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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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April 16, 2024 8:22 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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April 16, 2024 8:22 pm

USA Basketball roster finalized l Keith Pompey, Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers reporter l Blake Griffin retires

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Happy Tuesday to you. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. So you could be in Montreal or you could be in San Diego.

I love everybody in between there. I hope you're not sitting in traffic. If you are sitting in traffic, screw that traffic. I'm here to have a good time and that's exactly what I'm going to do for the next three hours. This is a four hour show. I get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern time for my folks on the East Coast. 3 p.m. Pacific for my folks on the West Coast.

And all my folks in Hawaii and Alaska, I love you too. You know what time the show starts so just listen. You know how to do math. Anyway, you want to talk to me it's simple. 855-212-4227. It's 855-212-4227. If you missed the last hour of the show or the last hour I should say, it's easy. Go ahead and hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. You can listen to the Infinity Sports Network on your local affiliate Sirius XM Channel 158. And if you got a smart speaker, ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network and boom everything pops up. New name, everything the same.

You can find me online at JR Sportbrief. Thank you so much to our super producer and host Ryan Hickey. In about 30 to 40 minutes we're going to have our first NBA playing game, the Los Angeles Lakers. They are down in New Orleans taking on the Pelicans.

The winner? They become the seventh seed in the Western Conference. They automatically advance to take on the second seed in the West. That would happen to be the Denver Nuggets.

Yes, the same Denver Nuggets that swept the Los Angeles Lakers last season out of the postseason. Also, later on tonight the Golden State Warriors will take on the Kings. The winner of this game will take on the loser between the Lakers and Pelicans and that will basically be an elimination game to get the eighth seed.

Tomorrow we got some action as well. The Miami Heat are going to take on the Philadelphia 76ers and then in the waste of time game the Atlanta Hawks will take on the Chicago Bulls. Basically two teams going nowhere, wasting everybody's time. The 76ers are in a play-in.

Why? Because Joel Embiid went down to a meniscus tear, meniscus injury earlier this year in January. Otherwise the Philadelphia 76ers, they would have been sitting pretty here in the postseason so far with Joel Embiid all throughout the year. To talk about the 76ers in about 20 minutes we're going to have a conversation with Keith Pompeii. He covers the 76ers for the Philadelphia Inquirer. We're going to learn right out the gate what he believes the 76ers can do in the east.

Things look like they are up for grabs here and so Keith Pompeii will join us in 20 minutes. Speaking of Joel Embiid, this was discussed yesterday. We got Team USA's basketball roster. The Olympics are this summer. They're taking place in Paris and Joel Embiid, he decided to participate on Team USA basketball and so the team will reportedly include, no surprises here, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Embiid, Anthony Davis, Tyrese Halliburton, Devin Booker, Anthony Edwards, Drew Holliday, Bam Adebayo and Jason Tatum. Now having said that, Olympic rosters are 12 deep.

I just named you 11 players. About 10, 15, 20 minutes ago, do the math, 10 to 15 minutes ago, Jeff Zilgett, he covers the NBA for USA Today, he reports that Kawhi Leonard is the 12th man. I mean this makes me feel like we're trying to figure out the bad guy at the end of a whodunit, but basically Kawhi Leonard is reportedly gonna be a part of Team USA basketball. I gotta remind you here folks, this is the same Kawhi Leonard? People don't know if he's going to be available and healthy when the Clippers take on the Mavs to start the postseason, okay?

This is one of the playoff matchups that's actually already set. Kawhi Leonard missed the last eight games of the regular season with knee inflammation. The Clippers were 4-4 and if you know anything about Kawhi Leonard, he gonna take his time. It doesn't matter if he's playing for the San Antonio Spurs, doesn't matter if he's playing in Toronto, doesn't matter if he's with the Clippers, if Kawhi Leonard is not feeling up to it, Kawhi Leonard is not going to risk it and go out there and play. And so this report that Kawhi Leonard is going to be a member of Team USA basketball, it makes me go, what?

Like I get it, we gotta get into June and July basically for the Olympics. Game one is on Sunday, they don't know if he's going to play then. I'm supposed to think that two months from now, this man who hasn't played since March is going to be fine. Kawhi Leonard has had a series of knee issues, torn meniscus and quadriceps.

