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Q&A With Koloff- #67

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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May 3, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #67

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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May 3, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita is joined on the phone by wrestling fan Jason Hess. Listen as they discuss God's presence in the wrestling world.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcasts with starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is welcome to another episode Q&A with cola, welcome back to another episode of Q&A would cool off and I have a special call to Terry Jason Harris.

What an amazing story. Jason, thank you for being on the Q&A. Shall we call off well a long time longtime wrestling fan Jacob wrestling for Jason 42 years see you go away about how far back does your memory go to wrestling over some of the names you remember all or any one or later related midnight rocker Jerry Lawler at lock up all diamond will come on To knock you thousand names out there who else work on vaguely remember him okay course, Jake the snake and macho man. What you will be release individual will all you got a good imitation of the macho man to do. That's good, Jason. How about any any memories of the Russian nightmare. Just curious. I actually want to mess with you earlier today. It was a Nintendo tournament and you're going to make them later and you in your corner and hollering corner cool. Yeah then Vader brings back memories, not so fun. However, I only say that to say you know he was that he was a man, a very physical man and had a tendency error and/or you might say a reputation of being reckless. Sometimes in the rink is just because it his size right in fact you may or may not know Jason my very last professional match was against Vader in in Tennessee and and I got injured. That night he injured my neck and I didn't know to the next day, but I had a hernia you're picking them up and over body slams and just a big guy right and it was after that that I would make a decision to walk away under my own terms from professional wrestling. Did you know Vader was my last match. Now I didn't know that I will yeah help me injured my knack in, and then II had a nap.

Having hernia surgery and was rehab rehabilitating from the Vatican rehabilitating my knack and was over Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's and I was 33 get ready turn 34 and I already said from day one. I told uncle live on and Dr. Noel my my first partners that I would be out of active in regressing by the time I was 35. So you know, just it was just one of those things. The timing of it and I just see you know what I'm done and in fact some of coin me that the Barry Sanders of of pro wrestling. You know what I mean by that or you for putting up your listening to the Truth Network and drain tile from the top right number one thing this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank 11 support for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon. 1230 on the truth that were your listening to the Truth Network and There is a lot that's good, there's a lot left in the tank that's around like you said that it now you mention about your names. In fact AWA so I Jason far listeners where were you hail from where. Where do you live anywhere and I at the corner always sick like live near Paducah, Cape Girardeau, all that okay you know what I just make a note to self in August to be doing a one to be doing a a four day revival and a road stories one night at a church there and in in that area.

Try to think of the print. Think of the talk member the town but it'll be advertised on all my social media and secure that close. You may have to come over and I get to meet you in person may become over the road stories on it would be on it will be on that Sunday night that would be awesome now so you there and and pretty interesting story to because I know when you first it was your your girlfriend right there. I think first message me in and said you'd watched my testimony you listen to in and washed you listen to the music you listen to my testimony on Hannibal TV shut off to Hannibal TV. They did a great a great job on my interview there. And the reason I want to emphasize that you listened to. Is that so that's part of your story to is an adjacent which is tell our listeners had written out of alignment almost completely blind. I thought about all the way up until about two years ago in the last year fell off a cliff and so that that experience over furnaces out here. Maybe you know have any experience that I don't know what that get give a little what what something I like, you know, I've always heard stories Jason that that you know when you lose your site your other senses.

You know are more height like you touch and sound and in is that is true for you. More what you focus on the now clear scientific okay you realize you can't rely on their side and would sometimes like I can. I can tell there's something to be around my well put my hand up like a trailer like that. Like I know it to be there and let her know what that is God looking out but works I am excited anyway Facebook call my new fans and like and follow your listening to the Truth Network and okay so I'm just you like actually try to visualize that in my mind is you're saying it you're walking and there's a branch that you might walk into obviously you know those of us website immediately see it. We Dr. whatever you're saying there's almost like a another six cents. If you will. There just put your hand up in an important you know know that it's there right while that's that's pretty amazing actually and so and I know from you know from from that email you so you share that with me and in so even more amazing. Thank you for you know being a fan all these years in the fan of wrestling and and a fan of the Russian nightmare appreciate that you are one of the questions. I explained your girlfriend she said you know is your book on audio that's actually one of my goals that was actually my goal list in 2021 and I was one of one of the things I didn't accomplish and/or get to for those who are goal setters out there. It's okay to do to actually not fulfill all of your goals.

