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Jack Gohlke: Trying To Get On A Flight To Dallas

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 22, 2024 5:04 pm

Jack Gohlke: Trying To Get On A Flight To Dallas

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 22, 2024 5:04 pm

3/22/24 - Hour 2

Oakland University guard Jack Gohlke and Rich discuss his 10 three-pointer night in the NCAA Tournament that knocked the Kentucky Wildcats out of the big dance.

In ‘What's More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Mike Williams to the New York Jets, Keenan Allen to the Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr, presumptive number one overall draft pick Caleb Williams, and more.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. Can I change the subject? How bad? Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

How much can I follow? I'm supposed to know who's on drink? I mean, this is crazy! Valparaiso! I know names on Valparaiso! Earlier on the show, senior MLB writer for The Athletic, Andy McCullough. Coming up, Oakland guard Jack Golkey. Michigan running back Blake Corum. Actor and producer Ty Sheridan. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

That's a fact. We've got the Michigan pro day going down as we're talking. Blake Corum of Michigan will be joining us when he gets off the field top of hour number three.

The actor Ty Sheridan in studio hour number three. But joining us right now to kick things off, tip things off if you will. At the top of the second hour is the man of the hour. Obviously, the folks in Oakland and everybody else in the state of Michigan is all excited about what we saw last night with Oakland bouncing the Kentucky Wildcats. And it's a great team effort, but this gentleman in particular lit the flame last night. And he's joining us kind enough right now in a couple minutes before he's got to board the bus to get ready for NC State.

The Oakland University guard Jack Golkey here on The Rich Eisen Show. Round of applause for you, Jack. How you doing, Jack? Yeah, thank you very much for having me on, Rich. I'm excited to be here. I'm a huge fan of NFL, so I know all your stuff. It's cool to be here. I appreciate you saying that.

I now know all your stuff, sir. I've seen your game now. How did you wake up this morning feeling, Jack? To be honest, I did not get much sleep last night.

Didn't even really go through my phone. I couldn't. Just trying to get my body ready for this game against NC State because that's the priority right now, man. And just trying to get on a flight to Dallas for the Sweet 16. Yeah, I know. That's the ultimate next couple of steps for you.

So then I guess the appropriate question is how did you wake up yesterday feeling? I was just really locked in, really excited. I knew it was a massive opportunity for my team and myself just to be on a stage like that in an atmosphere like that.

None of us have ever really been on that stage before, so just trying to enjoy that and make the most of it, seize the day. That was really the mindset. And in terms of seizing the day and that being the mindset, your mindset when you're out there on the court is what?

It's just go, go, go. You've got to have the ultimate confidence. And my coaches, my teammates instill that in me. They have so much faith in me, which makes going out there and performing a lot easier because if I miss my first two or three, they're still going to pass me the ball and I'm still going to put them up. Well, you did miss your first two last night.

So when did you realize that a heat check was appropriate? Probably about the second or third one. It's got to be kind of the same every game. Obviously, some games are going to be better than others, but you've got to approach it the same way, whether it's your first two are makes or your first three are misses. You've just got to keep shooting the next one because you've got to have that confidence in yourself and that's what I have.

Jack Gulkey, the Oakland University guard, 10 of 20 from three last night. Jack, the whole country is legitimately talking about you right now. Are you aware of that?

Not really. None of that has really set in and I don't think it really will until our run is over. Hopefully, it's a while from now. Like I said, I love my teammates so much. I'm just trying to be locked in on this next game and try to make this run last longer because I just want to spend more time with my guys.

Well, if you don't mind, I'd love to spend a little bit more time with you, about you. And in terms of that, I learned you were a Pewaukee High School graduate because I followed J.J. Watt on Twitter. How'd this tweet hit you, Jack? How'd the J.J. Watt tweet hit you? Yeah, that was pretty cool for sure. Obviously, everyone from Pewaukee, Wisconsin looks up to J.J.

He's had a tremendous career, him and his brothers too. Just really cool and I'm super close with one of his best friends from home, Taylor Jansen. So I know a lot about J.J. and just seeing that was really cool, a Pewaukee legend for sure. Did you just wake up and see that on your phone? Somebody sent that to you? How'd you find out that J.J.'s shouting you out?

Yeah, I haven't really been able to go on social media and stuff like that. Someone sent it to me and I saw it, which kind of made my morning. That was really cool. He's definitely someone who I looked up to as a kid growing up just seeing the way he performed out of a small town like Pewaukee. He didn't have the most straight line of the route to defensive player of the year, one of the best players in the NFL. He went all around and I feel like I kind of did the same thing. How did that journey start?

When you left Pewaukee, what happened or when you were leaving? I was recruited to Division II of Hillsdale and once I decided I was going to go there, I had my mind set on being the best Division II, Hillsdale basketball player I could be. I didn't have any aspiration. Obviously, I wanted to be a pro after that and things like that, but I wasn't thinking I want to go be a D1 player.

I wasn't thinking anything about that. I just wanted to be the best I could for my teammates at Hillsdale. I had a lot of improvements that I needed to make when I got there. Everyone there was better than me.

