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6.4.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR
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June 4, 2024 10:05 pm

6.4.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 4, 2024 10:05 pm

How effective will Kristaps Porzingis be in the NBA Finals? l Tyreek Hill & Tua both looking for new deals l This Day In Sports History 


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Ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network. This show gets started every weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. We've had a busy, busy show. We've talked about the Celtics.

Looks like Kristaps Porzingis is going to be ready to play tomorrow. We talked to David Sampson about all this gambling and baseball. He was former president of the Marlins. We talked to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN. Not only is she helping to produce a new show about Donald Sterling called Clipped on FX slash Hulu. We talked about the NBA finals with her. And then we had another host from here on the Infinity Sports Network.

My former producer David Shepherd came by to also tell us that he believes the Dallas Mavericks are going to win the championship. And so I'm going to be hanging out here with you for one more hour. If you want to contact me, you want to reach me, it's simple. The phone number is eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

Couple of things today. Hey, Gino Ariana, this man is signing a five year extension with Yukon. Hickey, how long is he going to do this job like the next?

All these coaches are retiring and quitting and leaving and moving on. And he's like, I'll stick around for another five. I mean, it's what he's got cooking. Like, could he be a 10 year guy?

Oh, my God. Gino Ariana, I'm thinking off the top my head, Hickey, he is seventy one seventy two. Think I'm right. I think I think I said he was 70 in the update.

I could be wrong. Oh, okay. Seventy on the button. But either way, we're talking about a year or two.

Seventy seven. Oh, that point. Right. Yeah. He just turned 70. Yeah.

No big deal. What's another five years? It'll probably be the last that he does before he decides to hang him up, I guess. I don't know. Enjoy life, maybe. How about that? Oh, you don't think he's enjoying life? I'm just saying there's a lot to see.

You know, when you're coaching, it's twenty four, seven, three sixty five. Which one? You know, see the sights. Get sick of them damn college students. Right.

Go on vacation. Right. Maybe not 18 year olds. You don't think Gino Ariana goes on vacation?

Do you? I don't know. There's no off season anymore. He's in Connecticut. He's saying you're recruiting your own kids, recruiting high school kids, recruiting transfers, practicing. Yeah, but you're at Connecticut.

You're close to the beach. Right. You can make your way out.

Yeah. You can go. Yeah, but I mean, he has money.

Come on. You think he's sitting in traffic? He can go to he can go. He can stay in Connecticut. He can go to Massachusetts and Cape Cod. He can go down to New York and go to Jersey.

He can go over the Atlantic if he wants to. Come on. It's not that difficult.

Oh, he is landlocked. Damn. You make it sound so miserable to be one of the winningest head coaches of all time. I'm just well, I think you can make an argument as a coach overall that the profession is a lot of misery unless you're Darvin Ham. Right.

Who else got fired with a lot of money? Darvin. Two years in a row. Vogel. Yeah. Lakers and the Suns can pay from two places.

A bigger staff is relaxing right now. I mean, maybe it pays off. I mean, I don't know.

Maybe it does. Anyway, we learned today that LeBron James, well, we learned that J.J. Redick is the front runner. What else is new to be the Lakers next head coach? And we also learned via LeBron James today on their shared podcast, which is the world's longest job interview. Like LeBron sat down J.J. Redick for multiple episodes to figure out if he could do the job or at least hang him out in public so people could see he's smart. And LeBron was, you know what?

No, don't. Hickey didn't J.J. Redick. He was on ESPN when he talked about plumbers and firemen, right? Yes. That was on first take when he was arguing with Christopher Mad Dog Russo.

And he was he was he was saying Bob Koozie was playing against bums, basically. Yes. Yes.

OK. Me and you. Yeah. Yeah. Guys like you and I. OK. Bob Koozie was playing against, which I guess isn't it.

He insulted all of us then. Yes. Let's take a listen to the Lakers next great head coach. This is a short one. Listen to this. You also had 29 assists in an NBA game. Oh, well, you know, he was being guarded by plumbers and firemen.

Yeah, there you have it. The Lakers next coach. Let's listen to his his star player with a guy he's going to be carrying bags for. LeBron James, he's ready for the finals. Unfortunately, he's not going to be playing in it and he's not going to have Kyrie next to him.

