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He Is Risen!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 16, 2022 1:00 am

He Is Risen!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 16, 2022 1:00 am

Today's episode is a special Easter program with none other than "The Christian Car Guy" Robby Dilmore.

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast.

We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network the man up the cuticle law fear.

Welcome welcome welcome to man up, show and a special episode today for a couple reasons one I have in studio with me. The man the myth the legend himself, Robbie Gilmore, Christian car guy hosted the Christian car guy. Most of the kingdom pursuits and number one showing to the radio network. Robbie, welcome to the man not still.

I am so let me what my partner my buddy we been at the RB together we were roommates, I managed to snore and not get the Russian sickles on that's that's right it actually a pretty light snore or not. I remember apathetic I told you the story of an uncle live in all my goodness I maybe could snore the paint off the walls.he was so bad in that I used to plot the ice to throw stuff you know and at the wake him up and sometimes oath of exactly him smacked the nightstand whatever and then pretend like I was sleeping in his leg and with the man. It would be two seconds later you be Backus-Naur that was not an issue with use those a great time and it was my time at the Verizon I had nightmares for a couple nights after inspecting the love it love it well it is I and Eddie Ray God will be the similar serious the conversation up, but no, I would. It was is just great to have you in the studio with man's good to have you on the special episode now. What I mean.

It is absolutely my favorite holiday and you know how cool that we get to do this the day before Easter. While I am saying in the holiday you're referring to is Easter tomorrow is Easter and so I don't know about you living just pose a few questions you out there and in listening land. I mean when you hear Easter Easter what you think about like what comes to mind for you to think about what does it mean to you what is Easter mean to you I mean is it about body rabbits and Easter egg hunts, or is about sunrise service. Like maybe your church has an Easter sunrise service at the crack of dawn and/or what what kind of things do you do during Easter wind is when did Easter originate, but Robbie before you, and I came on air you shared with me. You have a couple visual illustrations that are are pretty powerful and really have to do with with with rock 'n' roll rock 'n' roll music rock 'n' roll express will express Robert LOL Dr. Scheer enlighten our listeners to what you were sharing with me are yeah interestingly the Bible is just and we saw this rabbi would be amazed at what people need to see the Bible in HD like it you can read the stories but as you get deeper you know you get an idea to see clarity that you never seen before.

And the idea of the stone rolling away is is a picture that God painted in oh so many ways you might remain even realize that in the hundred 19 Psalm. He says roll away my reproach in any of its making reference to when God rolled away the reproach it back when Josh were crossed to the promised land. There's a passage about that. But there was this old rocking and rolling that had been going on. Prior to that, that the stone where the water came out the Jews of taught actually for centuries. It's in the mid-Russian cement helmet that it was called Miriam's well and if you look in first Corinthians. You see Paul say that the stone that followed them in the desert and so that was this beehive -like shape stone and when Miriam the prophetess would sing to the stone, not just flow water to think together how many thousands we were drinking from it. It would gush like a geyser water when Miriam again would sing to this stone and so if you look at numbers chapter 20 see some hints to this right after Marion dies there is no more want and so the story of Moses hitting the rock happens right after sister dies and then when you look at number 21 there.

God tells Moses and the boys guys you got us into this rock it and use your your staffs is as part of the way that you're going to worship God not hit it with a thing so you know that's interesting. Here comes a stone it's rolling in Miriam's singing to it. Now that the really neat connection to Easter is I'm sure you seen that the stone was rolled away, but I don't know a lot of people realize that the name Mary is not what to install these women that were at the tomb and all the women that were at the crucifixion, or even Christ mother there and they were Jewish women.

Their name was Miriam. And they were all the namesakes of the same Miriam the prophetess.

In fact, to this day.

Guess what, the number one daughter's name is of all time and continues to this day the number one name for women is Mary Wilde as God honors this prophetess that would sing to the rock that would bring out this so now picture that this morning Easter morning. Right there. She's at the tomb before anybody else. Miriam she goes against the other two. They were on the other foot race. John and and they look in the tomb and then they leave. But just think about that right.

