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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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September 26, 2022 11:57 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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September 26, 2022 11:57 pm

JR isn’t surprised by the Dolphins hot 3-0 start!

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You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. And we are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. Whether you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours, Rocket Mortgage can help you get there.

For home loan solutions that fit your life, Rocket can. Happy Monday to you. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next four hours. This is the start of the show.

10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I hope you had an amazing weekend. I hope you had a terrific Monday. And if you didn't, well, let me help you out.

Okay. Thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. And thank you to everybody listening all over North America. You could be tuning in on the free Odyssey app. You could be locked in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. You could listen on Sirius X on Channel 158, or you can always tune in on a smart speaker.

Just ask your computer, your phone, the speaker, whatever it is. Just say, hey, play CBS Sports Radio. And if you're doing that, we got a lot to discuss, a lot to talk about tonight. It's a jam packed Monday. First of all, the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, they're playing something that looks like football here on Monday night.

The Dallas Cowboys currently lead 6-3. Yeah, not a lot of offense here. Not a lot. I guess between Cooper Rush and Daniel Jones, not a lot.

And Daniel Jones, by the way, he's been sacked five or six times already tonight. So not looking all that great for the New York Giants in their offense. They're trying to put some points on the board.

Obviously, we'll talk about this. Dallas is trying to move its record to 2-1, and the New York Giants are trying to move to 3-0, if you can actually believe that. So we'll keep you up to date on this game as it progresses. Obviously, this is the conclusion of week three of the NFL season. We had quite a few surprises last night, or yesterday, all day Sunday. First of all, the Buffalo Bills taking on the Miami Dolphins. That was a good game. Bills took an L. Miami came out on top. The Bucks, is it really a surprise that the Bucks lost to the Packers? I mean, Tom Brady is trying to figure out who the hell to throw the ball to. The Raiders don't have a victory on the season. The Jaguars beat the Chargers. Russell Wilson still isn't finding all that success throwing the football around for Denver.

Neither is Jamis Winston. And then also, outside of the football space, Media Day. Today was like the first real kickoff for Media Day in the NBA.

We had quite a few teams that got things going over the weekend and on Friday because they're traveling overseas. The Hawks, the Warriors. But today we heard from people like Kevin Durant. We heard from the Boston Celtics.

We heard from Zion Williamson, who looks like a completely different human being. So we got a lot to get into. A lot to discuss.

Here's the deal. You want to talk to me? We have a number. It's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. You can also contact me. I'm on social media everywhere.

That is at JR Sportbrief, at JR Sportbrief on all social media. Before we dive into the football, before we get into some of the comments on basketball, Shep, how was your weekend, man? Did you watch any of these games? Oh, yeah, absolutely, JR. And just like you said, man, the Miami Dolphins, you talk about surprising teams.

I know you're going to hit on this. I never would have anticipated you talk about all that talent in the AFC East. And it's the Miami Dolphins of the team that are 3-0 and look like they're just scratching the surface. Yeah, I mean, well, you think about how the Miami Dolphins were able to end last season, certainly on the up and up with Brian Flores. The defense really started to take control. And here now with new head coach Mike McDaniel, they've been able to move the offense in a different direction, especially with Tua Tongova-Loa having the threat of a tie re-kill there as well. And so we're going to get into all of the games, but let's go ahead and start there because that was the game that I watched. Thank God, thank you NFL Sunday Ticket.

They didn't, you know, crap the bed this time. I was able to actually watch the football game. And the Bills, they lost to Miami. They lost to those Dolphins 21 to 19.

Josh Allen statistically had another amazing game, 400 yards, two touchdowns. But this was a close one. It came down to the wire. The Buffalo Bills are trying to stay in the game. They're trying to come back and win on top. Josh Allen basically takes the Bills on an eight minute drive. They can't convert a fourth down. And it's just like, okay, this game is over. Miami's going to get the ball back. They're going to be able to get a couple of first downs and run out the clock.

