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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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June 12, 2024 8:10 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 12, 2024 8:10 pm

How does Kristaps Porzingis missing Game 3 impact the series? l Marcus Thompson II, The Athletic NBA reporter l Calls on the impact of Jerry West 

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All you got to do is ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. I'm being joined by super producer and host Ryan Hickey. Ryan Hickey's in New York City.

The wonders of technology, right? I'm in Atlanta. He's in New York and you are somewhere else. And the show is like almost instant. Like how about that? It's crazy. Anyway, I'll be rolling with you for the next three hours. The show gets started at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific every single weekday. Congratulations. You made it to Wednesday. I'm going to get you over the hump.

I'm going to get you closer to Thursday. Every minute, every second that goes by, I am doing my job. We've had a busy day.

Unfortunate news for today. We learned about the passing of Jerry West earlier in the day. We showed a lot of love to Jerry in the first hour of the show. Coming up in about, I don't know, 20 minutes, we're going to talk to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic. We're going to talk all things basketball.

We'll talk about Jerry West. And of course, we're going to talk about the news that just broke about five to 10 minutes ago that Chris Staps Porzingis is officially out tonight. He will not be playing in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. That leg injury that Joe Mazula said is serious. The leg injury where he can't reportedly feel his leg or part of it is in pain. The leg injury that reportedly, there haven't been many cases of this in the NBA, is keeping Porzingis out tonight. And quite frankly, I mean, if he's out tonight, we don't know if it's precautionary. We don't know if they're going to hold him until the next game. I mean, Joe Mazula has talked openly about, you know, it's not in the hands of Chris Staps Porzingis about whether or not he plays.

It's going to be in the hands of the medical professionals. I think the Dallas Mavericks are going to take a game tonight. I think Kyrie Irving is going to bounce back. Well, I mean, not much for him to bounce back to. He sucked so far here in this series. 16 points, 12 points. Kyrie Irving knows he can do better. Everybody knows he can do better.

And I think tonight without a seven foot two man to clog up the lane or lift up a big ol' arm, I think Kyrie Irving will do just that. If you want to participate in the show, it's simple. 855-212-4227. You can also find me online.

I am at JR Sport Brief. Do not look it up. Don't Google it.

Don't search it. If you're driving in a vehicle, try and be safe. And we got so much more to do. OK, we got Marcus Thompson. I told you from the athletic joining us in about 20 minutes and about an hour from now.

It's Wednesday, Wednesday evening afternoon, depending on where you live. I'm going to share with you a new top six list. And this is to honor Jerry West, who happens to be the logo.

The silhouette is his logo for the NBA. We're going to talk about the top six faces of the NBA, the individuals who kind of laid the groundwork for what we see as a billion dollar organization, a global entity. We'll talk about that next hour.

Who are the most influential people to ever play in the league? That top six list is coming in an hour from now. You don't want to miss it. But for the news that just broke, Kristaps Porzingis is out. OK. And I told you, Joe Mazzola, this is what he said from yesterday. He said, our doctors, they're going to be the ones who determine whether or not he steps onto the basketball court. He's doing anything and everything he can to be ready for the game tomorrow. It's a much it's a serious injury. And at the end of the day, our team and the medical team is not going to put him in any bad situations. And so we've taken a decision to play out of his hands because of the importance of him. And so he's going to do everything he can to play. And then we're going to leave it up to our medical team.

Yeah, well, I guess it's too damn dangerous, right? Because he's not playing. Kristaps Porzingis had 20 points in Game one. Remember those 11 points pretty much right out of the gate. Kristaps Porzingis had 12 points and 23 minutes in the last game before he had the exit in the fourth quarter. So coming to that injury and then everything was pretty quiet from there. Joe Mazzola said, we're going to take out of his hands. And yesterday as well, Kristaps Porzingis, he felt optimistic that he could play.

Obviously, that ain't the case. I am, of course, I have to be. I'm optimistic.

And as I said, I will do everything I can to be out there tomorrow. And we'll see. This man and I get it. It's a calf. It's a calf.

He got a well. He got a big calf. OK, it's a long calf. He's seven foot two.

The guy is nothing but arms and legs on the basketball court. Took him 40 days to recover from a calf strain. It's talking about how he has a rare injury.

