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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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February 14, 2023 1:30 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 14, 2023 1:30 am

JR looks at the performance of Jalen Hurts in Super Bowl 57 and believes he has NOTHING to be ashamed of. The defense let the Eagles down, not Hurts

JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

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And I'm JR, coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love to everybody listening from coast to coast. All my friends listening on our many CBS Sports Radio affiliates.

People tuned in on the free Odyssey app, Sirius XM Channel 158, and everybody locked in on a smart speaker. I'm gonna be here with you for the next three hours. I'm hanging out with my main man, super producer and host, Dave Shepherd. But we're here with you. There's no show without every single one of you all.

And here's the deal. Super Bowl was last night, about 24 hours ago, we saw the Kansas City Chiefs win their second Super Bowl in four damn years. We saw Patrick Mahomes continue to build up his resume, just as a legend. We saw the Eagles lose. We saw Jalen Hurts prove once again, even in a loss that he ain't no backup, he ain't no scrub.

What else is there for him to prove besides just still running around and being consistent? Can't take none of that away from this man. And so as we hang out here for the next three hours, there's a lot that we're going to talk about. By the way, thank you to everyone who tuned into the first hour of the show.

If you missed it, you can hit rewind on the free Odyssey app. We're going to get into the holding call. I know, heard about it all damn day.

I'm going to tell you what I think about it. We're going to definitely talk about Rihanna, her halftime performance that also included her unborn child. We're going to talk about Andy Reid, which we've done a little bit already. We'll talk about Jalen Hurts and we'll get there.

Well, there's just a lot to do. I'm glad we had a good Super Bowl game. I'm glad it didn't put me to sleep. I'm glad it was close. I'm glad it was entertaining.

We know that there was, I'm not going to say no way, but Patrick Mahomes gets the football and you can't discount what he's able to go out there and do. And we saw that firsthand. If you want to talk to us, it's simple 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Right before we went to break, we received the call in and thank you much love to Sanjay for calling us.

And hey, also a big shout out to my main man. I saw him outside in the in the street today. D Will hit me up. He was riding his bike through through Atlanta. What's up, D Will?

Just riding his bike. He had on his Patrick Mahomes jersey and he, I guess he wanted to be politely antagonizing to anybody. But D Will is a great guy. Much love seeing you, you know, outside D Will.

But I was asked right before the break by Sanjay. He's like, Hey, JR. I'm like, yeah. It's like, if Jalen Hurts and the Eagles would have won the game, do you believe that Jalen Hurts would have walked away with the MVP?

And I'm like, uh, yeah, absolutely. Jalen Hurts was pretty dominant until the Eagles defense just fell asleep and, and played patty cake in the second half of the game. I mean, Jalen Hurts was out there throwing bombs. He rushed for 70 yards. He rushed for three touchdowns. He was helping to convert third and fourth downs with sneaks. We haven't seen three touchdowns rushing, uh, from anybody since Terrell Davis, like 20 years ago. So yes, Hurts was on his way to an MVP if they won.

But who cares about if it didn't happen? We know that he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and it's going to be very interesting. You know what the Eagles do heading into their future. This is a damn good team.

They have a damn good quarterback. Before I get to the quote unquote ancillary pieces, Jalen Hurts is awesome. He spoke after the game, and he spoke after the game. And he said, yeah, taking this out, this is going to motivate me to do better. We lost.

We came in the win, came up short. So, you know, it's, um, it's something that I know that'll motivate me. I've been here before. That's the beautiful thing about it. So I figure it out.

Yeah. I mean, he's, he's been benched. We've heard this before. Benched in a national championship, having to transfer east guy. This guy has lost.

He's had to quote unquote overcome things to, to even get to this point. And who knows if, if you'll ever be back in a Superbowl, but Patrick Mahomes certainly took time after the game and Sanjay, would he have been MVP? Just listen to how Patrick Mahomes talked about Jalen Hurts after the game.