And that will be all she wrote. It's not what happened. Miami couldn't do a damn thing. Miami attempted to punt the football in their own end zone and it was blocked by their own offensive linemen into his ass. Yes, this was the, what did they call it Shep? The butt punt? Is that what they called it?

You would be correct. And Mark Sanchez is now off the hook. And Mark Sanchez even had some fun about it.

He said, yo out here stealing my thunder. The Miami Dolphins were trying to just advance the football just to run clock. Their punter ended up punting the ball into one of his own teammates ass. Or ass is. Is it ass or asses? Is it plural Shep?

I believe we're going to go with the singular term ass. He punted the ball into his own guys ass. It was a safety. Buffalo gets the ball back. It's 21 to 19 at this point.

Buffalo has the rock. They're driving a ball down the field. They're trying to get the ball into field goal range.

It ain't work. One of the final passes goes out to Isaiah McKenzie. He's about three yards away from the ideal spot. And instead of just trying to run out of bounds, he's trying to get extra yardage for the kicker and they couldn't get back to the line of scrimmage.

That's all she wrote. The Miami Dolphins win at the end of the game because Buffalo couldn't set the ball down for a field goal. Couldn't spike it to kick it through the uprights. The Bills, their record is now two and one. Miami, they are at the top of the AFC East. They have a record of three and oh. Miami has been rolling.

And so the Buffalo Bills, we got quite a few visuals out of that game yesterday. Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey absolutely losing his mind in the coaches booth. This went viral.

I tweeted it out. He's ripping up his papers. He's throwing the papers away. He's just, he's upset that they didn't get that final play in. And so head coach Sean McDermott, he talked after the game and this is what he said that they learned, what he learned from the team about their effort after the yell. That was a heck of an effort. Never want to come up short. There's no, there's no, you know, ribbons for, for second place and they know it. They know it. So, you know, we go back, we learn from this and, and I think we did, I think we'll learn things that we're really good about today.

One of those is the guts and heart and the intangibles of our football team. And I think we'll learn some things that weren't very good today. Yeah, nobody's gonna go 17 and 0. Come on now.

You gotta lose some time. How many people called me over the past several weeks and just crowed about Buffalo? I did too. I'm not changing my mind because they lost to the Dolphins. This is the same Buffalo Bills team that beat Los Angeles to start the year off, smoked them 31 to 10. This is the same team that beat up on the Titans 41 to 7. And then you got the Buffalo Bills.

I mean, damn it. Their, their defensive backs are broken. They're hurt. And they played another good team in Miami. And this time they came out on the, the short end of the stick. And so there's no reason to be overly alarmed about Buffalo losing a game.

It's going to happen. They didn't lose to no bum-ass squad. They lost to a legitimate team here, even though it took a little bit of a, you know, uncommon instances like a butt punt, Tyreek Hill, wide receiver now for the Miami Dolphins. This is his thoughts on what took place and knowing that because of a butt punt, we did give Buffalo another chance to potentially score. This is what Tyreek Hill had to say. Never seen a butt punt before, man, but I'm sure, you know, you know, Trent is very, like, he's very smart, you know, like, so for him just to come to the sideline, you know, take ownership and all of that, you know, says exactly, you know, what kind of player he is, you know, so he's going to go into the film room, he's going to correct it, you know, and next time he's going to catch it with his butt cheeks because he got strong butt cheeks. Oh, that's, that's nice to catch the ball with your butt cheeks, strong butt cheeks.

Okay. Not something that I look forward to seeing at an NFL game, but okay, if Tyreek Hill says we can look out for it, then, then certainly we will. What about coach Mike McDaniel?

