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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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June 21, 2023 1:55 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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June 21, 2023 1:55 am

JR examines the comments made by Pat Riley when it comes to the future of the Heat and NBA!

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Additional terms apply. on CBS Sports Radio. Get started. 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Sheppard. He's coming to you live from New York City. So whether you're tuned in on the free, let me say that again, the free Odyssey app, A-U-D-A-C-Y, whether you're locked in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, Sirius XM Channel 158, or a smart speaker, I say thank you. Thank you.

I've already been here for one hour. We've talked to individuals from Vancouver, British Columbia. We talked to somebody from California.

We spoke to a gentleman from Iowa. And I don't know where the hell else is. So many people that talk to us. I don't know.

Buffalo, New York. Just, just a lot of folks. And we got a whole lot more to talk about.

I mean, we opened up the show with some, with some news that broke a few hours ago, like right before I got started. Tyreek Hill, wide receiver, star wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins investigated for allegedly, you know, putting his hands on somebody on Father's Day. Like he was at a boat. He was on a boat having like a party. And then he pulled up to the marina and somebody got their hands put on him. Okay. I think it was one of the workers, allegedly. I don't know.

Maybe he was beefing about the bill. We'll see what happens. In the NFL, this is light stuff.

You know, beating up potentially, allegedly a worker at a marina is just, it's nothing. Just go play football the next day. You know, we got, we got wide receivers and running backs. Alvin Kamara, he beat up a guy on film and he hasn't missed a game yet.

So Tyreek Hill will be okay. We talked about Victor Winbenyama. Yeah, we're going to be talking about him quite a bit over the next few days.

The NBA draft is on Thursday. And yesterday Victor Winbenyama is at Newark Airport arriving to the New York City metropolitan area. And then today Victor Winbenyama was on the Ford train in New York to go to Yankee Stadium. Yeah, he took the train to Yankee Stadium. And then he threw out the first pitch.

Yes, seven foot five giant. He threw a ball. He threw a ball. It wasn't a strike. He threw a ball. Too many arms, too many legs.

He needs to talk to Garrett Cole about his mechanics. By the way, the Yankees won over the Seattle Mariners. The final score there.

Three, two, two. Another team that won tonight. Cincinnati Reds. Cincinnati Reds still doing some damage. They beat, well the Yankees won three to one.

My apologies. And the Cincinnati Reds, they beat the Rockies tonight. Eight to six. Ten game winning streak.

Good for them. Anyway, as we continue on with the show here, I got to talk to you about just something real, real, real unfortunate. And we're going to get into Damian Lillard. You know, speaking of guys behaving badly, we're going to get into Jack Jones from the Patriots. Thinks he can just take guns to the airport. Pat Riley talked about the Heat, what they will or will not do. The NFL trying to clarify everything going on with gambling.

And these are all just rules to keep people out of trouble. Someone who has just been in trouble for the past two weeks. And trouble may not be the word, but his reputation has definitely taken a hit. It's Zion Williamson.

How? How has this man's reputation taken a hit? He's only 22 years old.

He's going to turn 23 in a couple of weeks on July 6th. But Zion was supposed to be, and pardon the pun here, wasn't Zion supposed to be the next big thing? Isn't Zion still supposed to be the next big thing?

He selected number one overall in 2019. Zion was famous before he even got to the NBA. Zion Williamson was famous before he even went to Duke and kind of burst out of his own shoe, literally.

Zion Williamson was one of the, not even first, but he's one of the biggest online basketball social media stars. A six foot six, 280, 290 pound, almost 300 pound, just defensive lineman. Nose tackle. Just out here playing basketball. Flying through the air like he's a lightweight.

Bullying people. I mean, I've seen the hilarious images in high school of Zion Williamson playing against other kids from other schools, and it's just like, it's not fair. It's like Shaquille O'Neal playing basketball against, yeah, you, whoever the hell you are listening. Maybe you're 6'8", maybe you're 6'9". You look like a kid next to Shaq.

Zion was a big deal before this. Fun loving. Smile on his face.

Childish grin. Because he's a child. Now he's getting ready to turn 22. Been in the NBA since 2019. But here's the problem for Zion. And then he has new problems now.

Not surprisingly with a woman. But here you have Zion. He tore his meniscus in 2019. Well that sucks, doesn't it?

Shame. He broke his thumb. He missed all of 2020, 2021 with a broken foot. Well I don't need to be a scientist to understand this, but I would think if you are 300 pounds almost, and you're jumping up in the air high, and you're coming down hard, you gonna break some things. I don't know too many 300 pound people just jumping up in the air and landing all the time.