Yeah. I mean, if there was any doubters love there, there shouldn't be now. I mean, the way he stepped up on this stage, um, and ran through the ball, whatever it took for his team to win. I mean, that was a special performance that I don't want to get lost. I don't want it to get lost in the, in the, the loss that they had. I mean, even whenever we got all the momentum in that game and we went up eight points in the fourth quarter for him to respond and move his team right down the football field and run it in himself for the two point conversion. It was a special performance by him, man. And, um, I mean, you make sure you appreciate that when you look back on this game. Yeah.

Very much so you got to show that man some love. Jalen Hurts says the loss will motivate him. Patrick Mahomes is out there showing him love and Jalen Hurts is he's amazing. Now what happens with the Eagles moving on into the future? Oh man.

That's, that's where things get tricky. If you think about who's going to be a free agent on this team, tons of folks. How about we start off on the offensive line where you have just Jason Kelce. He's going to be a free agent.

Ain't no guarantee he's going to return. You got a veteran Fletcher Cox, you got Brandon Graham. This man has battled injuries for the past few seasons to come back and and be a world-class wrecking machine out there. Uh, you got Jayvon Hargrave, you got CJ Gardner Johnson, uh, who came over from the saints, Robert Quinn, some of the veterans that they brought in.

Linval Joseph and Damakin Su. Like, the team is going to be different. Is the offensive line going to be as strong? Lamar Jackson won an MVP behind a strong offensive line and then we've seen the deterioration of that offensive line over the past several years and now we, we haven't seen, we haven't seen Lamar Jackson finish a season healthy in the past three years. I hope that's not the case here for Jaylen Hertz. And then, how about this man being a free agent?

James Bradbury. Yeah, this game was going on down to the wire. This game looked like, man, we're going to see the Chiefs try and score.

We'll see the Eagles get the football back and that, that never took place. We were tied 30-35 all. Kansas City Chiefs look like they had an incomplete pass, looked like they were going to have to go out there and kick the ball and then James Bradbury was called for a hold. Third and eight.

Here we go. First down. Kansas City Chiefs milk the hell out of the clock and then they kicked the ball a win. This game was exciting as hell but like all the air was sucked out at the end of the game after that holding call, after the penalty that pretty much just, just gave the Chiefs, gave them a chance to just slow things down, kick and that's all she wrote. I was hoping for an exciting comeback where maybe the Eagles could get their hands on the rock.

Maybe the Eagles would get a legitimate chance. There wasn't enough time on the clock when they got the ball. Just Jaylen Hertz throwing a ball downfield that absolutely did nothing and that was all she wrote. And obviously, there was a lot of debate all day long. I heard it everywhere. Shout outs to everybody on WIP in Philadelphia. Shout outs to all my folks here in Atlanta listening on 92-9 the game.

Shout outs to everybody in Kansas City. Everyone had an opinion about this hold. It was a hold, folks. It was.

Can we at least put that to bed? He held him. He grabbed his jersey. It was a hold. The proper debate, if you want to have one, is whether or not the referees should have actually called it. They ain't called nothing old game.

It was not nice. We actually saw a smooth football game. Most of the penalties that we saw took place on the offensive line. Guys are jumping too early.

They're crossing the line. Okay, fine. But a holding penalty at the end? Would I have liked to seen it at the end?

Hell no. It'd be nice if the referee did not blow the whistle. I don't think there was a hard enough reason for him to do so, but he did.

I ain't going to bitch about that. If you're mad at the end result of the game, blame the Eagles defense because James Bradbury, who had to play defense all damn game, he was asked about that holding penalty at the end of the game. Did he hold Juju Smith-Schuster?

I'm sure by now you heard the answer. If you did not, take a listen to this post game. It was a hold. It was a hold. If you did not, take a listen to this post game.

I mean, that's not up for my judgment. You know, I was hoping he would let it go, but of course, you know, he's a ref. It was a big game. It was a hold, so they called it. Yeah, it was a hold. He called it.

What are we debating about? I mean, you can look at photographic evidence if it's too fast for you in video form. He held him. The man who did it said it happened. It took place.

You can look at it with your own two eyes. He grabbed them. Was it egregious? No.

Was it outrageous? No. Was it a hold?