This guy is just riding high. He has started off his NFL career as a coach with a 3-0 record. Miami, they beat the Pats. Miami, it took a whole lot of touchdowns from Tua and a comeback, they beat the Ravens. They just beat the Bills and they almost lost because of a butt punt safety. This is what this is what Mike McDaniel had to say after that occurrence. I was very encouraged. I knew they had to go to the length of the field and I, and I knew our defense was ready, um, that they've been working for this for, for a long time and they enjoy those opportunities. So, um, I thought they were going to bail us out and they sure, they sure did.

Um, so that was pretty exciting. And a clock did too, but that's part of the game. You got to play the clock at the end of the game. Two minute warning. Can you get down the field? Can you get your team set up for field goal range?

All of that. It's probably good that Buffalo lost. Everybody needs a good kick in the ass to wake up. Everybody needs a little bit of an adjustment.

Everybody needs a little bit of a wake up call. And so I'm not overly concerned with the Buffalo Bills losing a game. Buffalo will be fine. Their next match up. Well, this should be fun. It'll take on the Ravens, Lamar Jackson, two teams led by two quarterbacks who are ultimately just trying to quote unquote, get over the hump.

Yeah. Like AFC championship game, maybe a Superbowl. I'd love to see it.

I'd love to see it. Congratulations to Miami. They're kicking ass and the bills, they will be fine. That game took place earlier on and the game that took place in the afternoon also involved the two teams or at least two quarterbacks who know what a championship looks like. That's Tom Brady.

He knows what all the championships look like. And that's Aaron Rogers with the Packers, the Bucks, they lost down in Tampa, 14 to 12. Let me save you some time here. The Buccaneers couldn't, they couldn't put a score up to save their damn lives. It wasn't until later in the game that Tom Brady was able to go out there and throw a TD. It's reminiscent of taking on the saints.

It's taken forever. Aaron Rogers, he threw two touchdowns. And I guess this is not really a surprise when, when Tom Brady's major weapons are gone. Mike Evans suspended because he wanted to fight with Marshawn Lattimore.

Godwin coming back from a blown out knee now, unfortunately dealing with a hamstring. It's a bad situation for Tom Brady. You know, yeah, Julio Jones, Julio Jones just needs, he needs new legs.

It's unfortunate. There's no time machine to throw us back into Julio Jones in his prime. Doesn't matter if Tom Brady wanted him or not.

This is what you have it. Buccaneers added Cole Beasley to look for a little bit of offensive help as they move on into the future. And so the Bucks lose to the Packers. And meanwhile, the Packers, at least Aaron Rogers, he feels good about himself with his new young weapons. Go out there and say that they're learning, that they're progressing.

Tom Brady, despite all the missing pieces, he still has high expectations. He sets our group, the offense as a whole, we need to do better. Too many plays where we are behind the sticks and not good on third down and penalties, turnovers, missed opportunities, and you know, defense played great. We got to play better on offense.

We got to do a lot better job. We haven't scored many points all season. So three games, we got to get a lot better. Listen, Tampa Bay's defense has been holding them down. Both Green Bay and Tampa now sit at two and one.

Tampa obviously had a chance to go three and oh, but they, they go ahead and drop this game. And Tom Brady's also smart. He understands that it is just a game, singular one.

Take a listen. We're two and one. There's a lot of football left.

We'll keep working at it. And it doesn't get any easier next week going up against the Chiefs, but you know, no one feels sorry for us, nor should we. We just got to go back to work. You're damn right, Tom Brady. Ain't nobody feels sorry for you, Tom.

What are we feeling sorry for you for? I mean, besides this personal stuff, we have no idea what's going on there. And speaking of the Bucks, it's, it's, it's, it's not going to be easy preparing for their next game against the Chiefs because there's a hurricane. Hurricane Ian is getting ready to swing up towards Tampa. And so the Buccaneers, they are moving down to Miami to prepare for the next game.

It's not going to be easy. And so whether it's on field injuries, whether it's personal life or whether it happens to be a nature or act of God, things are not going to get any easier here for Tampa Bay. And so you can look at Sunday, you can look at the entire slate of games, and we're going to talk about a lot of them. The Bills lost. Super Bowl contenders.

