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Justin Phillips- How Do You Juggle Life?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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June 3, 2023 1:00 am

Justin Phillips- How Do You Juggle Life?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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June 3, 2023 1:00 am

 Today, Nikita speaks with good friend Justin Phillips. Listen as he shares his amazing life story.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the Masculine Journey Podcast where we search the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and helps set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

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One hundred and twenty-three kilos, the Russian nightmare, the cheetah colon. Now, the devil's nightmare. Welcome back to another episode of It's Time to Man Up. Today, I've got a special friend on the show with me today, Justin Phillips.

Welcome to the Man Up show. Man, I am glad to be here, Nikita. I'm so privileged to be on your show today.

Well, and it's just an honor and a privilege to have you with us. Where are we talking to you from? You're not in studio today, which is okay, but where are we talking to you from? So, I am in Greenwood, South Carolina, walking around a pond, and it's called the Dog Park, but this pond is very beautiful, so you may hear some ducks and some cars in the background, but I assure you, I'll try to limit that as much as possible. Well, that's okay. I mean, our listeners wouldn't be offended by ducks quacking or dogs barking, actually.

They're at the Dog Park. And of course, so Justin, so just for our listeners, I mean, you're in Greenwood, South Carolina. We go back quite a number of years, and I'm going to jog my memory here and let you fill in the gaps. I believe, if I'm not mistaken, we first met, actually it was Lex Luger and I, the total package, Lex Luger. We were on a cruise, I think called Cruise for a Cause to, I believe at the time, the Bahamas, and it was like a one giant evangelism cruise ship.

We were going down there to do prison ministry, school assemblies, street evangelism, a big crusade, an outdoor crusade, and all of that. And you showed up, and you showed up with your family. Am I remembering that correctly?

Yes, yes. So you're remembering everything correctly. With exception, it was to Jamaica. It was Cruise for a Cause to Jamaica. Okay, it was. I knew it was one of those Caribbean islands.

One of those spots. They held a big conference on that island there, and thousands of people got saved. But yes, I think we had, I don't know, three or four kids under five years old at that time. Four kids under five or six, it was crazy.

Yeah, don't let the cat out of the bag there, because I want to, I know you're working on having your own baseball team, but we're in it. So yeah, you had three or four at the time. And let me just say this, thank you for jogging my memory, because that to date actually is the largest audience I've had the privilege of sharing some of my story.

Of course, I had Lex. We were kind of side by side that night at the crusade. Over 73,000 in attendance. And yes, you are correct. Thousands of people that night filled out a decision card, had made some type of decision relating to a relationship with Jesus Christ. And so great memory. Thank you. And so yeah, so we met there on the ship, right?

That's exactly right. Yes, sir. And your lovely bride, Randy, so precious. So, so amazing. Amazing mama.

And of course, I know you would probably say a wonderful, wonderful wife and amazing woman of God. And she, I think at that time, was she in the nursing field at that time? Yes, yes, she was in the nursing field slash homeschool field. And, and that's the way it's always kind of been. She, her main desire has always been, you know, be mom first and then career second.

So and that's kind of answered a prayer for me, because that's what I, you know, wanted as well. So yeah, so she was dual roles, you might say, wearing two hats, wearing the mom hat, wearing the marketplace hat, where, you know, serving people in the capacity and the role of a nurse and all of that. And of course, you wear multiple hats. We're going to talk about that shortly.

But you wear multiple hats as well. And so you guys have been married how long? Right. So we've been married since 2002. So going on 22 years, actually, April the 13th will be our wedding anniversary. Well, 22 years. Well, congratulations on 22 years of marriage. I'll just take the opportunity to say that now.

And, and which is, which is awesome. Now, now I kind of teased our listeners out there saying you're trying to, trying to develop your own baseball team. So when we met on the cruise, and by the way, let me just interject this. So we not only met on the cruise, it was really kind of an instant connection there, which has led all these years later to still have a great, a great friendship with you and your family. And of course, we've been in business together over the years. We've done a lot of things together, ministry together. We'll talk about all of that today.

