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10.4.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR
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October 5, 2022 1:58 am

10.4.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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October 5, 2022 1:58 am

JR is excited for what Russell Wilson will give us for this coming Thursday Night Football

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Everything done and every overtime again. Our local experts cover the biggest stories around your team every day on your favorite MLB on the ever you want… Network your team everything I you are listening to the GR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening for your support on CBS radio network, you live from the rocket mortgage Studios what you're looking to purchase a new home or refinance yours.

Rocket mortgage can help you get there for home loan solutions that fit your life rocket can. Thank you everybody listening all over North America. Okay, are you listening for the Odyssey at your local CBS sports radio affiliate on a smart speaker for Sirius XM channel 158 I'm happy that you're here. So whether you're listening on the fan the ticket again. Whatever the hell it is I'm happy that you're here it CBS sports radio and the number here is 855-2124 CBS also holler at me I'm at GR sport brief being joined by super producer host Dave Sheppard and it has been oh so busy overnight. All so busy of a day and judge hits home on number 62 more home runs than anyone ever in American leak history the Atlanta Braves they unofficially clinched the National League East over the New York Mets. Tom Brady not in the news for positive reasons is been reported that both he and his wife Gisele Bhushan, supermodel have both looked to higher divorce attorneys not too nice right Matthew Stafford you talk to the media after getting beat up last night Bobby Wagoner was out there beating up a fan NBA executives have already started to put in their preseason predictions. They believe that Luca Don church will win the MVP.

We gave you an update on deck Prescott we have done a lot in me tell you something. Time flies when you're having fun. Have fun. I'm only going to be here for one more hour. I'm getting help when you don't tell me to shut up so my microphone off and I have to exit the studio. And so, take your calls will talk about Luca you going to hear about Aaron judge. I know people asked me about Kirk cousins. We talked about Kirk cousins. We talked about Justin Fields talk about her all what I do GR sport re-show on CBS sports radio now before move on the New York Yankees. They were able to play a baseball game this evening and they lost and sexist to the Rangers. The final score 3 to 2. One more game left in the regular season and hour and judge, he was basically going to be down to one more game to hit his final home Ron or his 62nd but he did it tonight. He didn't waste any time he tied Roger Morris for most home runs in the American League with 61 last Tuesday and it took him a week. Tonight he hit number 62. This is the call courtesy of the Yankees radio network is John Starling. Here is the 116 all Jolly Roger 61 and 61, and now 60s the most home runs any American single-season American League alive hundred and 20 year's judgment pays close sweet sweet. After the game judge. He spoke to the media. And he said listen enjoy this phone right so for the chance to do this with the team. We got the guys surrounded me. The constant support for my family through this whole is a great honor yet spun and I opened up the show, you know, this happened not too long after I came on Aaron.

I shared with you all. Hey, I am loving this for me personally it's a matter of personal choice, and this is a fact we know, Barry Bonds is a recordholder man asking to be beaten into the ground for the next eternity. Yes, I'm exaggerating, but the fact is we know his ass was cheap it, Mark McGuire was out there cheapness Sammy Sosa was out there, Chetan, and we don't have any type of inclination that our and judge has done so and so I I enjoy this. I'm thrilled I'm happy and I consider him to be the homerun king and Roger Maris.

He basically doubled down to what he said last week that Roger marriage Junior went on twitter and said it's nice to have a clean homerun king on my damn tell us how you really feel 855-2124 CBS we got a lot to get into this hour we'll talk about Luca will talk more more football and I'm sure Tom Brady will, people always mention while things must go ahead and hit the phones right now let loose call from Rochester your CBS sports radio.

So human capital release variable extremely informative will be fooled. Go ahead, you not. I know so this thing is really bothering me.

Me from the conscious standpoint and I took your bait earlier when he said that maybe they will institute some kind of additional protection rules and I looked up the story.