The Bucks lost. Sure, you got Tom Brady. I'll call you a, a Super Bowl contender. Tom Brady said it perfectly. It's just one game.

Nothing wrong with taking an L, just so you could, you know, learn from your mistakes and be better in the long run. I think that's where the Bills are in the Bucks. I think it's just a matter of health. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Bills are not done. The Bucks are not done. But the NFL has traditionally done something once a year. I'm happy to tell you that the Pro Bowl is done.

We're going to talk about that on the other side. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to talk to Pro Bowl.

We'll get into the Raiders, the Jags, the Dolphins. I'll even tell you who just scored a touchdown here on Monday Night Football. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. JR wants to hear from you.

Call him now at 855.2. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. You know what happens on Monday in September. It's NFL Football. Yeah, Monday Night Football. The New York Giants are hosting the Dallas Cowboys right now, and it wasn't too long ago that I told you that the Giants and Cowboys were attempting to play NFL caliber football, and it looks like we've had a score, and then we might actually have another one. Right before we went to break, the New York Giants were able to put some points on the board.

Saquon Barkley, a 36-yard rushing touchdown. The New York Giants go ahead and currently take the lead, halve the lead 13 to 6. But at this current minute, as I talk to you, talk to you, as I watch the game, the Dallas Cowboys have entered into the red zone. So the Dallas Cowboys are trying to put some points on the board themselves.

Less than two minutes here left in the third quarter, and they are first and goal, and they're trying to kind of punch the ball in. So obviously we'll keep you up to date with the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys as they continue on with their game. But to open up the show, I wanted to step into the world of reality for people not to overreact to both the Buffalo Bills losing and also the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

They both lost. The Bills lost to Miami, the Bucks lost to the Packers, and you're going to have people who jump off the ship, which I think is a terrible idea and a terrible thing because it's one game and it's not over. And we're going to get into some of these other football games and we're going to talk about NBA media day, but I do want to tell you about something that is done, that is cooked, that is complete. It's the NFL Pro Bowl.

It was some of the first news to drop earlier today. The Pro Bowl is done. The all-star game for the NFL, which is not an all-star game, which is basically a bunch of millionaires and some of the greatest players playing patty cake, is done. The Pro Bowl is going to be replaced with week-long skills competitions and a flag football game. Peyton Manning is going to help, you know, lead the way. His production company Omaha Productions will participate in this. The Pro Bowl is cooked.

It got started in 1951 and I don't know if I want to call this an advancement. It's now the Pro Bowl games. It's going to take place in Las Vegas. The flag football game will take place at Allegiant Stadium. Peyton Manning will help things out and I gotta tell you, this is basically what we've gotten already. Ain't nobody out there playing. Nobody's trying to get hurt playing at full tilt. There's no way in hell that you can have an all-star game for major league or not major league baseball. That's a whole separate situation but you can't have a an all-star game for the NFL in the middle of the year and so by the time you get all these stars together, the ones that actually participate and the ones who aren't going to the Super Bowl, which is the majority of them, they're on vacation already. Who the hell is trying to get hurt after the season heading into the off year? It's not like they're making additional money or getting additional funds that's going to break the bank and so it's taken a long time but the Pro Bowl is done.

It should have been done years ago and now they want to play games? Well now we'll see how that goes when you don't have guys who want to race and go full tilt in a race or give a damn about a passing competition. Like there is zero way to make the Pro Bowl interesting and going to the Pro Bowl games it's not gonna make too much of a difference.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna see and talk about it because damn it I got no choice. I have to but I got no interest in no Pro Bowl games. I mean we've seen some of these mini games.

Tyreek Hill raced Michael Parsons and we're supposed to believe that Michael Parsons would would beat Tyreek in a 40 yard dash? Like cut it out. But something is better than nothing and the Pro Bowl games is better than us kind of masquerading the Pro Bowl out there like it's a a legitimate football contest. We know it's crap.

