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Absurd Truth: Fox & Friends' Carley Shimkus Joins Us

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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December 19, 2023 3:19 pm

Absurd Truth: Fox & Friends' Carley Shimkus Joins Us

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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December 19, 2023 3:19 pm

Carley Shimkus from Fox and Friends joins us for a great stocking stuffer idea. Meanwhile, CPA Bill Dendy joins us on the price of Christmas.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. He is all right. Yeah, that's Neil Bridge Sidwani, 43 years old, Fernandina Beach, Florida. This guy called in a phone threat against the life of Chief Justice John Roberts late July. He has pled guilty to this charge.

He's facing up to five years in prison. That's your Florida Man. Let's talk stocking stuffers right now. Good book is Cooking with Friends and we welcome back an old friend. She's not old but she's an old friend. Guess who's back? Carly's back.

Carly Shepkiss from Fox and Friends. How you doing Carly? Oh my goodness, it is more than great to talk to you, Sergio. I'm doing a bunch of radio stations today calling in and when I saw your name, before I got the list, I was looking at the email and I said, ooh, when I open this email I hope I see KURV.

I hope I see it and so this is my highlight. I'm so happy to talk to you. I miss you guys so much but it's great to be chatting with you today. A big hug from yours truly, from Freddie as well, from Tim. We used to do regular segments with Carly about 7.30 our time.

We would talk about stuff on online and Twitter and Facebook and all that stuff and she kept us for the longest time until they pulled her and she's got bigger things to do now at the network and boy how things have changed. You got a bambino now. You got a little one. How old is your little baby? He's nine months old. He's almost ten months. He is a little baby but Sergio, he is a big boy. Mandy, they grow fast.

We've seen the post. Has he learned how to grow hair yet? I saw he was bald last time I saw. He has learned how to grow hair but he has a bit of a receding hairline and yeah so I'm wondering when those little bald spots they're gonna are gonna grow in and it almost feels like I'm staring into his future as well. Hey, I hope he has one at the back of his head which means he's sleeping right. Nothing's growing at the back of his head because he's sleeping okay. Yeah, yeah he's got a little spot back there because he's a good sleeper, thankfully. Man, how many hours of sleep you're running on right now? You can't be getting much more than four, three, four hours a night.

Yeah, yeah that's exactly right. Boy, when I was pregnant that was my biggest concern. I prayed about it so hard because I you know I give everything to my job and I wanted to keep up that schedule and it's a crazy schedule you know I'm working in the middle of the night and but I also want to be the best mom possible so dear Lord please help me to be able to do both and thankfully it worked out but you know the sacrifice is a bit of sleep.

I want to put him down at night and I get up at one o'clock in the morning so you don't get a whole lot but on most days I can kind of squeeze a nap in so that's my saving grace. How's Peter doing, your husband, how's he taking the sleep schedule? He's great. My husband's a big Michigan football fan so he is on cloud 11 right now because of the game but he it's great and he's a great he it's one of the most fun things is watching him be a dad because he's kind of a big tough guy so I don't even think he's ever seen a baby that he recognized before Brock was born and now he's like all in.