The reticulum, something or another ligament moves, whatever. They said it's serious. They said it's rare. I wouldn't be shocked if we don't see him again. This series, man, I wouldn't be shocked. I'm with you because it's the finals. I think maybe he could try to talk his way into the lineup, whether it's Friday, whether it's if there's a game five Monday.

I'm with you, I lean towards you, don't see him, but I think either way, even if we do, I think his effectiveness at any point the rest of the series is basically zero. I mean, someone around the fourth quarter, he was just a body out there. He's seven foot two. It's not just that we've seen photos and videos of him walking around over the past few days. It's one thing to walk like Kristaps Porzingis is at his best.

And I guess this is a gift and a curse. And most athletes, he's at his best when he's able to be moving around and athletic. I don't think it's a a shock or it should be a surprise that in Kristaps Porzingis first game back, the man played like he was shot out of a cannon. He played like he was fresh. He played like he was fresher than everybody else because he was.

This man was posting guys up. He was shooting threes. He was flying to the basket to block shots. He was dunking the basketball like he was back with the New York Knicks.

It's no coincidence. And then by the time we get to the end of the second game, his body can't even handle that. This is sad for a guy like Kristaps Porzingis. Kristaps Porzingis has outscored the entire Mavs bench in this series, 32 points to 29.

Where are they getting these points from? Luke Cornette is going to step up. Al Hallford is going to go out there and knock down a few more threes. He's going to be tasked with trying to put a body in front of Kyrie Irving.

This is going to be tough. This is a big loss for the Celtics. I still think they can win the series. I still think, all things considered, that they have a more well-rounded team capable of guys who can go off. They have a more well-rounded team capable of guys who can go off. But if you're asking me about tonight, I got the Dallas Mavericks winning.

I have them bouncing back. And Luka Doncic, is he Kristaps Porzingis? Does he have his injury history?

No. Kristaps Porzingis torn meniscus, torn ACL, cash strain. Like, Kristaps is 28 years old.

28. Now he has this injury that nobody's ever heard of in their lives. Do I think Kristaps is going to last past 30?

I don't think so. Luka Doncic has a busted up knee, a busted up ankle, a busted up shoulder. Kristaps Porzingis, excuse me, Luka Doncic has a chest bruise. He needed a shot to play in the last game. He's going to need a shot to play in tonight's game. It's not going to be a shot that saves Kristaps Porzingis.

He might be done for the series. Luka Doncic, he talked about how beat up he's been through this series. He's like, yeah, man, they're physical as hell out here.

I think it's up a notch for sure. You know, both teams played a lot of games throughout the season, but I think the physicality has been a point for sure. Yeah, there ain't nothing else to play for, right? It's the NBA Finals. NBA Finals are going to be done before we know. We got like a, what, a week, week and a half max more of basketball? The season's about to be done. All the other teams are sitting at home, they're on vacation. We got Paul George sitting on a pregame show.

LeBron James is, I don't know, FaceTime and Kevin Hart making jokes. The season is about to come to a conclusion. You might as well play hard if you got to this point. The Boston Celtics have been running roughshod through everybody all season long. I'm supposed to think that Kristaps Porzingis, who played 57 games, him being out is going to slow them down a little bit. I still got them winning the finals. I still have them winning the series. I just don't see them winning tonight. Let Kyrie go off.

And if things are going to be entertaining, then make my day. Maybe this will punch some life into the Dallas Mavericks. Maybe they'll feel a little bit more confident instead of having a look at Kristaps Porzingis on a switch. Maybe Jason Tatum will say, damn it, now I need to score some more.

That might happen. Kristaps Porzingis, I got to be honest. I don't know if we'll see him the rest of the series. I remember a couple of years ago, 2019, this man is not seven foot two. He's only a 6'11, seven feet tall. There's a guy named Kevin Durant who dealt with a calf injury, missed a lot of times in the playoffs. Excuse me, missed a lot of time in the playoffs. He showed up and he blew out his Achilles.

And I get it. This is the other leg for Kristaps Porzingis. But is it worth the risk for Kristaps to even play again this series?

Yeah, if he can do it, he's going to try. Wouldn't it be a tragic story if Porzingis, the Celtics got a 2-0 series lead? Maybe that's why he's sitting tonight.

If they were tied or behind, maybe he'd go and play. It would be tragic if Kristaps attempted to go out there and did further damage. This man's history of leg injuries is long as hell.