The Shakespearean way of Humpty Dumpty and now Mr. story now and I don't why has the NFL now suddenly a light comedy. There joined the NFL PA investigation because they can't really fit to a really care about him at all and he was playing magnificently. I don't even root for the Dolphins, but I was impressed by him and you just laid out to dry and I'm kind of just about no watch football. I'm just know I'm just saying you know I'm not trying to be a jerk but we have to make these decisions I sent you on the air a couple nights ago. Maybe last Thursday, Friday and I said listen if I have to watch to play football again against the New York Jets or how about how about the next time if tool Tonka below is going to continue to play football in the NFL, which it appears that he will be. Thank God, not this Sunday against the Jets. He's going to get sacked. This man is going to be driven into the ground at some point in time his head is likely to bounce off of the tarp. You don't think I'm gonna watch and go well damn, and the sooner it happens again, the more likely and prone that I am to just go all man I don't even want to watch this anymore. What time is it, what else is and I get it we'll have to make decisions. It's always tough to watch a football game with Somalis on the field for 10 minutes whether they are knocked out whether they are motionless whether they have to bring out an air cast. It's tough to watch and I think most of us, almost all of us of football fans are desensitized to that problem in that issue, and I cannot provide any simpler of a suggestion then I get it.

I know people that will not watch football and have not watch football since coming Her neck and it's it's it's justifiable. If you don't want to watch George justifiable. If you think the NFL is is a league that promotes sex abusers and Army people have their reasons, and you can't knock him if the brain injuries and and and how they treat the players is is enough. I can't knock anybody for saying hey I'm not I'm not role with the game anymore.

I get it. I really do. We got people that won't let their kids play. I understand 855-2124 CBS Alex's call from West Virginia to short and sweet happy marriage or been married 22 years. Number one your product somebody you can tolerate your start and you can tolerate her okay number to communicate, compromise, and number three they have to be dedicated to making sure you're happy and you have to be dedicated to making sure they're happy. All souls so you home was on Brady: Tom Brady, a failure here in Arabia now not going to failure. I actually have a lot of reform because time goes by, life-changing, and you know matter how you work or how much effort you put in to work out.

I understand feel bad for him on that. Now my second thing I want to talk about with Roger Merrick by hundred percent agree with him. We have a clean homerun king.

With that said what happened now was good for baseball.

When the cheater that their record unfortunately at that time it was good for baseball right you know it brought a lot of attention to the sport and so we can just wipe them clean them from away because they don't want the sport at the time and no there there there in the record books. I'm not someone who thinks that they should be eradicated in the race from the record books. It's just hey you you you except in no people for who they are and what they did and I think most people look at the record books understand it. It's not this is a thing thank you Alex call from West Virginia. This is the same law think the holy Bible. I mean, for the life of me I can't understand why people get so upset just about the records. Who cares you get the bonus you want to Hall of Fame if anybody should be mad or upset at some of the cheaters that aren't in their downfall.

Just how it is. Dennis home from Ohio on the jail sport. Risha, I hear you loud and clear, then going ahead here. Make a quick comment about you guys are usually are all going to celebrate we found out years later Roger Merrick. I think the sun you might say we find out five tenured judges judge's claim.

I mean, I think I think you sound stupid 75 we got really well listen you will thank you Dan appreciate you calling from Ohio. I don't know if unnecessarily subscribed to that we don't live in the same world that we do or did 20 years ago.

I mean, what was there. America online. There was the ad that you have the put a disk into a computer to get Internet access it make all types of stupid noises as it connected to your house phone like we live in the information age, and so much is changed over the past 20 years. When you think about what goes around, you don't think that 20 years ago that this stuff would've been all over the Internet like and in two seconds, and when I say the Internet I'm talking about twitter talking about apps and so to think or not suspect people looked at the physical changes of these guys and went to hell that Barry Bonds do what is he doing and so that there was suspicion there that was like in all my God, what is he doing from from what he accomplished a but I don't know if I put in the same space or will he examine judge. We have no idea. You are correct, we don't know what the hell am judges doing. I don't know what he's doing right now besides maybe having a good dinner.

Maybe having some sleep before the game's probably sitting up what his wife or his mom having dinner I don't know what he's doing. I have no idea, but will is it possible that he's cheating yes it's possible that somebody listen to me right now was cheating on their spouse. Like everything is possible not. We don't have reason to believe that our judges a giant human being. So Yaffe comes out five years from now than Roger marriage Junior has to eat his words and he'll be disappointed.

I'll be disappointed. I won't be shocked not all that much was anything can happen, but he does not appear to be using anything. He doesn't appear to be getting a leg up. And if he did he be a massive ruse would be the first time he got one of those out what it Robert call from Charlotte.

