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1.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR
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January 10, 2023 1:39 am

1.9.23 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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January 10, 2023 1:39 am

JR examines whether or not the College Football Playoff could have done anything different to avoid a 65-7 blowout in the National Title game

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That's slash positive. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio, and I am coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He's coming to you live from New York City. And we were broadcasting all over North America. We're going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. So whether you're listening on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate, whether you're locked in on the free Odyssey app, A U D A C Y, you could be tuned in on Sirius XM Channel 158, or you could be listening on a smart speaker.

You could be on CBS Sports Radio dot com. I don't care how you listen. I'm just glad that you are here. We know the news tonight. Georgia beat the living hell out of TCU. The final score 65 to 7. Georgia has now gone back to back first team to win back to back title since that Nick Saban guy did it about 10 years ago.

And there's there was no there's no competition in this game. None. So the route Stetson Bennett threw for four touchdowns for. The Georgia Bulldogs rushed for another five touchdowns. I would run you through the numbers, but they are just utterly embarrassing.

And so rather than run you through the numbers, I want you to hear some of these touchdowns, I guess because I'm a jerk. And I got to give credit to all the TCU fans who showed up to so far stadium. Because there are a lot of fans that left early. There are a lot of fans who stayed.

I was actually paying attention. I was like, I need to see TCU fans. I feel like even ESPN took the approach of. We can't just show TCU fans crying for the next hour or two hours. Or three hours, two and a half, because that's how long the beatdown lasted. But there was a point in time where the score was 38 to seven at halftime. And the TCU cheerleaders were still out there cheering. I don't know what they were cheering for.

Maybe for the bloodshed and the pain to stop. But this was just it was bad. I'm not going to take you through all nine touchdowns because that would be. That'd be me.

I'm not that mean. I only allow you to hear about half of them. How about we start here setting up the halftime score of thirty eight to seven. This was Stetson Bennett to Mitchell in the second quarter.

All this is courtesy the Bulldogs radio network from the twenty two second and ten for the dogs. Thirty two seconds to go. Bennett to throw right angle. One on one coverage and caught. I think touchdown, Mitchell.

He's still fighting the guy. TCU ended up with the ball when they came out of the pile. But the officials say touchdown.

Yeah. Made the score thirty eight to seven leading into halftime. Well, what about after halftime? Brock Bowers, the best tight end in the country. What happens when Stetson Bennett connects with him? The score becomes forty five seven.

What does that sound like? Bennett takes the snap in the shotgun, throws for the corner. Brock Bowers one on one. Caught. Touchdown.

He ate him alive. Falls down into the end zone. Six more for Georgia. OK. Forty five and OK, if I had another touchdown on top of forty five to do some math here, I think I can do it.

Forty five plus seven takes me to fifty two. And that was Stetson Bennett to who? Take a listen. Bennett to throw lobs it to the right corner. There's McConkie. He got on his donkey and made a sliding catch in the right corner. Touchdown. Well, the creativity he got on his donkey.

Good for him. And after that, there came a point in time where it's just like. We can't just keep running the starters out here, right? We got to let other guys go and play right so they could say they participated in a national championship game. Sure. Well, what happens when those guys get to play?

They join in on the action. Branson Robinson in the fourth quarter. He said Stetson Bennett had had two scores. I want to score two. He made the score fifty nine to seven with a one yard touchdown run. George is going to get back on the line and go quickly handed off to Robinson straight ahead from inside the one. Did he break the plane? The officials are running in. Yeah, there's the signal.

Arms go up in the air. Touchdown Branson Robinson. Damn. Fifty nine to seven. I told you the final score was sixty five to seven. So why not listen to one more touchdown?

The last one. Robinson who scored a few moments ago shakes and bakes at the twenty at the fifteen at the ten to the five pylon touchdown left corner for a massive hole opened up just off tackle. And once again, dogs able to get outside and contain.

We've been doing it all afternoon. Hey, shut that. That's it. There's no more touchdowns, right? That's it. That's it.

Unless there's another McConkey donkey that we don't know about. That would be it. The final score was sixty five to seven, right?