I don't care who you are. You're not supposed to be doing that. And so Zion Williamson has been busted up his entire brief career. They put him in the All-Star game this past season.

I don't know how the hell that happened. He don't play this past year. When he did play, only 29 games, he was a beast. 26.7 rebounds, 5 assists, 60% from the field. He's like a bowling ball on the way to the basket.

Ain't nobody stopping him. But we didn't see him. His season ended at like New Year's with a hamstring injury.

And then he missed the next bunch of months. And the Pelicans, well who cares about them, right? Sorry. Shout out to my man Shadel down in New Orleans. Shout out to everybody listening on WWL. Yeah, they stopped me out there. Hey, hey, what's up JR?

What you think? Nothing. Your team sucks, man.

Sorry. It went from jokes about Zion's weight, jokes about the food. They made floats with Zion on the side eating beignets and gumbo. Like your own city is making fun of you. But you can't stay in shape.

The city doesn't care about Zion. Come on now. The Pelicans had no choice. Well, they did. But before all this new crap came out, they gave him a five-year, almost $200 million extension because of his talent.

They put a weight clause in his contract just to try to keep him in line. And let me tell you something. I think anybody that's been to Louisiana, anybody who's been to New Orleans, you know about the food. I can't even think of one word. I was going to say good one word, but that is an understatement. The food is damn good. The food is amazing. New Orleans is one of the best cities to eat in the United States of America. It's one of the best cities to eat on earth. And that's where Zion is.

And I'm sure he's only drinking water and eating vegetables. Sure. And it just stopped there. This generational, freakish talent. We talked about Winbenyama and imagine Victor Winbenyama standing next to Zion. It's like Humpty Dumpty meets Big Bird.

Imagine it. Well, you might not be able to see it because who knows if either one of these guys are going to be healthy. Zion went from social media high school superstar on overtime to Duke and being hurt to the NBA and being hurt and amazing when he plays to being hurt and then over the past couple of weeks things have gotten more sideways for Zion.

It's not just the commitment to his fitness and his health and can he stay healthy. Is he going to have a salad or is he going to have a cheeseburger is he going to have Doritos is he going to have an apple. It seems as Zion has been dabbling in some other fruit Zion Williamson over the past few weeks he decided to share with the world that he is, you know, having a child good for him. This young lady puts out a video hey we're pregnant gender reveal people do it. See it all the time. We're having a baby.

Sometimes they bring out the balloon a blue balloon we're having a boy hey pink balloon we're having a girl Oh, people love this stuff. Somebody who didn't love this is someone else who allegedly had a relationship with Zion Williamson. Someone happened to be a former former air quotes, adult actress, someone who has no issue flaunting or sharing her body, someone who also had no issue with sharing some of the alleged activities between both her and Zion which happened to be very graphic.

And she needs to she needs to get a head check, because she did this shared things for about two weeks. You owe me money Zion you hurt my feelings Zion. I let you do this to me Zion you said you were going to do this Zion you sleep like this Zion your ugly Zion I love you Zion, you said you were going to send me money Zion. Two weeks at a charity event.

What think they were given out book bags. Zion hasn't said a word about any of this. His stepfather and Zion was behind them his stepfather said, Hey, you know, don't believe.

Believe half of what you see and believe nothing that you hear. This was the message from Zion stepdad and said I love you and you know you learn through these things and he gave us his stepson hung with hug which was kind of embarrassing cuz I on standing there, like any, any parent would embarrass a child except for this parent, you know, did you clean your room or, you know, did you take your meds. This is hey my son don't hear what you heard from that, uh, you know that that that that lady over there, the lady with the giant this and giant that from the hospital table the one that said, this is different a different type of embarrassment. So we ain't just talking about did Zion, eat too much food. The conversation now is Zion serious about his career. When he has just. I don't want to call them women of the night because, you know, it's a legitimate job right. I know people who do that job, you know, just, they do that job they do that job. He's over here getting that Zion online and then there was another woman who said the same thing and the mother of his child This is terrible I'm sorry I don't I'm not trying to be Jerry spring I'm just trying to tell you the facts here, the woman the mother of his child.

There's also videos of her I mean come on. If you're David Griffin. If you're the president of the New Orleans Pelicans. David Griffin nice guy, by the way, met him a couple of months ago here in Atlanta at the overtime elite Basketball League, very nice guy. What is he doing in his office. Is he banging his head on the wall. I had to give this guy would didn't have to give this guy $200 million.

