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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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August 19, 2022 1:01 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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August 19, 2022 1:01 am

JR breaks down why Baker Mayfield isn’t the long term answer for the Carolina Panthers


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And we're coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios.

If you need to know what it takes for a home to fit your budget and your family, Rocket can. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. Thank you to everybody who tuned in to the first two because I get started at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm here hanging out with super producer and host Dave Shepherd and more importantly, I am here with you. Alright, shout outs to everybody listening in every corner of North America.

I don't care where you at, I'm glad that you're here. And tonight, obviously, we've talked to Sean Watson. There are varying opinions, many of them. The phone lines have been jumping about Deshaun Watson, his 11 game suspension. Now, is it too much?

Is it too little? We just had a call with a gentleman from Florida. He's still, you know, debating the, I guess, the merit. He said he wasn't found guilty in the criminal or wasn't found to be a criminal. No criminal charges. I'm like, come on.

But he's guilty of being a creep, man. What are we what are we defending here? Sheesh. So I'm going to take your calls. I'm sure we could do the entire show on this. I'd venture not to. And so I'm going to take more of your calls. We'll talk about Baker and then we'll get into Aaron Rodgers.

Another favorite topic here. You can holler at me that's at JR Sport Brief and call me 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS.

Let's not waste any time. Tommy is calling from New Orleans. You're on the JR Sport Brief show. JR, where you at, my brother?

How you doing? Look, the dude Boise was tight on, man. That rejoined music is just epic.

Well, maybe a little George Benson, a little Leo Locentelli or, you know, Robert Cray or something like that. Anyway, I just want to confirm something, because if I'm wrong, then my entire point is going to be moot. Well, I picked up the show around, I don't know, 10, 10, 15 or whatever my time. And one of the first calls you had was from New Orleans. Is that correct? I don't remember.

I've spoken probably to damn near a trillion people tonight. But go ahead. OK, OK, let's assume that's true. But his take was that he was adamant because he had not seen or heard or read any evidence that Deshaun Watson had done anything wrong. So therefore he said he was innocent.

Period. And then you pointed out, he said, well, Mr. So-and-so, you know, you can go ahead and look it up. And he said, oh, I didn't know that.

You were like, you got to be kidding me. Right. So I just want to be on the record as if in fact he was from New Orleans.

We are not all that stupid. OK, I promise. Yes, I recall.

Yes, I recall that that individual. I know it. I understand. Look, we are looking for the next happy hour. I get it.

But we are not all that freaking stupid. OK, anyway, number two. My take on Deshaun Watson is the is the suspension everything long enough? No. But I think if you look at long term, he is never going to be the same player he was. And and, you know, in addition to that, all the the potential endorsement, you know, the potential to be the face of the NFL and that is now gone. So maybe effectively he may have been he may have suffered the ultimate sacrifice. I don't know.

Well, it's two hundred and two hundred and thirty years. I don't know if I dreamt this or not, but I think you said you're going to be down in New Orleans soon. I need to get in touch with you, man. I'd like to hang out and have some oysters with you or something. Well, listen, I'm down in New Orleans quite frequently. I don't always share when I'm in town, but I understand you can you can certainly you can certainly find me.

I'm easy to get a hold of. Tommy duly noted my son. All right, brother, thank you.

Thank you so much. Shout out to Tommy for calling from. Yeah, if you want to holler at me, it's at J.R. Sportbrief. Every mechanism to reach me is just right there. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, sending me a DM is a terrible idea. You can email me if you feel like it. And I'm sure I'll get some emails tonight.

Plenty of them. Jack is calling from Pittsburgh. You're on CBS Sports Radio. J.R., I love your show, brother.

Thank you. Just two quick questions. I guess there are some some questions. If you can hear me out, just respond. My first one is, is hush money really that powerful that I guess twenty five accused women have never won on TMZ or Time magazine and spilled their guts?

My number two question to my friend is, is there any chance that maybe the Cleveland Browns gave him that big paper to pay off a lot of money so it goes away and he can still be rich and play football game for the brownies? Well, I want to hear yourself. Thank you.