They couldn't give this nod to somebody else. What is Kawhi Leonard supposed to do for Team USA? Play defense and knock down a mid-range jump shot?

Do they not have enough of this? LeBron, Durant, Curry and Beat, Anthony Edwards, Bam Adebayo, Jason Tatum? Like, what are we doing here? And when you think about some of the individuals who were, you know, left off here of Team USA, people are looking at Jalen Brunson, not necessarily via average, but Jalen Brunson scored more points, more total points than anybody in the NBA this year.

Okay? Paul George, I get it, Paul George is old, nobody's looking at Paul George. You think about Tyrese Halliburton making it over Jalen Brunson, I think that's just a matter of size. Like Jalen Brunson is going to be the little engine that could forever. That's just what it is. People are looking at what other folks have done and what he's done is not, not good enough for right now.

You know, it's actually comical as well. I think it was Shannon Sharpe sat on television yesterday, a couple of days ago, he basically said that Jalen Brunson is, is inefficient. And I have to say to myself, how much efficiency or how, how inefficient are you when you run around, dropping 28 points a game, shooting 50% from the field and 40% from three. It's like Jalen Brunson is living in the, in the world and the life of Rodney Dangerfield, no respect. And so Kawhi Leonard gets the last spot. But let's also be honest here.

Let's think about this. Is everybody that I just mentioned going to be healthy by the time the Olympics start? Is Kevin Durant going to be healthy?

Is Joel Embiid realistically going to be healthy? I mean, we can go up and down the roster and the answers probably know they're going to have some replacements, but some of the dudes who got left off, it's not just Jalen Brunson. Damian Lillard didn't make the team. Kyrie Irving did not make team USA basketball.

I guess they don't want the distractions. I told you about Zion Williamson. He'll be in action in about 30 minutes from now against the Lakers. He's not there. There's no Donovan Mitchell. There's no DeMar DeRozan. These names sound normal.

They sound normal. But Joel Embiid? This man had a choice to play for three different countries. And Kawhi Leonard?

Are we actually betting on him to be available? Let's see what team USA's roster really looks like in a couple of months. As of right now, LeBron, Curry, Durant, Embiid, Tatum, Kawhi, Booker, Holliday, Davis, Edwards, Bam Adebayo, and Tyrese Halliburton. Hickey, what do you think about this team?

Anybody that you would rip off? Well, I would like to see, you know, I know it's a different skill set, but I think Jalen Brunson would be a lot better fit than Drew Holliday. I think Jalen Brunson is absolutely deserving of a spot in that roster.

But I do think you make a good point. And why I'm not overreacting right now, even though as we sit here on April 16th, the roster set is because like you said, like the Olympics are not for another three months, right? In late July, there's a lot of time. And now with the NBA postseason here, there's going to be a lot of wear and tear on a lot of these players' bodies. And you're talking about, you just named basically half the roster that has been or currently still is injury prone. And would not be a shock, not rooting for it, obviously, but would not be a shock to hear at least one of those names getting hurt or being unavailable come late July to play for Team USA. So it's one of those teams, J.R., like if this was 10 years ago, this would be, we could, I think, have a real discussion about if this team was better than the dream team.

Now it feels like they're chasing something that was, and it's too little, too late with a lot of these big names, but on the back ends of their career also coming off of, it's going to be, I mean, for some, a grueling playoff stretch. It's almost impossible here when you think about outside of the injuries, you can't leave any of these guys, like this is, these are hall of famers, let's be real, right? And Drew Holliday, why is he on the list? Because he plays defense. Because he can play point guard, he can bring the ball up the court, he can knock down the shot, and he can play defense.

That's why Drew Holliday is on the team. LeBron James Hall of Fame, Steph Curry Hall of Fame, Kevin Durant Hall of Fame, Jolynn Bead Hall of Fame. If Tatum continues on, he's still early, there's a possibility of him making a hall of fame, without a shadow of a doubt.

Kawhi is going into the Hall of Fame, we don't know about Devin Booker, Holliday probably won't. Anthony Davis definitely is already on the NBA's top 75. Anthony Edwards has hall of fame, all star every year potential. Bam Adebayo, by the time he's done, maybe not, I don't know.