Listen to LeBron sitting here watching it. You know, I'm like I'm playing like fucking happy and so proud to watch him and continue his growth or whatever the case may be. And at the same time, I'm so mad at the same time that I am not his running mate anymore. So I'm like, I just remember those times to have a guy like Kyrie Ervin as the ultimate wildcard.

That's like having a it's like having a draw for in your hand every time someone deals you cards in Uno. Come on, man. Only he can get away with saying something like that. Only LeBron James could say, I wish I was playing with this guy. Nobody else is going to run around and say that publicly. And it has nothing to do with tampering because all things considered, LeBron James is not management. He's not an executive, but he's trying to make a message clear. He's like, hey, I tried to get this guy over here with the Los Angeles Lakers. We couldn't do it. Who knows what happens next?

I have no idea. Meanwhile, with the actual team that's going to be playing in the NBA finals starting two days from now, the Boston Celtics. Kristaps Porzingis, he's expected to be back except for when Kristaps Porzingis spoke to the media today about how ready he is. And more importantly, whether or not his is his leg and his calf was pain free. It seemed like Kristaps Porzingis needed time to think about whether or not the pain was still registering in his body.

Listen to this. Are you running pain free at this point? Yes. Hickey, do we need to bring out the Joe Mazula pain scale for Kristaps Porzingis?

Is that what he needs? Imagine your girlfriend asked you, J.R., are you cheating? And you took a 10 second delay before saying no. Oh, my God. Wow.

That sounds like some type of prank that they would play, like a couple would do that prank on the Internet, go up to their partner and say, hey, you know, you cheating and then just stand there and just think about it. Damn, that's damn picky. That's tough. That's I mean, you're on the receiving end of that.

Whatever comes out of that person's mouth after that pause, you know, is factually incorrect. Yeah. It's safe to assume that Porzingis's leg is hanging on by a thread. I don't know if he's going to make it through the entire series. Nobody does. I don't I don't I don't know. I think they're going to limit his minutes.

And why not? I mean, what is Porzingis ever played like really any time on a consistent stretch? I think his last year in Washington, he went on a decent stretch and then picking things up in Boston this go round. You know, Porzingis is well, he only played in 57 games. I think that's pretty much the max for a guy who's seven foot two. And he's he's just he's athletic, but he's not he's not he's not like when Benyama smooth.

And so it seems like, you know, there's a lot of herky jerky if he lands the wrong way. He got a lot of Embiid in him. And let's be real. These these two, they aren't all that well, they're different in size, most definitely.

But in height, not not all that much of a difference. Porzingis might be a little bit taller, but NBA finals get going on Thursday. So, Hickey, we had Ramona Shelburne here and she believes the Mavs are going to win.

We had David Shepherd here. He also believes the Dallas Mavericks are going to win. I like the Celtics just because of the depth.

And I know Shep had mentioned, you know, the bench. I'm like, yeah, this is the NBA finals. Like, who cares? Like the best players. You only got five on the court at one time. You know, what do you think about the finals?

I think the Mavs are winning in six. In large part, I think these teams are very even all across the board. Offensively, defensively, star power, you name it, bench. I think they're very even.

For me, the difference is focus. And what we've seen throughout this entirety of the Celtic drone with this core, the head coach does that matter. They struggle with locking in and giving their best effort for a full 48 minutes for a full seven game series.

They give games away all the time. They just throw their jock shops on the court and think they're going to win. And then struggle with teams that are undermanned or just way less talented than them. And it's a three-point game in the fourth quarter.

Like, what the hell? What are we watching here? And so it's like nothing I've seen, even though they went 12-2 in the playoffs so far. Like, you watch games against Indiana, no Halliburton. You watch games against Cleveland, Lightwood, no Mitchell or Jared Allen. It's still like you're sweating it out, having a comeback, pulling it out late, eating a miracle in game one against Indiana just to win that opening game. They just, to me, give too many games away. And I think Dallas is going to capitalize when they kind of let their guard down and win this in six. Yeah, I agree.

I mean, this has been the Celtics' M.O. Like, to get close but close isn't close enough. Like, how many times are they going to get close and just not get the job done?