I'm going to say it again. ACLs, torn. A meniscus, torn. A calf, strained. I don't even know how to describe the latest injury because they say not a lot of guys have had it. He basically has a ligament or something that moved the wrong way.

He's like he got carpal tunnel right now in his leg. Picky, I wouldn't be mad. You know, even for him, and I'm not him and I'm not a doctor. If they just put him away for the next, I don't know, until October, I wouldn't blame them for that. I wouldn't.

I know it is. It's very frustrating because, like you said, for how talented he is and how well he's fit in the Celtics roster, the story of this season, the story of his career has been his inability to stay healthy. Forget October. I mean, at this point, maybe March. Oh wow.

Put him in bubble wrap till March, give him a month, six weeks, you know, ramp up to the postseason, and then hope he gets it healthy for the two months there. Well, for the Boston Celtics to try to go back to back, huh? Exactly right. Yeah, right. It's bittersweet.

I mean, he contributed this season, played 57 games and just he just can't stay healthy. And this is the story and we talked about it yesterday. This is the story for a lot of bigs in the NBA.

It's just so tough when you, it's like the bigger you are, the harder you fall. I've met Chris Staps Porzingis once. Once.

Once. Chris Staps Porzingis had to take three steps back and lean onto a table to talk to me. This is a giant guy. The biggest human I've ever seen in my life is Yao Ming.

He made no damn sense. At least I didn't have to talk to Yao. Chris Staps is big as hell. And I don't know if his body can take any more of the NBA. We'll see if we see him again in the NBA finals.

I'm just not confident. At least he has a guaranteed $30 million coming next year from the Boston Celtics, whether he's playing or not. It's a shame. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. If you're just locking in, Chris Staps Porzingis has been ruled out tonight in game three of the NBA finals down in Dallas against the Mavericks. The Celtics are going to try to go up 3-0 without the 7 foot 2 Latvian. Let's see if they can do it. Let's see who steps up. Let's see who plays defense. Let's see if they can slow down Kyrie Irving. It's going to be tough.

It's going to be difficult. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. What we're going to do right now is take a break. And when we come back on the other side, it's time to talk about the unfortunate passing earlier today of Jerry West, as well as take a look at what has just happened here in the NBA finals. No Porzingis. We'll get into the Los Angeles Lakers and what their coaching search looks like. We've got a lot to do. We're going to have a conversation with Marcus Thompson from the Athletic. He's going to join us on the other side. You're locked in.

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I need you to thank O'Reilly Auto Parts for all of your car care needs, your guaranteed low prices, and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. What a day, what a day, what a day. It's an NBA day. We didn't even have to talk about Dan Hurley, right?

I guess that's done. It's an NBA day. We didn't even have to talk about Kaitlyn Clark. No Kaitlyn Clark talk today so far which I guess is nice. I mean how long can we complain or fight for her to be on an Olympic team or not or talk about the fact that she's disliked amongst some in the WNBA?

Oops I guess I talked about Kaitlyn Clark. And so it's been a very busy day. We know game three of the NBA Finals is about an hour away. There will be no Kristaps Porzingis and we also learned earlier today unfortunately of the passing at 86 years old of an icon in the NBA in Jerry West. To talk about everything taking place in the world of basketball right now, being joined by someone who is a writer for the athletic, he is an author in his own right, has wrote books about some of the dynasties in the NBA and Kevin Durant and wrote the book Golden about Steph Curry and his rise. He's from the Bay.

He also wants the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. It's Marcus Thompson. Marcus how are you man?

Thank you for the time. Oh man you know we'll find a way to make one baby. That's what we do. Yes let me know the next time you come back down to Atlanta okay? Absolutely.

No doubt. I think I saw you in a Fricknick documentary. Did I see you?

Was that you? Hey you didn't see me there. I was in the Bronx New York okay. Take it easy there Marcus.

I was in the Bronx okay. Anyway I know anyway we've had a busy day. We'll talk about Jerry West. I know you wrote a book on dynasties and you know a lot about Jerry.

I want to get into that in a second. We just learned that Chris Staps Porzingis is done at least for this game. What are your thoughts on how that's going to affect the series? Definitely give Dallas a window to get back in this thing and they need it too right because this is like a as must-win as it gets in the NBA Finals.