But it's just been wonderful to develop this, this, this friendship with, with you guys. And so 22 years of marriage at that time, three or four kids. So tell our audience how many children do you currently have, Justin?

Right. So we currently have seven children. Our oldest is our daughter, firstborn daughter. Then we have five boys in a row. And then we have our baby daughter who is nine months old. Nine months old. So you got bookend girls, five boys in between.

Well, there's your basketball team right there. So yeah, just say it. Oh my gosh, that's amazing. So for you listening out there in the listening world, seven children range.

So ranging from nine months to 19. Okay, so there you go. And of course, correct me if I'm wrong, but Randy has since stepped away, rightfully so, stepped away from nursing to nurse those seven babies, right? Yes.

Yes. So she's, she's kind of her last position was at a hospice care local in our area. By the way, she, she loved ministering and working in that field. And she, it's her heart's desire to get back into it at some point in time when, when the Lord directs that. But during COVID her, her job kind of dissolved. And so since then she's been at home pretty much full time and that's kind of where we're at right now.

Okay. And you mentioned homeschooling. And so, so has she, you know, from your 19 year old on down, has she homeschooled them all or what, what's, what's that look like?

Right. So every single kid we have has been homeschooled at some point. Our oldest child, our daughter is about to go to Clemson University.

She's at a tech school now about to transfer to Clemson University. And then we have our five boys who are all at a private school at the current time. Two of those five boys are going to come out and be homeschooled next year. And then we'll have three boys at private school.

Okay. That's kind of the goal. And we're excited about that. So, so all of them have got, have had a taste of homeschooling.

It's, it's some course in their life journey. That's correct. Okay. Okay.

And Clemson University, go Tigers. You know, and I think I maybe had mentioned this to you, but, but, and for our audience out there, so Perry Tuttle, I wonder if you know that name, Justin? Yes. Yes, I do. Yeah.

Okay. I just thought I'd tell you. You had him on your podcast not long ago. I had him on the radio show. I had him on the podcast and I just recently I'm actually filming now season two of the man up TV show. And I was able to have a lock in an hour interview with him on the TV show.

And of course, a lot of other stories, he's so full of stories and life experience that I could do 10 shows with him. And so on the TV show that will air later this year, that audience is going to get to hear, maybe have never been introduced to Perry Tuttle, but just real quick for those who are wondering, well, who's Perry Tuttle? What's the big deal with Perry Tuttle? Not a whole lot other than he grew up in a little tiny town I learned in North Carolina. I think he was the youngest of eight children and went from this little, as he said, country bumpkin to becoming a standout at Clemson University, catching the winning touchdown in the Orange Bowl in 1982, which led to them winning the national championship.

Of course, I'm not telling anything you don't know, Justin, but for our listening audience. And last but not least, they're at the Hula Bowl in Hawaii for all the senior Hula Bowl. And in walks Marcus Allen, USC standout running back, and throws a magazine on Perry's chest. He's sitting out by the pool and says, yeah, from country bumpkin to the cover of Sports Illustrated. And Perry's like, what are you talking about? And he looks at the magazine and there he's on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Come on.

Yeah. And so anyway, so I just thought I'd throw that story out reminder. So if you haven't heard Perry's, go to the podcast archive, the Man Up archive in December of 2022. And I did a two part show with Perry and you'll be fascinated by more of his story as well. But today, today we're going to talk to Justin Phillips about his story and his family.

Justin, let's shift gears a little bit here. And so we mentioned that you wear multiple hats. You are a you are a man of God. You are a pastor. You are an entrepreneur. You are a husband.