It took me a little while, but I needed to spend a lot of time in the gym to keep getting better and get to the point where I was ready to make a real impact on the floor. Is it true, and again, we're hearing stories about you, Jack, that you were driving to make ends meet or get some extra cash or anything like that? You're doing stuff? No, I'm not sure who made up that story. That's not true. I definitely had summer internships and things like that, but I was never doing those type of things. Okay, so it's amazing, right, how when fame finds you that things get said about you or written about you.

So that's not true. What internships did you have? I worked at a great company, shout out to them, Pella Northland in Minneapolis, and I lived up there for two summers doing a finance internship.

I'm sure the internet will run with that. I worked for them and worked remotely during the school year while I was working out and doing class and all that stuff, just trying to cement myself in the business world as well. They really taught me a lot, and I learned a lot about business and things like that. So when did you decide to see at what, I guess, age 22, 23, to see what you could do with one more year?

When did that happen? Yeah, as soon as the NCAA granted the COVID year, I knew just because of how much I love playing basketball, I knew I wanted to keep playing, and I knew I was going to graduate with my accounting degree, so I wanted to try to get my master's of business, and Hillsdale didn't have a program for that, so I figured I might as well try to jump up and see what happens. Oakland was just a really good fit. Coach Campy came calling right away. He's good friends with my coach from Hillsdale, Coach Tharp. It all kind of just worked out from there. I had the play style that Campy wanted, and I was able to come in and help this team.

It's been a great run so far. Where did the guns holsters come from? Is that a usual thing for you, or what about that, Jack? I don't know. I think I saw Russell Westbrook do it a while ago. I definitely started doing that this year.

I don't really know why. And then the shrug. You gave us the Jordan Shrug, Jack. The shrug? I think that's being misinterpreted.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I thought I was getting followed a couple times out there, so I was more so looking at the ref like, can I get a call? Oh, yes. Okay. All right. It wasn't the Jordan Shrug, it was just general, what's up with that?

Can I get a call? Okay. You want respect, Jack Gulkey. You want respect. Exactly. Okay.

Well, I think you've earned it. And what's with not trying the twos? You're just not interested in two-point shots, Jack?

Only eight of them on the other side? I mean, I'm telling you, I told my teammates, told my coaches, I used to shoot twos back in the day. Last year even, but they don't really believe me. It's just my role on the team this year to be the threat from three and to open things up for everybody else in all areas around the court other than that, because sometimes, like you saw last night towards the second half, it kind of becomes four on three for the rest of my guys, and we're going to win every game if we're playing four on three, so I got so much faith in them. So if, say, a coach wants to have somebody whose job it is to put up 347 threes in a year, you're the man. That's basically it. That's it. I'm the man. Call me. Okay. There it is.

Look at those numbers. That's kind of crazy, man. That's kind of crazy, and I'm so happy for what you and your teammates were able to pull off in front of the whole country and everybody talking about it, so I'd love to, in the final minute I have with you here, Jack, because I know you've got to hop on a bus to get ready for your next game. What are you talking about in your locker room about what's in front of you and what you can accomplish here?

Yeah, I think it's kind of just like every game that we win, our dreams as being little kids of the NCAA tournament just become more and more real, so it's just almost locking in more after each win. We're obviously going to celebrate, and we enjoyed it a little bit last night, but we're going to get to practice today, and we're going to lock in for an hour and a half, focus up on NC State and learn them as best we can in one day, and once we go out there on the floor tomorrow, like I said, we've just got to seize that opportunity because these chances don't come around very often, and when they do, you've got to make the most of them. And what would the kid from people walking in that photograph from J.J. Watt that he posted say about last night's performance for you, Jack? What would that kid say?

I think he would be a little surprised, but he had confidence too back then, so he would say good work, but keep grinding, got to keep getting better. There's always room to improve. Well, get on that bus, sir. I don't want to make you late.

I don't want to watch you and think that I made you late or anything like that. Congratulations. It's a pleasure to meet you. So are you a Packer fan then?

Is that what it is? I'm a Packer fan, yes, sir. Okay. Packer fan. I'm a Texan fan and a Steeler fan.

I understand you've got to follow the watts. I get it. Jack, enjoy your last night's performance, and good luck, and go practice hard, sir. Thanks for the time.

Yeah. Thank you so much for having me on, Rich. I appreciate it. My pleasure.

Look forward to more of it. That's Jack Gulkey, everybody, off of his 32-point performance. Nice. Ten threes, zero twos, because that's the way he does it right here on The Rich Eisen Show. How funny is that, man? He's just like, I told my teammates, my coach, I used to shoot twos back in the day.

That's my favorite part about that sound bite. Back in the day, I used to shoot twos. When you've been in college six years, yeah, you have a back in the day. I true that. Talking about when you were a little kid, thinking about the NCAA tournament. That's what it's about, right? That's what it's all about. That's what we were saying. You can be like us and watch very little college basketball this year, but March hits, we're dialed in, and we're talking about the new superstars that emerge in the first round.

This is what it's all about. I love it. I want to see a team take a second-round pick in the draft on Jack Gulkey, and I want to see him in the three-point contest next year. Why can't he be Mack McCong for the three-point shootout? I like it.