It's inconceivable, unfathomable that a final in a college football Division one championship game is sixty five to seven. But that would be correct. Okay. Yeah. I'm just making sure I'm not in the Twilight Zone.

I'm making sure I didn't take too much medicine before I came on air. You know, I'm just I'm just making sure I understood this correctly. Someone told Sonny Dykes that Michigan was their championship. See, that's what happened. Oh, ouch. It's true.

I didn't show up. You think the players got too hype last week. It's natural. It's human. They're human. Well, JR, but the Bulldogs are human, too.

And yes, I understand they wanted the previous year, but there's some there's some new additions to that team. And you just they're better, though, just flat. They're better. But more talent. They're better. But you are. Yes, you're right.

But but again, I'm sorry to be repetitive here, but that I don't like doing this. But what if Marvin Harrison Jr. doesn't get hurt and a cheap shot is is is is is allocated and levied his way? I believe without a shadow of a doubt, Ohio State pulls through that Ohio State team got outscored by that Michigan team. Twenty eight to three in their place in the second half in their biggest game of the season. And you beat that Michigan team.

We could we could run around and do that all day. Right. Would we get a if we if we were looking at Ohio State, would they beat them with this score? I don't know. Are you asking what Ohio State beat TCU with this score with this score? I think I think you are you and myself and nine other guys the way TCU showed up or lack thereof on Monday would have beaten them.

Sixty five to seven. Yes. I think they show up, JR.

It's a combination. Are they this bad? No, they're not this bad.

They're not. But Georgia, it's not like Georgia is a is a world beat. It's not like they were wiping out teams all year long. A score of one hundred to zero. And they face TCU and said, oh, only give them sixty five. This is I'm I'm not going to kill TCU.

It's a it's a little bit of both. Like they ran out of gas, I think, on the game last week. And they ran into a team with a with a different level of talent tonight. And I just wish that we could have hit the eject button on this game earlier than we did.

Hit the mercy rule. Let's take us back to, you know, I don't know, a peewee high school. Let's get this over with. And as I sit here and talk to you all, I actually see there's been a leak of Kirby Smart's pregame speech. I haven't confirmed it yet, but it seems like his pregame speech from Kirby Smart is floating around the Internet. And no telling who in the locker room decided to record it, if it should be true. But, yeah, he got his his folks hyped up. Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs as and then Kirby Smart.

He picked up a one million dollar bonus. This was just a beating from pillar to post. If you want to holler at me, it's simple. You can find me online at J.R. Sportbrief. You can call up eight five five two one two four CBS.

That's eight five five two one two four C.B.S. Allen is calling from Maryland. You're on the J.R. Sportbrief show. What's going on, man? First time caller.

I appreciate you taking the call. I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but at what point is that? Would you consider this like running up for Georgia, like running up the score? I mean, everybody knew they were going to win, but something like this is just this great.

I don't I don't know. I mean, this is it's not we're not watching, you know, kids in middle school. What was I don't think Georgia was running up the score. What were they supposed to do? Just like take a knee like every snap. I don't think they ran up anything.

No, I wouldn't say I wouldn't say taking a knee, for example. But I mean, how many other people on that sideline, you know, second, third string dudes that, you know, you knew they were going to win the game. So throw them in.

What chance are they going to have to play in a bowl? You know what I mean? That sort of thing. I don't I get it.

I don't take issue with anything that they did. You come out of halftime as much as it is kind of pie in the sky. There is a chance and a possibility that you get a couple fumbles and maybe things turn around. So I don't think you you hit the eject button or take your foot off the gas at halftime.

So you have to see what it looks like in a third. They wanted to completely ensure that they won the game because we know wild things happen, crazy things happen all the time. And so I'm not I'm not mad at how Georgia and Kirby Smart handled the game. You feel otherwise you think they they went a little too hard? No, I'm not I'm not mad at it by any stretch of imagination, just like I said, getting those getting those guys in on the sideline that probably never going to play in another game. I mean, they may have been there two years in a row, maybe make a third. But, you know, get some of them guys in that that may not have a chance otherwise. You know what I mean? Sure. I mean, for all things considered and thank you, Alan, for calling for Maryland. I'm I'm here on the air watching.