You are an amazing daddy to those seven children. Let's let's I mentioned we had been in business in the past together. Actually, we locked arms and with a nutritional company years ago that actually still thriving. And Lex and I all these years later, I think about 15 years later, still still still drinking, still taking their nutrition into our bodies and giving us good health. And and so thankful for that. So but but you have a let's first talk about, you know, your entrepreneurial side of you and you have a thriving business down there in South Carolina. Tell our listeners just very briefly about your business.

Sure. So 25 years ago, 1995. Well, maybe a little longer than 25 years ago now. My dad started a business called Phillips Appliance in Greenwood, South Carolina, who specializes in used appliances and parts for all appliances. That's your washer and dryer for dress. So and I was 14 at the time I kind of helped him or I thought I helped him start it at that time and came out of high school and, you know, began to run the store, begin to work alongside of him. And fast forward to seven years ago, I actually purchased the business from him and then run it as the CEO, if you will, the president, vice president, secretary, everything of the business.

Multiple hats running the business as well. Wow. Wow. And and well, I know it's I know it's a thought. I've been there. I've been down to the store. I think Lex too. Right.

He's been to the store before, has he not? You're listening to the Truth Network and Nikita Kolof here and I am excited. Did you hear the huge announcement, the big announcement? Well, maybe it's a minor announcement.

Anyway, Facebook. Go look up my new fan page, Nikita Kolof Fans, and like it and follow today. If you would like to support Kolof for Christ Ministries for a gift of twenty five dollars, Nikita will send you his two CDs, Adoration and Declaration for a gift of fifty dollars. Nikita will include his book Wrestling with Success and for a gift of one hundred dollars or more. Nikita will include a signed copy of his newly updated life story, A Tale of the Ring and Redemption. Go to and donate today.

You're listening to the Truth Network and I believe I believe. Yes, I think so. I think Lex and I both popped in one day just to see your operation, see you in action. And of course, I actually have one of your refrigerators sitting in the in the kitchen of my house.

And still it's still running well. And so will anyone in that store is located where, Justin? Yes. So it's located on Maxwell Avenue, which one of our kids has the name Maxwell. He's named after the place we have the business and also John Maxwell. But anyway, it's in Maxwell Avenue in Greenwood, South Carolina. So uptown Greenwood, right there, uptown Greenwood, South Carolina.

So for all you out there, you're in the Carolinas, Georgia area and you're in the market for a quality used appliance. You check out Justin Phillips. We'll make sure you get his information, how you can connect with him on on that.

So you wear multiple hats. You're not only not only an entrepreneur, but you are also a pastor. And so tell us, Justin, where is your church located? How long have you been in the ministry? And tell us when you first were prompted by the Lord to get into ministry. So, yes, sir, I was saved right out of high school, 18 years old. And God called me to the ministry shortly thereafter I was saved. And God called me to, really at the time, I was doing a lot of street ministry, a lot of nursing home ministry, teaching Sunday school. But God called me to pastor in 2009 and been pastor ever since. And God used me at this location for for his glory. And it's been cited during the way I had a young lady come on Sunday and be saved by the grace of God, which I'm grateful to the Lord for what he's done and that is working.

So God's been very, very good. Amen. And 2009, I'm going to age here. So how old were you when you first became pastor? In your 20s?

Right. Yes, I was in my late 20s. I was 28 years old. I didn't know anything about pastoring. I mean, I've been to school, been to preaching school, seminary school, that is. And when I came there, first thing, one of the first things I did was this church has been around for like a million years. I mean, really, honestly, it's one of the oldest churches in our area. When I came there, it's been around for 160 years. Wow. Yeah. So there's a cemetery out front with lots of age on the cemetery.

Let me say it that way. Lots of history there, huh? History is phenomenal. So I came there and I remember the first thing I wanted to do, put in my office was a strong coordinate and pretty much just tells you how many times every word is mentioned in the Bible where it's mentioned. It was like 15 bucks. And I submitted the receipt to the treasurer and she looked at me.