That's a great idea. He's mature. Why waste a draft pick on a Euro who's going to stay over there for two, three, four years and not play? Let's give a homegrown kid a chance who's put in the work in college, and he's going to sit the bench, possibly, but put him in there.

Let him shoot. Giannis has like 38 brothers in the NBA. Come on, Jack, the Bucks take this chin, throw him on their G-League team, let's go. There's like six Zellers and a bunch of Plumleys. That's what it is. Let's get Gulkey in there.

I think I speak for the NBA, though. They've had their fill of Wagner's. A lot of Wagner's. They don't want any more of those, but that's not a bad idea. And I understand that by next February, Jack Gulkey hopefully will have more of a cemented memory for all of us because he's gone on another run with the rest of his team that's longer than just one and done. Well, two and done, right? But that's not a bad idea to just bring it back and just say he'll be maybe 25 by then. Could you imagine the story if he shows up and beats all the NBA's finest in the three-point contest? It's so fun.

Why not? I mean, the guy's got ice water in his veins. Again, every shot he took that went in was just that's the thing about it. It's it's not like he was spotting up and Kentucky did not find him or it was a lapse on defense. It was that he was running through a ton of screens at full steam, catching the ball and in rhythm shooting, sometimes with his momentum carrying him into a spot where where he's fallen away, like there's no way that's going in.

And then it did. Then, of course, he kept on shooting and missed. He missed 10 of them.

He missed his first two. So that's not a bad idea. The Jimmer for debt type feel, TJ, it's, you know, all these guys who every single year there's one name that kind of comes out of nowhere from one of these small schools. We learn about him and now he's an overnight superstar. Well, what about how about whoever? Well, this is probably a bad incentive, but whoever has the most threes in a NCAA tournament game. It's an automatic. It's an automatic invite. I mean, it's pretty fun. It's a fun idea.

Well, I mean, but that would do you have to say whoever is the most in the game and the highest make percentage? Right, because you don't want to induce anybody to. All right.

I'm throwing up 30 of them. It makes because again, it's the fact it makes right. It's it's it's it's. Whoever has the most, along with the highest percentage of shots in a game, just 50 percent from three. I'm saying one off the record. That's what I'm saying, though. Yeah, that's that's the win you're in. You are now going to be shooting with Lillard and Curry and Ionescu.

Let's do it. And Caitlin Clark or whoever, because, you know, that's it. Well, they're going to add her to the mix. They obviously should. But I'm just pointing out how this is not a bad way to reward somebody.

Certainly if, you know, technically they may not have an NBA career in front of them. I love it. That's not a bad idea. Yeah, we'll see. Take a break.

What's more likely? Oh, and apparently somebody has chimed in on Larry David's performance yesterday. And we'll tell you what's cooking around here on that front coming up. With Indeed, everything hiring is all in one place and it makes it so easy. Leveraging over one hundred forty million qualifications and preferences each day, Indeed's matching engine is constantly learning from your preferences.

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You need indeed. Welcome to talk about the ultimate small rewatch podcast title Transference aired October twenty seven two thousand four director James Marshall. Writers Todd Slatkin, Darren Swimmer. I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did. I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general.

When you say things are good and I check them out, they are. Jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of Talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen. Not once have I been able to live out my long dream as a young growing up in Staten Island, New York. I've always dreamt to do a show like this one wearing a mustache with one of my colleagues in full clown makeup and a black wig and a red clown nose. Chris Brockman wearing that on this show, having March sadness. Rich, I'm so sad. The most public yet of my many humiliations. I have March sadness. Can you come give me a hug? I'm so sorry.

Thank you. Congratulations to you for getting more out of the clown makeup this year than last year. You kind of look like Zach Galifianakis in Baskets right now.

Yeah, that's a good one. You kind of look like that angry sort of disheveled clown right now. This is not a good look for me. I disagree. For a third consecutive year has finished dead last in the Rich Eisen Show bracket competition, thus having to wear clown makeup for all three hours.

None other than Chris Brockman. Take that wig off right now. OK.

Remove the wig. Come back. I have March. I'm just going to follow you.

I don't know where you're going. This is creepy. I have March sadness. Just give me a hug, my man.

Chris Long! I have March sadness! I need a hug! Yes!

You're a good man. Management approved! For a fourth straight year and as per the specs of Eric Stonestreet, you are dressed as an August clown. You're like the Buffalo Bills of this contest.

Can I get a hug from March sadness? Anybody? No? Oh boy, the sandwich board's flying all over. What a mess.

Come on, Vic. Finish up strong. Nicely done.

And it's love. Good thing we're not doing that anymore. Thank God. Back on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger.

With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. We just showed in our Roku Channel Only segment way before we were on the Roku Channel, way before our previous partners. We were just a direct TV only show and we would do our March Madness pool just amongst us here. And whoever finished in last had to wear clown makeup. And walk around with a sandwich board when there used to be tons of people working around here. I was afraid.

I have March sadness. We did that four years and all four years, the guy in clowns makeup every single time was the same guy and it was Chris Brockman. And if we were doing that still, you'd be in it again. Probably right.

What do you mean probably? He's one day in. One day in. His national champion's out.

