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JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 20, 2024 9:07 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 20, 2024 9:07 pm

Mavericks ready for the Western Conference Finals l Eddie Gill, Pacers TV analyst l Big NASCAR fight breaks out on Sunday

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And everybody tuned in on a smart speaker. Thank you. We appreciate you for hanging out with us. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Super producer and host Ryan Hickey is in New York City. And this is halftime of the show. We get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific.

Shout outs to all my folks getting to the money, leaving the money, going to the money, going to do things that have nothing to do with their money. Thank you for hanging out. Now we've had a busy show. Thank you so much to Michael Grady. Michael Grady is the television voice for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

We know the Timberwolves are going to the Western Conference Finals. In about 20 minutes, we're going to have a conversation with Eddie Gill. Eddie Gill, analyst for the Indiana Pacers and also played.

He played basketball all over the world. Looking forward to that convo with Eddie Gill in about 20 minutes. We talked about Tua Tonga Velois showing up to work. Because he wants a new contract. Hey, we talked about Justin Jefferson not showing up to work because he wants a new contract and a better player than Tua.

I think he got more leverage. And then, well, we talked about the Knicks and the Pacers and Knicks got an interesting offseason ahead of them. Oklahoma City has an interesting offseason ahead of them. How do these teams improve? They got close, but almost doesn't count. Doesn't really matter at that point in time.

And then the Hickey, how about this? You know, we talked about Tua earlier on in the show. Think about all the top salaries of the quarterbacks in the league right now. Jacksonville Jaguars are saying the same thing about Trevor Lawrence. Like, they want to get a deal done with Trevor Lawrence. Is he getting 50? Like, are they going to pay him or is Tua going to wait to see what Trevor Lawrence gets?

This is tenuous. Like they're the last two quarterbacks. Obviously, you have Dak. I don't think they're going to sign him to a deal this offseason.

I'd be a little surprised if they did. Where would you place him? He got to make 50, right? I think he has more potential long term than Tua. I agree. And that's, I think the Jaguars think that as well, which is why, I mean, by at least all indications and reports, they're willing and almost kind of eager to kind of get something done. So they seem much more motivated than, let's say, a team like the Dolphins do to get Tua signed. And I'm with you, I feel a lot better about Trevor Lawrence getting $50 million and having that investment, you know, give you a good ROI than I would Tua. That's for sure.

Yeah. You think about Trevor Lawrence and I just think about and I know he's dealt with his own injuries. If you ask me, who do you think is going to last for the next 10 years?

And let's be real, they're only going to give these guys a four or five year contract extension. But if you ask me who's going to stand the test of time, I would certainly take Trevor Lawrence before I take Tua Tonga below. I feel like with Tua, this is a in an ideal space and that's not how the NFL works. It's not how it works for QB. I'd be looking at him like, man, I got to I got to roll with this dude every two years because I may have to cut bait sooner than later.

I believe Tua Tonga below I got a raw deal when he was coming into the NFL about his his durability, because for the most part, outside of not this past season, but the year before that, we got knocked around. You have to think about his head. All of the concerns were with his hip and his legs and his arm, not his head.

Is he's small, man? Not everybody's going to run around and be Drew Brees for their entire career. And let's be honest, the Chargers at the time of San Diego looked at Drew Brees and they said, no, this guy's not going to last.

The show is not going to last. His body's not going to last. Miami took a look at him and said, oh, we don't think he's going to last. You can ask Nick Saban, you know, whose decision it was not to bring him in. He goes to New Orleans and he balls forever. Not too many short man QBs running around. And I know the game is different.

But it's not like to a tongue of Aloha is running around. He's not a mobile quarterback. He ain't running anywhere.

Trevor Lawrence is a safer bet. I'd give him that 50 million dollars tomorrow. If I'm to you just you got to settle for less man. Sucks for him. I guess it sucks for none of them, right? I was going to say I would love to have right now to his problems. Oh, man, they won't pay me an additional two or three.

They need to show me my respect. And how come Trevor Lawrence making more than me? Same number one what? Get over it, man.

People always, people always going to find something to complain about. Yeah, Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence will get a deal. And then I think too it will get his Trevor Lawrence gets a deal first before two or you think? I think so.

Yeah, I would say Trevor, Trevor Lawrence. I mean, it sounds like it's closer, like maybe before July 4th. Well, yeah. Well, I mean, training camps start at the end of July, so we got to see Justin Jefferson. I think he'll be on an extended vacation until July. Make sure he could squeeze every dollar out of the Vikings as he should.

