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Q&A With Koloff- #81

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 9, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #81

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 9, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita speaks with good friend Jeff James for another great episode of questions and answers.

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Of course Jeff of four listeners out there. You before we jump into your questions which I have no clear idea what you're getting this. It always makes it fun. By the way, oh yeah, but you can see the expression on his face right okay so let's give Alyssa just a little backdrop we we go way way back we first met we try to figure out 2006, seven, eight. Somewhere in there through Ashley through business we are part of a nutrition company way back when, and the but that connected us together and we are all these years later and still I regard you do you really in that inner circle of of best friends just have appreciate you your lovely bride Don your family just building their friendship over the years and that's exactly how I feel about you. This is really cool when when I feel like Christ brings people together and just have this commonality and you just really ministered to me and my family and in very special ways as well, and in your always be you would always involve them in fact correct me if I'm wrong with, but when I first met you way back when you are you are marketplace guy you are in ministry. You write about what you attended church and you've grown up with the Lord. But right I worked in the in the secular world. You have my whole life and didn't really have aspirations. I think at that time to go into a paid ministry position. I'd always been grown. I grown up in church, gotten saved at a young age and always had the men and women of God around me, which I do thank God for that. I've heard all kind of stories of people. I think even your story where you didn't grow up in a in a home where church was really a big deal and I've regarded my testimony sometimes kind of boring but can you chastised for that one time because what God does in your life's never boring. Ryan's a price right well and in he takes people from walkable. It was the like, like yourself, grew up in church or group around that are like myself who did not grow up in church or around that he can take anyone and everyone in hand and utilize your story. You're out there listening, you can utilize your story for his glory… Say that your story or his glory and end but the other part of that to Jeff is is that the Lord doesn't just need people in ministry quote unquote in ministry or pastoring there like myself and evangelists are missionary. I mean he needs men and women in all guys and gals out in the marketplace to be salt and light right that's were really that's where a lot of the ministry really takes place absolutely, absolutely.

And I have just a quick story.

I was working for this company for about 17 years and I was the guy who not only bad evaluation I received was I didn't attend enough company functions and I'll just leave it at that.

But I was the Christian guy at the at the company and have a lot of friends there. Well, I leave that company and I go into this nutrition company mean you're talking about and I get a phone call one afternoon it was from a guy that I used to work with and he was having a health challenge and essentially to talk to you and I went to his house and I got the opportunity leading to the Lord's kitchen table because of I guess we just walking out who I was in the workplace. It will what we would say or what I would term being salt and light out there in the marketplace. If you were just wearing it on your sleeve or or carrying the banner of of Christian you were actually walking the talk and living it out and that guy obviously saw that made an impression upon him that when he was in a position of real need. He called out to you and you had the privilege of leading to the Lord. That's really cool. It's all I want to encourage you listening out there I'm you know you're out there in the marketplace and he listened your Christ follower.

You know you that's just as big a mission for a bigger mission field than in inside the church wall me. The church walls is just an opportunity to be equipped and and then go out out into the world. You start with your own family, but ministered to your own family, but also you can minister to coworkers and people, even strangers. You come in contact with right self search F. At what point at what point, then, did you transition from really from blessed to say the marketplace becoming all your on staff at Village Chapel in Kannapolis, North Carolina, and we've had a pastor can on on the show before both man up you and him both in that but also on Q&A with coal off at what point did you transition into a staff position.

How that happened. Well I work for myself so that afforded me a lot of time to volunteer church and just be a part of what was going on in our church at that time and my pastor just looked at me one day and said why don't you just couple staff you're listening to the Truth Network and I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and podcast go to MorningStar or the troop radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the troop network app today beautiful up here.

Have you registered for the MorningStar men's conference in August.yet what you waiting for, we have an amazing lineup of speakers, including NBA All-Star Elwood superstar Lex Luger Gen. Jerry Boykin, David and Jason Benevento brothers were renowned evangelist like something is read later and Yours truly get registered today what are you waiting for go to and start you're listening to the Truth Network and know you hear all the time anyway. We have a need and I just tell you I didn't really have to pray about it because I knew what God was doing in my life and it was just one of those things where I think when you're when you're I don't I don't want to sound overly spiritual but when you're having an ongoing conversation. You kinda know the answer to questions when they come, and I felt like I just been having that conversation with God and then opportunity opened up and it was just really kind of a quick confirmation your heart of hearts, to let yet like this is the next. This is the next logical step in my life journey is to become more engaged and involved in church could come onto a staff position or and so you know that's not every RR requirement by any stretch or sense of imagination. You can get your out there listening to me. Your ministry can get you you you can be on staff at the at at your job as I had that your staff position and MB ministering to the people you work with Erin and certainly your home life and so you and I know you been instrumental in and look in the growth of a village chapel on the different essay the different has to the number of roles that you you that you carry there right yeah and and one thing I have. I think I've done effectively. I would say is understanding that I always want to surround my myself with with the with godly men and women mean even in a church environment.