Like, they have enough firepower to do it. Just please, for the love of it all, just get it done this go round. And I really, I'm trying to identify a rooting interest outside of saying, man, I just want to see a competitive series. Like, I think the Mavs are going to win.

Oh, excuse me. I think the Celtics are going to win. In order for the Mavs to win, Kyrie and Luka would have to go off, and I'd love to see that too.

So I'm kind of torn in my rooting interests. I think, I believe the Celtics are going to win, but I want the Mavs to win. And the Celtics, they got to do this. The Celtics are like the NBA version of the 49ers. I mean, over the past several years, the 49ers get close.

They just can't get over the hump. And speaking of the 49ers, they did a good thing today. The San Francisco 49ers decided to add and extend Christian McCaffrey. They tacked on two more years to his contract. They said, hey, you, Christian McCaffrey, here's two more years, $38 million. When he gets to the end of this current contract, he's going to make $19 million per year. That's the highest annual value, average value for running back in the game. He's already making more money than any other running back. And this contract is going to lock him up through 2027 when he will be 31 years old. If you look at the McCaffrey jeans from his dad to his brothers, why the hell wouldn't he last? And Christian McCaffrey, he spoke to the media today and he said, oh, man, I'm so happy to be here.

I love it. I really appreciate the players on the team. I think, you know, anytime you sign an extension, obviously you're individually really happy. But then you also have to think about the other guys on the team who helped you get there and who are a big part of your individual success. So I really am very thankful that I'm on a team with guys like that with a great staff.

Just an overall great organization takes care of the players. So I've had nothing but an amazing experience in my time here and I'm really fired up that I'm staying. Oh, he's fired up that he's staying. The fans are happy that he's staying. I know Brock Purdy is happy that he's staying, not that they were going to let Christian McCaffrey walk out of the building after they traded for him. But what about his coach?

This man finally needs to get over the hump. I mean, sheesh, even before he got to the 49ers, he helped blow what was a 28 to three lead in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Sorry, Falcons fans. It's Kyle Shanahan. Hey, Kyle, you're not worried about having Christian McCaffrey a running back until he's 31? Christian is one of the more talented people I've ever been in my life. But if I didn't speak about that, I'd say he's almost the biggest overachiever I've been in my life.

He's been around in my life in terms of how obsessive he is with every little thing and just, you guys have heard us talk about him, but that's where he's extremely unique. And I mean, as you get older with age, you lose a step or something, that's not what makes Christian great. That's how he is the same player down in and down out. And yeah, it's great to have all the talent that he does have. And he takes care of his body as good as anyone. So you don't picture him losing any of that because of a number. But if that stuff does happen, Christian's always going to be a good football player until he decides not to be. And we're not really concerned with that at all with this type of personality.

Hickey, if we, well, let's do one thing at a time. What do you think would happen if we ate like Christian McCaffrey? If we ate everything that he eats as frequently, exactly the same thing he eats for like two months.

What do you think happens? What's his diet? I don't know. Do you see how big that dude is? I mean, he's not big.

He's not like not a tall fellow, but the dude is built like a truck. Two months of his diet. How would we look? We definitely look pretty defined. I would say shredded.

Shredded is probably the right word. You got to exercise, too. Can you exercise with him? I can't do that. I can't keep up. I can. I can try.

I can maybe make it two days before I tap out, but. They'd have to scale it down for us. Oh, big time.

I hope so. Christian McCaffrey diet. Oh, here we go.

GQ has us covered in 2019. You ready for this? OK, let's hear it. The real life diet of Christian McCaffrey, whose arms just went viral. How about that?

Here we go. OK, when does your day start? I wake up at 8 a.m. I try to get out of bed at 10 or 1030. Wow.

For two hours. This is this is typically you hear about these dudes starting to work out at the crack of dawn. But at least he's honest, right? Well, while post videos him like the gym, like three thirty in the morning. Yeah.

Christopher McCaffrey, not that guy. For a while, I tried to see how my recovery was with eight hours of sleep. Oh, he's sleeping eight hours is better than me.

I like getting nine or more hours of sleep. Look at that. My body can't. It won't do it. OK, he has food intolerances. I don't. OK, OK. What I'm deficient in, what my body needs.