To it's a lot too. It's all of a go. I'm making up his name to a tongue of Aloha. I think he may have to wait until like right before training camp or maybe the midst of it. And Trevor Lawrence will get his deal done sooner than later.

No worries or concerns there. NFL offseason, we're going to blank. It's going to come to a close. Hickey, I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend coming up, right?

Isn't that what it is? It is crazy. Like I do complain, at least myself, a lot about how long winter is and it feels like we're never going to get to summer. With that said, I'm shocked we're here. It feels like it just flew by.

Well Memorial, the year? So yeah, like the fact that like summer's here is just like, wow, like I mean the spring went fast. Even like the doldrums of late winter, February, March, like does feel like I'm shocked. It feels early, honestly.

Yeah, I can't keep up. I don't know. I just wake up and things happen.

Hickey, I try my best. I just wake up. I just wake up and things happen. You know, we started this show together, this shift in January two, three, whatever the hell the day is after New Year's when people go back to work. And so it's already, this is going to be five months soon, right?

Today's the 20th. Yep. And moving on.

Going on closer to six months, really, right? I know. Wow.

I don't know what I did for New Year's, Hickey. I don't know. I don't remember.

I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. I have no idea. Wow. Maybe you had that much fun, huh?

I could have been on my couch. I have no idea. I really, I have no idea. I have none. I don't remember.

That shows you what I'm doing. I don't remember. Do you remember what you did on New Year's? I do. Yeah. Good. You had a good time then. Good. Yeah. Well, maybe not so much of a good time. You actually remember. Well, well, you know what? Touche. Touche. I can't, I can't recall.

I just get up and get up and go. Anyway, what is this? Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks. ESPN is, uh, I mean, they got, they got the WNBA game on the main ESPN. Wow. Wow. Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn Clark effect.

This is cool. Now you see the women in more commercials. Asia Wilson.

They have wrecked the faces of recognize. Good for the WNBA and good for Kaitlyn Clark, who sprained her ankle and, uh, looks like she's going to attempt to play here, uh, in the second half. So yeah, good, good for all of them.

Anyway, now that we got the positivity out the way, uh, yeah, good for all of them. Uh, bad for the New York Knicks, bad for the Oklahoma City Thunder. They go down, they lose.

Timberwolves and Mavericks. Uh, they move forward. Pacers move forward in the Boston Celtics, man. They haven't played a basketball game since last week.

They move forward. We had Michael Grady joining us in the last hour. Day by play voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

And Hickey, there's one thing that we did not discuss because it's, we're not there yet. Alex Rodriguez is still fighting to lay his claim to this, this team with his business partner. And Glenn Taylor, the longtime owner of the Timberwolves, is trying to keep them at bay. What a hell of a story it would be if the Timberwolves advanced to the championship, win the championship and the owners are out there having a beef.

Sign me up for it today. I'd love to know what the players would want. I mean, you see Anthony Edwards. I mean, it looked like him and A-Rod have their own little personal handshake. That's hilarious because I remember when Alex Rodriguez, uh, purchased a small stake in the team. Remember Anthony Edwards was just like, I don't know who he is. Remember that? Oh, yeah, I actually forgot.

Good call. Now, was he joking or was he being a jerk? Anthony Edwards as a kid here in Georgia played everything. He played football. He played baseball. He played sports.

Now, Alex Rodriguez, what is Anthony Edwards? What is he? 22.

He's going to be 23. Uh, you know. Yeah, as a as a 10 year old. No, no. Damn.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. He's 22 years old right now. So 10 years ago, when was 10 years ago, 2014?

That's right. He was still around. He was 12 years. Anthony Edwards was 12 years old.

In what year? 24. He was 10 years old. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Am I doing stupid math on the radio? No.

Am I messing that up? No, he's 22 now. He was 12 years old. He was 12 years old. In 20 2014. 2014. Wow. He was 12 years old.

You just age yourself right there? A lot. Oh, my God.

A lot. Damn. Well, Alex Rodriguez, they won the championship in 2009. Wasn't he fighting with the Yankees by then? Wasn't he like suing the hell out of him and all of that stuff being a quitter? It was either 2013 I got looking over 2014 when he was suspended for the full year.