So I think this is life. I mean you got to figure Kyrie was going to bring it today and Luca is Luca. So if they can kind of get an advantage inside that would really help and I think Chris Staps was such a problem at protecting the rim for them and being in the way like Al Horford ain't no slouch but Al Horford is like 75 years old right. So at some point you figured you don't want to play him 35 minutes but they might have to. So this was kind of like the little the little stimulus package that Dallas needed to get back in the series so they got to do it tonight.

Without a shot of a doubt Marcus Thompson is joining us here from The Athletic. What are your thoughts on on some of the comments that Jason Kidd has made over the past few days when it comes down to you know Brown and Tatum and then Kidd pleads ignorance. I guess he has to try anything to get back in the series huh? Yeah I mean he's watching the film right. He see what's up. He was watching that knowing he needed an advantage so to me that's what good coaches do.

Some of them work the rest right. Some of them come up whatever you can and he was trying to get Tatum or Brown or somebody to step outside themselves and play their game because it's kind of clear if Boston plays their game and plays well they're going to win. I just think he sees that so yeah we we all know what he was doing. He he's he's from Oakland so we we know he got the game for ship and he was raised by Gary Payton and you know Hook Mitchell and those guys so he he knows how to play that kind of mind game.

He was absolutely doing that. I don't care what he says and it was a sign that his team might be in trouble so it was it was smart play by him. I respect it. Yeah the Bay's own Marcus Thompson is joining us here on the JR Sport Brief Show. Speaking of the Bay you have wrote some amazing books covering the Golden State Warriors whether it be Steph Curry and you think about Kevin Durant. We all know about the passing of Jerry West earlier today.

It had an opportunity to to help consult with the Golden State Warriors as well. What have you learned and garnered from from your works over the years about Jerry West? That he is like crazy competitive.

Like it's insane. I mean especially because I I got to know him as an older man and so you would think like after all the battles he's played and you know you think after he gets into his 65-70s that he would chill out some but like nah he was still just as competitive. He still wanted to win just as much like he was into it. That that always kind of amazed me as the as Joe Laker the owner of the Warriors said like he's never made anybody more competitive than Jerry West and to see this this this man who I mean what he had to be like 75 at the time was still like foam at the mouth trying to win. All he cared about was winning.

I thought that was wild. I thought it was like a really impressive like visual image of why he is so great at everything he does because he is obsessed with winning. Marcus Thompson is here with us from The Athletic. You know it's easy to to look and remember him from his time with the Lakers as a player as an executive. You know some of his time gets lost more recently with the Clippers and in the Grizzlies. What were some of his contributions to the Warriors? I know he was instrumental in talking to KD.

He also took a look at Klay Thompson and said that should be the guy. What did he do for the Warriors? I mean first and foremost when the Warriors bought the team and the deal went through in November of 2010 I think it was like five six months later in May they hired Jerry West right. So this was a franchise that was like just moribund right like nobody respected the Warriors. They weren't winning.

They'd been to the playoffs two times in like 20 years or whatever. Jerry West gave them instant credibility. They could get on the phone with people.

They could they could connect with people based on his name. So they gave him a seat on the board and they used his knowledge to build not just the team but really the entire franchise. You know Joe Lincoln had the money.

He had the will. He had the desire but he needed somebody to show him how to do it and so he hired Jerry West to do it. You know fast forward one month from they hired him Klay Thompson's on the board and he's the one saying you got to draft Klay Thompson. So there you got the the number one piece one of the pieces the first actually after Steph they didn't draft Steph but he got the Splash Brothers together. Then Kevin Love is on the table and he's he's a part of this leading this voice inside the organization as they're weighing the deal to say no you got to keep you got to keep Klay. This is crazy at the time because the Warriors hadn't won anything. Klay was young they hadn't done anything and Kevin Love was an all-star but a 2010 guy. So for him to have the foresight to see that was a lot. The ability to get a Steve Kerr the mentorship of Bob Myers like he was very instrumental in the Warriors becoming who they became because so much of it was having to make the right decisions at the right time with the right people and Jerry West was in on all of it.