You just roll it to the next year which I did. So that's one of my goals by the end of 2022. This is to have both Nikita a tale of the ring and redemption, which is my life story inspirational walk and then wrestling with success, which is my motivational book on my goal is to have both of those available on audio for you. For those like yourself or others who just don't assume like to sit down and read a book, but they'll listen to it. Maybe there drivetime or something like that so will I know she said love you don't you know maybe I can just read it to them.

Which would you be good to is that you both get to hear my story right though. So, what awesome wall that's that's pretty amazing and and I know you're asked me about some some of the others staying in and I've been lax the road. Where's Shawn Michaels, and in others, and so have you followed some of their careers and/or their their path into into becoming Christ followers as well. Knowing whether they are not. I only know by fact that others follow your triplicates undertaker thinking of learning. It is Christ beyond everybody all the time.

I did not hire her. I heard he knew his wife was a believer in and sought an interview in the church in Texas were there. It really was sharing some of that testimony how his wife was very instrumental in leading him to the foot of the cross and think many come to realize when it's all said and done that can pursue success in all that life has to offer, but without that personal relationship with Jesus. It just still leaves you empty inside on a cow care how many wrestlemania wrestlemania as you wander or how many championship belts or whatever else you accomplish without that personal relationship. You know it's just still leaves you empty and's inside and I know you had an interest you and maybe maybe someday even coming to your church and just you knows but your pastor know that he can reach out and connect with me through this right to my website right to co-opt on that end and by the way, that's were others can get get my books to you and I do pretty personally autographed those when their purchased through my website. But we're here today for you Jason able to ask me some questions and I know I've already asked you if you would let let's flip the table here.

Let let's give you the opportunity to ask you a couple three questions and and for for our listeners so far away what's question number one, you were not salvation.

So yeah, us now little backs backdrop on on the Lord night. His family Catholic background and interestingly enough, when I when I literally recruited Joe out of high school hired a high school in bright Minnesota. He was a standout high school football player. I was part of the recruiting college recruiting team and and invited him and his parents are still written remember the day they toured the campus and we took him to the cafeteria gave him of Fatima meal and we went to the basketball game that night and entertain them there at the basketball game and we just clicked.

We just hit it off. I fell in love his parents, his mom, Lorna really kinda fell in love with me. I became like a prodigal son, you know, there was the reset Joe Joel Johnny and and Mark three boys. I became like the fourth song on the prodigal son, and of course all three of them ended up but you're getting into wrestling Johnny Ace and and and youngest brother Mark and Chris Road were animal. Joe would become world where animal and and it would be years later. Fast forward two years later that we were in New Mexico is doing autograph signing the animal talk on the card wrestling. I wrote another book. It's it, I get to bring it back into publications called breaking the chains. It was the very first book I wrote, self published, I gave a copy to every guy in the dressing like 25 wrestlers on the on the on the card. I felt the Lord just promised to give every guy a copy of your book in a course I had wanted Joanie's like to sign it up like a I signed it if you don't personalized it, and he sat down Jason that night in the dressing room is a very simple read Amica reader pretty quick. He read the entire book in the dressing room that night, Becky came back in the other dresses I got up I read a book since college at all lately.

He read the whole block, and it would be only a few days later he flew back to Minnesota. The him and his family went to an event called the power team guys who would like break bricks and rollup frying pans and all that right and that's where his son James who ended up playing eight or nine years of Los Angeles Rams well St. Louis Rams at the time and it was a standout Ohio State James is 14 years old when forward to the altar with the in the rest the family followed suit, and they had an encounter with Jesus.

They are so that was the influence I had on the Lord night. His family listening to Truth Network and Peter co-op and I am here with a huge announcement like this big announcement man up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25 the 27th you think that's always a way.