Yes. It would have been nice if the referee just choked on the whistle, held it, but he didn't. The world moves on. Everybody's screaming at the top of their damn lungs about how the referee ruined the Super Bowl. The referee cost the Eagles a chance at a Super Bowl. The call ruined it.

Man, get over it. Got the same damn people yelling the same thing every game. It's going to happen, and they're going to play more at close attention if it's not the case. If this did not happen, and he didn't call it, there'd be a million people screaming on the other side. Why didn't he call the hold?

So how about in these cases? The referee is damned if he does. The referee is damned if he don't. If you want to blame anybody for this loss, go ahead and blame the Eagles' defense. They wasn't out there kicking Patrick Mahone's behind at the end of the game.

They were pretty much, it looked like, trying to quote unquote, hold on. Nick Sirianni, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, he started off the night by crying during the star-spangled banner, let those tears flow, and then at the end of the game after the loss, a little bit more solemn being asked about that late holding call. Listen, you'll see me on the sideline. I'm going to argue with different things of calls here and there, but it's not my job to make the call. Those guys got to do that in split second. I'm going to be honest with you, they got to do that in split second scenarios. That's what he saw and he called it. I know it always appears to be that it's one call that makes the case. It's not what it is.

It's not what it is. There's so many plays that contribute to the end result of the game. Today, they were better than we were. Thank you.

Thank you. Everybody always looking for a damn excuse. What about the defense? We know that Patrick Mahomes was running around on a bum ankle, a bum leg for three weeks. You know how many times Patrick Mahomes was sacked? Do you know how many times Patrick Mahomes was sacked last night? Shep, do you know how many times Patrick Mahomes was sacked? It's as many times as you and I were sacked last night, JR.

Zero. This man was not sacked one time for a defensive line that destroyed everybody all season long, and it has nothing to do with their opposition. You know, people go, oh, well, who did the Eagles beat? Who did they beat? Man, it's not easy to go out there and get 70 to 80 sacks in a season. Not at all. I don't care who the hell you playing.

There is still some type of resistance. These are still some of the best defenders in the league. The Eagles have the best or have the best collection of talent up and down their roster in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes wasn't sacked one time. The Philadelphia Eagles, man, they had the Chiefs in a stranglehold. The first half had them in a stranglehold. Didn't let the Chiefs get their hands on the football.

They exerted their will on them just because they wanted to. Being able to have the football in the first half, a ridiculous 22 minutes to eight, did a whole hell of a lot to stop the Chiefs from scoring. At one point, I think they said, oh my God, it's been what, 30 something odd minutes since the Chiefs even had the football, not able to get into a rhythm. And yeah, what does it matter when the Chiefs get the ball if you're just scoring at will? But it's another thing when the other team is scoring and killing the clock. Amazing strategy, amazing execution.

But the tie turned in the second half. The Chiefs just picked them apart, man. You got a first year dude in Pacheco doing what he wants to do. You got a wide receiver in the game. You got two wide receivers. Sky Moore did not catch a touchdown pass all season long. Sky Moore just got to the damn NFL. He scored his first touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Good for him. Kadarius Toney had that big punt, the longest punt return in NFL Super Bowl history, 65 yards. Kadarius Toney was a reject from the New York Giants who wanted nothing to do with this guy and his personality. The Eagles were just kind of hanging back. And no, they haven't necessarily been aggressive all year long. They have a strong front line. Why send extra defenders? Man, these Eagles were just chilling, letting everybody catch the ball. Yeah, Travis Kelce is one of the best in the damn game. But every time they got a score, if you want to blame anybody, if you want to look at a reason that the Eagles lost, look at the defense. Look at what took place in the second half, where the Chiefs scored every scored every single time.

That's ridiculous. Fell asleep at the wheel. Blame Gannon.

Blame their defensive coordinator. Who knows? Maybe he's gonna go get a job elsewhere. Maybe he maybe he'll be the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

I have no idea. Patrick Mahomes wasn't sacked once. We saw him limping around at the end of the first half.

They might have give this guy a tour d'ol. I don't know what they did, but he came out and damn it, he had he had a 26 yard rush at the end of the game to help set up the field goal. I'm like, damn, nobody's gonna blast Patrick Mahomes?