Go ahead Rob, how are you know what would you rate the man walked in bed all the way down… You may and I think everybody. Everybody handed the trumpet.

The dog began to break the bad not bad. I go out you talk about Barry.

By now you you got my first night here with back and repeat all my God, Woody, oh my God daughter Robert called on the cited no hold on Robert on the let you know I'm a put you on hold momentarily animal bring you back okay okay okay except that you just deal with this man said he insinuated the fact that Michael Jordan did something that was to his body in a nonkosher way. I'm not even going to say that I might even go that far. Just that I'm not even gonna say. He insinuated that he just said with talking about Barry bonds Barry bonds, whose head, his head physically got bigger right his feet physically got bigger right you could look at him and say dammit he looks like to love the guy that I saw 10 years ago.

He became a giant Robert literally just called and said to me, did you see Michael Jordan from his first 3P's of the second one and I'm not that I think he said that's what he just said right at the dance. What he said I don't know Robert too well this is this is my own guess Robert is not happy with the management and leadership skills of an owner in Michael Jordan. So, like many other people are taking their frustration out on Michael Jordan the player where it should be directed towards him as and later so so Michael Jordan this poor guy has his father get smarter.

He disappears from the game. Yeah, he comes back and he has a he's older. By the way he's in his mid-30s right and and so now let's let me not let me not ask any more questions or he's still on hold. So let me bring Robert back and I'm going to shut up and I'm going to allow Robert to really you know just lay out his entire thoughts pretty get prepare yourselves people it's Robert from Charlotte get back Robert, go ahead. Day but one thing get bigger have to do with weight training and maturity document.

Really, I don't think you're doing anything illegal, but I live in Charlotte I thought Michael Jordan a lot when it came about. I worked at the crowd when you come here and I became a partner. This is personal and that no wait, wait a minute Robert question. Wait, no, hold on Seneca Robert so what you're saying to me is that Barry bonds he got bigger because of age and weight training is that which is telling me.

So the fact that he tested positive for steroids, had nothing to do what it the fact that he had doping calendars had nothing to do with it. The fact that he admitted to rubbing things on his body and then is not a note was steroids had nothing to do with it. The fact that he tested positive for female fertility drug had nothing to do with it. I think most of us know as just men and women as you get older you get heavier you get bigger it's it's exact natural and it's not that Barry bonds now in his early 40s is just, you know, becoming the Incredible Hulk because he got older. If anything, it's a little bit more difficult to create muscle mass. As you become older, you lose it through very true.

My family to be anything out of working really hard to know better. But what he did work hard he worked hard in the early part of the screen at the end he got jealous. He put stuff that is asked Shep go in and ask you question Robert.

The question I would have for you is besides being the three of the foregoing shooting guards of all time. Michael Kobe and Dwayne Wade. You know they all have in common.

They work with the same trainer Tim Grider so they did progressive overload and you and I both know Gerard as he knows this.

Michael Jordan got his butt walked by the way the Detroit Pistons were playing him like him to the ground he needed to put on that extra muscle mass you got him credit for taking the necessary steps all stand by and benefited Dwayne Wade. I just think it's ludicrous to say Michael Jordan did anything but go about it the right way in terms of on the basketball court and in the weight room.

I didn't think you did anything wrong and something that I can have anything to do it in hand eye coordination will Robert. We know that we know it did not have to do is hand eye coordination, but the drugs helped his ass to even be on the baseball field. Robert and your point about I would enjoy the micro did anything wrong going up for lookout bigger gap about maturity and weight training that well.

It wasn't that well in the case of Barry bonds.

We all know it wasn't because he was 40 and that he was just weight training for 20 years that he all of a sudden got huge that his head got bigger that his feet got bigger. There's a whole lot. Robert it's it's not even where there's smoke there's fire. Barry bonds admitted to using stuff they think tried to get the guy for perjury. There's a this man cheated you know that right yeah okay okay so that's that's it. Now I need to take a drink is the JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio little about. Look at doctors on the other side, I'll take more your calls before we roll out dough move. You are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio show to show a lack of calling now with 855-2124 CBS no problem. You got it.