She said, I can tell right now you're going to be a very expensive pastor. I love it. Oh, my gosh.

Like, really? Right. That's hilarious. Wow. That's quite a story.

Now. And just recently, and I know this has been, I guess you might say a prayer, a prayer request, but in a sense, a prayer answered. And, you know, God's still in the miracle working business. And, you know, you mentioned working for your dad, working along side your dad, and then eventually buying the business from your dad.

And I hope you don't mind my sharing. Just recently, a miracle of sorts happened because your dad has started attending church, if I'm not mistaken, for the very first time. Right. I mean, honestly, my dad has always been a CEO kind of guy. You know, Christmas and Easter only, you know.

Yes, sir. And that's if he comes that time. Usually it's like one Easter out of two years. But, you know, and I've been praying for my dad for 23 years, and he started coming six weeks ago. And one of my boys looked at him on Sunday and said, Papa, you've been here six weeks in a row.

And he just replied with laughter and said, that's good you're keeping record of this, you know. And it's just a miracle. There's nothing, you know, only God can do that. I'm so thankful for what he's doing.

Yeah. It's just a great work of God. You know, to some people it may not seem like much, but no one on this earth is going to make my dad do anything. But the Holy Spirit of God, he's working in his life. And he even said the first time we was there that God was working in his life. And I'm just like, man, what a blessing.

Yeah, but God, the Holy Spirit woos us in, right? And well, we're going to continue, and all you out there in Listening Land, what's his first name, Justin? His name is John. John. So his name is John Wayne, like the actor John Wayne. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Well, let's pray and believe that he's going to surrender his heart sooner than later and have that same swagger as John Wayne, only for the Lord. So that's awesome. Now, listen, so staying in the same vein as ministry, you have, you are what we call a man camp alumni. And of course, you've been to other camps, conferences. You came to the Man Up Conference down in Georgia a couple, three years ago. Interestingly enough, your name was drawn, literally drawn out of a hat for a scholarship that, you know, we like to award scholarships to men for coming to the Man Up Conference, just bless them that way. And then that scholarship can help fund their attending our full-blown man camp that Lex and I co-founded and facilitated along with a very seasoned, well-seasoned staff. And take a minute or two and share with our audience what your man camp experience was like. Justin, let's just first start with that, and then I have another question or two for you.

Sure. So the man camp experience was amazing for me. I think a wise man once told me that events change lives, you know, and anytime you, that wise man was you, by the way, but anyway. You're very kind.

You're very kind. So anytime you take time to get along and spend time with God, even if it's just with God and other men who are doing the same thing, I believe the benefit is going to be overwhelming. And, you know, it's not easy.

It's not easy to leave a wife and, you know, seven kids behind and go do something of that nature. But thankfully, my wife is very supportive, and God really worked all the details out for that. But it was just amazing to get. I mean, I could say specifics, but it was just amazing. So that's all I can say. I would recommend any guy to go to this and to experience it for themselves. And I appreciate that.

And let me just tag on. So no matter where you're at in your walk, I mean, obviously, you're a pastor. You've been a pastor since 2009, you know, loving the Lord since you were 18. But yet you were prompted, kind of nudged, let's just say, by the Lord to humble yourself. I just say it that way. You know, because pastors, let's face it, pastors can get pretty prideful.

People in the church can get pretty prideful, right? Oh, I don't need that. You know how many men have said to me, oh, I don't need that. I don't need that camp thing, man. I'm good.

Me and God are good. I'm like, oh, okay. Yeah. Like you couldn't grow. Like you can't grow any more than you already are, but okay.

Okay. I'll just take that at face value. But yet you humbled yourself and said, I'm going to come in.

And by the way, the camp's five days. I mean, it's not just overnight. So it is a deep dive, I call it, right?