Well, I'll answer. Thank you, Jack, for calling from Pittsburgh. Man, if you want to call settlement money hush money, if you want to call them one and of the same, I can't I can't argue that. Depends on on the accuser. We don't know the facts, but he settled. Deshaun Watson has made it clear out of his own mouth. Just because I settled doesn't mean that I'm guilty of what these women have accused me of. He says I settled so I can get back to to my life. Duly noted. And when it comes down to the money that the Browns paid Deshaun Watson, did they give him 230 million so he can go and settle with these women with an undisclosed amount? I would say no. They gave him the money because nobody else would, and it would secure him to be their quarterback. What he does with the money and the cash afterwards, I don't think they give a damn. Anthony calling from Georgia.

You want CBS Sports Radio? Hey, Jar. How are you doing? Very well, Anthony.

Um, couple things. Young man that was going around and around anyway. You know, there was young man elevator. Quite a few years ago that yes, he did hit a woman and was banished. Oh, you mean Ray Rice? My apologize. Yes, pardon me? No, you Ray Rice.

You're referring to. Yes, OK, um, banished. He was used up. They couldn't use him anymore. Team couldn't use him. He was pretty much, you know, look at the stats.

Yeah, he was done banished. OK, now I don't mean that hitting a woman and whatever was going on with these other women, but I've heard multiple NFL players say that, yeah, I got one or two or maybe three and then I find them when I like and boom, not double digits. Yeah, I mean, it's a little crazy. We got a young man on our 92-9 the game that just said he's a. He said he's just creepy.

Yeah, well, we know that that that might have been me. I said I said creepy and shout outs to everybody listening on 92-9 the game on my local affiliate here in Georgia. Kevin is calling from California. You on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, how you doing, brother? I think you got a lot of good valid points. I also believe that some of the callers really from personal experience and other valid points, there's clearly an agreement made, right? We know that agreement was to make some things go away.

We also I think everybody's here and intelligent enough that he probably was on clown or creep mode with some of the women. I don't think it's all of them. I especially don't think it's 25. I think the lawsuit was 50 million. That's about you divide that up. That's what 200,000 after attorney fees. If you even it out average, each lady is going to get a hundred or a little bit hundred plus, right?

Simple math. So I think that he's in a bad situation. He probably did something wrong one or two or a little bit. They ran with it and he had to have this go away because I do remember there was an owner in New England that it got accused of, you know, prostitution, soliciting prostitution and underage and he has big money, right? And that just kind of was swept away. So at the end of the day, money talks, right? Well, yeah, well, we know that. And when it comes down to Deshaun Watson's payout, I mean, we can all speculate, but it is and was confidential. So, I mean, we can, we can, we can come up with arbitrary figures as to what each of each individual got paid, but I think you would agree it doesn't matter. And as we also all know, double standards do exist. And in the case of Robert Kraft, he also was not criminally charged ultimately at the end of the day because they found the evidence that was pretty much against him, the video to be impermissible. And so what does that mean?

He has a lot of money and he has great lawyers who found a loophole. Do double standards exist? Yes, and absolutely. Is one guy an owner? Yes, and absolutely.

One is a billionaire, one is a multimillionaire, and they all stand in the same business to make cash. Great point, man. Appreciate your show, brother. Thank you so much, Kevin, for calling from California. Sean is here from Oregon. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey Jeff, thanks for taking my call.

Sure, go ahead. I think we all know that NFL owners kind of like the good old boys association. And they're not the most outstanding dudes. And they've been kind of protecting this guy.

They've been protecting Deshaun Watson. And it's sad. It's a sad look for the Browns and the NFL. And this whole thing is a sad look for men in general. You know, some people are trying to say that, you know, there's some kind of conspiracy theory or some of these women are lying.

Well, maybe so. But, you know, one person coming forward is too many. And this is a quarterback for an NFL team. You know, this guy is, you know, kids look up to this guy. People do. And he's just representative of a higher organization.

You know, they're supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard. And this is just sad. It's a sad look. And, you know, people just want it to go away. But it's not. It's not, you know, and it's just it's sad because, you know, some other young guys are watching this and thinking they're just going to get a slap on the hand, too. You know, 11 games. You know, I mean, I'm not going to say it's too much or too little, but, you know, it just shows that, you know, some some people like, you know, if you're not a quarterback and he did this, your life would be ruined.