Yeah. So he was I mean, I think it was 2013. So maybe 2014 made his big return.

And then we'll play it another year, year and a half after that. Something like that. Yeah, he was around. I'm just trying to think if Anthony Edwards, he had he had to have been joking about not knowing who he is.

Maybe possibly. I don't know. I would you would think that there'd be more of a connection with the younger Alex Rodriguez than the older Glenn Taylor, unless he looks up to him.

It's like, hey, pops, you know, I don't I don't know. At the end of the day, to be honest, do the players really care? Are they sure? I mean, if Glenn Taylor sticks around, is he spending money like that's all these dudes want to know? Am I going to get a contract? And then we've heard from Glenn Taylor's position that if Alex Rodriguez and his teammate, his partner, if they purchase the team that they're going to slice salary, that doesn't bode well for any of the Timberwolves.

They're going to lose money in that case. I don't I don't know, man. This is I'm here for the fight. I like the theatrics of it. Thinking that you have an ownership struggle is fun to me. This is like something in a movie. Young team streaking towards a potential championship.

Meanwhile, the ownership is up for grabs like this is something that that some some guy in Hollywood sits around and and writes a script on. We'll see what the wolves have to do. They have to go through these Dallas Mavericks first. We saw Dallas knock off OKC finish up that series four to two. They beat him in a close game on Saturday night, 117, 116.

Shay Gilgas had 36 points. We saw P.J. Washington knock down a free throw after being fouled to finish things off. And Dallas is deeper than what they appear, man. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do. They've added some real depth behind Luca Doncic and Kyrie Irving and some athletic players. Man, we got the Derek Lively's of the world. They got some move.

Derek Jones is putting on some moves. Luca Doncic. He spoke to ESPN afterwards. He says, oh, yeah, we are locked in right now, ready for the West finals. So today we're going to celebrate this. And then tomorrow we're going to rest.

But then we got to watch the game seven of that and just be ready for next game. And Jason Kidd, of course, he has to show love to his guy, Luca. I always say Luca is just a big version of Jason. Listen to Jason praise his point guard. It's incredible that he's been there two out of three years. Again, his talents like no other. He's one of the best players in the world. But, you know, sometimes we lose sight that it's not just built or one guy can get you there.

You need a team. And, you know, right now he's got a team that he believes in what he's going through physically. He's he's given everything. I don't think we took him out in the second half, nor did he complain.

But he is. He's playing the game the right way and he's playing at a high level. And Kyrie Irving, he had 22 points in a close out game. And at the end of it, Kyrie and Luca embraced like mid-court and Kyrie was was crying. It's what he had to say about his show of emotion. You know, just that whole walk off, you know, hugging my family and then going and hugging some more of my family in the locker room, everybody cheering for each other. And I had to make an impromptu speech and I was doing my best not to let some tears come down from my eyes because it feels like it's been a long time coming. Just being back in this position, coming back to the finals of the conference finals.

Yeah. Long way off from from Brooklyn. I mean, if we go back a little bit more than a year, look like Kyrie Irving was gonna be cooked. Who wants Kyrie? Well, Mark Cuban at the time was crazy to think he's no longer the full time owner, even though he runs the team, is no longer the full control owner of the squad.

I guess Kyrie Irving needed another crazy guy to bring him in. Congratulations to him. The T wolves and Mavericks, they get into action on Wednesday. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. This is very important for you to know.

Pay close attention. This portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial. Stuck in a timeshare and want out?

Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Wesley Financial Group dot com. We're going to take a break when we come back on the other side. It's time to have a conversation with someone who played ball all over the world, including for the Pacers. He's currently a television analyst. His name is Eddie Gill. When I ask him all things Pacers, don't move.

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Go to slash Odyssey podcast now to grow your business no matter what stage you're in slash Odyssey podcast. You're listening to the JR sport brief. It is the JR sport we show here on the infinity sports network. Indiana paces they are on to the next one. The next one is a big one.

The Eastern Conference Finals get started tomorrow against the Boston Celtics to talk about these paces what they've done, what they might do moving forward. Joining us right now is someone who played for the paces someone who played all over the world and is currently a television analyst for the squad. His name is Eddie Gill. Eddie appreciate the time man. Yes, sir.