I actually made a point. I think it was in the third. I think it was in the shop. Were we in the third quarter already when that was a fourth quarter when Stetson Bennett was pretty much he ran out, called the time out and they pulled him so he could get that ovation. Was that the third or the fourth? Do you recall? I'm pretty sure I will triple check that. I'm pretty sure it was the third.

Yeah, I feel I think it was the third. Yeah, I don't know how you control such a thing. You can't. It's an it's impossible. The most you can do is say, OK, well, now we'll run the football.

You just keep going and going and going until you you know that you are winning the game. I'm not mad at him. Dave is calling from Alabama. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Even J.R. Happy New Year to you, man.

To you as well. Dave, what's up, man? It's unbelievable. I mean, they got their hearts kicked out. They got kicked off the planet and their intestines was used for junk. It wasn't even a fight. It wasn't even a contest. They just rolled over and died.

Matter of fact, the fog got boiled in water, man. I mean, they didn't even put up a damn fight. I see five year olds put up better fights than that. All right. Good night, man. That's ridiculous.

OK. I turned my jersey inside out about getting beat like that. Oh, well, tonight you probably could have helped play for TCU. I would have took a knee throughout the whole game, man. They just gave up.

That's what I was hoping took place. Hey, Dave, I appreciate you, man. All right. Thanks. Have a good night. You as well. I was hoping that they they took a knee and got the game over with.

But it didn't it didn't happen. Casey's calling from San Francisco out in the bay. Hey, Casey, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, thanks for taking my call. Appreciate it. This is my first time listening to you, actually. I'm really enjoying your show. You know, they're calming, soothing tone about your voice. I want to say that. Thank you. Enjoy my car ride right now.

Two things I want to bring tonight. The first is Benson's age. Everyone's harping on twenty five. He's too old.

She's crushing all these young kids. To me, it doesn't matter. Nineteen, twenty, twenty one. I think twenty five does make a difference.

He just said he bawled out tonight. I think people should respect that. Yeah, I think people who say such a thing are just just being troll. And it's not like here's the deal. It's not like at any point he's absolutely been dominating anybody. I know.

OK, fine. He he finally gets into the legitimate Heisman conversation this year. And the biggest attribute for himself is his experience now, especially going through everything he went through last year and the circumstances from walk on to do it. But I haven't heard too many people kind of throw on, you know, the switch of, oh, he's just a grown ass man beating up on kids. I haven't heard that. Yeah, for sure. My second point tonight, the previous caller two or three go was saying that, you know, third string should get in to give him a chance.

I disagree with that. This is the national championship. I think coaches come out here to win the game. Kirby Smart was not letting the gas off. And if I'm a coach playing for the national championship, I'm going to put the gas on all night long and I'm going to show the country what I can do. And I think they did that tonight. Yeah. Well, look, Kirby Smart also had one million dollars staring him in the face.

I don't think he wanted to lose that either. Exactly. Hard knock life. Hey, Casey, I appreciate you calling from the bay, man. Be safe out there. Thanks, bro.

But no doubt about it. Yeah, it's just some rough go rounds out here, folks. Georgia beaten T.C.U.

sixty five to seven. Kirby Smart is sitting in the press conference room right now. He's just he's just preaching away about his his guys, giving them all the praise and all the credit in the world.

And he's knocking over the microphone as he gets the hell up one out of there. Paul is here from Anchorage. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

What's up, Paul? Hey, JR. I believe too many NFL head coaches get fired way too soon. And why?

And the reason the reason I say that, JR, is, you know, I'm 65 years old. I've been watching sports for a long time. No coach wins consistently without good players.

Correct. But then you also have coaches who do a terrible job. I mean, you got Nathaniel Hackett. How do you explain that? Yeah, I understand that. But well, OK, you say did a terrible job, but the organization gave him what? I don't know how many years of a contract, but I'd like to at least let the guy finish out the season because. I think you have to open yourself up to to evaluation and at least like what's the holdup?

I mean, when you're embarrassing yourself. So first of all, the family who owns Wal-Mart, the Waltons bought the Denver Broncos. I don't think they're worried or all that concerned about the remaining years or dollars on his deal, because they have that probably, you know, stuffed into the couch cushion somewhere by accident.