No, not too soon to sign up. What a lineup of speakers we have the benefit of David and face All-Star NBA All-Star how would his speaking world wrestling champion.

The total factor flex mover Chris Rick Joyner Delta force commander Gen. Gen. Jerry Boykin hired. Yours truly, Nikita co-op moving down evangelist spring shelf and register today is live*events* go get registered. You will not want to miss your listening to the Truth Network and yes sir Mark. Mark was the youngest brother and I try to he wrestlers a number of different characters and he was in WCW for a while and he didn't even make it as big as as Johnny Ace road were animal but but he had.

He had a decent career may just wrestlers as a number of like a almost like a I think like a Terminator character and just different characters.

All three Lord night's boys made it a professional wrestling.

You know I did. Yeah, since all I've heard that route animal in his family and given their life to the Lord and so I reached out it and I one point in it in heard his story and I said you gotta come out of this conference and in Arizona called aim athletes international ministries and was a special we can conference by Larry and Wendy care, Chuck. Every year they would have this conference for for Christian athletes professional and collegiate athletes and from every background. Guys like Chuck Norris came out. I'm either just one name that comes to mind David Robinson of the NBA at me. I could go through the list, Deion Sanders and me just go to the list of of athletes who attended this conference whose lives were impacted through this conference on like Joe you gotta come up to the conference and he goes payout could could I invite a locket up like I would silently promote a like kiss you. Anyone who knew half story every day, new you know he was wasn't bashful about Unipart urine could put you under the table you know whether was drugs or drinking or whatever ally Joe, you know, it's it like a Christian event. Writers like Yahweh still exists.

Invite of a like yeah okay ad litem they call me back a few hours later's like you want to come like silent to get a like your kidney writing is no I go see series goes really serious and like okay I'll I'll I'll let Larry know you know the pastor. I color character credit. I like learning. The rumors want to come to the conference. He said all that's amazing and I remember Jason.

I remember getting there the day the day. You know the day all the public Larry seen no Hocker animal yetis like knives you because I have to admit I had my reservations really honestly whether you them would show up and and all it to say they did man and I was like I just deleted righted. I know Larry was excited and a lot of guys attended that that conference staying Sean Michael's big boss man Georgie animal steel live Bush on Vivian for Shaun of the of the Sean family sold many wrestlers over the years attended that conference and many of them got saved out there. Well on that first night I preach by the name of Jensen Franklin out of out of out of Georgia was was preaching and hawk was the first one to respond to the altar encounter Jesus. We baptized him that that weekend in the pool right there at the resort and then I brought him on the road for a year and 1/2 with me began to mentor and disciple him up to his passing where I was then asked to be the keynote speaker at his at his service when he went home to be with Jesus.

So there you go.

You're listening to the Truth Network and hi Peter co-op. Be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and podcast go to MorningStar or the troop radio network.

Check out your local listings or better yet, download the troop work app today your listening to the Truth Network and will let you know you well and for all of us right anyone who's a Christ follower I think is part of the great commission right blotted all the world and you know disciple and baptize them in the name of the father son and the Holy Spirit right so great questions.

Got you got got one more got another one for me why you okay wrestling okay and you watch wrestling and separate yourself from the rustler door you can actually look at it like a friend that excited or do you look at it by critiquing them you know okay guy just had this conversation earlier today. It was very rare that I would watch myself wrestle in the in the ring and moments earlier anybody, oh God, I gotcha. I gotcha. Yeah, that's what part of the that was part of the process of learning in a course for me was, it would like like when I broke EM for those know my story, you know, no amateur background. No professional training. You know on my debut hello hello yeah the Dorn arena Raleigh, but what how how for me how I learned in a very rapid way at a rapid pace was Ivan would sit in my corner. Uncle Ivan and watch my very short matches. Each night I would then sit in their corner him and Dr. Noto were the world hiking champions. I'd literally sit in their corner and just study everything they did in the ring now. Prior to that match each night we get to the arena to three hours early and they would Don and Ivan would bump and thump all over the ring teaching me the mechanics of wrestling and then on the way home we would discuss and talk about the old school psychology of wrestling and there were other matches. If you ever were in arena and watch Rick flair. The reason he was one of the best of the best of the best. As he watched a lot of the matches every single night. Even as a world champion want to see what others were doing in the ring and kind. I think in his mind to set up what he was going to do in the ring and of the guys you really have excelled.