I appreciate you. Yeah. When you look at this Indiana Pacers team and how young they are and especially given their youth. Was there an expectation from the fan base that they would be in this spot so quickly? I don't know there was an expectation but there was definitely a hope right so it's been quite some time since the pages that have reached this level of success particularly in the playoffs and you think about the last couple seasons it's really has been has been less than ideal to say the least but man I give them a ton of credit for the maturation of the team the moves that have been made from a management standpoint especially with the acquisition of Pascal Fiacom. I think he was the one that tilted it in a playoff direction where the expectations significantly changed although I think even without him coming in at the beginning of the season they were hopeful and expecting to at least get into the playoffs but when he joined the team it definitely went to another level and although there is a fair amount of inexperience in terms of the young players I think they they matured in a rapid way. Rick Carlisle and his staff have done a really good job of expediting some of that maturation and as you know experience is our greatest teacher and the first round I thought was good for them in terms of the way they were able to play and get through some different things and please getting through the second round is even the next level.

Eddie Gillis joining us, Pacers television analyst here on the Infinity Sports Network. When you talk about the seven games that it took them to dispatch the Knicks and the Knicks play hard as all hell what is your expectation as they get ready to take on a Celtics team that is apparently going to miss a giant in Kristaps Porzingis to start the series? Yeah I think when you get to these these rounds the intangibles of the game become even more important. You reference how hard the New York Knicks play and obviously they were significantly undermanned but really their competitive spirit carried them along the way and you know Jaylen Branson was playing out of his mind really the last two seasons specifically in these playoffs so he was kind of the x-factor in terms of a guy you just had to account for and throw multiple bodies at but they play super hard the great rebounding team they compete just about as hard as not as harder than anyone else in the league so that right there was something that the patient would not only had to match that but they had to try to exceed it in certain instances throughout the throughout that second round and they were able to get that done and and move on so that should bode well you reference the experience piece in your first question so I think that'll be really vital to them having any sort of chance to to get out of the season conference finals and represent the east. Eddie Gil joining us when you take a look at the Celtics what's going to be the biggest issue for this this Pacers team what are they going to have to overcome you talk about experience the Celtics haven't gotten over the hump to hoist to Larry O'Brien but they've they've been through it what's the Pacers biggest challenge here? The Pacers biggest challenge as far as dealing with the Celtics will be just the amount of weapons that they have. Arguably the best starting five in the league obviously they're minus Porzingis right now which is a huge gap to fill for their team because of all the things he's able to do on both ends but you're still dealing with Tatum and Brown and Derek White is one of the one of the best I don't know third or fourth options I don't even know what option he is on that team but he might be the best of that option in the entire league and in my opinion Drew Holliday might be the most underrated player in the game so they have a lot to deal with there but I think from a patient's standpoint they they're able to lean on their depth they rely heavily on their bench oftentimes you see in the playoffs the the rotations are shortened and minutes are cut but not on this team they they rely heavily on the on the depth and you look at game seven there were heavy contributions throughout the entire lineup both starting and and that bench unit.

Eddie over the past year we all know about the the growth and some of the eye-popping numbers that Tyrese Halliburton has been able to put up we know about the hamstring injury earlier this season he's had his ups and his downs yesterday certainly a high helping to eliminate the New York Knicks how have you seen his growth and and how have you seen him perform over the last several months everybody's kind of banged up do you think he's still kind of behind the eight ball a little bit when it comes down to the hammy or is everything good way back in the rear mirror? Yeah I would say just evaluating and watching him over the last couple months he's moving really well and I don't know that and obviously he would know better than I but just watching him he looks to be moving well he looks to be at the peak of his game you know as you look at the the Knicks series sometimes he was a little less aggressive than everyone would like including himself but when he puts it in that gear in terms of his aggression to score it or not even necessarily to score to just be a serious threat out there to score the Pacers are a different team. Do you believe that the Pacers the the defense or the defense has been kind of lackluster everybody looks at them as getting up and down the court and we you know you look at a team like the Minnesota Timberwolves everybody harps on a defense leading the way what can you say about the Pacers and what they do on the defensive side of the ball?