Is he running around in an invisible bubble? Hassan Riddick, the man who destroyed Brock Purdy, knocked him out of the game early on and there was no contest after that. Hassan Riddick talked about just the Eagles past rush and the Chiefs and he did an excellent job. This is what Hassan Riddick had to say. They had a good game plan, a lot of chipping, stuff like that, trying to, you know, for the most part, getting the ball out fast, you know, game plan work.

That's a credit to them. Yeah, can't hit Patrick Mahomes if and Greg Olsen did an excellent job talking about this and so did Kevin Burkhardt. But yeah, Patrick Mahomes, man, that ball gets snapped. He's trying to throw it.

Yeah, trying to run around. You got to give credit to the team with the experience. You got to give credit to the team with the star quarterback. We knew that was going to be a factor and it certainly came to life here at the end of the game because the Chiefs are your Super Bowl 57 champs and the Eagles go home. Hurts isn't going anywhere, but I name to you a lot of free agents on that team. Sent to Jason Kelce, legends, veterans, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Hargrave, and then the man who committed the holding penalty that was a holding penalty is James Bradbury.

We don't know when the Eagles are swinging back, but we know the Chiefs, they ain't going no damn where. It's the JR Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. If you want to talk to me, it's simple 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS. I'll get to your calls and then I want to talk to you about the future of someone else. It's Rihanna.

Don't move. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey JR, thanks for having me on. First time caller. You got a great show. I really like your show.

You're really patient and I think you're really objective. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Eagles got a call for a hole to end the game yesterday. They get a first down. They get an opportunity to just run the clock. They kick a field goal. They give the the Eagles the ball back and that's pretty much all she wrote. The Eagles had time to look at the clock and watch it disappear.

The Kansas City Chiefs, they won their second Super Bowl in four years and I think the biggest issue, the largest issue for the Philadelphia Eagles was the defense, the strength of the team, the dominance of the team. They didn't sack Patrick Mahomes one time and then they found out who Patrick Mahomes is in the second half of the game as he torched them for a score on every possession and they ain't laying a finger on him. Not one. You heard Hassan Reddick right before the break. He said, yeah Patrick Mahomes, he snapped that football and then he got rid of it and we ain't hit him.

Completing everything. He's one of the greatest. He's one of the best.

He's one of the most accomplished quarterbacks that we've seen already and he's only 27 years old. 8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS. That's 8-5-5-2-1-2-4 CBS. Let's go ahead and talk to Noah calling for Maryland.

Dude, talk to Noah calling for Maryland. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Thank you. How are you tonight? I'm excellent. What's up?

All right, so I got to think real quick things. I think that the big fat zero on that column as you said for the sack total for the Eagles was a huge factor and number two, the holding call. Put it aside. Should have been called whether it should have been called or not. I was at a Super Bowl party and you know directly in that call I wanted to see the Chiefs pick a field goal. You know and see the Eagles try to drive back down. Now I wasn't going for anybody specifically as I'm Baltimore Ravens fan.

Hopefully get the Lamar contract done but that's besides the point, right? I was not going for any specific sound. I wanted a good game and as you said it sucked the life out of the party. I knew exactly what we all knew was exactly what was going to happen after that. We knew the Chiefs were going to run it out and that was the end. I just would have liked to see a lot more exciting things.

No, absolutely Noah. I'm in the same boat with you. The ending sucked unless you're a Chiefs fan. Like the end of the game sucked. It would have been great. It would have been great to see the Eagles get a chance for all the conversations that we had last playoffs. AFC championship game this and Buffalo builds that and Chiefs this and and man if they were going to the AFC that was a divisional game. It's like oh man well in overtime both teams should get the ball and then they change the rules for both teams to get the ball in the postseason and yeah they ain't gonna change this rule but it was just boring at the end.

It's like oh yeah we all know what's gonna happen. Let's just all watch the clock disappear and watch the Eagles not get a chance to do nothing. It would have been great.

It would have been fun. What the Kansas City Chiefs did was all within the rules. Can't blame them. Can't knock them. It was great strategy. Even running towards the end zone Jerick McKinnon he was looking at the end zone and he dove and took a knee to continue running out the clock. Smart strategy. Beautiful strategy. Boring to watch at home.