I think really did that, Jason. They they really studied other wrestlers guys of the past and that's what accelerated their careers.

That's great question from our early learning moves part you want and get lost in the moment still. Well I don't watch it away from the time I walked away I stopped watching it like truthfully, I've caught bits and pieces little clips and in that sort of thing but actually watching it to watch it. I haven't done this since 1992 a and and so you are still a fan of wrestling.

I'm sick because I was one, and what I love more than anything now than in watching any of the matches or even in an interest in watching them is going out to all the autograph signings of the legends the comic con's alleged signings and hearing your stories. Hearing the fans stories. Your favorite moments. You know a phone call like this you know the Q&A show and in hearing your answering your questions in hearing some your favorite memories is is more important to me now so we had time for one more question. Jason then we will have to will have to cut you loose and and maybe do another one another or meet you in Missouri so that I would work and throw them out there and I'll see if I could give a short answer and equipment to require any of the open to listening to the Truth Network and If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration for the gift of $50 accumulated wrestling set for $100 more will include a signed copy of the tale of the ring.a lot.donate today your listening to the Truth Network and Rick is heard he let's just say you know only God.

God knows the true heart of a man right. It seems like he's determined to go down in a blaze of glory so to speak. You know it I've heard recently in you know he sees not you know he sees little SMEs in the hospital they said if you know if you drink again your your Don I mean how like a 15% chance of living and he lived and out and so you know I don't know honestly where he stands whether he has a relationship with Jesus or he doesn't. I mean his actions wouldn't necessarily illustrate that perhaps not. You're not trying to be judgmental but just you know them by their fruits. The Scripture says right so I said yeah I say that to say I know this for certain though, I mentioned about speaking at Hawks funeral. There were several others I spoke and had a legendary man named Johnny Weaver and and uncle live in sin and I was at road where Hawks and others and I'll say this, that, that he is clearly heard the gospel message because I presented it at those services. Those funeral services so I can say he will not stand before the creator of the universe God Almighty and say I didn't know there was a plan of salvation that part. I know know whether he's ever made an actual bona fide decision to truly surrender his life to Jesus.

I want to say only God knows that answer right so okay so I was at was there one more was that the two-part you secure this morning with some your favorite verses were now you have so I'll how I consumed my life to Lord minute to tease everybody say go by the book. The key story the ring redemption go to my web cycle often not by the book you read the full story from start to finish far back to life as I can remember two new being updated in 2021 with about seven ring chapters and am just realizing I was on an empty chase. I'll condense it to say I was on an empty chase.

I was successful but I was unfulfilled.

And the thing that fulfilled me was was October 17, 1993 when I surrendered my heart and my life to Jesus on that night and and she asked me that I forget what else he asked me for my verse is meant for September 22, 1994 Wimberley University at liberty. That's amazing, will praise the Lord for that all and with what according my what's become a lie first Colossians 110 and I say quoting.

I'm just going to give you the concept and how I receive it.

So I'm in to live a life that ought that's worthy of Jesus that honors him. My goal every day I wake up now is to live a life today that honors him. That's worthy of caring. His name and I want to do my best to please him fully please him in every way through thoughts, words in action. My goal is to bear fruit.

Good fruit love and joy, peace, patience and kindness since display that the people and then last part of that Scriptures to grow in the knowledge of God. Colossians 110 so awesome. Jason is thank you for being on the show today my friend appreciated and thank you all for dialing into another episode of Q&A with coal often. If you like to be on the show. Email me email me like Jason did and I'll get you on the show you get a personal phone call Jason God bless you man.

Thanks for being on the show. All right. Have a wonderful day. All right likewise. Bye-bye this podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous God bless you for your continual contribution donate the cuticle fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars to put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today.

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