They've just seen an empty tomb. They been in the two bright and they leave in Miriam stands by and and again the rocks were enrolled at this point in time and she's crying and here come to words from Jesus which would be the first working Austin wrote the last words Jesus and the first words of Jesus, but to me the first words of Jesus is after the resurrection is woman, why are you crying, and who are you and so I think that was my soul's crime when I was bored I was looking for Jesus and that's why I was crying and and even to this day when I find myself crying. It's almost like what you looking for and just like the my reproach was rolled away like in game 719 Psalm because that stone rolled away in one Miriam saying in private of that particular storm rolled right there came a gush of living water, the likes of which the world is never seen.

Right now that that just blessed me, and bless you that we could, you know even get to have this fun adventure together have this conversation and what an illustration of so Miriam the first on record in the history of the first rock 'n' roll sing and will be.

I've wondered that Robbie have become about my summary for so they wander in the desert for 40 years but the rock was always there to provide water so obviously is your illustrating that rock's role. He is there moving, it's moving with and I never really thought of it that way. Before that she saying to the rocketed therefore gushed water like you said, whether it's hundreds of thousands or some account to save couple million that followed Moses. However, many years. A lot of people a lot of water that was in the to satisfy their thirst blood and then and then how you fast-forward and then illustrate that tie that in with the illustration of the rock rolled away at the tomb, and resurrection of Christ which is what we celebrated Easter light. It's all about the resurrection. It really really is Good Friday is is is past were now on Saturday and so all my goodness, the Lord's day, which is really need all my favorite part about this the way that I added up I noticed is that Jesus came in on a Sunday for the triumphal entry at and so it was actually eight days after he arrived, the resurrection was, which is the miracle day when you think about it. The temple was cleansed on the eighth day.

You know Jewish boys get circumcised like we get our heart circumcised on the eighth day because price rose again on the eighth day after the triumphal entry and so tomorrow's the eighth day after the triumphal entry after after on Palm Sunday and away we go well and in and it was eight is my understanding number of new beginnings right to there's a brand-new beginning therein, and enjoyed it. I don't know what the numbers are what the statistics are, but they say there's a lot of people I jumped in the passage say there are some who are want to come to church attendance, their CEOs, they tend on Christmas and Easter only accept their CEOs will pay just thankful that at least attend twice a year. That's all they attend, but that's sad. I think there's some statistics that say for there's many many people who in their attendance on Easter do indeed surrender. In fact, surrender their life to Jesus that Easter is is there new birth their new beginning because they went on Easter to honor Easter and and in return were were resurrected of sorts themselves and having price that you heard similar absolutely and in most pastors, realizing that the have people that aren't regular attendees and sermons for that very purpose to she tried to awaken like smelling salts, you know the spiritual side of things, which you yourself do when you come just last Sunday right yeah you have the chance to awaken a young lady and there's just nothing like right right yeah she was.

She said she see you said two things happen that Jesus is what woman, why are you crying and who you looking for is yes addicted to your point was young lady at the altar where I was preaching at the end of service who was on just weeping and we and she was probably Allah's desk.

Mid-twenties married Mr. marriage is in a shambles of life's in shambles it robs you just weeping saying I want Jesus in my heart. It was like what you woman what are you looking for I'm looking for she was of Jesus, and she said I want Jesus in my heart and show you know she I had heard I had her prey from her heart fast and cleanse your heart, and then open it up and asked Jesus invited Jesus to come and said she was changed.

She was visibly changed morning on that decision.

So those those tears begin religious cleansing teams.

Tears of joy as well as her and her grandfather was praying grandpa soon Jesus sounds.

Tears are living water say because I tears have endorphins in right that bring you a certain amount of living in, and you'll find that's really common response when people accept Christ as the tears come and and once again our hearts, sing to Christ and the tears come. You know what your living waters just a beautiful amazing picture of what was going on that morning well and and you know for me all you just know what I what I think I got close those questions right here. What is Easter me New Yorker listing what is you take a moment considering that right now. What does it maybe you've never given your life to Christ. Jesus is the map, shall we get out of thankful all the faithful followers and listeners around the world, having been downloaded 60 different countries. Now, what an opportunity. You know, wherever you're at just never have selected your life to Christ. Take that moment right now just Romans 10 nine confess with your mouth and bow your heart that that Jesus is his Lord and just invite a man ask him to be Lord and Savior. I do that 17 October 1993. Life's never been the same for me. Robbie, you have a genuine counter audience is saying so so Easter Easter and no we mentioned to sunrise service or have you ever have your conducted or ever attended a sunrise service and kickoff here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem.