And he can't put a cheeseburger down, and he can't put the cheeks down either man just play basketball brah eat a salad and play. And I don't know, you know when I was 21 years old was I know was I school. School at 21. Yeah, I was in school and I was working. I didn't have $200 million.

I wasn't hanging out with stars, those type of stars. Zion got the world at its fingertips man. And I don't want to call this a fall from grace. This is real different than five years ago name it. High School Duncan on little kids.

And now he's talking on the ladies at night. You got to chill out man. There are plenty of people who do this. We don't hear about it.

There are plenty of instances of this happening, trust me, you just don't hear about it. Zion is just he's embarrassed himself. And it's only one way to redeem himself.

Play basketball man get in shape and play ball. And the lady who's tried to annihilate his character for the past two weeks until she was suspended her account was suspended today. She said she was going to release. She was threatening Zion, you better send the money otherwise I will release these explicit tapes between us. I guess Elon Musk, finally had enough. Account shut down. I guess you'll go somewhere else I don't know. The only way for Zion to fix this is to play ball.

Make people forget about it. A couple of months ago I had no problem saying that hey if you don't play he's a bust. I don't care how much talent he has if Zion does not play basketball. He is a bust. A bust is somebody who gets hurt Jr. A bust is somebody who can't you know that no no no no. You take a number one overall. And you letting buns all types of buns just ruin your life and your career.

Honey buns all types of buns. This sucks man. I want to see Zion play. I remember Zion's first game.

2019. I was at NBA TV sitting next to Channing Fry. We were both getting ready to go on air and we're watching we're watching Zion. He came out he's not a three point shooter. He was bombing threes away and we were like oh my God Zion is losing his mind.

Well he's lost his mind and other things as well. And so we've heard the rumors some people say. Pelicans are sick of this. That they're going to move Zion.

Some people say. The Pelicans are going to hold on to him. I don't think it matters with Zion goes. You know I think if you are the New Orleans Pelicans you. You hold on to the dude man you you've invested in the guy you want to keep him.

You see what you can get I don't think the. I don't think you're selling low on Zion right now there's always going to be a new sucker you want to tell me that. The New York Knicks wouldn't still like to grab Zion. If Zion was available you want to tell me that the Knicks wouldn't maybe try for it. Who else is going to the Knicks right. New Orleans Pelicans man they draft at number 14.

Pelicans I'm not going to be mad if they start over. I think they'll keep Zion. Zion is still young. Maybe he'll get his act together.

But if you thought Anthony Davis leaving New Orleans was terrible. Man what about Zion just. Eating his way out of things. Eating his way out of town.

This is sad man. I hope Zion can just get it together. He's gone from happy young kids smiling jumping all over the place. And now he's being threatened by a pornographic actress.

Come on man. This is Zion it's not Dennis Rodman. All the best to Zion Williamson. And David Griffin oh my God. All the best to him president of the Pelicans because I mean.

This guy he's been through it too over the past two weeks dealing with this crap. This ain't easy welcome to the world of sports and Zion he's had to find out the hard way. But if I'm the Pelicans.

Unless somebody is like bowling me over. Like Charlotte to Charlotte want to take a shot on on Zion and too exciting mellow to design on maybe. Or do you trade for Zion and he still doesn't play.

I wouldn't bring him on I wouldn't let him sit in New Orleans and I think the Pelicans are going to be stuck. We'll see in a few days we'll find out sooner than later. I got a simple question to you. The food issues. The health issues.

The now publicized issues with women. Would you take Zion. On your team. Or is Zion already damaged goods. It's looking like it by beware. Still young.

But you tell me whether or not he going to get and stay in shape and stay away from other things. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Somebody check on Zion. Somebody check on Pelicans president David Griffin. And that lady who's tweeting all that stuff. Somebody check on her too. She got some issues.

But don't we all. It's the JR Sport Brief show CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Wow it's exciting talking to you Mr. JR. You are clear, concise, accurate and honest.

I love listening to you. Call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio.

Before we went to break I updated you on everything going on. Unfortunately with Zion Williamson. It seems that he is having issues on and off the court.

And if you are the New Orleans Pelicans I mean are you looking at this dude and saying. Can we just start over. Can we offload him and dump him off to I don't know Charlotte and and kind of start over.

Get somebody who actually shows up to work. But if you're one of those teams do you want to take the risk. Do you want Zion on your team. Would you take Zion on your team.