You still want to surround yourself with people that lift you up and that you can learn from one of the greatest educations I just, I read Sutton this past week said one of the greatest educations you can have us sitting at your grandfather's feet and so I've always just wanted to learn and just grab onto people that mired every I'm reminded of story from the Bible woman named Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus. Martha was busy being busy enough that we don't need to be busier shouldn't be busy but there is, as Solomon, one of the wisest ever said there's a time for everything right. The times that you just need to sit at the feet of Jesus and that of the time. See you do need to be busy but then it's in the balance of that right you been very instrumental Jeff and beat up a very integral part of our man up cameraman camps and as you are man conferences, manna conferences, but also man camps very supportive of that quick story and how Impacted you and then why you why you decided to park question why you decided to come back and you been so instrumental being part of the staff and is now sowing into other man at the camps. I think it impacted me because it's not. It's not just a camp you know we we tell our kids sometimes they go to youth.

Can't they come back on fire and then we say don't lose that camp love don't lose that camp. Well man camp is a lasting effect. My wife is super supportive firm for me going and in staffing because honestly she sees a measurable change in me every time I go and I think that's just the is a really good feeling when you're packing up to be away from your your wine for a whole weekend and basically you just get this look like okay go get and she knows that it's benefiting her marriage, our marriage and our children and unite of interview the past Bill Turner Camp alumni and easier to half maybe couple going on couple years removed from from Capt. no part in his testimony is sick as well reminded of is you see that Jeff is lasting and that your campus interest of a fun five day experience. It is what what the real key to the success of of camp is men who really embrace it in engage in than a year to 35 down the road years down the road are still walking it out in further along in their journey with the Lord and their relation with the Lord how it impacts not only their own life but the lives of others as well write the evidence. I think sometimes. I've heard others say about about a bona fide ministries is when guys can attend something like that and and then years later there's still the lasting fruit of what they experienced an encounter that was what Bill essays like man, God is still doing things in me today. Your have to almost 2 years later from from what I learned at camp right hand while you're instrumental now that you know you do is some of the sum of phenomenal job and some of the teachings that camp and some of the different activities and different things we do it on so I thank you for that for being a part of that investing your time and and and resources into what we do so well. I just appreciate you giving me the opportunity I try to try to think of things I'm grateful for every day and I was actually laying in bed this morning and I was just saying you know.

Thank you for and I just start listing things to be grateful for and in part of it was the ministry that God allows me to be in and do an and so is just a gift from him. Your your your blessing in the Kannapolis, North Carolina. Go check out village chapel to check out Pastor Jeff past and all that they're doing their great church, especially if you have a heart to if you want to be disciple.

That's one of the offices there village chapel and if you want to check out more about the camp go to call and link on ladies, if you're listening out there is something that is tweaked in your heart is your hearing Jeff even share some in his story and experience you want to encourage your man, your son, your father, you know, man. A man in your life to attend man camp. Go check out click on that link and and find out more.

So I what is Q&A with Cole Jeff and so let's give you the started around terrace FairPlay assure you the opportunity that asked me a a few questions so want you fire away at your first question. All right, so I know that you have a fun day where you eat whatever you want. One day a week so just tell me what's the favorite food washer go to snack my go to treat Street's essay shows it to me about your cheat day and like the site use that word. She never back in school.

I did that a couple times and it didn't work out too well for me when I cheated on a test. But anyway so yeah so your course you referring to good health and wellness in and I am a big believer in health and wellness and thinking here of this physical body, hence the nutrition company that that where X is still a part of, but it and so so yes I have what I call in a sense 300 lien clean and Green Day's berries and greens and it and a healthier food and then I do a reset once a week 65 days a year. So 52 Sundays, plus a few holidays mixed in their right Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, and a few others are thrown in their where on the reset day. I don't know I don't go crazy like I like I like Krispy Kreme donuts but I'm not going to have a dozen but I might have a couple right I'm a blizzard fan plug plug for DQ out there. I'm a blizzard fan. That's about all my smalltime favorite ice cream is blizzards and Jonathan Rosen and cheesecake. I am a fan. I mean that I wouldn't say I could live at the cheesecake factory but but but I do love a nice creamy cheesecake. As far as desserts go and as far as meals you know I am always looking for really good burgers. You know, not just any bird, but a really yeasty burger really good good good thick burger style frequents all our research at some and look for some of the places that might offer that and just see if it really is good. I am a barbecue guy.