Marcus Thompson is here with us the JR sport pre-show Coast to Coast on the Infinity Sports Network. When you talk about his accomplishments as an executive and then what he did as a player and you look at some of the the tributes that poured in today it's rare that you get someone who is universally lauded and universally respected for what they accomplished as not just a player but but as a person as well. Why do you think he garnered so much respect amongst every generation of NBA player? I think it began with how good he was like the people who knew him from back then I think everybody understood like how great of a player he was and I think it began there like some of us who wasn't around like you know I'm saying them old black and white films don't look that impressive so we don't really know right but then I think as people got to deal with him I mean he's made so many massive moves in the NBA that it's hard not to respect him but I also think like Jerry West is a good dude like he talks to anybody I mean anybody I remember being a new beatwriter and trying to get a story and calling Jerry West and he talked to me for like 25 minutes and it's like Jerry West is on the phone with this random Warriors beatwriter about some random topics so I do think he's he was a master at being authentic and his integrity about winning was so obvious that people gravitated towards it and also you know he had like a personality too right like he was a funny guy he would go off on you you know I know a lot of people got mad that was the thing remember the show Showtime and people thought he didn't portray him right and how mad everybody got I remember talking to people about that behind the scenes and they were mad because it was like you don't do this to Jerry West if it was anybody else maybe it's like ah that's funny that's wrong but whatever but people were legit mad because they really love Jerry West they really like him and they really respect him and I think they were offended by it and that to me kind of showed like yeah like they love this guy it's a little bit more than respect they revere him and you just don't see that that often behind the scenes Marcus Thompson is here with us from The Athletic when you think about Jerry West you talk about the Showtime and the Los Angeles Lakers whether it's bringing in James Worthy hiring Phil Jackson bringing in Shaq saying I want Kobe by Vlade after all that success why did he leave the Lakers I mean was this about the passing of of Doc the Bus how do we get that transition from from the Lakers and then later on with the Warriors? Well one thing about Jerry is like Jerry like he believes in his respect right like Jerry's he knows who he is he knows what he does in a moment you kind of don't really value that or don't see that in the value he thinks then he'll throw up the deuces right he doesn't stay and destruct things internally right it was just like hey if y'all don't want me here I'm out and the whole situation with Phil Jackson was kind of the main thing right he hired Phil Jackson Phil Jackson comes in he's this massive figure Phil Jackson's power kind of grew and then Jerry West like you know there was there was some issues about it if you read the books about it and you know all the reporting about it you know he wasn't a fan of you know the coach dating the owner's daughter and all that type of stuff right like I just think over time he realized that other people's voice mattered so he was like I'm gonna go do my own thing somewhere else and that's just the kind of principled person he was like even with the Warriors when it's 2017 when he felt like all right you know I feel like my value here has outweighed its time he's like I'm out he's not gonna say and make you like honor him he's just too principled for that so he gets and he goes and does his own thing and every time he does he's usually successful. Marcus you think about the current Lakers it seems like they have their own issues and trying to identify a coach what are your thoughts on the the current search Dan Hurley says no JJ Redick I guess he gets another look Borrego LeBron free agent Bronnie hanging in the draft the Lakers just seem all over the place. Yeah it reminds me of one of my favorite comedies with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence called Life and they had this dude in there played by Joaquin Woodbine they called him Can't Get Right. It's kind of wild that such a illustrious franchise with so much success and it means so much they just have these spells that last like five years a decade where they just can't get it right and part of it is because it's a mom-and-pop shop right like it's it's a family-owned business as big as it is it's still a family-owned business so you got to deal with all the dynamics of that this is not like this corporate kind of separate entity but also like there's so much glitz and glamour and hollywood attached to it it's so much stuff that it's never about just the thing right it's never about just finding a coach so because they're so big and they attract all these personalities and all the significance their their their orbit right it's just not so smooth as everybody else like you know you go to some franchises like Oklahoma City and go you know that's Sam Presti's where everybody knows that right you come to the words this is Joe Laker's world like it's all easy with the Lakers because it's so magnetic it's so massive but you got like four planets circling there right so it's hard to get them all aligned that I think that's why this coaching hire is so important it's so important they need one figure to align it all that used to be Jerry West or Phil Jackson right now they need it for a while it was Mitch Kupchak or you know when it was Jerry Buss it was Jerry Buss you know Jeannie needs to find her person to handle it they've tried so many people they've got to nail this because it's it's just wild that the Lakers can't can't do this