It fell out of somebody's pocket. I don't think see fans have. And this is from a business standpoint. Fans have so many different options when it comes down to entertainment.

Fans have so many different places where they can send their money and fans are not stupid. I had a caller hit me up from Denver early on in the season, and he told me right out the gate, this is not going to work with Hackett just from the first game when he decided to kick a 61 yarder. And I said, it's early.

I said, you might be 100 percent correct, but it's early. Let's see what happens in subsequent games. And nothing got better in subsequent games. I mean, warts continue to show he had to hire someone to help him with clock management.

They were utterly embarrassed. There's a part that also comes in where you got to think about morale. You got to think about the people in the locker room, the people in the organization. And then you got to think about your fan base who's sick. The coaches still get paid.

So I don't feel all that bad for them. Cliff Kingsbury just signed an extension. He's going to get his money. And if he decides to go back to the college coaching ranks, he's going to make up the difference and everybody will go home happy, almost like Matt rules. So, man, we know coaches get the blame and they don't get the credit when things go right. But coaches also get paid.

So I'm not going to complain too much. OK, I understand. But maybe like I grew up near Pittsburgh and I remember Chuck Knoll's first year, they went one and 13 and they didn't fire him after that. And we all know the history after that. So, well, you know, Steelers.

No, you're correct. And the Steelers are our model organization. I mean, you think about even the bridge from Knoll to what we have now in Tomlin. You had Coach Chen Cowher there and you don't have that. It's a it's a different time. It's a different era. If that were to happen right now, he'd get the boot unless he was babysitting.

Just the the next God quarterback. So people have little patience. And I think we all know that it's what have you done for me lately? And if the answer is nothing, you get the boot.

That's just just how it is. Thank you, Paul, for calling from Anchorage, Alaska. It's the J.R. sport re show here with you on CBS Sports Radio eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four CBS coach Sonny Dykes just sat down to talk about this ass whooping.

Georgia winning sixty five to seven. I don't know what he can say in a press conference, but he just sat down to speak. I'm going to spend more time talking to you, getting more of your calls in. We also have some other head coaches who may be going, may be coming. Is Sean McVeigh leaving?

What about Bill Belichick? We got a lot to do, a lot to discuss. It's the J.R. sport re show. Don't move. You are listening to the J.R. sport brief on CBS Sports Radio.

I've been listening to you maybe 10, 11 months, and I always appreciate you being poignant, intelligent and exactly what you have to be. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS Stetson Bennett's numbers tonight. Three hundred four yards passing. Four touchdowns. Four touchdowns. He rushed for another two.

His longest was twenty one. Back to back national titles. Guy was a walk on. And I don't know, he might be holding a clipboard next year in the NFL. He might be in the XFL. He might be signing autographs for just, I don't know, a couple hundred dollars a pop.

I don't know. He's badass, though. You've got to give him credit for what he's been able to accomplish. We don't know what the future holds for him. He don't know or he doesn't know what the future holds.

But he deserves credit for what he has accomplished. Georgia beating TCU sixty five to seven. Eight five five two one two four CBS.

That's eight five five two one two four CBS. Kirby Smart, I told you, he just stepped away a few minutes ago from his press conference. And he had some high praise for Stetson Bennett, who was right there up on the stage with him. Take a listen. When he came in my office and he said, I'm trying to decide if I'm going to come back or ride off in the wind. He goes, I don't understand. Everybody's telling me that I should just ride off in the sunset and be the legendary quarterback that won a national title. He said, that's just not who I am. And he's like, I don't I don't get it. Why should I do that when I have an opportunity to play again? Like like what?

Why don't we go win it again? It might as well milk it for all it is right. It paid off. He's twenty five years old.

And this went this went viral, I think, throughout the course of the day. He's the same age as someone who's already won an MVP in the NFL and Lamar Jackson. And you want to think about upside. It's a different NFL. We got guys at the quarterback position who are now playing later. But if you want to think about what the the physical upside is and and what the chances are, people are still going to go with with younger dudes. And I mean, it'd be one hell of a story if Stetson Bennett were able to, you know, make it in the NFL as a as a contributor.