Oh yeah the family dynamic has totally I mean he's but he's our whole world you know you know how it is they become your whole world so it's yeah a lot has changed. We're hoping it's gonna be Lord willing such a beautiful beautiful Christmas first Christmas for the for the little the little one and you and Peter well let's talk about your book Cooking with Friends Cooking with Friends which is a collection of recipes from the crew there at Fox right Fox and Friends? Yeah that's exactly right it's cooking with friends is a segment that's run on Fox and Friends for years where people come on the show that you see on Fox News and they cook their favorite family meal and so this book is a compilation of all those recipes so there are a ton of people who contributed you know Steve Ainsley Bryan, Janice, Todd, the weekend crew, Pete, Hegsep, Richard Campbell, Duffy, Joey Jones, you know I think a bunch of people but there Shannon Brie, Martha McCallum and then I have some recipes of my own that I contributed as well but it's a you know it's great the way that it turned out is I'm so proud of because you know it's a half a recipe book half pictures that there's great pictures in it but then before each recipe is a little right up of why the recipe is special to that person so if you watch Fox News a lot you kind of get to see people that you see every day in a different light so I just would make a great gift for the person who watches Fox News in your life it's really turned out well I'm so proud of it. Did you find it said something about their personalities that you discover something about the person as you look at all these recipes again? Yeah, yeah that's funny you say that yes in several different ways so like one of the recipes that I like the most and I'm gonna tell you the whole recipe right now because it's three ingredients it's Janice Dean we know Janice she's great so funny so no nonsense she contributed grilled donuts and one of the ingredients is donuts it's she just buy a box of donuts slap butter on them put them on a grill you're done serve with ice cream it's delicious and then Pete Hanks that's in it in a different way with him his is a Thanksgiving stuffing in pink jello which is so strange but it's a family tradition of his so it's a part of his personality that you know you don't see every day on TV but you know how every family is like a weird quirky tradition so there's kind of that in the book as well. I'm surprised Hanks says would provide something like that you know knowing his military background I figured be like beef jerky or survival gear the other one is soup it's a wild rice soup I would have I would have picked him for a meat and potatoes but you know he's full of surprises yeah that Pete Hanks says. I gotta ask you before I let you go kill me what did he give you Brian what did he give you for the recipe? Oh my gosh that's a great so his recipe is artichoke pie it's a recipe that his his mom made and we actually made it together on the show on Friday the day after Thanksgiving and he was tasked with cooking it live on air and he didn't know the recipe at all he's like studying it three minutes before and it went about as you think it would he's still he's spilling the peppercorns he doesn't quite know how to do it but we got through it together it was a very funny TV moment.