You know, if you did this at your position, your job, you know, your life would be ruined, too. Yeah. Well, this is this is this is what we just discussed on the other side.

And whether you want to call it double standards or whether you want to call it a financial hierarchy, the higher you up on the food chain, the more least you got. Jimmy's here from Maryland. Go ahead, Jimmy. Hello. Yep.

You're live, Jimmy. Go on ahead. Yeah. So a little while ago you had a caller saying that he was disappointed with society, you know, and listening to people calling over here. That's what I'm disappointed with because it's all this status quo that I feel like with it, you know. I mean, and they all want to make it like it's a race thing. You know, I'm not a black man, you know, but I am a minority.

You know, I understand how it all goes. I mean, I'm all for all the stuff that happened, you know, five years ago was pretty gray and all that stuff. But right now, I mean, the song Watson, I mean, what he did was, like you just said, yeah, it wasn't a crime. But I mean, the judge Sue Robinson said he exactly didn't want a woman's arm, you know, and I mean, the way that the report was described, I mean, he's guilty of what he's accused of, you know, whether he was criminal or not. That stuff is, it doesn't matter if it's black or white, man.

I mean, he was wrong. Well, I haven't, well, Jimmy, as an overall, I would say people are not diving into this as a matter of a racial issue. No, but they, you know, they relate to that type of stuff, you know what I'm saying, like. Yeah, but people can bring up examples of punishments and who's in the league and who's not. But I will say as an overall, this has not been brought up as a racial issue. But you look at it when they bring about Robert Kraft. Yeah, I mean, he's guilty of what they say. Yes, it's a money issue. It's who has more money.

That's what it is. No, right. But I mean, you know, the United States of America as a society, yeah, we're kind of prone.

If somebody wants to go and have sex, whatever, I mean, someone could have had pretty much any woman that he wanted. The content that he displayed with this, you know, and now that he talks about, you know, when they ask him directly, are you, do you apologize to the women that he, it's like I apologize to all women. You know, he's not even admitting to anything that he did wrong.

And like, he's correct in his mind that he did nothing wrong. You know, I mean, yeah, no, it's sad. No, I hear you. Well, this is how people can go ahead and make their voices heard with their wallets, with their debit cards.

Are they going to, Jimmy, or do you think the world is going to continue to move on? I mean, I would like to think that that wouldn't matter. You know what I'm saying? That wrong is wrong.

It doesn't matter. I mean, but, you know, now I'm in my 40s, you know, I believe these things that, you know, the world is jacked up. Well, I hope it didn't take you that long to figure that part out, Jimmy, but I appreciate you for calling from Maryland. You're damn right the world is jacked up. And it's all about the individual choices and decisions that we make. And collectively, you put all those individual choices and decisions together, maybe you get a difference made. Not here with the NFL, not enough people care.

More people are going to spend that money. And let's be real, yeah, you may not like what's going on with Deshaun Watson and you, like me, may not be in favor of what the Browns did and how they procured his services and how they did favors to kind of, I don't want to say cook the books, but how they kind of spread money around to kind of save him should he be suspended. You may not like that, but are you going to stop watching your Miami Dolphins? You're going to not watch a game when the Browns play your team like you probably will.

And that's the part where the people who have the power are the people who have the people who have the dollars, and they will continue to spend. James is here from L.A. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Gerard? Hey, great show as always, man.

A lot of topic. Look, I'm a fat-based kind of guy, okay? And I'm trying to put myself in the Cleveland Browns' position, all right? So just to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they're looking and they say, okay, this is one of the top five quarterbacks in the league, he's went through two grand juries, they found nothing.

The Houston Police Department hasn't arrested him for nothing. He's being accused of this kind of a he said, she said, I haven't won a Super Bowl yet. I'm going to go throw this money at this guy and public opinion be not to cuss, but be darned, you know? And I don't care if the Middle Housewives of America are upset and people are saying, oh, you know, that could be your daughter or this and that. Hey, if he wins, it will blow over, just like you were saying.

So at the end of the day, I can't fault the Cleveland Browns because it's a business, man. This is what it's all about. Did he rape anybody? No. Did he publicly assault anybody?