And Tyrese Halliburton certainly has the potential as well. Like, these are perennial all-stars, and so it's tough when you really go down the list to leave folks out. I know I mentioned Zion, they're going to be in the Hall of Fame, they're going to be in the Hall of Fame. I know I mentioned Zion Williamson, why the hell would Zion be on this list? Not deserving.

Stop eating gumbo and I don't know, figure out your life. We don't need Zion. DeMar DeRozan, sorry, your time has gone ahead and it's quite frankly, it's patched you by. Kyrie Irving, it's simple, nobody wants no Kyrie Irving headache. Damian Lillard has been injured and doesn't play any defense. Ja Morant, come on now.

You trust in Ja Morant to go to Paris? He can't even play, he got a busted up shoulder, which I've heard is still hurting him. Donovan Mitchell, small, doesn't play defense. And I guess Jalen Brunson is the odd man out. I got to be honest, even if there are injuries, even if folks do go down, I will be pleasantly surprised, pleasantly surprised if Jalen Brunson ends up making the Olympic team. Now, if you had to say, hey, who's going to fall out, JR? Who's not going to stay healthy? Come on now, Joel Embiid?

You're going to trust him? I mean, even with Kawhi Leonard, I don't trust Kawhi. Anthony Davis, he'll be healthy by then. His injuries don't take, but little knickknack injuries, Anthony Davis will be around. I think most likely to drop out might be Joel Embiid. Probably take a look at Kawhi Leonard and knowing that both of these are big guys.

Joel Embiid, biggest guy, and Kawhi Leonard, the big guy at the forward position, small forward, power forward. I think Mr. Brunson is the odd man out. Let's see what he does with the New York Knicks here in the postseason. The New York Knicks, they don't have Julius Randle. He, Jalen Brunson, has had to lead the way. Is he going to get burned out by the time the postseason gets underway? The Knicks will be in action on Saturday.

They got to deal with the playing to see who they're going to face. Jalen Brunson has done enough. He's proven to be an all-star. He's going to get an extension of being a part of Team USA basketball.

I don't know. I don't know if that's in his future. I mean, there was a point in time before Halliburton strained his hamstring.

People were saying that Tyrese Halliburton was better than Brunson. And I don't know, maybe next year when they're both healthy, hopefully we'll be able to make that determination. Team USA basketball, the team is set. Kawhi Leonard picking up the last and final spot. LeBron, Curry, Durant, Embiid, Tatum, Devin Booker, Drew Holliday, Anthony Davis, Anthony Edwards, Bam Erbayo and Tyrese Halliburton. They will be representing Team USA.

Good luck. Hopefully they don't go out to Paris and embarrass everybody. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We're going to take a break. Speaking of Joel Embiid, we're going to talk to someone who covers this man extensively. Keith Pompeii is going to join us from the Philadelphia Inquirer. We're going to ask about Joel Embiid. We're going to get into the postseason. We're going to talk about this playing game that the Sixers have tomorrow against the Heat.

76 is a little bit of a wild card, aren't they? We'll get the tee. We'll get the scoop. We'll get it all from Keith Pompeii.

It's the JR Sport Brief Show on the Infinity Sports Network. Don't move. Call from mom. Answer it.

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See What up y'all it's your boy Danny Green. Three-time NBA champ.

You either rooted for me or rooted against me. Join myself and my close Harrison Sanford on the Inside the Green Room podcast. It's a podcast that brings you never before told tales from the locker room to candid interviews of basketball legends to breakdowns of what's happening in the NBA right now. Whether you're a diehard fan or casual about your hoops this podcast brings you the game like never before. Follow Inside the Green Room on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. You are listening to the JR Sport Brief. It is the JR Sport Brief show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network.

Folks listening coast to coast. NBA playing is getting ready to be underway in about 20-30 minutes. Los Angeles Lakers down in New Orleans taking on the Pelicans tonight. We have the Kings of Golden State but tomorrow the East is in action.

One of those games a little bit of a throwaway. The Chicago Bulls taking on the Hawks who cares but then we have another matchup could call it a grudge match. We have the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler who takes his game to another level in the games matter against the Philadelphia 76ers and that big man who's dealing with the knee issues always it feels like a Joel Embiid. To talk about everything Philly. Can they sneak up on some teams?