I don't think so man I don't think so. I wouldn't touch him right now I think he's going to stay with the Pelicans but what do I know. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS.

At the same time minutes ago it was reported via Mark Stein speaking of shipping people out. The Clippers are gauging Paul George's trade value. They're giving real consideration to the idea of disassembling the Kawhi Leonard Paul George tandem. I don't know don't you got a play to be a tandem. Guys these none of these dudes play.

At least Zion got an excuse he's fat. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Aaron is calling from Huntsville. You're on the JR sport brief show would you take Zion on your team Aaron.

You are absolutely right my friend. JR I would like to say you are the most level headed and coolest sports radio host in the world. Man I love listening to your show. I always get off around this time of night.

So I always put it on 1 0 3 9 in Huntsville. Always love to hear your takes. You're always a really cool customer man. I appreciate your show bro.

Thank you my friend my next door neighbor in Alabama. Well what else you got what are your thoughts man? Bro bring them all to Charlotte man. Ben Simmons bring the beard bring Zion bring them all to Charlotte dude Jordan just sold the team.

Bring on the freaks man let's go. Let's give Charlotte something. This team has been at the bottom of the barrel for like a decade plus. So bring them on give us something. When LaMelo comes back that's not good enough. I mean it's a start right?

No it's not good enough sure but we're not going to get one of these marquee players like a Kawhi Leonard or like a Paul George or like a Chris Paul or anything like that. So bring on the freaks man bring on all the rejects let's go. Okay no I think it would certainly be an attraction and Zion going back to the Carolinas would really I think get people going if he's going to be healthy enough to show up. Hey Aaron I appreciate you for calling for Huntsville man you be well. Appreciate you man y'all take care.

Thank you. Yeah where else would he go? Like where else would he go? If you think about the the draft order for Thursday San Antonio is at one Charlotte is two Portland is three. Houston Houston ain't moving nobody for Zion. Detroit ain't moving nobody for Zion. Orlando the Orlando Magic.

We just spoke to Wendell Carter Jr. a couple of weeks ago he joined us here on the show. They ain't moving nobody. Indiana what are the Pacers going to do and then we come on now we moving into stupidville Washington Utah Dallas or Oklahoma City Toronto and then New Orleans is New Orleans is 14. Come on.

If you don't go to Charlotte where the hell else is he going? I don't know maybe there's a new shock every day. 855-212-4CBS Liam is calling from here in Georgia you're on the JR sport brief show what's up Liam. Hello. Yes, you're live on the radio. Well, hi Jr. I don't know if you remember but I think I called a few weeks ago about the Stanley Cup finals. Okay.

Yeah, I remember vaguely. Yeah, I'm about Zion Williams. If I was the Pelicans, I would probably keep him but if I was another team and they were giving him away, I would probably also take him. Well giving him away.

I mean, I don't mean like reading or something. Yeah, but if you bring them in you got to pay him 200 million dollars. I mean if I had that money I would because okay. Yeah, but you want him to earn the money though, don't you he hasn't necessarily earned his money up until this point.

You could argue that he doesn't deserve the contract that he just got. You could yeah, you could. Yeah, well be careful. Hey Liam, how old are you?

13. Okay. Well, listen, man.

It's a wild world. Enjoy it, but be safe out there. Okay. You too.

You call me anytime you take it easy. Alright, you too. Liam for calling from Georgia. No problem. Whoo.

I hope he never runs into those issues like Zion does never ever ever ever. Connor's calling from California. You're on the JR sport reef show.

What's up Connor? Thanks for taking my call. Love you. Love your show.

Love what you and Chip do. Hell no. No, I don't want Zion at all. The damn man can't stay healthy. He cannot. He can't seem to play any games.

I don't know. I'm a Golden State Warriors fan and I guess we could use him. I mean, our team's about to kind of expire. We only got a couple of years left on Curry. Clay Thompson looks like he might have to sit down for a bit. And you want to do.

Do I want over? Yeah, I called yesterday. I told you I do one dream.

I'm back. We need him. He's elite. He's a big part, but he doesn't have much left either.

I mean, the guys like turning almost 35 now and Curry's already what 35. Yeah. Yeah, he's not sure. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. And yeah, our team, our team's about to expire.

I guess we could use a little bit of somebody young like Don Williams, but I don't know if we team on the quarter hole bunch. So I mean, well, maybe he'd be forced to stay inside if he if he was in the bay, but that's a different conversation. Hey, Connor, I appreciate you, man.