He's still alive. At least I took a chance. You cowards.

I'll put one seed. Cowards. Cowards.

Really? The Michigan State was a one seed? No, to win. The whole thing. He chose Michigan State for the final four.

He's like, what are you smoking, bro? Well. Purdue. We're throwing darts at a board for the first round upsets anyway, which is why I chose Samford over Kansas. And that one actually had a shot of happening. Last night, it's a one point game. Kansas is going to the rack with, what, about a half a minute to go. And it was a remarkable blocked shot. All ball. And then the ref who had just basically crossed half court to see it called a foul. And, you know, college basketball seems to replay a whole ton of stuff.

Tons of stuff. Not that. But that wasn't? Why can't you review a blocked shot? I don't know if they have a coach's challenge.

Is that? They don't. I think it's all like a big, big, big brother decided. Clear as day replay that it was all ball. It was all ball. So that's the whole question is like, if it's a blocked shot and there's a question about it and a foul's called, can't you essentially certainly. And there's a clear possession, sort of like the NFL fumble. Right. Clear possession.

Those two things. Results in possession, changing hands, even if there is a whistle blown. Correct. So if there's a whistle blown in college basketball and possession changes hands on a blocked shot, why can't that be reviewable?

Like last night, everything stopped anyway. Right. Because a whistle's been blown. Right. So if, if you can't, you can't basically stop to say that blocked shot being whistled, that blocked shot not being whistled should have been a whistle.

You know what I'm saying? So if, if they didn't call it last night and Samford had the, the ball and it looked like they had numbers too. Right. Okay. They had a five on four going the other way. Correct. So they had numbers or four on three because two, two guys were dumb.

Whatever. Whatever it was. They had numbers. They did look like they had numbers.

Yeah, they had numbers. And, and so you can't then after that possession review, that should have been a foul. But you can review if there's a called foul and possession has been collected by the other team and play has stopped. Why not go to the monitor and see that this thing was called or not? Now, it would just cost you the numbers that you would have had, but you would have had the ball back. Yeah, with 20 seconds to go or whatever.

Down one. Why not though? Tell me, tell me the reason why that wouldn't work. What, what, what's the unintended consequence? What's the, what's the pushback? I don't see one. Because you're not stopping play that's, that's happening because to see if there should have been a whistle.

That one I understand. You don't want to stop play to see if there should have been a foul because now that's subjective. But if it's all ball or it's close to seeing all ball and the blocked shot wound up in the hands of the other team. And you see possession and you can go under the, into the review and say, okay, the stopped play just stopped the possession resulting in numbers for the other team.

But at least you're not costing them possession and on top of it, awarding free throws to the other team. And that was all she wrote. That was it?

Queer's Day. Meanwhile, my other upset at present, Colgate over Baylor. That's the way that one went. Baylor is up 18 for the minute to go in the first half.

So there's that. UAB against San Diego State about to tip and then Northwestern and Florida Atlantic at halftime. A one point FAU lead and Marquette is about to tip in about 35 minutes time against Western Kentucky. That's our update. Ready to do some, some what's more likely Christopher? It's a it's a Friday. It's time for what's more likely here on the Rich Island Show. Hit it. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. Christopher, what do we have over there? All right. NFL, some fun ones based on because we did not do this last week with you out quarterback in a new home. Who do you like to win more games this year? Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins? Oh, I'll go Kirk Cousins.

I'll go Kirk. I just I'm sorry, man. I I still just I'm I'm in a year three in a row of having to see it from Russell to believe it.

And I know the numbers last year were better. And I understand that. And I root for this guy. I want him to succeed so badly. I would love nothing more than to see him and his beautiful family sitting in Canton, Ohio, one day. And I'm I'm on a set somewhere or sitting anywhere in that building in any capacity and seeing him with a bus reveal, because, you know, that's the path that he was on. I just need to see it.

I need to see it. And there's also Justin Field sitting there and there's nobody like Taylor Heineck. He's not going to end up starting for Atlanta.

Like that's just unless there's a major, major problem. So I would just go Kirk Cousins right there. And also, I like the weapons there to me. Isn't that ironic that the weapons that Cousins has right at his disposal in Atlanta is something that's on par with the weapons that Russell Wilson will have at his disposal, coordinated by the guy who was in Atlanta last year. Black and gold. Here we go.

So I'll go with Cousins. Chris, what do you have? I'm sorry I started this. I forgot to ask everyone was doing.

Hey, buddy. Oh, we're good. I think that's my bad. Are you good?

We still had a very good start. Yeah, I know, but he never answers. I forgot. Well, you know, it's it's sort of like Jack. You missed your first shot.

Yeah, it's true. And we still we're still on a nice heat check. So we had to come back around.

And you're leaving me in Del Tuvo. Hey, I'm great. Thanks, guys. Oh, my God. Even the YouTube comments notice these things. They do notice.

Oh, they really? Yeah. OK. React.

My bad. What's more likely running back in a new home to have a higher combo of touchdowns and wins next year? Derrick Henry or? Saquon Barkley. Touchdowns and wins combined. I'll go with Derrick Henry. I'll go with Derrick Henry because Lamar doesn't do the brotherly shove. I'm serious.