Are they healthy? What's the deal? It's time to chat with Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Hey Keith thank you for taking the time to hop on.

Hey man thanks for having me on. Without a shadow of a doubt. My first question Joel Embiid dropping like 30 points since he's been back. He's only played about five games. Friday he tweaks his knee.

Doesn't plan the season finale. What's the latest on Mr. Embiid? You know Embiid practiced today. He practiced yesterday.

You know the coach said he was a full participant. You know I expect them to play tomorrow. Now they have them listed as questionable but they always have them listed as questionable besides that one time they got fined right two times but yeah so I do expect Joel to play.

You know he's had what it's going to be what three days off the rest so I fully expect him to play tomorrow. Well Keith we saw him win an MVP last year and then we saw the Sixers get eliminated. What's the vibe from Sixers fans?

What's the city's vibe when it comes down to Embiid? Is there hope? Is there optimism? Is there cautious optimism? Skepticism?

What's the city's vibe? You know what he's had such a great season this year to where you know he was putting up numbers that they haven't seen or the people in the league haven't seen since Will Chamberlain. So the vibe was like okay this is it okay this is the year he's going to get it done right but but then when he tweaked his knee that last game or on on Friday's games I was like here we go again he's injured again so I think that people were extremely excited but now they're a little cautious you know what I mean it's kind of like they're waiting for the bottom to drop out so to speak but they're extremely cautious and they hope that everything goes well but but it's one of those things where it's like we can't get into a postseason without Embiid being injured so that's kind of like what everybody's talking about.