Be sure to check them out today at W. S.



The number because you are number one goal. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway Facebook goal.

My new fan page for fans and the like, and follow the cuticle up and I am here with a huge announcement like big big enough man up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25 the 27th you think that's always a way. No, not too soon to sign up. What a lineup of speakers we have the benefit of David and Jason All-Star NBA All-Star Al Ward is speaking world wrestling champion flex mover Chris Reed Rick Joyner Delta force commander, Gen. Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boyd tired. Yours truly, the cuticle waffle renowned evangelist Frank Shelton. Register today is live start events start told register you will want to miss your listening to the Truth Network and

I've attended never conducted have ever done. I may have. I may have but thinking your sunrise is usually around 6 AM and I'm I am still sleeping at that but I wake up all different times all different times of year and were all different times of the night. At this point, but what job I mean when I think about sunrise service, and even why me what why a sunrise service and there's lots of different reasons. What your thoughts on a sunrise service was the significant significance for use, really cool that idea. In Hebrew of the East right because the sun is rising in the East there's there's a connection to ancient days and the word Eastern ancient are the same word, and so as the sun is coming up.

Essentially you're getting connected to the original day that that that God made for man to be in Eden and how he originally intended us to live in freedom, not having all the same all the stuff that we that we have so as the sun came up on that Easter morning it was it was connecting all the days from the day that God made man until this day when he could redeem his buddies so he can go hang out with assuming you know that that you know to be a friend of Jesus is an awesome thing and so did he.

He is connecting all the pictures to us as the sun comes up that we are seeing what he had intended for switches that relationship. It's all about relationship. It is just and you can know Nikita you you can see in his eyes that he has a joy and a grace in another words you can know when you're standing in front Nikita: I seen this about how many people out of the BRB watch him come up in every single time that person from him look like it was his favorite person in the world is. That's the grace that God gave her because the relationship he has with Jesus and so is that sun comes up. Man, I am seeing my Savior, who treats me like he's my favorite like I'm his favorite like how could that possibly be better than adding your reminder to you can really but it was early at dock on on that Easter morning with Mary Miriam. Mary went to the tomb of Jesus to find it empty, which is why so many churches do hold that you early hour early morning services you for that momentous occasion and you made reference to the churches have a special services.

I know my my my church, the refuge should go to church is not MorningStar Fellowship Church in South Carolina in the refuge in South Carolina but even at extra services. A lot of times churches will add extra services just to give more people opportunity and what a great opportunity for you out there if you've never invited someone to a church service. No greater opportunity now than to say hey I will come in is celebrating Easter tomorrow go to church with us will pick you up will buy you breakfast or will buy you lunch afterwords or what a tremendous opportunity right for people to you. Make that invitation specially if they don't have as you're referring to Robbie that relationship personal relationship out of violence it is to what times about eating in restaurants. I like to ask the waiter's consistently. What is the purpose to pray what what what can I pray for recently just looked at me and the guy was with us and well I got gripped my heart. Robbie said I'm not really religious person she's I was and she sees words, I was forced to go to church with those so I kinda got knows a lot of people watched my mother was a legalistic whatever whatever the situation was. I just encourage transit so good.

I'm so glad you're not just she's calico excited things that we have got to know for real. I go is out, and then had the opportunity to explain the origin I relationship how would you explain that to her listeners if you were give a synopsis of the difference tween religion relationship all religion is is keeping a set of decrees or whatever so that I can earn my way to be such a good that God when he looks at this big scale that Rob is good stuff is good outweighs that stuff. Well, cannot you check all the boxes went to church I prayed three times last week I got I got baptized. You know I I've done all these religious things that I Bible I took my communion and I did all these things, but I didn't do it in an effort to enjoy my relationship with Christ.

I did it because I was trying to outweigh my bad stuff can earn my way to heaven and and unfortunately man that is at is that horrible horrible thing to have happen because that relationship is when when you're taking communion.

Whatever when you're in relationship is a beautiful, beautiful experience, but if I'm doing it to check the boxes.