Laugh all you want. Saquon is going to have some touchdowns. Not he's not going to get the ball in a one yard line. And I know Jason Kelsey is not going to be there. I'm going to be there in full Magic Johnson. He's not going to be there. So we might have to get that as a drop, by the way.

The Magic Johnson. Yeah. Yeah, we will. So chat EMJ rich chat EMJ.

I think we're going to have we're going to have the latest from chat EMJ later on. Got it. So just that alone. That alone is that Lamar won't have as many rushing touchdowns as Jalen. So Derrick Henry, Derrick Henry's getting the ball if the ball's on the one yard line for the Ravens, right?

Thanks. Is Saquon getting the ball and the one yard line for the Eagles? Unless unless Jason Kelsey's departure just defrays their success rate in the brotherly in the brotherly shove so significantly. So just that alone, this has nothing to do with wins or not. And plus, you know, the Ravens had more wins than the Eagles last year.

And I'll go I'll go with the Ravens on that front. How about that for thinking it out? I like that. I'm just thinking my way around the course right now. Just like my golf game. I like to stop.

I like to stop out. What else? Wide receiver in her new home to score more touchdowns next year. Calvin Ridley, Mike Williams, Keenan Allen.

Oh, there's only there's there's there's only one answer for that. That's Mike Williams. That's Mike Williams, man. That's Mike Williams. The Jets are going to protect for Aaron Rodgers. He's going to look fantastic. Mike Williams is not going to have any injury problems despite, you know, blowing his knee out last year and having injury problems every year except 2000. You know, since 20 in the last two years, you know, Keenan's got a rookie quarterback who's going to have some of the ups and downs, despite how terrific he looks in his pro day and how great he's going to be for first overall pick. And Calvin Ridley, let's see what Will Levis looks like.

Excuse me. There's one multiple MVP award winner throwing to one of these three guys. So I'm taking that guy.

It's Mike Williams and his ham and egg sandwich. Let's roll. Hashtag, let's ride.

Take flight. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I'm wrong. Go ahead. Tell me I'm wrong.

You're going to take seriously, you're going to take a rookie quarterback. You're going to take Will Levis over Aaron Rodgers to Mike Williams, right? Yeah.

That's what you're telling me? Yeah. Okay.

Great. Notice I don't see Kendrick Bourne's name up there. I don't see it. I don't see KJ Osborne up there. Why would I? What about Kendrick Lamar? I don't know.

He didn't sign for $15 million. Okay. What else, Chris?

That's what's more likely. You don't like my answer. It's okay. It's all right. It's fine. All right. It's fine. I don't know what we're saying. I don't know what we're doing. All right. What else? Who's more likely to be the first wide receiver drafted?

Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabors. You know what? I cannot believe that we're even having a conversation. This is a conversation. This is insane. And this is no disrespect to Mr. Nabors. Okay? I have no disrespect for him, but get out of here.

All right? Just let's stop here. And certainly, I think a lot of this is fueled by the, well, Marvin Harrison Jr. is not working out at his pro day, didn't work out at his combine, and that is something that this millennial is going to learn his lesson when it comes to the draft. And everything that I have been told is that he was told at his pro day, I mean, he was told at the combine where he didn't work out by the teams that he asked, do you want to see anything from the pro day, as Albert Bruce said. They said no.

And I have heard that last year when he did work out at the pro day for Ohio State, he told the scouts, get a good look because this is about all you're going to see from me outside of the eye in the sky. Would you take Malik Nabors over Marvin Harrison Jr.? Would you do that? No. Okay.

Thank you. There's one, I guess, draft expert who did a tier system of the wide receivers coming out and he has, Marvin Harrison, let me read this again. He has him in number three, tier two. Who is this individual? His last name rhymes with hims, I would say that.

Chris Sims. Okay. Thank you. Rhymes with hims. Tier two. Okay.

He always has some interesting takes and that's part of his brand. I would push back to say that is not what's more likely. Not what's more.

That is not what's more likely, which is a different segment for future Rich Eisen shows to consider. There you go. What else, Chris? A couple more guys.

These are kind of fun. Rich, you mentioned your Jets quarterback. Who's the more likely Robert to be Aaron Rodgers' boss this fall? Oh my God.

Robert Sala or Kennedy Jr. Okay. Good one. Good one. Good one. Good one. Good one, Chris. Good one. Good one. Do I even countenance this?

Do I even countenance this? Do you have an answer? Of course.

It's Robert Sala. Okay. You sure? Yes, I'm sure. You sure about that? I'm sure. You sure? I am sure. Sure. Look at that split screen we have right there.

Sala's look, by the way, the look that Sala has is the one that I have now towards you. Like get out of here with the... I'm believing what I'm seeing right now. Is it possible to do both? This is a real... Think about it, this is a real debate.

Okay. Chris, can he do both? He cannot do both. No, he cannot do both. He will not do both.

He might have considered for a hot minute about doing both or about even doing the other one, but all I think hopefully it will wind up with is a mirthful result of calling the newly designed front line the Secret Service because they're protecting this guy. Is that their name? Well, that's what I'm going to try and dub them. They're called the Secret Service. It's official.