No. If they were so offended, why didn't they just get up and leave? Basically is what the Cleveland Browns are saying.

They didn't. Well, you know what? There's a, well, I, and I've mentioned that earlier on in the show, James, but this is, this is what it boils down to. There's right and there's wrong. I agree.

And whether or not a judge says, let's put them in cuffs and throw them behind bars or, or whether or not everybody can look at him. And, and this is, this is one thing that you did omit. You said that you're, you're fact based. Well, it's not a matter of he said, she said there's plenty of that, but there are also facts of what has taken place.

And, and a lot of those facts is one of our callers just described to, uh, or decided to share with us is you can go ahead and see. And it's, it's not a matter of, oh, was this guilty? It's, it's the moral part, but we know this and this is what any business, Hey, can this make us money? Okay.

Yeah, sure. Then, then we're going to, we're going to turn the blind eye to the morality aspect of it. And we know this already. And see, they brought in a female Sue Robinson to go in and you thinking that she's going to drop the hammer, but she looks at Ben Roethlisberger, she looks at Ezekiel Elliott, and I'm sure she took a peek at Robert Kraft and said, I can't give this guy what you guys want.

I'm going to give him what, what Ben and what Ezekiel got at the minimum six games. And her hands were kind of tied with it. And so they said, you know what, we're going to bring somebody else in to do more. And, you know, it was like, okay, uh, they're expecting her to do more than what she did.

Well, I wouldn't say so. And unfortunately it's just a corporate game of double Dutch. It's hot potato. It's let's play the game. Let's play the show. The NFL players and the players association and the public at large has found issue with how we go ahead and dole out punishments. And so let's, let's mitigate that.

Let's bring in a third party instead of me, I, Roger Goodell, handing out the punishment, even though I'll have final word. It's just, it's a, it's a dance. It's a show. That's all it is.

It's the JR sport reef show here on CBS sports radio. We are going to take a break. And when we come back, we're going to talk about Baker Mayfield.

Yes. The guy who is no longer a Cleveland Brown. Let's go from Cleveland.

Let's go to the Carolinas. It's the JR sport reef show CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. You're always on point, man. I could be having a rough day out on your show and it just brightens the whole day up, man. Call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS.

It's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS sports radio. Oh man. There's so much attention that's been paid to Deshaun Watson.

There's, I guess you can consider it minor news and not too much of a surprise. And, uh, for the man who he was traded for and that's Baker Mayfield. We know that Baker Mayfield has moved on from the Browns and now Baker Mayfield, or excuse me, not traded for replaced with Baker Mayfield is now in Carolina.

And I do this with air quotes. He has been competing with Sam Darnold, someone who was selected in the draft, uh, right after him at the number three overall pick. Baker obviously went number one in 2018 and they've been having a competition. And when I say competition, think about, uh, Dr.

Evil from Austin powers competition. And so it was reported earlier today that it's almost a foregone conclusion that Baker Mayfield will be the starter for the Carolina Panthers. And it's just a matter of when they decide to go ahead and announce it.

What type of shock is this? They didn't trade for Baker Mayfield to have this guy sit his ass on the bench. They brought him in just to see if he can be a reasonable starter over Sam Darnold of which he is throughout the course of his NFL career. And sure Baker Mayfield being drafted by the Browns and Sam Darnold being drafted by the Jets, they aren't the best of circumstances to start your career. Now, having said that, Baker Mayfield has gone through his ups. He's going through his downs. He's going through his, his share of coaches, Freddy kitchens, Hugh Jackson, Greg Williams, taking over for a short amount of time, Kevin Stefanski.

And now he's here with Matt rule. Who's basically, I don't want to call him a, a coach on borrowed time, but there are some expectations that he actually helps to turn the team around. And so why the hell do you bring in Baker Mayfield? Just because you don't think Sam Darnold is the guy to do so. And ultimately I guess Sam Darnold, his contract will either go straight into the toilet and, and he'll be gone, or maybe they'll trade him for a bag of potato chips. If someone should want him, this was going to be Baker's job.

I don't care how many reps they split in training camp. I don't care about any of this Carolina Panthers are getting ready to take on the new England Patriots in the preseason, but this is Baker's job to win or lose. Even Robbie Anderson has decided to talk about how much of a leader Baker is.