Keith Pompey is here with us from the Philadelphia Inquirer. When you think about what this team can max out at obviously they have to get past the Miami Heat tomorrow do you feel confident that they'll do so with Embiid out there? Yeah I think with Embiid out there I think though I think I mean I'm not a hundred percent confident you know what I mean because I think it's going to be a tough match and a lot of times whenever you think the Sixers are going to definitely do something is when they go the opposite direction but I but I do think that if everything plays well like if Embiid is like 90 percent right and if Maxey is hitting some shots I think they're going to be tough to beat I really do I really do. Well Keith being the fact that you you cover the Sixers day in and day out what was that that final situation with with Jimmy Butler in Philadelphia we know he was he was there and now he's with the Heat is he still holding the grudge on how things went down? I think he uses it as motivation you know what I mean to when when he gets there but I think that he's looking at Miami now like that's a way better situation you know I mean let's you know I grew up in Philly and not a knock against Philly I love my city but if you had to tell me I had to live in Miami or live in Philadelphia I mean I'm hopping on the first plane going to you know South Florida now you know especially like no state income tax the whole nine right so but I think he uses that motivation and then you know a lot of people say they go back with the Tobias Harris over me well it was never really Tobias Harris they chose actually Ben Simmons over you you know so Tobias ended up getting the money but it was it was really they chose Ben Simmons over him so that was a crazy situation but you know it was you know it it got a little ad and you know it added on some things that wasn't actually true you know if you know what I mean. Yeah Keith Pompeii is here with us from the Philadelphia Inquirer. The East I don't want to say it's kind of it's messy right now the Celtics sit in number one everybody's waiting on them to get over the hump and some of their late game executions funky the Bucks Giannis they don't know his status right now the New York Knicks they're under or shorthanded I should say with no Julius Randle do you think this is probably the best case scenario for a returning Embiid and Sixers? It is though but you know the crazy part about it though I mean it sounds great but the deal is the two teams that outside of Boston that I fear the most for them is Miami because of you know we talked about Jimmy and Spolster is a great coach and the New York Knicks look phenomenal you know the so if the New York Knicks are anything like they were the last couple seasons where they basically played better in the regular season than they did in the in the postseason you know what I mean it doesn't seem like that stuff kind of dropped off yeah this is great for the Sixers because then the second round will probably be against Milwaukee and Indiana right and then that's setting up something for them to go far now I don't see that I don't think that they can beat Boston but I think that if Joel Embiid can stay healthy because that's the key you know as much as as good as he is like when you take him off that team they look like a lottery squad if you're going to be real right but when he plays they are a formidable foe guys fit in well they play well together but it's all about Joel now if he can stay healthy and if he can play at that level like he was playing at in the regular season I do think that they'll eventually beat New York maybe in six games they'll they'll beat Miami tomorrow and I think that you know they're setting themselves up to play the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals well Keith I certainly hope that this bears fruit it just really sucks just as a basketball fan to have to talk about an MVP a premier player and it's always if he's healthy if he's healthy if he's healthy I don't think there's a human being who thinks that he's going to quote unquote get better as he ages and if I were a sixer fan I'd be looking at this like oh my god we had Ben Simmons and then he crapped out physically and mentally and then we have this this giant and and we got him for what what is he under contract for another three years definitely after this with him be yeah yeah three more yep for three more maybe I think a hundred a little over a hundred and 150 mil too yeah but the team around him it just he has to like you said he has to be there I feel like I'm waiting for the the house to come down when it comes to waiting on and beat to stay healthy yeah and that's the problem right you know it's one of those things where you know some people just have bad luck right some people play hard then they dive and they do stuff like that and he's a big guy and it just seems like you know whenever like this was going to be the first year that and be went without serious injuries and you know you think of it and then all of a sudden his knee starts acting up and I'm talking about before he tore his meniscus you know against Golden State right but it's it's tough man because you know you see how good he is I mean you see how good the guy is but at the same time it's like all of us even the reporters everybody everybody's thinking like uh-oh like every time he hits the floor you're like is he going to get up what's going to happen you know I mean it's just it's tough to watch it's tough to cover because he's such a a great player but he's never been able to fully live up to what he can do just because he's always been battling injuries even when you think he's healthy he's battling something he's just not telling you you know yeah the story of of what will be presumably the rest of his career Keith Pompeii is here with us from the Philly Inquirer uh someone who battled injuries no one will take anything away from him is Alan Iverson we saw that statue go up last week outside of the practice facility a couple of questions I know a lot of people were laughing out the size of the statue but it was in line with the rest of the statues out at the facility why are the statues at the facility as opposed to the arena yeah that's a great question but is everyone always asked that because they don't they don't own the arena so they're basically renting the you know the property it's the flyers arena um so I you know they and when they did this it was of the belief that you would have it there because when the players walked in to where they walk into the the employees entrance or the players entrance you basically see all these um sculptures and you know like and then you come in there in the building and you see the retired jerseys and you see the banners championship banners so it is kind of sort of like look this is what we had in the past and you know max cnmb like you know you guys going to be the next two or