I want to see everybody just go back and forth and so that part absolutely sucked. 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124 CBS. Jeff is here from Alaska. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hi sir.

Hey thanks for what you do. A couple things. The time of possession I think is a little overrated in this game because you know there's those two possessions where the Eagles had a ball maybe six seven minutes fumble. Chiefs score a touchdown. The Eagles get the ball another six or seven minutes. So there's 12-13 minutes of possession when the Chiefs were never even on the field. It's not like the Chiefs were doing three and out in less than a minute. Well I would say on the opposite if you look at the first half they weren't able to score because they weren't on the field. It was an excellent strategy. It would have been an excellent strategy if they were able to carry it on into the second half.

They would have suffocated them. Yeah I agree. I was going to say you can't have the ball you can't have a 17 play drive for however long it was eight ten minutes and only scored three points. Yeah it's you've got to score more than a field goal on a 17 play drive. It's demoralizing.

It's absolutely demoralizing and it'll change your thought process and it'll change how aggressive you are. Are you going to go for two? Are you going to go four fourth down?

If you have a feeling that you're not going to get the ball back man you put your foot on somebody's neck and they're over here trying to breathe man it's it's a tough goal. Tony's calling from Maryland. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey J.R. how you doing man? I'm good.

How you doing? Uh the chief the chief won because the main fact is they got out coached and also in the league and sacks and all of a sudden you came second to a bowl. Unbelievable. I couldn't believe it and just faith to say Andrew is a great coach. That's all I want to say J.R. Okay thank you Tony for calling from Maryland. Absolutely he is a great coach.

Bradley Beal sprained his ankle. What a guy. 855-212-4 CBS. Joe is calling from North Carolina. Hi yeah I've been a great show.

I love your show. I have been watching Patrick Mahomes and I think in the beginning he was he does incredible things. He does the fantastic when he's scrambling and the the way they tried to stop him and a lot of running quarterbacks and say okay when he scrambles he's dangerous let's keep him in the pocket but now Mahomes has improved that part of his game and he's just as dangerous in the pocket as he is scrambling and throwing the ball. So I that's scary for the rest of the NFL that he is now he's done what many other scrambling quarterbacks have were not able to do that is to become a great pocket passer in addition to being a great scrambling passer.

So that's that's all I had to say. Well thank you Joe absolutely he's dangerous from every and any place on that field. Jason's calling from Charlotte. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up Jason? Hey JR thanks for taking my call man.