Do being that now a native of the South at this point a transplant. I do love giving. There's no shortage of bar of barbecue here in the Carolina there's lots of barbecue lots on thinking going on. But but but I am a sweet guys. I'm not into the vinegar-based really likely almost like the what's the with the sweet barbecue Lexington style, but what was the ones you can buy this to that the sweet sauces all Sweet baby Ray's sweet baby Ray a little sweet lady real and last but not least, brisket, llama, brisket fan and so there's a good brisket out there to try to find it or somebody can recommend to me so you know when you say that you are very good example of how you can be healthy and not just completely lay off the rails go off the rails or that there is room there to enjoy some things yet and still be healthy.

Yeah. And in this, I encourage people like look at the lien clean and green six days a week in and give yourself psychologically give you give yourself up and look forward to others Sunday fun day some dude on Saturday. The reset day, whatever but but yeah give is psychologically meant to leakages and look forward to and read and reward yourself for exercising some discipline when it comes to eating and incorporated in some exercise. At some level sums better than nothing right.

I just gets important.

God is open my eyes. The fact that this body is in mind that it is his is a temple in a house is the Holy Spirit not just feel there's a mandate there, at least for me that to honor that and take care of it. To the best of my ability. Anyway, the best my ability so great question okay question number two. Question number two. You're listening to the Truth Network and green vinyl tile hardware from the top brand when it's carpet right now number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25. Nikita was seen as adoration and declaration for a gift of $50. The cuboid is wrestling with this gift of $100 more will include a signed copy of his newly updated life tale of the today. You're listening to the Truth Network and where have you visited that you would call your mother's favorite place that you been all over the world where would you say really just first first thoughts their first thoughts first thoughts that come to mind well and it's been a while since I've been there, but believe it or not I really from the first missionary trip to Africa. I just really got a kind of fell in love with Africa had a heart for Africa may have been 11 different times to five or six different countries and and I've told people usually blindfold me put me on a plan. You lead me to the door when you open it and I can just go smell and I go will him and a freak. I am in Africa because there's just a certain for me a certain smell to Africa to lets me know that's where I'm at and and so I do have my gazebo. I have been there recently. I do have a real heart for Africa. I love the music.

Jeff I me the there's just something they just have such a rhythm and harmony. No instruments to you almost always could drop these little Villette you know off the bush in these little tiny villages but now they put their heart and soul into their singing their heart and soul into to serving you and and you know every little few since they have to feed you is just an incredible experience and so certainly Africa comes to mind. I will I be remiss though. But in through an amine. I've been blessed it is because I may have written the bullet train in Tokyo right at me and have flown a $43 million chopper flight simulator and army base in South Korea. I mean, I've, you know, I saw the Grand Canyon in a blizzard. The first time ever experiencing the Grand Canyon. 32° up top 72° down at the bottom of the canyon with a full-blown blizzard one third of it white. Two thirds of the brown meat is so many incredible experiences that that I've blasted you live.

I then halibut fishing off the coast of Alaska and on the mountaintop and looked at rivers and ravines above the cloud lines and while blueberry patches mean some of things that that could come to mind was just a course last but not least Israel sailed the sea of Galilee. I've I've I've walked the streets of Jerusalem. What they call the Via Dolorosa where he carried the cross and and answer some of the things I experienced in Israel they they said I stood in the Valley were David Slade, Goliath, and I picked up five smooth stones brought them home with me still have and so those are just a handful of the things I've experienced over the years so far on this journey while now. Pretty amazing real surreal surreal surreal it up. You know I did. I shared a minute ago about the they gathered negatively to the Lord that I worked with tell me about some wrestlers that you worked with that at the time might not of known Christ, but that you saw come to Christ over the years. Yeah it's been that's been kinda surreal as well. It's interesting. I think one of the first can if you want to save big names or marquee names came to Christ was who indirectly witness to me was getting totally Blanchard one of the four all yeah the way I remember I actually interviewed him on the man up show all encourage all of you going to my archives and and listen to my two-part interview would totally Blanchard.

He shared some stories. He never even shared before, guess I pulled stories out of me never even shared before, but I had failed a drug test for those you don't know the W WF at the day and in the day and add was his world was we rock you know rock is looking for.