They pay me that's what they pay me for. You just sit down and entertain the people have so far and that's what I do you see me leaning back in the studio chair right now. I'm sold like Snoop Dogg back this a small music like like Saturday afternoon. Roland my low rider top-down, easy listening to JR sport preshow CBS sports radio you know what that there's so much that I wanted to get into tonight but I will be able to do it. I won't is not enough time, I'm not leaving right now to worry about it, but tomorrow will do a deeper dive into some of these anonymous reporting from NBA GNC know they always pull these guys before the start of the season Scana crazy that were now little more than a week away from the start of the NBA season. We got a lot of GM's who filled out the surveys and they say you Luke is going to be MVP. It's almost like I don't know Jan this doesn't exist and Anthony Davis Anthony Davis MVP got about Moran's A Lot Of Folks and Sold Them Spend More Time on That Tomorrow. Of Course I'm Going to Give You a New Top Six Lists Tomorrow in Honor of Arun Judge Breaking the Record Tonight. 62 Home Runs Will Talk about Some Other Big Records in Sports 661 Years 61 Years for Roger Morris's Record to Be Broken in the American League Look at Some of the Records That Will Not Be Touched. But before We Do That. How about This and Let Me Just Give You a Teaser. This Will Look at Doctors Had to Say about Being in MVP Favorite. It's Amazing When I Visited Him Though Not A Lot Of People Say It's a Long Progress. Hopefully One There I Can Limit Let's See You Know Personally That Awareness and Then You Can Buy Everything This Is God's Amazing. He Played Basketball over the Summer Time so Small You Will Show up That Not a Shape like Last Year. Look at Knots It Should Be No Problem Is That Eventually When in MVP Scott Plays Basketball and Basically Averages 3010 and 10 and He Doesn't in His Sleep. He's Not Ridiculously Athletic. He Makes No Sense Non-Zip, Zero, Zilch We Spoke to Tracy McGrady Here on the Show a Couple Months Ago and I Asked Tracy, Yes, That What We Got.

Look over Here. We Got John Moran over Here What You Think about These Guys and I Feel like a Basketball Smart Person House More Basketball Person Tracy McGrady and We Agreed It's Just like You Look at Luca's Game Is Going Age Much Better. He Ate Shopping out the Gym.

He Slow Motion.

He Does What He Wants. He's Bigger Luca Is a Problem and so Whether or Not He Won the MVP This Season on the MVP into the Future. He Got One, Let's See What He Does. 855-2124 CBS 855-2124 CBS As Was Called from West Virginia. Go Ahead Ezra JR All so I Got a Couple Things I Wanted to Talk about. First You Were Talking Earlier about to a Situation and I Just Wanted to Say Well I These Guys. I Really Want to See Players Contacted and Now Mexican Upgrading Everything. Also, These Players like When They Start Playing JM Days Greenstein All These Years and People Getting Concussion and What You Are Signing on to. They Already Know It Happened so and Also Coming There to like Major Things and Getting Paid All Easements for the First a Really Talented and in Second Day Have Taken This Risk with Their Bodies so They Cannot Know What Could Happen Signing on to so Say You Don't Have. You Don't Have Any Empathy for Them Because a Sign on the Dotted Line.

No, I Think You Know I like Doing. I Wonder If Even You Know a Young Knocking Engine and I Want You Know Game to Become but You Know Football Is Not New Findings. If There Is a Reason Why Cohen Cackled You Wanted See You Think It You Want to See, Broncos Fan Ron Miller See Him Doing Something That You Can't Do a Thing Going Know What's the Point.

I Understand Well and I Think You Know We Touched upon This Earlier on in the Show. Thank You Ezra for Calling from West Virginia Games Going to Continue to Change. I Was Disappointed When They Got Rid of Kickoffs Will Basically Got Rid of Kickoffs Because I Wanted to See a Guy Run Out Of the End Zone and See If He Could Take It to the House That's Basically Been Eliminated, How Many People Are Are Are Crowing about That That That's Gone. I Still Think about It I'm Used To It by Now. But I Still Miss What We Used To See and I Wouldn't Be Shocked If We Sold More Adjustments into the Future Mean the Game Has To Continue Everything Has To Change over Time. Everything You Don't Change You Get Lamont Simple Tony Call for Massachusetts Go It's Only Going Home on ALJ Go to Bed Because I Got Adjourned, Barry Bond. I Will Get Back We Know He Pleaded Baloney and We Know He Pleaded Back.