I say hell to the no, I cannot see that happening by any stretch of the imagination. But for what he's done here, it's you've got to give him a gigantic pat on the back. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Cindy is calling from Houston, Texas. You're on the J.R. sport show here on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Cindy?

I have to talk about all the people who are absolute wusses. Well, because I was at TCU way back. Let's just put it this way. I was at TCU instead of going to the Woodstock. So that's seven year that year. TCU. There was no national championships as far as playoffs or anything. The team went up to Ohio State and got beaten. Sixty three to nothing. Oh, yeah.

Same here. Went down to Texas and they got the score up to 60. To nothing. And I don't know. I don't know.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, Cindy. You're saying the T.C.U. fans right now, they're wusses. Yes. Back in the day, you had to be strong is what I'm saying. The year. You had to have a sense of humor, I guess, because T.C.U.

wasn't that strong and it got beaten by just about everybody. But to keep showing up at the games and cheering and playing and doing all that stuff, you had to be. I don't know. And so maybe so all the T.C.U. people just need to book up and kind of get with the program.

Oh, I appreciate you, Cindy. Well, did you did you did you think they were going to hang in there tonight? What did you expect from the game? What did you believe would happen? Oh, I believe that they spent all of all of their energy, everything they did on their last game. I didn't expect them to do well. Right.

They laid it on the floor or on the ground and did a wonderful job. OK. But you're right. I appreciate you for calling up, Cindy. Wait, wait, wait. Can I do one more thing, please?

Yeah, go ahead. You're the Ohio State beat T.C.U. 60 to nothing. Went to Texas. They beat T.C.U. 60. Well, they had T.C.U.

67 to nothing. OK. Late in the fourth quarter, T.C.U. scores a touchdown. Texas puts their first stringers back out so they can beat us 67. The point was they wanted to beat T.C.U.

by more than what Ohio State beat T.C.U.. So, you know, to live through all that. You guys can.

T.C.U. fans today can live through a hard loss tonight. Yeah, it'll be all right. It'll be OK.

The sun go rise tomorrow, isn't it, Cindy? Absolutely. Yeah, well, I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Bye bye. Thank you.

Cindy's like, hey, T.C.U. fan, bunch of wusses, you'll be all right. They were in SoFi Stadium. I saw an image. We know that there's terrible rains out in parts of California right now. Lots of flooding, landslides.

I hope you're safe. All my friends listening out on the West Coast. But SoFi Stadium has a roof, but there's like sides that there's one side where there's no wall. Air open air.

They want to catch the air from the ocean except for it also catches the rain. And where the rain came in at was over by the T.C.U. fans.

You can't make some of this stuff up. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go to North Carolina. Let's talk to Josh. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

How you doing? First, I want a first time caller. Listen to your show almost every night. I just want to say Stephen Bennett deserves all the credit in the world.

I think age doesn't matter. He he gets a lot of. Saying that he's not going to make it in the NFL, but I kind of want to compare him to Russell Wilson when he was getting drafted. Being short, you know, I'm saying he's not going to succeed.

And you see how he turned out in Seattle. But I mean, right now, he's not really doing anything but. Why? So what do you know what?

I'm not even going to ask why. You're comparing Russell Wilson coming out of school to Stetson Bennett. Russell Wilson was a ridiculous athlete, a multi-sport athlete. Where do you believe Stetson Bennett? Well, I'm saying I'm saying is the physical standpoint of like him coming into the NFL.

Russell Wilson was there saying he's too short when he's coming out of West. But I just I just told you Russell Wilson was a multi-sport athlete who could have done it. I understand that. Well, slow down, Josh.

Slow down. You understand that? Then you kind of ignored my point. The last time I checked, Stetson Bennett had to walk on to play football. If we want to talk about this from an athletic standpoint, like if you're only telling me about their height.

Oh, five, ten, five, eleven. That is to ignore the athleticism of Russell Wilson. It's Stetson Bennett.

I don't think he got drafted by, I don't know, the that the Texas Rangers or the A's or the Brewers. I don't, you know, so you can't just look at height. I'm not looking at this. If you compare their numbers also look at their, I mean, Russell Wilson as West. No, no, it's it's I think it boils down to especially where the league is at right now. Athleticism in Stetson Bennett. And yes, you mentioned this Russell Wilson, unless he can find the fountain of youth with a new head coach and offensive coordinator next year.