I would say struggled in a major way early on in the season in the latter part of season they made significant strides there in terms of some of their their just overall competitive spirit defensive execution communication again some of those intangibles I referenced earlier on think they've been better throughout the the again the latter part of the season and they've been pretty good here in the in these playoffs so that's going to give them a give them an opportunity to win games and they've been top two or three in offense throughout the entire season so that's been a consistent so if they can just be solid defensively they're going to give themselves a chance each and every night. We know Rick Carlisle he went through a stint here almost 20 years ago with these Pacers he came back again kind of right after COVID. What's different with coach Carlisle from when he was around 20 years ago versus what you see with them we know the game has changed and how has his personality changed? It's very interesting and coincidental that you're asking that question I had this exact conversation with someone today at breakfast I give him a ton of credit based on his ability to evolve as an individual as a coach and really just gravitating towards the era and the style of play that you have here today versus what you had 20 years ago and I was fortunate enough to play for him. Sharp is anyone you know in the game in terms of x's and o's and very stringent in terms of play calling someone somewhat of a script of a game obviously it makes some adjustments during the game but he's kind of had it mapped out going into that game whereas now it's a free-flowing game very random style play it's clearly a younger group certain things to them are more important than things that we even have access to when I was playing 20 years ago when I played for him so I give him a ton of credit in terms of the evolution both as an individual how he relates to his players and an overall assessment and management of the game. And Pacers CV analyst Eddie Gill is here with us as we wrap things up Eddie when you look at this Pacers squad I mean Benedict Matheran isn't even healthy to play people aren't even talking about what he would have brought to the squad what are your thoughts on how they're constructed to compete into the future we finally got to the point where there's so much parity in the NBA we haven't had a repeat teams are here they're there there's a lot of competition how are the Pacers built for the long haul? I think they're built to be good for quite some time now I mean clearly it's a young man's game they have a fair amount of youth on this team but with that said you think about the one the rookie right now that they in significant minutes and he has been probably since the half mark of the season and Ben Sheppard he's a four-year player out of Belmont University he's making significant contributions even though you don't necessarily see his name in box scores and highlights and all those types of things but he affects winning Andrew Niffard as in his second year also another four-year guy in a starting lineup relieving some of the pressure for Tyrese Halliburton in terms of facilitation oftentimes guarding the best perimeter guy you got Aaron E. Smith and he's in his third or fourth year I believe it is coincidentally he was drafted by the Celtics didn't get a whole lot of opportunity considering the guys he was playing behind but I think they're fit to be good for quite some time and obviously we've referenced what Tyrese Halliburton has meant to the team as a young budding star in this league two-time all-star in the acquisition of Pascal Siakam and not to mention the longest tenured player Miles Turner is in the peak and prime of his career but also young in his own right so I think they're positioned well you know we'll see what they decide to do in the offseason with regards to kind of tweaking the roster in some capacity if they decide to do that who knows but as of right now with added experience with this young group I only see them look to get get better over time Eddie man I appreciate the time where can people follow you and all your work with the Pacers man yeah Eddie Gill underscore four on Twitter or X as they call it and and then I believe I think it's for Eddie Gill my son is the fourth so I always forget what his handle is before Eddie Gill on Instagram hey appreciate you man enjoy the ride and keep up with them Pacers I know they go up and down that court fast man okay yes sir it's fun to watch all right no doubt about it that Eddie Gill former Pacer and now current television analyst for the squad as well it's the JR sport re-show here with you on the infinity sports network eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is the number you can find me online at JR sport brief we are going to take a break when we come through on the other side I'm gonna give you an update outside of the one you're gonna get I'll tell you about Kaitlyn Clark it looks like she's back out on the basketball court and then I got another update on the Kansas City Chiefs you want to talk about people showing up to work why so many of the Chiefs getting in trouble we'll talk about it on the other side worried 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in Boston tomorrow for game one I'm gonna give you a prediction at the top of the hour I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait I'll wait but I also just told you there's gonna be an interesting correlation with the man you just heard Richard Sherman and what I'm about to fill you in on Richard Sherman one of the best defensive backs at the NFL has seen over the last 20 years has transitioned over into the media space in the media world we know there's there's been some incidents over the past couple of seasons with Richard and when it comes down to alcohol and driving and domestic issues it's just it hasn't been all that swimming outside of what you see on television now I don't know what's going on with the Kansas