It's not worth anybody's time. Shep, Pro Bowl is done. Do you even care?

Did you watch? No no I mean when we think of the All-Star game in baseball we think of Barry Bonds and you know you've alluded to it many times on your show getting robbed by Tory Hunter. We think of Ray Fosse you know getting knocked over, barreled over by Pete Rose and when you think of the NBA All-Star game you think Kobe Michael 98 MSG. JR for the life of me and football has been America's game for god knows how long I'd say 40-50 years at this point.

I can't tell you one single high okay one exception the Shawn Taylor hit that's it. Oh yeah that's it that's the only thing I can think of in a Pro Bowl in a 60 year game history of the Pro Bowl that's it and JR this is all about this is all about money it doesn't it doesn't sell it doesn't advertise properly and the reality is when you're now going to what looks like to be more than 17 games sooner than later this is for the safety of the players the right decision without question. Oh absolutely and and you just said it there is there's no standout moment in the Pro Bowl this game ends up being a blowout almost every year the AFC smacks up the NFC by the score of I don't know let's store an arbitrary number out there of you know 40 to 35 or 40 to I don't know it don't matter game sucks boring these games used to be like a free trip for the players to go to Honolulu with their families and then they stopped playing and NFL is like I'm not I'm not sending a hundred plus players out to Honolulu to take their families on vacation they so they cut back and they went to Orlando and then they went to Vegas and they said these guys still aren't playing and so we have slowly seen the the the this Pro Bowl just go just down the toilet as it should it's a crap game and the toilet is where it belongs I don't know if flag football and Pro Bowl games are gonna make too much of a difference. Got a quick idea JR I want to run by you. It's a Pro Bowl idea? It's a it's a it's a it's a celebration of football idea and it scratches an itch that a lot of people have had for a long time.

Scratching uh itches is pretty good go ahead. Take the top team in college football. Oh no. Have them oh you already know I'm going with this.

No no keep going. Have them play and I understand you know you have bowl games that come into factor in the and the college national you know championship game I get all that but figure out a way to get the team that wins the national championship the Alabamas of the world and have them play against what looks like uh you know it's not gonna be Jacksonville this year thank god but play them against the worst team in the NFL I think a lot of people would be fascinated by that. So you want to insult the worst NFL team in the league? Yeah. And you want the worst NFL team in you want the worst NFL team in the league to obliterate uh young men I would I was gonna call them children but that that'd be a little too much.

You you want to see blood? No I I want to see an an age-old debate be settled once and for all I mean we talk about it all the time now the NBA is a little different because you know the NBA you know you see the best guys all the time in college the Adam Morrisons of the world Jimmer for debts they don't last sometimes more than two three years you know but in the NFL it's pretty much a lock when you're picked in the top five top ten and you're a non-quarterback player you're gonna have a very prolific NFL career I'd love to see that once and for all I think a lot of people would tune into that JR more so than the skills competition thing they're talking about. A lot of people would but it's just it's like let's get grown-ass men to play adolescence and watch them be destroyed.

I don't know about the destroyed part. Oh kill him. But that so we would settle that once and for all I I know where you stand on that but you you're you're certain that if I mean I mean JR I mean. So if we took so let's let's go by this right if we took just just for all sakes and purposes if we took the Jacksonville Jaguars just like today right now. Right. And they actually won a football game yesterday congratulations to them they beat the Chargers.

In convincing fashion mind nonetheless. Yeah I mean Justin Herbert was running around with like half a lung and a rib but anyway we'll talk about that. If we took the Jacksonville Jaguars today and said go ahead and play I don't know play the Bulldogs Jacksonville Jaguars would whoop that ass man. There were five guys on defense alone that got drafted in the first round on that on that defensive unit of Kirby Smarts. Yeah but there's still well we're not talking about five guys.

Right. Shout outs to the burger people. You ever had them burgers?