among the next two so that's why they have it there and you know it's unfortunate like you know if they would have had their own arena and they owned their own arena you know it would be one of those things that you know they probably will be uh instead of sculptures being you know big life-size statues outside of the building now it's a lot of them though it's 10 of them so I don't know if you've been statues outside the arena but there's a lot of them though everyone who made the hall of fame or won championship stuff like that you know they're they're outside that building well keith the last question and speaking of the guy who just got his his and alan iverson I know it's taken years for the full appreciation and I know you even had an article about hopefully alan you know being at peace it feels like that I mean every time you hear you see him you don't hear anything else outside of that he's not sitting around on everybody's blog and he just seems to be at peace what's the latest that you hear about alan iverson and what he's up to you know it's weird like it's funny you know it the the words kept secret is that he wanted to get a job working for the sixes and it's kind of like you know that didn't happen but nick nurse is a guy who wanted him around to be like he wants him around to be like a mentor so to speak to the players so that's what he is whenever he comes around he's always been tyrese maxey's here you know mbs here's other guys here and basically saying look you got to be aggressive you got to do this you got to do that you know give him pointers and whatnot but you know to me it's kind of like alan iverson has turned into being the the best fan in the world and what I mean a fan of basketball because every time you talk to him it's like you got to say to him dude you're alan irises because he's always praising another player like yo I love his game he's this he's that and he's going up to players like hey I'm a big fan of yours and the guys are looking at him like dude you're alan irises like I wear your jersey like what are you talking about but but that's just who he is it's like it seems like he comes to the game he has his friends and he's sitting back and just being a fan of the Sixers and not just the Sixers but other players you know other teams so that's what he's really been up to man like enjoying life and enjoying life for for a lot of his ups and downs since he was a kid I think it's pretty cool that that hopefully he is enjoying that to the fullest right now hey keith thank you for taking the time to hop on let's see what these Sixers do throughout the course of the the postseason I like you I think they're gonna get rid of the heat tomorrow but we gotta see and of course it boils down to the seven foot one seven two man right yeah a lot boils down to him because I'm no like no offense and and I get it everybody's saying how good they are but when you take him off that team they lose a lot a lot oh yeah yeah without a without a shadow of a doubt keith where can people follow you and all your work with the enquirer you can follow me at of course but you can follow me on twitter and instagram um at pompey on sixes p-o-m-p-e-y on sixes hey keith thank you again for taking the time to hop on we'll catch you on down the line okay all right thanks for having me on man no doubt about it that keith pompey of the philly enquirer you are listening to the jr sport brief show on the infinity sports network yeah everything boils down to joe limby and it seems like his body just betrays him all the time and I think this just might be his basketball lot in life we're gonna take a break when we come back on the other side I'm gonna tell you about the player of the week we'll get to that and speaking of of injuries there's a player an nba player who decided to hang him up and call it a career today I'll fill you in on who that is on the other side of the break we have some nfl draft updates as well as we are only about a week away there's so much to do you're listening to the jr sport brief it's the jr sport brief show here with you on the infinity sports network eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven that's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven thank you so much to keith pompey of the philadelphia enquirer for joining us in our last segment as we all know man there's a lot of times well I mean every time that I think about joe limby and I just go is is he gonna be healthy the philadelphia 76ers are going to take on the miami heat tomorrow the winner of that game automatically advances to the playoffs to take on the second seeded new york nicks and joe limby every minute of the game you just gotta hold your breath you don't know if joe limby is going to be healthy if he's going to fall apart and so thank you again to keith keith pompey for talking to us about the sixers and where they could go everything always depends on the health of joel and bead and taking on the miami heat jimmy butler a little something to prove it won't necessarily be the easiest of matchups meanwhile down in new orleans they are already underway about halfway through the first quarter and the los angeles lakers and the pelicans are currently playing it close 19 19 to 18 the lakers currently lead the pelicans whoever wins this game tonight automatically advances into the playoffs as the seventh seed where the denver nuggets will be waiting for them we'll keep you up to date on this game as it continues on later on tonight we have the sacramental kings and the golden state warriors and i'm going to get into the nfl draft in a bit but just kind of running off of the theme that we just discussed with keith pompey about the health of joel mb it is it's crazy earlier today we got a statement from blake griffin yes one of the biggest high flyers that the nba has ever seen blake griffin let everybody know that he is stepping away from the game of basketball at the age of 35 years old he just turned 35 he's done it feels like yesterday he was selected number one overall in 2009 he played all those years with the clippers until 2018 couldn't get over the hump had knee surgery with the pistons and finished up with the nets was a solid role player for the boston celtics last year six-time all-star slam dunk champion blake griffin dunking over cars unfortunately injuries ate him up he didn't have that bounce that he had when he came into the league a matter of fact a lot of people don't remember this blake griffin was missing a lot of that bounce because he missed his first year due to injury blake griffin's rookie year was already cooked because of a surgery that he needed on his kneecap a fracture he was done we didn't see him until quote unquote his second season and so blake griffin is done and a lot of what we've seen more recently is blake griffin actually being a comedian he was a role player at the end of his career and it was hilarious because a few