I had to cut out a lot of things. No chicken, no tuna, no wheat and no soy. Wow. What does he eat for breakfast? Two hours before I start training on a Monday, I have just egg yolks, no egg whites. And then I'll have something like sweet potato hash with some oats and perhaps fruit.

OK, Hickey, is it can you do that? No. The 30 minutes before I play a workout, I take my supplements. You want some supplements? Sure.

Well, I don't know. Are you a pill guy? I'm not really a pill guy. I need chewables. I have I have I have vitamins, Hickey. I'm a little bit older. I take vitamins.

I take vitamins. Oh, OK. But they're chewables. Oh, true. OK. I'm not a big swallower. OK. He drinks lots of water. OK, I can do that. And amino acids. All right.

And he can do Olympic lifts to plyometrics, single leg stuff. No, not for me. For lunch, Christian McCaffrey has a bison chili with potatoes mixed in. Maybe it has peppers and vegetables and some type of stew. After lunch, I head to a recovery center where I live.

OK, that's that's money there. If you have it dinner, he takes a nap. He tries to eat at seven. He wants his food to digest. He'll have some steak with sweet potatoes, avocado, lots of water. He's drinking at least a gallon and a half in a day. He's drinking a half a gallon before he does anything. Yeah, Hickey, I can't do this, man.

I can't do this. Speaking of diets, did you see how Tua slimmed down? You see what he cut out? He looks like a different human being. He does.

He does. Like I saw a beard. I saw Tua with a fan.

I didn't I didn't. You didn't know who was who? I saw Tua standing next to it. It said Tua, Tonga, Veloa and a fan. And I was like, I thought the fan was Tua first.

I didn't even realize it was Tua. But how did he got that skinny? You ready? What? No sugar. Really? That's what he says. Last year, he gained weight to be durable. And so this is the new thing in the NFL. I know Lamar Jackson said he wanted to lose weight, right? He did lose weight.

He did. Everybody just wants to be smaller. OK. All right. Why don't they take what is this new drug everybody talks about? Ozempic. Is that what it is? Yeah. What are these things?

Polymolytides and I don't get this stuff. Both my pig right now. I don't know this stuff.

Just drink water and try not to eat junk food. I try. And exercise. That's it. That's simple. I don't know. Ozempic, whatever it is, they making money.

So a lot of it, whatever works. Hey, there's a new there's a new fad diet and pill every bunch of years. Remember remember Slim Fast? You remember that? Oh, yeah.

Jenny Craig? Yeah. And what was Dan Marino Hawking before that?

Well, I don't know, bro. That was like a meal plan. I feel like Oprah was doing all of these. You are right. You think about it. There's been like every like five years, some sort of meal plan. Yeah. Nutra fast. That was it. Nutra fast.

Oh, yeah. Everybody wants to be in shape. But there's enough people working out or eating. Well, we all can't have our bison chili and what is this center? A recovery center.

We all can't have that. Yeah. How much do you think he pays for a 30 minute session at the recovery center? Good amount of money. He's LeBron putting a million dollars in his body, but it's probably not that far off. Christian McCaffrey's like, here's three thousand dollars for my half hour recovery. Yeah.

He's he's taking people's a big ass mortgage, a mansion mortgage for his 30 minute recovery. It's the J.R. sport. We show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. You know what? Hickey just mentioned to a tongue of Aloha with all this money that's being thrown around in the NFL right now.

The Dolphins are seemingly still trying to figure things out between Tyreek Hill and Tua. We'll talk about them on the other side because they actually all spoke today. You'll hear them on the other side. The J.R. sport we show. Don't move. You are listening to the J.R. sport brief.

The J.R. sport we show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. I can make you laugh your ass off, but I'll tell you this. Ain't no joke when it comes to money, right? Don't play with nobody's money.

We've had a lot of issues and problems when it comes down to cash. Ipe Mizuhara pled guilty today. 33 years in prison he's facing, including a potential deportation. He is not an American citizen. We talked with David Sampson, former Florida Marlins, Miami Marlins president about Tusa Peter Marcano. This man has been permanently banned from Major League Baseball for being a poor better, poor gambler. This man won four percent of his bets. This man is a fringe Major League, was a fringe Major League Baseball player and basically gambled away his whole damn life.