Uh I'm trying to avoid that right now because I'm putting on too much belly fat but I've had it in the past and it's delicious. Yeah and five shout outs to five guys. Thanks for making me hungry JR. Yeah sorry about that. It's not just the five guys from Georgia the Nicobe Deans etc no I'm talking about the whole roster the defensive line the offensive line. These poor guys would be annihilated. Annihilated.

There's nothing there's nothing doing it's no different and people joke about it. What's a bad NBA team? You you want to take the magic? I I would say Rockets are even worse right now. Oh let's take the Rockets and let let them play against I don't know fill in the team any college team. I mean I mean UNC, UNC's been pretty they they had a hell of a run last year.

Yeah with Hubert they're gonna get wiped they're gonna get waxed. These college kids can't play with pros they're not ready not even physically. It's like grown man strength like it it exists. Yeah but JR I mean you've you've known this game so well I mean you do have I mean Luol Cinder was an exception obviously and then later on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar I mean Kareem was the best player from day one when he entered the NBA and you can say for Zion Williamson now clearly he was never as good as LeBron his rookie year and those guys of that nature but Zion Williamson from day one was a top 15 NBA player right and imagine if he came in like with Willie Green as his head coach his first year. Those are individual talents. Talking about the team you still got to go out there and have four of the guys with you in the case of basketball and it came with football you got to have 10 of the guys out there with you on offense and defense and it takes some time. I'm not disagreeing with you it'd be absolutely amazing to see NFL players take on I don't know college stars or a college championship team they would still get obliterated it's just it's grown men it's the it's the laws of nature maybe one game they'd win by mistake but no I'd go with the pros on that one they'd be whooping that ass it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio we just talked about the Jaguars yeah they won a football game they beat up on the Chargers and then I want to tell you about another team damn it they just been they've been being beaten all year the Raiders don't have a victory we're going to talk about it on the other side it's the JR sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio I love you brother happy birthday and god bless you man I love you I love you man you hey man you made my night JR you make my freaking night dude you don't even know thank you Kevin I love you bro I love you too not in that way if I go missing we know who did it okay all in now at eight five five two one two for CBS it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio yeah my birthday is uh ain't nowhere damn near close or in the past so uh thank you Kevin oh anyway listen Monday night football going on right now the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys they are tied at 13 all in the Meadowlands MetLife Stadium home of the New York Giants and uh you know we'll keep you up to date as that game progresses we've already updated you on on quite a few things tonight the Bills and the Bucks losing unfortunately we heard about Miles Garrett in his car accident leaving the the Browns practice facility his Porsche overturned and no broken bone so he appears to be uh okay wish him nothing but the best in his recovery we talked about the Pro Bowl being done and one of the things that we did discuss Chargers they actually played football and they lost to the Jags 38 to 10 to 10 and this is how I can describe things Keenan Allen is still hurt but then the guy who's hurt the most his name is is Justin Herbert we know that this man has like fractured cartilage he was asked after the game how did you prepare and just like I'm not going to talk to you about uh you know what I do to my body which leads you to believe that yeah this man got uh he got one of those shots to go out there and play and it's well within his right to do so but there is no way in hell that the Jacksonville Jaguars are supposed to go into anybody's building and beat them and that's what the Jags did beating the Chargers 38 to 10 snapping an 18-game losing streak on the road Trevor Lawrence I guess he likes football again uh Jacksonville he scored three touchdowns James Robinson got the job done on the ground he had 100 yards rushing and you just gotta go wow these these Chargers here are in for another season like this that they're one and two on the year it's disastrous what they got going on and so there's always controversy when it comes to the Chargers in the end of a game but this time it's not positive reasons Justin Herbert the man with the the fractured grip cartilage this game was a blowout and he was still out there late they were losing by 28 points it's the end of the game and Justin Herbert was still there he didn't want to quit on his teammates but head coach Brandon Staley of the Chargers this was his explanation as to why Justin was