It's unlikely that he finds it. Stetson Bennett is not running around with those dudes out on the field like Russell Wilson does. So even if you, we will disagree on that.

Where do you honestly believe, based on what you have seen, if you have to think about all starting quarterbacks in the NFL right now, where do you think Stetson Bennett would fit in? All right. Well, look at Heineke, what he did. I didn't know.

I didn't ask you that. I didn't ask you about Heineke. I asked you about Stetson Bennett. Think about every starting quarterback in the NFL today, right?

Let's just let's hit the fast forward button. Where would Stetson Bennett fit in next year? Well, there's a there's a few teams that he would fit into.

There's a lot of teams that have quarterbacks. No, where? Where? Where? Where? You can go to Texas.

You can go to Washington. OK. All right. But I mean, you got to help. I'm just I'm just saying, like, he's not going to get the first first round draft. Oh, OK. So where? So where? You said so you just said he can go to the Texans. Well, the Texans will select number two. But now you're telling me not the first round.

So, so where? I'm just saying that he deserves all the credit in the world. Yeah, he does. I'm just saying he's going to be fine.

I think he's going to just transition and be fine in the NFL. What does that mean? What I'm saying? He might not go first round, but Wilson will go to first round. That's what I'm saying.

What is what does fine mean? Is he going to play? He's going to succeed.

Yes, he will play. Look at Brock Bernie, the last draft last year. Well, that's that's always an out of an ordinary. And that guy's also younger than this dude. I appreciate you, Josh. Thank you, man. All right. No doubt, man.

You got it. You got to look at these guys are prospects. It's it's potential. Look, we have seen weirder things take place. I'd be shocked if this man threw a pass in the NFL next year. Come on now. Brock Purdy.

Oh, yeah. By the way, he just turned 23. Stetson Bennett is 25.

He's about to be 26. It's the J.R. Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. More your calls on the other side. Eight five five two one two four CBS. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbrief on CBS Sports Radio. First of all, you know, I just want to start off by saying I respect you a lot and I love your show and everything that you do.

So just want to say mad love and love everything that you do. Call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS. That's right. It's the J.R. Sportbrief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We know tonight Georgia had no problem getting rid of T.C.U. and winning the national championship. The final score.

Sixty five to seven. And one of our callers just reached out before the break. And he's just like, oh, yeah, I feel good about Stetson Bennett in the NFL. And I'm like, really? He's just like.

You're like, yeah, I feel I feel good about its prospects. And he said in regards to height is like Russell Wilson. And I'm like, well, what about the athleticism? And then he's just like, you know, maybe he won't go in the first round.

I'm like, OK. I'm like, where would he start in the NFL Stetson Bennett? I said, look at all look at all the teams.

Look at 32 starting quarterbacks. Like, where would he get a chance? He's like, well, Houston.

I'm like, are you sure? Well, look at Heineke. I'm like, well, what about him? Look at him.

I had to barely come over from an XFL contract. He's like, well, look at Purdy. He got drafted last and he's starting. I'm like, yeah, Purdy is 23 years old. By the time next season rolls around, Stetson Bennett will be just sitting on 26. Look, I'm all for a good story. The story that Stetson Bennett has had is already absolutely amazing.

Are we going to continue to push it? Make my day. If you make my day, if he wins the Super Bowl two years from now, make my day.

I'll be the first one, just like everybody else, to tell you, man, I didn't believe this guy was going to do all of this. A matter of fact, Stetson Bennett, he just finished speaking to the media a few minutes ago and he was asked specifically, what do you want NFL teams to know about you? Stetson, I know you didn't want to talk about the NFL. This game was over. This game's over.

The career's over. What do you want the NFL to know about you as they begin to scout you for that level? I don't know.

I've been here long enough, I'm sure. There's some game tape. I don't know.

I'm a hard worker, pretty good at football, smart, but they'll see that. I don't know. That'll take care of itself today. We're national champs. Okay, all right.