A deep dive. But yet you humbled yourself and you came. And of course, I can't say for 100% of every single man, but for every man that attends, they're certainly going to get fed. They're going to get fed. Now, I'm not just talking about physically, we do that too, but they're going to get fed the Word of God perhaps like never before, or for the first time in maybe a long time, or just it's going to enhance the walk they already have. Would that be an accurate statement? Oh, man, that's totally accurate.

And yes, you're 100% on target with that. If I may say something to all the pastors that are listening, that are maybe thinking what you just said, I just want to encourage you, there is a Bible verse that speaks to all of us. Let him that thinks that he stands take heed lest he may fall. The only reason that you or myself can do what we do in ministry is because of the Lord's help. And the moment we think that we're doing this ourselves is the moment we're going to fall. And I've seen it happen so many times. And I believe, you know, just like the Bible says in Corinthians about the examples that God has given to us by the nation of Israel, how God blessed them, and then they begin to lust after all these things, and, and then they fell in the wilderness, you know, yep. When we see people fall, we don't need to look at them and point our fingers that, you know, they fell because of A, B and C. First of all, we need to pray for them. The second of all, we need to say, you know what, the same thing that happened to them could happen to me. Right? Yep. I need to do everything I can to keep my heart clear.

No, that's, it's great advice. And of course, you don't have to be a pastor in ministry to attend man camp, you can, from 18 years and up, in our current camp, we've got an 18 year old, a 20 year old, I mean, you know, our oldest staff member will be 75 this year. He came to camp when he was 72.

He's been back every time serving now on staff. So we have a very seasoned staff and, and just very, very quickly to all the women listening out there. So would you encourage the wives or mothers, and we had a mother encourage her son to go and he was changed and went home, life changing encounter. So you would say to the women, hey, just encourage your men to consider it, right? Absolutely. I mean, and let's just face it, women have the ability to get their men to do certain things and to keep them from doing other things. So, right.

So anyway, I would, I would say, if you want for you to have a better husband or a better dad or whatever, you know, whatever the relationship is, that to encourage them to go. Yes. Awesome. And so, so, and if you want more information on, on whether it's Man Camp or, or, or anything else that, that I'm doing, Koloff for Christ Ministries, go to, just go to, go ahead and go to,,

If you want to see some wrestling photos, go to, just FYI. Justin, how can, is there a way people can find out more about, about you? About your business? About the church? What's, what's the church name? Right. So the, the church name is Broadmouth Baptist Church in Honeyin Pass, South Carolina. You know, my, my mom, Donna Rae Phillips, she actually does live stream every Sunday for the service.

They won't watch that or listen to it. They can do that. Facebook, right? And the business, yes, Facebook, yes, correct. And then the business does have a website.

The picture is a little outdated. We, we need to add a couple of kids on there, but anyway, they can, they can look at the, the website in Greenwood, South Carolina, and just find out more about the business that they are interested in serving them in some kind of way. That's awesome. Justin Phillips, a wonderful brother in the Lord, a wonderful friend, a husband, a father, a pastor, an entrepreneur. And I just encourage you, go check out some of those websites again, if you want to learn more about, about the man camp, if you want to learn more about Justin's church, see him preach live on a Sunday morning on Facebook, if you do that sort of thing, or in the market for, for new appliance or a used appliance, I guess, but that it'll be new to you.

How about that? So Justin, thank you for joining us today on, on the man up show. Thank you, Nikita. And thank all of you. You've been so faithful to tune in week after week after week and, and just spread the word on the man up show. Let everybody far and wide know that this show exists. Everyone on the radio, truth radio network, and also on, on all your major podcast platforms. God bless you.

Hope you have an amazing day. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, support, and generous gifts. May God bless you for your continual contributions. Go to and donate today.

Hi, Nikita Koloff. Be sure to check out the man up show now available on television, broadcast, and podcast. Go to or the truth radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the truth network app today. If you are enjoying the man up show, would you help us spread the word? Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors to download, subscribe and leave a comment. Nikita Koloff here.

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