right this is such a coveted job why is it so hard but it clearly is very hard because they can't keep a coach Mark his final question for you I know you're you're from out in the bay what are your thoughts on on these Golden State Warriors and and what their future could look like is Steph Curry is is getting older everybody's getting older Clay has been hurt how do they move forward and and winning another championship or is it time to just hey look at another way to do it if at all yeah I think they need another massive piece they need another major piece I don't know how they get it and I don't know who it is but they need something they try like Wiggins when Wiggins was really good they won a championship so like they they still need that they need to do that again because that that Wiggins part felt like a little bit of a Scott had the right time flash it you know like he sustaining that it's tough they got to get another star especially because they're older they need somebody who's who's good enough to put you know Steph on the side sometimes be like yes Steph I got this right they need that they haven't had that in a while since Kevin Durant so it's really important they get it I don't know how they get it but if they do they'll be really good because they got a lot of depth they got some young pieces they just got to get their hands on the stars the problem for them is their stars aren't available right or the ones who are they come with major question marks one of the names that the one of the guys I like is Zach Levine right Zach Levine makes a ton of money and he's got an injury history so it could not work as risky if it works if it works in the way Wiggins works he'd be great but when it works that way like so they're gonna have to take one of those like roller the dice situations on somebody on somebody and and hope it works that's how they get back in the mix because they've got one superstar and they need another one in order to compete we're watching that in these finals you gotta have two at least so they need one I don't know how they get it but that's what they need yeah let's see if they can get their hands on it and Marcus I want to thank you so much for your insight into Jerry West sharing some thoughts on the finals as well the Lakers the Warriors where can people follow you your work with the athletic and also pick up some of the great books that you put together on the Warriors the Lakers dynasties and what have you man fill us in I'm a Thompson scribe on all platforms Thompson SCRIBE everything you need from me you can find it whatever you are just just put in time subscribe or you'll find my mug hollering at you hey Marcus thank you thank you so much I appreciate the words a great chat we're going to do it sooner than later okay all right have a good one bro no doubt about it that Marcus Thompson of the athletic also the author of golden KD in dynasties some of the best dynasties the greatest teams that change the NBA for ever thank you Marcus for your great perspective it's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network I gotta switch gears for a minute before we get to the top six list at the top of the hour we're going to talk about some of the top six faces of the NBA but speaking of dynasties legendary teams Russell Wilson talked about his time so far with the Steelers we'll hear from him and then Travis Kelce has some words as well it's the JR sport re-show on the infinity sports network we all belong outside we're drawn to nature whether it's the recorded sounds of the ocean we doze off to or the succulents that adorn our homes nature makes all of our lives well better despite all this we often go about our busy lives removed from it but the outdoors is closer than we realize with all trails you can discover trails nearby and explore confidently with offline maps and on trail navigation download the free app today and make the most of your summer with all trails tune in is the audio platform with something for everyone news in order to secure convictions in a court of law it is essential that we conclusively sports the step back three music and even podcasts whatever you love hear it right here on tune in go to or download the tune in app to start listening tired of sifting through countless supplements unsure of what's actually effective introducing legion the choice of over 800,000 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player and uh who knows will we see him on friday possibly could he be done for the season maybe it's kristaps i also need to let you know that you need to thank o'reilly auto parts for all of your car care needs get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at o'reilly auto parts when we get to the top of the hour it's going to be time for a new top six list uh yes the nba finals start in less than an hour from now you got game three but you know jerry west has inspired tonight's top six list and we'll get there in about 15 or so minutes as we're going to take a look at some of the top six faces of the nba individuals who have pretty much laid the groundwork and been so influential and and what we see is is billions billion dollar organization here we are in 2024 global okay let's get to the phone lines i told you we'll get to the steelers as well speaking of a legendary organization russell wilson has some words travis kelsey has some words we might have to wait to do that later on in the show eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven let's talk to steven he's calling from wisconsin you're on the jr sport brief show hey man how you doing i'm very well what's on your mind steven good thanks for coming in with outcast i love the college park i spend a little bit of time at lanta but we we won't talk about that uh-oh okay no it was fun it was fun not bad not bad so i have two two points i want to make one is about why kp should not play then the second point is about what i think is going to lakers so