I Talk like That Plot Barry Bond Looked by You Do All That You Probably Couldn't Get That You're Saying No.

So Brown People, Not All Age Well. You Will Greatly Help up Even Stronger, Quicker, and Tolerate Getting That's All I Got Good Grades Yeah It Nothing Else to Say. After That's Only the Nail on the Head. There Is the General Sport Preshow Here with You on CBS Sports Radio. Speaking of Recovering Quicker.

No I Am Not Insinuating That This Man Is Using Anything but Russell Wilson Dealing with the Little Bit of a Shoulder Issue. He Just Played on Sunday Is Going to Play Thursday Night against the Indianapolis Colts and I'll Tell You How Fast Russell Wilson Is Recovering. Dammit. You Might Even Hear from Russell Wilson Himself, and I'll Talk to You Is the JR Sport. Preshow Your CBS Sports Radio You Are Listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio You Are Listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio All in Respect You Will Go Everything That You Do Want to Say My Love Love Everything That You Calling Now with 855-2124 CBS the JR Sport Preshow Here with You on CBS Sports Radio.

I Need to Let You Know This before I Rolled out before I Talk to You before I Let You Know about Russell Wilson the Defensive Player of the Week Is Sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union Who Probably Serves the Armed Forces DoD Veterans and Their Families, Their Members Are the Mission You Can Learn, the defensive player of the week is someone who decided to go pretty much make Matthew Stafford's life a living hell. He contributed to two sacks out of seven last night.

That's like balsa. He's also doing it for his brother Joey, who happens to be unfortunately out with a groin injury. Hey Navy Federal credit Union.

You can learn more.

Navy Speaking of injuries, you probably know this. Unfortunately, Russell Wilson isn't having the best of starts as a member of the Denver Broncos this past Sunday. The Broncos actually lost to the raters. The writers actually want a football game. They came into Sunday with several victories and he beat the Broncos 32 to 23.

Russell Wilson probably had the best game of his short time now with the Broncos 237 yards to touchdown the two touchdowns rushing TD also came out of their with a busted up shoulder and they play Thursday night.

This is not exactly, not at all or to a situation is a big difference between a shoulder and ahead but Russell Wilson known that he has to be right back in action Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts. Russell Wilson is just like listen folks, my my shoulder is perfectly fine. I'll be out there. Listen, I think you play competitive gaming you get, you know thing up a couple times here and there but excited. The opposite Thursday night was special it was special time opportunity for us young.

I'm super confident was spent so much time preparing every week.

How much is a Thursday night game challenge you to to get to where you like to be 40 why I think it's great you know I think that we did play Thursday night games you know for me I am always I always forget a lot of my film in ahead of film on Mondays, you know we play Thursday night game on Susa get back on the plane on Sundays and watch that film usually on Sunday night of the next team getting prepared. That way, Monday all day Tuesday all day. You know, so I think that the great thing is that every Thursday practice should feel like a game in a way you know throughout the regular season.

You know you want you want to make it that competitive and I think we do a great job of that policy know you again. Plaintiff uniform a great team.

The cold setting a lot of great players and semi-stars in their team.

And so it can be a great matchup and looking forward to it plane from our fans. What will a great time.

That's gonna be so so is a special thing okay I listen the whole time you speak and I'm just like, I am well aware that think they could've covered 50 seconds to know I'm just I'm just saying to myself, he is all yeah I must shoulder be fun in my head I'm going to miss my Jesus lap want to show that good luck Russell is just that's just me.

Anyway that's going to be an interesting and when I say an interesting Thursday night football match or prepare yourselves because yes, Russell Wilson will be in action of the Denver Broncos have been just flat out to start off the season were talking to into Nathaniel Hackett is making mistakes all over the place. He needed a high regard for clock management and also if we want to take a look at the calls. What exactly is excited about them. Nothing. Not a damn thing is this injuries all over the place about the latest one you got Jonathan Taylor his ankle is busted up. He's telling everybody that he's going to go out there and play it. It's just I don't know that the Broncos have to win this game and you should just prepare yourselves, prepare yourselves will and have Russell Wilson audio on Thursday so it should be a lot of fun. Let's get some your calls before have to roll out 855-2124 CBS is 855-2124 CBS JB: from Houston you're the JR sport preshow while I start with your collar. Talk about Bushwick Bill and Aaron Judge Kenton is on Monday night and 99 I was in height, so I think a 1999 in Houston if you know the Jack-in-the-Box scene after hours and used that you never really been the Dallas and I know I didn't I didn't I didn't say that. So I haven't been in Dallas recently. I spend a lot more time in Houston.