City Chiefs I don't know if they partied too hard too much following their championship earlier this year but there's a long list of quote-unquote things that are happening with the Chiefs and I don't think it all has to do with you know just increased celebrity from some of their players okay they win a championship we all know about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift okay let's get that out the way next you get Rashee Rice who's just speeding through the metroplex in Dallas in a Lamborghini on a Sunday afternoon like it's the Daytona 500 which we'll talk about in a second not the Daytona 500 but we'll get to that in a second too you got Rashee Rice driving like a nut then we find out from the NFL Players Association survey that the Kansas City Chiefs are cheap as hell then upgrade the locker rooms the players think that the facilities suck then we get to Harrison Butker last week over the weekend he gives that commencement speech where he kind of wanted to send women back about 50 to 60 years this is prerogative I don't think you need to impart that on everybody and then on Friday night as I left the studio two more of the Chiefs get in trouble already take a listen to this courtesy of KMBC 9 Kansas City news at six this time from Johnson County Kansas where a couple of Chiefs players have been arrested for marijuana possession offensive lineman Wanya Morris and Jason Godric were booked and bonded out today from jail on first offense possession charges they're due back in court next Thursday I get it it's marijuana I know legal illegal depending on where you live still federally illegal but you should know these things oh yeah I didn't even count in Rashee Rice allegedly punching the photographer I'd have forgot that one I don't know if the the Chiefs think they're that the Raiders all of a sudden but picky we both saw this and just said how the hell how the hell are we here wasn't it just last week you're like there's no way like anything else with the like there's no way anyone else can get in trouble like the quote has been hit everyone's got to be in their best behavior and we made in what 48 hours 72 hours before they're back in the news yeah hell of a run it's a crazy run and it's not even the players gotta wait until July the end of July before they were in training camp it's a long we gotta wait Chiefs think that they're the bad boys or something I don't know as long as and you know hickey I hate to bring him up Patrick my home's dad like isn't he still I don't want to say he's on trial isn't he awaiting like sentencing for you know driving drunk this was his door was his third offense yeah he's in big trouble and yeah he that's punishments coming I don't know when I have to look it up but yeah that should be dropping soon as well which not new but new in terms of sentencing oh my god and then the brother is a brother in or out of trouble the one that nobody is Jackson right Jackson my home's last I've seen in the last few months he's been on his best behavior yeah well he wasn't he charges assault sexual assault like grabbing somebody yes he tried to forcefully kiss a waitress that was probably about a year ago maybe a little bit longer what is going on out there great question what is going on with the Chiefs man I thought the Raiders were bad but damn the Chiefs are going crazy speaking of bad I don't know if you saw this over the weekend this was pretty wild I know everybody is not a NASCAR fan I saw this over the weekend and said whoa NASCAR sure knows how to promote a fight Ricky Stenhouse was mad at Kyle Busch in North Carolina over the weekend Ricky Stenhouse had the exit this the race after two laps because he felt that Kyle Busch bumped him wrecking his car and just ruining him in the competition and so he waited for him at the track had to wait for him at the track and then decided to just go ahead and punch him in the face yes Ricky Stenhouse decided to punch Kyle Busch in the face they were having a gentlemanly conversation and he just let a fist fly and then some of their garage folks and crew members started letting fists fly as well and NASCAR actually I guess you can call this promoted the fight they put a big old picture of a punch up on social media I'm like what what league does this only NASCAR could go out here and do such a thing a matter of fact I want you to listen to this courtesy of Fox Sports feels good feels great congratulations Joey Logano fired up and we've got a fight going on right now between Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse jr those two crashed back at lap number two and now the pit crews are involved you know what I'm wrong I'm wrong because the NHL promotes fights too the NHL promotes fights NASCAR promotes fights we can't have NFL guys fighting well they wear helmets they look stupid fight can't have NBA guys fighting it'd be called thugs too fast but I guess we can have the NHL and NASCAR guys fight you heard Joey Logano being interviewed and in the back house background Ricky Stenhouse and Kyle Busch well at least Ricky is trying to get to throwing them hands it's a fact matter of fact take a listen to this it did not stop there because after they got to throwing their hands Ricky Stenhouse jr. was on Fox Sports and he told everybody why he punched Kyle Busch just definitely built up frustration with you know how he runs his mouth all the time you know about myself but I know he's frustrated because he doesn't run near as good as he used to and I understand that you know we're we're a single car team over here we're working really hard you know go out and get better each and every weekend and I was excited for the rest of the night and you know he ruined it so yeah being stuck in here definitely doesn't help the frustration you know if there was a tunnel I'd have probably been home watching the end of that but here we are yeah he had the weight there wasn't a there wasn't a tunnel for him to exit through he had to wait until the race was done which is why he was available to punch