I'm a hard worker, I'm smart, all right, fine, okay. Get back to the team, today we're national champs. I'm sorry, Shep? I didn't say anything at that time. Oh, don't it hurt?

Maybe I'm hearing things. Well, I wanted to, but I would just say, JR, that, although I really didn't say anything at that time, Stetson Bennett is an individual that is four years younger than Chris Wienke, and even though Chris Wienke was a disaster in the NFL, he at least got a shot. Stetson deserves a shot. Why does he deserve a shot? Because he was a game manager for as long as I could remember, and he had that reputation for a long time. And then he completely outplayed everyone in Alabama, he was the best player in that game, all four times.

He has been in the college football playoff, he has been the offensive MVP each and every single time out. That says something. That means something.

Right? When you say deserves a shot, what, to like be on a team? This isn't like, yeah, what I mean by that is- Yeah, he will. I think he will. Tim Tebow, again, different ages, yes, different sizes, sure.

No, not even ages. A lot of everything based around Tim Tebow was a little bit of a hype machine there at the end. That's all well and good, but he got an opportunity to at least show that he couldn't play quarterback at the NFL level. Yeah, Stetson, I believe Stetson will get his. Right, and I think that's the only thing I want to see for this kid.

That's it. And when I say he will get his, I believe he will get drafted somewhere late, and he'll be at camp, and I think it is more likely than not we won't hear about him. And JR, what you cannot deny about this kid is his best football is played when his best is absolutely needed, and the stakes are the highest. Because we can go back any single year and look at a guy like Matt Leinart, and look at a guy like Demarcus Russell, who were quote-unquote, can't miss NFL prospects, who were a number one overall draft pick. If Leinart had gone out the year that Smith and Rodgers came out, he would have gone number one overall.

For some reason, he decided to go back and do square dancing, for God's sakes. Stetson Bennett has never underperformed on a big-time level. He deserves and should get a shot at the next level, at the very least.

Yeah, he will. That's all. In training camp. More than training camp, but that's a start. More?

Yes. You got to play. You got to play. You got to play. They're not just going to hand him a — in what world is Stetson Bennett going to be on an NFL team?

And they just say, all right, here you go. What do you want to do? Give him a — have him start in preseason because of what he just did? If the Eagles could have run over Carson Wentz with a moving truck on his way out, they would have. Yet he gets another opportunity to play for the Colts and then gets another opportunity to play for the commanders, then gets another opportunity to get to play for the commanders. Like, he deserves a shot at live action on an NFL field. More than just training camp. Ah, no.

Uh-uh. You got to — you got to earn that. He will get — there's a difference between getting a shot and earning it. And we know that when you get to a certain level — and Carson Wentz at one point in time, one point in time before his leg got blown up, he played at an MVP level. And then he got paid. And then they can't get rid of the guy. And now he's here. And we know there are plenty of guys, plenty of players who get recycled around and thrown around like nothing. Okay, Nick Foles plays football and then he falls on a ball and now he's done.

He's cooked. So, yeah, there are plenty of dudes who get moved around. I don't — Jacoby Percette will be on another team just being glue for a short amount of time. But you have to — you got to earn that. Like this — you can deserve a shot, but to actually play?

You got to earn that. Stetson Bennett is not a big human being. He's not a ridiculously athletic freak. People kill Kyler Murray for what he does and he is an athletic freak. And all things considered, he's bigger than Stetson Bennett. I think it's a different animal when T.J. Watt is chasing you down and the man is six inches taller than you.

And he's faster than you and stronger than you. And when we throw, I can start going down the list. Pick a Bosa. Pick one. Pick both of them.

And they start chasing you down. It's different than college. And sure, he plays in the SEC and this is why I'm giving him all the credit in the world. He won a national championship.

He went back to back. But the idea of he deserves a shot in the NFL, he deserves a shot, a chance to be on a team. And if he can continue to move on past that, let's rock and roll. I think there are other players younger than him who have a higher upside. I think there are enough veterans in the league who you would trust more than him.

And I think given his age, he'd have to absolutely go out there and wow folks. So if Stetson Bennett wants to add to his resume from what he did, God bless him. I'll root for him.

It's the chair of sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.
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