Did it taste good though I mean that's did you even try tasting it? Oh yeah but that's because we had a food stylist make the final one so she did a really good job. It's a great stocking stuffer from the family at Fox and Friends recipes from all the crew and contributors cooking with friends and we send you a big hug Carly good to talk to you again Carly Shempkis. And now all of the news you would probably miss it's time for Dana's quick five. Some sad news from Celine Dion's family her sister says that the singer Celine Dion has no longer has control of her muscles the Celine revealed about a year ago that she had been diagnosed with some syndrome Mersch-Woltman syndrome stiff person syndrome and they hope and pray that maybe she can make it back on stage someday Apple in the news stopping sale of their Series 9 Ultra 2 watch there's a patent fight related to the device's blood oxygen monitor they will stop selling it December 21st don't try to get some extra of these and put it on on eBay because you know Apple's gonna get rid of the software. Let's see media marketing giant media marketing giant COX media group yeah I know it's Cox but I can't say those words put those two words Cox media claiming it has the capability to listen to you to ambient conversations of you your family through embedded microphones and all their smartphones oh how nice I'm Sergio Sanchez from South Texas this is the Dana show you know that song 12 days of Christmas it's gonna cost you a hundred and seven thousand bucks if you want to buy all that stuff for the partridge in a pear tree the gold rings and all that stuff looking at some of the numbers CPA Bill Dendy there were some categories in the list of 12 items there were some that had no price and changes to them for calling birds seven swans of swimming eight maids of milking nine ladies dancing five golden rings like price of gold is where I wanted to start with you bill with all the inflationary pressures the government that has miss sent out and t-bills all over the place to fund this that and the other questions about the value of the dollar how is it possible bill that the price of gold has not changed over the past 12 months well I think it's interesting that you've got your forever investors and believers in gold that say it's just a matter of time we're on a course that's going to lead to the whole world looking for safety and when they look for safety even if there's not the industrial need for the metal just because gold has always been that reserve and that place that people trust we will see gold increase but I guess things haven't gotten scary enough or we haven't gone crazy enough with our fiscal policy to drive up gold prices but the price of golden rings has not increased year over year and you know again there's a numismatic value of a coin and the and the bullion value so maybe the golden rings the amount of gold actually in these golden rings is not enough to move the price according to PNC banks analysts as they did their 12 days of Christmas annual survey to see where the prices have been but gold has been a frustration for a lot of investors because it hasn't moved up as much as many people thought it should be moving based upon economic and global conditions what were to happen if the price of gold and which by the way just sidebar mentioned and it's been a while since I've taken a look at this the easy access metal for me was silver and silver coins and collectible silver coins and I'd buy a few every now and then for my boys just to put them away somewhere for them to you know either resell or enjoy it in the future but that price went up significantly starting about a year ago so there it seems like there's been an adjustment in other precious metals whereas in gold it kind of stayed put but why is that uh and that will have people arguing for a long time and it's we did see a small increase I mean 2023 we maybe had a hundred dollar move in the in the price of gold and it moved around $200 up or down I mean it's it's maybe five or six percent increase but 2022 to 2023 not much of a change in the price of gold yeah but silver definitely skyrocketing yeah silver is easier to edit and other industrial metals have skyrocketed yeah you know it's interesting it's not just the precious metals anymore people are trading it's not the platinum silver and gold it's also copper aluminum lithium oh my gosh that's been literally on fire so yeah that's a different investment world but the the golden rings did not increase price of gold hasn't moved all that much compared to what we've seen in the rest of the markets and it's got a lot of traditional gold bug analysts scratching their heads saying well have we reached a new paradigm where gold doesn't have the inherent store of value or the go-to metal when people get scared about everything else yes sir yeah no and it's obvious you know on the industrial side why lithium and other precious metals and and minerals what why the price of that has gone up while the battery production and the fact that you know cobalt all these things that we need hopefully the fact that electric vehicle demand is waning and has you know fallen through the floor and you got a lot of dealers out there that are now sitting with EVs that that need to move and hopefully production will slow down I know the government under this administration will continue to push to get more electric vehicles more battery production incentivize all this but the market is is not the the market is not budging I don't maybe it's because they don't feel safe with the all the Eevee stuff you know and hopefully will be though they'll be hopefully the demand for all these prices minerals will will wane maybe come back more to normalcy my guess is Bill Dendy CPA my friend from our tax okay let's get back to Christmas I I called you for the PNC Bank 40th annual Christmas price index based on the 12 days of Christmas which honestly I don't know who would want this stuff like all these different things on the list and it's a Christmas Carol it's fun to look at the price because I suppose you look at it to gauge inflation and what was the figure like from 22 to the end of 23 what was the inflation rate on the 12 days of Christmas all these items on in that song if you bought each gift just one time one partridge in one pair tree two of the turtle doves and three of the French hens the total cost this year increased by $1,200 up to forty six thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars now if you did it like the song says where you get a partridge in a pear tree every verse so you actually have twelve partridges in twelve pairs so you get the turtle doves you know eleven times and you get hands seven and six five that's a lot of roasted chicken well you know what time do all that well we're up to two hundred and one thousand nine hundred and seventy three dollars and I think it's amazing that somebody at PNC maybe a whole department takes the time to do the calculations on these types of goodies to see really what is a May Lord of leaping going for these days yeah you guys are over staffed or at PNC if you're able to set aside some some number crunches to start one of those numbers you guys need to be lending some money get some capital out there I would imagine this year bill the inflation rate just like the other the standard inflation rate was much smaller compared to the 2021 to the end of 2022 number did you get a chance to see that number you're exactly right this year it's only up two point seven percent so if you bought all these gifts were almost three percent and that's a much better result than the previous year when things were up ten and a half percent and that's just a true reflection of what we were seeing and everything we were purchasing we had high inflation last year in the year before yeah this year inflation is not gone but it's a it's a tamer sounding three percent two point seven percent the rate of increase yeah the inflation is still here it's sticky it's you know twenty five percent compared to thirty six months ago but unless somehow we see those numbers reverse and we have deflation which brings a whole set of other problems yeah we're stuck with us we're hoping to get back to what was it two three percent annual inflation well Merry Christmas bill I appreciate your time as always big hug to you in the family and continued success in 2024 bill god bless you and thank you so much and the same to you thanks pro money manager CPA build in thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast if you haven't already make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts
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