The Jets' offensive line's nickname is the Secret Service because they're protecting the vice president. I love it. What else, Chris?

That's a stupid use of our real estate. Hey, A-ron. Here, coach.

Hey, Mike. I know you love that drop. You overplay it. I love it.

You overplay it. Now, we should play the new drop of Larry David calling you stupid because that was stupid. That was dumb. You're stupid, Mike. You're stupid, Mike.

That's one of our new drops. I love you, Mike. All right. Last one, guys.

That was a dumb piece of real estate there. Last one. Last one, guys. Is it more likely Russell Wilson's new house in Pittsburgh has more or less bathrooms than his Denver house?

Well, I got to turn to our expert of the area. Let's be accurate here. How many bathrooms did he have in his Denver house, Chris?

I believe it was 12. Are there any 12 bathroom manses in the Pittsburgh area and its surrounding communities? I'm sure.

I mean, look, it's been a minute since I lived there, but upper St. Clair area, so Wickley, you know, where all the kind of rich folks live. Is that the actual property from Denver that we have on the screen, from the Denver area? I think it is. Apparently, it is. It looks like the opening of Falcon Crest right there. It really does.

Yeah. 12 bathrooms. Four bedrooms, 12 bathrooms.

You know, maybe he could buy it from a former Steeler or a five-year-old. Are there any establishments or domiciles in the Pittsburgh area and its surrounding communities that look like that? I'm definitely sure. No one I knew when I lived there. Sure, there must be.

Because, you know, we were still in our early... I'll say it's more likely that there are... Well, I don't know. I mean, he has more kids now than he had in Denver. Doesn't he have a newborn? He does, yeah.

Okay. It could be because there's going to be a basement in this house. Yeah, so on Zillow, you can only go five plus in the bathroom search. If you look in the area.

He had a one to three ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms. It's nuts. I still think that's insane.

You know, it just depends where he lives. You guys. Do I even countenance this with an answer? Absolutely. All right. I'll take the Pittsburgh house.

We'll have fewer. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Maybe like a five, 10 situation. Over, under. I just have a feeling that, you know...

The over, under. The guest bathroom can be the doulas. Maybe Kenny Pickett moved and he could take over his crib. Like he took his job. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

I didn't say that. This guy. Pittsburgh fans. That's it? That's it? That's it. You came up with like a couple of legit ones and then two gag ones and that's the end of it? That's it? That's what's more likely? Oh, I skipped one.

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Okay. Put the music back on. Oh, I skipped one.

I was doing the rap. Turn the machines back on. Chris, we want to see this. What happened? Hold on, Chris. Do you think we need one more? Ah, I'm covered. Thank you, George.

I didn't say hi to everyone and it threw me off. Who's more likely to win more games next season? Caleb Williams or all other rookie quarterbacks combined? Oh boy. Like all together? Come on. Come on. Other rookie quarterbacks combined is where I'm going. Are they even going to start? That's a good question. We know who's starting week one for the Bears.

Let me ask you this question. Who was the last highly drafted quarterback to sit an entire year? I'll give you the answer, Jordan Love. Before that, who was the last one to sit the entire year? I guess Patrick Holmes who didn't sit the entire year, but who is, honestly, who's going to sit there? And let's just say the Patriots draft Drake May.

I think he's going to sit. Got it. Jacoby Brissett, let's just say, and this is not in any way, shape, or form a troll. Please understand where this is coming from.

This is for this conversation purposes. Let's say the Patriots, you can turn the music down. Let's say the Patriots start off three and seven. And you've had enough. Likely.

Okay. And you've had enough and it's just another year of having enough. In the last six, seven games, you're not going to give Drake May a look-see. That's not going to happen. Is he suddenly going to win half those games?

I don't know. All I'm saying is he's just got to win one or two, and then you add it to Jayden Daniels. So if the other guys win one or two, one or two. And then you add it to Jayden Daniels, who's going to start for the Washington commanders week one. Those are the three QBs that need to get to 10. You think Caleb Williams is going to win 10 football games this year? The Bears are making the playoffs.

Oh my goodness, this guy. Well if you're going to say 10, I don't know, because JJ McCarthy's only lost two games since high school. Let's see where he winds up. I guess since Pop Warner, pardon me, the kid wins football games and the Minnesota Vikings are going to be good enough to win some football games if that's where he goes. Denver might get a couple. I'll still take the rest of the field because you know, just a mere fact is that these teams don't sit, these quarterbacks anymore. They don't sit them anymore.

They get out there because you know what, let me get these numbers again. Give me a second while I put on my glasses and look at my phone. That was so aggressive. That was angry.

I know that was angry, but I've got them. I got the numbers right here because I had them straight from Jack Andrade, NFL network researcher at the combine, uh, 22 and 23 in terms of different starting quarterbacks in the NFL, the last two seasons had the most in any season other than 1987 when they used replacement players during the strike. So we throw that out, right?

You want to throw that out? The most different starting quarterbacks in the NFL ever, 2022 had 71 different ones and 2023 had 67 different ones. You're saying these rookie quarterbacks are just going to be sad because they need to marinate. The teams are going to just say, no, I'm saying they're not going to win games. Meer attrition.