Stop playing with people's money. We also talked about new contracts. Christian McCaffrey got a new deal as a running back next season. He's going to be making 19 million dollars per. And we've also talked about the deal with Justin Jefferson. He is now making 35 million dollars per.

For all the Cowboy fans out there, you know what this means. C.D. Lamb is trying to hold out to see how much money he can get.

C.D. Lamb has not been at work. There is another wide receiver who wants to make some more money. He's sitting around at 30 million dollars per year and he wants his cash. He wants a renewed deal.

His name is Tyreek Hill. He spoke to the media today and he says, I'm going to let my agent Drew Rosenhaus figure it out. About the contract situation.

You know what? I'm going to let my agent do his job. That's his job, man. His job is to be great at that. And my job is obviously to come out here and continue to do whatever I can to help this team win. Whether that's a restructure, whether that's whatever the case may be.

You feel me? But we want to make sure that it benefits both sides. And I want to be able to help the team as much as I can.

You know what? It's crazy because it's it's not just the wide receiver who wants an enhanced deal in Tyreek Hill. And Tyreek Hill, let's be real, he's still one of the best wide receivers in the game. This past season, 13 touchdowns, 1800 yards receiving.

That's crazy. Tua Tonga Veloa wants a deal too. Coming off of his rookie contract, entering into the last year of his deal. Tua Tonga Veloa is not one of the best, but the Dolphins may have to pay him for that? Tua Tonga Veloa said, I'm not worried about my contract. I'm not blind to people that, you know, are in my position that are getting paid.

Am I concerned about it? I'm not concerned about it, but there's a lot of discussion, you know, that we've had that, you know, we just are trying to move that thing into the right direction where we can both be happy. Did you think there'd be more progress at this point? Well, I think there's been a lot of progress at this point.

From where we started, there's been a lot of progress. Now, you know, you can ask the other question, then why aren't we seeing, you know, an agreement? Well, that's the tough part about it. That's why it's business.

That's why you got one side and the other trying to work to meet in the middle. OK, look at Tua filling us in on what business is. Hickey, I still can't believe he lost so much weight. He's going to take one hit and disappear for the whole season.

Is that what's going to happen with Tua? Yeah, the yo-yo, if you will, of bulking up now, skinning down, shaving the beard as well. I mean, hopefully this all is going to help him stay healthy. He does not look like a football player. He does not look like he can take a hit. He looks like he is. He looks like he's Bryce Young size, doesn't he? If not smaller.

He does look smaller, like he's never told to begin with. Right. That's it. I didn't think about Bryce Young in that comp. That's a good one.

Bryce Young is currently listed. At five foot 10, two hundred and four pounds, OK? Tua listed currently, and this is not like an update on Tua Tonga Veloa. This might be too damn big for Tua.

What is this? Oh, man, he looks like a different six one to twenty seven. He is not two hundred and twenty seven pounds. He is not two hundred twenty seven pounds. His own teammate Tyree Kil had some jokes about his weight loss.

Listen to this. What I'm seeing out of Tua, man, like I ain't gonna lie. When I see Tua at the Pro Bowl, I was kind of scared. Dude was fat. He was fat. It was chubby. I was like, hold on now, brah. Hold on, brah. Like Ryan Clark said you were kind of thick. Now he one line.

But I'm seeing him now and where he's come from and how skinny he has gotten. What what's that stuff with everybody taking? Ozempic.

He had to be taking that, brah. Oh, my God. Everybody's talking about this. Ozempic. It is. Oh, man. Hickey, you don't try it, OK? Don't try it. Don't try it.

It's Ozempic. Don't do it. No, sir.

Just drink water and work out a little bit. That's all I need. Oh, my God. Ozempic.

Marco Belletti. Marco, did you you heard of this Ozempic stuff? I have.

I don't think that I'll be going down that road, although I can definitely, you know, look to shed a few, but not down that road. What do you know what it is, isn't it? Wasn't it originally for to help with like diabetic? And for some reason.

Yes. And for some reason, people use. Yeah, but just like anything else with Viagra was supposed to be blood pressure. And then you find out it has a different reason. And all really.