him in the face now I can appreciate his honesty but it's kind of odd for NASCAR to explore punishing him like I get it you're the social media team and you're the league but wouldn't wouldn't the messaging align like don't punish the man if you're going to promote the fact that he punched another guy in the face like NASCAR put it up big here's a photo of him punching him in the face but then you might suspend him you might punish him you can't have it both ways I mean if you're going to be consistent enough to say hey let's create some content and then suspend him like like stay on the same wavelength pick one are you going to embrace the fighting is that what you want to be known I feel like every now and then we get a big old NASCAR brawl or are you going to be you know oh we need to keep things on the the up and up no fighting eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven that's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven Josh is here from Philly you're on the JR sport brief show what's up Josh? Hey JR how you doing tonight good uh yeah I was calling about the NASCAR I actually called you a while back about NASCAR and we talked about whether or not it was mainstream and this isn't really that but um so after that happens and NASCAR promotes that do you do you think it's like good for NASCAR as a franchise to promote that and like be known as that I don't think it's being known as that but it certainly doesn't help its image look ultimately NASCAR they got a whole lot more work to do if they want to promote I don't think something like this is going to drive them off the the deep end one way or the other so I it pops it certainly doesn't do them any good when you mention NHL I feel like NHL maybe I guess they promote the fighting but they it happens you know right more often an hockey game where I've watched a lot of NASCAR over the years and you know there's only probably been a handful of points I've seen in NASCAR's history in NASCAR's history well I don't know how much no no no no not their history I would of the years I've watched I'd say of all the years I've watched it maybe like 10-15 years you know I've only seen like a handful of times that I feel that I feel like we got a fight and maybe I'm conflating NASCAR with some of the other races maybe f1 I feel like I see more of them throwing hands than anything else I don't think that the first time this year this this NASCAR well this year Josh Josh the point is there is more of a conversation for everyone to be involved in regarding NASCAR when it's a fight and less about a race that's the point and so the problem isn't so much that oh my god there's a fight and how is publicizing the fight going to be damaging to the game or the the sport it's more about how do you spread the sport where fights aren't the thing that most people can relate to that's the issue I also don't know if it's really as much as promoting as I mean just it's content you know NASCAR can't stop it if it happens you know no no no no no Josh it is it Josh it is promoting it if I am NASCAR and I have social media accounts and a fight occurs and NASCAR is showcasing the fight that's promoting it okay if I saw I don't know Draymond Green grabbing Rudy Gobert by the throat in a headlock I would be surprised to see the NBA account sending out a freeze-frame of the choke and putting it on social media NBA probably okay NBA but that's not what there's a difference between what you own operate and control versus what someone else does do you understand that yeah I understand and that's there's a massive difference between what you can control versus what you do and I would say NASCAR has more influence on the messaging that they put out than the media does you want to know who grants credentials to the media NASCAR you want to know who does the television contracts NASCAR come on NASCAR is in control of their messaging Hickey I feel like I need a drink I got time I got time to get one in the break maybe plenty time plenty it's the JR sport reshow here on the infinity sports network I'm gonna have a drink and figure out what's promoting or not promoting a fight don't move okay picture this it's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you I can waste another weekend doing the same old whatever or I can conquer it I can hop into my all-new Hyundai Santa Fe and hit the road any road the steeper the better because my all-new Santa Fe is available with H Trek all-wheel drive so I can hit the trail without a worry in the world heck with three rows and best-in-class rear cargo space I can pack the whole family in with all our gear we've got available dual wireless charging for our phones so we'll never lose touch with civilization and we won't lose touch with the primordial power of Mother Earth so which is it waste the weekend or do something a little more epic and conquer it in the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe visit Hyundai or call five six two three one four four six oh three for more details Hyundai there's joy in every journey dive into the start of summer at Whole Foods Market check out their summer splash event with sales on fresh organic produce organic strawberries and a fan favorite sale on Ben and Jerry's and Tolenti explore deals on grill friendly meats like organic air-chilled chicken breast beef and chicken kebabs all with no antibiotics ever from our meat department plus grab easy sides from prepared foods and cool off with refreshing drinks kick off your summer and shop in store or online at Whole Foods Market today call from mom answer it call silence instacart knows nothing gets between you and the game that's why they make ordering from your couch easy stock up today and get all your groceries for the week delivered in as fast as 30 minutes without missing a minute of the game you have 47 new voicemails download the app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last minimum ten dollars per order additional term supply.
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