i'm going to run down a list and we we don't have time to respond to all of them but lower leg injuries especially like with people that are taller i'm just going to lift up that's going to up top of my head so dominique has achilles shack achilles isaiah achilles grent hill ankle charles barkley achilles y'all mean foot work you know foot issues achilles kobe achilles kd achilles the only people that came back and were close to where they were were kobe and kd so i don't think they can play with like play with like i don't think it's it's something to play with if you're not sure what's going on i'm not just thinking about that yeah and in the case of chris das prozingis to be clear we do know he has a history of leg issues a torn meniscus torn acl he's missed a good chunk of the postseason here with a calf strain and this new injury that he suffered is on the opposite leg uh it is is closer to being a tendon issue the way they've described it is it's a misplaced tendon that went the wrong way could be partially torn we we have no idea but he is out he has a history of leg injuries and i mean he is taller than any individual that you just named that at seven foot two and for a guy who's 28 years old has never really ever been healthy it's it's it's not looking good for chris das um i don't want to be the ominous one but you started naming guys who have had long careers and i mean charles barkley is six foot four we know he played bigger than what he was it's it's it's tough going when you put the wear and tear on your legs i'll tell you this man i know plenty of mba players a lot of older ones and when i say older guys who are in their 40s their 50s i i know plenty of them who are in their 60s and 70s they don't yeah they just just not even feet they don't they don't move gracefully as they get older when you see somebody you know i'll tell you this dr j still looks smooth when he gets around but i'll tell you this i'm sure when he's inside his house i'm pretty sure he's just sitting down relaxing too it's not easy steve no thanks man that that's great i agree with you on a percent then about the lakers and well actually more about jerry west and you know r.i.p i love you know i love i love him i love coby i think the problem with the lakers is what jerry west was great at as an executive is setting up the culture if you understand like understanding everyone stays in their lane and knows what their job is and own their job and do it you know to the best of their ability and we will win and i think the lakes is just missing that piece of okay you know not it's not necessarily who's in charge but everyone knows their role if that makes sense yeah well you know what i think i think marcus who joined us in the last break illustrated it perfectly he was valued for his opinion and i think we can look at his track record it worked out a lot of times he might be the greatest executive that the nba has ever seen and all things considered he knew when when things got good and egos got big and the power structure changed marcus did a great job in illustrating that jerry west was was not afraid to walk away and uh you know apply his trade somewhere else he he wasn't anywhere in the nba where he didn't have success and i think that says a lot for league where it's it's ridiculously hard to go out there yeah you gotta manage egos but anyways man thank you for taking my call i appreciate it i love listening to you well thank you steven you have a good evening stay tuned for the top six list it's going to be a good one yeah jerry west is he was great and i think he's he's the perfect illustration for uh you know what the nba is and what a lot of people don't get about it how hard it is to win it's so easy nowadays in the social media era to be so critical of players and rip them to shreds i mean there was a point in time where espn was you know a healthy debate or healthy news and now everything has to be a hot take and hardcore opinions and i if jerry west was playing now what would people say he's a loser like come on sometimes we got to call a spade a spade and look at the entirety of someone's career and what they bring to the table and not just what they walk away with at the end we we got to do better with that but hey controversy makes the world go around it makes a lot of people rich it doesn't make people smart it's the jr sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven yes we're gonna take a break and when we come back on the other side i'm gonna talk to you i'm gonna give you a new top six list it's wednesday it's what i do every wednesday we're gonna take a look at the top six faces of the nba the individuals who laid the path and helped carry the torch it's the jr sport reshow on the infinity sports network don't you move you don't want to miss it top six list start your summer road trip at mitis and get up to thirty dollars off your next trip air service plus get a free closer look vehicle check to make sure your road trip ready so if you need a break service an alignment check or tune up hit up mitis for up to thirty dollars off for more details request your appointment at tune in is the audio platform with something for everyone news in order to secure convictions in a court of law it is essential that we conclusively use sports the step back three music and even podcasts whatever you love hear it right here on tune in go to or download the tune in app to start listening we all belong outside we're drawn to nature whether it's the recorded sounds of the ocean we doze off to or the succulents that adorn our homes nature makes all of our lives well better despite all this we often go about our busy lives removed from it but the outdoors is closer than we realize with all trails you can discover trails nearby and explore confidently with offline maps and on trail navigation download the free app today and make the most of your summer with all trails
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