Oh, yeah. Supposed to be a blood pressure medication. Is this market different? Well, they figured out, you know, it's doing a little bit more than just regulating your blood pressure. And they were like, we can make a fortune off this. So you never know. Oh, wow.

OK. OK. I wonder what other drugs you can take for unknown purposes. I wonder. There's a lot of drugs you could take for unknown purposes.

The problem is there are unknown purposes and you don't really know until you take it. So you're advising me on the air to just test them all out. That could be a way to go. OK. If you like. OK.

Thank you for the advice, Marco. If I'm not here tomorrow, I know who to blame. Go ahead.

You'll blame me all you want. Do you know a guy or do I just walk into CVS? No, man, I don't know anybody. OK. We don't do that stuff over here.

CVS or CVS? Sure. OK. All right.

Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Speaking of a guy, there's one from Baltimore here. His name is Mike.

Mike, you're on the JR Sport regional. Go ahead. Hey, JR, my perfectly dictioned friend. How are you doing tonight? I'm good.

What's on your mind? Hey, what do you think about Soto? I mean, I mean, he's a hell of a player.

But this is an ex. I mean, gosh, I would like to see if I was if I was a pitcher. I clunk him.

I don't. He had picked something. Pick one out. Oriel's pitchers during the Yankee series. I forgot which pitcher. But he's just an irritant man. Hell of a ball player, but a irritant. I don't see the guy doing nothing but playing baseball.

I haven't picked up on nothing. You've never seen him do anything like rocking back and forth at the plate and just. And I forgot what he did to me.

I mean, I forgot which pitcher it was during the Oriel series. He just started picking with him for no reason. And his antics, man. Like I say, antics. I've never heard anything about antics and rocking back and forth at the plate. If I had his eyesight at the plate, I'd be rocking back and forth to. I'm talking about just rocking back and forth.

He does this little ethical. He rocks back. I'm not coming in his bed. You've got to check my mind. Just let's let's see.

Let's see if the Orioles just jump on front of the Yankees in the standings and just call it a day. All right. I would be I would be I would be more worried about what Soto can do at the plate than any of his antics that you prescribe. OK. Yeah. And he's proven to be just a nurse in there.

I mean, he was in D.C. and then San Diego or wherever. Why don't you worry about the Orioles instead? I do. But it's just certain players just run me the wrong way. He's just you just sit around on a Tuesday worried about him.

No, no. That's what it sounds like to me. You just like they're not even watching something the other day. And I was looking at some of his antics and he does. I got that about the pitch.

I don't come every time. Hey, if you want to be sick of somebody's antics, what's this? What's the WNBA lady's name?

Kennedy Carter. Be sick of her. OK. What did she do? What do you mean? What did she do? Where you been? You've been under a rock for five days. Mike, look up Kennedy Carter. Look that up.

And you'll be down a wormhole for like five days. All right. Oh, that's the one that that leveled up. Yes.

Yes. Oh, OK. All right. Look, all right. All right. I might take it easy, man. OK, brother. All right. Peace out. Bye bye.

Andy's calling from Green Bay. You're on the chair. Support for your show. Hey, how's it going? I'm going great. How are you going? Oh, I'm doing great. My son just got done up in his first game in baseball. Beautiful.

Congrats. Did he win or lose? Oh, he was umping. So. Oh, he's an umpire.

Oh, he wants to get chewed out and cursed out for the next million years of his life. Great. He's tough. I know. Oh, here in Green Bay.

And well, just north of Green Bay, I live in Swamico. It's it's pretty easygoing. Good.

The umpires are kids. They know that. Beautiful. Beautiful. They can't be yelling at them.

Beautiful. What else is going on? What I'm calling for is earlier you were talking about Viagra and how to use some blood pressure. Well, the main ingredient in Cialis is called Tadalafil. And I'm on 40 milligrams of that. Usually for like EDs that give dudes like five milligrams.

I'm on 40. And that's to open up the blood vessels in my lungs because I have a heart disease called pulmonary hypertension that 80 year old men die of. Oh, my God.

Well, I'm glad that I'm glad that you're alive. You said this is Cialis? It's the main ingredient called Tadalafil. But yeah. Oh, wow.

So it makes the thing work, you know. Oh, hey, I don't know what thing you're talking about, but I'll think about it. Thank you, Andy. Oh, you know what thing.