I appreciate you, Jr. Have a good day. Yeah, man, that's we moving into that. That's fantasy territory. Now, you got to pay Zion and Steph Curry.

Mike Dunleavy would be fired in like like the next day. NBA is wow, man. It's not just basketball.

It's all of the stories that surround it. They are absolutely nuts. It's crazy out here. Eight, five, five, two, one, two, four CBS.

That's eight, five, five, two, one, two, four CBS. I'm going to leave the phone lines open. I'm going to get back to more of your calls on the other side.

If you want to hear a story about somebody nuts. What's going on in New England? What's what's up with this this defensive back Jack Jones? He just got into the damn NFL.

And he already got beef with Bill Belichick. He's he's he's taking guns to the airport. What's the what? What are people thinking? Are they thinking? Are they drinking? Are they doing drugs? Like maybe I'm not doing enough drinking the drugs.

Maybe maybe there's something wrong with me. It's a wild world. I'm going to tell you about Jack Jones on the other side. I'm going to tell you, take more of your calls on Zion. Pat Riley had some words about how the Miami Heat can't compete. The NFL is trying to tell their guys to stay out of trouble.

We got a lot to do, so don't move. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. J.R., I would like to say you are the most level headed and coolest sports radio host in the world, man. I love listening to your show. I always get off around this time of night.

Always love to hear your takes. You're always a really cool customer, man. I appreciate your show, bro.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the J.R. Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. We've been talking about Zion Williamson and his issues. We're going to get into some of the issues that the NFL is trying to keep its players away from, namely gambling. It appears that the NFL is trying to clarify some of its rules and parameters for gambling. We'll talk about that next hour. Zion isn't the only dude with issues.

He hasn't broken any laws. It appears that he certainly has had some issues and errors in judgment. I'm going to get to your calls in a second.

855-212-4CBS. If you haven't heard about this from up in New England, up in Boston, Jack Jones, defensive back from USC. He was drafted by the Patriots last year. He played in 13 games, had 30 tackles, two INTs, a touchdown. Not bad for an opening season for a dude who came out of the fourth round. Unfortunately, he was also suspended by Bill Belichick because he was reportedly late to some of his physical rehab assignments, beefed with Belichick, and he found the bench. Yeah, rookie beefing with Belichick. How nice. But things have gone a step further. Jack Jones was arrested a few days ago.

We talked about it on Friday briefly. He was arrested June 16th at Logan Airport up in Boston. He had two loaded Glock 9mm in his carry on. Where the hell was this man going?

His lawyer said he had no intention. This is nuts. Take a listen on the news from CBS in Boston.

This is crazy. Patriots player Jack Jones released on bail after facing a judge this morning on gun charges. Police say the cornerback tried to bring two loaded guns through a TSA checkpoint at Logan.

The guns were reportedly found in his carry on luggage. Right now, though, it's still unclear how this might affect his future with the Pats. Jones is due back in court in August for a probable cause hearing. A $30,000 bail. He's going to be back in court on August 18. If he screws up again, Bill Belichick going to get his man to move.

But if he can play, he going to play. That's just the name of the game. Bill Belichick has had worse on the team, my mind you. You fill in the blanks. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Bruce is calling from New Orleans. Hey, Bruce, you are CBS Sports Radio. How are you doing today? I'm amazing, Bruce. How are you? I appreciate what you said about the great food in New Orleans.

We are happy. And I live in San Francisco, Long Island, New York, Miami Beach. New Orleans is my home. But, you know, it's too bad the NBA don't have a little incentive cause for some of these people. They got good contracts with the NBA.

And speaking of the Patriots real quick. And then there's there's a good case in point that big old guy that played that went to prison, that gang banger. Remember him? Yeah. The one I referenced him vaguely, Aaron Hernandez. Right.

Yeah. He's not he's not on earth with us anymore. He's somewhere else.

No, no. It makes me want to scratch my head. Think how intelligent some of these ballplayers are to try to get carry on bags with guns in their bags in this day and time.

Are they in another planet? What's wrong with that picture? Well, I mean, people people do it. It's not just athletes. People try to take weapons onto their carry ons more frequently than I think people realize.

Yeah. Well, you've got to make dumb decisions every day, Bruce. You sound like a smart man.

Don't you know people do dumb things? I've done a lot myself, but you've got a great you've got a great caller that takes a call. That man is really good. I look forward to your show every night from nine until 12 here in New Orleans. Have a great night.