They're all, they're all, they're all bad teams. I know. Well, did Cleveland, did Cleveland during Thompson Robinson even got a, a couple, didn't he?

Didn't, didn't he win a couple DTR got a couple, uh, you know, I mean, Clayton tune didn't, but enough will start to add up together to be more than Caleb Williams in all likelihood. You asked me what's more likely. So I will give you that. See, I'm so glad we did get around to that one because that one had more meat on the bones than which Robert is going to be more likely to be Aaron Rogers boss.

And which mats of Russell Wilson's will have more bathrooms. Those are funny though. They are funny.

They're good ones. Yeah. Speaking of funny, Larry David was exactly that here yesterday for damn near 40 minutes. And he told a story right off the bat, asking to change the subject matter away from curb your enthusiasm to bring this matter up. And it was his, was him going ahead and trying to get his dream of removing the goalposts implemented by an actual bonafide football league.

And he went straight up the flow chart to do that. And the individual who he contacted has responded on Twitter. That's next. This is the rich eyes and show named one of the best personal finance podcasts, the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun. I got an email today from the Len HR department. I find really interesting. I'm an employee of one at this company. So, but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise, but I just opened the attachment.

I could see how much my raise was. Make sure you click on the links that are in there too. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I can't wait. This is I'm excited. Find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast, wherever you listen.

Hi there. Sorry for the interruption, but are you enjoying the show on Google podcasts? You should know that the Google podcast app is going away this spring. That's right, going away, gone as in no longer available. You can still enjoy the show elsewhere though.

Try out Spotify or Amazon music, or maybe tune in is more your style, whatever app you switched to. Be sure to follow. So you never miss the next episode and thanks for listening wherever you listen. We have a game that we play here called start bench cut, sort of like the, you know what Mary kill game. Okay. We give you clean. We try. Yeah. We'll start bench.

Well, we make the, of that, you know, the Mary part is the bench park. Okay. So we give you three. Here we go.

Start down, sit down and be quiet or cut. All right. Start bench cut here with Kevin Hart. Here are your three choices to play basketball at happens at teammate. Okay. The rock cube or Will Ferrell. You have to start one of them. All right. Well, I'm going to start one or if you've been in movies with all of these guys, I'm a start. Will Ferrell. You start with Jackie moon gets to start Jackie moon gets to start just because I know that he's got the passion behind the game. Okay.

His spirit is always high. I'm a cut the rock. I'm a cutting. Wow. He's out. Why? His attitude.

I don't like that too. And you're going to bench cube. You're going to bring cube off the bench. I'm going to bring cube off the bench. I'm bringing cube off the bench because cube cube is too cool to play the whole game. So there's going to be moments with cube. Look at his sneaks. He's like, I just realized I'm messing these up and I'm like, you write cube.

You sit down for a second and get your new pair of sneaks. You got to keep him. You got to keep him calm.

You know, you don't want him giving you. Yeah. Yeah. You like just getting upset. I want to make sure that tomorrow's going to be sunglasses on.

It's too dark. Yeah. Plus, it's a smart move here with Will's the tallest of them all. Mike's inside out game with you. Yeah. Me and Will are going to dominate.

I got to start with Will. But the Rock's out of here. He's cutting. Bye. Oh. Can't do that to the Rock.

I guess he did. Kevin Hart's appearance at the Super Bowl before his Eagles took out the Patriots right here on our YouTube page. Back on the Roku channel as well. Back here on the Rich Eyes and Show Game Time tickets is the app that you should get and put on a mobile device right near you, your phone, your tablet, your iPad, however you want to put it.

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Terms do apply. Again, create an account and redeem the code R-I-C-H and you get $20 off. Download Game Time today. Last minute tickets.

Lowest price guaranteed. It was at this time, just on our Thursday show, that Larry David walked in and sat in our green room. Ty Sheridan, the actor that many of you know as Cyclops in the X-Men series as well as Ready Player One, he's in our green room right now.

He's coming out in hour number three for his new film Asphalt City. And Larry was here. And we were talking about Curb Your Enthusiasm right off the bat.

And God bless him. He was kind of like Henry Winkler when Henry was here, right? And I'm like, wanted to talk about the Barry finale.

I want to talk about the Barry finale. And he interrupts and goes, do you know Patrick Mahomes? And then off things went running here. And when I say things went running, I'm like, yes, we do know him. And then we found out he's such a big fan of Mahomes. And then months later, months later, he wound up meeting Patrick Mahomes.

Remember that? He cultivated that caper. We cultivated that caper. He wound up, we put the Fonz and Mahomes together. That's what we do here.

So it looks like we might have something cooking here. And that's the phrase that pays because Larry came in here to give an update on his now new crusade to remove goalposts from football because he does not believe kickers should decide games, even though the sport is called football, he wants to remove the foot from football when it comes to kicking. And he took this crusade to the rock to try and get the rock to remove the goalposts into the UFL. Roll tape.

So you know this, what is it called? The UFL? Yes, sir.

The starting up. Yes. And you know my, you know how I feel about the goalposts, right? Yeah.