And we know Robbie Anderson was trying to support Sam Darnold before the trade was even made official. And so Baker Mayfield talked about this yesterday. When it comes down to the decision, that's what Baker said. To be honest with you, I haven't been worried about when the decision is going to be made or, or any of that timeline wise.

Just try to put my head down and handle it one day at a time. And that's been the mindset for both Sam and I is just, how can we be playing the best ball by the end of camp and just handle it correctly? Because I've said it before, you know, the locker rooms and the, and the organizations go as the QB room goes. And as long as we're leading correctly and we're, you know, supporting each other, good things are going to happen. So we're not worried about when that's going to happen.

Just trying to get better each day. That's a quarterback filler there talking about leadership. Well, man, you're expected to be the leader. You're the quarterback one.

We're just waiting on it to be official. And I, I have no idea and nobody does, you know, what this year looks like for the Carolina Panthers, let alone for Baker Mayfield. You think about the Carolina Panthers, should they be better than the Falcons or hell yeah, they should be better than the Falcons. Are they going to be better than the Buccaneers? Well, hell no, they're not going to be better than the Buccaneers. They're going to be better than, than anybody else. I mean, this is a, it's, it's tough. Carolina Panthers, man.

This might be Baker's. I don't want to call it his last chance, but this is his best chance because it didn't work out in Cleveland. And they didn't want him, the Carolina Panthers are taking him on a flyer. And if Matt Ruhl can't help turn things around and Matt Ruhl will be given the boot and Baker Mayfield might be looking for another opportunity too. You know, I don't have to play quarterback in the NFL and know this, give the ball to Christian McCaffrey, let him generate some offense, let him do something.

And so one of these pseudo-vague quarterback battles has been decided and good luck to Baker Mayfield. If he's healthy, I think he will do an okay job, but I don't know if okay is good enough. Is Baker Mayfield just going to wow everybody?

I don't know. I think he'll be good. I think he'll be what he's been. He'll probably show flashes. He'll look amazing for a couple of games. And then some other ones, yeah, he'll look meh. They'll say, hey, he gave the ball to Christian or he handed the ball off to Chuba Hubbard. And they'll just call him a glorified game manager. But this is for sure. Is Baker Mayfield all of a sudden going to turn into a top five quarterback, someone who has selected number one overall?

Probably not. The people who would always defend Baker Mayfield would say, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, he was selected number one overall, but he doesn't have to perform like a number one overall pick because of the running game, because of how the offense is built around him. Well, now he's in Carolina. At what point in time are you going to expect Baker Mayfield to perform like a number one overall pick before you just say, yeah, he was, he was a disappointment. I think there's a chance that he sticks around here with the Panthers past this season into the future, but I'd say more often than not in the big picture, I don't think Baker and the Panthers will work out. And when I say work out, I mean, be perennial contenders.

I don't see it happening. It's the Gerald Sportbreef Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Phone lines are open. That's 855-724-8255.

Your phone lines are open, that's 855-2124-CBS, something that we pretty much already know. Baker Mayfield is expected to be named the starter of the Carolina Panthers. Is this situation going to work for Baker? Is it going to work for the Panthers?

If I were a betting man in the long run, I'd say no. I also mentioned to you the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seems like they are having their own problem at quarterback. I'm going to tell you what's going on with Tom Brady. It's the JR Sportbreef Show here on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the JR Sportbreef on CBS Sports Radio. Man, I have all the respect for you. First of all, JR, I appreciate you bringing the truth every night. I listen to you on my way back from work at this time. Big fan, I just started listening to your show a few months ago and I'm hooked, man.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sportbreef Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Right before we went to break, we took a look at the quarterback who used to play for Cleveland and is now in Carolina. His name is Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield to the shock and surprise of probably no one, maybe not even Sam Darnold. It's been reported that Baker Mayfield is going to be the starting quarterback.

It has not been officially announced by the Carolina Panthers, but come on, man. When they traded for him, we knew that this was going to be the case. Outside of Sam Darnold waking up and becoming Joe Montana or Baker Mayfield going down to an injury, this was going to be Baker Mayfield's job.