Well, thank you, Bruce. You stay cool down. Did it cool down just a little bit, right?

Not really. Humidity. It was 100 degrees the other day.

What you talking about? Yeah, well, right now it's about 11 o'clock and it's 89. Humidity is about 90 percent. Yeah, that's about normal, Bruce.

About normal. Well, listen, I'll be down there soon. Okay, Bruce. Bye bye.

855-2124, CVS. Marquis is calling from Charlotte. What's up, Marquis?

What's going on, JR? Man, how you doing? I'm good.

Good. I wanted to speak on this Zion situation and the Hornet situation, man. I feel like Zion, he would be a nice player for the Hornets, you know, just considering that he has the Carolina connections and, you know, he would fit good without roster. But can I tell you what I think Mitch Kupchak should do in the draft or, you know, with his number two pick and moving forward? What, kiss Michael Jordan's ass on the way out the door?

Like what? No, sir. I think we should draft Brandon Miller at the number two spot. You got to consider the fact that Miles Bridges is missing the next 16 games.

So I feel like... Didn't they get him with 10? They said he served 20 and now you got 10 more, right? No, no, no. It's 16 games.

Okay, that's news to me. I know the NBA slapped him with a 30 game and then they said he, because he didn't sign a contract last year, they're considering it to be 20. Okay, even if it's four more extra games, but I feel like that gives us, Brandon Miller gives us more flexibility with him being out, you know, considering the other roster spots that we need to take care of. And we also have the number 27 pick in the draft and I feel like we should trade that and possibly Terry Rozier to go try to get a Porzingis or, you know, do what we can do to try to get a Pascal Siakam. And I feel like the league would take us way more serious if we can show some initiative in the, like in general manager position in the front office.

Listen, this sounds nuts, Marquise. I would draft Scoot Henderson. I would keep Mello if he decides to ever leave. At least you have another scorer there as backup on the team and you know or feel more confident that Scoot is going to show up and play ball. That much is, I think that's the safest bet and the safest option.

Is it the splashiest thing in the world? No, it's not. Are you going to have conflict initially between Mello and Scoot and his development likely, but I think in the long run, if you were to ask me, hey, is Lamello going to stick around before he starts getting the itch to go elsewhere? I think that's very likely. That's very likely and that's, you know, that's why I think most people are looking at it, but I just feel like if we want to sell Mello who is our star, bringing in another ball dominant guard, that's not going to fit well with Mello. I think, well, it don't have to be because it's building the team and not necessarily having him as a centerpiece. I think Scoot is a safer option. I think he's stout.

I think he'll stay healthy and I think he'll just go in and play ball without zooming around town in a purple Lamborghini. Let's just say, hey Marquise, appreciate your man. Okay.

All right, man. Appreciate you, JR. No doubt about it. 855-212 for CBS. Mitchell is calling from VA. What's up, Mitchell? Hey, how you doing, JR? Thanks for taking my call tonight. Just wanted to touch base on the Zion Williams conversation that you're having. Yeah, well, you're here.

Go ahead. Yeah, in regards to that, you know, I think there's a few teams out in the NBA right now that could use Zion as a centerpiece. The first two teams would be the Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic. And the reason I state that is because these two teams have been tanking for the last couple years and their management is in kind of a heat as to what are we going to do next? And how do we actually get to our team to the playoffs and make sure that we are a legit team in the NBA.

No, no, no, no. The Orlando Magic have Paulo Bancaro, man. The Orlando Magic ended last year on a hell of a streak and a hell of a run. The Orlando Magic have young, young guards and Cole Anthony.

They have Wendell. They don't need Zion to come in and do what? Be hurt?

Well, you know, then I'll practice this. And the other team that I think could make a nice move for Zion Williams to make their superstar happy would be the Portland Trailblazers with Damian Lillard out the door. And maybe Scoot Henderson is the guy for them. But if they want to keep Damian, I think bringing Zion in for the Trailblazers would be a big markup for Damian and keeping him back on and back happy in the position where he can be the star up in Portland.

I think and thank you, Mitchell, for calling from V.A. I think Damian Lillard would laugh if they traded for Zion. I think he'd laugh. I think he'd roll his eyes and go, I just just just send me out.

I'm supposed to, you know, pin my title hopes on this guy. Does Zion like beer? I know I know he likes a lot of other things, but if he likes beer and you send him to Portland, his career is done. Oden style.

No needs. The J.R. sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio Warrior calls. Speaking of trouble.

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