It is hard.

It is hard and I wanted a gallon encourage you out there all noise you hear us talk to Robbie and I talking about no Easter celebration of Easter and the difference between religion and I were there, so there are a lot of religious people out there.

I'm sure you've met some and hopefully you're not one just say I'm just saying at the core it's really about about the heart and in establishing that personal relationship with Jesus you know I think about the celebration of Easter Robbie and it is an international event related originated in Israel and guidance from from that resurrection from the rock give all the way from that to be an empty and have you ever been Israel I have your I know I really man hopefully 2023 will have more information coming of a celebrity tour at during Easter, a plan to 2023 maybe some more information coming on that down the road, but but I've been there and I stood in what what what they determine to be that the tomb and when you walk in that there's just such as I don't it's an overwhelming feeling when you walk in me.

I was just in tears.

I was overwhelmed getting tears when we turn around and walk out there. They got a sign posted know the opening says he is not here he is risen all God said that I just wailed even more.

You know, but but it's you're such an international event in your so people around the world just to celebrate this.

There's a lot of different you. I was looking up is research a little bit about this you know about how it's become such a you might say of famous holiday where early Christians called Christ resurrection. I don't know I'll probably put to this book.

A soft piece. Usually without pace.

This is that the worker passed just by looking at you. The Hebrew word for Passover. That's right, that's right.

And today, most languages use a will even use a variation of that there's one for French and Spanish, Italian, all Albanian, Swedish and obvious, not try to butcher those go look those still look those up, but that's commandment was slain Lamb the Lamb of God right that's right well in an interesting, should you mention that in early Jewish history and the lamps were sacrifices offerings to God, and served regularly as part of the Passover feast and then when Jesus dies right during Passover. He then represents the sacrifice for sin right, the Lamb of God in the animal all that into a just a symbol of Christianity. Followers of Jesus, so all what an amazing holiday any any any other thought. I'm sure that it's not only a holiday countries, but different. You know levels of understanding. So I teach special needs and I saw Easter one time for two people that weren't verbally they were born with whatever defects and I never ever heard him speak once one of them every time you saw him you know people 50 or 60 years old. Every time he saw me that his face covered with as he is afraid to show him. Neither of these people would ever touch you because they were just scared but looks you know they never spoke not not the entire time. One of them. I'm still very much friends one day as I was doing my lesson which I would do in sign language and all that, stuff I threw the way I could communicate with them said, would you anybody in my company group like to receive Christ today Mr. good day guys that I'd never see smoke month. Both said they wanted to and so I walked them through that, you know that the ABCs you just talked about right admittedly confess in sign language and I wish all the world to see what Easter look like this people group because these guys that were scared it would never touch now want to lose my mind. I never see that man since he received Christ that he does not want to hug me that he does not want to shake if I don't shake his hand.

I'm in big trouble right Robert, who always covered his face before his hands came down so that we could all see him as he was no longer ashamed right and so here you saw miraculous change among a people group doesn't talk it's real, but it was real from a relationship standpoint in both these guys have a relationship with Jesus. Do not earning their way to heaven.

Jesus paid it there that day and and and on Good Friday, and now he is resurrected within the Holy Spirit grip and touch their hearts name is written in the Lamb's book of life that I love what you said the DC It is meant to leave that salvation is as simple as that. And perhaps this Easter will be your day Bible says today is the day of salvation. Perhaps this Easter you're doing this Easter weekend. Your special weekend or special day to receive Christ.

Whether you can actually speak verbally speak or not the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart right Robin cell, Easter, Christmas meant to special holidays for Christ followers Christmas celebration of Jesus Easter celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, and you know the word of God.

All testing was still battling with rock 'n' roll singer.

Put your customers feel prophetic words of the first coming in the New Testament, Jesus himself spoke over and over and over again that there would be a second coming.

Yeah and game on and he is coming back for his church for his bride and I pray and hope as you listen to the show today. Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy kingdom pursuits. The man the myth the legend. Thank you for being a partner. Maddox showed our happy Easter God bless all of you and to do it again next time for the man option. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, and generous. May God bless you for your donate.

I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the troop radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. I'll need a green vinyl tile carpet right beginning to number one in the readers think this is Nikita Cole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25.

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