Sure. One thing real quick man just just I got an issue with Ryan Clark today and when we start putting Mahomes not I'm not I'm not a hater he's unbelievable quarterback but in today's rules if that's a hole last night and and it is it's all under today's rules it's a hole. Dan Marino would have thrown for probably 90,000 yards and I don't know that he would have been he would have been stoppable. So it it it's I hate being hypothetical about that but it's just such a different game now when I look back on corners that played like Lester Hayes and guys that even played in the 80s I I'm it's just you can't breathe on a receiver now and it it takes away from what Montana, Elway, Marino, Warren Moon, those guys who knows what they would do in today's game. Well it it the thing is Marino they said well he's not mobile you know if you look it up I'm pretty sure he still holds his fat I think he's the least fat quarterback of all time and due to his quick release so even even with with with not being mobile and and having yesterday's rules his completion percentage for his career was 60%. It's we're comparing apples to oranges almost now I know they played a position but go ahead. Yeah you are and I understand your point about not being hypothetical but you are these are some facts you are correct. Dan Marino was putting up Patrick Mahomes-esque numbers on that year they went to the the Super Bowl and lost lost and we know this and this is applicable to just about any sport we know that the offense is pretty much opened up everywhere there's less of an emphasis on defense and so sure we could play the what-if game with Dan Marino in many regards in many respects what if Dan Marino wasn't just throwing the ball to quote unquote two marks what if Dan Marino had a defense what if this what if that we can say the same thing in this current era for someone like Peyton Manning who did walk away with two Super Bowls who knows in a few years we might be able to say the same thing about Aaron Rodgers and so we can't control situations and Dan Marino is certainly regarded as as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time without a shadow of a doubt but when it comes to I'm sorry when it comes to accomplishments and achievements that's what a lot of dudes are just flat judged on is it fair probably not but I don't think anybody is omitting or is losing or is forgetting about Dan Marino not at all but it comes down to the jury that's it what you guys what you got in that trophy case right wrong fair that's what it is Dan Marino is probably one of the few exceptions that when you do talk about greatest of this or greatest of that it's always mentioned that Dan Marino was great he don't have the hardware though and that's not just his fault he can't do nothing about that eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs we got a lot more to get to we got more people on the lines I want to get to Rihanna I want to talk about rings and championships that's something that my homes does have you're listening to the jr sport brief on cbs on cbs sports radio you are listening to the jr sport brief on cbs sports radio your show is informative and thought-provoking and I love that about us and every chance I get man keep it up it's one of the best shows anywhere call in now at eight five five two one two four cbs it's the jr sport brief show here on cbs sports radio plenty of things to laugh and have fun about phone lines are jumping all over the place we didn't even talk about pregnant Rihanna and her halftime show we'll get there I think 100 and how many people saw that 118 million people more people watched Rihanna at halftime then did anyone watch the actual game which was the third most uh watched television show of all time and when I say show the other two happen to be uh football football games Seahawks and Patriots hold the record in 2015 114 million viewers the Patriots and Falcons that comeback game saw it all my friends here in Atlanta that had 113 viewers we had 113 preliminary viewers last night putting it at the third most watched television event ever and Rihanna 118 million you know why not throw in an extra five mil just to check in with Rihanna eight five five two one two four cbs that's eight five five two one two four cbs my main man sully he's on the road hey sully you're on cbs sports radio what's up with you my man jr my guy how we doing brother it's been a long time like three days long time right four days four days we can't do this anymore three days is way too long it was so good to see you and hang with you and get in some good talks really appreciate my time when I get to hang with jr no likewise I won't see you again until what the uh the draft probably possibly not yeah I don't know if I'm gonna make it to Kansas City it's gonna be playoff time for hockey you know I'm a big hockey fan so I think I might save my my trip there's only so many trips I could take during the year so that's still it's 75 25 that I will be going to watch playoff hockey instead of the draft but if I do I know what booth I can find you at yeah I'll be hanging around at the cbs table how did you enjoy the game sully you know it's funny that he said I enjoyed it very much and look yeah the easy topic to go after was that call which whatever it's a referee he saw what he he saw but you guys were touching on it especially you how come no one's really bringing up special teams that punt was horrible where the 65 yards oh my god they couldn't trap tony nothing it was weird because when he kicked it I'm like that didn't look normal because he didn't follow through he did like a little hop and then you know special look I'm from Boston I know I know you know this but I think the audience can pick up the accent there are three parts of the game offense defense and special teams and Bill Belichick is just a huge special teams guy and then the last two games for the sheaths have been special teams that's what's helped propel the wins and look I'm a big Tom Brady fan I love that you just went through the the three top watch Super Bowls two of them were Brady's and then Mahomes and I really think as much as I hate to say it Mahomes is on pass to be look I don't know if anyone's ever going to get seven but it's