You got fired, failed a drug test got fired and cried out to God it like 431. One morning your site and encounter Jesus forever changed him and we were riding on a show together. We are asking to work together low independent little indie show and he was assuring his soul. What I now know is a testimony with me and I like that's awesome to live really happy for you to follow Jesus as good. I keep good be happier for you to tell you that's awesome, but nobody was very respectful and said it is just such a subtle way, you know, but I got I believe you know there is probably some seeds planted from his little testimony there anyway and that trip together, and eventually course I would come to Christ. To think that was maybe I want to see 91 that him and I were on the trip together may call me on the head, but I'm blind all at the same 1993 I come to Christ and then from there I write a book called breaking the chains. I handed a copy to animal and half the road warriors in New Mexico on an autograph signing that I was doing out there animal read the book in the dressing room that night. I saw him literally really came in leg as I read that whole book.

You know, and it was basically just a story of salvation like my testimony and how someone could give their life to Christ, found out that later that week when he flew back to Minneapolis that him and his whole family went forward to an alternate call it at a power team event. I eventually invited him and talk to this conference out in Arizona called aim athletes international ministries. They came the first night Jensen Franklin was preaching Hawk was the first went to the altar, gave his life to Lord a year and half before he died. We baptized in the pool.

Many wrestlers came onto that conference. Georgie animal steel big boss man who never shone. I mean the laundry list of Who's Who in wrestling came to that conference, some of whom got saved out there at that conference. I would call off invited into revival in 1995 in Concorde North Carolina did know he was there that he was standing at the altar and God just knocked him on his backside. That night, and we literally knocked him to the floor when he when he accepted Christ and was set free and delivered of drug addiction, alcohol, tobacco, everything all in one night. Gone the rest of his life love to live for the Lord the rest of his life witnessed a stake in December 1995 at the Charlotte Coliseum corralled him for a half-hour and through Jesus all over him for about 1/2 1/2 and to find out 1998. He gave his life to Christ and then for about five years flew out to Texas once every three months to minister to him and his sons, as I had a rule that Luger when he came to Christ he actually we were reunited after 11 years at that conference in Arizona and reconnected him and I together. After 11 years of not talking to communicate were now we we facilitate these man camps in and out so Luger and gosh those are just a handful of some of the guys to live had the the privileges others, but off the top of my head there's there's some some big names God has blessed me with the opportunity in some capacity be able to minister them and/or literally lead them to the foot of the cross so yeah yup the great questionnaire questions up. I feel grateful that one day hear the Lord you stirred my heart to come to an altar and then gave me the opportunity related to witness to some of my my peers and in the wrestling world wrestling business. So bang TA that's know immediately that I became a very, very dear friend and actually he is in it. If you have handful of churches with me sharing how God sustained him throughout out crash that left him paralyzed from the neck down. It one point and and thought he'd be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life, God gave them some of his health back in and he's never once complained or questioned why you should say thank you Lord for spare my life a great testimony. So while also awesome good melee that is there been yeah yes no maybe one more okay well more one on one more. Tell me what Nikita Karloff's biggest dream is right now all man colleague you putting me on this. My biggest dream right now you know gosh Jeff I just doing what I just ignore some of the some of the experiences located even just shared with you on on this show today. I mean it just because my mind cannot afford for daughters.

I get now have 10 grandchildren, and so the family continues to grow a full quiver and I guess what comes to mind first is like a camera Christmas time of the know we want for Christmas and I'm like you know girls will go really like a man who really had is in no need of of anything special you know as far as a present to her gift and just more than anything is just being able to have enough have time with you or time with the family and the grandkids. It is, is probably the most valuable way I can spend some of my time there are still a few places I would like to travel to, you know, the pyramids of Egypt, I still would be curious to see the pyramids of Egypt travel to some of the different countries in Europe which is 60 of the Swiss Alps and Austria and some of those different places. Perhaps the beaches of of of France, and last but not least one day perhaps I'll go on a follow the footsteps of the apostle Paul in his journey's journey and where it where he had implanted churches so so and so well appreciate you being on the show today. Jeff appreciate your friendship thank you so much. Thanks to be here and thank you for dialing in tuning into another episode of Q&A with coal off, tune it again next time. Hopefully, another fascinating opportunity if you want asked me questions cortical ALT.NET me an email. Let's get you on the shirt establishment. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God, your faithful prayers and generous. May God bless you for your continual donate heater call. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway Facebook all my new fan page fans and the like, and follow the cuticle all fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Parkway and Winston-Salem.

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