still out there that's a good question um he wanted to be out there with his teammates um he felt good um and he wanted to finish the game he wanted to you know give our group um some energy um and you know we were going to protect him there at the end with you know really sound protection as best we could but um you know it was more about you know him wanting to finish with his guys not a good enough reason coach you're the coach he's a player what the hell is what Justin Herbert does he have a magical play where he's gonna score I don't know like 28 points at one time no work that way this man had to take a shot I'm assuming to go play the game the last time we saw Justin Herbert last week against Kansas City the man was just writhing in pain walking off the field in pain the hell you keeping him in the game for you the coach tell him to sit down you're done no more for you tonight what a waste eight five five two one two four cbs paul he's calling from Rhode Island you're on the JR sport brief show thank you for taking my call commander JR I don't know what the hell is going on in the NFL but I'm gonna tell you if it keeps going this way nobody's gonna have 12 wins there's not just no way to get the ball there's no way that's gonna happen okay there's no way I mean you're talking about teams that are under 500 in the past and now are brilliantly Merrick by a miracle are just 3-0 like tonight okay it just it just can't happen these guys make a 50 million dollars a year and they're losing games away at home and in the in the universe it just can't happen you're you're polishing the the the fan base wallet you know it's like okay it's just a game no it's not a game oh what is it's not a game because you are predicting what's going to happen in late uh late in the season and it's going to be like a wild card game the raiders the lions uh um New Orleans like what the hell is going on man like this this is insane so are you are are you upset that the the post season is going to be watered down or are you concerned with the the win-loss record in the regular season of teams which one is it I am concerned in the win-loss season in the beginning I know at the beginning in the beginning it takes a little while but the way it's it's it's activating it's impossible to predict as your team has a high market team to lose this cannot go on it's impossible yeah well it's it's it's gonna go on Paul and thank you for calling from Rhode Island I'm I'm a little confused by that call you're gonna have some winners and you're gonna have losers I mean damn it if I gotta think about the NFL standings from last year to to be hung up on who is or is not getting 12 wins the Dallas Cowboys had 12 wins last year the Rams had 12 wins we saw them go to a championship and win it the Packers had 13 the Buccaneers had 13 the Chiefs had 12 and we know that they started off like crap the Titans yeah they've taken a step back if you ask me the Tennessee Titans last year 12 victories and so is 12 the magic number to get into the postseason typically it is but I'm not gonna be overly concerned like what are we what are we doing here we did yes just complete week number three there's no no major rush here to just oh draw just draw ridiculous conclusions about what's gonna be the whole season nobody's gonna win 12 games we're gonna get crap in the playoffs well we might but can we get there first even the thought that nobody's gonna win 12 games is just it's kind of odd in and of itself can can we play the games I know Herm Edwards is no longer a you know Sun Devils coach but he said it the best you play to win the game you don't play to lose and so when you have 17 opportunities to go out there and actually walk away with a W yeah the good teams they're gonna they're gonna pick up 10 plus now we got 17 thinking about 12 is ridiculous and sure the pool has been diluted when it comes to postseason play sounds like every sport let's try to keep the fans attention for the regular season and then when we get to the postseason we have more games and inventory to sell to all our many many advertisers and partners NFL is like yeah let's just make more money more playoffs sure more regular season action sure more money for everybody involved even the losers it's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio no losers on this side well that's not true well that's not true that's not true at all we're going to talk another set of losers when we come back it's the Raiders we're going to get into NBA media day we got a lot to do the JR sport brief show here on CBS Sports Radio looking for stories about the black community and you don't want to wait until oh i don't know february then check out beyond black history month the podcast that tells inclusive stories year round like how today's labor movement is connected to the civil rights movement and why black neighborhoods keep getting hit with water crisis after water crisis we're still being charged for water that we can't use listen and subscribe to beyond black history month on the odyssey app or wherever you get your podcast from
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