I've been in Dallas more times and I could probably count well.

Sorry about that show that we were there after hours back in 99, the long line and people were talking and everything in the next thing you know Bushwick Bill jumped out the car and was like yeah way.

While there while I'm trying to order my food around like weight Bushwick Bill ghetto boys never forget acknowledging that yes, God bless him to go back to that. Sorry about that but that other record everything out with Severino last night in a Yankees and Astros fan. Let's lock it in the championships. Again hopefully and then hopefully used a rematch with Alanna but is why these guys keep on these pictures out and let him get one hit and then: now stop on a mountain taking away a life chance you know from these people have an chance that a no-hitter will a lot of that is is is will I mean at this point of the season.

It's like what we do.

We have more to gain in the cases Severino he's been. He was hurt. Basically for two consecutive years.

The other element in the larger scheme. We know these pictures on our making tons of money I'm just going through my head of all the pictures these guys are friends and or tell a man you know he's been injured and you're not taken. Nolan Ryan out again right now you're at all. You gotta the game is different now. The money invested into these guys is different. I mean, here you have Jacob to ground, who for two consecutive years is just like hey I got Cy Young's for you. I mean, last year he had an ERA of basically one which is is unfathomable and then he gets hurt. He misses an entire calendar year playing baseball and so it's like what are we going to do just have them go out there go balls to the wall, the answer is no, you got you got Scherz or was still one of the best pictures so man you you got a baby, these guys listen, I love it like the next dude I wish we had nine inning games from starters eight innings, seven innings, you get a guy out there to get a hold that another guy picks up the save but it's it's not what it is I understand what you're saying but I also understand the logic regardless of how much I dislike it. I really I'm with you. I actually hated. I accept it, though Alex is here from Atlanta. Alex is not here from Atlanta.

Rhonda Scola from North Carolina. Your CBS sports radio hey JR are you doing love your show. Thank you.

Go ahead and embrace fan forever.

I started watching him when I was living in it. In the late 70s and early 80's so funny that I used to be, but go there six dollars and go in and sit anywhere I wanted to even two rows behind Ted Turner and Deborah I sure wouldn't say a thing but it's so much fun watching him now because it's there so much about that her team and say, oh, thank you for hated me. Yeah. So nice of you, man. Oh, thank you Ron hi you two, thank you thank you thank you let me talk on your show.

Absolutely. Thank you want call from North Carolina you call me back anytime that's such a nice thing. I just want to call and say hey you call a shop you want to know who called me today to say Richard Sherman no nobody so him. Thank you so much I appreciate you not spoken to Richard now. Who's this Robert is called from Alabama your CBS portrayals of Robert. I owe Robert.

I will thank you Robert, you have me on speaker… Not. I don't get how I think I will and I think all you there I met at the end of the show, Robert. I will have time to melt holding your young hole was almost done. I call my God Crystal Maryland. You have 30 seconds to absolutely killer quickly man okay nightly nuptial God. You remember that when you go wrong with that man that will why did you say such a thing. But anyway we hated hotel and I would've been about hearing God, not the steroid guys and that's the shame that the damage they did and why they placed their indignation on Nolan for making a man, thanks for one day. I stole to say hey to me. Thank you Chris McCallum for Marilyn that he wanted to say hi monkey see monkey do just one thing I would love to talk to the oligopolies on my head you have in your speak is like no muscle while you sound like you're miles away from your phone line when you fix something real quick.

Okay cycle will miss the end of the show bro. The music is get ready to come on in the second, have to shut up Amy Lawrence is going to come on, she's going to take you the rest of the way. It's absolutely amazing and may be back with you tomorrow 10 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Pacific. If you miss me Fahmy at JR sport brief talk about somebody's NBA MVP people give you a new top six list is here to have fun JR sport resource CBS sports radio. Thank you Shep for an amazing night. I told you to talk to you again. Amy Lawrence is coming up next.

Be well here. I lied a lot done and every overtime win every game like around every time your favorite and helping you work your team

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