Come on. I don't know what you're talking about. Thank you, Andy. Congratulations to your boy, OK? Thank you, sir. You as well, man. Oh, my God.

Marco, look what rabbit hole you took us down, Marco. It's your fault. Don't blame me, man.

Don't blame the messenger. So what do I have to do to increase my endurance when I go to the gym? I mix Viagra and Cialis. I don't know if you're supposed to mix them together. I feel like you're supposed to just take one or the other, I think. Well, Hickey just said he just drinks a lot of water.

If I drink a lot of water and I have Cialis and a Viagra, when I get to the gym, I'm never going to be tired. I can run up. What's that mountain that people disappear at the top of? Everest?

Yeah, the one that they freeze up there. That's there. Yeah, I can go. I can go. Yeah, I can climb that mountain.

And this would also help you because I've talked to this is not a secret. Many a football player. A lot of them will take the Viagra in the really cold. It helps the blood circulation. Oh, yes.

So that way they don't have to chop off your toes and fingers in Kansas City. That's that's the idea. Look at all the uses of these amazing drugs.

How about that? Listen, people, talk to your doctor first. Don't listen to us.

Don't do it. You are listening to the J.R. sport brief, the J.R. sport show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. What a what a show this was. What a fun show this was.

We had David Samson on to talk about Major League Baseball. All these gambling clowns that are messing up their lives. Get it together.

It's a disease. My apologies for calling them clowns, but he's not just a clown, he's a thief. The other guy. What's his name?

Tousa Peter. What a bad gambler. He gambled his life away.

He's 24 years old. Damn, talked about all these NFL contracts and everybody wants a contract. Who doesn't want more money? They need to give me some money.

Damn it. C.D. Lamb wants money. Tyreek Hill wants money. Christian McCaffrey. The whole family got money.

Now he got more money. Picky, I bet you Christian McCaffrey was eating bison, chili and soup when he was an infant. They probably gave it to him as a kid. Got them genetics. I think you're right. Maybe that's the key. Yeah, we looked up.

If you're just tuning in, I didn't make that up. We looked up his diet. What does Christian McCaffrey eat? He's like, oh, I'm just having bison chili for lunch. You think that man gets all that that muscles and the protein and all that other stuff from you got to get it from something.

No regular cow is doing that. Nope. We talked about Kyrie. We talked about LeBron and J.J. Redick.

Looks like he's in line. Targeted to be the Lakers next head coach. Chris Staps Porzingis looks like he's going to play.

How long he can start or last. We have no idea. Ramona Shelburne joined us. ESPN NBA writer David Shepherd joined us.

David Shepherd is a fill in host and a weekend host here on the Infinity Sports Network. Hickey is a host to Hickey. Tell everybody when your show is, man.

Tell them every single Sunday right here on the Infinity Sports Network starts at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific. Yeah. Hickey got you all hooked up on the weekends to. Talked about a lot. Hickey, did I miss anything? Well, you missed what we kind of just talked about before about, you know, blood enhancers. Is that what it's called?

Blood enhancers? One way to dress it up. An interesting show today. This is Marco's fault. We're talking about Ozempic and the next thing you know, he's talking about Viagra. That's true.

He did take us down that path. Yeah. He says encourage you to try it out. Yeah.

And then another guy calls and says Cialis. And I'm like, what happens if you mix the two? I don't know. I don't want to find out. I'm not gonna.

Does make you wonder, though. Listen, you do it and then don't tell me what happens. OK, I'm not interested. I'll just drink water anyway.

I know what I need to do now. I need to tell you about a few things that took place this day in sports history. Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again. It's time for this day in sports history. You see, back in those days, we had radio and you couldn't see anything. And it was primitive and lousy and we liked it.

On the JR Sport Brief Show. I wish I was 50 years younger and I'd kick your ass. Hey, listen, folks, today is June 4th. Unless you're listening on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, where at this point it's already the fifth. But we ain't thinking about you.

Today is June 4th. And if we go back to the year 1974, Seattle was granted an NFL team. Seattle was given and granted the Seattle Seahawks. They can thank their first owner, John Nordstrom, not John Nordstrom. Excuse me. This is what he had to say back in this day.