going to be fun to watch to see if he can keep doing what he's doing and the Chiefs can keep Andy Reid around and build the team and keep the team they've drafted very very well and also you touched on a thing I'm 49 I forgot how many bangers Rihanna had oh my god bang after hit after hit but yeah so I don't know man I just it was a great game to watch yeah yeah it was a great game I'm glad it wasn't crap and then Rihanna just you had to go oh yeah Rihanna did that oh yeah that was Rihanna oh yeah that was Rihanna but you know and that that that that brings me to this Sully we had this conversation last week not you and I but had this on air when LeBron James broke the record there's so many things that went on last week and it's it's understanding that greatness comes in different ways no one is going to have the exact same career as the last guy Bill Russell did not have the career of Michael Jordan Michael Jordan didn't have the career of Magic and even if you look at it in football way in football terms Montana didn't have Brady's career you know my homes is building his own resume he may not get to seven but how do we know my homes doesn't go on a stretch of I don't know just saying hey guys here here are five and six and seven MVPs we don't know so it's great to see these stories play out JR how listen to all those things you just rambled off how lucky we are to be at our age at this time in the sports world for me I'm a little bit older than you so I got to watch all of Jordan go through everything now all of LeBron and yeah I don't like LeBron but I'm gonna miss him when he's not playing anymore same thing had a lot of love and respect for Kobe but I missed him when he didn't the hatred and the anger towards the Lakers I don't have it towards LeBron I had the hatred when Kobe was there I mean he used to destroy everybody we're seeing all these these athletes start and then grow in front of our eyes win championships keep winning championships and then still perform when they're older I mean 35 39 45 I mean that's not old but I'm just lucky and grateful that I'm old enough to remember everything that you just rambled off except Bill Russell who wasn't around yet for Bill Russell yeah one one size one size does does not fit all we got to appreciate greatness when it's in front of us it's an easy thing for content sake tv radio online yeah this guy versus this guy and that guy look we're gonna be here I don't know if I'm being I don't plan on being around but we we're gonna be here another 100 years from now and we're gonna have two and three more maybe four more generations of individuals who are quote-unquote great and they're gonna look in they're gonna look in the record books and they're gonna go oh well this guy would have wiped the floor with that dude and that's the way it should be because time moves on it moves forward that's just what it is buddy I just wanted to make sure I called send you some extra positivity I love you buddy it was so great to hang with you and keep doing what you're doing man I'm very proud of you much love Sully I'll catch you soon man be well be smooth okay later bud no doubt about it thank you my main man Sully calling up yeah holding it down he's gonna be getting ready for that hockey yeah we gotta we gotta appreciate greatness and I'm glad Sully you know he brought up Rihanna and there are a lot of folks who aren't happy with Rihanna's performance and look I get it you're not supposed to look at a woman and go what's that belly about you're not supposed to but it was obvious this lady was pregnant I know she just had a baby like last year and now she's pregnant again good for her but from the minute that you looked at her stomach and then you looked at her performance and how she was moving and how she was not moving it was easy to go this woman is performing pregnant and as Sully just said man hit after hit after hit Rihanna has has been around so long is I think she said afterwards and trying to put together her set 17 years of music it's how long she's been out yeah 17 years see because she's still in her gotta be in her early to mid 30s right now I think she's she's started off as a 34 say again she's born in 88 so she's 34 yeah she's been she's been doing this since she's like 18 19 20 so she got she got years what were your thoughts about the halftime show um I'm not gonna lie to you because yeah she's 88 uh yeah so she's 34 yep uh because she sets a high bar and we know what Rihanna is and we know how great she's been throughout her career I mean she was the only musical art one of the only musical artists on the bronze uh you know congratulatory celebratory 38 387 points so with that being said JR because the standard is so high I thought it was a little bit underwhelming yeah well what was she supposed to do she was pregnant who cares what's it but I didn't but okay so I didn't know that at the time though okay I mean it's not like I go to social media and say oh my god Rihanna's trash like I'm not that kind of person and Rihanna's not trash but like I think when I looked at it I was like I remember thinking we got Snoop Eminem Kendrick Lamar Mary J Flies 50 uh you know Dre and then we go from that to this I was like man we took a step back this year yeah it didn't hit the quote-unquote excitement factor but because her records are such big hits like for what it is it was this is a pregnant woman performing some of the biggest songs that just get played on planet earth have been played on planet earth for the past 15 years and for what it was it was you know this wasn't uh what's that guy's name the weekend this wasn't Michael Jackson he wasn't great either who but the weekend wasn't great either no I'm talking about from a performance perspective from a bells and whistles she was on a moving platform which I thought was pretty cool and her songs are absolutely amazing I went through all of and I'm like okay it was Rihanna it was cool for what it was it was and the world will move on I enjoyed it for the fact that she was a pregnant lady on platforms and she played bangers it's the jr sport re-show here on CBS sports radio we'll get back to football talk Rihanna and everything on the other side
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