They didn't just trade for the guy for the hell of it. And so here you have Baker Mayfield looked upon. I don't want to call him the savior for the Panthers, but he is the best option right now to help Matt Ruhl keep his job.

Some advice from a guy who's never thrown a pass in the NFL, just give the ball to Christian McCaffrey. Carolina Panthers in the long run? Eh, I don't know, but that's most teams. Half of the teams, and we talked about this the other night, half of the teams in the NFL, they're probably okay with their quarterback. You can probably look at 10 teams that are like, Hey, we absolutely love our guy.

We want him. And then everybody else is kind of just, it's kind of floating. They're on the bubble.

You don't know what you're going to get and you're ready to get rid of them. Baker Mayfield at this point, especially with the Browns not wanting him and deciding to go with Deshaun Watson, he's probably in that category. It's not like he's fully cemented in Carolina.

He could be on his way out the door at any time, really at any time. And I had mentioned the other teams in the NFC South. I mean, where do they fall in there? At best, they're going to be what, third? Tampa Bay Buccaneers should win. The Saints are probably right behind them or maybe right there with them.

Who knows? We'll see. See what Jameis Winston can actually do. You move on into that third spot and it's expected that the Falcons and the Panthers will, you know, be third or fourth best. And speaking of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I want to say this is odd and it is. They're saying it's personal reasons. They're saying that this, this leave in time away from the team was something that was already going to take place.

And we mentioned it last week, but there aren't a lot of people talking about it as an overall. And that's the fact that, that Tom Brady has been gone now more than a week from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers due to personal reasons. And it's just, yeah, the personal reasons, none of my business, none of yours, uh, could be what is his immediate family.

That's personal reasons. Ain't none of my business. Uh, uh, we know his, his mom has had health issues in the past.

It's none of my business. I hope everything is fine, but there's so much room, unfortunately, uh, for speculation. When he's 45 years old, when September 11th rolls around, if Tom Brady is out there throwing a pass, he's going to be the oldest starting quarterback to do so in the NFL at the age of 45. Earlier this year, he retired and then came back. It took him about 40 days to get back to the NFL. He retired and then came back, took him about 40 days to do so. There was the revelation that the Miami Dolphins were trying to procure his services.

He comes back. The head coach who was there is no longer there. And Todd Bowles is now taking over. And so there's just, there's so many things to look at here and go, man, this is Tom Brady, right? We know he's older, but isn't Tom Brady supposed to be the dude who just absolutely loves football? Didn't he return because, uh, he had unfinished business. It's Tom Brady.

And sure, we have no idea what the reasons are. And I guess it's not going to matter if he's, he's there. On September 11th, playing against the Cowboys. I just hope it's not some type of family emergency, but he, Tom Brady, he's given us plenty of reason to speculate, especially with his behavior just this year alone and the revelations that we've seen and heard and is things are just weird. Even the responses that we've gotten from the Buccaneers and the way that we've seen the Buccaneers have been, uh, Todd Bowles has never been known as Mr. Congeniality. No one will expect Todd Bowles to, to host an award show. No one will look at Todd Bowles and expect him to hold court. He's a cool dude privately, but publicly you thought Belichick was something. Todd Bowles is just dry.

This is what Todd Bowles had to say about this situation and Brady earlier in the day. We'll see. We'll talk about it next week. I'm not concerned about it right now. We're trying to practice against Tennessee and play a game.

I said sometime after Tennessee, there's no definitive date for me, but we'll check on it and we'll keep in touch and we'll find out. Well, well, shut that's, that's a little bit more enthusiasm than, uh, than Bill Belichick. Right. Would you say so?

Man, it's like the lesser of two evils JR. Between Todd Bowles and Belichick? Yeah. Yeah.

I'm not, I'm not joking. I think Todd Bowles will probably be number two on the NFL coaching list when you think about just, uh, who's, who's boring or who, what'd you say? Is there another coach even in the category? No, it's not Pete Carroll.

That I do know. Yeah. Pete Carroll will talk you to death.

Yes. Mike Tomlin is not afraid to express himself. Rabel is not afraid to express.