Nineteen seventy four. When it came time to award the team, the league decided that they wanted Seattle. We really at that point had to risk huge amount of dollars as far as we were concerned.

And I just said that just makes no sense. We kind of like sports, but we were at that point, we were really more interested in doing something for Seattle. We wanted to have something that was a real asset to Seattle.

Well, damn it. Bring the supersonics back next. Anyway, that was in 1974 when they were granted a team. They didn't start until 76. And we know they didn't win a title until 2013. And they should have another title.

But we can blame Pete Carroll for that. On June 4th in 2008, the Detroit Red Wings, they won another Stanley Cup. They beat the Penguins three to two.

This is their fourth cup in 11 seasons. This is the final call, courtesy of NBC. Ten seconds to go, Gonchar flipped one, it's off the glove of Lidstrom, sent back out to center, eyes off Cleary, Gonchar turns it around.

Hit it front, right back in, a little pass to the front, back in. And that's it. The Detroit Red Wings for the fourth time in 11 years are the Stanley Cup champions. One last marvelous play. Yeah, that was Doc Emmerich. Yeah, that was their fourth Cup victory in 11 years. That was also their last one.

I think people in Detroit, they know that. That was 2008, June 4th. Also this day, June 4th, a year later in 2009, you might have heard of this man.

Speaking of Viagra and Cialis, this man's nickname was the Big Unit. OK, he won his 300th game. He was the 24th and the last guy to do it. He finished up his career with San Francisco.

Yeah, you probably don't remember that. The Big Unit. He went out there and beat the Nats. The final score, 5-1. Six innings, two strikeouts. The last man to win 300 games was Randy Johnson in 2009.

This is crazy. Listen to this, Curtis of MLB. Randy Johnson, 299-164.

Bonds on the Arizona State. And Randy Johnson, after going 3-0 on Adam Dunn, battles back to strike him out. Randy Johnson just fanned 30 times this year and Randy Johnson rings him up. Randy Johnson pitches six great innings and wins number 300. I can't believe he's the last dude to do it. He might be the last guy.

Nobody cares about wins anymore. Justin Verlander is quote unquote the next closest guy in line. Verlander has 257 wins.

Justin Verlander is 41 years old. He has three victories on the season. Three?

Three? You want to know how many games he's pitched this year, Justin Verlander? He's made nine starts. I don't know how how much longer he's going to last, but how much longer he's going to last. Hickey, you think Justin Verlander is getting 300 wins? No, I know.

Yeah, no, I don't think so either. We might be hard pressed in a little while to have a guy get to 200. Max Scherzer has 214. Clayton Kershaw has 210.

He is not getting that. And Zach Greinke. Is he even pitching anymore?

He has 225. Did he? He retired, right? Didn't Greinke retire?

I thought he was on the Royals. I can't say that confidently. Yeah. Last year. I don't. He hasn't pitched this year. I think he might be done. So there you go.

He's not going to get it, though. Wow. Justin Verlander, 250.

I can't believe Randy Johnson was the last dude to get 300 victories. This is crazy. Listen, folks, we've had a hell of a show. Oh, yeah. Zach Greinke, unsure if he'll continue his playing career. He ain't getting it, folks.

It ain't happened. Hey, thank you to Ramona Shelburne. Thank you to David Sampson.

Thank you to David Sheppard. Thank you to super producer and host Ryan Hickey. We'll be back with you tomorrow, 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Of course, we're going to be sharing with you a new top six list.

The show gets started 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. You can find me online at JR Sport Brief. I'm going to try to stay away from the Ozempic and the Ix and that and the Yellises and the Viagra.

I'm not doing no drugs, only water. OK. The JR Sport Show here on the Infinity Sports Network is done. Don't move. Bart Winkler coming up next. Thank you all.

Be safe, be cool, be smooth and be well. All star closer. Kenley Jansen, we have a question. What's the best podcast of all time? Baseball isn't boring, baby. I'm Rob Bradford. And every single day I'm sitting down with the biggest names to show you this great game is the greatest game. It's my podcast. It's my passion is a cause I started more than two years ago and is now the most prolific national daily baseball pod. There is another fact. So jump aboard the B.I.B.

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