Yes. You made it very apparent to your last time. And I even told you that when you said that the goalposts should be removed. And I thought, let me talk to somebody in the UFL.

I mean, it's insane. So my agent got me on the phone with Dwayne Johnson. So you went straight up the flagpole? I went straight up and he called me and we had a conversation. Did he know what you were asking for? No, he didn't know. Okay. No, he was nice enough to call back.

And so we had this conversation, I pitched him my no goalpost idea and I thought it was going to happen. He was completely into it. Completely into it. Well, lo and behold, UFL starts very soon because you're riding faders. Yes. Okay.

You're riding faders for it, right? Yep. Next weekend. Okay. For Fox. Right. And so you're excited for that? Yes. But there are going to be goalposts in the games. Yes. There will be.

Yes. And I even asked later on, how did the pitch go? You know, how did the Rock eventually take it? And he said he thought it went well. Well, guess who retweeted the video of this segment?

The Rock himself, Dwayne Johnson, about an hour ago. Love my guy, Larry David. He hates goalposts and field goal kicks, laughing, crying emoji.

We had a spirited and very productive conversation. At the end of the day, like me and all of us fans, he loves the game of football. We at the XFL had already implemented new innovative rules last season that we carry over to our new at XFL 2023 league that starts this month. That's the UFL. I'm considering creating the Larry bowl in his honor. I mean. Then he hashtag UFL and then added Rich Eisen's show again.

So now. Are you really going to create the Larry ball, Dwayne, because that would be pretty cool. How do we make this happen?

Where would that be? Would that be having the Fonz meet Mahomes in terms of the things that we've helped create now Larry and the Rock connected on their own. But if he wants to create the Larry Bowl, where maybe maybe we're workshopping for you, Dwayne, if I may, Mr. Johnson, the Rock and Rock, OK, Rock, let's see if we're because this is this is our bailiwick, Arias Consulting comes free of charge for you, sir. What if they have a UFL pro bowl with no goalposts, no goalposts and call it the Larry Bowl?

Larry Bowl. And see how this looks, because they're already, by the way, I love their concept that he's referring to from the XFL that, man, I don't know if the NFL would ever pick this one up because they're already starting to consider the kickoff rule change next week that is born out of the XFL to try and get some kickoffs run back for a change. I love what they're doing that you can get a play from the one yard line for two points or I shouldn't say because I don't know off the top of my head. But then from the 10 yard line, you run one play and you get three points.

If you're down by three and score, if you're if you're down by nine and score touchdown, you can tie the game by going for three or if you're down by eight and you score a touchdown, you can get one play from the 10 yard line for the win. Love it. Love it. You can see that one play out. But let's create a Pro Bowl for the XFL where you remove the goalposts and call it the Larry Bowl and get Larry in the booth to call the game.

What do you think of that? I'm here for that. Call the game. I am here for that. Larry is there.

I'm a hundred percent nice addition. You put him in some sort of like loud jacket, like a like a college bowl game executive, some loud jacket. He's up there at the coin toss.

Yeah. And then he goes in the booth and calls like a quarter of the game. Do you think Larry would go for the loud jacket? It seems like he's got I think, Larry, if you give if you give him the Larry ball to remove the goalposts, he would do whatever the hell you want him to do and have an entire game of his vision being made reality. I think this works. What if also in addition, if that doesn't work, what if they name the MVP trophy, the Larry David? I just think, no, no, no, there's no if this is going to happen.

Don't give the rock more options. No, this is what Arias Consulting is going to forward to you, sir. And there's a guest chair for you, Dwayne Johnson, to talk about it. Yes.

I think this is going to work. The Larry Bowl is the extra game just for the All-Stars. And you play it when no offense to any of the Pro Bowl XFL kickers. Sorry, you got to sit this one out.

There is no kicking today. I don't know. What can they do? I don't know. What do we do?

I don't know. That one we can workshop later on. We got to figure this is Larry's vision.

And there is an opportunity to make it happen. What do you think? I think this is great. That's the Larry Bowl.

This is fantastic. It works. It's your Pro Bowl with your best players minus the kickers. And you remove the goalposts. Larry would probably even finance the removal of the goalposts. He would pay for it. If that's even your concern, it probably shouldn't be in. It won't be. But Larry would.

Here I am spending Larry's money for it. Just use a soccer field. Are you kidding me? No, no, no, no.

It would be in a legitimate football. This is not a soccer. This is not.

No, but I'm saying. No, no, no. It's not. It's not. It's not. It's not this. It's it's it's R.E.S.

consulting. It's the show, though. I'm telling you. No, it's got to look like a big football game. This is Larry's vision, not in some half assed soccer stadium, whatever it is, whatever it is. It's a real deal football game with real deal football players from the XFL.

No goalposts. And you call it the Larry Bowl. You're welcome.

Blake Corum coming up. Hey, everybody, this is Dan Bespress, host of Fantasy NBA Today, a daily fantasy basketball podcast. We cover every box score from every game every day, plus bonus shows on Bilo opportunities, players to stash, schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces. It's the Fantasy NBA Today podcast, part of the Believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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