I'm trying to go through coaches. Andy Reed maybe? No, Andy Reed is, he's cracking jokes all the time. Oh, that's only when someone impersonates him. He's pretty dry other than that. He doesn't give the media much. Yeah, but he's, he, he, he actually talks like Andy Reed will speak.

I know this sounds crazy. I'm not giving too much in, in, in the world of details here, but Andy Reed will, will give, he will respond. He's not just trying to, you know, get you to shut up. Is he just kind of close-lipped? Yeah, he is. But he ain't in the Belichick category, man. Todd Bowles talking to these two guys, sometimes you would think that they hate their job, but at the same time, they're trying to make their jobs easier by not saying the damn thing. And so I just, I hope there's no personal issues going on with Tom Brady, with his family, health, et cetera.

And if there is not, why are you not at work? Show up like everybody else. I don't think he should be afforded.

And then you do, you get preferential treatment. He's Tom Brady. He's the most successful quarterback of all time. We get it.

But show up to work. LaPrade is calling from Cleveland. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, how you doing, JR? It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm blind and I always like to hear you. When I wake up, I was asleep.

I said, let me, you got a good topic today. And I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm with you with Baker Mayfield. I don't think he's going to make it in Carolina.

For one thing, Jr. He's a little cocky and I don't like what he did in that Green Bay game. And he knew he was hurt.

And he, and he played anyway, and that hurt at the team. And once Cincinnati Bengals went to the, to the, to the Super Bowl, Tasslin, he knew that we got to get us another quarterback. Because see, I'm tired of being a mistake on the lake and it's time for us to win a Super Bowl.

I'm 63 years old and I'm trying to win a Super Bowl before I leave this earth. And I think right now that Baker Mayfield needs to try to make this team the best way that he can. But if he'd be cocky like he was with us, he's not going to make it. And Jr.

It's always a pleasure to talk with. Well, thank you, LaPrade, for calling from Cleveland. I think Baker Mayfield has probably had his, his slice of humble pie. I mean, you can, it's one thing to be selected number one overall. It's another thing to get paid all your money, $32 million.

But it's another thing when you realize, well, damn, are my opportunities drying up here? Baker Mayfield, no, he has plenty to prove. I haven't heard anything negative about him yet. I haven't seen any damn commercials. A matter of fact, I heard that his progressive commercials and, and granted, they're based out in Cleveland, that's done. He's going to have no choice but to just go out there and, and focus on, on football.

I don't know if it'll be enough though. Richard is calling from Atlanta, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, how you doing, Jr.? I'm very well. I, I sit up in my car every night and I listen to your show and I swear that I'm not going to call because I feel like sometimes I call too much.

And your topics are so compelling that I have to call and chime in and get my two cents worth. But what I'm going to say is, I'm a man of color and let me tell you something, if I went into Deshaun Watson's situation, 22 women came across and said the same thing, more or less, I would be fired. I would be gone and there'd be no question. Richard was a lost cause, he's gone. And it's just like, and you know, I really truly feel hurt and saddened by sometimes that people think that after we get so much money that we go off and we can't handle it or, or whatever. It's just not a good look. And I'm, I'm just like, I just can't believe that we're actually discussing something that I, I just can't, I'm just like, I'm just like, I'm just like, I'm just like, I'm just like, how can you be discussing it after 22 women say, hey, he did this to me, he did that to me.

I know we got a system where it says that we are innocent until proven guilty, but yet and still, after 22 women, come on now, let's be realistic. So there's my two cents again every night. Well, thank you, Richard, for calling from Atlanta and giving us, I guess, I guess what I can consider your, your four cents. Yeah, four cents.

I don't know what four cents or two cents will get you here in 2022, a whole lot of nothing, but thank you for sharing your opinion. Appreciate you. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. We are going to take a break. We've talked about Watson. We've talked about Baker Mayfield. We've talked about Tom Brady. We even just talked about Baker Mayfield legitimately being some type of, of leader here. Well, there's another big name quarterback that some of his leadership qualities are pretty much being scrutinized right now. Hmm. I'll tell you who it is on the other side.

And is he a good leader or is he just being a jerk? I'll share that on the other side of the break. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. If you want to holler at me, you should know how to do this as well. It's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to tell you about this, this QB on the other side, and I'll talk to you. The JR Sport Reshow.
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