell us about bugs. I think a cricket and a locust is the same thing, I think. OK, that sounds about right. I would not argue that grasshoppers, they fly, bro.

Did you know that? No, they just hop. He was on the eight. He was on the window on the 18th floor. How did he climb all the way up?

I doubt it. Inside or outside. He was out. He was on the outside of the window, outside of glass. So first thought is maybe a bird got him.

No, dropped him. And then he just magically flew to stick on the side of a window. I mean, crazier things have happened.

Nah, come on. They can fly that high. Grasshoppers fly, man.

I'm Google it now. Are you sure? Oh, I was going to get a grasshopper fly. Grasshoppers can fly because grasshoppers have such powerful jumping legs. People sometimes don't realize they have wings. Most grasshoppers are pretty strong flyers and will make good use of their wings to escape predators. Their jumping ability just gives them a boost into the air. How high can they fly?

At least 18 floors, apparently. And encountered swarms flying 1000 feet above ground. So that would check out.

Yeah, it would, yeah. I was shocked, too. I'm like, what is this? Wild stuff. Wow, that's pretty cool. Yeah, Danny Ferry knows about them because they interrupt his press conference.

Grasshoppers. Anyway, good for him. I hope he wins another championship at UConn. We had a guest on this week said it looks, ain't nothing guaranteed, but it looks good. And he's going to have other options if he wants to back in the NBA.

So good for him. And now we got all these reports about, you know, what's the other guy now? J.J. Redick is going to have a formal interview. J.J. Redick's job might be done as soon as tomorrow with the NBA finals. And I haven't listened, but it sounds like people hate J.J. Redick and Doris Burke.

Like people hate him. I mean, just last year you had Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. You replaced them with Doc Rivers, who went back to coaching and Doris Burke.

People still don't like Doris Burke. And now you got J.J. Redick there. Only thing he hasn't said is make stupid references about plumbers and and firefighters. This might be your Lakers next head coach.

LeBron James already ran him through the interview. What more do we need? The wild stuff here. Anyway, it's the J.R. sport. We show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

On the other side of the break. You know what? We'll talk about the Celtics. We're going to get into this news about Trevor Lawrence. Yeah, we'll even hear from Shoms. Shoms has more information about J.J. Redick because I guess Shoms is carrying the bags of J.J. Redick.

And J.J. Redick is carrying the bags of LeBron James. We got a lot to get into. Hey, Kaitlyn Clark is in action.

The Panthers are trying to go up 3-0 against the Oilers. We got a lot to do in the last hour before I roll out. You're locked into the J.R. sport we show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Don't go anywhere. We're going to talk about sports. But me and a break. I'm going to Google locusts and grasshoppers, OK? I'm Steve Irwin over here. It's the J.R. sport we show.
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