years ago blake griffin actually joked about retiring and he did it in a funny or die skit because blake griffin well he likes stand-up listen to this from funny or die this was a few years ago where blake griffin talked about retiring listen welcome back to sports show i'm kenny maine we're going to take you live to a previously unscheduled press conference where pistons forward blake griffin is addressing the media nobody's quite sure what this regards but i have a pretty solid guess i'd like to formally announce my retirement from the world of comedy okay i was i wasn't even close ultimately i really wanted to spend more time focusing on what was important to me the career that i should be really paying attention to blake don't say music don't do it my music seriously to clarify i will continue to play basketball otherwise the basketball people will stop paying me well the basketball people they stopped paying him because he's done he decided to hang him up blake griffin wrote a letter he says i never envisioned myself as the guy who would have a letter to basketball retirement announcement and i'm still not going to be that guy but as i reflected on my career the one feeling i kept coming back to and the one thing i wanted to express was thankfulness he's thankful for all the good things he also said he's thankful for the not so good moments the losses the injuries the way too many surgeries he says the game of basketball has given me so much in this life and i wouldn't change a thing last but not least here comes the obligatory i'm excited for my next chapter part just kidding i'm done thank you blake griffin so a little bit of comedy there for blake griffin blake griffin uh one of the most explosive dunkers one of the most exciting players that the nba has ever seen and his dunks as bad as the clippers were and as bad as they never won a damn thing even after they got chris paul you can't take away from some of those and they were only seconds that he just made an entire arena just lose their minds i think about that dunk over kendrick perkins i i think about destroying pal gasol twice i forgot the nix he there's a sensor on the new york nix or maybe that was d'andre jordan i'm trying to figure out there was a russian sensor and they just they both destroyed him just seemed like on a daily basis even though they only played twice a year blake griffin had a lot of victims i think pal gasol and perkins might have gotten the the worst of it hickey do you have a favorite blake griffin moment oh um favorite blake griffin moments i guess to be sort of cliche i do still this burns my mind him jumping over the car in the dunk contest because i don't like the dunk contest but it's lost for me creativity that was still a time where there was creativeness plus athletic ability um so that's kind of the one that as you reflect on the career i know it's obviously not in a game setting but that's the one that really sticks with me the most yeah jumping over that kia i actually think that night where he did that they even had a a choir that that came out along with blake griffin to hype that up and kenny smith was bigging it up and if i remember also baron day wasn't baron davis did he throw him an alley-oop out of the the roof the sunroof you know i think you are right about that i think that was part of the trick i'm trying to understand it's it's way too gone and you know kia's are there's a lot of kias on the road here in the states i wonder if kia got a good bump out of that like we never saw that before we saw uh you know one guy jump over another human being but i've i can never recall a car and a lot of people found it to be gimmicky i don't care the dunk contest needed something at that point in time and here's another conversation that i i saw had it's a stupid one i'm not gonna have it here people are talking about blake griffin it's like hey blake griffin going into the hall of fame and i'm like are you kidding me like is that what we're doing now i understand that everybody gets into everybody's hall of fame but is that what we're doing right now please help me out hickey if you know something please chime in what the hell has blake griffin done over his almost 15 years in the nba what the hell did he do to go into the hall of fame anything did i miss something uh play basketball which i'm pretty sure in the basketball hall of fame is the only requirement you need to do in order to make the hall of fame forget about all-star games uh championships all mba teams longevity points rebounds you play you're basically it blake griffin could barely stay healthy long enough to get to a postseason and when he got to the postseason the team didn't accomplish squat let's be real if you want to look at the totality of blake griffin's career the biggest accomplishment was him dunking that's what people are going to remember the most because there's not that playoff moment there's not the regular season moment it's real simple it's the dunks and so conversations about hall of fame with blake griffin please shut that one down close it act like it it didn't happen he had a solid career a great career made a lot of money is famous can probably go into doing comedy or working in the comedy space if he wants but the the basketball hall of fame up in springfield no that's that's not for blake griffin sorry about that leave that one along it's the jr sport reshow here with you on the infinity sports network we're going to take a break when we come back on the other side we're only about a week away from the nfl draft we'll talk about some of these uh these draft predictions give you an update on the lakers and somebody else retired and somebody else retired yesterday while we were going i'll update you don't move infinity sports network we really need new phones t-mobile will cover the cost of four amazing new iphone 15s and each line is only 25 a month new iphone 15s it's better over here only at t-mobile get four iphone 15s on us and four lines for 25 bucks per line per month with eligible trade-in when you switch minimum of four lines for 25 dollars per line per month without a paid discount using debit or bank account five dollars more per line without auto pay plus taxes and fees phone fees 24 monthly bill credits for qualified customers contact us before canceling account to continue bill credits or credit stop and balance on required finance agreement to 35 per line connection charge apply see baseball is back basketball is heating up and the nfl draft is right around the corner listen to the latest on the teams you love here on the odyssey app the biggest sports radio stations in the country providing unrivaled local coverage of their teams all in one place exclusive interviews with players coaches and team executives streaming live and always available on demand stay in the know with your favorite teams right here on the odyssey app
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